"A Tribute To A Rambler"

Tribute To A Rambler

By Sankey

Many of you will remember Sasha, at one time, Fanstory's most prolific writer.  I hope others will join me in this multi-author book to remember some of the great times we had with Sasha.

Sasha once visited Mexico with her mother and liked the place so much, she moved there and lived there for many years.

Sasha's life story is not a happy one. I recommend everyone read her book I have placed a photo of, in here. I have to find out if any of her other writings are still around.

She has shared with us in her "rambles" over the years all the dramas, personalities and their temperaments, good and bad.

Sasha was not a well person, suffering various cancers and later in life Macular Degeneration in her eyes. She was in her late 70's I believe when she passed away just a few days ago, as advised to me, today, by her Mexican carers who took her into their home, in her deteriorating years.

I hope you can all read her book. Her FS account is also still open, see the link in author notes.

I think I can claim to be one of Sasha's more regular reviewers and spag "picker-upperers", sadly becoming more needful for help as her sight deteriorated.

Thanks Sasha for a wonderful time of enjoying your writings for so many years. We will miss you.

Author Notes The picture is of Sasha's Dandelions Book. Hopefully still available on Kindle or in Amazon. I was pleased to see Sasha's FS account is still open.

ClickHERE!Sasha's Fanstory Portfolio.

Chapter 1
This One Is For Sasha

By Sankey

Sasha, my friend, I only learned today that you are no more. I knew your health was not in the best of shape, but I often thought about you, and I hoped you would once again post one of your witty posts. But that hope has now been extinguished forevermore.

You often made me laugh when you described your shortcomings, because you were never afraid of laughing at them, as well. You were a breath of fresh air. You were prone to falling and at one time you broke most of your ribs. But as always, you were almost laughing it off.

You were such a positive person, and you brought a ray of sunshine. May you rest in peace. Your friend, Ulla.

Author Notes Thanks to cleo85 for the use of the artwork.

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