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Interview at the Police Station (see notes)

NNNot So Fast

by Cynthia Adams1

Kidnapped! Contest Winner 

Local Precinct

“Now son, you have information about a missing girl? How old are you?”

“Yes, Chief. I’m eighteen since last Tuesday.”

“I'm not Chief. I'm Sergeant Milford and you are…?"

"Julie, can you bring in the paperwork, please.”

“Thank you, Julie. What is your name, son?”

“Bennnie Przemyslaw.

“Can you spell that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Bennie, spell your name for me.”


“I meant your last name. And you got one too many n’s in there, Bennie.”

“No Sir. I know how to spell my name. B-e-n-n-n-i-e  P-r-z-e-m-y-s-l-a-w.”

“Excuse me."
"Julie. Has anyone reported a missing girl in the last few hours?”

“No, Sir.”

 “Now, this paperwork shows you live a few blocks from where you say the girl disappeared. Could your mother meet with us?”

“Yes sir, but she didn’t see anything.”

“I know. But sometimes cops scare people.”

“I’m not scared. Your eyes are like Willie’s and Mom says he’s a good soul. I'll call her. She’s just watching TV.”

{15 minutes pass; Mrs. P. arrives.}

“Now, Bennie...tell your mom and me what the girl looked like.”

“Her hair was the prettiest I ever saw before. My memory isn’t too good but I think it’s the prettiest.”

“Yah?  What did it look like?”


(spits out some coffee) “Damn it!"
"Julie can you get me a wet cloth.”

“Please don’t look at Bennnie that way, officer. You spilled the coffee.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. P."
"Now son, describe what you mean.”

“Not regular dirt like driveways. The kind you put on top of the garden to make it grow better. She was next to a van across the street, smiling at Willie because he was doing tricks. I was looking down at him and then he started barking. I looked up and she was gone.”

“So Willie saw what happened.”

“Yes Sir. And then he started crying like he does when he’s confused so I said, 'Show me, Willie' and he ran across the street and down the sidewalk, looking around. Finally he stopped at #308.”

“Did you or Willie knock on the door?”

“Sgt. Milford!"

“Sorry, Mrs. P."
"Did you knock, Bennie?”

“No. I was a stranger and Mom says people are afraid of big guys like me when they don’t know me. So I came here. I figured policemen wouldn’t be afraid of me because you have guns.”

“You did right, Bennie. Thank you for your help. I will personally check this out." 

“Mrs. P., just a moment if you will. Why is Bennie spelled with three n’s?"

“Once he got big enough that strangers were afraid of him, he changed his name. He says ‘nnn’ stands for ‘nice not naughty.”

“I see. Well, thank you for your time. I’ll let you know what I find out.”

Evening News 5:30 p.m.
"For local news, we go to Sgt. Ron Milford:"

“The non-custodial kidnapping of a minor was averted today with the help of local hero, Bennnie Przemyslaw. That’s Bennnie, with three n’s.”

Writing Prompt
You are challenged to write a story about a kidnapping. Maximum word count is 500 words.

Contest Winner

I challenged myself to write a story that consists entirely of dialogue, except for minor scene-setting.
The only images and descriptions available come from the words spoken by the characters in their conversation.
I wanted to see if readers could identify with and have reasonably strong feelings (good or bad) for characters, based only on what is said.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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