Mystery and Crime Fiction posted December 20, 2020

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A murder mystery in 787words

Some Like It Hot!

by Seshadri_Sreenivasan

May is the hottest month in Goa, a tourist paradise on the western coast of India. D’Souza stood on the corner of the bushes in the hazy heat of the summer sun. The corpse reflected in his over-large sunglasses. He was sweating in that crisp uniform and longed for a chilled cold drink.

He was called by his Chief Inspector of Police during his lunch break. He cursed under his breath, shoved his lunch packet into the side drawer of his office table, grabbed his cap, and rushed to the crime scene.

The woman on the ground was lifeless. Her hair was scattered in multiple places, stained with dried blood. Her brown eyes were wide open. Her clothes, Levi’s jeans, and a printed top were bloody and contained her wallet with ID. Sarah Sharma, the dead woman, lay on her back in a pool of blood that was almost dry and gave a sickly-sweet butcher-shop odour.

D’Souza immediately contacted the father and the deceased Sarah’s step-mother, but they all appeared to have alibis that were solid. The family tipped off that Sarah was involved with a boyfriend, Kunal.

 “Kunal was unhinged, into drugs and abusive to Sarah,” the mother said between sobs.  “I am positive he murdered Sarah,” she continued to wail. She pointed an accusing finger at her husband. “I have been telling him to get his daughter away from the clutches of her criminal boyfriend, he wouldn’t listen to me and always had a good word for the killer Kunal. He would pick a fight with me at the slightest pretext on his behalf. He always accused me of treating  Sarah ill because I was her stepmother.”

Kunal was called in for questioning in the afternoon for a lie detector test and a drug test. D’Souza held him in custody as he had enough from the questioning and the test. The drug test would put the cherry on the cake. But D’Souza had a strong feeling that something was amiss. Kunal had a troubled past, but that shouldn’t be the reason for pronouncing him guilty of murder. 

The drug results came back positive for cannabis and cocaine. But D'Souza's boss, the Superintendent of Police was excited to see the results. He had collected enough evidence to go to court.

 Sarah's father had left his number as the primary contact source. D’Souza dialed his number. After several rings, the father answered sounding nervous. D’Souza told him that he had some incriminating information that would lead the Goa police straight to the killer. Kunal had spilled the beans on the bitter property disputes in Sarah’s family. D’Souza urged the father to meet him at the crime scene at eight o’clock sharp. It was time to finally catch the real culprit.

When Inspector D’Souza arrived at the crime scene, he observed the father’s car parked in nearby bushes. He looked around and found no one in the surrounding area. He got out of his vehicle and slowly walked over to the car with his fingers caressing his holster gun. D’Souza opened the car door. The father was slumped over the steering wheel; a knife wound in his back.

There was a killer on the loose, somewhere near. D’Souza immediately called the police station for backup and went searching around the wooded trails looking for footprints or a person. He finally heard the wailing of the police sirens and hurried to where the car was. He opened up the car door and leaned in to examine the contents of the backseat. He found woman's bloodied clothes, rubber gloves, and cotton waste for cleaning bloodstains. As he heard the police approach behind him, he turned his back.

Then it happened like a lightning!  He felt an awful bursting stabbing pain as a knife entered his back and came out the front of his body. D’Souza stumbled and crashed into a bush.

The pain burned like fire. Black filled the edges of his vision and the only thing he could hear was his own heartbeat. As he lay there quickly dying, he realized how he failed to notice a person crouching in the dark shadows on the other side of the car. His breath came in ragged, shallow gasps. Seconds passed as he lay there, then, he heard voices.

The screaming and cursing step-mother of Sarah Sharma was being arrested, a medical team was trying to help the father. The Chief Inspector of Police was walking towards him. He heard him saying, “You were right D’Souza. Kunal is innocent. The stepmother planned it all as she wanted to usurp the family fortunes.” Before D'Souza got to tell his boss ‘I told you so’, the world went dark.


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A murder mystery story (787 words)
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