"Love of Animals"

Chapter 18
My favorite

By Bucketlist

Petite playful penguin
Dances to a happy beat
This, my favorite animal
Shimmers on his feet

He is a wing ed little bird
But never is he able to fly
Even though he flaps them
And wants to reach the sky

Where he lives it's very cold
He has no shoes for his feet
A pouch drops to cover them
The frozen ground to meet

Penguins are social birds
They live together quite well
This one left to see his friends
And dance as you can tell!

Author Notes Gif
Penguins use their flipper wings to fly under water

Chapter 18
The Match

By Bucketlist

In a fun match-between-pets display
Soft furry brown coats now jiggle
So are these two fighting now
Or simply both at play?
Because they do act
In different ways
Dogs and cats
Fight they

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Chapter 18
Bug Fest

By Bucketlist

There's food fit for a king
For their family of ten
Bugs included free of charge
Ready for a free-for-all

The ten people won't be
The only ones there
The ants form a procession
There's food fit for a king

Wasps they will dive
Into people's food
To take sweet treats
For their family of ten

Mosquitos buzz loudly
And bite you alive
A picnic's no fun
Bugs included free of charge

Black flies are flying
Swirling around
Now the picnic's complete
Ready for a free-for-all


Cascade, created by Udit Bhatia, is about receptiveness like a waterfall.

The poem does not have any rhyme scheme [although that MAY be optional]; The format is simple. If the FIRST verse has three lines, then LINE 1 one of verse one becomes the LAST line of verse two. To follow, the SECOND line of verse one becomes the LAST line of verse three. The THIRline of verse one now becomes the last line of verse four, the LAST stanza of the poem. :
a/b/c, d/e/A, f/g/B, h/i/C

Chapter 18
European Robin

By Bucketlist

Crafter's bird by talented design
A bible quote a helpful sign

I am a tiny bird
quiet and shy

spindly legs
Hold my body up high

A loner
Yet never alone
I am God's creation

I like to come into backyards
feast on grubs, insects, and worms

I am called Robin Redbreast

I'm fearless if others invade my territory

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Chapter 18
Spring Break

By Bucketlist

Soon Spring will arrive
among the fears which plague us
in the midst of virus strife
find nature's beauty
Its colors bring joy to life

Chapter 18
The Elevator

By Bucketlist


“Oh deer!”
“I wonder why the elevator stopped. We’re stuck and we’ll be late for the stag party.

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Chapter 18
Black swan

By Bucketlist

Australian dweller
black sleek feathers
cousin to mute swan
diet mainly vegetarian
First found in New Zealand 1860s


Author Notes Thanks cleo85 for the photograph

Chapter 18
Warm Sight

By Bucketlist

It's a warming sight when the whole family comes together to eat.

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Chapter 18

By Bucketlist

“But Henry, I did NOT cheat on you!”

Author Notes Laugh or cry in life

Chapter 18
Tough Love

By Bucketlist

Cats lick
Cats clean
Cats kiss
Cats fight

Cats fight and can inflict pain
Emotions spurn sudden disdain
After that spat, all's right again
Go figure!

Author Notes Gif from pinterest

Chapter 18
Green Umbrella

By Bucketlist

Where there's Rain Forest life there's strife
In habitats hot and humid , dark and light
Where animals roam each loses its home
Many are being disrupted day and night

Trees are cropped without being stopped
Disturb nature's balance despite public cries
Our oxgen is being depleted, still it's repeated
For the wants of ‘Man’ the Rain Forest dies

Rain forest's demise it's unnatural downsize
It used to have four layers of green umbrella
In symbiotic balance ground up, as once found
Now that protection is less than stellar

any approach ok as long as it requires NO warning(s) of any kind.


The Triquatrain created by Robert L. Huntsman. It is a quatrain poem in tri-rhyme with a specific rhyming pattern (see below). Lines 1 and 3 have INTERNAL RHYME and lines 2 and 4 DO NOT.

Rhyme Pattern

Line 1 (a,a) [internal rhyme]
Line 2 b this line rhymes with line 4
Line 3 (zc,c) [internal rhyme]
Line 4 b rhymes with line 2
[other lines follow in same pattern, but may use different words to create the rhymes].
Line 5 (d,d)
Line 6 e
Line 7 (f,f)
Line 8 e

Line 9 (g,g)
Line 10 h
Line 11 (i,i)
Line 12 h

Chapter 30
Black 'n white

By Bucketlist

hunted for their skins 
Under threat of extinction

three different  types

Plains, Mountain, Grevy's
find them within Africa
live in social groups

stripes unique to all

herd stripes confuse predators 
sleep 'shifts' yield warnings


Author Notes thanks to Eileen0204 for great photograph photo shows Plains type.

Chapter 45
Chance Meeting

By Bucketlist

Helping in a emergency
Surely was not frog's intent
But as he swam away
In monsoon rain that day
Alone and not so content

Mouse jumped on the back
To escape from his home
He now had no more
Happy mouse his spirits soar
After monsoon he can roam

Author Notes In 2006, a photographer in India snapped this photo of a mouse perched on the back of a frog as floodwaters rose. The annual summer monsoon rains arrived early that year, but this lucky little mouse managed to keep its head above water, thanks to a froggy friendship.

Chapter 46

By Bucketlist

......”51, 52 , okay, that cute frog has stopped watching me . Now I can stop. My arms are killing me from all the chinups. Oh no! She's coming back.......99, 100.”

Author Notes Human behavior sometimes!

Chapter 49
Proud to Serve

By Bucketlist

God, my master's a true hero
He works as a team to undergo
Rigorous fighting acts with gusto
All fears in battle he has to forgo

I work with all these brave men
Who's danger factor is a ten
Fight for our freedom and then
God, bring us safely home again

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Chapter 51
Chimpanzee Talk

By Bucketlist

Male Oh no! the zoo’s open - here they come
Every time these humans come past

They think we're dumb
Female  Their little ones are so funny
they want to come in to play

Male Where did they learn how to wrestle, play ball
and swing from tree to tree.
Find the stars of "Planet of the Apes?”
They are OUR descendants
 just trying to take credit that’s all
Ooh! I’ll just shake my fist like this (demonstrates)

Female Tarsi baby, calm down
They study us because they KNOW
they can learn a lot from us
they just like to tease us

Male I just don't like being stared and laughed at

 Female pull faces at them or bare your teeth
They think that's cute!
The human kids love making faces 
trying to copy US


Author Notes Pinterest image

Chapter 55
Window of Opportunity

By Bucketlist

Opportunity is a space in time
between two parameters when
life, love, and learning can linger
Luxuriate, levitate or leave
Opportunity is seen or perceived
Like an oasis in the desert
maybe life saving, or just a mirage

Often a chance to change
like a chamelion adapts to blend
opportunity leads to better things
Or deterioration of one's soul

Opportunity gets thrown away
By its cousin named caution

Be too quick to close the window
the opportunity flies away
Be too slow to close that chance
and YOU may rue that day


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Chapter 56
A Sitting Duck

By Bucketlist

A chef came to take
My real duck, not fake
A French recipe meal
Duck a l’orange to make

"How could you", I then cry
"Just look him in the eye
He's here to rest and drink
I cannot let him die"

While we argued that day
The plump duck flew away
We were stressed but
He just wanted to play

With wings white 'n black
Rose high with a 'quack'
quack quack as if to say
“It's water off a ducks back”


Author Notes Picture provided from Phyllis Stewart for the group

Chapter 59
Spingtime Lambs

By Bucketlist

Gentle lambs
High energy
Involved in play
Jumping for joy

Spring's new lives

Chapter 65

By Bucketlist

''Talented''is so subjective
interpretation is fun
depends on if we agree
compares the art form we see

materials and methods used
artists just want to share
compares the art form we see
depends on if we agree

it's based on our preference
whichever has been done
depends on if we agree
compares the art form we see

methods, also very diverse
are open to artists who care
compares the art form we see
depends on if we agree

Author Notes The Mirrored Refrain is rhyming verse form constructed by Staephanie Repnysee to youtr
The poem is formed by three or more quatrains where two lines within the quatrain are the "mirrored refrain" or alternating refrain.

***Rhyme Scheme :
xaBA, xbAB, xaBA, xbAB, etc.

***Special Note
x represents the only lines that do not rhyme within the poem. A and B represent the refrain.

***Meter choice is up to the author.

***Author's choice of topic and meter.

Chapter 67
Bridge of Life

By Bucketlist


The bridge between two states

of conception and death

is something we know as life

with all its ups and downs

a learning experience along its way

challenges wonders and mistakes

some stay on given time

while others leave it too soon

although there's only one way

to travel to the other side

Its undulations test our strengths

because there's no turning back


Author Notes Pinterest

Chapter 68
Water from the Sky

By Bucketlist

all of
water is
in fluid form
we can drink
sail or go swim
freeze for cubes
in Fall helps color
changes to leaves
See its frozen state
as snowflake beauty
In snow to enjoy a sled
or have fun downhill skiing
snow angels 'n snowball fights
Seeds are blanketed until spring
When rain helps nurture new growth
It is needed for every season's health
Our survival depends on water's gift
'Whether' or not we enjoy it

Author Notes Pinterest

Chapter 69
Tree of Life

By Bucketlist

The tree of life grows big and strong
In Nature's creation
Donated life's where we belong
Roots shared by every nation
Evolution's been long
An interesting condition

Growing has a similar style
Many diverse results
Some people are in active denial
About how it ever got started
Observe God's gifts a while
Everything that's been granted

In Nature's creation
Evolution's been long
Many diverse results
Observe God's gifts a while
Needs must be met for survival
Rules can be found in the Bible

Author Notes Dandizette--a style with rules as follows:
3 six line stanzas
the form is partially inspired by the villanelle, and
features a TRICKY repetition of FOUR refrain lines
in the FINAL stanza.

The syllazble count for the FIRST TWO stanzas is 8/6/8/8/6/8.
The LAST STANZA has lines of
6/6/6/6/8/8 syllables.
The RHYME SCHEME (ababcbcbcdcdbcbcee)
The final stanza is composed of lines 2, 5, 8, 11 from the PREVIOUS TWO stanzas, PLUS a concluding RHYMING COUPLET.
Where they reappear in the last stanza, the FOUR REPEATED LINES NEED TO MAKE SENSE together as well as MAKING SENSE WHERE FIRST USED
For author notes, I suggest just the basic rules about the rhyme scheme, the layout of stanzas and that meter is optional (No one really reads the example poem, right?).
Write your final stanza first then start with the first one. Hopefully
this will help to make sure that the last stanza makes sense
(c) Lawrencealot

Chapter 70
Cumulus Clouds

By Bucketlist

Cotton balls slide
across Earth's face

Author Notes Cumulus clouds are low - below 6,500 feet, and can appear in different forms. Weather usually fair
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Chapter 71
Virtual Reality

By Bucketlist

Seeing things that aren't there?
Psychosis gets the blame
Psych ward intervention
Negative attention

Seeing things that aren't there?
Virtual reality is the game
Modern brain invention
Positive attention

Author Notes Just a thought. LOL

Chapter 74
Life Cycle

By Bucketlist

In life's cycle youth passed very much too soon
It was nature's desire to make us young fast
For adulthood to allow creative room

Whatever choices were made back then to last
Were part of nature's theme of a game of chance
T'was then our full bloom choices did have a blast

A time to mature and then even enhance
My lifetime has been loaned by God's good grace
Embellished by family, love, and romance

As part of the cycle in the 'human race'
My next move will be back to my cosmic space


Chapter 75
European Robin

By Bucketlist

The robin is easily concerned
Quiet places are yearned
Seeks garden soil freshly turned
Worms and bugs never spurned
Dinner earned

Socially it is nervous and shy
Sudden moves in it's eye
Cause food drops, for quick takeoff to fly
'til danger passes by
DInner earned

Has a small bright sparkly pair of eyes
It's one third of the size
Of American cousins, surprise!
Fast, less chance of demise
Dinner earned

This type has two tall thin spindly legs
Hops through the snowdrop beds
They're cute when they cock their little heads
Twitter as one then begs
Dinner earned?

Author Notes SYLLABLE COUNT: 9-6-9-6-3 for EACH verse.
RHYME SCHEME: aaaaR bbbbR ccccR ddddR. The "R" is a ll3-syllable refrain and EACH should rhyme or repeat the other in every verse.
Try to make your repeat line of 3 syllables (R) blend in with the line before OR be like a command.

You can have as many verses as you want.


Chapter 76

By Bucketlist

HAPPY 2019


Our memories are made each single year

Some are keepers,some bring a tear

Yet time carries with them each new day

A change in how we think or pray

Decisions we make and new resolutions

We use ways to find problem solutions

Gain friends through love and caring

Some FS people find virtual pairing

This year I've seen a procrastinating glitch

Which didn't help others' penning enrich

I have resolved to improve my reviews

As 2019 starts and my change ensues


Author Notes Thanks moonwillow for use of your lovely artwork
I needed to take time over the holidays, but I am baaak!

Chapter 78
The Party

By Bucketlist


After this

Came a fun idea

A kitchen celebration

Though not in the picture supplied

As you read it, the scene can be visualized

For grandma's one hundred and second birthday

The family gathered and surprised her with a 'bash'

But the tables were turned when she blew out the candles

Laughed after her false teeth flew and became part of the trash

Author Notes Picture supplied
A bash is an arranged celebration

Chapter 79
The Lunch Bar

By Bucketlist


Author Notes Pinterest

Chapter 81

By Bucketlist

Camouflaged by the host tree
From predatory eyes to see
Changing while nature was 'talking'
Unaware something was stalking
Eating leaves and waiting to cast
The tight restrictive jacket of its past

Once freed, it's body form had changed

Now with patterns differently arranged
It's colored beauty is now displayed
With wings like silk, with which to fly
To travel by fluttering across the sky
Collect flower nectar, morning till late
Carry unsuspecting pollen to cross pollinate

I used a rhyme scheme of aabbcc d ddeeff. (Remember a Puente may also be Free Verse)

Author Notes Jan Turner has written an excellent example of the rhyming Puente with rhyme scheme
aabbcc d ddeeff. (Remember a Puente may also be Free Verse)

Example #4:
Secrets in the Attic

The attic smelled of heat and stale perfume
as she ascended to the rustic room
that held old relics, chests and books from where
the centuries of dust collected there.
An antique desk was beckoning to her,
and in a hidden place where papers were

~she came upon a letter quite perchance~

and so began this eerie happenstance.
For what she read would put her in a trance
that kept her still for most the afternoon:
her great-great-grandfather in a platoon
of secret service had unmasked a coup
that only France could, through his team, undo.

copyright ?© 2008 Jan Turner

Another variation could have been to rhyme the bridge with the last two lines of stanza 1,
which would follow a rhyme scheme of aabbcc c d,d,e,e,f,f.

Chapter 82
Nature of living things

By Bucketlist

We are created
In celestial space
Nature divided
Habitats need a place

In celestial space
Are the basic needs
Not just for human race
They sustain life's seeds

Nature divided
Humanity is crude
Kill is intended
Not only to get food

Habitats need a place
Are there for a home
Stolen by human race
Make animals roam


Author Notes Topics to choose from:
1. Seasons
2. Thanksgiving
3. Nature--other than seasons
In the first verse, the poet may either start with a five OR six syllable line. If the choice is five then the 'sounding' syllable count is (and opposite if the count is six):

This is the info for a start of 5 syllables.

Line 1, 5 syllables.
Line 2, 6 syllables.
Line 3, 5 syllables.
Line 4, 6 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 2 of the FIRST verse) has 6 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 5 syllables
Line 3 new line of 6 syllables
Line 4 new line of 5 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 3 of the first verse) has 5 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 6 syllables.
Line 3 new line of 5 syllables.
Line 4 new line of 6 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 4 of the first verse) has 6 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 5 syllables.
Line 3 new line of 6 syllables.
Line 4 new line of 5 syllables.
This is the info for a poem with a start of 6 syllables.

If the first line of verse one has 6 syllables then the pattern is
Verse 1, 6565,
Verse 2, 5656,
Verse 3, 6565,
Verse 4 5656: (the rhyme pattern still being abab.)

Chapter 84
English Pub

By Bucketlist

Shrouded in its own mystery
My Imagery will investigate
The English pub named after him
There, in a dark foreboding street
Postal box lurking in partial shade
Clues of the welcoming lights
Yield answers which await

Open the door and sound explodes
With chattering voices and laughter
The klinking of shapely wine glasses
Mugs of frothy headed beer posed to
Voices of "Cheers, mate! "Bottoms Up!"
Dominate the airwaves in competition
Foreign accents embellish the sounds

As you peruse the energetic scene
Feast your eyes on wall hangings
Shiny metal horseshoes, and pictures,
Adorning memory walls of interest
Memorabilia from Holmes and Watson
Pipes, hats and murder cases display
Magnifying glasses to enlarge clues
Form a link from yesterday to today

The bar tender pumping warm beer
Into glass mugs or filling wine glasses
Clean from suspended overhead racks
Diverse attire of patrons and visitors
Seated, standing or leaning on the bar
Customers who come to visit the past
In a social place where curiosity ignites
imagination of London murders solved

As you wind your way to find a seat
The goal is to retain full drink levels
Even through jostling groups of patrons
To enjoy your drink, bags of chips,
Personal chatter, and pub atmosphere

Tongue will register its own memories
Wines sweet, dry, full bodied or light
Beer choices of Ales, dark or pale
From International or domestic beers

Your lips will tingle with activity
How the glassware feels registers too
The smooth cool seductive wine glass
Is calming versus the thick bumpy glass
Of various mug weights and designs

Smells are very eclectic, some welcoming
Some not so good, depending on choice
From the pub's cooked food menu list
Fish, currey, sausage rolls, pickled eggs
Shepherd pie, and chip smells are strong
Smoke mingles with women's scents
Permeates clothes while you're there

Inside the pub is an eclectic affair
Common to many pubs anywhere
But the mysteries are of pub's names
Outside each is the link to be aware
The name of the pub can trigger
People, place, or time imagination
Of what you'll find if you visit there

Author Notes Pinterest inage

Chapter 86
The journey

By Bucketlist

Time passes love while you can

Chapter 87
Banking on It

By Bucketlist

A long term loan
Call date not known
Exceed the limit
Poor choice did it
If you want to be rich
Stop that frivolous itch
Abundance we seek
Balance each week
This loan we all need
Advice we should heed
The prize you will win
Does not need a PIN

Author Notes Meaning ~
We are loaned the gift of life and energy,
use it wisely, the prize is longevity

Chapter 88
Water Ballet

By Bucketlist

Little ballerinas drifting on top of the pool
Many of us are just about the same size
Each one of us poses as if in dance school
We open our arms to greet the sun's rise
As we follow Nature's strict time rule
Like tiny boats we float instead of capsize

When it's breezy we twirl around the stage
We're visual delights for visitors of any age

Dressed in mutivarious colors and hues
From adults down to the smaller sizes
Glide across the stage, no need for shoes
Groups of us live on top of green high-rises
Long elevator stems so winds can't choose
To carry us to places to meet our demises

We're a community of beauty in this pond
Captured by an artist of whom I'm fond

Our Tu Tus are delicate, their colors vary
According to the light or shade time of day
The deepest tint looking like a red cherry
In the morning as the sun rises up to stay
As time passes the shade casts its mystery
The colors are diluted as we close our array

Blues, yellows, pinks, purple and greenery
All colors are captured in water's scenery

Author Notes This is the rhyme scheme to be followed:

2 or more stanzas--follow pattern for additional ones

******** Claude Monet was French impressionist Artist who died Dec. 5 (1840-1926) in Giverny, France

for this challenge (Please read and follow)

**Select a PAINTING from a master


**THINK daVinci, Monet, Renoir, Constable. or any other artists from which you may choose

**Post your picture of the painting AS YOUR PICTURE FOR THIS CHALLENGE

**In author notes list name of painting, artist, birth/death of artist and anything else you wish

Chapter 90
Death and Dying

By Bucketlist

Dying is a one way ticket
For travel to Heaven or to Hell
Judged on our life long traits
A rewards card is given as well

The physical body is leaving
We never wish it to carry pain
We pray to our God almighty
That redemption is ours again

Winter is the earthly season
Which reminds us of our lives
How we will return to ground
Ready to admit life's demise

When we are living many fear
Knowing that travel is through
physically our death is visual
Not so a mental point of view

For memories are like a cruise
Leaving the dock for open sea
The land becomes diminished
Until there's nothing left to see

Death is like fading into sleep
Relaxed and feeling so content
Our brains are actively thinking
Until the subconscious event

Being anesthetized is like dying
We suddenly seem to 'check out'
The difference is that our brains
After, can know what life's about.

Author Notes Pinterest

Chapter 91
Kitty beats Tiger

By Bucketlist

This picture gives a different view
The tiger doesn't know what to do
With the way the other cat lives
A different view this picture gives

In this match it's Kitty, quick hitter
So Tiger's the one who's the sitter
Fights between cats are never pretty
The quick hitter in this match is Kitty

Out in nature it would be the reverse
Kitty would likely be needing a hearse
Since Tiger is only a stuffed creature
It would be the reverse out in nature

Author Notes Gif image

The Swap Quatrain was created by Lorraine M. Kanter.

Within the Swap Quatrain each stanza in the poem
must be a quatrain (four lines) where the
first line is reversed in the fourth line.
In addition, line 2 must rhyme with line 1, and line 3
must rhyme with line 4 and so on,
BUT not repeat the same rhyming pattern on subsequent

Rhyming pattern: aabb, ccdd and so on.

Example Poem

Heartfelt (Swap Quatrain)

His clothes did stink, his coat was old
He came inside to leave the cold.
He needed food he needed drink.
His coat was old his clothes did stink.

Chapter 92
The Living World

By Bucketlist

Embrace your senses
They turn inanimate words
Into life's wonders


Author Notes Image Pinterest

Chapter 93
The Garden

By Bucketlist

Flowers sway in the cool breeze

Butterflies silently collect their gold

Geese outside the doorway honk

Whispy white clouds drift by

Sun's rays play on the garden steps

I love to sit and watch nature 


Author Notes Gif image

Chapter 94
One Arm Bandit

By Bucketlist

It's really amazing to me
That poets on Fan Story
Will pay money to win
First prize and it's glory
For poems under ten words
Like a one arm bandit
 Eats five hundred fifty cents
I just don't understand it

Author Notes It is ironic I am entering this contest, thanks for reading my opinion.

Chapter 95

By Bucketlist


I could double for the Sharpe dog of mine
Each day I wish for a kinder aging sign
Other than the sag of my last facial design

I'll take some cheese along with my whine
Wait for some kind guy to take me to dine
Dancing we'll go, to a I’m sorry night club divine

The dance floor and he will be all mine
Jitterbug, Rock'n Roll, Stroll are fine
I'll stay young at heart until it's ‘God’s time'

Author Notes Sharpe dogs are very wrinkled from head to foot

Chapter 96
A Bientot

By Bucketlist



I realized

How I really missed

All friendly fan story members

Back soon


Author Notes I am hopeful of returning soon. I, like others, had a few health challenges consuming my time. I apologize for so many reviews unwritten or unanswered.

Chapter 97
Global Christmas

By Bucketlist

I am
Religious but  

CHRISTmas  has now

Become just another day
For many who are lonely, stressed,
Poor, hungry, homeless, mentally ill,
Competitive, bored, jealous, sick, addicted,
In debt, hate not love, for materialistic reasons

Where is the
Peace God
Created for
It's gone
For what?

Author Notes Christmas is now a shadow of the older style religious my opinion.

Chapter 98

By Bucketlist

If I knew then what I know now
Would my life have changed somehow?
Of course
I would have laughed more
Until I made my belly sore
Like most
The little things that get cha
I never should have metcha
Wrong move
The love I knew then was pure
Assumed better would endure
Big mistake
Family rarely had to say “I'm wrong”
Thought same would come along
False assumption
I would not have stayed with you
  You felt the same way too
But children I bore
I realize now I've been a fool
People pleaser tool
For romantic love
But the path I used had no Dove
No good match to speak of
Bad choice 
Abuse, intimidation took their toll
Constant stress health in a hole
Hindsight taught
Left with stress related health
Instead of physical wealth
Too late
Now in my ‘Golden’ years I pray
I'm left with God's Grace each day
His love I found
The point I'm trying to make
Choice in life has a huge stake
Self love too
Looking back it came with age
Too bad only now I'm sage

Author Notes Life is too short to spend with a low self esteem.

Chapter 99

By Bucketlist

Survival depends on basic need
Shelter, heat, where to feed
All forms from animals down to seed
Winter survival heed
Life or death

Penguins have a stressful way of life
Daily threats of death strife
From sub zero wind chills, blow so rife
Teams of husband and wife
Life or death

All adults have an oily thick skin
Won't freeze when diving in
To frigid waters then they must win
Food, or chicks get too thin
Life or death

Eggs hatch, chick carried on the male's feet
Under a pouch complete
Dad cares for it while mom goes compete
For fish, make needs replete
Life or death

For heat they all together huddle
It looks like a struggle
Mom bird can find her chick to cuddle

By tone above all penguin muddle

Life or death

These hardy social birds work in teams
Life is tough as it seems

Survival is by unified means

Is the best of their themes

Life or death


Author Notes Topic for Cole's Rhythm--your poem should describe HOW people or animals deal with the cold weather (this isn't describing cold weather like snow, icicles, etc).
a new style created by Gungalo, a major force here on Fan story, who has since departed. She passed away in May of 2014.
Syllable count is: 9-6-9-6-3 for each verse.

Rhyme scheme: aaaaR bbbbR ccccR ddddR.

The "R" is a 3-syllable refrain and each should rhyme or repeat the other in every verse.
You can have as many verses as you want.

Chapter 100

By Bucketlist

is sometimes 
attacked by 
the same species 
for visual differences  

Author Notes Beauty

Chapter 200

By Bucketlist

Life in the slow lane starts here
children learn road manners
With pedestrian use

It's a canvas for teaching.
Or numbers
while playing Hopscotch

Chalk art allows creativity
While color enhances art
Sharing spurns social skills

Life in the fast lane
Roads or express ways
Encourages stress

Sidewalk running is fun
But the fast speed
Encourages calm

Author Notes Pinterest

Chapter 200

By Bucketlist

Happiness is, at best, a choice
Contentment is its sister's voice
To have what we need every day 
Spurn gratitude that's sure to stay

Contentment is its sister's voice
For what we have we can rejoice
There are many who don't digress
Needy, yet still choose happiness

To have what we need every day
Freedom, prayer, our work and play
Tangibles don't make life complete
Discontentment can still compete

Spurn gratitude that's sure to stay
Choose to be happy the best way
Our inner world is free to feed
Leave out the gluttony and greed

Author Notes Retourne

Retourne-- contains four quatrains and each line has eight syllables.
(16 lines, 8/8/8/8) Rhyme is optional.

The first stanza's second line must also be the second stanza's first line, the first stanza's third line is the third stanza's first, and the first stanzas fourth line is the fourth stanza's first.


Chapter 200
Life cycle

By Bucketlist

In life time's cycle youth passes all too soon
It is nature's desire to make us young fast
For adulthood to allow creative room

Whatever choices were made back then to last
Were part of nature's theme of a game of chance
'Twas then our full bloom choices did have a blast

A time to mature and then even enhance
My lifetime has been gifted by God's good grace
Embellished by family, love, and romance

As part of the cycle in the 'human race"
My next move will be back to my cosmic space

Author Notes Incorrect template used! This is NOT for the Animal Crackers club! LoL

A Terza Rima

The literal translation of terza rima from Italian is (third rhyme). Terza rima is a three-line stanza using chain rhyme in the pattern ABA BCB CDC DED. There is no limit to the number of lines, but poems or sections of poems written in terza rima end with either a single line or couplet repeating the rhyme of the middle line of the final tercet. The two possible endings for the example above are DED E, or DED EE.

Chapter 200

By Bucketlist

To judge the person from outside in
Just by looking at the color of skin
We still don't know who is inside
Interest builds, if we both confide

The eyes are windows to the soul
Store history of their previous role
Hold expression of our joys or pain
Add friendship to each other's gain

This man shows little live emotion
Face is fixed, no mouth in motion
If he has feelings, those I don't see
Any more than fixed pleasantry

It's hard to know if he sings or not
What kind of music he likes a lot
The tickets shown in his hat band
Could maybe help us understand

This man is just an artist rendition
His muscles not changing position
His painted face to be on the wall
No story of love conquests at all

Why, what, where, when and how
Can never ever be answered now
Forever  a secret who he could be
A silent inanimate man’s not for me


Silent inanimate Thanks, Sandra, for your  kind review
Hugs, Trisha

Author Notes Picture supplied for the club challenge

Chapter 200
The Rainbow Path

By Bucketlist

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.

Get a total rejection of others
Because they're not the same
It’s aimed against gay lovers
And is many people’s game

Because they're not the same
Loving a same-gender human
And is many people’s game
Yet has heterosexuals fumin'

Loving a same gender human
It’s a private choice we know
Yet has heterosexuals fumin'
‘Cos display is too overtly so

It's a private choice we know
Sexual behaviours in public
  Are displayed  too overtly so
Sometimes flaunt sex with frolic

Sexual behaviors in public
Are aimed against gay lovers
Sometimes flaunt sex with frolic
 Get a total reject from others


Author Notes Pinterest image. To me, sexual display from any group or orientation is inappropriate in public places

Chapter 400

By Bucketlist

Shoes are in such awesome roles
We wear them to protect our soles
So many types from which to choose
From flats, wedge heel, stiletto shoes
For some, shoes are like their muse
There's no one size shoe that fits all
It does not matter if you're tiny or tall

So many shoes of personal choice
Tell our personalities without a voice
Some more casual to which we relate
Others are kept for a hot sexy date
A few we bought but now we hate
There's no one size shoe that fits all
It does not matter if you're tiny or tall

Bunions, blisters, ingrowing nail
Point to poorly fitting shoes on sale
Impulse buy or vanity's the kind
Homeless wear shoes they can find
Whichever color they pay no mind
There's no one size shoe that fits all
It does not matter if you're tiny or tall

Prices from reasonable, up to absurd
From makers of which are little heard
Shoes were really just functional wear
Now designer shoes are everywhere
Bejeweled enough to make folks stare
There's no one size shoe that fits all
It does not matter if you're tiny or tall

Author Notes Pinterest image
Sevenelle is a stanzaic invented form created by Virginia Noble .


TOPIC-- Please choose from these 2 for your potlatch poem:

1. Gates (not Bill Gates)
2. Shoes
?¢?? stanzaic, written in no LESS than 2 septets, EACH made up of a rhymed couplet, tercet and couplet IN THAT ORDER.

?¢?? metric, iambic tetrameter.

?¢?? rhymed, aabbbCC ddeeeCC etc. (the etc is if you write more than 2 verses--use same rhyme pattern).

?¢?? composed with L6 & L7 of the FIRST stanza REPEATED as refrain IN THE LAST 2 LINES OF ALL SUBSEQUENT STANZAS.

Chapter 401
Here Comes Santa

By Bucketlist


grows, hoping Santa brought treats

'cos we've all been good


Author Notes Pinterest

Chapter 500
First Look

By Bucketlist

First looks can deceive 
On the ground, or in the skies
Facade covers truth

Author Notes This is not a mushroom.

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