"Honoring others"

Chapter 1
A Toast to My Friends

By Debi Pick Marquette


I'm using my one hundredth post to send you all a rose

To all of my dear friends; each day more friendship grows

This lovely writing family; I'm so happy that I chose

The feeling that I have for you; I'm praying that it shows


I'd like to raise my glass to you and make a cherished toast

This may be a milestone, but more than just a post

My way of saying thank you to my friends and to our host

I see your souls so vividly; you're lovelier than most


If I could make a speech for you, I fear I'd never quit

There's no one I could stand to miss, not even for a bit

Some are kind, some are sweet and others have such wit

You're like a Worldwide puzzle; I'm so thankful that I fit


(Special recognition for a few that go the extra mile)


I truly thank you Margaret; you're there for me each day

I also thank you Helen for the prayers you send my way

Gary for your friendship and your awesome interview 

I'm sure without you Terry, I just wouldn't have a clue

My friend and brother Nomi for the soon upcoming favor     

Karenina, for your kindness and the friendship that I savor

So honored by the gifts Sally; they really were the best

We'll celebrate together Pam; this birthday and the rest

And Jan you are so helpful, I'm so happy you're a friend

I wish I could keep going, but this poem would never end

Chapter 2
Teri's Birthday Story

By Debi Pick Marquette

The greatest love that she has in her life is Jesus Christ

  God gave His Son to us knowing that He'd be sacrificed 

 And with her aunt and uncle, she sang praises to the Lord

Was in the Gospel Trio, and to hear was sweet reward

The man who has her heart and loves her is her husband, Tom

At twenty-two years old is when she first became a mom

They both had wanted children, so rejoiced to have a son

And they were thrilled when he was born, and called him Jonathon

  A couple sweet more miracles, for them new life begins 

Cause ten years later, Tim and Jeremy were born as twins

When Diagnosed with MS, it was truly a hard day

And sadly her dear sister, all too soon would pass away

 And when her sons had grown up, two of them each took a bride
         And Teri loved them both and now has females by her side
But suddenly, they blinked, and there would be another boy
And for the last eight years her grandson, Greyson brings her joy
I don't know just how many, but I know she loves her cats
Her loving heart so big, it has its own sweet welcome mats
I know her cats and family will join us when we say
We love you so much Teri; have the loveliest birthday

Author Notes The Teri in this birthday story in a poem is Teri-7.

Chapter 3
Our Very Own Spit Fire

By Debi Pick Marquette

Her real name is Shari, but her pen name is Spitfire
It is so very fitting, she's someone we all admire

They moved a lot when every year he got a new promotion
They settled then in Florida, close to the southern ocean

Finally she would become 
a permanent home buyer
Taught English for twenty five years
and then she would retire

Christopher, her son and wife
 They live twenty five miles
Grandkids ~ Alex and Anna 
 Gives grandma lotsa smiles

She wrote two full length comedies ~ she really does inspire 
And she performs the Theatre ~ reports a hometown crier

Daughter, Nichole and husband 
They moved to Hollywood
They both have wonderful careers
And doing very good

She loves to sing Karaoke with her mic and amplifier 
She often acts ands sing on stage, alone or with a choir

Then about four years ago, her Frank would pass away
Shari really misses him, most every single day
We hope you know how much we care, and for you we will pray

If we could give a gift to you, make you a frequent flyer 
So you could see your daughter more, much to your heart's desire
We wish you so much happiness, we'd love to lift you higher

Happy Birthday Shari
You're our very own Spitfire!

Author Notes All red text is for the purpose of the rhyming with her name, 'Spitfire'. Photo or artwork is animation of a spitfire flyer. (fun red hair included) lol

I learned a BIG lesson when I wrote Shari's poem completely from FS editing and that was never do it again. I had hours of writing wiped out and not sure how, so I had to start again from scratch. I had never tried it before so just wanted to warn that it is not worth it. Do your work elsewhere and save it. Normally I do mine in Notes for iPad or Word.

1~must rhyme
2~must be fun
3~normal line stanzas
with a fun line or 2 between each stanza
(for the up and down carousel effect)
Usually done in just one rhyming word
4~ does not have to follow stress or meter rules
5~ what matters most after rhyming is
Information to get out there in small patches.
Does not have to be grammatically correct.

Chapter 4
Margaret ~ Sweet SOTU

By Debi Pick Marquette

Most will call her Margaret, but her pen name is Late Bloomer

When meeting her you won't forget her lovely sense of humor

It started 'bout a year ago; she read some posts of mine 

I read her back, amazed us so, things started to align

The first Time that I heard this phrase, it came to me from you

"And we've been using it since then, my Sweet SOTU"

We all have a story, but at times they're hard to share

We turned some into glory, when we show how much we care

All these similarities and still the same reply. 

These awesome same hilarities that neither could deny

Every time we talked, it seemed like we found something new

"We took the path God led and called it Sweet SOTU"

One big difference that I see, is where we both came from 

Her, Manhattan, NYC ~ I'm her Minnesota chum

I've three children, so does she, so we keep playing the game

Same age within eight months are we; our husband's are the same

I love our chats with coffee, only so much we can do

"So that's what I look forward to, my Sweet SOTU

So many ways and many things; just two peas in a pod

I have so many blessings, and for her I thank you, God

She may not write like she once did, but has great information 

But reviews us all the time, yet barely gets a nomination

And from the heart, we say it straight; we don't need to rehearse 

"After all we are Sweet Sisters of this (great big) Universe"

Author Notes All lines (except SOTU stanzas) have internal and end rhyme
Another for great women of History month.

Chapter 5
Anne's Birthday

By Debi Pick Marquette

Today is our dear Anne's birthday 

For her a big shout out

I have a little bit to say 

Of what she's all about

You do not have to be here long

To know just who she is

Her presence like a sweet soft song

Which sings of Christian bliss

She's served the Lord since childhood

And says she's made mistakes

Her life now led by what is good

The difference she makes

Three children and six grandchildren

She's blessed as she can be

 She loves and always prays for them

Her loving family

At Black and Decker, worked for years

And twenty three retired

Her sweet devotionals bring tears

So many are inspired 

This woman is special to us

Let's all do what we can

To show her love and make a fuss

So Happy Birthday Anne


Author Notes The Anne that I write about is our beloved Anne Johnston here at FanStory, who is a dear friend to most of us here. This picture is an internet picture, and not Annes home.

Chapter 6
Ulla~a World Wide Birthday Wish

By Debi Pick Marquette

Not only is she lovely, but so much fun to explain

She started life in Denmark, the last twenty years in Spain

As far as what her plans are now, that's where she will remain

Some places where she goes when she walks down memory lane

Her daughter, husband, and three girls from Denmark that she misses

She doesn't see them all enough, but sends them love and kisses

She traveled 'round the world; this woman you cannot contain 

 From South America to the Far East were her domain

She's half American, yet there she never did retain

Sailed yachts in the high seas, for years in calm and stormy rain

A personal dear Ulla fact is she's been married twice

When she reviews, her comments are respectful and precise

A flight attendant, twenty years on a passenger plane

Her writing started as a dream, one she hoped to obtain

She doesn't brag about herself; not even close to vain

Respectful to other's beliefs, if hers doesn't pertain

She published book about the art of writing a Haiku 

And now her second one is very close to being through

Raise a glass for her whether it's water or champagne

We're far apart but close in ways, together we will reign 

A party here at FanStory, for you we'll entertain

Happy Birthday Ulla, you're part of our World wide chain

Author Notes Merry-go~Rhymes Rules:
1~must rhyme
2~must be fun
3~normal 4 line stanzas
with a fun line or 2 between each stanza
(for the up and down carousel effect)
4~ does not have to follow a meter

Chapter 7
Happy Birthday John

By Debi Pick Marquette


John's from New York, he lives upstate

He writes of what he can relate

He has been writing many years 

And loves to read the work of peers


 The best accomplishment he's had

When his two sons made him a dad

As Keegan learned some of his tips

He is a fine writer of scripts


John will always have their backs

His Eric plays an awesome sax

In a band called, "Ten Most Wanted"

John is proud, I hope he's flaunted

A man who's kind to everyone

He loves to laugh and have some fun

Retired now so loves to irk

His friends who still all have to work


Sadly, I have some bad news

John can't do too many reviews

He somehow has injured his neck

Please take some time on him to check


One of a kind, a man with heart 

'You're top ranked on a "Most Loved" chart

You're right up there with Amazon

We wish you Happy Birthday John

Chapter 8
Regina's Celebration

By Debi Pick Marquette


For our dear Regina, here's a birthday cake buffet 

And all she has to do for us~ is have a grand ole day


New York City was the first place, she'd ever call home 

Life for her would change after deciding where to roam 

At 22, she joined the Navy; it would change her life 

 There she met her Mike, and asked if she'd become his wife


Their daughter's name is Adrienne, she's given them such joy

And also she has given them a sweet grand girl and boy


She moved to Carolina and has been there since that day

Then in 2020, her dear Mike would pass away 

We are all so sorry for your heartache and your loss

We're glad you have your faith,

I'm sure you take it to the cross 


Regina is so talented and knows what it will take 

To put her artist masterpiece on canvas or a cake


Swimming and Cross country; two sports that she was in

Add her love for horses, she was so equestrian

She loves her poetry;  acrostic, free verse or haiku

All except the rhyming, she leaves that to me and you


She honors every Veteran, to them she will stay true

She's loyal to her country and she bleeds red white and blue


 Regina, here's some birthday love

from The FanStory Nation

And hope you had some fun at your "Regina's Celebration!" 


Author Notes Regina Elliot is the author that we are wishing a happy birthday to. If you don't know her, please check her out. You won't be disappointed

Chapter 9
Please Go Back Another Day

By Debi Pick Marquette

To the love of your life, you had to say goodbye
We do not understand why Aaron had to die
Becky, my Goddaughter, I don't know what to say
Dear God, can't we please, just go back another day

You were so in love and found happiness at last
You barely had a start, and the past was in the past
He adored your kids like a dad in every way
Dear God, can't we please, just go back another day

Your kids loved him too, soon in marriage, you would blend 
Life as a family, the four of you would spend
Your world as you know it, has left and gone astray
Dear God, can't we please just go back another day

 I do not know the whats, and I sure don't know the why's
I wish I knew the way to stop the tears from your eyes
An answer to your question of why he couldn't stay
Dear God, can't we please, just go back another day

 A horrifying tragedy; it's hard to face tomorrow
I'm thankful for the friends, who pray for all your sorrow
A medical condition; but no one else would pay
Dear God, can't we please, just go back another day

God will care for all of you, and He will guard your heart
One day it will be easier, and then the peace will start
But now it's devastating; Lord, hear me as I pray 
Dear God, can't we please, just go back another day

Author Notes On his way home from work late last night, Aaron must have had a medical condition or blackout because his car accelerated into a tree and was killed instantly.
(We are thankful he didn't hit anyone else)
He has had this happen once before, but thought if was a one time thing.
Everyone is devastated and ask for prayers for our dear Becky and her kids; and his family too.
Aaron is also a friend of our kids, helped with our cropland and lived just down the road from us. For us the hardest is knowing what it is doing to my sweet other daughter, Becky
An autopsy is being done today; we should know the results soon
I am handling it the way I always handle stress and sadness: I write a poem.

Chapter 10
Happy Birthday Linda

By Debi Pick Marquette


Happy Birthday Linda!

You have us all under your spell

And when I think of you, I think about the Letter L

You're Lovely and so Lively, and you Listen; we can tell


Your Large heart has no Limits to the Lengths that you will go

While you pray for others, your faith continues to grow

We hear your Laughter in your words and see your face aglow


You're always Lifting spirits with your Lavishing reviews

So Lighthearted with comments of the post that you peruse

We have a Lasting friendship that we never want to Lose


Happy Birthday Linda!

We think that you're so beautiful

A Lady~Like demeanor and your writing's musical

You're Loyal to The Lord; for you, that's not unusual


You come from Illinois; you Live your Life from not so far

We wish you'd write a book to tell us more of who you are

A Literary Log for us, we'll rate you a six star


Sugar, spice, and all that's nice; that's what you are made of

We hear your kind and caring voice, like a sweet morning dove

We're blessed and thankful you were sent to us from up above


Happy Birthday Linda!

We have your heart; you have our Love!


Author Notes This birthday wish is for our own l.raven. She has been a member since Aug. 2010

Chapter 11
Papa Mike

By Debi Pick Marquette

A busy day for birthdays here 'twas April Twenty Sixth
If only I had asked in time, I maybe would have fixed
I finished for my brother, Greg, so glad that his was made
Australia is a day ahead, so Valda's was delayed
I had another friend at home, a poem for me to do
Reviewer friend from the same day, that I did not get to
And wouldn't you know it had to be a guy that we all like
So send belated wishes to our dear friend, Papa Mike
He's such a kind and gentle soul, so this I'll testify 
He seems like an old friend; you'll never meet a nicer guy

Two sons, two greats, and four grandkids, proof of a cherished life
A forty-six year marriage, Wanda is his loving wife
She is a brave survivor of a scary heart attack
Mike thanks his Dear Lord daily, she was able to come back
I sing to you his praises; he's a humble kind of shy
I'm sure his friends from home say, you won't meet a nicer guy
Retired English teacher; it is part of what he lives
Reviews show just how much he cares, from feedback that he gives
He's from one of my favorite states, the lovely Tennessee
We're also happy he's a part of our big family
A shout out to Shynoa, as she graduates today
Her Papa Mike is mighty proud; his love gives it away

Author Notes Merry~go~Rhyme
1~must rhyme with a bounce
2~must be fun and kind
3~normal 4 line stanzas
4~ a fun line or 2 between stanzas
(for the up and down carousel effect)
does not have to follow a meter

Chapter 12
Happy Birthday Santha (Sanku)

By Debi Pick Marquette

She walks into our life each day
With elegance and poise
A Meryl Streep type you might say
She doesn't make much noise 

Woman of God who loves to pray ~ What she truly enjoys

A quiet presence with a smile
And yet her voice is heard
Her writing goes the extra mile
Puts meaning to each word

An English Teacher’s review style ~ Great feedback is conferred

Her lovely pen name is Sanku
Includes husband Kumar
How awesome that she adds him too
They're like a duo star 

Loves books, music and Sudoku ~ She's her own Avatar

She just got back from Singapore
Two granddaughters she saw 
Their ages are just eight and four
She loves being a grandma

One son lives there, and one son more ~ Calicut, India

 To try to type her name, Santha
You better double check
Or you will be surprised, haha!
And you will not connect

You'll get the North Pole guy, Santa ~ Good ole' autocorrect 

For all the lovely things you do ~ A Merry~go~Rhyme just for you
Since your religion is Hindu~ We get a personal guru
A Happy Birthday Dear Sanku!  
We hope you know that we love you


Author Notes Santha's birthday is on Friday, May 5th, so was going to post this at Midnight on May 5th our time. But when I checked India's time difference, the best of my knowledge, they are 12 hours ahead of us.
So it is actually already her birthday, even tho it's May 4th at 6:00 PM here.

Merry~go~Rhyme Rules:
1~Rhyming to make it go around
2~must be fun
3~normal 4 line stanzas
with a fun line or 2 (or more) between each stanza
(for the up and down carousel effect)
4~ does not have to follow a meter

Chapter 13

By Debi Pick Marquette

Today is yours, Mel's~Birth~May~Day
You're sunshine when the skies are grey 
Your giving kindness leads the way
Imagine me with more to say

Sweet and caring daughter in~love 

Jason's is the sixth of May 
You live next door, not far away
Your values-ethics, never sway 
Our grandsons ~ growing more each day

Son and grandsons ~ full of love 

We hope that you can get away 
 At least buffet or nice cafe
The boys can either go or stay
An extra gift that we will pay

Within our hearts, we send our love

Your card's a poem within essay
Like flowers in a word bouquet
We love you all ~ that's no cliche
Forever gift, I'll always pray

Prayer ~ the greatest gift of love

Author Notes A birthday card in Merry~go~Rhyme and Monorhyme for my son's and his wife's birthdays.

The rules for Merry~go~Rhymes;
1- along with your normal four line stanzas, they have to have something extra in between to make them go up and down like a carousel
2- they must be Merry or Fun
3- they have to rhyme at the end of the normal stanzas

Mono rhymes are the same ending sound, but is optional in Merry go~Rhymes

Chapter 14
A Slightly Belated Birthday Wish

By Debi Pick Marquette


Her birthday, April Twenty Six

From her awesome land, down under

Almost like a bag of tricks

My mind just seemed to wander

So on her day, I couldn't fix


I did not have a photograph

To her, that doesn't matter

And I don't need to make her laugh

Instead my poetry chatter

This pic I found on her behalf 



Her Prose/Poetry beautiful 

She sweetly spoils her muse

With feedback that's so useable

You can't beat her reviews

And all of it so suitable


Was married over fifty years

But a few short years ago

She had to say goodbye, with tears

To the man whom she loved so

She's doing much better, it appears.


She's a gem to all who know her

A lovely diamond in the skies

A ruby if you would prefer

A Pearl within our eyes

Who's Precious like no other


Your day with family was great

Memories will never end

Dear Valda, it's never too late

Our love to you we send 

For that you'll never wait


Author Notes My Merry~go~Rhyme poems don't need to be in meter, must be in a fun format, stanza's out of the ordinary four lines, and they must rhyme. This one for Pearl Edwards (Valda) is ABABA

I accidentally misplaced Valdas birthday info, and didn't realize it until last night. By then I was so tired from being w siblings all day, so decided to wait until I was better rested. Valda was so gracious to allow me an extra day for her birthday greeting.

Chapter 15
Your Sisters Recall

By Debi Pick Marquette

Christmas Eve as children, was memorable each year

A time that love shone brighter, like an annual souvenir

But seven kids with families, it's hard to fit them all

Each Christmas you offered your home, so we could still recall


Diane, her kids, their old pontoon, could not go to the lake

You pulled them ‘round your yard, a better memory you'd make

You bought it and you fixed it up, once Roger heard God's call

A gift to Diane's family, that she'll always recall


 Barb was thinking of a time, you helped her learn to drive

You didn't think about yourself, or if you would survive :  )

You stayed and went to work with her, until almost that Fall

A special Summer for you both, that Barb loves to recall


Joyce remembers catching frogs and putting them in pails

Went to town to bait shops, where you would make some sales

You said she did good for a girl, didn't freak or start to bawl

An awesome memory she has, forever she’ll recall


Debi loves that after you, the next spot she would claim

When older sisters left,  "one of the boys" she soon became

You’ve always been her hero, and you have since she was small

Some of the things she thinks of, when it's her time to recall


We love you, Greg, with all our hearts; to us you're ten feet tall!

Relationships so close that never needs to reinstall

You are great, there's no debate, we're four who know it all

We have been Blessed ~ Given the Best! Your Sisters All Recall!



Author Notes Thanks for reading my poem for my brothers 70th. The recalling stories won't mean much to anyone but us, but I still thought I would share it w my other family, you!
I talk about becoming one of the boys after our three older sisters left home, because there were two more boys. Unfortunately we lost our oldest and our youngest brothers when they were both in their forties.

Chapter 16
Our Anniversary

By Debi Pick Marquette


I loved you back then, I still love you now
And yet that was when, I wondered somehow

'Cause I was so young, and thought you were great
Our friends were among, who said we should wait

Thought I was in love, so we would elope 
And then stood above, a slippery slope

When we said I do, and start to play house
Did not have a clue, of life with a spouse

Some days could be long when we had a fight
You were Mr Wrong, I was Mrs Right

After all of the tests, Docs said God forbids
But He then would bless, with three awesome kids

We heard it was said, it never would last
'Fore we go to bed, that day's in the past

God had us take vows, that made us just one
Why make mistake now, undo what He's done;

I loved you from near, and loved from afar
Now do you still fear, I was after your car

To those who all fought, with all of their gloom
And also had thought, our marriage was doomed  

Today we'll sing, of many moons
 A Happy Anniversary

Next year bells ring, with dif'rent tunes
A Happy Half a Century
I think we just might, 'cause it's been way too long
When we're out tonight, dance again to our song

Author Notes The picture was from our 40th anniversary. It was taken right before we had our last dance. We last danced about nine years ago, right before I was crippled from my lupus and was no longer able to walk. After two surgeries on my legs last Summer, I now am just starting to feel strong enough to stand for that long. I added the last two lines in a few minutes ago when my husband just came in and asked me if I thought I would be up to a little dance when we came home from going out tonight. I said yes!
To most it may be no big deal, but to me; It is one more baby step forward in life.

Chapter 17
Happy Birthday Paul

By Debi Pick Marquette

I knew that he taught math in school, and did it for ten years

I wasn't sure why he had stopped and then had changed careers 

Then working in the fishing trade, seemed like an awesome life

Been married 57 years to his sweet and lovely wife

But here he helps so many, like a teacher still on call

And always does it from his heart, because he’s our friend, Paul

He published his first book of poems, which I just now found out

So I dug more into his life, to see what he's about

His picture shows a handsome man, of course that is the truth

Was time you spent by the water, perhaps Fountain of Youth?

This awesome writing family, won't let each other fall

Your reviews show us this quality, our loyal dear friend, Paul

He might be one of very few who lives in USA

Who has a clue what we go through on the worst Winter’s day

He lives a little farther north than Minnesota state

From Maine, I have a feeling that he really can relate

If you see him in the hall, give the best present of all

Wish him well and make him feel, like he is ten feet tall!

We hope your day is wonderful; go have yourself a ball 

And while you do, we wish for you, a Happy Birthday, Paul


Author Notes My Merry~go~Rhyme poem for Paul McFarlands birthday

Rules of these poems: they must be fun, with more than just four line stanzas, and have a feeling of swing in the rhyming poem

Chapter 18
Happy Birthday Terry B

By Debi Pick Marquette

It has been confirmed and no longer mystified

I did a little search and admitted I had spied 

I couldn't be a true blue friend, if I hadn't tried

   And you know me, all too well

       Your birthday you can't hide  


He'll send a YouTube video for a kindly shout 

I love to hear his stories, no matter what they're 'bout

Adored his spitter nephews, each one like a Boy Scout 

If he would read aloud to us, 

"Tom (T Hall) Eat your heart out!"


A fact that many didn't know; he loves collecting art

For me, he's like a mentor, and has been from the start

His common sense is key, like a horse in front of cart

Zoey's not far from his mind,

And Never from his heart


He takes such pride in Texas; the great Lone Six Star State

He'll be there where he's needed, and first one to donate

I'm happy just to have a chance to toast and celebrate

Happy Birthday Terry

Our review; you are Top Rate!


Author Notes The only rules of my "Merry~go~Rhymes," is that they should be fun, a little different than your normal 4 line stanzas and they must rhyme.

I just realized this is another Milestone! So happy to share it with such a great friend!
Everyone's great friend, Terry Broxson!

Chapter 19
Happy Birthday Patty

By Debi Pick Marquette


We have some friends that we both share, whom God has given us

And we both love them all, but there is one thing that we trust

Our friendship that we hold so tight and never will let go      

Is such a rare occurrence, not just everyone will know


Some forty years ago, we came into each other’s lives

We both loved playing cards, that's when our husbands joined the jives

You worked out; I worked from home, which helped your daycare needs

Then soon the flowers bloomed, where God had planted all the seeds


Your mom would call us sisters; I’m the one you never had 

And we’ve lived up to that, in all the good times and the bad

We raised our kids together; even granddaughters are close

Could we see it one more time, with “greats?” only God knows


You are more than just unique; My best of all of the rest

 I know you, better than you, so I know I’ve been blessed

Another forty years, I hope to sense your loving touch

Besides, I need to keep you near, ’cause you know way too much 


Author Notes '

Chapter 20
Happy Birthday Nomi!!

By Debi Pick Marquette


He's a wonderful man, from his head to his feet

He's kinder than kind, but he's strong as concrete

A great writer, reviewer and friend who's so neat

He's as good of a man as you ever will meet


His name, Nolan Miller, to his family and wife

He's Nomi to us, in this virtual life

  To me, a big brother; one who's always so sweet

He's as good of a man as you ever will meet


 I was honored to interview Nomi last year

There were times in the Service, that many would fear

But he fears only God, and knows not defeat

He's as good of a man as you ever will meet.


It's so obvious that we all think he is great 

Our time here together, is God's gift of fate

Without men like him, our world's, soon obsolete

He's as good of a man as you ever will meet


You missed by a day, you are no April Fool

You joke about things, your sense of humor's so cool

Happy Eightieth Nomi, you make our life complete

You're as good of a man as we ever will meet


Chapter 21
Alexandra the Great

By Debi Pick Marquette

I have to say hooray for one more new girl here, today

I stopped to say hello and welcome her

She started just this year; I think she's made it very clear

This just may be the site that she'll prefer

She's given us a glimpse into her life with many limps

We had in common more than I would guess

Like me; nothing to hide and always looks on the bright side 

My lupus is sister to her MS

Our health may tell us nope, yet we allow ourselves to hope

As I do for others, I will pray for you

It's good to recognize, in everyone there's a surprise

You will love it here; 'cause that's what we all do

You can't put in a nutshell, when there is so much more to tell

We look forward just to know you bit by bit

Alexandra you are Great and like to give you this update

So welcome; I predict you'll be a hit!


Author Notes Another Tribute in Honor of Women's History Month

Chapter 22
Happy Birthday Joan ~ dragonpoet

By Debi Pick Marquette

This day is your birthday and I have a small request

Could I make a couple wishes for you too?

If I am allowed, this is what I want for you

That your day is only meant to be the best

Do the things that you love most and do not compromise

Puzzles, words and crosswords are your fun

Whatever makes you smile, when with your family on the run

Make your birthday joy, an extra supersize

You are such a lovely woman, and a dear and special friend

I've known you since the first day that I came

I think you have reviewed every post that I proclaim

Hope we'll all be here together till the end

And now your second family joins you in your second home

To tell you Happy Birthday one more time

I hope that you enjoyed my combo fun Merry-go-Rhyme

And that you tolerate my sillious poems


A little silly!

I'd like to take a moment to say

Happy Birthday Joan

I found out not that long ago

Where it is you call home

You actually are just close enough

For me to throw a stone

Or even better yet

For me to ask you for a loan

I'm sure you're happy you didn't tell

The numbers of your phone

I hope your day is wonderful

Our dear~one, dragonpoet

After the last stanza

You may tell me where to stow it

One nice thing 'bout living here

Lawn soon won't need to mow it

If there's a candle on your cake

Then I really hope you blow it 

One more thing 'bout having birthdays 

May you never soon out grow it

Author Notes My Merry~go~Rhyme poems are a combination of serious + silly = Sillious
Anything goes as long as they rhyme

Chapter 23
The Great Women of FanStory

By Debi Pick Marquette


All of the women I know here, are wonderful and great

We build each other up while helping others to create

Respectful views and feedback, while you also illustrate

Some sound advice to new ones, as you help initiate


I love hearing the great news, of a dear friend's health update

She may need some TLC,  but you don't hesitate

A person who has done quite well, you always celebrate

To make their day with kindness, as you then congratulate


No place is always perfect, so we must communicate

They don't look down their noses and do not judge or berate

And won't assume a heart, unless their shoes they navigate

Instead see good in everyone; it's such an awesome trait


Some tell about their kids, or maybe, "Grand and also Great"

I do not have the "Great" yet, but I fear I'll have a wait

If not allowed to share our faith, I'd worry 'bout my fate

God wants us to love all; I think we do accommodate 


Our physical and mental health, we can't manipulate

This is a happy healthy place, where we all congregate

I love this second family; my heart will say it straight 

You are the "Greatest Women," here at FanStory Estate


Chapter 24
Jessica; New Girl in Town

By Debi Pick Marquette

She's Sassy! Cute! For sure an absolute 

Delightful spirit in most every way 

She may be new, but I somehow have a clue 

Sweet Jessica, I'm sure is here to stay

If that is not enough

Let me tell you she is tough

Talented! Smart! Her writing's from her heart

Contest wins that we've already seen

Determined! Wise! But will not compromise

Her integrity; so honest and serene

If it's going to make her frown 

Then she knows not to back down

 Yes, she'll fight, for what she knows is right

If needed she'll become a mama bear

She won't say yes, to maybe or a guess

While keeping her dear loved ones from despair

You will want to read her more

Her sweet girls you will adore

Morgan who's nine; she's filling in each line

While writing so that she can be like mom 

Cami, in first grade, knows she has it made

A mini me of who this cutie's from 

Just a couple inside jokes 

As I give us both some pokes 

It gives me pride to see us side by side

Competing should be fun for strong or weak 

And then the truth will show up in the booth

While dancing neck to neck, or cheek to cheek

Author Notes Jessica Wheeler joined FanStory in February of this year, and I thought for those who have not met her yet, or seen any of her beautiful work, I would introduce you. Stop by and give a friendly hello, also check out her growing portfolio.

Last stanza jokes I referred to is, Jessica and I not only met during reviews but also when it seemed we were going back and forth in our placing in the voting booth. After noticing that, I wrote her a congrats in her profile and said that it seemed we were alway going neck to neck on the back and forth results. Then last week when we tied, I told her that it was't neck to neck any longer, but cheek to cheek.

I challenge all to pick a new girl or woman (or any other woman you admire for their strength or courage and write about them, for Women's History Month.

Written as one of my Merry~go~Rhyme Poems, where anything goes as long as it rhymes.
Written in:

Chapter 25
Karenina ~ The Apple of our Eye

By Debi Pick Marquette


Most everybody knows how strong this woman tends to be

She'll crack you up while serious, at times with poetry

She's clever, sweet, hilarious, with just a touch of shy

I hope she knows in friendship, she's the apple of my eye


It's not so strange that she has captured everybody's heart

A caring helpful friend that never fails to do her part

Her faith gives her the strength she needs, as to exemplify

Please God take care of her, she is the Apple of Your Eye


One of the kindest women that I truly ever met

For sure she's not the type that we could ever soon forget

She said it's possible that she may have to say goodbye

We know she loves us too, perhaps the apple of her eye? 


She knows she has some options, she could be a butterfly

Fly in and out as she sees fit, just like this certain guy

Whatever she decides, others will join me when I cry

We love you Karenina, you're the apple of our eye



Author Notes A tribute to Karenina portrays our feelings for her in any month or any situation, but is partly for March's Women's Month, and one of the strong women I plan on honoring this month.

Chapter 26
Best Wishes Pam

By Debi Pick Marquette


We started both a year ago; were friends before we knew

We chatted about many things, that we both like to do

We had a common bond, but we sure never had a clue

One day when I was thanking her for such a nice review

I shared my birthday; then she said that it was her day too


It seems so strange that both of us, on the same day were born

A funny feeling to know one who also signs a form

Who adds your date of birth to theirs; it’s really not the norm

We've known the same amount of days, on this Earth I inform

 She's such a special woman, who's so loving, kind and warm 


Now Pam is leaving for a while to help her knowledge grow

She promises to pop in here, review and say hello 

We are the Bobsy Twins, but there is something you don’t know

Now we’re actually triplets, ‘cause another joined the show

Dr Nad was six days late, just like a guy to be so slow. :  )


There are some stormy rough seas, in your life you must comply

You are an awesome writer, to improve we all must try

We’ll miss you, but wish you the best; of this we can’t deny

Somehow, someday we’ll do 5k, on that you can rely

We love you more than words can say, so we won’t say goodbye


Author Notes This tribute is for Pam Lonsdale, who is going through some health concerns for her husband as well as taking a little leave to improve her already wonderful writing skills. She promises to pop in and out to review and say hi.
I made this a little different as there are five lines in each stanza. I did it this way because she is such a unique and special lady.

Chapter 27
Golden ~ All Through the Years

By Debi Pick Marquette

By Gil Broxson (Terry Broxson's Dad)

So here is to the Golden Years
Time of peace, too late tears
But still, as far as I can see
   It ain't what it's cracked up to be


Think of your life as souvenirs 
  Take time to spend with all your dears
Special moments; many cheers
So gather friends for a few beers
Tell grandkids about rabbit ears
Or 'bout a store they once called Sears
Spread love and happy, joyful tears 
Start writing, learn some new careers
Like me, you'll find some awesome peers
"So here is to the Golden Years"

Keep your positivity
I want to keep living right here
Kids, don't take it personally
I need my bright side~atmosphere
I need my own dear family
Not doctors, nurses, volunteers
I'm tough and have my dignity
But won't take any old age jeers
You cannot live my life for me
"Time of peace, too late for tears

It is my life, yet I'm not free
How do you know that I won't flee?
We promise we'll be there daily
I'll stay, but please come back for me
Other's worse to a degree 
With them I will give empathy
Stay true to Christianity
But hard to keep my memory 
Not sure where is my destiny
   "But still as far as I can see"

They say I'm at death's door that's near
They treat me like a kid who's three
  It's them who's deaf; no longer hears 
Since I'm the kid I'll be naughty
Give them bull and lots of steers
Tell party tales of Boston tea
And settling as pioneers
I'm on my way to next journey
So what'd I think of Golden years?
  "It ain't what it's cracked up to be"

Author Notes 1st part of structure 4 lines from Gil Broxson's poem rhymes- years & tears - be & see
1st - rhymes with all years & tears words
2nd- rhymes alternate between see and years.
3rd- rhymes all see & be words
4th- rhymes alternate between see and year again

Chapter 28
Karenina's Fall

By Debi Pick Marquette

I have another prayer request, for a mutual friend 

She will be so grateful, for any get well notes you send

On steps with a shop vac, Karenina took a fall

In hindsight, it is not what she meant to do at all

As she lost her balance, the heavy vacuum went

Flying down the steps with her, and landed on cement

She's battered, bruised and also, she has a broken foot

She wished she thought this thru, if only she still could

We call us Thelma and Louise; I'll say on her behalf

I know I'd let her down, if I didn't make her laugh

Speaking humerus; might've too broken that bone

Looking on the bright side, she won't have to wear a cone

We know that the last few months, haven't been her best

But isn't this a bit extreme, to finally get some rest 

 Thelma cannot jump, but she'll soon learn how to scoot

Sad that she malfunctioned; needs to lay back and re~boot

Anyone who's had tough luck,, knows it's nice to hear

From a friend or a peer, who's spreading lots of cheer

Please feel better soon, 'cause we love you and we care

We all send you well wishes, and are lifting you in prayer

Chapter 29
Well Wishes for Sandra

By Debi Pick Marquette

Our dear Sandra Mitchell, has been very sick

She's in the hospital, without her spirited kick

I am so very thankful, that she has let me share

For Sandra our dear friend, please lift her up in prayer 

Blood and chest infection, is latest what I hear

Also has a virus; give support and lots of cheer

It's been extremely rough and makes life seem so unfair

For Sandra our dear friend, please say a daily prayer

Our Novelist of the Year, for 2022

We know that we have missed her; it's time she also knew

Your kind words will help her, to show her how we care

For Sandra our dear friend, Dear God please hear our prayer

Author Notes Please leave your messages for Sandra in your review

Chapter 30
That's What Lisa Does

By Debi Pick Marquette


Some years ago I met her, when she married Greg, our friend

As neighbors it did not take long, for our two hearts to blend

And early on, when I was ill, she'd bring some meals to us

Like she does for others, cause, "that's just what Lisa does"

They're not too many nurses who could possibly come close

A sweet Angel of Mercy, all her patients say she glows

While working at two hospitals, she never makes a fuss 

Double shifts are normal, 'cause, "that's just what Lisa does"

Three years ago, her husband Greg, our friend had passed away

So Lisa, kids and grandchildren; for them I always pray

I know we all still wish, that it could be as it once was

Then Covid hit, she worked nonstop, 'cause, "that's what Lisa does"

A snowplow's drift had put her down, while jogging in November

Knocked her out and couldn't get up, the best she can remember

She's staying with her daughter, who's a nurse and such a plus

She'll recover from her surgery, 'cause "that's what Lisa does"

Now Lisa's not only my friend;, a dear sister in Christ

She says that God was giving her, some very good advice

More precious time for family, God's word she always trusts

   Her extra time will bless us all, 'cause "that's what Lisa does"

Author Notes Sometimes God can talk to us softly and subtle to get his message across, but He used the force of a snowplow to slow down this woman who's selfless hard work and duty towards others, needed re~evaluation.

Chapter 31
Mel ~ My Sweet Daughter In~Love

By Debi Pick Marquette

  I remember the time, that beautiful day

Jason brought you home to meet us

His smile said it all, that you were the one

And as time went by, you’d complete us

You and I became very good friends

We had many great talks on the bridge 

You, so excited to marry my son 

And someday give us grand kids


After a while, you two set the date.

As you shared your dreams for your life

The bridge, your home & your Wedding

As you then became husband and wife

Then into our lives came a grandson

You had a beautiful baby boy

Andrew was precious, as a baby can be

And since then, has brought us such Joy

In a few years, another announcement

The next baby was soon on its way

Carter was born, and sweeter than pie

And he grew more special each day

A beautiful family, the four of you make

We’re so happy that you live next door

The bridge still brings the boys over

To grandma’s, for playtime & more

We've been so close for many years

So I doubt this will be a surprise

I love you as if, you were my very own

A daughter, you are in my eyes

Author Notes There's a creek that separates our yards, and before Mel thought of starting to build the house or plan the wedding, she wanted Jason to build that bridge for their children someday to be able to go see grandma and grandpa. At 11 & 15, they still use the bridge to come see us.

Chapter 32
FS Family New Year's

By Debi Pick Marquette

To all of you, from all of me

My awesome second family

My New Year's wish, for us to be

Refreshed together annually 

Some authors write with great suspense

Others with spiritual sense

Poems and stories so intense

For honesty and not pretense

These friends who I care much about

I do not want to be without

I thank you, with a heartfelt shout

Support, encouragement, no doubt

Buffet of seasoned writer's skill  

 More exquisite than a six star meal

I'll never beg, borrow or steal

Or change the way of how I feel

For you, I'd like to spread some cheer

 I'll sing it loud, so you all hear

If celebrate with wine or beer

Dear friends be safe ~Happy New Year

Chapter 33
That's So Terry Kind of You

By Debi Pick Marquette

Do you know a person, who could be any kinder
One who gives to others, without even a reminder
Who cares for people's feelings; it's what we all should do
For those who are that way, that's so Terry kind of you


I doubt that anybody wonders who this poem is for
He's everything I've talked about, but he is so much more
Gives member pumps to people, to help their post get thru
For all who are so selfless, that's so Terry kind of you


His writing can be serious, at times he's just a clown
He won't involve himself, in putting anybody down
He'll tell you about someone, who deserves respect that's due
To that someone I would say, that's so Terry kind of you


You won't brag about yourself, but that's something I can do
So listen closely Terry, or I'll talk until I'm blue
Your life once meant for Zoe, now for others you're the glue
Hooray for who you are, that's so Terry kind of you


Author Notes

I used this picture because Terry Broxson lives in not only the largest state, where everything is supposed to be bigger, but obviously in Texas, some of the kindest people are from there.
I guess it's true; EVERYTHING'S BIG IN TEXAS, including KINDNESS
Alas, a new phrase is born: That's so Terry kind of you!

Chapter 34
Travis; a Christmas Bonus

By Debi Pick Marquette

It was after midnight when the phone started to ring

A year ago flashed in my head, and I could feel the sting

My husband answered it, and on his face I saw such dread

He held me, as he said these words, "our nephew, Trav is dead"

How could that be, he's just eighteen, a senior in high school

We lost his dad a year ago, God couldn't be that cruel

My little brother, Denny also meant the world to me

Now you say that his son died, when his car hit a tree

They took him to the hospital, mom, Shelly by his side

She got to say goodbye to him, before her sweet son died

December 8th and 15th, father, son, one year apart  

I wasn't sure that I'd survive, life with a shattered heart

The Sunday before Christmas, my family gets together

Shelly and both kids showed up, in spite of the bad weather

She told of three terminal kids, they too, wouldn't see diplomas

But with his organs, he gave them, Hope as a Christmas Bonus

Author Notes

Every year at South Brooke Gulf Course in Annandale, MN, a Benefit Fund raiser is put on where you pay $100.00 to golf or just donate to the Travis Pick Scholarship Foundation, where every year a Senior at Apollo HS is picked as the recipient.
Travis continues to give in his death as he did while alive. His organs have helped countless others.
Appropriately so, he was voted as the kindest most giving Senior before his death in 2016.

Today, December 8th is the 7 year anniversary of Travis's death. On the 15th will be Denny's and he too was killed in a tragic crash; a snowstorm that he was driving in, on the freeway when the visibility was gone, and he drove head on into a tow truck that was pulling a vehicle out of the ditch. Nobody else was hurt, thank God. However it snapped and broke his neck. But the state trooper said that he said not to worry, that he heard our mother's voice calling him and he was going home to be with her. Those words were somewhat hard to hear, but still comforting.

Chapter 35
Happy Birthday Karenina

By Debi Pick Marquette

Her name is really Karen, but that isn't how we know her 

Karenina's what her dad called her; and that I think is so her

She's a retired nurse and it shows in her compassion 

She volunteers, she gives so much, it's Karenina fashion

A computer hack last month, who it was, she wasn't sure

We barely saw her all that time, and worried about her

Many of us gave some help, which started to restore 

Her faith in human nature; that love was worth much more

It just may be, I know her age, but swear I'll never tell

Unless you give a great review and then, oh what the.......

She's always very Sweet, but I know a little rumor

She loves to tease a little too, I love her sense of humor

She told me it would be ok, to tease about her age

She's 14 months older than me, but I cannot engage

I'd be in line of some young punk, that's even younger yet

Like Helen, who'd tease both of us, then she's the one to get

So lets all raise our virtual glass to make a virtual toast

To our Special Birthday gal, for her I think I'll boast

Her faith in God is very strong, she's such an inspiration

I'm proud to be her friend;  she has my deepest admiration

Chapter 36
On This Date, Jan was Born

By Debi Pick Marquette

I've not known her lots of years, like many of you have

But I've been her friend long enough, to speak on her behalf 

She always has such great ideas, must make her brain feel worn

On this day, ~??~ years ago, our dear friend, Jan was born

She has a unique sense of humor, and sweet as she can be

She's devoted to our veterans and also our country

So loyal to our FanStory; her pride not easily torn

On this day, ~???~ years ago, our dear friend, Jan was born

Besides a friend to all of us, she has her Abby cat

Abby is her family, that's where her heart is at

One thing that I admire, is she won't toot her own horn

On this day, ~????~ years ago, our dear friend, Jan was born

Her heart and soul so lovely, like a sweet Angel above

I've never seen a picture, but she must resemble love

Before my growing question marks, she notices with scorn

On this day ~?????~ years ago, our dear friend, Jan was born

 Her age is but a mystery, as in this poem I've sworn

On this day, ~??????~ years ago ~ How many many years ago???????

We wish you Happy Birthday Jan, on this date you were born

Author Notes The growing amount of question marks are only meant for humor,
not meant to assume that there is one for every decade

Chapter 37
Jannypan Jan

By Debi Pick Marquette

There's not too many on FanStory 
That's not been praised or given glory
By a special woman, who's name is Jan
Most know her best as Jannypan

She's spirited, kind and she's so driven
Pays forward talent that God has given
She loves reviewing to praise and help
She needs a six star rate on Yelp

Abby's her cat, who's very smart 
Like Jan, she has a great big heart
Jan gives suggestions with much respect 
Goes out of her way, as you might expect

She's the kind of lady to get things done
To make things better, for everyone
A talent for planning, she's always thinking
I believe she'd save a ship from sinking

(November 4th, 2020)
This was a devastating day
Her brother Tim, sadly passed away
She's loved by her peers, so let's make a fuss
Pray and thank Jan, for all she does

Author Notes I know Jan likes this song.

Chapter 38
My Kenzie Jo

By Debi Pick Marquette

~To my dear granddaughter, Kenzie Jo~

I fell in love the day you were born

I called you Angel girl right from the start

 I adored rocking you in my arms

As you kept growing, so did my heart

You played singer, actress, a weather girl

You entertained, with a smile all day long

You drew pictures galore of us holding hands

Any wonder our love is so strong

 I bought every style of duct tape

We made projects and stacked them too

At times gramma monster would join the fun

On my bed, spooked your cousins and you

Your birthdays were always delightful 

A themed party, we had for each one

As we lay in my bed eating popcorn 

We'd cuddle 'fore the movie was done

Where did the time and that little girl go

My memories say it was just yesterday

All the drawings of us, you draw no more

Cause your childhood's all tucked away

 Now my sweet Angel, you're on your own

Yet so often, on my doorstep you'll show

A gorgeous young woman, inside and out

 Love you eternally, my Kenzie Jo


Author Notes While I am resting, trying to heal from Covid, I decided to post a few of my poems that I have been writing for years for my family.

Chapter 39
Happy Birthday Helen (lyenochka)

By Debi Pick Marquette


She's known as the birthday poet

Although she's not sure of the date

Her birthday's within 30 days

So it's a month long celebrate


Her mom studied to be a doctor

 Helen was born premature

In those times of  post war Korea

Times were rough; of that they're sure


She has a hubby who loves her dearly

Her two daughters are ten years apart

She has two granddaughters and a grandson

 She has such a loving, caring heart


An amazingly, wonderful woman

Who's respected by all she knows

In this world of so many thorns

She's such a beautiful rose

Her strong faith in God shines so bright

I feel blessed to be her friend

A kinder woman, you'll never find

 Loving wishes to her we send

Author Notes I got such a kick out of her silly standing cat, that I almost wrote a Dr Seuss type one for it, but I think he covered that one already. Lol.

Chapter 40
Lunch With the FS Girls

By Debi Pick Marquette

(Please read authors notes first! Thanks!)

I got together with best friends, at Margaret's for some lunch

She invited us FS girls and ended up with quite a bunch

Margaret was writing notes, so Sue and Jen took a little peak

Lily and Janet are upset and Lorraine's about to freak


Eve and Mary told us, and we're not sure what to think

As Maria and Evie plot revenge, Margaret better watch her drink

Dolly and Lisa don't understand; why's she hiding what she wrote

So that's what happened so far, and here's what's in her note


 Valda and Anne have hearing loss, so we must speak very loud

Joan and Judith hardly get out, so I hope they don't get plowed

Kitty tripped on Sandra's foot and had a nasty fall

Joanne and Leather are wearing clothes, a little bit too small


Gypsy, Robyn and Cindy usually end up in the lake

Karenina looks good on top, but denies that they are fake

Verna, Carol and Sharon have many grandkids pics to share

Gloria, Kate and Donna must have just touched up their hair


Janet and Pam are tiny, looks like they could fly away

Judy and Carolyn must have guys, both look happier today

Monica, Rachelle, Jessi and Liz could pass any inspection 

I heard that Nancy and Aussie go in for a beauty injection 


Sally, Helen and Debi are doing the cha cha cha

Ulla, Bridge and June are singing La La La

Wendy and Jay are so organized, and Barb's best being her own boss

Teri and Adonna, seems they are wearing the same Cross

 End of Note

Gretchen and Margaret by the pool, their tempers start to clash

 Jan and Regina helped Margaret take a little splash

As Margaret explained to us, we apologized for being so hard

These notes were for a joke, on a between friends Christmas card


Author Notes Meter and Rhythm will be off due to all the names
This was supposed to be entered in the 'use these words' contest
but I decided it wasn't right for any contest
Although I did use the words. I will just write another.
Margaret's note' was all meant to be in fun humor,
completely fictional. Silly and perhaps stupid poem. But that's me; I need laughter!

I apologize if I missed any ladies that I have come close with.

If anyone is offended in any way, I am sorry and please let me know

Chapter 41
Our Gal Sal

By Debi Pick Marquette

Inside and out, she is so Beautiful

Although she is blind, she's also dutiful

I doubt we could find another gal

Who comes even close to our gal Sal


She has such a lovely personality 

Her writing shows originality 

So thankful to have her for a pal

   To know her is to love her, she's our gal Sal


This wonderful woman, has some history

  Her series of three books, are quite a mystery 

I love her strong faith and spirited morale 

 She's a sister in Christ, she is our gal Sal


Many friends know her as Sally Law

My favorite book, 'What the Blind Girl Saw'

She prays for others, without fail

An asset to FanStory, she's our gal Sal


Chapter 42
Tom, our FanStory Leader

By Debi Pick Marquette

When I think of Tom, devoted leader on FanStory

I think of Charlie's Angels and how they always got the glory

Charlie just like Tom, content to stay in the background

When 'Angel Writers' need some help: Tom's always around


No one here has ever seen him, yet we know for sure he's there

His quick reply to messages, proves this man must care

So for anyone who wonders if this guy really exists 

He's not Siri or Alexa, scanning from some Google's list 


From the very start, I always asked a lot of questions 

I wrote ten times a day and maybe added to his tension

Member cent confusion and what is a promotion

I hope that he'll forgive me for causing a commotion 


It took a while to get it and so glad that its more clear 

I wish I knew where he hangs out, I'd buy the guy a beer

So maybe Tom should prove to us that he is really human

Use some member cents and plan a great writer's reunion





Author Notes So thankful I had some poems prepared ahead of time so I can still stay connected with all my friends on FS while recovering

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