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Definitely a Plop!

By Debra White

You say it plopped in with a splash,
I say it splashed in with a plop.
I never heard such balderdash!
You say it plopped in with a splash.
It seems that our opinions clash.
You're being so pigheaded. Stop!
You think it plopped in with a splash.
I know it splashed in with a plop!


Author Notes A modified triolet.

Chapter 1
With Baton Raised

By Debra White

With baton raised, he strikes a pose;
He licks his lips, his eyes are glazed.
I fantasize what's 'neath his clothes...
He strikes a pose with baton raised.

I lift my bow so steadily
with bated breath and face aglow,
await his signal readily,
then steadily, I lift my bow.


Author Notes A modified swap quatrain :)

Chapter 2
Red Heart Horror!

By Debra White

Presented with this big red heart
my own heart sank a bit -
I knew my poem, without a doubt,
would end up sounding sh**.

I tried to write a romance poem
(it didn't turn out well).
It sounded trite and not quite right.
It dingled-not, my bell.

Romantic poems are not my thing,
I find them really tough.
Sincerity does not pour forth,
just mushy, slushy stuff.

With that in mind, I will not push
my pen down Romance Street.
I'll leave this big red heart right here
and just admit defeat.


Author Notes I just can't write romance...

Happy Valentines Day!

Chapter 3
Shades and Berets

By Debra White

The latest most fashionable craze
appears to be shades and berets.
It's hard to maintain a straight face
whilst posing and plucking one's bass.


Author Notes Just a bit of silliness :)

Chapter 4
How to Pick a Pear

By Debra White


A pair of pears in peachy hues -
I'm torn between which one to choose.

How can I tell which will taste best?
There is no certain way to test.

Since pears are fruit, thus good for me,
I'll choose them both and healthy be!


Chapter 5
There's Always One

By Debra White


There's always one, it's always him;
Full of himself, right to the brim.
Just look! He's put himself on show
to pose and preen and trumpet-blow...

"Hey, look at me'cos I'm the best
at ev'rything!" Puffs out his chest,
puts down his pals to hop up top.
(From lofty heights he's far to drop.)



Chapter 6
Assistant Required

By Debra White


In need of Knife Thrower's Assistant...
Must be sword and dagger resistant
or able to swerve,
whilst keeping one's nerve -
My terrible aim is consistent.


Author Notes Any takers for the job?!

Chapter 7
From The Same Mold

By Debra White

The likeness is crazy, you're from the same mold.
It's easy to see how he'll look when he's old (er!)

From looks to demeanour, a chip off the block -
He's peas to your carrots, he's tick to your tock.

You're both always 'right' and you're both always late,
you're both so damn stubborn, you both irritate

each other and Katie and Becca and me,
but we love you dearly, you're our cup of tea.


Author Notes My husband and our son are so alike in almost every way. I think that's why they clash so often! They are each other's hero though...

Chapter 8

By Debra White

she basks
in the heat
of your passion

in that which I
no longer
how to feel


Author Notes Just a poem.

Chapter 9
Waiting For Tarzan

By Debra White

Perhaps I'm overdressed a smidge
for loitering upon this bridge,
this bridge of earth and roots and vine -

He said he'd meet me here at nine.

I fear that he's not going to show,
my macho, muscly, would-be-beau.
The clock is ticking, he's not here,
He better get his arse in gear.

I've never used an App before
to get a date (or something more.)


A hunk comes swinging through the air
in loincloths (note: no underwear!)
He howls and yells and beats his breast.
Oh my! Look at that manly chest!

His profile picture wasn't clear,
but yes, it's him, my date is here!


Author Notes A silly one!
Thanks for reading :)


a smidge - a little bit
arse - bottom/backside/rear
App - short for "application," which is the same thing as a software program. While an app may refer to a program for any hardware platform, it is most often used to describe programs for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Chapter 10
Decisions, Decisions!

By Debra White

Unable to make a decision
without advice or supervision,
Fay phoned up a friend
who could recommend
a show to watch on television.


Author Notes This limerick started off as a bit of nonsense, (as limericks are meant to!) but then I started wondering if there was an actual 'thing' which caused us to be incapable of making decisions.

For those interested, this is what I found on Wikipedia:

Aboulomania (from Greek a-, meaning 'without', and boule, meaning 'will')[1] is a mental disorder in which the patient displays pathological indecisiveness.[2][3] It is typically associated with anxiety, stress, depression, and mental anguish, and can severely affect one's ability to function socially. Although many people suffer from indecision, it is rarely to the extent of obsession.[4] The part of the brain that is tied to making rational choices, the prefrontal cortex, can hold several pieces of information at any given time.[4] This may quickly overwhelm somebody when trying to make decisions, regardless of the importance of that decision. They come up with reasons that their decisions will turn out badly, causing them to over-analyze every situation critically in a classic case of paralysis by analysis. Lack of information, valuation difficulty, and outcome uncertainty can become an obsession.[5]

Chapter 11
Unlucky Duck

By Debra White

I seem to be stuck; how lame must I look?
I only bobbed in for a drink!
And though I’m a duck, it really would suck
to soak ‘til I shrivel or shrink.


Chapter 12
Before You Fall Apart

By Debra White

No longer do you meet my gaze,
I know your mind's elsewhere.
The light has vanished from your eyes,
your spark's no longer there.

I wish that you'd be true to you
and finish this facade.
I want you to be happy, not
tied to a love that's flawed.

I beg you, look me in the eye,
be honest, speak your heart
and free yourself to be with him
before you fall apart.


Chapter 13
Atop the world

By Debra White

Atop the world is where we're at.
Above it all, we sit and chat.
On metal beam high in the air,
our sandwiches and smokes we share -
atop the world.

Atop the world our seat may be
precarious, but we can see
for miles and 'long as we sit still,
we'll feast our eyes and eat our fill -
atop the world.


Author Notes I'm not sure what this format is, or even if there should be more stanzas to conform, but I hope that you enjoy whatever it has turned out being! :)

Atop - on top of
precarious - dangerously insecure

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