General Poetry posted November 18, 2020

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Monkeys Are People Too

by Cynthia Adams1

My love for monkeys has spanned more than 50 years
Only puppies run a close third, to monkeys and hubby
Not as smart as chimps or as closely linked to man, still...
Keenly observant and curious. They have handy tails, which chimps don't
Excitable, interested...especially in your shiny earrings
You’d better run if he pulls out his lip...he’s feeling aggressive
Someday he’ll snatch that golden hoop right outta your head

All mammals, like monkeys and us, have hair, little boobies (the girls do), are
Ripe with sweat after exercise (esp. the boys), have 4-chambered hearts and
Ears with 3 bones. Mammals are warm-blooded (the girls) That’s a joke-- boys too

Poised to swing from trees, with or without Johnny Weismuller, monkeys
Even have identifiable fingerprints, so you’ll know which one took your earring
Older monkeys are more selective about who they spend time with 
Proboscis monkeys look exactly like Jimmy Durante (no lie). You can guess why
Lemurs, a close cousin, look a lot like Nicki Minaj after sleeping in her make-up
Exactly how much monkeys like people is unknown. I ask but they won't say.

To tell the truth, the title of my poem is not accurate 
Obviously monkeys aren’t really “people.” But some people might be monkeys
On to something there, I think. Uncle George might be. He's pretty curious


Acrostic Poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write an acrostic poem. Acrostic Poetry is where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title. See an example in the announcement.

All information on monkeys was taken from the online site: KidsKonnect, which provides information and workshetts to teachers and home-schooling parents.

The photo is by eileen0204. She says:
This little monkey was coming down for an afternoon treat. These monkeys are decendents to the originals that were brought down with the original owners of the Bonnett House (in Ft. Lauderdale, FL). They run freely over the land there. Nikon D7000
Post Type: Photography
Mixed Media: None cropped and adjusted brightness.
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Artwork by eileen0204 at

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