Romance Fiction posted February 5, 2021

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A Love Hate Relationship

Like Oil And Water

by country ranch writer

"Do you think my love .. hate relationship with Sean is controlled by the moon?" Cassie wanted to know.
Shellie replied," It seems possible I guess. "They say the"wolf"moon makes people do strange things according to the scientists."

Cassie, went on to confide in her friend that,"Sean can be such a jerk at times ... "
Then suddenly he will straighten up and act all sweet again.Sometimes his temper would spoil their time together turning a good time into me hating him.Cassie had tears in her eyes as she looked to her friend Shellie for comfort.
"Is that normal?" she asked of Shellie.

Shellie said, "I really don't know.""

Tell me,"Cassie how in the world did you two love birds suddenly turn things into a love hate relationship?"

Her inquiring mind wanted to know.

Cassie said,"I wish Sean got along better with my best friend Jessie."

"Really why do you say that?" Shellie inquired.

"When they are together they are like oil and water," Cassie said.

"They can't ever agree with each other no matter what it is about."

Shellie said, she shared her problem with her Grandpa and he said, "it was a part of growing up...he'd grow out of it girls are wiser than boys sometimes."

Seems lately the problem is when Cassie and Sean cannot get along because of their differences they are like oil and water. They can't stop bickering long enough to find some common ground even though they have deep feelings for each other.

Well, their is such a big difference in Jessie's personality,opinions,and beliefs also in what's important in life compared to Sean's Shellie reminded Cassie. Cassie replied sadly."Yeah, I know right!"

Why couldn't he be more like Jessie? Cassie pretends to pout! Well, you have plenty of time to find Mr. right Shellie. laughs shoving Cassie playfully as they walk home across the college campus.

Meeting up with Sean and Jessie they they continued on to the pizza place across from the campus. Reaching their destination they grabbed a table. The place was really filling up. After ordering they discussed what they were going to on the up coming holiday.

How about we all head for the beach?

"Sean says excitedly."

Sean made the suggestion, but they all zreminded him they all were expected to go the family reunion up at the lake.

They all went every year since they were in grade school together. The families all got together to celebrate.

Sean said," Shit! I plumb forgot about it!"

He had a scowl on his face .. He wasn't happy at all!

The reason he was upset was he didn't see eye to eye with Cassie's dad. They got together like oil and water. Ever since Sean convinced Cassie to go with him to the concert with him and his Jeep broke down and they were late getting home. They had no signal on there their cell phone. No one knew they had left the state to go to themconcert! Her dad had called Shellie and Jessie and they had no clue they had, left town let alone out of state with out telling anyone!Cassies dad was fit to be tied.
The relationship with Cassie's Dan was going to be strained until he could gain his trust back once again. Sean swore to him self that weekend he would turn his life around and be all that he could be.
That summer they all graduated from college.Sean actually graduated with honors some were shocked of the change in him.Jesse congratulated him and surprisingly Cassie's dad dad came forward and said he was proud of him. Sean had tears in his eyes as they shook hands.he told him take you sir for not given up on me.
Cassie, she went onto nursing school. Jessie became a reporter. Shellie ,well she became the towns principle at the college.Sean well, he joined the Air Force. He went on to became head of the search and rescue team. It goes to show us some people do grow up to do good in the world.
it is a shame when you are young you don't realize how other folks look at you. Sometimes the first impression of some one acting like a jerk doesn't sretbwekl with parents.To them it gives them the impression you are trouble.

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