"Me and You - 40+ years of Poems V2"

Me and You = 40+ Years of Poems

By QC Poet

We met at the Van Nuys Park Apartments in Pacoima, California, in 1974, after my father became the Head Grounds Keeper there.
We met because my Elder Brother Roy met and started dating your sister Teresa, we started dating about a year later.
We became a "couple" on August 8, 1975 after dating during our Junior High School summer breaks that year.

Later that year my father bought a home on Vaughn Street where my family moved but, it was within walking distance and we continued to see each other.

Author Notes Thank you for the review and Support, Suggestings, Comments, Sharing and God Bless you and your family for the Support.

Chapter 1
My FB 2018 Review

By QC Poet

CopyrightGMartinez247, 12/10/2018

Snap shots, Glimpses and Moments of Time in this year's passing,
Emoji's, Pictures, Places and things we Did - Like, Hate, Rate, UnFriend, and Harrasing?

Time to Review our Life's Losses, Successes, Challenges, Regrets, and Blessings,
To Remember our Lost Faith, Love, Beliefs and Dressing?

I ask #Only4ForGVNS to My Lord, My Christ, My Savior,
Because He told me about a few things, Like - Behavior!

I Try, but I Fall, because somethings Seem So Tall, Long, Wide, Thick, or Narrow?

Forgetting God Loves and Cares
For All His Creation as Big as a Universe, or as Small as a Sparrow.

So, #4GiveMe My, Skeptics and Friends,
As I Try once Again,
to #REdmMe2CRYST !

Author Notes Made to go with my Facebook Review from 2018

Chapter 2
A Prayer Answered

By QC Poet

Thinking about God's Grace and Prayers Answered.

Shortly before the attached picture was taken, I had been in Kidney Dialysis for approximately seven years (Hemodialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, Hemodialysis again).

One night I came home from the Dialysis Center and Fell to my knees in Pain and Misery crying, saying to Our Lord Jesus Christ - "Please Lord, I can't take anymore of this Pain and Suffering".

After my Eldest Son finally convinced me to accept one of his Kidneys, we began testing at USC (Keck) Medicine in Los Angeles, California, we live in Lancaster, California in the Antelope Valley a 160 mile round trip.

By the time my eldest son and I had been going through testing for two years to give me one of his Kidneys, we were becoming disillusioned and after disappointing decisions and doctors delays, we decided to switch and try at Riverside Community Transplant Center.
Riverside California is a 172 mile round trip from my home.

Before I continue, I would like to fill in the obvious questions regarding how I got into this physical condition in the first place.
My answer would be "A perfect storm of circumstances". A predisposition to Diabetes (My Mom's side), Alcoholism (Dad, Family - Heritage), and Working environment 35+ years (Aerospace chemicals).

Anyway, one day last February My eldest son responded to a query in his Company's "Facebook" posting of an offer to anyone in need of Organs to Please notify """".
He made a response to the offer request and he notified my Kidney transplant Doctor. The doctor had some reservations and my Son pleaded some more asking - " what would you need to help make the decision"?

The Doctor listed a few reports he would like to obtain and review from my medical history records and told my Wife and Son to expect to hear a no - due to my deteriorating condition having recently lost my Left hand and dry gang green on my Right finger tips.

The Power of Prayer was in full effect as my Family and Friends familiar with my plight Prayed.
Prayers were answered and Blessings bestowed upon us to include new Transplant Family Members.

Yes, I Believe in Miracles
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

By George Martinez 12/18/18

Author Notes Acts 4:22 KJV
"For the man was above forty years old, on whom this miracle of healing was shewed."

Chapter 3
Six Degrees of Separation

By QC Poet

Six Degrees of Separation,
will be part of your education,
and an essential element of preparation,
on how to handle Life in any situation.

So you won't end up guessing,
for it's with your life that your messing,
Learn the Lessons is what I'm stressing,
then try your best to stop regressing.

Watch the people, places, and things,
that in your life God for a reason brings,
and those beautiful rainbow rings,
that when noticed your heart sings.

No matter how small or tall,
or if we're only going to a mall,
Remember the things that cause one gall,
whether we're sober or we fall.

From all examples your life shows,
as they say "one never knows,"
how our life will progress as it grows,
For we're all each an act in its shows.

Six Degrees of Separation goes away,
as we all will die some day,
and in little time we can make sway,
when we include them in the reasons that we Pray.

Author Notes People, places, things in our not so famous life we can learn from to make us a better people in life.
Lesson learned in our life examples

Chapter 4
The Seven Deadly Sins

By QC Poet

Dear God,
I've listed crucial things below to avoid your wrath,
and to set me on a better 2019 path;

You formed Man out of the dust from the Earth,
then breathed a living flawless spirit into him.
When he followed woman into Sin then things suddenly became very grim for them.
The first human creatures were now birthed,
When they became Mortals with a soul,
And to return God's spirit untarnished `twas their prefect goal.

You also let man have Free Will to make his own lifes decisions,
Repentance is a heartfelt regret of the former way we lived our lives and to help us make needed transitions.

The Seven Deadly Sins listed below may not be properly listed in their order,
still I'll keep them closely to my heart as if I were a hoarder.

First on this list is Lust,
those strong misplaced passions and our longings.
From youthful lacks of self control and to include the married men whos deeds add up to wrongings.

is an excessive want of things we have like materials, drinks and food.
Tis true for all things that we beget especially those that tend to change our mood.

is an intense selfish desire for something we aren't lacking like power, material goods, and wealth,
for when we can't get enough it's bound to effect our souls health.

It's the most grievous of Sins especially when we use it against all others,
It's about not wanting or willing to walk in the shoes of our Sisters and our Brothers.

We're about halfway through the seven and I'll press on so as not to be a Sloth,
for I'm also trying to cut my teeth in the Word,
and earn a reverends cloth.

still abodes well in this days political society,
the Hate and Anger is so thick it gives many anxiety.

is the intense desire to have an item that someone else possesses,
It's one of those things that leads to societies regresses.

when excessive will cause raising one's self above all others,
the biggest danger and fear is when we Forget we are all Brothers.

So I'll remind my Family and Friends,
as we come to the end of yet another year,
There are yet a few more lines I'd like for us to hear;

Please join me as I Pray once again to Love, to be Humble, to be Kind, and to Live our life in Hope without any Fears,
and if we have to cry it's a joyful Celebration that fills all of our Tears.


Author Notes My Prayers for forgiveness for failures and sins of this year 2018,
And Prayers for all to improve in 2019.
God Bless you and your family
Photo of Jesus statue in my mother's garden before she passed on.

Chapter 5
Child Hood or Hood Child?

By QC Poet

Some children are raised,
while some children rise.
Some children are praised,
while some children become the prize.

Some children are amusing,
some children are rousing.
Some children face abusing,
some children have no housing.

Some children live in squalor,
some children live in palaces.
Some children like to holler,
some children will face malices.

Some children get perception,
some children get hocus-pocus.
Some children need direction,
some children grow with focus.

Some children are raised with manners,
some children call you dude.
Some children are raised with banners,
some children grow up rude.

All children will come to show,
whe lessons they will bestow.
Lessons learned as they grow,
are the seeds they have to sow.

Author Notes Raising children isn't easy.
Teach your children well.

Written 1/10/19
Copyright2019 George Martinez

Chapter 6
Me and You Together Make One

By QC Poet

Me and You together make One,
there's a mathematical problem in here for some,
the answer to this equation isn't easily done,
for others the answer may never ever come.

It takes lots of understanding and a little pain,
add in the long, winding, sometimes bumpy road,
sunny smiles, stormy torment, and tears of rain,
that equal all rivers and streams that ever flowed.

Subtract all the blissful fairy tales ever told,
multiplied by the flaws all people tend to hold,
some people will try to divide you if their heart is cold,
this is the sum of those who are often bought and sold.

Trigonometry for this problem will not help you find any kind of solution,
so Please don't try too hard and put your head up against a gun,
to solve the fractions of loneliness found in this pollution,
and accept an imperfect other so that the two can become one.

Author Notes My poetry may contain essences of duality in metaphorical phrasing and pictures that maybe contained within their release.

Chapter 25
Love and Hate

By QC Poet

  Heartbeat Fluttering?
Sighs of Love?
Or Anger Stirring?

Author Notes Love and Hate
Lune Poem Contest Entry
Photo Credit; Dreams
Plus Author's Add-ons

Lune poetry has 5 syllables in first line,
3 syllables in second line, 5 syllables in final line, Rhymes are fine but not required.
Subject matter is open.

Chapter 26
Executive Emergency?

By QC Poet

 Information Situations,
Delegation Variations,
Foundational Expenditures,
Democracy Change Departures,
Intelligence Information Situations,
New Requirements, Delegation Variations?

Implication Expectations?
Isolation, Demonstrations?
Curriculum, Environment?
Congressional Entertainment?
Republican, Implication Expectations? 
Education, Isolation Demonstrations?

Diagnosis, Recovery!
Disadvantage Discovery?
Declaration, Disappointment?
Establishment Advertisement?
Determining Diagnosis, Recovery,
Governmental Disadvantage Discovery? 

Accomadate Accuracy!
American Authority! 
Associate, Communicate,
Casually Characterize,
Anxiety, Accomadate Accuracy! 
Anticipate, American Authority!

Recognition Psychology,
Greatly Improved Efficiency,
Fulfillmental Entuisiment,
Revolution Execution,
Education, Recognition Psychology,
Developed Greatly Improved Efficiency?



Author Notes Executive Emergency
By; George Martinez
Wrapped Refrain Contest Entry Submission

Photo Credit; free internet download -
and Author's Add-on Stickers

Poem Contest Info;
2 or more stanzas of 6 lines each
Meter 8,8,8,8,12,12 and rhyme scheme of
Refrain rule - each stanza the first 4 syllables (or 4 single syllable words) in the first line must be the last 4vsyllables (or 4 single syllable words) at the end of the last line. This is what wraps each stanza with a repeated refrain (wrapped refrain).

Author's observation in 4 syllable (or less) word(s) description(s) of today's political issues.
During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and transition, National Security Concerns about our Country's Election Process vulnerability to Foreign Governments Influence arose and continue to be Investigated to determine how to Best Safe Guard the Election Process for 2020's Presidential Elections.

Additional information;

4 Syllable Words from Syllable

Chapter 27

By QC Poet

quantity of

Author Notes Amount
2-4-2 Contest Entry Submission
Photo Credit to; Free Internet Download - 123RF .com

Amount was the #1 most important word on a list by British rhetorical I.A. Richards, book How to Read a page: A course in effective reading (1942), most important words.
Via 5/07/18 by Richard Nordquist

Note; 1. They cover the ideas we can least avoid using those which are concerned in all things we do as thinking beings.
2. They are words we are forced to use in explaining other words in terms of the ideas they cover that the meanings of other words must be given.

Chapter 28
A Pair of Political Pears

By QC Poet

 A Pair of Pears leaning on each other seemingly Without any Cares?
Asian or "Apple texture" pears can be eaten once picked and cleaned off their stem,
The European/French type get pulled a bit early so they don't over ripen!
"Oops", a pear fell over is it now Wishing and Hoping that Nobody Stares? 
Each tree raised to be productive with their fruits examined like a gem!
Some are sold to Nations with a different "Allegiance" than yours with "Nobody Gripen"?

Grown here with a Foreign sounding Name though most are produced in the Northwest of the U.S.A.!
Are those pictured here Now Maybe Saying one to the other - "I Hope you Had a Great Stay"?
Will they wonder if They'll Get Selected to be "Exported" or Think about any other "Political Hype"? 
Not knowing on Whose tables they Will End Up on for them It Won't Matter!
They'll only want to be ripe, delicious, juicy and Possibly be a little Fatter?
This might be the Wrong Word to Use but again they "Don't Run For Office" or even "Twitter Type"! 

U-Pick and Big Farm Operations have long Become Consumer Norms,
for this Delicious Fruit and Sweetener Used in So Many Different Kinds of our favorite Foods!
Farm Stands are Still a Way for People to Feel more Secure with their "Own Pick"!
This Idea Helped many U.S. Farmer's to Rid us of Fears of a Foreign Name that Might have Made them Sick?
What's Obvious is It Works extremely Well and Changed Many of our U.S. Consumers Moods!
It's in Many vinaigrettes, baby foods, glazes, and fruit bars found Today on Tables and in our College Dorms! 

Marketing season's Depend and Differ by State along with their Kinds and Varieties, 
With Picking seasons Usually beginning from July and for some pears ending up through November!
You maybe Surprised to Learn Where they'll End Up After They Go?
Besides being delicious They Help Feed many Different Cultures and Societies!
Something in Times of Trouble We may Forget and then Don't Remember?
We also Provide them to Various top selling countries like United Arab Emirates, Russia, Canada, and Mexico!


Author Notes A Pair of Political Pears?
By; George Martinez
A Pair of Pears - Pix This Poem Entry Submission

Notes; pear information from article udated by:
Gina Marzolo, graduate student of Agricultural Sciences, California State University, Pomona
July 2015 by Malinda Geisler content specialist,
Ag Marketing Resource Center, Iowa State University
A. Six main states producing pears - California, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington
B. Exported to Mexico, Canada, Russia, United Arab Emirates
C. Imported into U.S.A. from - Argentina, South Korea, and Chile.

Chapter 29
Summer Picnics

By QC Poet

It's a Time for Family and Friends,
Every Summer picnic requires this skill,
A master in command of the BBQ's grill,
When burgers, hot dogs, and meats got cooked,
Then Family and Friends hands often get shook,
As the children play and run around till it's dark!

Others will swim around in the pool or at the park,
The music will blast long and loud,
Women will dance and men show off in their cars,
All will go home in the night happy as a Lark,
On the weekends till the Summer ends,
Kids will play tag or run around yelling "not-it", 
It's a Time for Family and Friends! 

When their parents say it's time to quit,
Their parents will make plans to meet again, 
They'll say for sure but not tell you when, 
You'll be surprised when you see your old friend,
Didn't plan to see them around so soon,
So you'll hang out way past the afternoon,
Every Summer picnic requires this skill!

Kids will get to Better know family and friends,
Make instant shared memories on their FB posts,
Share the things a fun Life Offers and then Chill,
Be laughing and talking as they hit their Sends,
Get hungry and make mention to their hosts,
Coming closer to the food tables set near by,
A master in command of the BBQ’s grill!

As friends danced or looked at their cars,
A belly's grumbling was beginning and stirred,
The sun goes down as kids are looking for stars,
Drinks poured in as family and friends get blurred,
As more greetings, hugs, and hands got shook,
Food is ready as the plates begin to unfurl,
When burgers, hot dogs, and meats got cooked!

In times of the Past these memories were retold,
Came the camera this moment in time got held,
As aging family and friends were growing old,
Shared memories of past summer's now showed,
Old smiles of past BBQ's memories revealed,
A Rembrance of in-ground BBQ pits used to cook,
Then Family and Friends hands often get shook!

Kids will learn to sing old songs like a Lark,
New and old dances while growing strong,
Not realize as more Family History is Made,
While learning this some will miss a beat or mark,
Old recipes get shared for more BBQ's to prepare,
What's of Importance is Learning how to Share, 
As the children play and run around till it's dark!

Author Notes Summer Picnics
By; George Martinez
A Cascade Poem Entry

My 1st Cascade Poem Entry Submission,
I Hope and Pray it is correctly composed.
Assigned topic; Summer Picnic.

Chapter 30

By QC Poet

Yet Unrealized, 
Foreseen Awaiting Motivation!


Author Notes Dreams
Four Line Poem Contest Submission Entry
Photo Credit; Author's Photo Collage

A 4 Line Poem with Syllable Count Requirements;
Line 1= One syllable
Line 2 = five syllables
Line 3 = five syllables
Line 4 = nine syllables

This photo was chosen by author (Only) to represent how a child's idea(s) may become a reality with the proper motivation and time.

Photo represents a 60's child and siblings standing dressed for a summer photo, due to heat youngest child takes off shirt and wishes there could be water streaming up from the hot sidewalk to cool off - flash to future (2020) it's a reality. What are our young ones dreaming up?

Chapter 31
The Letter - Y

By QC Poet

 The twenty-fifth letter in the alphabet - Y,
Is Asked first!


Author Notes The Letter - Y
Write a poem with exactly 15 Syllables

You can structure it anyway you choose and choose the word count. But the total syllable count for the completed poem must have exactly 15 syllables total.
Photo Credit to: free internet download via
Plus Author's Add-on coloring

Chapter 32
The Root Cave Queen

By QC Poet


The Root Cave Queen's out alone on a Full Moon night,
Lit lantern placed left as she moves to the right,
Right hand grasps dangling root mid-bridge viewing this lovely sight,
Red sash flows down below gown showing tonight!

Is there a wish for companionship in her loneliness brewing?
As the moonlight highlight's strength is now debuting?
Her mind filled with wonder as if a spell just came upon her! 
Hit in this moment without hearing any thunder?

The caves darken life growth to her is also calling!
As she contemplates love and perhaps a falling?
Both are dark mysterious and somewhat chilling,
And bring the happy light of love so fulfilling!

As she contemplates love and stays focus! 
There is No need for any hocus-pocus!
The Root Cave Queen's decision is now clearing! 
Wedding bells the kingdom shall soon be hearing! 


Author Notes The Root Cave Queen -
Alone - Pix This Challenge Photo Challenge
By; George Martinez
July 29, 2019

Notes; Please enlarge photo for sash color and other details as required.

Chapter 33
Lucky the Ducky

By QC Poet

This here is My favorite Pet Lucky,
He's obviously a Cute little Mallard Ducky,
Lately it has been Very Hot, Humid and Yucky!
Been Quacking a lot All Day, so now I'm Feeling Smucky!

I've Been Wandering around Wondering What I'm To Do?
To Calm him Down, Stop Honking by Making him Cool!
There's a Big Pond a pace Not Far out in the Back,
So there Is No Reason for him To try any Attack! 

He Made such a Disturbing Annoying Loud Ruckus!
Didn't Fly to the pond Now Want to Kick his Tookus!
Of Course that Would Be Wrong so I'll Never Do It!
A Bit Lazy this Hot Day don't Blame Him for This earlier Fit! 

Figure Out what I'll Do for him, No Longer The Fool!
Get a Little bowl of Water Let him Jump in this Pool!
He Quiet Down now I again Can also Reflect and Relax!
It's Lovingly Peaceful and Now I Gotta Follow in His Tracks!



Author Notes Lucky the Ducky
By; George Martinez
Cooling Off
Pix This Challenge Photo Poem

The capitalization is Purposeful to my poetry,
For emphasis on certain words to be Read line by line again making Another message Most Cases.

Psalms 56:3 KJV
What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

Chapter 34
So Deep!

By QC Poet

There are Times Humanity's Issues are So Deep!
Leaders Directing our Destruction as Citizens Sleep? 
Confused, Lost, Unaware, Many People start to Weep!
Bringing the End of Great Societies Historically it Does Reap!

Faith also Has the Power of Death and Destruction! 
Saith the Good Book as Reason for Making the Flood's Ark Construction! 
Hark and Seek God's Loving Holy Will by Being Quiet of Mind! 
Mark that We're Lost in this Sin Filled World's Earthly Grind! 

We Need our Souls to Search, Reason, Listen, and Find!
A Missing Element in Today's Human Spirit is Being Kind!
The Degraded Bones Now Needed to Find any Spine!
Choice Begins with Me and Is Ultimately Thine!

Belief is Truth Sought for Humanity and Oneself!
Grief Comes to Both No Way to Put it On A Shelf!
Bring to Mind Biblical Sufferings through Christ's Life Time!
Sing a Psalm of Peace, Watch Friends and Strangers Hearts begin to Shine!


Author Notes So Deep!
By; George Martinez
A Fabulous Free Verse Submission from;7/28/2019 - this Poem has 4 paragraphs. In the 2nd and 4th paragraphs the 1st and Last words in it rhyme with the previous sentence 1st and Last wordss of that sentence .

1. My Poems usually Have Two Meanings when Read Top to Bottom from Left across to the Right and Down, after reading it this way Read the Capitalized Words Again the Same Way for the Simular Second Poem.
2. In the 2nd and 4th paragraphs the 1st and Last words rhyme with the 1st and Last words of the previous sentence.
3. Photo Credit to Free Download;
LDS Tree of Life Children's Coloring Book,
Via krumblagov. com, plus a Author Add-on Frame.
4. The Trees shown in this Post Represent the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.
5. The Creation Story Genesis 2:9 speaks of God placing these Two Trees in the midst of the Garden.

Poem Summation;
Eve and Adam were Tempted In the Garden of Eden by the Serpent as written in;
Genesis 3:5 KJV
5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

- Therefore it's Logical to Believe that if Anyone Searches deep Within Their Own Soul with Prayer and Supplication, God Will provide Answers to Life's pressing Questions Of This Day,.
Since Man was Also Given Free Will to Believe - He (We) Choses to Be Afraid Or Put On The Whole Armor of God!

Chapter 35
The Betrayer Slayer Prayer!

By QC Poet

At Night before finally Laying my Head Down!
I Ask the Lord to Keep Away the Betrayer!
Keeping him From My Family or Even Coming Around!

For God's Protection is Powerfully Most Holy!
Whether you Are Not Devout or A Demon Slayer! 
To Ignore this fact Will Be at Your own Folie!

Then my Sleep And Rest become More Sound!
Head To my Feet I'm Armored In this Prayer!
From Mind to Soul I can Walk across Any Ground!


Author Notes The Betrayer Slayer Prayer!
By; George Martinez
A Nocturna Poem Entry
Photo Credit to Free Internet posted Download.

I Apologize for the Additional Capitalized Words, I tend to Capitalize Certain Words as I Write to Emphasize those Words. Read Those Words Again - across left to right and down to Find a Second similar Poem.
Sentences End At Exclamation Points!

Chapter 36
A Faint Woodsy Path?

By QC Poet

A Faint Woodsy Trail lies Ahead for us To Follow?
Surrounding Brush lines Leafy Sandy Path!
Though I See a Bit Beyond I'll pause to Take A Deep Swallow!

For All Tall Trees are Rooted Deep in This Earth's Wrath!
Know That my Heart's Beating Fast yet it Feels so Hollow?
All Seen here Was Calculated By God's Infallible Math!

Yet People only See with Eye's Focused on Beauty!
Having Forgotten that Earths Protection is Our given Duty!
From Below here People Will Look up High Above Amazingly and Smile!

Not Realizing their Gas Guzzler Caused these Trees Demise sounds A Bit Snooty?
Until Pines are Dropping, Dripping, Caked, Carbon Needles and Are Sooty?
Unlike in Adam's Time the Future's Smog filled Fruits Won't Taste at All Fruity!

Author Notes A Faint Woodsy Path?
By; George Martinez
(AKA) Chochee Medina Fabulous Free Verse Submission

Read Capitalized Words Again for Second Similar Message.

Amazon Fire Inspired?
(A Sarcastic View)
Rhyme Scheme is:

A faint path through the woods, you follow it And....

Chapter 37

By QC Poet

Care Without Wanting,
Other's Reciprocation!
Caring's Destroyer!


Author Notes Caring
6/14/2019 submitted 9/09/2019
Write A Senryu Poem 5-7-5
Contest Entry Submission

1. A Senryu tends to be about Human foibles, while a Haiku tends to be about nature.
2. Written in June 2019, and Never Submitted before this contest date.
3.Photo Credit to; Free FB Download on Family Unity

Chapter 38
Love's Thing!

By QC Poet

Love is A Curious Thing!
You Fall then Wonder What else It May Bring?
Happiness, Joy, Togetherness, or Just Deceit?
In Over Head? Or Standing up On your Feet?
In Love you May Never ever Know.
Depends on Which Way you Want it To Go!

Rushing In? Or Thinking about Taking it Slow?
Learning each Other before it Gets Cold As the Snow.
Or Sticking it Out Through the Thick And the Thin?
Help us Lord! For we Don't Know where To Begin!

Just Curiosity perhaps Leading To some Bliss?
How do We Ever Get the heck Out Of This?
Be Careful there Will Be many Highs and Lows!
Depending on Which Way the Love wind Blows!

As water's Currents it Comes In Ebbs and Flows!
Jumping In you're Wet from Head To your Toes.
There's Two Directors for one Of Life's shortest Shows?
Will this Season Be Renewed - that Only God Knows!



Author Notes Love's Thing!
Write a Love Poem Entry Submission
Photo Credit to; Free internet FB Download

1. The Capitalization is Intentional, for Readers to re-read Capitalized Words across top to bottom, from left across to right and down For a Second Similar themed Poem.

2. Write a Love poem. All forms of poetry accepted. Your poem can be fictional or nonfictional. It can be humorous or serious. The choice is yours. But it must be clearly a Love poem.

Chapter 39
Time's A Cultural Binder

By QC Poet

A Culture Binder,
By Unique Interactions!

Author Notes Time's a Cultural Binder
A 1-5-7 Poem Contest Submission

1. * Culture is the unique and distint complex interactions between members of society over time.
* Posted as read in a part of an Internet posting.
2. Time like Paths lead one Forward or Take you Back, it's Our Choices that Decide.

Chapter 40
Poetic Project Time!

By QC Poet

Having some Fun With my Poetic Project Time,
Today's Composition of A Rhythmic Rhyme.
The Flow must be Smooth the Rhythm is Mine.
The Words used Potent or Perhaps A Whine!

I'll Structure the Sentiments I can Find,
Just using Anything that Comes To my Mind!
Compose them Uniquely Hoping They will Bind,
Been Doing it Daily So my Day Won't Grind!

Polishing up The Meter so It May Bling!
Maybe it's Something Someone will Sing?
Love To a Hate filled Society it Should Bring,
Happiness and Enjoyment is A Good Thing!

This poetic Offering is Short and About Done!
No political Offenses for it Includes None!
Laughter to All Readers is Part Of its Fun,
Only will Become Greater - If I Find out It Won!


Author Notes Poetic Project Time!
A Rhyming Poem Contest Entry Submission

Chapter 41
A Good Poem Verses An Evil Prose

By QC Poet

There once was a written battle between a Good Poem verses an Evil Prose,

The Good Poem defeated its constructions evils gradually smelling like a rose?
The Evil Prose began very good then started unraveling with its Composer's thoughts,
The particular prose was one covering many extremes between the Have's and Have Nots! 

When it comes to a Good Poem verses an Evil Prose,
Even an Evil Poet always readily knows,
All is dependant on the wording this writer had originally chose,
And what that Evil Poet did right to the un rhythmic rhyme to transpose!

A Good Prose pays no attention to its rhythm or rhyme,
A Good Poem pays attention to these all of the time!
A Good Prose has no limits for the words in it's choices,
A Poem's choice of words will make it sing in evil voices!

A Good Prose idea's are written in grouped paragraph sentences,
An Evil Poem's line idea's are grouped into stanzas that may require no repentance's!
The language of a Good Prose is grammatical and natural,
An Evil Poem's language is also figurative and rhymingly rhythmical!

A Good Prose is understood once it is read, 
To understand an Evil Poet's poem you might need to get into their head?
Battles in Good or Evil Poem's and Prose's are Always left for their readers to decide,
The writer's perspectives may constantly change while taking you on this wicked ride!


Author Notes A Good Poem Verses An Evil Prose
(Metaphorical Words Poetry)
Photo Credit to Free Cultural Site Download plus Author Add-ons

A Matter of Good vs. Evil Choice: is a Poem

1. The prompt is Good vs. Evil, Poetry and Prose accepted. When posting Choose the Type
2. Evil as defined in this poem is used as Verb; a (Person, place, or thing), Evil can also mean something that is considered; Bad or Wicked, which are defined to mean a lesser form of evil
3. Evil, Bad and Wicked as used in this poem's context are defined in pop culture; it can mean something extremely Terrible or Aweful, or something Really Cool or Good.
4. The Photo used Is Representative of Ancestorial Indegious Native (Mexican) Indian Beliefs, translated here to mean; We suffer in this physical life to enjoy the fruits of a spiritual after life.

Chapter 42

By QC Poet


Author Notes Perseverance
Acrostic Poetry Contest Entry Submission

Acrostic Poetry ContestWrite an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word.
View an example in the announcement.

Dedicated to my Wife,
By the end of 2013 my life began to change dramatically due to physical illnesses and I began Peritoneal dialysis, by June of 2014, I was medically unable to continue working due to Kidney failure and my Wife had quit working also to become my Caretaker.

The attached photo collage is a small representation of the many surgeries and scars we continue to persever through.

1. What is the meaning of perseverance?
Perseverance is the ability to keep doing something in spite of obstacles. People who persevere show steadfastness in doing something despite how hard it is or how long it takes to reach the goal. Perseverance -- sometimes called (grit); -- is the great leveler.
2. The above Answer was Obtained from a Goggle Search.

Chapter 43
A Rare Snow Falls

By QC Poet

Lancaster, Cali.,
Nov., Snow Falls,
A Rare Sight Delight !


Author Notes A Rare Snow Falls
By; George Martinez
A Lune Poem Contest Entry

1) Lune Poetry Contest, Write a Lune for this poetry contest. It is a simple and fun form of poetry to write.
It has;
5 syllables in the first line,
3 syllables in the second line and
5 syllable in the final line. Rhymes are fine but not required.
The subject matter is open.

2) Additional Snowfall Information;
Palmdale Sees Rare Amount of Snow on Thanksgiving Day: NWS


Rare Amount of Snow Falls in Antelope Valley;
A wintry storm brought Palmdale 3 to 5 inches of snow during the Thanksgiving holiday, an amount forecasters say they haven't seen in the area since; 2011.

The Antelope Valley city gets some snowfall every three years or so, but the amount of powder recorded on Thursday is unusually high, NWS meteorologist Joe Sirard told KTLA.

Snow is falling in areas at elevations as low as 2,500 to 3,000 feet, Sirard added. Similar conditions are expected to continue through Friday, when the current winter storm warning remains in effect through 4 a.m.

Motorists traveling for the holiday should be careful, Sirard said.

The Weather Service recorded the following two-day snowfall totals in surrounding areas:
Frazier Park (5,000 feet) 2 feet
Juniper Hills (4,300 feet) 6 to 8 inches
Pearblossom (3,150 feet): 7 inches,
Leona Valley (3,200 feet): 6 inches,
Lancaster (2,400 feet): 4 to 5 inches,
Mountain High (7,000 feet) 12 to 14 inches.

Chapter 44
The Gift of Love

By QC Poet

The Gift of Love, daily is not hard to see,
It doesn't cost anything as there is no fee.
It's as simple as a smile shared between two strangers,
Which relieves the fears of many dangers!
It comes from your Soul and is shared for free!

This gift Jesus Christ gave us did not come simply.
It did come from his heart ~ so we can freely be,
Unbound from Sins and Life's Fate changers!
The Gift of Love.

This Gift when shown no one will flee,
It comes from Prayer while taking a knee.
This Gift grows between a minimum of two exchangers,
One that will free all of us and never endangers!
Now given to you as I present it to thee,
The Gift of Love!


Author Notes The Gift of Love
By; George Martinez
A Rondeau Love Poem

I'm Still Working on A Special Sister one for My Sister(s)
For more information related to a Rondeau poem's construction, Please visit the Potlatch Poetry Ruled for a Rondeau poem.

Please also keep in mind that I am trying to expand my poetic format style with this Offering.
Any Helpful format comments are Greatly Appreciated.

Photo included is a free internet photo download plus a photo taken at San Fernando Mission Cemetery in San Fernando, California of my two younger brothers and myself.
Combined with the included frame.

1John 4:8 KJV
He that Loveth not knowth not God; for God is Love.

Chapter 45
My Sisters

By QC Poet

Sisters are special in my family,
I've been Blessed to have had two born by blood,
My eldest watches over our entire brood! 
The younger died of Diabetes our family calamity,
Half of my families now gone and the memories flood,
By a deadly diease that came to affect my mood.

I'm gonna tell you now about my eldest sister,
She recently moved out of state, boy how we miss her,
She can be tough but with a golden heart!
Keeps the family together if we begin to fall apart,
Ready to help out and be counted on for sure,
One to be told the truth when saying "listen to me mister"!

She's been that way from her very start!
Helping nurse her brother's during our times of pain,
If we are in need you can count on her to be there,
That style of hers comes without any fancy flare!
It comes from her Soul with only Heaven to gain,
I miss and Love them both Dearly with All of my Heart!

Time is more precious when we can still look back and reflect, 
Memories play back like that favorite old song you can select,
Life plays it's own sad songs that we can not control or help direct.
My Prayer is for the Loving Strength you've shown us through strife,
And that you are Blessed with many more painless years in Life.


Author Notes My Sisters
By; George Martinez
My Sisters ~ A Free Verse Poem Submission

Sisters ~ I've been Blessed to have had two by blood, one younger and one Elder.

The photo collage shows My two Elder Brothers, My Elder Sister and I,
And My Younger Brothers and Sister.
We are what's left from my family of 8 (6 boys and 2 girls)
My Eldest Sister has had the misfortune of guiding us through our illness and deaths related to Diabetes

Chapter 46
The Best Beat For My Drum

By QC Poet

The best Beat for My Drum,
Is one that on different strings can be strum,
When blown on horns the beat sounds like a hum!
And can't be played on a piano or organ with just one thumb.

The flow must be very unique,
A base line to crescendo into a peak! 
Acoustic rhythms must sound loud and sharp,
One able to be strum on any harp.

The lyrics tell of a Lovers story. 
With nothing mean or anything gory! 
The tempo ranges from sad to glad,
A song that sings of Good times and the Bad.

Sung in a key for you and for me,
To Sing it in complete harmony,
With a smooth, slow, flowing melody,
Soothing any stress of today's society?
Which can end any chance of us being together for eternity!


Author Notes The Best Beat For My Drum
By; George Martinez
You are a musical instrument prompt

Music Soothes and relieves Stress.
My Father played a Spanish Guitar, my eldest son plays most String instruments my youngest plays Base and Acoustic guitar.
I'm more of a Writer type, LOL!

Chapter 47
Viral Hand Shakes

By QC Poet

Corona Virus!
Quarantine Imposed on us!
Truth is Needed Now!

Author Notes Viral Hand Shakes
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A.) Chochee Medina
3 Line Poetry Contest Submission Entry

And Virile B.S. to Public,
Corona Virus Spreads while our President Claimed it's Under Control.

As One Who Taught Statistical Process Control, I Call Bull $#!+
I Know you can Play with the Information Collected and Numbers
It depends on What and When you Measure.
This graph is Tracking Healthcare Capacity and Lowering Infection WITH Protection!
By Limiting Who, What, Where and When the Stats are Collected.
We Should Track #'s & Age, of Reported, and Frequency of Testing.

Wide= Longer time for Exposure
Short= Limited Sample Size

GR8 Again!

Chapter 48
Your Right's Are My Wrong?

By QC Poet

Your Right's Are My Wrong?
I Mask So We Can Live Strong!
You're Singing Sad Songs? 

Author Notes Your Right's Are My Wrong?
By; George Martinez
(A,K.A) QC Poet
A 5-7-5 Syllable Poem Entry

A 5-7-5 follows the structure of a Haiku but without any limitation to the topic. While a Senryu, is primarily concerned with human nature. A Haiku, primarily concerned with physical nature.
A 5-7-5 poem is a free form with the only limitation being the syllable count.

So have fun with the 5-7-5 poetry type. But it must follow the proper syllable count. A 5-7-5 poem has three lines. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables again.

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Deaths Continue to Rise, as States Begin to Test Reopening?

No Cure has Been Developed for this Virus Yet - Some Symptom Mitigation Drug Trials are Underway.

Apparently When it comes to Deaths and Taxes - Collecting Money to Run this Administration Takes Precedence.

As You Cry;
Poor Me, Poor Me!
Poor Me ~ One, To Remember Your Bye?

Chapter 49
My Mental Cooling Pond

By QC Poet

Cold water runs, flows, rushes, pools and it streams,
It can be poured all over us to vanquish our wildest dreams!
Will this then keep you awake or just add to your screams?
When nothing is washing out, is what it was, or what it seems?

Streaming cold waters rise, flow, and then drop,
As its watery circles growing larger start to dance and hop!
Pooling then cooling, set a drift they spin and they flop,
Now alive cunning and running its bubbles bursting pop.

Where does this wet refreshing element get such a great power?
To cool us down think things calmly through and don't go sour,
Heated reactions can burn us down within any living hour!
Cooler heads don't need to angerily react or to cower.

We're free to leap into a cool mental pool and be relieved of its duress,
Absorbing the waters soothing refreshing powers and caress.
Release dammed up pressures and steam from all daily stress,
A reinvigorating respite before returning to Life's crazy run a way express!


Author Notes My Mental Cooling Pond
By; George Martinez
A Cold Water Free Verse Prompt Submission

Cold water is the topic this time: What feelings do you associate with cold water? Maybe it's a refreshing cold glass of water on a hot day, or maybe you imagine the feelings associated with being plunged into the icy river in the winter.
No deadline

Photo Credit; Author's, Location of photo is Buena Ventura State Beach, California.

Chapter 50
Your Vibe

By QC Poet

Give me a hand palm up to read your vibe!
Relax, imagine yourself on a long beach drive,
Proscribe all negative thoughts and diatribe,
Thrive as the hairs standing begin to revive,
Feelings as your hand moves in a slight jibe,
Describes flowing energy between us as alive!
Transcribes what Loving is in our joint tribe,
Time serenely shared in Our Life is no jive!
Prescribes a Graceful Calmness we can't bribe,
Circumscribed by a venture we both can survive,
An epic tale to be told by some other scribe?
Striving through Life's highs and our chaotic dive,
I'm crazed by your current in which I imbibe!


Author Notes Your Vibe
By; George Martinez
Vibes - A Pix This Photo Challenge

When You Are My Static Attraction.
Photo Supplied by Vibe ~ Pix This Challenge

Chapter 51
This Life's Your Bit!

By QC Poet

Never Only takes a minute!
Don't wait and sit!
This Life's Your Bit!
So Get with it!

Failed Statements are made take a Stand!
Hate's Not a Brand!
Vile Plans Aren't Grand!

Learn Our States Annex History!
North, South's psyche?
East's Agony?
West's Misery?  


Author Notes This Life's Your Bit!
By: George Martinez
A Rhyming Non Traditional Minute Poem

Photo Credit to Free Internet Downloads plus Author's Collage Add-ons Frames.

We Play a real Role in Life's Acts?
And Everything Else Becomes A Side Show - Sadly, Discrimination information is available via internet search using any direction in the USA.

Bit; (noun),
1) An act, performance, or routine:
She's doing the Camille bit, pretending to be near collapse.
2) A stereotypic or habitual set of behaviors, attitudes, or styles associated with an individual, role, situation:the whole Wall Street bit.

American; (adjective)
1. Of or relating to the United States of America or its inhabitant:an American citizen.
2. Of or relating to North or South America; of the Western Hemisphere:the American continents.

1) (noun); A native or citizen of the US
2) A native or inhabitant of any country of North, Central, or South America
3) The English language as spoken or written in the United States
4) A native or inhabitant of the Western Hemisphere.
5) An Native Indian of North or South America.
6) American English Language

Agony; (noun), plural ag√??√?¬∑o√??√?¬∑nies.
1) Extreme and generally prolonged pain; intense physical or mental suffering.
2) A display or outburst of intense mental or emotional excitement:an agony of joy.
3) The struggle preceding natural death:mortal agony.
4) A violent struggle.
(often initial capital letter) Theology. the sufferings of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane.

2)(lowercase) the human soul, spirit, or mind.

Please See; the Composition Rules for Traditional and Non Traditional Minute Poems.

Chapter 52
Ode to Shorty

By QC Poet

In 1956 a Man of Short Stature left his home town,
Not knowing when he'd next come back around,
Reasons he left at 28 were never truly known,
With just 50's pictures of his night schooling left to be shown.

He then learns a second language to better fit in,
And digs graves to help his new journey begin.
My Uncle John his work partner becomes his best friend.
He meets my Mom then it's her Heart he dreams to win!

This short Man had big dreams and the drive to succeed,
Begins buying the vehicle, tools, and things he'll need,
He moves into an older home with his family started with speed,
His successful business continued to grow for he lacked any Greed.

From Elder Uncles and Cousins to some things I can recall,
Old Shorty would take on giants and make'em friends or make'em fall!
A foe or a friend he'd become when drinking that awful Spirit Alcohol!
Life is Conquering issues, and he Prayed for Forgiveness of them all.

With his business growing he becomes a Fleet Mechanic in a Uniform sector,
While coming closer to the Lord of Lords and a participant Church Lector,
I'm one Son of his eight children he was our head Moral Director! 
A Real Life Giant of a Man who worked through Life's Struggles - He's Our Hero Victor!

Author Notes Ode to Shorty
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet
A Father's Day Poetry Entry

Father's Day Poetry Contest
Write a poem about Dad or about being a Dad for this special day.

I thought this contest could serve as a Great Memorial using my End Rhyming Poems with a Prosy structure to my Belated Father;

Frank (Faustino) "Shorty" Carrillo Martinez
Born; 6/29/1928 to 4/17/1999
Resting in Paradise!

Chapter 53
Add Ministry

By QC Poet

There's a Hole within My Soul I've Ignored Constantly,
Moving on with Life find I've Become very Finicky?
Our Childish Wants will Affect us Aging Cynically,
Growing we May Suffer from a Spiritual Dystrophy!

Religious Rightouness we begin to Take on Sheepishly?
Our Moral Sense has been Deteriorating Miserably,
We may Fill that Hole As a Defensive Personality!
Then go back to Living our Life as We See it Fittingly?

Struggling once Again we Hit our Knees a bit less Guilty?
Vow to Live our Life a better way with Christianity,
The blissful Feeling Disappears with repeated Frequency!
Consumption of Our Soul then turns to our Chemistry.

It Breaks our System Down as Symptoms Go Clinically!
You Feel your End has begun Approaching Rapidly,
Look for What's been Lacking In our Life Rhythmically!
Few Turn to That Which can Help get Us Synchronicity!

What's been Missing Deals with a Little more Humility!
Realize Sharing of our Walks Help all Psychologically,
Opens our Mind's Third Eye warming Cold Soul's to other Strategies?
To Serve those in Need and Helps our Healing - Add Ministry! 


Author Notes Add Ministry
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Spiritual End Rhyming, Author's Choice Free Verse.

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author Add-ons.

In a Review of previous Postings I found A Free Verse Poem Submission Missing or the Week of 5-8-2020 (possibly a mis-posting on my part)

I Got a Feeling Something's Missing Deep Inside Me.

When we can Help others it also affects how we feel inside any "Holes" in our Souls can get filled by Serving Others.

This is A Spiritual End Rhyming Author's Choice Free Verse - week of 5-8-20

Verse; Proverbs 4:20-27 KJV
20 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.
21 Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.
22 For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.
23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.
24 Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee;
25 Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee.
26 Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.
27 Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.

Chapter 54

By QC Poet

As our kids and grandkids do and will grow,
Our direction and correction is just a wonder?
Faces of deceased family beginning to show,
In raising kids One doesn't want to blunder!

Loving them with a full heart you'll still worry,
Growing up quickly wondering why the hurry?
Lacking Time on our side beaming with pride,
Thanking God for them being on our Life's ride! 


Author Notes Legacy
By; George Martinez
A Rispetto Poem ~ for my Heirs

I found I wrote but didn't post a Missing Rispetto-for week of 6-19-2020

A Rispetto, an Italian form of poetry, is a complete poem of two rhyme quatrains with strict meter.

The meter is usually iambic tetrameter

Rhyme scheme of abab ccdd.

And a Photo Collage of Family members.

Chapter 55
A Large Family?

By QC Poet

A Large Family?
Eight kids four gone two older,
Two younger plus Dad & Mom.

Author Notes A Large Family?
By;George Martinez
(A,K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
3 Line 5-7-7 for Loved Ones

Today is One of my Elder Brothers (Jimmy) Birthday,
I'm the fourth of the eight. I Hope this is acceptable.
In the Collage's upper Left Corner are the Four of us that are left.

3 Line Poetry Contest.
Write a poem that has three lines and a syllable count of either 5-7-5 or 5-7-7. The poem must address a loved one.

Chapter 56
A Date to Remember

By QC Poet

We began Dating 45 years ago Today!
I was a fourteen year old guy with not much to say,
Your sister and my brother turned match maker's at play!
Though Life has had it's tugs and I have many bugs - you still stay!
It only Confirms the Strength of your Love,
Comes from Above!
And For it ~ I am Grateful and Will continue to Pray!
Thanks For Making this a Much Happier Day! 


Author Notes A Date to Remember
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Rhyming Poem Contest Entry Submission

Written for My Dating partner of 45 years Today! (8/08/1975)

Chapter 57
My Ties and Mai Tai's

By QC Poet


I've worn ties to seek out newer opportunities,
Adorn myself in ties celebrating New ties to Family,
Been sworn in ties when pleading for my ties to many lunacies,
Gone to Mourn in ties to Say Goodbyes to deceased ties Humbly.

I've tried to impress many ties for future possibilities,
Made progress and strides to Humbly repent for my ties to inhumanity's,
Enjoyed ties to Family and Friends tied to my insanities!
Shared battle ties with those who've gone on that ride at the end of their Mortalities.

Some of them ties are tied by Sighs and Why's?
Dressed in fly ties that came with "Why on Earth did you pick those ties"?
And "Did you tie that thing down or will it fling-off untied?
In our End Will we Mend in Time to Ascend after Life's Contest to be Glad we Tried? 


Author Notes My Ties and Mai Tai's
By; George Martinez
(A,K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

About Ties. The topic is TIES. Any way you wish to use that subject. No deadline.

Photo Credit to Author's Photo Collection and Add on filtering.

Chapter 58

By QC Poet

Talk their Misters,
Bonded by Life's Blisters?
Wounds Healed over Shared Twisters,


Author Notes Sister's
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A)QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Where Two or More Are Gathered

Matthew 18:20 KJV
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Share a Cinquain Poem:
A cinquain poem is a five line poem that follows a specific format.
The format for this type of poem is simple. Each line has a specific number of syllables.
Line 1 - 2 syllables
Line 2 - 4 syllables
Line 3 - 6 syllables
Line 4 - 8 syllables
Line 5 - 2 syllables
A Cinquain is a short and usually unrhymed poem. But writers can use a rhyme scheme if desired. Your Cinquain can be written about any subject. You decide the rhyme scheme (if any) and the subject matter. But submitted poems must follow the syllable rules as specified above.

Chapter 59
Rivers of Shivers

By QC Poet

Life's rushing rivers,
Flow in hot and cold shivers,
Balancing slivers!


Author Notes Rivers of Shivers
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina

Author's Photo taken during a trip through Lake Tahoe.

For this contest you are to write a short poem. It should only have three lines. But the structure is that of a Haiku.
The first line has 5 syllables.
The second line has 7 syllables.
The third line has 5 syllables again. Write about anything.

Modified to fit description below by arranging. Original words number 7 and 17 written and written on 9/28/2020.

Note 2,
Haiku is a type of short form poetry originally from Japan. Traditional Japanese haiku consist of three phrases that contain a kireji, or "cutting word", 17 on in a 5, 7, 5 pattern, and a kigo, or seasonal reference. However, modern haiku vary widely on how closely they follow these traditional elements.(Wikipedia)

Chapter 60
A X-ray Vision

By QC Poet

A mysterious box I picked up the other day,
The eerious scenes in my mind began to play!
Do I fear it's my coming Mortalities collision?
Is it an exploding package due to a past decision?

With no markings or labels I'm afraid to say,
As sweat beads flowing add to my self derision!
Maybe if I had a smidge more of x-ray vision?
Exploding box thoughts always make me want to pray!

Feverish thunder bolts flow from my mind's eyes,
With furrowed brows gasping I'm grasping reality!
To refocus my eyes on the neatly wrapped surprise,
Chances are this day will add more thought to my Mortality?

With last minute worries I tuxedo up in a hurry,
My x-ray vision better be focused on our future!
While Hoping minutes and hours fly by in a flurry,
Till we say our "I Do's" and ring in the box acts as a suture!

Author Notes A X-ray Vision
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC POET / Chochee Medina
An X-ray Glasses Photo Challenge Submission

Hi Everyone. What can you say about this image. Do you sometimes wish you had second sight or x-ray vision? What's in that package you just received? Let your imagination go wild. Write a poem in any form incorporating your thoughts on the picture.
Have fun. The image will automatically load when you post your poem.
Please try to review each other's work.
No deadline.

Chapter 61
Frazzled Faith?

By QC Poet

Faith's challenges will get Harder in changing times!
There are mixtures in Humanity's reasons and rhymes,
Suddenly off-beat it goes without rhythm till it just whines!
Answers found by Praying cut out all the distracting mimes.

Detracting Faith in Hateful People is Never Wrong!
Show Hope boldly in all times to be strong.
Will our Morality to fight until we hear that final gong!
Hopelessly losing Faith putting Evil in a place it don't belong?

Hope accomplishes what Human Will can only do!
Will we have Faith to rebuild what Hate has lately blown through?
Understand that Faith can fix all Harm that was done!
Done by ignoring suffering and focusing on an arrogant selfish One?

I have Faith we can as one Nation still pull together!
And ride out any turbulence from our bumpy political weather,
Whether we can or not is floating in our air as a birds lost feather!
Being blown and tossed by political winds held by a fragile tether?

Author Notes Frazzled Faith?
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC POET / Chochee Medina
A Faith Poem Submission that's late.

2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV
(For we walk by Faith, not by sight:)

Photo Credit to Author's Photo Collection.

A completed late, Faith Submission posting for review. My Faith, Share a poem that is about your faith or how faith has impacted your life. God's Blessings to you!

Chapter 62
Heavy Light

By QC Poet


When your Mood gets Dark seek out the Light!
Brighten your path way to make the wrong things all right,
Don't fight to wallow filling deeper pits with Self Sorrow,
Fight each days darkness today for that brighter Tomorrow!

Other's can't help you when You only half-heartedly try!
Say my load is Lighter today then run tommorow -- Why?
You're only Fooling yourself so don't blame other's and Sigh!
Our hurting effects those around us while we're waiting to Die.

In our World of darkness, goodness shines bright,
 It Inspires our Hope to continue under the veil of any dark night!
God's Light warms our cold Souls to keep us in any tough fight,
Each battle conquered will help lessen facing the next Fright!

Lifting the weary amongst us will bring us together,
Lightens heavily laden loads even in deary stormy weather!
Burdensome worries become light as a feather,
Clearity enlightens your Mind to make sound judgements better!



Author Notes Heavy Light
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
When Your Heart is Heavy Look For the Light

Hi Y'all, Jan here for Yvonne. Please compose a FREE VERSE POEM using the topic of LIGHT.
No deadline.

Chapter 63
A Monet Kind of Love

By QC Poet

Days of Heaven are spent far above,
Hellish fights needing a big glove,
Nothing fits well with a shove,
Requires a Peaceful dove,
Fate looks for Truelove?
Hope's beloved,
Loving Dove,
Kind of;



Author Notes A Monet Kind of Love
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Is Only Found "In the Garden"

Love is also like a spinning tornado, never know if it's gonna be a hit or miss.
Photography Credits to; In The Garden Painting found on

Chapter 64
The Right Wife

By QC Poet

Bumbling through our Life,
Accompanied by Right Wife,
Reducing it's Strife!

Author Notes The Right Wife 5-7-5
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
The Right in My Wrongs

Our 43rd Anniversary was on 12/08/2020 our Celebration limited by Covid-19, We have been together as a couple since 8/08/79, 45 yrs. My Wife has been the Steading Counter Balance through Life's Strife both Self-Concocted and Encountered.

5-7-5 Poetry
For this contest you are to write a short poem. It should have only three lines. But the structure is that of a Haiku. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables again. Write about anything.

Chapter 65
Life's Rolling River

By QC Poet

Life flows like those rolling winding untamed Rivers,
We're not the only ones sitting in it's streams who feel their coldest Shivers,
Does yours flow trickling or is it running rushing and Contentious?
Streaming smoothly calmly easing and not in any way a bit Pretentious?

The river's rocky unknown flow that's in this Earthly Life,
Is compounded mostly by the weight of our own Strife!
People and events will then add to quicken its Pace,
Until our balance just gets way out of its Place!

In changing streams of emotions our World spins and Turns,
Sentimental waves will flow through freezing us till it Burns,
 in the calm streams where Hope and Faith together Yearns,
 Life's stumbling jagged rocks roll breaking off sharp edges as it Churns.

We learn to swim safely and strive to reach our predestined Shore!
Wadding through waters we've made much rougher than ever Before,
Challenges can push us off course to drown out in deep Blue Seas,
Remember, Prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ for Forgiveness calms All of These!

Author Notes Life's Rolling River
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Smoothing Out Jagged Edges

Photo taken near Trail Canyon Falls in Sunland-Tujunga, California.

I began writing and rolling with a rough Life issue thought stream on 9/20/2020 but as usual - I thought it needed a little more time in the rough poetry sea to help smooth it out.

Chapter 66

By QC Poet

Flowing mist clouds eyes,
Memories of Byes?
Bliss kissed dreams dissed as I now twist fist.



Author Notes Missed
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Four Line Remembrance Poem

Four Line Poem
Write a four line poem that has a specific syllable count. The first line has 1 syllable, the second line has 5 syllables, the third line has 5 syllables, and the last line 9 syllables. The subject can be anything.

In Memory of ~
Jimmy (Jimbo) Medina Martinez 7/23/60 to 12/31/98
(Dad) Faustino (Shorty) Carrillo Martinez 6/29/28 to 4/17/99
(Ma In-Law) Tillie Villarreal 7/19/40 to 2/19/03,
Robert (Robdog) Medina Martinez 4/15/65 to 5/04/05,
(Mom) Felipa Medina Martinez 1/20/35 to 7/31/07
Roy Martinez Jr. (Junebug) 8/26/80 to 9/02/10
Roy (Crow) Medina Martinez 8/16/58 to 7/19/13,
Ester Martinez Villaca√?¬Īa 4/24/64 to 1/05/15

Chapter 67
Fire and Ice

By QC Poet

Jesus said the Greatest command is Love our Lord our God with all of Our Hearts, Souls, and Minds.
Yet everyday day Everyone's Losing each of these three, with claims that precious Time never binds?
The Second Greatest command will lead to the first by, Loving each Other as we Love Ourselves.
Let's not abandon any poor Soul's brushing them aside while rushing off to empty food supply shelves!

How can we Love with our Hearts, Souls, and Minds when in our search it's not our Church Rot it finds?
You see answers very clear when thinking with your heart there is a part that still shines!
A Second thing don't let your Hate of differences enclose or blind, a Cherished Love still enshrines!
Why cherish those who wrote and opined some land mines that are less than the most verbal sacred lines?

Why do vile things ourselves forgetting our True God, asking help from other's elves?
Written comments of Hate knowing it's already Late their Fate isn't great alone nor in twelves!
A perpetrator dines spilling vile with guests laughing, still whines of theft while putting on their blinds?
Why blind the mind while paying a fine of the Soul to get control, as your minions eat opinions made of poisonous whines?

The Wine of Truthfulness lasts Never the Less!
Faithfulness Will Still be Blessed!
As It Was and It Always Shines!

Author Notes Fire and Ice
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

Salve for My Soul?

Photo Credits to; Free Internet Downloadable Photos with Author's filtering enhanced.
Fire is the Heated Spirit, and Ice is that which pulls us apart - in this poem offering. Thank you for your Support.

The theme for this poetry contest is "faith". We are looking for poems that in some way pertain to this theme. It doesn't matter if it's spiritual, political, intellectual or emotional as long as faith is clearly represented.

Matthew 22:36-40 KJV
36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38 This is the first and great commandment.
39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets

Chapter 68
Blue Orb

By QC Poet


A Blue Orb Sighted,
Follows me in pictures,
Are more than this one fixtures?

The meanings Learned got delighted!
An Image overwhelms my thoughts?
For which there's never pain shots!
Just precious memories,
Blue Orbs join in these!
Yet clear Still cloudy?
Fresher than yesterday,
Soul's matter what's this for thee?
No there's not a charge, free today!
Do you listen to what's cited?
Lift all of the restrictures!
With all feeling mixtures,
Memories Knighted


Author Notes Blue Orb
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
What Does It Mean?
A Spirl Quatrain

Photo Credit to: Author's Photo Collage,
Of Photographed Blue Orbs within pictures taken 2/02/2021 marked on the Collage as #1, #2, #3.

Blue Orb ~ Via an On line Search;
As Relayed through my Niece Lori Castellon.
The color is spiritually associated with psychic energy and truth. A very calming color and many people associate it with spiritual guidance. Some people feel blue orbs are a sign of a calming presence or energy, while others feel they indicate the presence of a spirit guide in that location.

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones!

Spiral Quatrain -for week of 10-16-2020 = Sorry I Lost track of Writing

Spiral Quatrain;

*Stanzaic, 4 quatrains
*Rhyme Scheme: abba ccdd efef abba
*syllabic 5/6/7/8 8/7/6/5 5/6/7/8 8/7/6/5
*Four Quatrains, no specific meter requirement.
Must be Centered.

Example Write a Spiral Quatrain;
A spiral quatrain.
Starts with five syllables,
then like adding decibles,
each line you add one more again.
Until here. At eight now you stop.
then decrease by one each hop
downward until by jive
the count reaches five.
Do that all once more,
but with a diff'rent rhyme.
Until stanzas you have four.
You may write these poems any time.
There is not a required refrain.
Here it seems defensible,
and it's embraceable,
A spiral quatrain

Chapter 69
Angela My Valentine's

By QC Poet

Angel of my Heart, Soul, and Mind,
Never another like you can I Find,
Giving more than you get all the time,
Easy to upset especially when I whine,
Lovingly beautiful glad you're mine,
Always my treasure you're sublime!

My God's Greatest Gift to Me was You!
You got stuck with this flawed Old Fool!

Valor with Caring through and through,
Angela I Never show full Loving, know I do!
Love expressed to me makes my Life Full!
Easy to Love there's Plenty of Fight here too!
Now for 45 years how fast the time has flew!
The 41 years married, Loved the best I knew!
I will be by your side till death my Spirit sticks like glue.

Never say I Do Love You Enough words fall as morning dew.
Everything I am is cause you make me better I had no clue!
Sharing this poem offering to the World is the thing I can do New!


Author Notes Angela My Valentine's
By; George Martinez
A Quarantine Valentine's

Photo Credit to; FB Shared Post Plus Author's Photo Collection.

45 together
41 married
We haven't killed Each other yet! LOL

Chapter 70
Una Querida Tia - A Beloved Aunt

By QC Poet

Una Amada Tia,
Tia Buen Querida en Esta Vida,
Una de las Madres que no eran mia,
No te miramos como queria cada dia,
Aunque quirando estar cercas en tu vida,
Ah Lado de mi Madre estoy yorando de rodillas,
Me Recuerdo que me ayudaste caminar en esta vida.
Caminando con feliz recuerdos y rezando triste todavia,
No quiero creer te fuiste en esta dia,
Rezo que Ti y mi Madre se juntan ah ya arriva,
En el cielo donde miramos Los nuves subian!

A Loved Aunt,
Aunt well Beloved in this Life,
One of the Mother's that weren't mine,
We didn't see you as we wanted to each day,
Although wanting to stay close in your Life,
Beside my Mother I'm crying on my knees,
I'll Remember that you helped me walk in this Life,
Walking with happy memories and praying sadly still,
I don't want to believe you left on this day,
I'll pray that my Mother and You reunite above,
In the Heavens where the raining clouds rise up!


Author Notes Una Querida Tia (A Beloved Aunt)
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

Notes; We Lost our Beloved Aunt Cruz today,
Rest in Paradise.

Chapter 71
Who's the Sunshine of My Life?

By QC Poet


You always are my Sunshine!
The strength that's left in my spine.
You're also why I still whine,
Drive me crazy all the time!

Your warmth can be so Devine!
Warms as a ray of sunshine.
Loving brightness where I dwine.
It's happy joy here is fine!

Bright and witty you're sublime!
Day and night our Souls align,
As do heat and bright sunshine!
 Love bears my pains as thine.

Coldness melts when we entwine!
You care if my Life's inline.
Expressly in my decline!
Glad you are my Life's Sunshine!



Author Notes Who's the Sunshine of My Life?
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina
A Sunshine Topic Poem
(Written for the Free Verse Club)

Write a free verse poem about sunshine. So many possibilities. Have fun.
No deadline.

As we've aged, I now have degenerative back disc's along with a host of other ailments and rely on my wife's Assistance constantly, I'm Blessed to have such a strong mate in my Life.

This poem has the word "Sunshine" as the last word used rotating as the last word in the first paragraph's sentence, then last word in the second sentence and paragraph, then last word in the third sentence's third paragraph, and finally the last word in the 4th paragraph.

For this Sunshine Challenge; I thought I'd also enter this Contest with 2 pairs of Lucky (I hope) 7's (Syllables) in each of the lines.

Definitions as used in this poem;
1. Dwine; (noun) the state or action of waning or failing.
(verb); to (cause to) decline, or fade away.
2. Inline; adjective: inline, having parts arranged in a line.

Chapter 72
Royally Blessed

By QC Poet

kids in bloom
as purple iris
~ termed unique!


Author Notes Royally Blessed
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
My Purple Irises

For this contest you are challenged to write a Haiku poem.
A Haiku is a form of poetry that only uses three lines. A popular format is to have the first line contain five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables but a strict syllable count is not required.

For this 3-5-3 Syllable Haiku Poem offering I felt moved to include my walkways blooming now royal purple irises and some notes on its color symbology.

As a parent my wife and I feel "Royally Blessed" to have our grown children (now men) and grandkids, and nephew's & niece's in our lives. As with the "Purple Iris" each is dealt with in the unique circumstance we are Blessed with to have them.

Kid's blooming reference; goggled "do kids bloom?"
Purple Iris brings a message of wisdom and compliments (
The Iris flower commonly means wisdom, hope, trust and valor. ( Purple Irises symbolize royalty and wisdom.
A deep purple iris turns color when it matures and begins to die.

Chapter 73
Pray, Love, Peace

By QC Poet

Pray, Love, Peace
Life's Ultimate Motto!





Author Notes Pray, Love, Peace
By: George Martinez
(A. K. A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

Six Words for My Six Cents.

Write a poem with only six words.

Ultimately we need to do all three words all the time!
My six cents worth ~ Words I Believe in Striving to Achieve.

Pray, Love, and Peace, it sem we Choose ~ which to pitch or switch till we're six feet in our own ditch?

Pray to God Almighty, Love as his Son Jesus does, Peace be with our Mind, Body & Soul.

Chapter 74
Shining Bright

By QC Poet


Like Sun Star's.
In our Ga~lax~y!
Wife's and My prizes on Earth.
Our union made these Comet's.
Making our World Rock!

New gen Galactic,
In a new Time and Space Age!
Air Force Staff Sergeant Stripes Rock!
Younger one's Brilliant!



Author Notes Shining Bright
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
Old & New Star's of our World

A Joseph's Star Format Submission
(For Potlatch Poetry Club)

For My Cherished and Greatly Appreciated Reviewer's;
I'm now trying to personalize Different Poetic Styles and Forms as I'm now 59, to Leave my future generation's a Range of Personalized Family Mementos.
Blessings for your Time to Read, Rate & Review these offerings.

Our Adult kids have now made additional bright Galaxy's of their own. My Grandson (Manuel's), Gavin is now 25yrs.old and a USAF Veteran.
Granddaughter (Sam's), Autum is a Self taught Anime Artist at (12), Grandson's SammyG (7) and Manny Roy (2) already learn via the Internet. (under Parents and Gran Parents Supervision)

Joseph's Star ~ week of 4-2-2021
Thread Modified April 1 at 1:08PM
The Joseph's Star ~
*no rhyme, written according to syllable counts. Syllables are 1/3/5/7/7/5/1.
*The poem may be written on any subject, be center aligned, has no stanza limit, is unrhymed, and should have complete statements in each. [aim for smooth flow]

See Posted Example;
In (Joseph's Star) Potlatch Poetry Rules Posting under week of 4-02-2021

Definitions of words as used in this poem;
1) Parallels; (noun):B) anything parallel or comparable in direction, course, nature, or tendency to something else.

Chapter 75
Blossomed Memories

By QC Poet


blossomed memories
events bloom and fade away
~ as more year's Spring forth.


Author Notes Blossomed Memories
By; George Martinez
Life's Memory's (3 Line ~ Haiku)

A 3 Line Poetry Contest Entry.
For this contest you are to write a short poem. It should only have three lines. But the structure is that of a Haiku. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables again. Write about anything. The winner takes away a cash prize.

Chapter 76
Facing Loss

By QC Poet

When facing a Loss,
I found ground upon Earth's Moss,
Because Christ is Boss!


Author Notes Facing Loss
By; QC Poet (A.K.A) Chochee Medina / George Martinez

Another poem to help me deal with the recent loss of my lower left leg and other amputations from illness, abuse and working with toxic chemicals.
Sorry for the Graphic photos.

Still Learning to let go and Let God.

Moss is like Life ~ it can be tricky to be Sure footed upon.

Writing Prompt 5-7-5 FaithWrite a poem about your faith or how faith impacts you.
Do it n only 17 syllables, using the 5-7-5 format. There are no restrictions or other rules.

Chapter 77
Old Man's Hope

By QC Poet

Once in a while act like a kid
Young one's reason
Why that I did,
Silly Season's!

Watching them grow up fast
Bright and witty,
Aging ~ some pass
Life's a pity.

Now aging try to understand
How time flies by,
A helpful old hand?
In their growth ~ Sigh!



Author Notes Old Man's Hope
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

Raising Young Ones

Nowadays I wondered what my kind of example to the kids growing around me I have and will be?

A traditional Minute Poem has 12 lines total. It has 60 syllables. It is written in a strict iambic meter. The rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb, ccdd, eeff.

In this poem contest it is not required the only requirement is the strict syllable count.

See Rules for the Non-Traditional Example; Humanity's Questions - written by Gabriella 2

Chapter 78
Walk Again

By QC Poet

Small steps
are Big Strides now!
Helped by prosthetic leg ~
Determined to Walk yet Again.
Some day?


Author Notes
Walk Again
By, George Martinez
Taking small steps forward
A Rehearsal Cinquain poem.

Chapter 79
Turkey Brine Time

By QC Poet

Turkey brine time is Devine,
Cold beer in a stein but not one is mine!
Children laugh & whine till turkey dine time.
Smiles shine while drinking some wine?

Prime music and dance it's no crime,
Grime slime is removed with soapy lime,
When the dinner bells chime Smoked Swine is fine.
It's your dime there's no ropes to climb!

Whether bird or swine it's time to shine,
Happy Thanksgiving, I'm eating mine while composing a rhyme,
Chiming in and making a b-line to the food table shrine!
Stymied for time too cause I'm not one to opine!

Author Notes Turkey Brine Time
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Few Near Rhyming Poem Lines

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