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My second home

Adeje Town, Santa Cruz de Teneri

by Dolly'sPoems

I am often asked to share a slice of life in Spain and in particular the Canaries, so I thought I would tell you a little about the town which is just two miles from my home.

Built on volcanic rock and surrounded by mountains the small municipal town of “Adeje” is situated on the southwestern part of the island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa.  The town is approximately four minutes drive from my house.  I never walk to it because the road is narrow and carved through the rock and it is dangerous to navigate the busy traffic on foot, as there is no pathway.  

The surrounding area is very fertile because of the higher altitudes and Canarian bananas are grown not far from my house.  The first homes were build in 1495 in the old town centre and remnants of them can still be seen today.  Over time more buildings have been added to create a mix of old and new with a mismatch of styles with flat topped roofs and coloured facades.

Adeje is quaint and very Canarian with a narrow entrance road flanked either side by low storey apartments with balconies.  It is not a wealthy area in money terms, but there is a wealth of life and friendliness in this old town where the elderly are well respected and it is safe to walk the streets.  There is a notable modern catholic church called “Los Olivos”, just as you enter the town on the right which overlooks the sea;  a perfect position to give thanks and pray.

I took a long walk around the town before writing this account, and as I climbed the steep path to reach the top of Adeje, I could smell fresh mint growing in pots outside the opticians.  The pavement is tiled with locally made ceramic coloured tiles which have been quite hard wearing, but still they are cracked and jagged in places, but the place is kept clean by a team of dedicated local municipal workers.  

A rather indigenous mural is painted on the wall of an apartment block depicting how life was with the gauchos (the first inhabitants of these islands) which adds a touch of authenticity and charm to the place.  There are many cafes in the town all serving coffee or wine with Spanish style food outdoors all year round as the temperature never drops much below 20 degrees Celsius.  Spanish omelette made with onion and peppers, or tapas are popular favourites, along with squid and Canarian potatoes (salted potatoes in their skins).

Although Adeje is busy, it is a community of people who know everyone and you will see people waving and acknowledging each other, shouting a greeting or gesturing their love for one another.  If you fell in the street here, people would come to your aid.

What I adore most about Adeje is how close the mountain range is, you can almost touch it from your seat in the cafe.  The town is protected from wind by these tall foreboding rock structures and at the top of the town there is a designated walk through the mountain rock that leads along the Barranco through dry ground and steep slopes where you can see a diversity of endemic flora and fauna.  At the end of the path there is also a wonderful waterfall.

The town has a school, a college, a town hall, a dentist, doctors, post office, in fact it is easier to say what it does not have and I am struggling to think what the town lacks!  They even have a monastery “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe y San Pablo” exhibiting 14th and 19th century objects.  The college doubles as a theatre, and they have an additional musical college dedicated to Beethoven!  I have exhibited my paintings in the cultural centre as I was eager to take part in the community and they often exhibit unusual art, hold lectures and language classes.  Adeje town has kept its integrity and respects its roots and there are several works of art on display of the original indigenous gauchos on the traffic islands, as a little reminder.

All in all Adeje town is a relaxing place, albeit busy, it is the hub where everyone meets and greets and families can come together, a central social meeting place full of life and where some permanently dwell.

My house is built on volcanic rock and overlooks the sea and I am grateful to live in this wonderful place in peace, watch the sunset and enjoy the sea air.  This magic happens everyday.


This photo was taken yesterday of a tiny florist shop on the high street in Adeje.
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