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It is the genie's first Christmas with her friends

A chapter in the book A Dozen Wishes Around the Globe

Happy Holidays

by Ben B.

A genie had been found in the gemstone globe by not one but four masters. Things would be great if only they didn't release a desecrated Atlantis and all its evils earlier. What else could go wrong?
Christmas season finally arrived. Not just any Christmas, Gina's first with her friends. She was so ecstatic when December showed up on the calendar, she even changed her blue shirt red so it would clash with her green skin.

Gina and Lilly were having a girl's night in the globe with the boys busy. Barry was out as the Mistery, helping out with a situation in Canada. He forgot to mention the details to Gina. It was also Ryan's turn to take care of things on the ship.

Lilly was in an ugly Christmas sweater with a reindeer. Gina decorated the globe for the holiday. She froze the lake in the middle for ice skating, built a snowman that wouldn't melt, and turned the grass white. Though it was night, she had the room in a daytime setting which replaced the small moon with a small sun. In front of the couch, Gina had an old 50's television set up playing a black and white version of "The Christmas Carol." The Ghost of Christmas Past was on as Lilly helped Gina dye the tips of her hair red.

"I guess that explains why that old master back in London kept promising me to change his ways," Gina smiled with the corner of her mouth, "Mystery solved."

"Did he expect you to take him to your past?" Lilly spent the last of the spray can on Lilly's hair.

"Yup!" Gina giggled along with Lilly, "He totally skipped Marley and asked me to take him straight to his childhood!"

"Well, I can't give him a ghost in chains," Lilly put the empty can down, "but I can give him a genie with festive hair," she held up the tip of Gina's long hair to her face.

Gina snapped her fingers and a giant mirror stood floating in front of them, "Oh my goddess, I love this!"

"Told you it would be better than what you could snap!" Lilly grinned.

Gina grinned back, "Better than..." she snapped and the mirror disappeared, "...this?"

It started raining Christmas cookies all around them. Sugar, frosted, chocolate chip, the works. It wouldn't stop till Lilly picked up a gingerbread man from the ground.

"Mmmm..." Lilly moaned in pure ecstasy, with the gingerbread's head still in her mouth, "For the record I'm still better with hair, but I can't think of a better cookie."

"I would love to see the ship's chef outdo this," Gina joked as she picked up a red frosted cookie.

Lilly didn't laugh. She just finished chewing the head and put the rest of the gingerbread man down. Gina noticed that right on the spot. She raised a finger and muted the volume on TV.

"Did I say something wrong?" Gina took another bite waiting for Lilly to answer.

"No..." Lilly answered at first, "it's just..." she took a bite from the cookie's arm and swallowed, "We had to let one of the old chef's go and replace him with someone else."

"One of those days, huh?" Gina took another cookie, "I know it's been rough since you and Ryan had to replace the robot staff with a human one, but what choice do we have? Mech lost most of them to the Tar Twins leaving the poor guy understaffed," Gina stuffed herself with another cookie, "At least you two got him and the rest a job securing the island."

"I wasn't thinking about Mech," Lilly tried to finish her cookie but couldn't get herself to bite it, "The new guy looks almost like Wesley. Ryan got upset when he saw him."

"Oh..." Gina tossed her cookie to the floor, "...that."

"We thought of everything, didn't we?" Lilly asked Gina for insurance, "We did our best to make him comfortable in his bunker, but he still wants to kill us."

"I still think about it too," Gina admitted, "And so does Barry. I could tell."

"So did I," Lilly finally finished the cookie, "Last time we had a family game night in here, I could tell something was bothering him."

"Yeah, he paid Wesley another visit earlier that day," Gina snapped her hand again and conjured each of them a glass of eggnog, "If only there was something I could do to raise everyone's spirits."

Lilly almost sipped the eggnog but stopped with the glass raised to her face. Over the glass rim, she saw the Ghost of Christmas Present on the screen laughing and encouraging Scrooge to be merry.

"That's it..." Lilly chugged down the eggnog, "I know how to fix Wesley!" she put the glass on the ground and got up, "Take us back to the surface. We've got work to do!"

"Careful, Lilly," Gina finished her drink and reminded Lilly, "This is our last problem free wish you're talking about. Once it's gone..."

"We'll have memory wipes to worry about," Lilly understood, "but I held on to this to remind myself not to give up on Wesley," Lilly pulled out the Four of Clubs from her pocket, "He was after all my friend. Long before any of you showed up. And I am the one who dragged him into all of this," guilt showed on Lilly's face, brighter than a Christmas tree light, "If I have a shot at this, I should take it!"

Gina agreed in silence. Not as Lilly's genie but as her friend. She got up and took Lilly by the hands. They looked up into the miniature sky as they both smoked their way up to it.

Cover art provided by Lucia Maricich. To view more of her and to hire for commissions, refer to her Instagram page: @thislettleart3
Gina (formerly known as the genie): found by her four masters in a gemstone globe, now she is serving twelve wishes to Characters them.
The Professor: the original own of the genie. His misfired wish is the reason Gina is living in a globe now rather than an oil lamp
Barry: The grandson of the professor. His second wish turned him into the Mistery, a superhero that turns him into a cloud of smoke.
Ryan: College freshman who was supposed to live with Barry at the professorâ??s house
Lilly: College senior and athlete
Wesley: Son of the late CEO to Welsink Industries.
The Artificer: monster that was released from the Cage of Atlantis. Best description is hybrid of a vulture and a gargoyle.
Captain Mech: robot that was created as a side effect of the first wish. He captains the battle cruiser the gang are now living in.
Tar Twin: Minions devised by the Artificer. They are practically Siamese twins made out of tar with four arms. The only way to kill one is to slice off both of their heads.

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