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Yikes! I Sound Like An Ass

by Cynthia Adams1

Your Life in 150 words Contest Winner 

I'm an original.
My mother tells this potty training story: From the bathroom door, I’d walk backwards toward the toilet, with my head peeping between my legs to see. My bum hit the seat every time.
In sixth grade, I daydreamed during lessons, so Mrs. Dalton suggested I write stories using our weekly spelling words and read them to the class. 

I was allowed to create my own college major and chose Astrology.
(As majors go, it didn't pay well.) I took administrative jobs while in graduate school and was invited to management troubleshooting meetings because my ideas were “innovative.” I later became a psychotherapist who encouraged unique solutions.
Now I’m a creative writer.

There are drawbacks: 
I can’t stand repetitive tasks and, therefore, hate routine cooking, housekeeping, shopping--you get the point.
If something has been done, nothing is learned by doing it again.
I wouldn’t have married me.

Writing Prompt
Write the entire story of your life in no more than 150 words. You can be experimental, creative, funny, serious, provocative, reflective, whatever style you best feel represents your life. You must write about your entire life, not just a moment of it. No poetry (too easy). No fiction (YOUR life), although metaphors are acceptable so long as they are directly interpretable to be about your life. You'll be surprised at what your life looks like in 150 words...

Your Life in 150 words
Contest Winner


I married an easy-going man who thinks I'm a creative genius. Just between you and me, he is smarter than me and almost as unique.

On a very serious note: I totally understand and I'm very grateful that I grew up in a (working class) family and in a town (Amherst, Massachusetts) where my uniqueness and creativity were encouraged. I don't know what would have become of me if I had been leaned on to conform.

At the University of Massachusetts in the 1970s there was a progam to create your own college major and minor. You needed to find three professors, from various departments to be your committee and help you create your curriculum. I minored in English and Psychology and took twenty more credits than required because it was fun.
In graduate school at the University of Maryland, I completed a "normal" Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.

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