"Pappa's Memories and Ramblings "

Pappa's Memories and Ramblings

By QC Poet

About the Author,

This is a collection I've written over the last forty-four years and it includes Poems, Rants, and Stories about my reviewing of Social, Political and Spiritual issues.

My worries and concerns, are written from the sentiments I felt growing up in the time frames they were written in.
I grew up in the lower rungs of a quickly changing "Chicano" society during the late nineteen sixties and seventies.
Many spiritual, political, social, and economic developments were growing and evolving which continue to cycle through into todays issues.

As a teenager I would unwittingly become familiar with, adapt to, and come to accept some of the ills and changes running through various cultures in my society and begin my personal struggles with the demons all such societies present to its populations.

I would continue to age an become an imperfect father of two children while still struggling with my personal demons, failing health, and Spirituality.

Now entering into my "Golden" years,
I have become more familiar with the cyclical nature of Life's issues and "Slayed" many of my personal demons that presented themselves in my coming to this age.
I'm now attempting to use the little Knowledge I've gained along the path of my life to continue to help steer my two Sons, Grandchildren, and growing family around those "pot holes" on the road of Life.

Author Notes Copyright2019 George Martinez 1/7/19

Anyresemblance to real persons living or dead are purely coincidental.
Any characters appearing in this work maybe fictitious.
Any Names maybe fictitious or changed to protect their privacy.

Chapter 1

By QC Poet

Chapter 1


Missiles to the east, missiles to the west,

We made our nations strong, and existed far too long,
For someone to push a button, and turn our world into nothing.
O'Lord in Heaven won't you save us from this mess?

Missiles to the east, missiles to the west,

No jobs, disease, and hunger often make me wonder,
If we made a blunder?
Because missiles,
They cost us billions,
instead of feeding trillions?
O'Lord in Heaven won't you save us from this mess?

Missiles to the east, missiles to the west,

We made our nations strong,
now we got to get along.
The cause of all aggression,
is poverty and oppression.
We're no different from the rest,
put our children to a test?
O'Lord in Heaven won't you save us from this mess?

Missiles to the east, missiles to the west,

We all have got to try,
before our children die,
Someday we'll see the light,
and know that we are right,
Stop the war machine,
and enjoy the peace we bring.
O'Lord in Heaven won't you help us with this mess?

Author Notes Copyright 2006 George Martinez

Although I worked in the Aerospace industry making planes, missiles, and aerospace component parts, I had concerns about who or when the command would be given.

Chapter 2
Poems of Prayer and Hope

By QC Poet

Chapter 2

Psalm of Peace

I remember, when I was young,
The music was wild, but the words were strong.
Now we hear the music's change,
words unclear, the lyrics strange.
Songs of violence and hate increase,
but who will sing, a psalm of peace?
Life can be hell, but no excuse,
for our hate, or drug abuse.
Everyday, a soul is lost,
no shots fired, what is the cost?
The war's within, and it must cease,
but who will sing, a psalm of peace?
Don't get caught, in the earthly grind,
take some time, to clear your mind.
We start out parting, but then don't know,
what else it takes, to rock & roll.
Taste of the fruits, but don't get drunk,
know your limits, then your problems shrunk.
As your tastes, for highs decrease,
you will sing, a psalm of peace.

Author Notes For those Battling Demons and the Seven Deadly Sins on the way to Salvation.
Copyright 2006 George Martinez

Chapter 3
The Chicano

By QC Poet

Chapter 3

The Chicano

An ancient word for poorest of the poor,
believing a better life is worth dying for,
a second class citizen in his land of birth,
one of no value not having much worth,
a slave to ranchers and farm owners greed,
blood, sweat and tears is the family feed.
From fields and cities Chicanos unite,
poor, and frustrated now ready to fight,
the donkey, the elephant or some other choice,
even formed their own party, to get a voice.
Branded as radicals and communists no less,
while dying in wars for the U.S.,
still fighting the struggles that remain,
like prop.187, what a historical shame.
The Aztec warrior, the Chicano will rise,
to meet all challenges, till the day he dies.

Author Notes Copyright 2006 George Martinez
Chapter 3, Politics of Peace
Pray, Love, Peace

Chapter 4
Red, White, and Blue

By QC Poet

Chapter 4

Red, White, and Blue

Today is the Fourth of July and there is much to Celebrate,
and at the same time a few things to hate.

Thanks and Praise for keeping us Free,
my deepest regrets for the things you had to experience and see.
I pray to the Lord that your wounds will soon heal,
for the Bravery you've shown, like a Navy Seal.

And for those far behind the bullets and bombs,
those building the weapons as young men and moms.
A Civil Service award I send to you,
for the hours of sacrifice you put in too.
Perhaps some day we can look back with pride,
and not have to mourn all those that have died.

Just to celebrate life here on Earth,
is a goal of much value and worthy of worth.
Until then my friend, I'm here with you,
experiencing what it is - to be Red, White and Blue.

Author Notes Tribute to Military and Civil Service -
An add to Book - Pappa's Memories and Ramblings

Chapter 5
Billion Dollar Blunder

By QC Poet

Chapter 5

Why is War a Billion Dollar Blunder?

Here's why war is a billion dollar blunder!
For religious and political zeal men will continue to rape, kill and plunder,
and what of the rewards brought forth from this billion dollar blunder?

It's created out sourced jobs, global disease, death and hunger.
What kind of evil spell has mankind fallen under?
Is it enough yet, to make you wonder?
Why Mother Earth's revenge on man becomes a world full of destructive thunder.

With quakes, tsunami's, floods and wild fires as her clout,
Is she doing God's work to thin man out?

While from Mans capital's evil deeds increase to spout,
Man continues to devise and create the next earthly drought.
No matter how high from a mountain we may try to shout,
No amount of silver or gold will relieve that smell in your snout,

How can any human still be filled with any doubt?
On what the outcome of this plan is all about.

Author Notes Short Poems, and Rants of my political views on where our tax dollars are spent.

Chapter 6
Politics of Peace

By QC Poet

Chapter 6

Politics of Peace

I remember when I was young,
the rhetoric was loud but the convictions were strong.
Now we hear the message has changed,
the meaning unclear and the partisans rage.
Now has come the time for this to cease,
and begin to spread the politics of peace.
From the left or from the right,
can you tell for whom you fight?
Have you the money for wheel grease?
Has your influence shown an increase?
The time has come for this to cease,
and continue to spread the politics of peace.

Author Notes Politics and Peace -
Addition to Papa's Memories and Ramblings
Copyright 2006 George Martinez

Chapter 7
The Hitch Hiking Musician

By QC Poet

Chapter 7

Times are changing way too fast particularly in the late 1950's to the present day. By the end of the 1950's there was no one around in the role of an elder parent for my father to consult for advice. By then for some unexplained and still mysterious reason my father had left his beloved town of Guanajuato, Mexico around the age of 28 and came to the USA to begin a new life.

As young man my father worked as a grave digger at Forest lawn as did one of my uncles which I am told is how he came to meet my mother in the mid to late 1950's. My father soon after married and started his own landscaping and gardening business. By the mid 1970's, we were living on the border of two cities, between San Fernando and Pacoima, in California.

My father and mother by then were the parents of eight children and had just recently purchased a house. My father at this time was still struggling with his addiction to alcohol and what I presume was the pressures of raising such a big family practically alone.

My father was a functioning alcoholic for much of my youth. Then, when my eldest brother was about 15 years old and I, at about twelve years old witnessed what I could only describe as a spiritual encounter involving my father that helped change his way of life.

After binge drinking for some time during this particular weekend, my father got a call from a compadre of his saying he had a relative that was looking for work and had just crossed the border by San Diego, California. Would he, who was in need of the help at this time, be willing to pick "Luis" up. My father soon after gathered my eldest brother and I to go pick up Luis. As my father was still drinking we both were wary about this trip but really had no choice in the matter.

We had just begun to enter the freeway on ramp by our house when my father spied a young "hippie" looking man at the on ramp with his thumb out "hitch hiking" and directed my brother to pick him up.

My brother and I had a scary similar experience years earlier that ended with my father leaving the poor hitch hiker on the freeway somewhere in the middle of the night near Fresno, California, so my brother and I gave each other a look that read - dear God Please don't let that happen again.

As the young man climbed into the back seat of the Chevy Impala were driving in, my father begin to somewhat sarcastically ask the guy where was he going and what does he do for a living. The young man answered with a strangely calm voice that he was on his way to San Diego to help a friend and that he was a musician. This seemed to irritate my father a bit as the young man obviously had no instrument with him.

"Well then, what kind of instrument and music do you play" my father asked the stranger? He answered "I play a few instruments but mostly the guitar", my father then pressed him about what type of music it was that he played. "I play various types of music but some people are not yet familiar with the lyrics and it is not so easy to classify and some people might not be ready for it" the hitch hiker responded.

My father a man who always had little trust for strangers in general, was already seated with his body turned to look into the eyes of this young man, no doubt to see if he was high or lying to him. He commented "oh come on everyone has their own style but takes something from others" he said a bit agitatedly. The Musician then said something along the lines of "well that's true but doesn't all music comes from the same roots". This calmed my Dad down a bit and we continued down the road.

As we made our way to San Diego, time seemed to stand still, I remember that I would try to look over this young man and found it difficult to stare into his face. For some unknown reason my father seemed to be confessing some of his past deeds to this young man, a stranger we just picked up on the side of the freeway. I thought to myself Wow! My father must be really drunk.

There was also some odd conversations of what my father did in his past, so odd it appeared to me that my father had tears in his eyes by the end of this trip. I remember that when the young man was ready to let us go on our way he mentioned that the exit we were looking for would be the next one coming up and it was. Shortly after dropping the young man off I turned around to see if he was still on the freeway, he seemed to have vanished into thin air. My brother also noted later that he looked for him in the rear view mirror after we dropped him off and could not see him.

Soon after that incident my father already having some health issues had stopped drinking for good and became a Deacon in the neighborhood Catholic Church. I remember my father, Brother and I recalling the trip one day and swearing to each other that the young man was only looking us individually during the road trip as if there was no one else in the car.

For me this has become a real life Highway to Heaven story I will always cherish and feel I have been blessed to have seen and lived it along with my Father and Brother.

Author Notes A Close encounter of Spiritual kind?
An add to book - Pappa's Memories and Ramblings

Chapter 8
Worry and the Birds of the Air

By QC Poet

Chapter 8
The Birds of The Air

Matthew 6:25 & 6:26

25. Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?
26. Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

Having been raised in a family of modest means with eight kids, I suppose I always worried a lot as a child about food for the family and the future. Truth is I still do, not so much about food any more but about the future for sure.

I am forth born of six boys and two girls. I have two older brothers an older sister, three younger brothers and a younger sister. Two of my brothers as well as my parents have since passed away.

I still take great solace in Matthew 6:25 and 6:26, and whenever I am out and about eating I will attempt to share my food with any birds that happen to be around as a tribute to and out of thankfulness to the Lord.

As for worrying about my health and wealth, I still do. I suppose It is an inherit instinct in man that constantly needs reminder that we do not and cannot control every aspect of our universe.
I am constantly reminded by the aches and pains of aging as well as assorted ailments I now have that we do owe and ultimately will pay a price for the abuses we inflict on our mortal shells whether through work or play.

Perhaps I took the line in this verse "Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on" a bit too literal.
I take solace in that I am forgiven through faith, and that any pain will only be that what I can stand.

We must take care of our temporary bodies while on this earth and be especially guarding of our souls, Blessings to you and yours.

Author Notes I take great solace in Matthew 6:25 and 6:26

When I was young, (about 7 yrs. old) I was always asking my mom what will we be eating tomorrow for dinner.

Chapter 9
Ode To The Rich

By QC Poet

Arrogant expressions of faces in the crowd,
Ashamed, sick, shattered, starving, empty, tattered figures in a well-worn colorful, garbage of wealth.

Dreams of the poor made proudly into a health of wrecked homeless fortune.
The delicious smothering odor of dollar bills buys laughter and Love.

Will whispers of fame and desire tip the nearby waitress or other shivering bare proud souls?

Soldiers of a search never to be found.

Conquer the thoughts coming out of chortling silky city fur coats and smile!

Author Notes 3/02/2019
By; George Martinez
Photo credits; Author's

My play on the term
"Ode" as "Owed"

The definition of Ode - a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject, often elevated in style or manner and written in varied or irregular meter. A poem meant to be sung.

Ode To The Rich,
The words and idea for this Ode came from a 36 Random Word contest to be arranged into a poem making sense. Originally written in 2004, by the author and Never posted or used for any publication.

The House, BMW and Cadillac pictured represent what people buy with wealth.

Rich is Defined as;
1.Having a great deal of money or assets, wealthy.
2. Plentiful, abundant

Chapter 17
He Made America Hate Again

By QC Poet

Author Note:The returning cyclical nature of political hate

America was already Great,
but has a history of Hate,
From the Colonial Days,
some have not altered their old ways,
and the Fear of the Stranger is still wrought with Danger.

Make America Great Again, was the slogan he chose,
while smirking and looking down his nose,
He was filling his supporters with spite,
soon they wanted to fight anybody not white.

His people pushed and they shoved,
never showing that they loved.
Unless you were white you could never be right,
So you people of color be removed from our sight.

Build that Wall they would shout,
and Throw the Bums Out,
It was all just a political ploy,
one meant to annoy,
but his base did believe and hollered with joy.

Because He's now on the top they forgave him his romps.
So much for Draining the Swamps,
and with the election all through,
you've found he's conned all of you.

Author Notes Political Poems and Ramblings.

Chapter 18
War's still a Billion Dollar Blunder

By QC Poet

War's still a billion dollar blunder;
still creating hate, strife, and plunder.
It's still creating out sourced jobs, global disease, death, and hunger.

What kind of evil spell did mankind fall under?
It is now obvious why Mother Earths revenge on man became a world full of destructive thunder!

With increasingly more powerful quakes, tsunami's, floods, and wild fires, still as her clout,
She is doing God's Work to thin man out!

Copyright2019 George Martinez

Author Notes Politics, Money, Power, and Job, effects on the environments we live in causes and effect results.
Thinning the herd?
Why War's benefit Humanity's Wealthy.

Chapter 19
All Americans came from Somewhere!

By QC Poet

Go back home, you're not from here,
These are the words that come from fear.
You're in America, so speak our English?
For those who cannot, that is our wish?
But, what is the difference if they come from here or there?
For all Anglo-Americans came from somewhere.

The fear of the stranger,
is wrought full of danger.
The reason is simple if you review the historical notes,
For we all came from somewhere,
but, not all came in boats.

God Bless those Indigenous peoples that welcomed the pilgrims here,
unlike toady's Americans, who only want to spread fear.
They weren't asked for their papers or what kind of diseases they brought,
they were not told to take their families back to the sea and to go rot.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me, I lift up my lamp besides the golden door!".

For in mind of Emma Lazarus, the statue was not symbolic of Liberty flowing outwards from America's shore, as Auguste Bartholdi envisioned it to be.
Rather a symbol of America being a refuge, where those oppressed come to live in Liberty.

Pg. 37

Author Notes Hate Again?
Pappa's Memories and Ramblings (on politico immigration and such topics)
by George Martinez
Copyright2014 George Martinez

Chapter 20
When People Lose Hope

By QC Poet

Chapter 20

Some bad things that can happen when people lose hope;
They lose their minds and forget how to cope.
They get hooked on their emotions as if they were on dope,
they hang onto bad notions and dangle as a puppet on a rope.

They forget their religious and political beliefs then want to elope,
from the reality they live in as they begin to mope.
They will jump into conclusions like an antelope,
and run after solutions like a hunter whose rifle doesn't have a scope.

Politicians start looking like a Savior or some kind of Pope,
they get fooled into voting for men with low morals full of hate, and want women to grope.

They are now sheeple heading off some kind of slope,
ask them to change their minds and they just tell you "Nope".
Just like the last time you looked into a kaleidoscope,
one could not predict this would happen even with a "horror scope",
They like to be able to go back and change their election envelope,
For this is a stain won't wash off with any kind of mortal soap.

Author Notes Copyright2016 George Martinez
Revised 1/9/19 George Martinez

Pappa's Memories and Ramblings
What happens when people lose hope?

Chapter 21
Being a Grandpa Rocks!

By QC Poet

Chapter 21

Being a Grandpa Rocks,
they remind you time and again,
when they're out there on their walks,
they're the emeralds, God to you will send.

Papa doesn't have to sell bonds and stocks,
for he'll try to plan a mission they can begin,
for their lapis lazuli building blocks,
being a Grandpa Rocks even though they may not be kin.

They will test you till you're ruby red,
so build their foundations with strong blocks,
with little things from mother nature in their head,
their kids also will tell them being a Grandpa Rocks!

Growing ancient has it's cost,
and the future moves as a wave,
better hurry before the time gets lost,
like the diamond rocks to you Granpa gave.

By George Martinez

Note: Rocks represent and symbolizes the Devine.
Emeralds represent calming, reflection, peace and balance, Healing and fertility.
Lapis lazuli represent loyalty, honor, God's power, Spirit and vision. Universal symbol of wisdom and truth.
Ruby's represent power and love, inspiring emotion.
Ancient represents life it's self,
Diamonds represent abundanceof strength, power, courage, fortitude, creativity, imagination, purity, harmony, faithfulness, innocence, self respect, and love.

Author Notes Pappa's Memories and Ramblings
Metaphorical Poems , photos, and Rant phrasing maybe included in poetic messaging.
Inspired by grandkids rock hunts.

Chapter 22
Storms in Life Will Come

By QC Poet

Chapter 22

Storms of Hail a Coming this way?
Dues are up and bills yet to pay,
Clouds a gathering around like crowds!

Winds a blowing away the truth?
Investigation and questions to answer like the sleuth,
Who will reveal this days untruths?

Some yell there'll be hail here to pay!
both sides in battle in this moral fray,
will Dams of conscience get in the way?

For that man must first step aside,
and put away his freewill and pride.
So that he can pray for it's God's to rightfully decide.

Copyright 1/17/2019 George Martinez

Author Notes Some of Life's final decisions and judgements are for the ultimate Creator of Man to decide.
We pray for Guidance, Health and Strength to do his Will.

Chapter 23
Birds of the Antelope Valley Air

By QC Poet

I'm outside my home watching them birds fly high,
and try to catch them when they land then go.
I watch this show slowly breathing out a sigh,
knowing as they fly one thing they'll never know.

These birds of the Antelope Valley air,
flying seemingly without a worry or a care.
I get a certain pride inside as I sit and stare,
thinking to fly with them I'd pay any fare.

They are so beautiful, fast and sleek,
each one is individually unique.
As across the skies they streak,
at times it will make me feel a little bleak.

Some of these birds flying in the Antelope Valley after a bath and repairing,
still flying coming and going at times in a hurry,
with a piece of me deep inside or on a fairing,
Will always cause me to stop, look, salute, and worry.

Author Notes A Dualistic messaging poem on birds flying in the air by my home.
By George M

Chapter 24
Love, Faith, Hope

By QC Poet

Love, Faith, Hope,
passed on to copy, paste, and share.
Spinning here as if it's on a gold leaf rope,
Praying you'll do it because you care or as a dare.

Love, Faith, Hope,
Three powerful words more than any food, drink, or drug,
passed on with prayers to help heal and to help you cope.
especially to those under some addiction or just like to share and shrug.

Love, Faith, Hope,
it's also a way to show we care and think of you.
Thinking of Life, Family, and Friends shaking our heads while saying nope.
As we sit here passing our day - it's a part of what we do.

Love, Faith, Hope,
though we may be apart it's just a little start,
to get away from TV shows and news of the latest grope?
And to show you what we think, pray, and are feeling in our heart.

Author Notes Original inspiration a spinning Gif;
Gold spinning words; Love, Faith, Hope
I will revise to include it after the contest which stated do not use photos of words.
By George Martinez 1/26/19

Chapter 25
In Sanity?

By QC Poet

Its Insanity
Because of our Vanity
Lost Humanity

Author Notes 5-7-5 triple message and Contest Entry
Copyright 1/30/2019

Proverbs 15:1 KJV
A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

Chapter 26
Monumental Me'ness?

By QC Poet

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.

Me'ness (all about the me)
P'ness (Politics and other P words)
We'ness (all about us)

What ever happened to our We'ness?
I don't care if you see my monumental Me'ness,
just don't whine it's about some kind of We'ness,
for I know all is a show, when I talk to you about my P'ness.

I want you to only think and talk of the massiveness of my Me`ness,
to help you forget about your very own P'ness.
I'll then build a bigger monument to my Me'ness,
no matter what say you even about our We'ness,

I don't care if my P'ness is perceived as apoplectic,
say I'm wrong but, I say you We'ness are all just skeptic,
say I'm vain, that my Me'ness is insane for this obstruction,
But my name forever will live on your P'ness construction.

Perhaps someday we can talk A little We'ness,
till then you all will have to play with my P'ness,
this problem is not huge, when compared to my Me'ness,
Then our We`ness, can be compared to my P'ness!

Author Notes A Metaphoric Poem on what people like me hear when all politicians speak these days Metaphorically Speaking.
By George Martinez 2/02/2019
Warnings due to possible interpretations.

Chapter 27
Unbiased Statistic

By QC Poet

If you think it's realistic,?
show me the unbiased statistic,
because everybody knows,
how to sway the polls,
to get the result they want,
and bring it to life in font.

To get the result you desire,
has nothing to to do with ire!,
I'll skew any poll you need,
to satisfy your greed,
to show that you are right,
and glorify your might!

Even use statistical process control,
to get the result we'll show,
by controlling the people and question posed,
the opposition will get hosed,
we'll show statistical charts as food,
to create a favorable mood.

We'll build it mighty, high, and thick,
a mental picture of slick,
to keep undesirables out,
is what we will tout,
forget the reality and the thunder,
of people getting under.

Only that it's Big, Strong, and Tremendous,
a monument to our stupendous,
with a name to last throughout history,
and like China's built on others misery,
with Beautiful gates to limit the flow,
and statistics we know we can control.

Many people died to build China's wall,
when undesirable races answered that call,
no statistics about that were kept,
easily under the carpet they are swept,
surving builders were taken for a ride,
when asked "How does it look on the other side?

Set the upper and lower control limits to get a new mean,
does this sound like something unseen?
With time we'll get a new prearranged average,
that can be then used for some more leverage.
Deming in 1940 proved this works,
even to be used to make Humanity look like jerks.

Author Notes Proverbs 3:5, KJV

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.


My background includes training, development, implementation of statistical analysis and control in aerospace and manufacturing processes.

Chapter 28
America's Spanish Irony

By QC Poet

T'is a Tale of America's Spanish irony least ye forget or may not know,
t'was based on a continents come about long long ago!
Amigo Vasquez's navigator tales led Conyo a sea seeking rice,
with thee Spanish help in 1442!
Came rough sailing lost off course t'was "Not so Very Nice"!
Closely listen ain't a wanting that ta happen ta you!

Think bout tis laughing wanting ta hold yur knees!
Declared not (Founded) May Fifth of 1446,
Spanish t'was spoken hundreds of years with ease.
Even other Native languages and English t'was these peoples preferred mix.
"Americano" nix.
Buenos Ademas!

Author Notes By;
Conyo lost at sea changed course of his ships direction and came to an already existing continent with langues including English in 1607, commerce and trading existing and peoples
already coexisting.
Aye the irony!

Chapter 29
Inverted Rainbow Colors?

By QC Poet

Violet hazes in our minds turning blue,
Indigo and don't get resolution?
Blue gets our heart and soul,
Green means go to move on,
Yellow to slow down and rely on your Faith!
Orange you glad you are forgiven?
Red to stop and Remember Always this and Prayers are Answered!

Author Notes By George Martinez
Colors of the Rainbow inspiration,
Inverted or Correct Translation?
GOD Knows and Decides which we need to see!

Picture with yellowish tinting.

Genesis 9:13-16 King James Version (KJV)
13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:

15 And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

16 And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.

Chapter 30
Going Bananas?

By QC Poet

Going Bananas Losing Our
Minds in New areas of
distractions and they
Increasingly invoke
hateful bitterness
Stronger passion
Today is getting
An Unfortunate
And Disturbingly
Increased Amount
of the improper types
Of attention instead of
Solutions supporting the
People and their real issue concerns
It's really incredibly in reality bananas!

By George Martinez

Author Notes A fruity commentary on the political scene topics of today. I tried to shape the dribble rant prose in the shape of our political discourse it's all really Bananas!

Chapter 31
Pointing Fingers?

By QC Poet

Finger point?
Three Accusing the

Author Notes Picture credit; internet free download.

Pointing Fingers?
By; George Martinez
Something to Think About and Remember!

Chapter 32
Hell's Hearty Heat

By QC Poet

Hell's hearty heat hungers,
Habitually happily humiliating,
Humanities hopeless helpless,
Hindering harbingering hooks,
Hoovering hapless hunkering hurtful,
Hampers, hintful, healing, habits,
Heinously horrendously harmful,
Historically hateful herein held,
Highly hostile hammering, heaters,
Holding hellfires holy hoards happily.
Heavens Hellions!

Author Notes Photo / Picture Credit; Death, free internet download

Hell's Hearty Heat;
11 Line Definition of Hell?
An Unplanned Alliteration Situation
By, George Martinez

Chapter 33
State Of My Head

By QC Poet

State of My Head,
Is a lot like today's gyrating politics,
We've all been classified as half brain Dead!
Soon they'll come check by pricking us with hardliner sticks,
while foraging pockets to empty us of all our hard earned bread?
If our body's still moving will they then use bricks?

State of My Head spinning and reasons,
If there's skewed stats and charts among their conculsive bags of tricks?
Truely tried successfully in past Political seasons,
Can the Political Beast bewalled without red colored riot sticks?
Can instead the political beast be fed our Colored Political Persuasions?
Time and again seems Humanity predicts?

State of My Soul is getting weary,
Of Humanities Insanities and also their Profanities!
My Hearing is getting cloudy, vision is soundly blurry,
So the Political Beast can still be fed our Vanities?
Seem stupid at all that We've Crossed Continents to Fight Together and now argue and Worry?
What we marked as ours Stays God's in Perpratuity!

Author Notes 163 word of 200 word max
Pick topic from list contest
Any form poem
Topic Choice; State Of Mind

By; George Martinez

Chapter 34
Life's A Puzzle

By QC Poet

Just pick up the pieces!,
And start all over again,
troubles then will taste like a peanut butter Reese's,
those yummy cups you can share with a friend,
too much worry causes frowns and creases,
to correct results in using so much needed money to spend!

Just pick up the pieces,
so your heart can at last begin to mend,
because life and it's issues never ceases,
and some of those troubles may never end,
as you age life's health issues only increases,
and find you to more aggressively offend.

Just pick up the pieces,
you'll know where you have to begin,
your worries will then show decreases,
if those problems come around again.
You then can slide them around with your mental greases,
and bring comfort to you so to your problems you can tend!

Just pick up the pieces,
form a smile like any rubber band can bend,
your outlook will be renewed like those costly yearly leases,
with more happiness and less of your life's mortgage to send,
you'll then see God's Grace and the types of Peaces,
he wants all men to learn and comprehend!

Author Notes Photo; free internet download
Life is Like a Puzzle
By; George Martinez
Just pick up the pieces
Contest Entry submission

1 John 5:5 KJV
5 Who is he that overcometh the world, be he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?

Chapter 35
The Woes of Homonyms Show

By QC Poet

As I rose up to meet the challenge of the Woes of Homonyms to show,
Dejectedly, I stoopped to smell a rose so that my love of poetry can again begin to flow.
In despair, I spring to my feet with a wanting to sing,
Sadly thinking, don't roses grow and get cut freshly in spring?
Oh woe I know, I can't sing for money but that song in a lyric may possibly rock?
Rejected I think if I don't make a nickel,
I'll put a rock in a sock and hit my head hard to help ease the shock!

Let's now get back to the Woe of Homonyms show,
I speak very quickly then sadly, I'll end up a bit slow.
I'm still wanting to get this poetic expression oh, so very right!
If I veer left on some tangent I'll have to turn my mental tire back to the right,
and if by chance I tire I'll go home for the night.
We are off to a good start so I'm thinking we're doing well,
and pulling deep from my lyrical well, yet still not feeling quite swell.

Don't pull me in this too deep it's not really quite fair,
for my wife's now in the mirror asking me how is her hair?
Cautiously, I turn and say from black to auburn it's really looking quite fair?
Now go back to address that homonymical question,
I got lost then became a bit stumped.
So I went out for some air checked my address and came back in pumped!,
When outside I was thinking and walking in a circular motion,
then I got a notion to check the latest circular advertisements and their promotions.

Unfortunately, the thought of spending more money made me want to light them flyers with a match!
Sadly, I used that light to make sure my socks were a match.
It's a learned habit of aging to look to see what our fading eye sight can no longer normally catch.
If you think that is funny, I got'em for sale to you by the pound,
insanely most of my jokes I still pound out even if no one's around!
Don't take to long laughing because the express will soon be here to run us down town,
and as I continue to express my sentiments I may also swoon.

It's now time to end my maddening homonymical show,
the words start getting tiresome and coming out a bit slow.
They're now dropping in rate, their average and mean,
Please don't get mad and start to say something too mean!
Now that we are current we'll wait to see how it goes,
along the poetic current this one now can also flow.

My hope is that this is the kind of poem you choose,
and maybe in turn you will be kind, and give my poem a like?

Author Notes Homonyms used; 15 sets 30 words,
1st paragraph;
Rose (rise)
Rose (flower)
Spring (jump recoil)
Spring (time of year)
Rock (music)
Rock (stone)
2nd paragraph;
Right (correct)
Right (direction)
Tire (wheel)
Tire (weary)
Well (good)
Well (reservoir)
3rd paragraph;
Fair (even)
Fair (light)
Address (explain)
Address (location)
Circular (round)
Circular (flyer, paper)
4th paragraph;
Match (fire type)
Match (same type)
Pound (weight)
Pound (hammer)
Express (bus, train, lane)
Express (explain, say)
5th paragraph;
Mean (average)
Mean (not nice)
Current (up to date)
Current (flow)
Kind (type)
Kind (nice)

Photo Credit; The Center for Cartoon Studies
Free download plus G.M. add ons

The Woes of Homonyms!
Contest Entry
The Woes of Homonyms Show
By; George Martinez

Chapter 36
Human's are Suffering

By QC Poet

On the net today - I conducted a search on a topic called Human Suffering, that left me distressed,
As humans we're all suffering but not like I guessed.
There's people who suffer from too much success,
while other's who suffer from the Oscar's, for not knowing how to dress.

Some people were suffering from eating too much food,
So many lost children suffering, you can call them a brood.
Other people are suffering to get their names on a show,
while all the homeless children and parents have nowhere to go.

They say there's starvation in Venezuela, I heard that today,
Even brought them out on cameras and television for the public to sway.
And of course there's still the hoards of Guatemalan's coming our way,
soon to be joined on the border, with other Brown Menaces that seem popular this day.
Depends on the Countries War leader and what they may say!

So Humanity is truly suffering and the reasons always vary,
for we pick and we choose how much weight each should carry.
What's popular today is quickly gone with the breeze,
Humanity stays Suffering when we choose as we Please!

Author Notes Commentary Written in my freestyle rhythmic story telling format
A Poemtary?

Poem Contest Topic;
Human Suffering -
Title - Human's are Suffering
By; George Martinez

Chapter 37
The Danger That Is Hate

By QC Poet

Have you ever read history's sadness?
And it left a big hole within your Soul?
Types that can still move others?
Even its whispers bring hurt into swirling minds!

Thoughts add fuel to life's burning issues,
Help inflame distorted wrongful thinking!
Adds to Hearts unwanted distress,
That left alone grow quickly to fester,
Some may implode in raging outbursts.

Do ya ever sit, think and begin to wonder?
Anything said can be taken out of context,
Never intendeding the damage that is done.
Getting evermore bold when ignored,
Everybody has their own opinions,
Right or wrong action can have reaction,
Only we can't force our will upon all others,
Unless Loves Will is for ourselves,
Stop ignoring desperations walls of Hate!

Notes; In the June 2015, a "contender" announced a run to be President of the United States of America. The platform issues that were touched upon that day included domestic items like illegal immigration, offshoring of jobs, national debt, and Islamic terrorism.
The contender was a party flip flopping tv millionaire with a known history of financial, hateful, and shady business associations and other issues that were mostly self serving and yet never given serious scrutiny.

I thought then - this can turn ugly in many different ways!

Author Notes Contest Entry,
Ah ha moment,
Any type of story poem or prose.
The Danger That Is Hate
Acrostic Prose
Hate That's Dangerous
By; George Martinez

Chapter 38
I Am That I Am

By QC Poet




Author Notes Photo Credit; Pinterest Download
I Am That I Am
By; George Martinez

Cinquan Poetry Contest
2 Syllables
4 Syllables
6 Syllables
8 Syllables
2 Syllables

Exodus 3:14 KJV
14 And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.

Belief - the acceptance that something exists or is true.
Divinity - the state or quality of being divine.
Responsibility - the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or having control over someone,
Indefatigability - tireless determination or purpose.
Credence - belief in or acceptance of something as true.

Chapter 39
Hell's Fire

By QC Poet

   Man's Pyre,
Unignited Passions,
Ignited Burning Desires Sins,
Hell's Fire

Intense Fiery,
Flickering, Flaring, Burning,
Avoid at all costs!


Author Notes Cinquain 1
2 syllables
4 syllables
6 syllables
8 syllables
2 syllables

Cinquain 2
One word - noun
Two words - 2 adjectives
Three words - 3 words ending in (ing)
Four words - a phrase
One word - means the same as line 1

Hell's Fire - in 2 Cinquain Poem Types
By; George Martinez

Photo Credit: The Devine Comedy

Pyre is Defined as a heap of combustible material, especially one for burning a corpse as part of a funeral ceremony.
Inferno - on line definition =
1. A large fire that is dangerously out of control.
2. Hell (with reference to Dante's Divine Comedy).

Chapter 40
Heavens Kyrielle

By QC Poet

Remember about your sharp ire,
Prevention of wrongful desire,
Cooler of your internal fire,
Delayer of funerals pyre.

Delayer of funerals pyre,
Avoids wallowing in the mire,
Better singing in churches choir,
Whether peasants or whether sire.

Genuineness unlike a liar!
Delayer of funerals pyre,
Stimulation to go higher,
Emulsifier souls require.

Quantifier's multiplier,
Forgiveness needs a denier,
Delayer of funerals pyre,
Qualifier heavens retire.


Author Notes By; George Martinez
Heavens Kyrielle
Photo Credit, Author's photo

Kyrielle poem concept,
Made of quatrains that rhyme.
Each stanza has a line that repeats,
But not necessarily the last line
Each line has 8 syllables
Unlimited stanzas
Any type of rhyme scheme

Notes help me remember and focus, I Got a bit of CRS Disease.

Chapter 41

By QC Poet


Crespuscular visions warn,
possible insomnia maybe,
everlasting life saving.




Author Notes Crepuscular;
#1 Obscure word in Buzzfeed 29 obscure words that everybody needs to know, posted 1/22/2015

1. Crepuscular - of, reassembling, or relating to twilight. 4 syllables
2. Visions - the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. 2 syllables
3. Possible - able to be done, within the power or capacity of someone or something.
3 syllables
4. Insomnia - inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially if chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness. 4 syllables
5. Everlasting - lasting forever or a long time. 4 syllables

Photo Credit:
Author's photo

Obscure word 7-9-7 Contest Entry

By; George Martinez

Chapter 42
I'm Just Wondering!

By QC Poet

Could any waiting group of people in any airport have a "Good Bidet"?



Author Notes Difinition; from Merriam-Webster;
A bathroom fixture used especially for bathing the external genitals and the anal region.

Bi-det; pronounced bi-'dA,

Things to go Hummm...?
A Monostich Poem Entry Submission
By; George Martinez

Photo Credits; Officesigncompany .com
Engraved Funny Signs and Author's Add-ons

Philosophy Humor.

Chapter 43

By QC Poet


Indelible signs 
Signaling recalling things 
Quartered by time.



Author Notes Tattooing
By; George Martinez
(A Military Tattoo) 5-7-5

Photo Credits;
Top photo; 9/15/17 AF TV
70th B-Day Honor Guard 9/14/17
Bottom Photo Credit;
US National Archives
3/01/2003 USAF Texas
Combined Military Service Digital Photo File

Google search Definition;
1. An evening drum or bugle signal recalling soldiers to their quarters.
2. British - An entertainment consisting music, marching, and performance of displays and exercise by military personnel.
3. A rythmic tapping or drumming.

Origins; 17th Century Dutch phrase Doe den tap toe ("turn off the tap")
A signal sounded by Drummers or Trumpeters to instruct innkeeper near Military garrison to stop serving beer and for soldiers to return to their barracks, and is Unrelated to the Tahitian origins of an ink tattoo.

Chapter 44
Saint Patrick's Day Drinking

By QC Poet

Saint Patty to us sent a wee bit o' inspiration, 
a dream t'was in after I'd  ra'tired to me bed.
T'is be what he ta me he then said,;

"Beware of Green Beer Drinking if ye're driving an stinking,
a swerving thru yur perspiration".
T'is be a bit o' bad bad situation!,
If hauled down to a near by Paddy's Station!"

"So be wise an give yur ears a good o' listen,
Cause in a wee pot o' gold ya won't be a pissin",
"And yur pot o' gold you'll end up a missing!"
Because o' yur refusal to stop an Glisten!"

Leprechaun's Good Luck for you, God's Blessings, and Be Safe is what I'm a wishing!


Author Notes St. Patrick's Day Drinking
A Saint Patrick's Inspiration

Photo Credits;
Free Internet Downloads
And Authors adds Collage.

Goggle search;
Definition of Glistening;
Adjective; Shining with a Sparkling Light.

Inspired by a Staint Patrick's Day,
Dream about Drinking after Holiday Celebrations and the Costs incurred by this subject's pointed nightmares.

Chapter 45
Feeling My Crapulence

By QC Poet

  Will crapulence make us feel our indulgent nature?


Author Notes Crapulence
One line poem contest
By; George Martinez

Crapulence: 1. Sickness caused by excessive eating or drinking.
2. Excessive indulgence; intemperance.

Chapter 46
Fever Dreaming

By QC Poet



I had a dream,
it came through as in a film stream,
it made me deem that I couldn't scream,
for I was outta my Being,
It's quite a weird thing.

It was a mental trip,
where my thoughts did roam and flip,
the scenes I saw tried to rip,
my hold on my mortal grip,
when my fever finally broke,
it seemed like a big mental joke.

The things I saw soon fell away,
that I can recall without any sway,
clown puppets happily having a ball,
to be seen laughing and heard by all,
from the tall to the very small.

No evil killer clowns,
with those big goofy frowns,
nor evil sounds covering our towns,
although there was some noise,
I held and kept my solace and my poise.

Some suppressed thoughts?
or my mind tied up in knots? 
Clown like bright smiling faces,
may help hide our hurting spaces,
and the constant miseries,
we feel of life's unknown mysteries.

When I smile now to cry later,
it doesn't mean I'm some kind of strife negator,
I take my life straight on my chin,
while maintaining my big goofy grin,
when knocked down I get back up again,
willing and ready to give my life another spin.

Author Notes Fever Dreaming
By; George Martinez
Free Verse Dream Entry

Recently when hospitalized I had a fever driven clown dream that was like an acid trip in it's nature.

Sometimes a feverish dream is just a feverish dream, I suppose.

Chapter 47
Life's Trains

By QC Poet

Trains in life start rolling down the track,
training us on the things we lack,
once we're boarded we're soon rolling fast, wondering how long this ride will last.

 There are many curves along Life's path,
and unknown turns to provoke one's wrath,
a check of ourself before leaving this station,
will help us be prepared for any situation.

When dark long tunnels come along our way,
we've said our Prayers to get through this fray,
bridges we crossed along our life's ride,
will always be a comforting cherished guide.

Look around this cabin it's full of others,
realize they are our sisters and our brothers,
traveling the same tracks on this life's train,
with their own lives' problems on their brain.

An acknowledging smile or nod in their direction,
will make both riders feel life's perfection,
with our own issues traveling down life's railway,
safely to our destinations we want to stay.

Riders get on and off along Life's stops,
going unknown like background props,
when communications have broken down,
Life's train riders will always show their frown.

But when our Faith is strong and sound,
people will seek the brilliance we have found,
the Peace and Love we are carrying around,
will strike fellow life's train riders as profound.

What each life's train's rider comes to bring,
is life's rides stories which may have a sting,
the truth it tells you may have a familiar ring,
may make us cry or want to happily sing.

Fear not all strangers life's train's rides will produce,
maybe a Heavenly messenger sent for helpful use,
in our time of need to change our life's track,
and fix our life's train's ride from sliding back.

Author Notes Life's Trains
Train Contest Entry Submission

Photo Credit;
Author's Photo plus add ons

Chapter 48
Eleven Swords Too Many

By QC Poet

   Of the dozens of times I turned my back on you,
Eleven times became too many,
the blades are stuck in for you to twist in pain,
as I wonder what is it you had left to gain?
my Soul's been cut and I have since bled plenty,
my Spirit still holds me up no matter what you do.

As the new days dew drips off me like blood,
I turned my face again to ask you why?
I float perpetually in this misty room,
that holds all my sadness and gloom,
anger and time will always slowly fly by,
old hurtful emotions still come and strike with a thud.

Each wound holds a dreary story of its own,
filled with pain and agonizing memories,
our youthful Love that was killed before its time,
losing your mind while committing this crime,
Hateful Anger, Fear, Jealousy and all other Miseries,
were harshly thrust in with each wound thrown.

There maybe no Forgiveness known,
for the emotional detachment you have shown,
but the Love I hid deep inside has finally died,
an end to our futile cantankerous ride,
and my compassion for you has finally blown,
It will be my haunting image you will forever see and bemoan. 

Author Notes Eleven Swords Too Many
Stabbed in the Back
A Pix This Poem Challenge

Chapter 49
No Room For You

By QC Poet

There is No More Room for you, Sorry we're full,
Don't Care what you've been going through,
or if it Reveals our Hateful Heartlessness, 
because to Me - You don't Represent what I'd call our "Best"!

When Pre-judging what Stranger's in Need represent,
It won't matter how much our Morality has Bent,
maybe we'll Next change the sign on Lady Liberty,
to match the enormous Monumental Ego in me! 

If you start Talking about my obvious Hypocrisy,
I'll just blame the Other's in this Democracy,
A simple Internet Search of Property for sale in these United States,
will Show more than enough Land available to build upon for all of our Ingrates.

When Time arrives to go see Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates,
He'll smile and say "I've been waiting for you Ol' Head of your own Fate"! 
Sorry we're full of migrating Angels, but don't you fret,
A special place below you readied while living is ready and set!

Heated to match the lambaste you Projected,
without a Care for those Soul's you have Rejected,
A Fiery Castle of your Own making has been built, 
with the Unrenouced Sinful Lies of our own Guilt!

Author Notes No Room For You 2019
Share a rhyming story with a (a,a,b,b) format
Contest Entry submission
Photo Credit;
Free Internet Download

Inspired by the announcement;
The President of the United States announced on 4/05/2019, that "The Country was full".
(Copy and Paste link below for details)

Matthew 25:35 KJV
For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

Hebrews 13:2 KJV
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

A Reminder this year Easter Sunday is on 4/21/2019

Full announcement;

Additional Migrant Separation Information;

Chapter 50
Politicking Time

By QC Poet

  Politicking time,
Embellishments puffery,
Election season.


Author Notes Politicking Time
5-7-5 Contest Entry Submission
Photo Credit to;
Free political images clipart


Politicking: 4 syllables - noun
1. activity undertaken for political reasons or ends, as campaigning for votes before an election, making speeches, ect., or otherwise promoting oneself or one's policies.

Embellishments: 4 syllables - noun
1. a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive.
2. a detail especially one that is not true, added to a statement or story to make it more interesting or entertaining.
3. the act of adding details or features.

Puffery: 3 syllables - noun
1. exaggerated or false praise.

Chapter 51
Life Questions

By QC Poet

Why do some questions have answers others lead us to more questions?
Why do people give us answers that sometimes sound more like suggestions? 
Why do politicians when asked questions rant or give you some other professions?
Do you think we all should become priest as we all are now keeping others confession? 

When we don't hear what we want to hear does it lead us toward more inquisitions? 

Do Friends suggestions tend to force us to make more personal revelations? 
Do your Friends like to rant and rave in order to get you under their subjugations? 
Can we ever Forgive intended and unintended personal space invasions?

What if we lie to people to divert our obvious hidden intentions?
May we change a subject in question to some other proper diversions?
Are you the type of person to retell the hurtful things that others will make in mentions?
Can we someday agree some subjects don't warrant our proper submergence?


Author Notes Life Questions
Contest Entry Submission;
Write a poem in which every stanza either begins with a question or ends with a question.

Photo Credit to;
Pixabay free download plus author add-ons.

Definitions: as used in this poem;

Professions: noun
(2) an act of declaring that one has a particular feeling or quality, especially when this is not the case.

Inquisitions: noun
(1) a period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation.

Subjugations: noun;
(1) the action or bringing someone or something under domination or control.

Submergence: verb
(1) to sink below the surface of water or any other enveloping medium.
(3) to cover; bury; subordinate; suppress;
(5) to be covered or lost from sight.

Chapter 52

By QC Poet



Visions, this word struck a chord within me, 
now had to double check into this to see!
So I find it'san Ability to Think or Plan Ahead with
Imagination and Wisdom For It's Future uses,
Only Judgements are Always Never Free!
Nobody is Exempt from Failed Plans of Wise men.
Savior Jesus Christ is Forgiveness Awaiting Us!

Author Notes Visions,
Written on 2/26/2019 (Never Released)
5/10/2019 for an Acrostic Contest Entry Submission
A Spiritual Acrostic

Chapter 53
What Don't We Do?

By QC Poet

 What if We Didn't See, Hear, Think, or Speak? 
Crime is Time Wasted Humanity Ends In Doubt! 
Can't Get Along as we Take Out Each Other?
Strangers in Need of Our Soul's Being Shook!

We're Changing the Sage Not Turning the Page!
Hatreds Renewed People becoming Unglued?
Shots in Elementary's Young Spirit's now Cued?
Heavy on Wait Light on Lacking People's Rage! 

Social Disorders Crossing Actual Life Borders? 
Man Made Decisions causing Real Divisions?
Drinking Our Ail and our Strength Starting to Fail?
Taxing the Poor Becoming a Wealthy Disorder?

What Do I Know I only Follow Realities Show!
Causing a Destruction of Our Own Construction?
Getting too Deep Looking Elsewhere to Creep?
We Can't Rebuy Our Soul One Place Left to Go!

They'll Point Next at You Whom Remade it Cool!
We're All to Blame as We Just Relit an Old Flame,
Choosing Who to Pick Makes Us Feel Less Sick?
A Cold Slight of Hand not Taught in Your School!

What Do You See whenever Staring Towards Me? 
The Worst Part of Humanity Projected Your Way?
Disturbing and Swerving with All of the Curbing,
Works Well for Thee Watching your Mortality Flee?

What We Don't Hear are those Owed Appologies,
It Is a Reality that Makes All Humanity Feel Sick!
Lust for Power is What Always Rules this Hour,
Destroyer of their Own Created Mythologies!

We Sit Blind, Deaf, and Muted Lost in a Thought,
Spirituality, Morality, and Humanities Greatness Ends! 
Ceasing to Be Our Brothers Keepers and Friends,
Past Empires have Taught Us a Road to Vast Wrought!

Author Notes What Don't We Do?
Free Verse Poem Submission

Photo Credits; 9
Free Download plus Author Add-ons- eutimes. net

Don't Matter Which Moral Goes First!
Song credit to Three Dog Night's
Easy to Say No - rockwindow10
What Don't We Do?

Chapter 54
Mr. Burns Box

By QC Poet

Mr. Burns has a Mystery Box!
What is mysterious about Mr. Burns box?
Is it Springfield's raises or old stinky socks? 
Hand held tucked under his chin with care!
With that goofy maniacal look and balding hair!
By his desk a grey-green ghoul's cut off head's snickering stare!

Should Springfield worry or go out to celebrate?
Will they prosper or unleash a Destructive Fate?
Will it be the End, or for Him to self regenerate?
Will Mr. Burns share it with the community?
Or will it be just another Business Opertunity?
Will Bart and Lisa rally the town in Unity?

We'll never know unless we watch the show! 
To carry on further only twists the plots flow!
By the end of this writing you'll surely know!
If Homer mucks it up or redeems this day!
Destroying the grey-green ghoul's powerful sway! 
Over Mr. Burns untimely surprising mental decay!


Author Notes Mr. Burn's Box
By; George Martinez
Fabulous Free Verse Submission

Chapter 55
Insincere, Illinformed, Corrupt

By QC Poet

I Heard Words that Have Important Implications, 
Structured in a Moving Actionable Context,
Where are We Going with Our Morality?
Does Life's Right Belong to All? 
Remberance and Knowledge does Exist!
Next Step to Mis-Leading Leads to Self Destruction!

To Be Insincere in Our Thoughts and Deeds,
Illinformed Resulting in Listening to One Opinion,
Corrupted by Riches of a Selfish Spirit Wanting,
Mis-Leading to Sounds of Ill Intentions,
Decisions Lead by Wrongful Mis-communications, 
Destruction of All God Did Not Create!

What Becomes when Following This Pathway?
Thoughts and Deeds Lead to Foolish Actions,
Listening to One Opinion can Deceive you, 
A Selfish Spirit is Wanting for Our Selves!
Sounds of Ill Intention may Soothe Our Thinking, 
A Wrongful Communication May end in Opinion,
The End Tale Will be Told as the Story Unfolds.

Do We Still have Time to Come Together?
All Signs Show a State of Major Changes,
Deceit is Flying in the Air Above and Below Us!
Do We Really Want What we Can't Take With Us?
Will it Feel Good when we Cannot Use It?
What is Seen is Filtered Through Perceptions!
Hear All Available Before Making Decisions!


Author Notes Insincere, Illinformed, Corrupt
By; George Martinez
A Political Quandary for All Parties
Photo Credit to Free Download
Shutter Stock

Chapter 56
Journeys and Destinations

By QC Poet

Chose Directed Roads!
Ease your Destinations end,
Move After Prayer!


Author Notes Journeys and Destinations
5 Line Poem Entry

Write a 5 Line poem, it has the following syllable count: 2-2-5-7-5,
First line 2 syllables,
Second line 2 syllables
Third line 5 syllables
Fourth line 7 syllables
Fifth line 5 syllables

Chapter 57
Soul Search

By QC Poet

Transitional Paths,
Seeking Answers for Learning,
Sought Destinations!


Author Notes Soul Search
A (5-7-5 syllable)
Poetry Contest Entry Submission
My Senku Poem
Photo Credits;
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Author Add-on coloring

A Senryu poem is primarily concerned with human nature, a Haiku poem is primarily concerned with physical nature.

My Senku (5-7-5) Poem incorporates Human Learning (Senryu) as a Human Nature Path to a Physically Desired End Location Point (Haiku).

Chapter 58
The War's Within

By QC Poet

The War's Within and It Must Cease!
So All Men Can Finally Live in Peace!
This World is Again Full of Various kinds of Hate!
Do Some People Actually Believe this is Great? 
Carrying their Own Bibles and Perverting Old Verses!
As Shown World Wide in Amblances and Hearses!

Others May Believe in These Perverted Teachings?
Judging by the Hate they Keep on and on Preaching! 
The Lord I Bow to Said to Turn the Other Cheek!
 To Help the Stranger, Poor, Hungry, and the Weak!
To Let Us Love One Another As He Loves Us!
Not to Believe We are Superior and Throw All Others Under Any Kind of Bus!

Everyone that Loveth is Born of and Knoweth God!
With A World Full of Hate this Might Seem a little Odd? 
That We Might Have Peace in a World Full of Tribulation! 
Be of Good Cheer He's Overcome Every Worldly Situation!  
The Hate War's Within Us and Always Demands a Sacrifice!
It Eats at Each Man's Own Soul for It's the Only Thing that Will Suffice!

We Being Evil by Nature still Know How to Give Good Gifts!
God Gives Us His Holy Spirit if We Repent and Ask for it to Face these Heavy Lifts!
The Prophecy came to in Old Times but Not by the Will of Any Man!
Holy Men of God then spoke and Moved by His Holy Spirit and Will to take a Stand!

Faith is Belief in Hoped For Evidence of Things Not Seen!
Framed by the Word of God Not Made by Any Human Being! 
Fear Carries a Torment He that Feareth Lacks Perfect Love and a Powerfull Sound Mind!
God's Understanding Care in All Situations they Will Come to Find!
Be Fearful for Nothing by Prayers and Thanks Ask with Supplication!
Make Requests to God Understanding All is passed through Christ's Holy Spirit by Praying Human Souls in known Difficult Situations!


Author Notes The War's Within
By; George Martinez
A War Contest Prompt

Apparently Submitted after dead-line.

Chapter 59
As Above So Below

By QC Poet

An Ancient Cryptic message - As Above So Below - Knowing All? 
Before Confirming Earth's Sea Mist Rises Overhead to form Clouds  -
(Tablet 4) the Space Born?
Came Thoth the Atlantean Priest King ruler for 16k years in Ancient Egypt -
Hermes Confirmation?
Darkness is Only a Veil of the Light- A Deception?
Written on Tablets of Emerald Stone Long Ago- Taught Man Wisdom! 


Author Notes As Above So Below
An ABC - Poem Contest Entry Submission
Photo Credit to Free Internet Download Download plus Author Add-ons.
This poem Starts and Ends with the Fist letters of A, B, C, D, W

1. ABC poems have 5 lines (one stanza)
First 4 lines follow the order of the alphabet last line (5) can be any letter whatsoever of the alphabet, (poet's choice) any syllable length and may vary in length line to line. Can be on Any subject or topic, with rhyming and meter optional.
2. For additional information about this poems subject matter visit; summary of "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth";
3. Transactions by Author - Anita Saran 6/09/19 Exemplore - Advanced Ancient Civilizations and Doctor Doreal published in 1930's
4. Thoth was the Egyptian God of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon.

Chapter 60
Sages, Swages, and Stages!

By QC Poet

Accepting aches acknowled age,
Feeling funky frustrating rage!
Wisdom weighted warns wooing swage?

Philosophy pays this pain's fame?
Story's stepping stones hurts solemn game?
Covertly nothing seems the same?
Wishing, waiting, wondering's wage?

Without knowing what it's about?
Making many to fight a bout?
Falsely stated brings you some clout?
Believe Kids sentenced to a cage?

Parted in half then in each eighth!
Does Not Translate into Any Faith!
God has Spoken the Good Book Saith!
Returning History's Seen this Page!

Following Blindly People Bray!
Never Again Made from Old Clay!
Generation's Reflection Day?
Judging Other's but Who's On Stage?

Given Time's Perculation Storm!
Topsy turvy things All Transform
Until Dust's Both of Our Uniform!
The Rightful Judgement Then Will Gauge!

Serpent's are Considered Snakelike!
Split Tongued Not a Small Migrant's Tyke!
If Lies be told they're So Unlike!
Profiteering Government's Sage?

Author Notes Sages, Swages, and Stages!
By; George Martinez
Write a Zejel 8/02/19
Potlatch Poetry Club Submission

1. Write a Zejel, a very old Spanish poetic form, 1st stanza a Trecet (3 lines) with an AAA rhyme scheme. All other stanzas are quatrains (4 lines) stanzas with xxxA rhyme scheme, so 2nd stanza would be BBBA, 3rd CCCA, 4th DDDA, and so on to the End of the poem- continue with as many quatrains as you like! Lines are usually 8 syllables long.

2. Pray, Love, Peace!
Picture Credit to Free Download!

Chapter 61
You Talking to Me?

By QC Poet

Are You Talking at or To Me?
I'm not Looking back Towards You obviously!
Everyone else Is Looking Forward ahead,
I Got Their Backs so They Won't End up Dead!

My Troops are Standing up At Attention,
This is My Insurance of Disaster Prevention!
The Foliage is Tall but Not So Thick,
To Get past Me This Way you Better Be Slick!

I'll also Ignore your Useless loud Chatter!
For If Attacked not Much else Would Matter,
Survival Of the Troops is What's Important Here,
Covering their Backs is Not Showing any Fear!

What You Say Won't ever Make any Difference!
In The End we All may Die Without any Significance?
So as we All Stand Tall I'll Continue Watching your Six!
On this Journey Till We Reach our Appointed Clicks!

Author Notes You Talking to Me?
By; George Martinez
You talking to me?
Pix This Photo Submission

Read Capitalized Words again for Second Similar Poem.

In Miltary speak - your Six means your Back, Clicks is standard measure of walked distances.

Thank You to All Military Service Personnel!

Chapter 62
Society's Decay Still Pays

By QC Poet

 Triggered Memories of Yesterday's?
Lord, Help us to Remember our Lost Ways!
Sinners, Outlaws, Rebels They would Say,
Pointed Fingers wagged At a Societ's Decay?

Payed Pawns yet Rule in this Modern Day?
Applied Old Labels now Seemingly Still Pay,
This is Why we Hit Our Knees Daily to Pray,
God Knows how Much Sway it Will Hold Today!

Lord Help us to Remember our Lost Ways?
Sinners, Outlaws, Rebels They would Say,
Pointed Fingers wagged At a Societ's Decay?
Triggered Memories of Yesterday's!

Applied Old Labels now Seemingly Still Pay?
This is Why we Hit Our Knees Daily to Pray,
God Knows how Much Sway it Will Hold Today!
Payed Pawns yet Rule in this Modern Day?

Sinners,  Outlaws, Rebels They would Say?
Pohinted Fingers wagged At a Society's Decay,
Triggered Memories of Yesterday's?
Lord, Help us to Remember our Lost Ways!

This is Why we Hit Our Knees Daily to Pray?
God Knows how Much Sway it Will Hold Today!
Payed Pawns yet Rule in this Modern Day,
Applied Old Labels now Seemingly Still Pay?

Pointed Fingers wagged At a Society's Decay?
Triggered Memories of Yesterday's,
Lord, Help us to Remember our Lost Ways!
Sinners, Outlaws, Rebels They would Say?

God Knows how Much Sway it Will Hold Today!
Payed Pawns yet Rule in this Modern Day?
Applied Old Labels now Seemingly Still Pay,
This is Why we Hit Our Knees Daily to Pray!

Author Notes Society's Decay Still Pays
By; George Martinez
My - Dual Stanza, 4 Line, Changing Line Interuputative Poem.
Photo Credit to Author's Photo Collection

1. Faith Reference;
Hebrews 11:3 KJV
Through Faith we Understand That the Worlds Were Framed by the Word Of God, So that Things Which Are Seen were Not Made of Things Which Do Appear.

Chapter 63
Justly Thoughts?

By QC Poet

Justly Thoughts Make an Appearance?
Recalling Trys at Benificience,
Inspiring Meaningful Spiritual Conscience!
Fate Will Question our Adherence.

Adherence or Dodge Decisions?
Forgiveness and Redemption's Evasions?
Reframing Emotions adding to Frustrations?
Creates Unwelcomed Divisions! 

Divisions Unsettling Grumbles? 
Free those Doubts, Invoke a Sense That Humbles!
Help People Avoid Sinful Inevitables,
Stop Taking any Bigger Gambles!

Gambles and Fights are Done Justly!
Instilling Faith and Conveys Love Kindly.
Growing Love just Costs Recalling Deeds Learnedly!
To Take Steps Forward more Justly. 


Author Notes Justly Thoughts?
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A.) George Martinez
Potlatch Poem Club Submission
A Remy la Rhyme Entry.
Photo Credit; photo is from a Free Native American Site FB Internet Download;

1. A Remy la Rhyme consists of;
Please see Potlatch Poetry Contest,
9/06/2019 Under Remy la Rhyme Rules

2. Please Read the Capitalized Words Again only - for A Second Similar Interpretive Poem that is shared Within this offering.

3. Definitions as applied in this poem;
A. Benificience:
a)noun; the doing of good; active goodness or kindness; charity.
b) a beneficent act or gift; benefaction.

B. Inevitables: (adjective)
a) unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary:an inevitable conclusion.
b) sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable:The inevitable end of human life is death.
c) (noun)that which is unavoidable

C. Learnedly: (adverb)
a) Having profound, often systematic knowledge; erudite.
√?¬†b) Showing or characterized by such knowledge: a learned journal.
c) Acquired by learning or experience: learned behavior.

Chapter 64
Weirdly Normal Open Secret

By QC Poet

Aggressive Voter's made Passive,
Amazingly it is Aweful?
Republican's Shrinking Massive! 
Aggressive Voter's made Passive!
Cautious Myth's Truth goes Impulsive?
Clearly Confused by Unlawful!
Aggressive Voter's made Passive? 
Amazingly it is Awful!


Author Notes Weirdly Normal Open Secret
By; George Martinez
An Oxylet Poem Submission
Photo Credit to Free Download,
Plus Author Add-ons

1. The 1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat exactly.
The 2nd and 8th line repeat exactly,
Poem is 8 lines total with an Exact rhyme scheme that Must be followed;
Rhyme Scheme is simple;ABaAabAB capital letters (representing the refrains repeating) lines.
Use 8 syllables per line in length (4 metrical feet) written in iambic petrameter (the more common way) or try it in pentameter (English version) Important
To make this an Oxylet, you must include an oxymoron in every line.

2. Only attempting to poke some fun at dilemma faced by Both of Today's Political parties.

Chapter 65
Indigenous People's Day?

By QC Poet

Changing names?
Does not resurrect Lives,
Nor acknowledges their massacre!  


Author Notes Indigenous People's Day?
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez
Photo Credit to Free Download Photo search; Indigenous Peoples Day
A 3-6-9 Syllable Poem Contest Entry

1. Write a 3-6-9 Poem,
This poem has three stanzas. Each stanza has three lines that follows the 3-6-9 syllable count. The first line has 3 syllables, the second line has 6 syllables and the last line 9 syllables. The subject can be anything.

2. For additional information about the subject matter visit;
The History Channel; Christopher Columbus article updated 09/03/2019, originally written 11/09/2009

Chapter 66
A Love's Fire

By QC Poet

We are taught it takes three elements to start a fire burning,
Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel,
But does this also affect a Human's Love or its yearning?
Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel?

When two people meet this spark may become a flame,
Fueled by the oxygen and effort used to play Love's game!
With only two of the three, Love too may grow colder,
Burning while its sparked oxygenated effort and fuel turn to a smolder!

Like the dying fiery embers that nobody remembers,
The fire of one's passion can only last as long as it's fueled!
Adding more Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel takes work like staying warm on coldest of December's! 
With drastic changes in these 3 elements of a couple you'll find they have dueled? 

Arguments eat away at loves Heat and desire,
So don't smother each other's love Oxygen!
There are many ways to add Fuel to a smoldering fire,
Remember each of these three elements can be replenished so Love's Fire can burn again!


Author Notes A Love's Fire
By; George Martinez
Photo Credit to;
Author's Photo Collection
Free Verse Poem topic; Fire

This is not one of my dual meaning poems.
Love's Fire obviously has more factors to it's sparking, burning, and endurance.
This is a Fire contest inspiration.
Like my photo representation included it has It's Fiery Light and Dark sky's.

Chapter 67
When Death Arrived

By QC Poet

Contagious Strangers,
Arriving Seafarer's Lost,
Seeking Freedom's Dream?


Author Notes When Death Arrived
5-7-5 Horror Poem
- Contest Entry Submission
Photo Credit via: Free Internet Download;
Search; Native American Smallpox

One's Dream is One's Nightmare!

Chapter 68
2020 Census&Election Reflection

By QC Poet

2020 Census and Elections! 
Reverse flows into this Nation?
History's real situation?

Lawmaker's play for Attentions?
Redistricting pays elected?
Constituents feel neglected!

Politician Accusations?
New Pilgrims seeking more handouts!
Ethno-Politics rid them shouts?

Absolved Misdeeds Harms Directions?
Advisors and donors jail bound!
Obstruction, tampering vast found!

Republic Needs Quick Corrections!
Russia listening and learning!
Democracy quickly burning?

Consensus Became Exceptions!
Laments replace voter's wishes?
Smelling worse than rotting fishes!


Author Notes 2020 Census & Elections Reflection
By; George Martinez
A Constanza Poem Submission
Photo Credit to; Free Internet Download plus Author Add-ons

1. Just a mix of two top topics in the upcoming 2020 Elections, (only a broad overview)

2(a) The census provides critical data that lawmakers, business owners, teachers, and many others use to provide daily services, products, and support for you and your community. Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data.
2(b) The results of the census also determine the number of seats each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives, and they are used to draw congressional and state legislative districts.
2(c) It's also in the Constitution: Article 1, Section 2, mandates that the country conduct a count of its population once every 10 years. The 2020 Census will mark the 24th time that the country has counted its population since 1790.

Chapter 69
Politics King?

By QC Poet

A Born "King" who Self Served? 
Torn Sad Clown self Reserved?


Author Notes Politics King?
Photography Credit to; Free Internet Search Downloads: President as; (king, clown) plus Author Add-on frame

Chapter xx Pappa's Memories and Ramblings

In Today's Entertainment Report Headlines;
"King" of all Scandals,
Brings Party's Dissed Sandals!
- The Entertainment King hires his self for fundraising Entertainment!
Film @ Eleven!

Two (2)Line Poem;
Write an essence poem. This is a poem of two lines with six syllables per line, each containing an internal rhyme and an ending rhyme.

Chapter 70
A Hunter's Thanksgiving Honors

By QC Poet

Hunter's Season,


Author Notes Chichimecan Hunter's Thanksgivng Honors
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A.) George Martinez
A Ancestorial Honor 2-4-2 poem

My 2-4-2 Poem is Based on a Posting by; Calmecac Anahuac 11/19/18,
The Chichimeca Nations

A Heritage that Honored it's
Military Hunters,
A Review and Correction Ceremony, With a feast!
Depicted phote includes a Pulgue celebration which usually is done in Spring.
The powerful drink was tightly controlled and also used for Honoring Warriors.

Copy and paste link below as an internet search; for further information;
Or visit my George Martinez dated FB 11/28/2019 page.

Chapter 71
Just Us?

By QC Poet

Are Putin's Puppets
Now Controlling our Country?
Will Justice Survive?


Author Notes Just Us?
By; George Martinez
Write a 5-7-5 Syllable Poem
Contest Entry Submission

Just ask yourself ~
What Happened to the Party of John McCain?
If Putin (Master Spy Chief)
Wanted to Destroy Our Country From the Inside,
What Would He Do?
1. Install Pro Russia Leader
2. Ensure a Pro Russia Leader's High Court
3. Insure Political Discourse

America's Founder's Formed the USA to Keep All American's Free from Tranny!
They Never Wanted a Monarchy.

The (3) Branches of Government are pictured in the collage.
Capture All Three Branches and America Fails to Exist???

Please Rate Based on Rules for Contest Compliance.

Chapter 72
Reached Out Supremely?

By QC Poet

Voice less subpoenas reach?
No choice but to impeach!


Author Notes Reached Out Supremely?
By; George Martinez
An Essence Poem Submission

A Congress Urgently trying to Avoid Putin's Resurgence?
(A.K.A) Appointments to avoid Putin's Disappointment?

Is it becoming pretty obvious Trumpybear is getting guidance from his Friends - One's who studied ways to subvert our 3 Branches of Government!

Copy links and paste to internet search for additional information.

Chapter 73
Memories of Why?

By QC Poet

Memories of Days gone-bye,
Never thought we would see them fly?
Over time, remember to let out a huge sigh!
Possibilities and remaining doubts of Why?
Will hold back our capability to reach the Sky!


Author Notes Memories of Why?
By; George Martinez
An ABC Poetry Contest Entry Submission
Photo Credit to Free Internet Download: From a Native American (Apache) Sayings website.

ABC PoemABC poetry is a short form of poetry. It is normally written to show feeling. It contains five lines. You may begin your poem with any letter of the alphabet.

The next three lines must follow sequence. So if you start with the letter G; the next line must start with the letter H. The last line can begin with any letter of the alphabet.
See Contest rules for the example.

Don't Let the Bad Memories of the Past ~ Prevent you from Moving forward into the Future!

Chapter 74
Mocker In Chief?

By QC Poet

China Virus Ha!
Says Chosen One?


Author Notes Mocker In Chief
By; George Martinez
A - 6 Word Poetry Contest Entry Submission

Photo Credit to Free Download plus Author Add-ons.

Aug 22, 2019 ~ In the midst of answering a question about an ongoing trade war with China, President Donald Trump turned from reporters, looked to heavens and proclaimed, "I am the chosen one." He was, ostensibly, joking.

Less than 1 year later, He is failing to grasp the biggest Stock Market Drops in history from a Virus - He and his party are saying Came from China.


James 4:6 KJV
But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

Chapter 75
We Verses Them and War's

By QC Poet

In most War's from History It Was a "Them" verses This "We"!
Perhaps We All Will be In this Together from Now until Eternity?
This World has been Warring for many Decades, that We do Know!
When it's Now Touching All of Us Globally Where Next do We Go?

This Kind of Battle is Different and Getting more Plain to See!
We are All in it Together Now the "You" and this "Me"
We've Worked and some Made a Living by Making parts for Killing Machines,
I'm Confident it's Never Jaded my Outlook which Ain't Worth a Hill of Beans!

We Survive Life's daily Battles with Varying Warriors there Next To US!
When it Comes right Down to it We're All Lost on the same big Bus!
This Beautiful Blue Marble Has the much Needed Elements for Life!
Dispite its Many Differences it can't Help our personal Strife?

From metal Bombs to Chemical Weapon Most Countries Have Went! 
Containment Units Don't Work well for Systems that can get Bent.
Natural Disaster's All are Beyond any One Man's Control!
This World can pull itself in Tighter if it's Not Focusing on one Political Show! 

Viral Terminal Damage has It's Effects and Affects Without Discrimination!
IT Won't Matter or Care if Your from This or That Nation!
We've Survived vast War's before due to Our Unique Configuration!
So Let's Finally Agree to Overcome this Destructive Political Situation?   


Author Notes We Verses Them And War's
By: George Martinez
A.K.A. QC Poet
To become A Chapter in;
Pappa`s Memories and Ramblings.

Make A List of 5 Words Start With "W" this Same Letter is to be used in your Verse these "W" words are; Whole, When, Where, Worth, With, Weapon,
Plus~ Went, Work, Without, War's,

Used in Context With the Recent Out Break of the "Corona Virus" into the World, with comparisons to Previous World War's and Natural Disasters, U.S. Weapon Advancements, and Presidential Elections due in November. As A Commentary Rhyme Piece.

Chapter 76
Red When Blue?

By QC Poet

I've been Red when Blue,
I've been Blue when Red!
Red Hot thoughts run through my head,
Blue Ice flows through my veins too!

Anger Heats up our blood,
Coldness Freezes our Soul!
Hate Impulses Heat in a Flood,
If Humanity's Frozen Cold ~ Can it still Grow?

Heated Passion isn't What is Really Bad!
Yet, It's Cold Reactions have often Turned Sad? 
Are Red Hot Disputes triggering his Fad?
Coolness In Control Proves it's just Mad!

We Well Know Cooling our Heat is Not His Norm!
People Dying Coldly, Heated he Fails to Perform.
A Hot Rhetoric he Bellows in an Election's Storm,
Freeze the Video Frames you'll Catch him Deform!

Author Notes Red When Blue?
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet
Photo Credits to A Free Political Internet Search Download plus Author Add-ons

1. Election Day In California is November 3rd, 2020. It's Now April in 2020 and There is a Growing Political Struggle Between Surviving a Pandemic Virus and Keeping Various American States in Business Operating.
It's Dollar Bills vs. A Diease that Kills?

2. The Spanish influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history. It was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin.
This Corona Virus Pandemic has Infected, Affected, Effected Our World in Ways not Seen Since the 1918 virus that caused the deadliest flu pandemic in recorded human history, claiming the lives of an estimated 50 million people worldwide.

3. After Publicly Minimizing it's Effects in Serveral Corona Task Force Updates;
President Donald Trump disagreed with Georgia's reopening plan, also reported the deaths in the US began sooner. The latest coronavirus news.

Chapter 77
Mask In Space?

By QC Poet

Mask In Space?
Social Distanced Wonder? 
If Our Scientist's Did Not Blunder!

Ends Our Race?
Politics Won't Matter!
If The Only Choice Left Is Splatter!

Human's Place?
Disintegrates Quickly!
A Meterorites Choice Is Prickly!


Author Notes Mask In Space?
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet
A 3-6-9 Syllable Poem Entry

Only available in Blue, Purple, and Brown Filtering, LOL!

Information was published by USA TODAY on 4/24/2020;
The space rock, known as 1998 OR2, will be nearly 4 million miles away from Earth on Wednesday at 5:59 a.m. ET classifying it as a "potentially hazardous" asteroid despite the impossibility of it posing a threat to Earth anytime soon.

A newly captured image by Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico brings its own surprise. As the asteroid approaches our planet, it looks as if it's wearing its own mask and may very well be conducting its own social distancing practices.

This poem has three stanzas. Each stanza has three lines that follows the 3-6-9 syllable count. The first line has 3 syllables, the second line has 6 syllables and the last line 9 syllables. The subject can be anything.

Revised to Contest Paragraph Requirements.

Chapter 78
The Real Takers?

By QC Poet

Who's the Real Takers?
Disguised Policy Makers!
Agenda's Stakers!


Author Notes The Real Takers?
By; George Martinez
A 5-7-5 Poem Contest Entry

For this contest you are to write a short poem. It should have only three lines. But the structure is that of a Haiku.
The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables again. Write about anything. Cash Prize. Deadline in a day.

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download;
Money 3/27/20 (CARES) Act Signing Photo

In Our Country there are Real Takers! Agenda's are hidden behind their Stakers,
Some Run for Office to become Policy Makers!
Politicians Behind "Movers and Shakers"?

Chapter 79
Green Tablets

By QC Poet

Green as glowing jade?
Remnants of some legends fade,
Emerald green records of trade?
Egyptian, Greek, or Atlantean by written blade?
Never understood until Dr. Doreal's translation was made?

Thoth an ancient Egyptian god of scribes and Herrmes the transition Greek god legend.
A very just and incorruptible judge on which they could depend.
Believed to be dated from the mid-first to third centuries,
Legendary and renown for astrology and his philosophy!
Egyptian people would turn to him for his Divine Wisdom,
Treatise and judgments often were based on his system.
"Stone of Philosopher's" records of Newton hint that he used them.

Author Notes Green Tablets
by; George Martinez
(A.K.A.) QC Poet
Photo Credit to Free Download via Pinterest.
An Acrostic Poem Contest Entry Submission

Write an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word. View an example in the announcement.

Additional Information on Emerald Tablet's Content and Posting of them available via internet search using key words; Emerald Tablets.

Chapter 80
Rock Of Life

By QC Poet

Mother Earth the Rock of Man's Life!
Where Human's fight despite its Rife?
To march and conquer dead men lay!
Gaining more lands a savage way for Peace filled strife?

This Rock remains despite Man's Greed!
Created to meet all He'd Need?
Will Man ever share Mother Earth?
Taking those things he thinks She's worth then left to bleed?

To this Day we have just one Home?
Yet much further Man yearns to roam?
What satellite missiles have yield,
Is Life Out in Space remains sealed behind Man's Dome?

A Great Life Force all men can see?
The Wonder of Humanity!
Conquer to Plunder all She's Worth?
Kill the Air on His Mother Earth then rush to flee?


Author Notes Rock Of Life
By; George Martinez
A Florette "Earth" Poem Submission

Photo Credit to Free Internet Downloads plus Author Add-ons.

I was a bit sick during early April and found that I Never completed and submitted this poem offering; Written for Florette (week of 4-10-2020/Earth related) with the following parameters;
DO NOT write about the corona virus, global warming, or ANY political figure/FS member alive or not.

The Photo represents Ancient America Governments vs. Present Day Systems

This poem is about Earth's Survival with Man's ambitions. I read or (now if available) watching many Subjects from History on Science, Militaries, Philosophy,
These are some of my Earth related crazy ideas on endangered and extinct species (Man, animals), and
Earth's Survival from Man's tinkering of weather, Man, Dieases, Technology all mixed in this one poem.

Do Man's Greatest Inventions come from His Love to Kill and Conquer?
Photo roughly incorporates today's Piramid Hierarchy changes in Blue if any.

Definition / Clarifications
a) Rife: (adjective)
3) abundant, plentiful, or numerous

b) Strife:(noun)
2) A Quarrel, struggle or clash, - armed struggle

c) Yield: (verb)(used without object)
8) To give a return, as for labor expended; produce; bear.

d) dome: noun (Urban dictionary)
A dome - as in two college buddies talking about what someone who when he fell down the stairs hit.
(human's head)

1st Missile USA Shield System -

Chapter 81
Blindly Hateful?

By QC Poet

Preaching Division's,
Wrecks Humanity!

Author Notes No Need for A Second Act;
Blindly Hateful?
By: George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet
A 5-3-5 Syllable Open Subject, Lune Poem Entry on (Hate)
Photo Credit to Free Internet Downloads plus Author Add-ons.

Write a 5-3-5 Syllable Open subject poem

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
1 John 4:8 KJV - Bible. com

For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.
James 1:20 KJV - Bible. com

Chapter 82
World Wide Divisions

By QC Poet

World Wide Exclusions,
Unite Enraged Divisions,
Of God's Creations!


Author Notes World Wide Divisions
By; George Martinez
An Open Subject 5-7-5 Poem Contest Submission

For this contest you are to write a short poem. It should only have three lines. But the structure is that of a Haiku. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables again. Write about anything. Cash Prize. Deadline in 4 days.

Photo of Solidarity Riots left to right and down in Stockholm Germany, The Hague Netherlands, Sidney Australia, Marseille France, The Hague Netherlands, Paris France. Photo Credits; Free Download via Published Associated Press Photos, and Author's Add-on frames.


Chapter 83

By QC Poet

There is an emptiness within these blank cold halls,
Dimming the Lights and Fun we once had at our Balls,
Along dank looking walls and a staircase it crawls,
Shadowy silhouettes seemingly grow as the evening falls!

Love wrapped up in Veils of Dark Lies cloaked as shawls,
Blown in the waves of a furious thunder storm that stalls,
Warming us up once we cooled off after those old brawls,
Have hidden the damage imprinted on these Halls from previous Squalls?

Shadows that cast twisted images still float By that Entralls!
Perhaps it's Reason quickly swirling in to Say Hello to our Eyeballs,
You've Fought those Old Battles Now Lay your Armor Down ~ it appalls!
That Empty Darkness is to be Left Behind for the New Beginnings it Installs! 


Author Notes Empty
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Empty Halls a Pix This Challenge Photo Submission.

These Pix This Challenge Photos, offer me opportunities to mix in some Truth and Embellishments in a poem story form.

Chapter 84
Don't Let the World

By QC Poet

Don't Let the World Divide Us when God Created Us for Each Other!
Life is Harder if Not Taught by the Loving Guidance of a Father or Mother,
God shared His Love come Grasp My Hand as you Are my Brother,
Everyone that Loveth is Born of God our Creator and Heavenly Father!

Solemn Humility eludes Man as His Nature deters him Now!
Everlasting Peace is required as Hate takes a Newer Vow?
Desperation covers Motivation of those lacking any Love to plow!
Our Heavenly Father looks down upon Us as Beads of Blood run from His Brow!

Let Peace begin with Me so I can learn to Live in True Harmony!
Differing Shades of Holding Hands will Lead us to Equality!
Loves Clasped Hands in Spiraling Swirls spin into Eternity!
Resurging Hate again Colors what's left of Humanity!

Man's Time began Ticking back when Adam and Eve first met!
That Lying Serpent has been Repeatedly placing this bet,
Full Complete Destruction was never really quite set?
When we Stop Believing in God's Word and Faith's Love comes All Regret! 

Author Notes Don't Let the World
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Prayer for Love and Peace ~ Free Verse Poem

1, Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author Add-ons color tinting.

2. A Free verse is a form of poetry that does not Necessarily follow any Specific Meter Patterns, Rhyme, or Any Other Pattern. Free verse, despite its freedom, often Still Has some Elements of Form. Most Free Verse Does Observe A Convention of Lines and Structure. Free verse poems have no Regular Meter and Rhythm.

Reference Verse;
1 John 4:7 KJV
Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

For A Clip About the Let there be Peace on Earth poem;

Chapter 85
The Facebook Bingo Game

By QC Poet

The Facebook Bingo Game,
Mad Hook of Today's Blame!

Author Notes The Facebook Bingo Game
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Two Line Essence Poem Contest Entry Submission.

Photo Credit to a Free Internet
Downloadable posting.

When you can't figure out who else to blame for your issues play the Neighborhood Bingo Game!
Get Hooked It's Addictive.

Two Line Poem;
Write an essence poem. This is a poem of two lines with six syllables per line, each containing an internal rhyme and an ending rhyme. See the announcement for an example.

Chapter 86
Bozo's Directive

By QC Poet

Bozo's Directive?
Government Morphs to Circus!
Clowns Frowns Turned to Smiles!   


Author Notes Bozo's Directive?
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Free Form 5-7-5 Poem

Photo Credit to Free Downloads plus Author's Add-ons

As he "Bears" down on his reelection campaigning. There were 22 "Acting" officials holding Cabinet and Cabinet-level jobs for a combined 2,700 days, about 1 out of every 9 days for those vital jobs. As of 2/21/20.
Now Hiring Newer Clowns!

A 5-7-5 follows the structure is of a Haiku, but without any limitation to the topic. So have fun with the 5-7-5 poetry type. But it must follow the proper syllable count. A 5-7-5 has three lines. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables again.

While a Senryu is primarily concerned with human nature. A Haiku is primarily concerned with physical nature.

Poem information reference;

Chapter 87
Bread of Life

By QC Poet

Bread of Life Food for The Soul,
I Dread All My Sins Please Fill this Hole!
Read in my Life you Will Help my Control?
You're the Way, Truth, and the Life all Sinners could Know!

Knows your Needs it's Free Will for you to choose Instead!
Soul's Called maybe Saved pulling Life's over packed Sled,
Holes in Our Spirit are Filled by Believing in what we Read!
Control is In Our Understanding of What He once Said.

Fed many thousands with the Five loaves of Bread!
Shed Tears for Our Souls Alive while He still Bled,
Angry Hateful Forces he fought and also did Shred,
Lead Salvation Seekers for Our Souls he Dying Pled! 

Tread in a New Direction with Good News to Spread!
We speed into Sin's Eternal Flame without Planning Ahead!
Soul's are Led Away from Evil Dispite the many times we Fled!
Why thread Life's Needles Daily only to End up Dead?

Author Notes Bread of Life
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Bread of Life - Free Verse for 5/30/20

Photo Credits to Supplied Posting Download plus Author's Added photo of A Gift my 7 year old Grandson made for his Little brother's First Birthday.

The subject this time is BREAD. That may sound a little odd, but there are so many slants to take. Remember, not just words, but use of alliteration, imagery, repetition, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, metaphor, and personification. Have fun!
No deadline.

Reference Verses;
John 14:6 KJV
Jesus Christ saith unto him; "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me"

John 6:47√?¬¢?√?¬≠-√?¬¢?√?¬¨51 KJV
47 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.
48 "I am that bread of life.
49 Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead".
50 This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die."
51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.

Chapter 88
Eroding Faith

By QC Poet

Eroding Faith - what do you mean?
Emote some Hope in what is unseen!
Failure never escapes or remains Faceless!
Futures are never for those who are Faithless!

Leaders of Hate who's powers always wean!
Losing political luster till there's no sheen.
Meandering politicians seem to be mindless!
Materialism brings down the Immorally Merciless.

Faith - gifted by God is graciously saving us!
Failures yoke arrives striving alone while making a fuss,
Grandness unamiable lasts for just a few days,
God's Will is still moving in his Mysterious Ways!

Now is a great time for us to drop to our knees!
Nearby is an end in which no one's Soul Flees,
Open your eyes in depressing times like these!
Opportunity is renewed for Unfaithful people to seize!


Author Notes Eroding Faith
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Faith Poetry Contest Entry Submission

Photo Credit to Free Download plus Author's Coloring refinements.

The theme for this poetry contest is "faith". We are looking for poems that in some way pertain to this theme. It doesn't matter if it's spiritual, political, intellectual or emotional as long as faith is clearly represented.

A Relative Scripture;
Ephesians 2:8 KJV;
For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.

An Interesting Article on Eroding Faith;

Chapter 89
Stony Smiles

By QC Poet

Stony smiles at his inside joke!
Results from certain kinds of rising smoke?
He's laughing at this picture as I also poke,
Doesn't mind if his face looks plastered and broke!

The four other's with him too are stony faced!
With serious stares where they're currently spaced,
In that odd shaped line in which they are placed,
One has to wonder if these four feel a bit disgraced?

Stony fried, looks funny as he stands and stares!
The other guy's are shown in poker~faced glares,
Looking off at another hill as if each one cares?
Chuckling Stony murmurs "fakers putting on airs".


Author Notes Stony Smiles
By; George Martinez
(A,K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A stony smile Pix This Photo Challenge

A smile among stony faces! What does the image say to you. Can you write a poem about it? You can write and submit your poem anytime.
No deadline.

Stony Smiles ~ A Stoned Statue?

Word Description Intrupation Choice makes this one applicable to 2020,
Now say ~ Oh yeah!

Chapter 90
See the Dawn

By QC Poet

As the plan was drawn
Fat jester makes all you smile
Laughing king has pawns
Rook your witless youthful might
Checkmate your sick they're gone!


Author Notes See the Dawn
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Tanka Poetry Submission

Photo Credit to Free Download from 123 plus.
Rules for Tanka Poem available on site contest page.

I'm amazed how easy some of America's youth and parents are gullibly been lead these days into sickness of Mind and Body.

This poem was conceived in part based upon a listening to the attached song.

I Can't See The Dawn.

1. (adjective) lacking wit or intelligence; stupid; foolish.
2. (noun) a professional clown employed by a king or nobleman, esp at courts during the Middle Ages

(verb)(tr) slang to overcharge, swindle, or cheat
(noun) Chess: one of two pieces of the same color that may be moved any number of unobstructed squares horizontally or vertically; castle.

2) a complete check; defeat:His efforts to escape met with a checkmate.

Chapter 91
A Difficult Task?

By QC Poet

Tough is the Task?
To Improve One Mask?
If your Dying to Bask?


Author Notes A Difficult Task
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Outlooks and Views Series (Chptr.?)

Photo Credit to Author's Photo Collection and Add Ons.

Vote Your Conscience 2020

Chapter 92
Destiny to Humility

By QC Poet

Lacking Humility,
Cruel Realities,
Pave Destiny!

Author Notes Destiny to Humility
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Satisfactory Outlook

Photo Credit to Free Internet Downloadable News Commentary.

Will we be Remembered for Our Humility or our Cruelty?

Sometimes it's not the person who changes it's the mask that falls off- Author Unknown

A 15 Syllable Poem

Chapter 93
Empowered to Decide

By QC Poet

Voting Empowers How!

Your Life's Best Guide!

Author Notes Empowered to Decide
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet
A 2020 Vote Topic (1-6-1 & 2-4-2) Combo Syllable Poem

Biden Cartoon Credit to Bokbluster. Com and Truman/Flueman Cartoon Credit to Jouquetle - plus Author Add-ons.

The Choice is Yours!

I Created this Dual Limited Syllable Poem first using a 1-6-1 syllable format poem combined with a 2-4-2 syllable count format poem to Promote Voting in the 2020 Presidential Elections, with meme type cartoons of both U.S. Presidential Candidates.

Chapter 94
Voice Freed

By QC Poet

Voice Freed,
Shows Need,
Expressed Spewed in Vile!
In Full Consequence Denial,
Acknowledges Deed.


Author Notes Voiced Deed
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Voiced Deed

A 2-2-5-7-5 Syllable Poem Entry.

US 2020 Election Boxing Teams are Set! Gonna be a Royal Rumble!
Photo Credit to Free Internet Download; 123RF .com (w/magic pen filter)

Write a poem with the following syllable count, 1st line 2 syllables, 2nd line 2 syllables, 3rd line 5 syllables, 4th line 7 syllables, 5th line 5 syllables.

Chapter 95
Silence Broken

By QC Poet

Words Spoken,
Silence now Broken,
Folks Woken?

Author Notes Silence Broken
By; George Martinez
(A,K.A) QC POET / Chochee Medina
Have We Awaken? a 3-5-3 Syllable Poem

Our Free Speech has Ownership and Consequences!

Photo Credit to Author's Photo Collection taken at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas

Chapter 96
Flawed Future

By QC Poet

Future's Lived In Past,
Can Never Take Steps Forward,
Reviving It's Flaws

Author Notes Flawed Future
By; George Martinez
Back to Greatness?
A Haiku Poem Submission

Photo Credits to Free Internet Downloads plus Author Add-ons

News Links;

Outside Trump Agitators Video from Twitter @ EricWasserman1

Chapter 97
Another Karen

By QC Poet

Another Karen starts a screaming debate!
Because of our skin tone color starts to get irate,
Complexion shades her reality full of vile Hate,
Disregard these dizzy pale faced screamers,
European American descendants of Old Dreamers! 

Author Notes Another Karen
By; George Martinez
The Chochee Medina ~ QC Poet Series;(Metaphorically Speaking) Chapter tbd
An ABC Poetry Contest Submission

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author Add-ons.

Definition; Karen:
Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.

For this contest you are challenged to write a one-stanza, five line poem.
The first letter of each of the first four lines follow the order of the alphabet while the last line can be any letter whatsoever.
The lines may be of any syllable length. Also, line length may vary from line-to-line.
The poem may be about any subject or topic.
Rhyming and meter are optional.

Chapter 98
Vote Goats Boat?

By QC Poet

A Mail Vote,
Sinks His Boat! 


Author Notes Vote Goats Boat
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC POET / Chochee Medina
A Voting 2020 - 6 Word Poetry

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author Add-on and frame.

6 Word Poetry
Write a poem with only 6 words.

Chapter 99
The Voting - Loop

By QC Poet

Now is the time to go out and Vote!
Vote because our future is still at Stake!
Stake in this Nation that's again needing Change.
Change in its flow that is our wave to Make!

You're empowered to choose so, use your Say!
Say enough at four years time to reset the Score,
Score by Voting for change and using our Voice!
Voice your opinions but Voting is our Chore!

To right any wrongs we feel may have been Done,
Done or perceived as real or made to Believe!
Believe you still have the Power to reset any Stage,
Stage for our future by Voting it's possible to Achieve!

Author Notes The Voting Loop
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
The Election Cycle has Looped back Around - A Loop Poem

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author tinting.

A Loop poem requires the last word in first line to become the first word in the next line.
Draw a line (a)
Line is in the sand (b)
Sand is on the Beach (c)
Beach is a bit bland (b)
There is a rhyme scheme; a,b,c,b. There are no restrictions on the number of stanza's, nor on the syllable count for each line.

Chapter 100
We Verses Them

By QC Poet

In all War's in our history it seemed it was always "Them verses the "We"!
Because we were All in this Together it was said "From here to Eternity"?
This whole World has been warring for Centuries this we do all Know!
When you are Born Native to America where would you expect to Go?

This battle is getting very different it is plain for those watching to clearly see!
It begins when we're no longer together and becomes a "You" vs. the "Me"?
Some folks make a Living by making lethal exotic mass killing machines,
That may jade people's outlooks so that Life is no longer worth a hill of beans!

We survived many of Life's Battles with different Warriors next to US!
When it really Comes Down to It we're All stuck on the same Earthly Bus!
This big Beautiful Blue Marble has all the needed Elements for our Life,
Dispite all of our differences and No Matter what's our personal Strife!

From Bombs to Chemical weapons eagerly most Countries have Went,
Containment units won't work if our safety systems are some how bent!
All Natural Disasters go far beyond just One Man's Control,
This World must again pull Together and Not Focus on one man's Political Show!

This Viral terminal damage has Affects and Effects without any Discrimination!
It really doesn't Matter if you are from This or any other different Nation!
We've survived many war's due to Our unique Citizen Configuration,
So let's finally Agree to Overcome this ugly Hateful political Separation!


Author Notes We Verses Them
By: George Martinez
We Verses Them
A Chapter in Pappa's Memories and Ramblings.


With the Recent Out Break of the Corona Virus into the World, and comparisons of Deaths to Pervious World Wars, Natural Disasters, U.S. Weapon Advancements, and Presidential Elections due in November this Commentary Rhyme Piece was written.

Chapter 101
Trumpkin's Excuses

By QC Poet

Trumpkin poses jailed!
His excuses must have failed?
When Voter's just bailed. 

Author Notes Trumpkin's Excuses
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC POET / Chochee Medina
Scandals and Election Handles - a 5-7-5 Syllable Poem

Photo Credit to an Internet Downloadable from;

For this contest you are challenged to write a Haiku poem. Haiku is a form of poetry that only uses three lines. Can you paint a mental image using only three lines?

USA Votes on November 3rd, 2020

Chapter 102

By QC Poet

Strive Forward to;

Author Notes Believe
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Believe and Strive to Achieve!

Photo Credit to; George Martinez photo collection,
One of My 3 younger Brothers and myself at Mom and Dads house. I'm a Gardeners Son and one of 8 kids: 6 boys 2 girls.
My father was also Self taught us to Dream and Achieve your professional and personal desires. His skills included Grave Digger, Landscaping, Fleet Line Mechanic, Photography, Television and Radio Repairman, Painter and Other Handiman Skills.

2-4-2 Poetry
Write a 2-4-2 syllable poem. It has three lines. The first line has 2 syllables, the second line has 4 syllables and the last line has 2 syllables again. The subject can be anything. Cash prize to the winner. Deadline in 2 days

Chapter 103
Pandemic Fallout

By QC Poet

People overseas start dying sick too quickly, 
A new Virus in January is first detected,
News Leaks of its Global Spread!
Don King of Cons calls it just "Fake News". 
Elected Senators from U.S. profit by Information Access?
Make big profits trading certain stocks?  
Is it any Wonder to anybody else who's listening? 
Coruption was now Ruling the Roost! 

Fortune smiles and winks on the Wealthiest, 
All other Social Classes bear these burdens. 
Leaders plan a Giant Corporate bail out solution?
Little of this Relief goes to those in Greatest Need?
Oh how a Grateful Nation has Changed in Four years quickly,
Undermining Our Pledge of One Nation Under God! 
Trumpskibear and Cabinet are Shameful when Voted Out!

Author Notes Pandemic Fallout
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Fake News Falls Out

Photo Credits to; Free Verious Internet Shared Political Post Presented in a Collage Format.

Acrostic Poetry Contest
Write an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word. View an example in the announcement.

With Backroom Classified / Insider Information Profitting
Government Big Business / Give Away Loans
Denied Early Warnings Costing additional U. S. Lives
Further Weaking Government Security Systems
Coddling Dictators the World Wide
Ignoring Pre-Election and Redirecting Intelligence
Claiming Making America Greater - Again?

But For Who ~ Not Everyday Joe's and Bob's
P.S. That also Means Joe Ann and Bobby Joe

Chapter 104
2021 Recalibration

By QC Poet

Renewed Beginnings,
Adjust Alignments!




Author Notes 2021 New Year Recalibration
A 5-3-5 Lune Poetry Entry

2021 New Year Recalibration
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
After a Loonie 2020, I Need a 2021 Recalibration

I received the IV medications; Casirivimab and Imdevimab (REGN-COV2). I had just Spent Nine Months in Strict Quarantine, in 2019, and Still got the Corona Virus Flue in December 2020.
Today is my 15th day since I received What has been called the BAMB Shot, an Emergency Medical Authorized Treatment for Covid 19.

Lune Poetry Contest
A Lune poem is a short and fun poetry 5-3-5 Syllable form with only three lines. View the contest announcement for an example.

Chapter 105
For A Trumpian Minute

By QC Poet

Packed truck moving to Floridie!
Trump, Melania,
Jare, Ivanka,
Free loaders flee!

Washington also wants to dump,
Junior, Eric,
Laur, Vanessa,
Barron, sans grumps!

Hope ya all can live happily!
Cause yur havoc,
Far away down,
In Floridie!

Author Notes For A Trumpian Minute?
By; George Martinez
Don't Come Back Now ~ Ya Hear!

Photo Credit to a Shared FB Posting Meme.

How Long is A Trumpian Minute?
I Couldn't Help it, I'm Sorry really, Hopefully they all will slip Quietly in the annuals of history.

Write a Minute poem for this contest. A fun poem to write. It follows the "8,4,4,4" syllable count structure. Cash prize to the winner.
The Minute Poem is a poem that follows the "8,4,4,4" syllable count structure. It usually has 3 stanzas that are exactly the same. So: 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4 syllables.

Chapter 106
Off 2 Floridee

By QC Poet

Did Y'all ever hear the story about a dude called TrumpskiBear?
An overextended, racist NYC man, acting like a billionaire,
People thought him to be wealthy, and a terrific business man!
So many that they all got caught up in his bankruptcy scams!

Real Estate they thought it was, All tax free!

Next thing you know he's hosting Who wants to be a Billionaire!
Brings in family members to help with some celebrities thrown in there,
Then got a bright idea that the President he'd ought to be!
And wound up dining with the Russian Minister in Washington D.C!

So he ran by getting old Putty - a winking at him!

In Our Capital that is,
Perhaps with Lobbyists and Senator's?

Four years later his Presidency's lost and it's time to say Adieu!
Says he don't ever lose, then tries to stage a Coup!
But lucky we're here in America and Still Home of the Free!
So they packed up his $#!+ and Moved him to Floridee!

With the Swamps and Gators you know!
So he'll have plenty of company!

Y'all Don't Come Back Now ~ ya Hear?

Author Notes Off 2 Floridee
By; George Martinez
A TrumpskiBear Meme
(With Beverly Hillbillies theme song like rhythm)

Photo Credit to a Shared FB Posting Meme.
The Beverly Hillbillies TV Theme Song, is written by Paul Henning,
Copyright: unknown

(The Original Song);

Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed,
Then one day he was shooting at some food,
And up through the ground came a bubbling crude.

Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

Well the first thing you know old Jed's a millionaire,
Kinfolk said Jed move away from there
Said Californy is the place you ought to be
So they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.

Hills, that is.
Swimming pools, movie stars.

The Beverly Hillbillies!

(Played at the end of the TV show)
Well now its time to say good-bye to Jed and all his kin.
And they would like to thank you folks for kindly dropping in.
You're all invited back again to this locality
To have a heaping helping of their hospitality

Hillbilly that is. Set a spell. Take your shoes off.
Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Copyright © 1998-2021 All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 107
Bernie Why the Mittens?

By QC Poet

Bernie's Mittens photos?
Sans shoe sit-ins Show Toes!


Author Notes Bernie Why the Mittens?
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
It's Better than Smelling the Bern?

Collage Photo Credit to;
Free Online Memes and Personal photos.

Write an essence poem. This is a poem of two lines with six syllables per line, each containing an internal rhyme and an ending rhyme. See the announcement for an example.

Mysterious night dream
Elicits a fright scream

I am a disabled handicapped and kidney transplant ex-aerospace parts fabricator and quality assurance manger / engineer attempting to complete my books.
Thank You for Your Support

Chapter 108
Cougar a Chillin'

By QC Poet


This head turning Cougar face lays just a chillin' never plays da villainess,
Waiting still baiting ya lounging you're da toy she'll next possess!
Here ta burn time restin' before testin' a pretty kitten's my best guess?
Killer layin' on her left arm lurkin' in this Ol' bin a smirkin' with such finesse.

Not ready ta' sing this Ol' Cougar won't spring in a hardwood steel cage!
Wants ta' get loose ta' catch dat Ol' Wild Goose dat's ogling half her age,
A lovely, lively, yellow eyed kitten is never smitten and shows no rage,

Beyond our sight dat Wild Goose in flight stares 'cause she's a sage!

Ears perk'd up ta hear da blood fear pumpin' as dat zoo house is bumpin',
In a slight smirk less any irk her left brow furrow's before she's a jumpin',
Has turned a paw as if drunk'n by alky'hol a trick for prey dat's a slumpin'
Da noose is set ya can bet this Ol' Cougar don't need no Lugar and she ain't a grumpin'!


Author Notes Cougar a Chillin'
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
Rhyming Poem Inspired By Cougar Photo

You are challenged to write a poem of any kind with a rhyme scheme that somehow incorporates the image shown in the announcement.

This is my first attempt at "a lil ol' country drawl metaphorical writ'in",
Forgive my flawed accent(s).

In this poem my intention is to incorporate the Multiple Use of the "Cougar Photo" given in the Contest, for example;
A Cougar, Kitten, maybe interchangeable with a beautiful aging Lady.
Ol' Wild Goose with the whiskey Wild Goose,
Ol' bin & Hardwood Steel cage with a strippers prop cage,
Excetra, excetra..

Chapter 109
Depend On A Parent's Choice?

By QC Poet


From Pampers to Pull Ups do you know what that really means?
You're seeing things differently better Interpreting crazy Schemes!
Are Time is Unknown we're letting go some of our older scenes?
We sleep then awaken at all hours forgetting most of our Dreams?

Time of Essence, we never think through Feelings they're still a bit too New,
Thinking Small by Not Saying I Love You, to Big when Not Remembering to!
We're Crying Uncontrollably then Laughed and didn't Look like some Fool!
From Pampers to Pull Ups I got my many Opinions but, What's its meaning to You?

We teach our kids it's a Parent's Choice, what we think they should know,
While they quickly pick up on things All Parents will Unfortunately show!
Laugh drinking and smoking with friends comfortably, then it's Hate we Sow?
Rush to our School yards and Churches while they're Learning how to Grow.

They Depend on us to Focus on Learning as they quickly are growing up,
We may come to Hate what they're doing with the Loving Eyes of a pup?
It's Not too Late we Pray when finding they've already filled their short cup!
So Don't Wait on Fate that's Too Late, bad news won't ever slow down to Erupt!

It's a Real Fit for an Aging Generation our Grandkids get to See with Their Eyes,
With their Education Lightening Speed this comes as no small surprise!
A Parent's Choice Depend heavily on if they mature or even try to be wise!
Since our Elder's, Time flys quickly by yet Childrens Mind's Don't relate to Their Size.


Author Notes Depend On A Parent's Choice?
Photo Writes Title?
A True Story Contest Entry

Photo Credits to; items Purchased for Consumption Available via Various Local Super Stores.

I was reminded of the Similarities between a New Born and Aging when on a Store Visit my Wife and I had grabbed both Our Grandson's Parent's Choice Diapers and some Adult Depend's to be placed in our Shopping Cart.

True Story Contest
Share a memory from your life. Share a moment, an object, a feeling, etc. This does not have to be a profound memory, but should allow readers insight into your feelings, observations and/or thoughts.

This True Story and Rhyming poem is inspired by the Collage of Box Titles of Grandkids, and Surgery Recuperating Supplies that I've undergone over the last few years.

Chapter 110
Political Colors

By QC Poet

 The Evolution of the Democratic Party began after War way back in Eighteen-twelve.
By the Eighteen-thirties a Democratic-Republican named Andrew Jackson in politics did delve.
As this Party flip-flops over Slavery and Expansion for many years, I'll just follow the rules and take a deep air swelve!
Reconstruction resistance brought in an Elite Class and a Great Depression brought the reforms a New Deal used as a valve.
Today's rivals of those Demo-Republicans might have tried voting them out onto a shelve?
This era of Democratic dominance spans for most of the last 60 years we can add to it now - ourselves?

Since Nineteen thirty-two through Nineteen-eighty, this Republican Party has won four presidential elections.
And a Congressional majority lasting four years with all the multi-million fan aspirational intentions!
Dwight D. Eisenhower a Republican Centrist President in Nineteen Fiftythree to 1961, avoided a change of Military directions?
Senator R. Taft was an Isolationist opposed NATO and the Foreign entanglements of our interventions!
Still "Ike" actively supported equal rights for women and African Americans, then came Conservative Barry Goldwater's rejections.
President R. Nixon’s ill-fated presidency reached its culmination with the election of Ron Reagan in1980 those after will await explainations.

Finally what I'd really want to see in today's Two Majority Party Colors is both talk to one another Not Over the other and some Listening!
Listening to the Other side's perspective becomes difficult each day that passes in a competitive Nation that's Bristling!
Bristling with Selfish Power it's Want's over the Common Good's Needs with our divergent National Desires Sold to the Highest Bidder Whistling?
Whistling getting the Newest, Shining Worthless Bobble Doodad's while Stumbling over Fellow Needy Humans barely glistening!
Glistening yet struggling to be Noticed by a Cold Frozen Society dividing our Have Nots boldly laughing witnessing,
Witnessing the Cruelty our Have's No Longer seek factual solutions of National Issues via Real Social Distancing! 

Author Notes Political Colors
By; QC Poet
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / George Martinez
Shouldn't They Be Black and Blue?
A Nice U.S. Political Poem;

Contest Information;
Photo Credits to; Free Internet Search Downloadable Sites in Author's Collage Grouping and Filter Adds.

(1st paragraph 109 words approx.) (2nd paragraph 102 words approx.),
(3rd paragraph 115 words approx.)

Though the centrist Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower, was president from 1953 to 1961, he actively supported equal rights for women and African Americans, a conservative resurgence led to Barry Goldwater's nomination as president in 1964, and continued with? Richard Nixon's ill-fated presidency it reached its culmination with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.
Republicans From Reagan to Trump;
After running on a platform based on reducing the size of the federal government, Reagan increased military spending, spearheaded huge tax cuts and championed the free market with policies that became known as Reaganomics.
In foreign policy, the United States also emerged the victor in its long-running Cold War with the Soviet Union. But as the economy began to show signs of weakness, the growing national debt helped foster popular dissatisfaction with Reagan's successor, George H.W. Bush.
The GOP recaptured the White House in 2000, with the highly contested victory of Bush's son, George W. Bush, over Democratic contender Al Gore. Though initially popular, particularly after the 9/11 terrorist atta7cks, the Bush administration lost support thanks to growing opposition to the war in Iraq and the faltering economy during the Great Recession.

After Democrat Barack Obama became the first African American to be elected U.S. president in 2008, the rise of the populist Tea Party movement harnessed opposition to Obama's economic and social reform policies to help Republicans gain a large majority in Congress by 2014.

The 2016 election, in which Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, left Republicans in control of the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and a majority of state governorships. Democrats gained control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections and in September 2019, a formal impeachment inquiry was launched against President Trump for allegedly attempting to involve Ukraine in the 2020 presidential election.
President Trump was impeached on December 18, 2019 on two articles abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. On February 5, 2020, they voted to acquit Trump on both charges. Trump was again impeached on January 13, 2021, for his role in the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol. Trump became the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice. Trump lost his re-election bid in the 2020 election and left office on January 20, 2021.

Political Parties in The Oxford Guide to the United States

Notes 2;
Definitions of;
a) Swelve; Webster's 1913 Dictionary; Swel√????√???√??√?¬īve;
v. t.1. (verb) to swallow.
b) Valve; (noun): (1) any device for halting or controlling the flow of a liquid, gas, or other material through a passage, pipe, inlet, outlet, etc.
Added Note for b) As used in this poem to regulate the money flow.
c) Ourselves; (verb) refers to my wife and I.
d) Fraught; (noun) characterized by or causing tension or stress:
e) Bristling; (verb) past tense;√????√???√??√?¬†to rise up as in fear,
(verb); be in a state of movement or action
f) Glistening; (noun) a glistening; sparkle.
g) Witnessing; (1) (verb) (used with object) to see, hear, or know by personal presence and perception:to witness an accident.
(2) (verb); to be present at (an occurrence) as a formal witness, spectator, bystander, etc.:She witnessed our wedding.
e) via; (preposition): by a route that touches or passes through; by way of: fly to Japan via the North Pole.

Additional Collage Information;
The first practical TV sets were demonstrated and sold to the public at the 1939 World's Fair in New York. The sets were very expensive and New York City had the only broadcast station. When World War II started, all commercial production of television equipment was banned.

Useful Link's;
Rural America Turns On to TV in the 1940s

Chapter 111
Sunrise Set's

By QC Poet

sunrise awaking
warming senses itch forward ~
sunset bloom's relax


Author Notes Sunrse Set's
By; QC Poet
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / George Martinez
Exploring Five Senses Haiku

Photo Credit to; Author's Personal Photo Collection.

My First Submission for this Haiku Clubs Member reviews,
I'm Praying it Meets the Membership's Approval.

Back in the recent pass (3/2020 B.C19 = Before Covid-19),
My wife and I would set off for weekend get-aways for some Gambling and Concert fun. Leaving early in the morning's returning late in the evening's. These fun filled and exhausting juants could leave us Wondering years Later ~ Is this a photo of a Sun Rise or Sunset?

The Five senses inferred; Smell, Taste, Hearing, Touching, and Sight

Write a haiku with 17 syllables OR LESS, in a short/long/short form. The first two lines must be connected grammatically. The third line (satori) is a juxtaposition of two images or ideas separated by a dash -- or ellipses ... Avoid capital letters, alliteration, metaphor, rhyme, and punctuation. Keep it as succinct as possible.
The senses haiku should capture a moment in time when you felt connected to nature, use one to five senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste). It may be based on a true-life experience or imagination (inspired by a picture or a story).

jasmine in the air(smell)
tangled in caressing breeze (touch)
zen sunset (sight)
by Gypsy Blue Rose.
You can use your own picture.
Please, let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!
Please read the following article: BECOMING A HAIKU POET by Michael Dylan Welch√??√?¬†

Chapter 112
Ice Packed Life

By QC Poet

snow melt feeds earth's womb
coldness enveloped seeds bloom
~ winter's warming doom



Author Notes Ice Packed Life
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
Seasoned Life Cycles

Photo Credit to; FanStory Haiku Club, Late Winter Haiku photo.

Sorry, I forgot to check the due date on this entry and working on Ending my end rhyme habit - Forgiveness Please

Write a late winter haiku with 17 syllables OR LESS, in a short/long/short form. The first two lines must be connected grammatically. The third line (satori) is a juxtaposition of two images or ideas separated by a dash -- or ellipses ... Avoid capital letters, alliteration, metaphor, rhyme, and punctuation. Keep it as succinct as possible.
Due: Mar 8th. 2 days left

Chapter 113

By QC Poet

As the storm wind blows into our world,
Desperate to knock you in a very painful swirl,
Vulnerable to many changes our Life will hurl,
Every fiber of our body leans against this twirl,
Ready to accept whatever our future will unfurl,
Shield your face forward Faithfully staked don't curl,
Incline your steps robed in focus so thoughts won't whirl,

Thanks for listening to this Humbly Grateful old churl,
You will choose if you follow my wisdoms little pearl!


Author Notes Adversity
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
A Rhyming Acrostic Suggestion

Sorry, I'm having a hard time keeping up with everyone

Picture This Challenge
Hi Everyone. * Happy February. This is post #3 for 2021. * Write a poem about this interesting image. * All members use the same image to write about. It will automatically load when you are ready to post your poem. * Hugs from me to you. Marilyn
No deadline.

Chapter 114
A Sparrow's Hope

By QC Poet

Whenever I'm beginning to start to lose my sense of Hope,
Matthew 6:226 (KJV) helps to refocus my outlook's scope!
Even if I felt in this Life that I could no longer deal or cope,
In my darkness there's always a grain of Light to grab onto and grope,
I find in a Sparrow's chirping tweet I regain a sense of a calming dope,
That will pull me out of the World's deepest despair pits as if it's a rope,
So when you feel you're giving up remember this sparrow saying Nope!


Author Notes A Sparrow's Hope
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
A Hope Topic Submission

Let's write about the hope that Jesus Christ gives us. If the Lord has been good to you and given you hope in a particular situation please share it with us. Please give a scripture about hope from the Bible too.
No deadline.

Matthew 6:26 KJV
Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

Definitions related to this poem;
1) Grope: verb (used with object), groped, groping. To seek by or as if by groping: to grope one's way up the dark stairs.
2) Dope: adjective, Slang for great; excellent: His band is so dope!

Chapter 115
As Time Flys

By QC Poet

If we could borrow those translucent ancient dragonfly wings of Time,
In the palm of my hand I'd hold on to its rhythm and also it's rhyme,
Poems would Spring forth as a warm breeze when it's ringing a chime!
Instead of going through these motions as if I'm only some kind of mime.

In a golden poppy filled hillside I'd write poetry daily, it'll be so sublime!
Never watch neither big or small hand's moving I feel that's just a crime,
Creativity opens up as Spring flowers even with talent sized as a stime,
This World would bottle & sell our poetic lucky secret potion's enzyme!

As quick as dragon fly's wings fluttering swindlers take your last dime!
No golden watch whenever you retire they'll leave you laying in slime,
Purpose, Grit, and Will to succeed helps wash away dirt & Earthly grime.
Add in earned self-worth your strong hands will grab onto Life's tough climb!

The hazy background in your mind's eye is thick as the fog in Anaheim!
Solve this photo's riddle takes using just a bit of mental pantomime,
Time mixed with experience one day becomes Wisdom in your prime.
Don't fret to much on it we're only writing pictorial poetry for Springtime!

Author Notes As Time Flys
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
A Spring Picture This Poem Entry.
(For Papa's Memories and Ramblings)

In the Photo inserted into the palm is my Wife, myself, and the last car I was able to drive (my old 2003 CTS Cadillac) along with 2 of our 4 Grandkids visiting the California Poppy Field Reserve in Lancaster, California

Hi Everyone. With spring approaching in a few days, our thoughts may drift to how we'll spend them. This appealing image is from Bing. Use your talent to write a poem about it.
No deadline.

A Spring Time Picture Prompt;
This Poem Entry is also for my up Coming Book:
(Papa's Memories and Ramblings), Chapter TBD

Stime: (noun) Scot., and Irish English.
the smallest bit; a drop, taste, or glimpse.
Enzyme: (noun) any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions.
Anaheim: (noun) a City Located in Southern California.
Pantomime: (verb) to act out without words but with gestures and bodily movements only

Thanks for your Time, Rating and Continued Support!

Chapter 116
Measured Memories

By QC Poet

We all say "One Day" ~ at times to regret that day has passed us by.


Author Notes Measured Memories
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
Increments of Our Timeline

One Line Poem
Write a monostich poem which is a poem that is only one line.

(Photographs Revelance)
I've Worked in Aerospace for 15 years Measuring, Fabricating, Forming, Cutting and Checking and Inspecting Aircraft and Missile Components (both Metallic and Composite). I then spent another 17 years Supervising, Managing, and Directing different Groups of Employees in Inspection, Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering including Aerospace Interior Components. Permanently Disabled now for close to ten years, at approximately 50 yrs. Old or young (as I felt it still was).

With my Eye sight, Body and appendages, still deteriorating, a regret of mine is failing to take more time to more of this World's Wonders when I was in a better physical condition.

Galatians 2:16 King James Version;

16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

Chapter 117
Greatful for Healing

By QC Poet

Almost lost My knee!
Thank you God for Healing me.
Cancelled Surgery!


Author Notes Greatful for Healing
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

Notes / Warning;
Sorry if Photos Are Offensive to Poem Reviewers.

After further review - the Doctor changed his mind on my Leg "Revision" Surgery, Whew!
Leg is Still Healing.

5-7-5 Poetry Contest
For this contest you are to write a short poem. It should only have three lines. But the structure is that of a Haiku. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables again. Write about anything.

Chapter 118
Parked Wheelchair

By QC Poet

Not moving
From here to there,
Pushed by Family to show they still care!


Author Notes Parked Wheelchair
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

This is My first attempt at this Tetractys format - Hope it's correct.

I recieved a new wheelchair from my family before losing my lower left leg shown in the photos. I'm extremely Glad for my families assistance in moving me from point A to point B.

Writing Prompt
Tetractys is a simple and interesting form of poetry. Write a poem, with only five lines. Each line adds one syllable until the last stanza which has ten syllables.
The structure is:
line 1 - 1 syllable,
line 2 - 2 syllables,
line 3 - 3 syllables,
line 4 - 4 syllables,
line 5 - 10 syllable count

Chapter 119
The Culture Vulture

By QC Poet

The Culture Vulture
Takes All from Society
So it can't mature!


Author Notes The Culture Vulture
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

To Clean up Societies Decay

Photo is a Free Internet Download plus Author Add-ons

Culture Senryu week of 8/08/2021;

You may choose any culture you like. You may focus on race, or art, or food, or music, or dance, or religion, etcâ?¦ It may be real or fantasy (like fairies, unicorns, monsters ANYTHING you consider culture. The dictionary definition of culture is=the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.

SENRYU is a Japanese poetic form similar to haiku but focuses on human nature and it doesn't require a season word (kigo). It's written in 17 syllables OR LESS. No rhymes but metaphor, alliteration, personification, etc are okay. It can be humorous or serious.

Chapter 120
A No Rules Muse

By QC Poet

A muse about having No Rules,
From a fool lacking verbal tools?
No rules may cause one to have the blues,
If it's something you use to accuse.

No rules to voice is a strange muse?
A hinted bruise someone else chews?
Abuse when you are with your crews?
As clues you choose with some booze?

Those dues dropped in globs of twos.
Words tighten with verbal screws.
Some boos for those that snooze,
Hurt can stick as most of our glues!

It's damaging don't light that fuse!
Pain grows as it sits, festers & brews.
Some silence is always good news!
Those colored words then fade to hues!


Author Notes A No Rules Muse
By; George Martinez
No Rules Cause and Effects

Photo credit; from

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