Horror and Thriller Fiction posted October 27, 2020

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The witch

La Strega

by Iza Deleanu

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

She came into my life uninvited and with a letter from an unknown relative. I hoped she would leave after a few days, but I was wrong. She knew the laws of hospitality very well. In this country, once a person enters your house, you must support and care about her until she decides to leave. I am a sucker for tradition, and now I am paying for it from my pocket.

Month ten, since she broke my faith in people. She acts like she belongs and is mocking me about the new order. I tried to evict her, but she is threatening me with a lawsuit and insurmountable pain. I know she has the power to do it! I saw her in action. The first week she made sure that all my neighbors got sick. None return home. I am living among corpses and abandoned houses and gardens. My house is full of pets. I begged her to let me save them. Now part of my income goes towards feeding them too. Poor babies, they are so scared of her but so loyal to me.

I am just thinking, and perhaps a revolution will free us from her tyranny. I know my babies will help, but she is invincible. What if I call another pestilence to kick her out? But then I will have to get rid of the new arrival. No! There must be another way. I have time! So, I am going to start watching what makes her tick.

Eureka! She hates laughter and love. Despite my grim situation, my babies make me laugh every day. This is my oasis of sanity and a reminder that I am still human, and I am still sane. She starts screaming: " SHUT UP! STOP LAUGHING! YOU'RE HURTING ME!"

At my command, my babies flip up in the air, chase their tails, and give me funny faces. I laugh from the bottom of my heart. I feel the life returning to me and hope to bubble on the surface of my cage. I am happy and free at last!

She drops her veil. She is so ugly! She puts her dead fingers on my face. "You will die now!" Happy, I laugh and gesturing towards my babies, I gently say:" Don't be afraid we will be all together, a happy family under the rainbow bridge." I know who she is. I turn around to face her: "Babies, La Strega will not get us! She will live here alone and forgotten."

She catches my hands and curses me:" Every Halloween, you and your babies will come back to life and feel my rage! YOU WILL DIE a thousand deaths!"

I don't care anymore. Outraged, I shout: "I will die a thousand times, but I will die happy surrounded by love and hope. You will live a thousand lives forgotten! I am ready for my first death!"

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