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run or obey

A chapter in the book The Corona saga


by Iza Deleanu

They got us! Yup, there is no point in hiding. They got our weak spot, the "power of obedience" for the greater "red-bull." I refuse to go on Facebook. What's the point? All the shares are about Coronella and how she stripped us of our humanity. Yup, she did it with our help. People are screaming that they are getting sick because they are not wearing masks.

Really? And how the fork do you know, you are supposed to be in freaking lockdown! What the heck are you doing on the streets? Are you fishing for people who are not wearing masks? Good luck, you will find none!

You heard that the are no places in ICU and in the hospital and the doctors are overwhelmed. Again, how do you know? Who is providing you with this breaking news? Is it Coronella behind this shaking news, or it is the government? I have been in the hospital in the Emergency Room. I was the only one there, so...

And what a perfect opportunity to control your life some more. They got no
new apps to tell you who has Coronella? Really? If they are so good why not controll all of us at once and separate us into groups: sick, healthy, and eventually exposed? Does this sound familiar? Do you remember Hitler? He started small and look where it got us!

My heart sinks, everytime I see an ambulance in front of my building. I see them dressed in those "cool" and alien suits. I get it they need to be protected, but why are they stripping off their customes in front of the ambulance; shouldn't they finish the transport and then get rid of the protective equipment?

Why are the nurses and doctors using their scrubs as street attire? Are they not bringing viruses in the hospital by doing that? I can't tell you how many times I have travelled with nurses in the subway. How do I know? Well they were dressed like that. Come on, you can't tell me that for them it is Halloween every day of the year. You see, in Romania the doctors are come to work in normal clothes and they are change in the hospital. I think this should be the norm for all the countries.

You see, Coronella is the perfect mask; you can do whatever you feel as a government and control us some more. You see there are revolts everywhere. I think the great awakening has started. Coronella's days are numbered... but it can mutate into a new strain, so stand by.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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