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The detectives find higher ups involved in the traffic ring.

A chapter in the book Where Are All The Children

Earth-shattering Evidence

by Mistydawn

The bright afternoon sun is peeking through a fluffy layer of clouds slowly drifting across the baby-blue skies. A cool, gentle breeze whips through the cruiser as Kevin continues down interstate 78. The traffic seems heavier than normal, but moving at a decent speed.

The detective replays he and Penny's conversation in his mind as he continues toward Drurid Hills. She went into great detail about her and Mr. Hensley's encounter often spouting off things a young child shouldn't know. This leads me to believe that she has been molested. Now I need to prove who, where, and when.

He recalls the child's reaction when a half-naked man strolled into the room. I didn't care for the way her mom's boyfriend looked at her, or the way Penny acted when she was around him. She was so nervous, jittery always pulling up her shirt or straightening out her skirt then she'd glance over at him like she'd done something wrong.

Kevin asked Penny if he'd touched her and she said he hadn't, but she looked away when she replied. He questioned the mom and she claimed he doesn't live there that he only comes over a few hours at a time and he and Penny are never alone. The way she said it sounded rehearsed like she'd been through the song and dance before. I hated to leave Penny in the home, but until I have solid proof there's not a lot more I can do. He sighs.

Figuring they'd be more comfortable with a woman than with him, Kevin had a female officer take Penny to the hospital to get checked out. He then notified Family Services of his suspicions.

Turning onto Pons De Leon, he glances around. Druid Hills is a well-established, ritzy community. Their exquisite mansion-sized houses are spaced miles apart which gives the owner a country-like feel while still being near the city. This is too rich for my blood, Kevin thinks, gazing around at the breathtaking structures. The market value on the simpler, one-story homes starts at half a million. I wonder what Mr. Washington got himself into. Toni didn't go into details, but she did say their vigilante is getting very creative with her work.

He sees Toni walking out of the house shaking her head when he pulls up to the two-story colonel on Oakdale Drive. I'm sure Mr. Washington is feeding her a big load of crap about how the evidence was planted the way it supposedly was the time before. The sergeant and her crew didn't believe his story, but without anything to prove otherwise, they had to let him go.

Toni stomps towards him. She taps on her watch and says, "What took you so long?"

"I was interviewing Mr. Brock's students when you called."

"Did you find out anything?"

"I believe Penny is telling the truth about him touching her. I'll know for sure once I see his Tiger."

"His Tiger?"

"That's what Penny called his penis. She said he has a mole across the top resembling a cat. She said his tiger wanted to play hide and seek in her cave then went into specific detail about their game."

"Do you have any proof?"

"Not yet, but I might soon. She's being checked out by the doctor and the clothes she wore when she last saw him are being processed at the lab." He waves his hand through the air. "What's going on here?"

"You have to see it to believe it." Toni hands him a tablet.

The first photo is of Mr. Washington naked in the yard. He's laying lengthwise, on his right side, giving the passerby a clear, unobstructed view. There appears to be a child-sized cardboard figure on its side in front of him. His hands are on either breast and his manhood is pressed against where the privates should be. "His hands and pecker were superglued to it."She swipes the screen. A closeup of the cutout replaces the previous image. "This is what we found on the doll."

 Kevin finds pictures of naked children covering the manikin.

"The pictures were printed from his laptop. He claims they put them there to frame him, but our computer technician says they were downloaded months ago."

"Could he tell you who did this or how he ended up on the lawn?"

"He said he laid down after breakfast because he wasn't feeling well and woke up in the yard. The ME thinks he might've been drugged. Said she'll run a full tox screen, see what she can find."

"Did you check his security cameras?"

"I'm having forensics look into it now."


The sun glares through the second-story window. Horns blare from the street below him. Jamal is checking Agnes Barns' finances at his desk. She did come into a substantial amount of money and the detective is trying to trace the source.

Walking over to the detective, a forensic technician clears his throat.

Jamal glances up from his screen. "Did you find something, Brian?"

"We've traced the calls from Mark Hensley's phone and found they triangulate to a Starbucks on Peachtree Street. By the looks of it, I'd say that's their meeting place." He hands the detective a tablet and then continues. "This is security footage from the shop's cameras taken a week ago."

Jamal watches Mark Hensley walk in, a little girl in tow. He and another man exchange pleasantries, Mark leaves alone.

"We've found nearly a dozen of these meet and greets so far. They usually occur within an hour of the call being made. I ran the photos of the different perps through our facial recognition and this is what I came up with." He hands Jamal a list.

"What about the girls?"

"I'm running them through the FBI's missing children data bank."

"That's what I'd do."

Jamal turns to find a tall, slender lady walking towards him. She has honey-blond hair tightly twisted up into a ponytail at the top of her head. Her pale, freckled complexion adds a hint of mystery to her hazel eyes. She's wearing an egg-white, button-up shirt and navy-blue slacks.

"Can I help you with something?"

"My name is Erin Reynolds and I'm with the FBI." She shows him her credentials. "Your captain called me, said you are working on a child trafficking case."

Larry walks out of his office. "It's nice to see you again, Agent Reynolds. Come into my office, and I'll fill you in on the case."

Jamal springs to his feet."This just came in, captain." He hands Larry a piece of paper and then continues. "According to Brian, these are the men who made the calls to Mark Hensley's phone. We also have footage of their exchange." He hands the captain the tablet. "Brian said he's running the children through the FBI data bank."

"I found over a dozen of these so far, sir," Brian adds.

Larry discovers the names of a few prestigious men on the list when he scans the page. He glances up at the detectives, a look of horror on his face.

"Are you alright, sir?"

"An earthquake is about to hit Atlanta and I'm afraid this one is going to break the Richter scale." Larry knows all the higher-ups going to prison will shake his beloved city to its core.

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