Spiritual Poetry posted January 19, 2021

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The plague of the epidemic

Apocalypse pt. 1

by estory

Is this the beginning of the end?

Contactless interfaces and social distancing across the streets of people in masks as the number of infections rises and the rate of hospitalizations rises and the death toll rises

The shelter in place orders close the non essential businesses and the rumors of how the virus spreads on surfaces proliferate across social media platforms

While the restaurants and bars where we used to gather on Saturday evenings close and the malls and office buildings all go dark at the same time for an indeterminate amount of time

Time seems to stand still. The city that never sleeps stands still. The airplanes sit in their hangars. The trains sit in their tunnels. No crowds. No children in the playgrounds. No school. No church.

People wearing masks walk past you wondering about the danger of infection

Telecommuting and teleconferencing and remote education and online shopping experiences flash on the screens in the boxes through the wires in an endless data stream


Some notes on Apocalypse: This was inspired by the onset of the epidemic last year and kind of grew from a description of what it was like to be in the vortex of it, what the emotions were like, into a broader articulation of the corruption of the modern world. It will be rendered in a monochrome style, in a data stream flow, sort of like news coming over the wires. This opening part sets the scene of a plague sweeping over the earth, consuming the world, overwhelming us and sucking the humanity out of us. Large parts of it, in the beginning, will be dark in mood, but I encourage you to stick with it, because over time it will brighten and the end will be squarely in the light. It will follow roughly the outline of the book of Revelations in this regard. What I hope to articulate here is a sense of living through the tribulations spoken of in that book of the Bible, told in our own language, with images from our world to liven it up, giving us a sense of actually watching and experiencing the ending of one world, and the beginning of another. estory
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