"Cloud Shadows"

Chapter 1
Cloud shadows

By Cass Carlton

The soft , white clouds that float on high
Throw shadows on the ground
They paint their faces on the sky
And pass, but make no sound

Reflections are but shadows caught
And tinted by the glass
Memories come like painted thought
And lingeringly pass.

Thus, like this love that once we shared
They come and fade away.
Knowing that we both once cared
And loved - in yesterday.

Author Notes Artworkby cleo 85 sincere thanks for a perfect image for my words.

Chapter 2
Ships In the NIght

By Cass Carlton

Strange ships tall ships
Pass in the night
Through the mists
And out of sight
Out of mind

Bound on their voyages
Plotted is the chart
An unexpected, fateless tryst
So soon to part
And leave behind

Strange ships , hardships
Filled with raucous singing
Pass beneath the silent skies
And seagulls winging
On the wind.

Author Notes These words came to me after a slight collision with a person I never met again and wondered why it had happened. I still don't know , but I wonder if he does.

Chapter 3
Mirrored Memories

By Cass Carlton

A face smiles out from gilded frame.
That face and mine were once the same.
Where she went I do not know.
Girl that was me, where did you go?

Girl became wife and then a mother.
A child she bore and then another.
The years swept by in Time's swift flow.
Oh, tell me girl ,where did they go?

Far away now that long ago girl
With springtime skin and amber curl
Now hair is grey and cheeks don't glow
And I miss you girl.Where did you go?

Author Notes Smoke and Mirrors 3 by Jesuel. Sincere thanks to the gifted artist.

Chapter 4
Totem Creatures

By Cass Carlton

Owls, with wide and silent wings
Love the night and fear not the dark.
They live in forsaken houses
And remember.

Wolves, with grey coats and yellow eyes
Live in wild and lonely places.
They fear not man, but shun him still
For they remember.

Eagles rear their young on crags
Where storm winds lash and wail.
She holds them close against her bosom
So they will remember.

I would be as silent as the Owl
As distant as the Wolf
And as fierce as the Eagle
And, I would remember.

Man is cruel in his pride
Spares not creatures wild and free.
Time will come to pay the price
And then, he may remember.

Chapter 5
Yesterday's Faces

By Cass Carlton

Yesterday's Faces
Sunday afternoons and sentimental tunes,
Old silver spoons in elegant velvet-lined cases.
Afternoon teas under pink blossomed trees
A setting for yesterday's faces

By the pine-panelled door of the old Grocer's store
There were kegs on the floor and old cases
Where scales and smells and broken nut shells
Remind me of yesterday's faces.

Some things to me tell of times I knew well
They ring a sweet bell in old places.
Iron pokers and grates, cane chairs and big plates
Belonging to yesterday's faces.

And back in the days when my granny wore stays
(except on wash days), I remember corset laces,
Blue cups of willow and lace on the pillow
Dear relics of yesterday's faces.

I'd go if I could to where water tanks stood
And cut firewood was piled in convenient places.
But, Time has swept on and now, it's all gone
And I mourn for yesterday's faces

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