General Fiction posted January 25, 2021

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Kidnapped by strange looking people


by GE Parson

G. E. had been very active all day long in ninety degree
weather. He was only six years old, and had
worn himself out, so he went to bed early and was sound
asleep before he took one sigh.

Some time, he wasn't sure what time, he was awakened
by a bright white beam of light that engulfed his entire
body. It had a paralyzing effect on me and whisked me
out of my bed into a strange looking flying object, which
rose up into the night sky on into a black starless sky.

Some strange looking creatures were standing around me
and starring down at me. I had been lain down on a bed like
piece of furniture. As they starred at me, I could hear them talking to each other, but could not see their mouths move; come to think of it, I couldn't see their mouth move, because they had no mouths, yet I could hear and understand them as they were speaking in English.

Something else that was really strange is they could hear my thoughts. I was thinking 'where am and who are these strange looking dudes,' It was as if I had actually spoken my thoughts out loud, because one of them, who seemed to be the main leader, answered my thoughts.

You are in a super sonic flying ship, on what you would call a planet, a million light years away from earth. We are not 'Dudes', whatever that is, we are "Medical Scientist Watchers "MSW" for short. I am 1500 years old and these other MSWs are 1200 years old and the youngest one is only 857 years old."

After that conversation, I thought 'I wonder what these
MSWs do, and why have they kidnaped me?'
And just as if I had spoken my thoughts, the spokesman
answered them.

"We do scientific studies of all the creatures in the universe including earth creatures, such as you. We have not kid knapped you, because we are going to return you to your bed in a few minutes. We have brought you into our medical ship, what you earth creatures call 'hospital' to examine you. All the time you have been lying here, my two trainees have been examining you with their Sonic eye beams. They have just about finished examining you, and we will return you back to earth. Now I'm going to tell you something that only you will know, there are hundreds of thousands of us 'Dudes' as you label us, roving all over the earth, that have made them selves look like earthlings. Your Mother and Father are earth Dudes, and you and your sister are the result of their cohabiting. That's why we have brought you to our medical ship to get a good close up examination of you.

My two assistance just told me they have completed their
examination, so we are going to return you to your bed.
I looked at my wrist watch and noted it was just nine-thirty. Suddenly I felt paralyzed only for twenty seconds, and found myself back in my bed. Just before the Dudes left me, they shined a beam of light in my eyes and said "You will not remember this experience" and then vanished, but the joke is on them, because I have remembered.

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