Biographical Non-Fiction posted October 17, 2020

Hoping to be back

Therapy, Work, And Life

by ExperiencingLiphe

Balancing things has never been my strongest point. Once I get sucked into everything, it's hard to regain the structure I need. Fanstory is, often, the thing that falls to the side. I never forget about this site, or all you amazing people, it's just hard to get back. I miss you all. My goal to come back and find my place again. Maybe I can figure this balancing act out.

I started therapy earlier this year. I learned to trust her, and it's been a much better experience than in the past. This summer, she told me she was leaving. She was offered a position at another clinic. I always told myself she was different. I almost believed that she wasn't going to leave. After, the initial shock, I realized she was okay if I followed her to the new place. I still went weeks waiting for her to tell me she was just joking and I really couldn't follow her. In the end, she came through and we both moved to the new place. It still blows my mind that she took me with her.

In August, we traded our 2013 Ford Focus in. We are now the proud owners of a 2018 Buick Regal. We bought the Focus in 2015. We later learned that they didn't give her a lot of love on the production line when they made her. They made her transmission funky. Basically, she has a manual transmission, but a computer changes the gears. The computer is a bad stick driver. This made her clutch go out. They went years telling us that her grinding, shaking, shuttering, etc was normal. They were later sued and it turned into a huge lawsuit. It was so bad! Last summer, they finally replaced the clutch before the warranty ran out. Early this summer we noticed the clutch was starting to slip again. Since, the warranty was only a year on the new one, we'd be responsible. We didn't want to pay to replace that. We decided enough was enough, and moved on with our lives with something else.

I still work at the grocery store as a bagger. I am going to start checker training this week. I'm terrified, but I've ran the whole front end at my other job. I should be fine. I just need to do it. I still love my job, the benefits are amazing, and the no stress is an added bonus. Switching to this job almost two years ago, but one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

Other than that, nothing else is new with me. Really, it's just been a lot of me working on myself. Being a little nicer to myself, giving me some time for myself, trying to stay away from drama, and hoping to make it back to you guys. I hope life has been kind to all of you since I've been away. I can't wait to catch up!

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