Morning and Days End

By Bill Schott

Morning and day's end,

separated by some hours,

like child to adult;

then, after the brief darkness...

dawn begins eternity.


Author Notes Selfie of my grandson Liam and me.

Chapter 1
A Fine L Moment

By Bill Schott

A fine moment has come around
from air to ground
missile launch blasts
a peace that lasts

We finally will know the calm
atomic bomb
will bring the end
to foe -- and friend

Why wait through sabre rattling
endless battling
one press to send
our peace... the end


Author Notes L= love, last, logical, lethal, and long-anticipated

When all else fails, failure is the new world

Thanks to seshadri_sreenivasan for use of the artwork

Chapter 2

By Bill Schott


your fear; request the task--


Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 3
On Time

By Bill Schott

I need to hurry

My watch is a little slow

I'm three years late as it is


Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 4
Little Pumper Heart

By Bill Schott


Within its chambers

my heart rum
p-pa-pa pumps love

for my Valentine


Author Notes Thanks to Elinor Rakowski for use of the art

Chapter 5
Twee Widdow Piggies

By Bill Schott

There's a tale of a porcine trio,
three siblings in need of a house;
one brother was Plazzo,
another was Chaz, oh,
and the sister was Suey Sin Souse.

Plazzo was quite conservative,
felt a house of excelsior cool.
Chaz felt he'd pass,
as it would lack class,
and Suey said he was a tool.

Plazzo said, "Hey, I'll build anyway.
It will likely go up pretty quick."
The others did laugh
at his material gaffe,
as Chaz showed Suey a stick.

"As you can see, my sweetest sister,
I've got sturdy sticks for the build."
She replied, "What a hassle
for a kindling castle;
in the end you will likely be killed."

She left him there gathering up
twigs he would need for his shack;
"They are sad SOBs,
could have built adobes,
to hold a big bad wolf back."

To mercifully skip to the chase,
Suey Sin Souse constructed a fort
to prevent a wolf's entry
to devour the gentry --
made of bricks was the last report.

So -- the big bad wolf soon arrived
at the house that was of straw
he sneezed at the hay
then wandered away
to a house of sticks he saw.

On the stick house he got a sliver,
made him cry like a yippy young pup;
stomped off in a huff,
after having enough,
and gobbled the third piggy up.

The moral is likely not clear,
but a mistake is quite hard to hide;
when your house has the features
to hold back bad creatures --
it's useless if you're not inside.


Author Notes Thanks to SCHATZLING for use of the apt artwork.

Chapter 6

By Bill Schott

Live on.


We will not win now,

but life leads to the future--

where vict'ry awaits.


Chapter 7
People Love a Winner

By Bill Schott

Two thousand eighteen

unquestionably will be the year

verified proof of collusion

will keep Trump in office

People love a sinner

Chapter 8
April 15th

By Bill Schott

April fifteenth prediction

Tax reform ... fiction

Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 9

By Bill Schott


egotistical beyond fiction

the fake news is that he is our


Author Notes Thanks to ThoughtCo for use of the image.

Chapter 10
Integrity; Is that what we want?

By Bill Schott

Integrity just can't be found

Not much can ever turn around

The loss of trust we all may feel

Eliminating Trump's appeal

Galvanizing discontent

Russians, Nazis, malcontent

Is this what makes the U.S great?

The rich man's senate and racial hate.

You can't believe a word he says;

Is that what we want in a Prez

Chapter 11
When These Meet

By Bill Schott

The earwig crawls in
Nestling nicely within you
Sanity slips out

The python flexes
muscle with a mouth unhinged
you're eaten alive

Spider eggs are hatched
The host still remains alive
The first feast begins

Chapter 12
Six G

By Bill Schott

Go grab God's greatest gift -- Grace


Chapter 13
Brady Bunch Honcho

By Bill Schott

For a role model

with six kids, great job, sweet wife

Mike Brady's the man!

Author Notes Photo from Google images

Chapter 14

By Bill Schott

Take this

from my cold, dead hand.

This weapon

calmed a savage land.

Careful where it’s aimed. 


Author Notes Image from Google. (

Anybody get this?

Chapter 15

By Bill Schott

Sandbox: hour glass of timeless memories.

Author Notes My wife and grandchildren discovering the fun of the sandbox.

Chapter 16
Winning Writing

By Bill Schott

Rapidly wrote for this verse,

wondering if winning's worse

than losing like I will do

if everyone else knew

that this contest existed,

and then they all insisted

joining. I won't win the purse.


Author Notes Image from Google.

Rapidly wRiting
wondering winning's worse
Losing like
ev-er-y-one else
That this
then they
won't win

Chapter 17

By Bill Schott

There is space past us

in a place where fast is slow

and stop may mean go

take a ride on the Zipper

rip a hole in what seems real

Author Notes Thanks to bpellephoto for use of the photographic art.

Chapter 18
Z and G

By Bill Schott

Zebra and Giraffe

never allowed to be friends

equine and bovine

in a domestic scene seen

as horse and cow together

Chapter 19
You Have to Guess the Rest

By Bill Schott

Driving through the woods

when Mr. Hulk's car broke down.

"Hulk hate car!" he said.

Author Notes Thanks to Vivian8049 for use of the image

Chapter 20
You Could Be Good

By Bill Schott

Without needed and valid credentials

Xylophone teachers might skip the essentials

You could still learn to percuss this device

Zebras might sing with a chorus of mice

and the audience would all be your clones

Chapter 21
You Complete Me

By Bill Schott

With you I'm completed;
I'm all through, defeated.

Chapter 22
You Can Never Go Gnome

By Bill Schott

Pixie was amazed

the hometown seemed so tiny

not as much-room now

Author Notes Thanks to farmgramma for use of the pic

Chapter 23
Xenic View

By Bill Schott

Not America's problem
Probably foreign

Author Notes Xenophobia is a severe mistrust of another culture and its people

Chapter 24

By Bill Schott

Blood across the world

are wrongatudes

the killing must end

Author Notes Thanks to Renate-Bertodi for use of the artwork

Chapter 25
Wrong Title

By Bill Schott


Who will be left

if everyone is wrong?


Author Notes Thanks to GaliaG for the cool image.

Chapter 26
Writing Notions Down

By Bill Schott

Billy started writing notions down

Hoping random thoughts might hold a gem

When his gripping hand began to cramp

It was then
he realized his pen
--- was ablaze

Suddenly such images burst forth

Eruptions, deluge, worlds on the brink

Galactic cataclysms

Margins thick with ink
Enough to make him think
---he lacked structure


Chapter 27
Writer's -- something

By Bill Schott

Need a good story

I really like this quill pen

Wonder who's on line?

'It was a rainy morning...'

feather is mesmerizing

Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 28
Worse By The Minute

By Bill Schott

I will try this gosh dang format
I'm no good at
Write a Minute
With what's in it

Eight syllables in the first line
Then four, three times
Couplet rhyming
On-off timing

Three twenty syllable stanzas
This ain't Kansas
Gone off the rails
Minute po'm fails

Chapter 29
Worm Ball

By Bill Schott

The worm ball had found themselves
in a double yellow line
which was an experience
not one of the worms it seems
had dealt with either alone
or as a worm ball before
eventually birds came

Chapter 30
Wake to Beauty

By Bill Schott

There she is -- Oh yeah!

my Galaxy 500

Got to hit the road

Author Notes Thanks to Sean T Phelan for use of the art

Chapter 31
Zombie Geek

By Bill Schott

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.

Zombie geek finds arm

"gararg arg arga," he says

'cause it wasn't fresh

no one understood the geek

ev'ryone ran for their lives

Author Notes This is a variation on a theme.

Chapter 32
Zombie Diet

By Bill Schott

The perfect diet
for zombie overeaters.
No peristalsis.

Author Notes Thanks to Tia for spelling

Chapter 33
Yellow Allamanda

By Bill Schott


We are looking at

this yellow allamanda

and wondering, Why?

Author Notes Thanks to Mara del Mar for use of the photo

Chapter 34
Your Name Here

By Bill Schott

With pen in hand and
an imagination which
lacks firm fetters, he
looses his malignant and
mad imaginings outward

Author Notes Thank you to Angelheart for the use of the super cool graphic.

Chapter 35
Whose Ass Is That?

By Bill Schott

Larry will tarry while Jill lets Jerry comb her hairy ass.

Chapter 36
With Your Mouth Closed

By Bill Schott

I admire how you chew with your mouth closed.
Your refinement will shine as we sit here and dine.
You've enjoyed the gazpacho with port;
Smiled after tasting the raspberry torte;
I suspect you won't mind coffee I'll freshly grind.

I admire that you scream with your mouth closed.
Your manners bear out even during fear and doubt.
I laced the gazpacho with strychnine;
The nightshade grows by the raspberry vine;
You've turned quite blue; I guess dinner is through.

It's nice to see you with your mouth closed.
Your verbal transgressions have been my obsession.
'The rest is silence.'

Author Notes 'The rest is silence.' is the final line from Hamlet.

Chapter 37

By Bill Schott

Four ladies in stone

Mother, wife, sister, daughter

they are works of art

Author Notes Thanks to Browncat for use of the picture

Chapter 38
Wooded Path

By Bill Schott

The wooded path is narrow
where the sun cannot shine through

It's seldom trod without a lamp to keep your footsteps true

A misstep may be made a time when nothing foul befalls

another time might meet design of evil's cruelest

Stay on the path and dodge the wrath of wraith, or wolfen cursed

make it to the destination without the wear for worst

Author Notes Thanks to Renate-Bertoli for use of the art

Chapter 39
Walk Around

By Bill Schott

Godzilla Entrance

all others will walk around

-- except Megalon


Author Notes Thanks to shadopups for use of the art
Yoi ich in i chi wo = How are you doing?

Chapter 40
Within Grasp

By Bill Schott

Within so little a hand

one finds the secrets of eternity

the meaning of existence

revealed to the scrupulous observer

Author Notes Pic from Google

Chapter 41
Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?

By Bill Schott

Fascinating stuff

lunging from a field of fun

dope is so dope, Dude!

tokin' as a teen was rad

Hey! Where'd my brain get off to

Chapter 42

By Bill Schott

-imilate into death. Dig my own

Author Notes Graphic from Google

Chapter 43
With a Shot

By Bill Schott

Entering the moments that hang

as the definition of a life

flapping in my face

by the breathless breeze

though also frozen

like a snapshot

Mentoring those learners of auld lang syne

a rendition of our strife

winning case by case

as we crossed the seven seas

to be the chosen

in the sandlot

Splintering into songs we sang

with a little drum and fife

living through disgrace

never on our knees

now the shows end

with a shot


Chapter 44

By Bill Schott

Leaving our home town

as voluntary outcasts

chasing a life beyond

away from what's left behind

search for community

Author Notes Thanks to cleo85 for use of the picture

Chapter 45

By Bill Schott

Amber Huesta said she use ta
fall asleep in her jacuzz'sta
'cause she drank the 'sham-pag-nee'
which also often made her pee
In her ja-cuz-zi ?

AmHoo, as her friends would call her
won the lotto super baller
soon she bought a pre-owned truck
with a bed of corn to shuck
as a token of her luck

Her new friends helped her spend her dough
on gifts for them and booze and 'blow'
until there was just her and Dom
a magnum of the Perignon
in her hot tub nearing dawn

With the sunrise it was found
she had gotten drunk and drowned
surrounded by her unpaid bills
empty chairs and unknown pills
in a trailer outside Bev'ly Hills

Chapter 46

By Bill Schott

Alabaster bastard
Couldn't be more dastardly
Even if he fortified
His heinous anus mastery.

Go ahead - insinuate
That I'm just hallucinating
And am then not justified
To lynch him in a 'noosinating'

Cannot wait for your consensus
While we all are so defenseless
Careful where you step inside
Your stinking white flea-bag crapped on the new carpet

Author Notes Noosinating will not be in the dictionary.

Chapter 47

By Bill Schott

Our temples rise from

the same earth at the same time

though some seem taller;

the sight from those temples seems

to skew their occupants' views

Author Notes Thanks to GaliaG for the great photo

Chapter 48
Wilson Speaks

By Bill Schott

Wilson would tell great stories

about the days of glory

Pele and Beckham's power

hands off and in their faces

swift kicks past too-slow goalies

the crowds getting into it

the feet, fans, fun of football

Author Notes Thanks to avmurray for use of the art

Chapter 49
Vacation on Mars

By Bill Schott

Remote location
guaranteed to provide an
experience that lasts
until asphyxiation

Chapter 50
Wife Coach

By Bill Schott

Wearing a silk hat

may make this a classy job

but you're still a drunk

Author Notes Thanks to MKFlood for use of the art piece.

Chapter 51
Wicked Weather

By Bill Schott

nefarious nature nods
to pathetic picnickers
caught in cloud cascades
Mother Nature's menace is

Author Notes Thanks to SteveANH for use of the photo art

Chapter 52
Weed Whack

By Bill Schott

I mowed the lawn, man

Whacked down those weeds in their prime

Flowers seemed concerned

Author Notes Thanks to MKFlood for use of the art

Chapter 53
Victory Garden

By Bill Schott

You do not want this

I am a plant you
can trust

put down the shovel

people are the true problem

eliminate them all-- NOW!!!

Author Notes Thanks to MoonWillow for use of the art work

Chapter 54
Vermin Sermon

By Bill Schott

Angelic rodents

get the cheese in heaven, but

here it's hell on earth

Author Notes Thanks to bd shutterspeed for use of the picture

Chapter 55

By Bill Schott

He struggles to sit up
And he labors to lie down
Half his joy is in an urn
And the other in the ground
Now there comes a summer
When life bursts all around
But his moments are all joyless
Laughter, merely sound
Each day is like an ocean
Where he swims and hopes to drown
An endless sea of sorrow
With his buoyancy profound
Perhaps he'll die this evening
From an accident that burns
This shell that hell embodies
To the ash that goes in urns.

Author Notes Make a wish and start the fire

Chapter 56
White Separatist

By Bill Schott

Separating eggs

because Al Bumen couldn't

understand the yoke

Chapter 57
Unca Nu and Emily

By Bill Schott

After a day of play

Unca Nu finds a spot on the sofa

and his little niece, Emily,

finds rest on his chest

Author Notes My son Adam and my granddaughter Emily after a day of play

Chapter 58
Where'd He Go?

By Bill Schott

If you are a friend of his

you're always on his mind

just don't double-cross him though

that could be a grind


Author Notes Thanks to neilnap773 for use of the shot

Chapter 59
Whenever my umbrella's left at home

By Bill Schott

Whenever my umbrella's left at home
The rain will fall as if a flood is due
And if I chance to bring it on the bus
I'll leave it there just prior to deluge

Though weathermen can tell us when it's wet
And Auntie Aubrey's knee predicts the rain
I find that if I plan for a monsoon
The driest air will enter on the scene

But I will never curse the water drops
Though I may be a soggy citizen
Nor wish the torrent cease so I may dry
When nothing is more dense with dew than I

For I've traversed the globe in desert heat
With swollen tongue and less than thimble's drink
So short of flood or jettison at sea
I’ll not lament precipitation's fall


Author Notes Thanks to MoonWillow for use of the graphic

Chapter 60

By Bill Schott

The tiny duckling

Waddles across the highway

Unforgiving car

Kids scream; driver poops his pants

Duckling wanders unaware

Author Notes Google Images

Chapter 61

By Bill Schott

Twin girls
Suddenly frightened
Beside themselves

Author Notes This senryu does not conform to a syllable count.

Chapter 62
When These Three Meet...

By Bill Schott

When donuts, eggs, and diamonds say,
"It's time to take the world away,
and shape it so some buyer'd pay
to take it off our hands."

If the power of confections
and the covert egg connections
meet with carbon, their affections
link ova, gem, and flan.

Surely no one sees this trio
as a threat to you and me, oh
we'll be safe until tomorrow--
"Take a toke, my man!"


Author Notes Thanks to GaliaG for use of the art

Chapter 63

By Bill Schott

Crafting the handle

carving and shaping soft brass

for an unused door

Author Notes Thanks to GaliaG for use of the shot

Chapter 64
Wheel of No Deal

By Bill Schott

Atop the big wheel

I asked her to go steady

'Twas a long ride down

Author Notes Thanks to SemiSarah for use of the image

Chapter 65

By Bill Schott

Warring families

Silverwares and Cuttleries

two dish-washed lovers

nowhere such a tale of woe

as Forket and her Spoono


Author Notes Thanks to VINCEFALLERT for use of the art

Chapter 66
What, me worry?

By Bill Schott

Alfred E. Newman,

hero of my misspent youth,

would keep me grounded.

Reading Mad Magazine meant

I would be sent to my room.

Author Notes Image from Google and probably

Chapter 67
Up Slug

By Bill Schott

Why did I eat that?

No more pickled snails

and warm tequila


Author Notes Thanks to Moonwillow for use of the art

Chapter 68

By Bill Schott

No one owns me man!

I am my own cow. Unique!

What's this on my ear?

Author Notes Thanks to Anne for use of the picture.

Chapter 69

By Bill Schott

may not
want to say
what's on your mind.
You know, however,
that we will know some day,
and then we may well find that
our heartbreaks and tribulations
were needless and on account of you--

a silent voice in the cacophony

Chapter 70
What's for Dinner?

By Bill Schott

Working with wording

one digests many letters

You are what you eat

Author Notes Thanks to lynnkah for use of the art

Chapter 71
What We Were

By Bill Schott

Do you see my face?

Before shifting dimensions

I was a princess

They say we will soon forget

what we wanz weer waa wa a--

Author Notes Thanks to avmurray for use of the groovy pic

Chapter 72

By Bill Schott

There are tools used to open hearts and minds.
They are smiling, piercing eyes, shaping hands,
water boarding.

Chapter 73
Three Days of Safety

By Bill Schott

No arrests
were made today
No one died
People survived
February 29th

Author Notes The 29th of February only occurs every four years.

Chapter 74
What Time Is It?

By Bill Schott

Ten minutes to four

is the same as three fifty

or so they are told

since "hand" time isn't taught now

most kids can't tell clock face time

Author Notes Thanks to Mr Jones for use of the pic

Chapter 75
There once was a German named Adolf

By Bill Schott

There once was a German named Adolf,
who found that his planning had paid off;
but his plans went kaput,
filled his mouth with his foot
and now he is seen as a dumkopf.

Author Notes Picture from internet ;

Chapter 76

By Bill Schott

Synapses on edge

now once more into the breach

prepared to explode

Author Notes Thanks to Wolf6249103 for use of the art

Chapter 77

By Bill Schott

Her food, expulsed from another's belly.
She waits to devour (she's the runt).
The pack is wet, cold, and smelly;
as they prowl, out on the hunt.

Their lean guts tightened from want,
they pounce - a fanged alliance;
Clenched jaws sense a pulse's chant;
the prey cries out - then silence.

The pack's reliance, ages old,
yet, not sated from the hunt;
not full, they fear the growing cold;
they turn on her - the runt.

The pack endures the violent cold,
tethered in reliance, ages old.

Author Notes Wolves born blind and deaf. Young are fed regurgitated food.

Chapter 78
Twit (ter)

By Bill Schott

Presidential xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


profiles change from man to man

but loud and deceptive stick to xx

Trump xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chapter 79
What I Put on the Fridge

By Bill Schott

Mom likes my drawing
She smiles and asks me questions
The fridge is my gallery

Dad sees my art work
He says, "Tape it to the fridge,
and get me another beer."

Author Notes Thanks to Doris 1022 for the drawing

Chapter 80
Tweety and the Sicilian Defense

By Bill Schott

Knight to bishop's twee
Taut I taw a puddy tat
I been bad...Checkmate!

Author Notes Tweety enjoyed a slight speech impediment.
Photo from the internet

Chapter 81
What Departs

By Bill Schott

Her perfume lingers

though her countenance may wane

our memory stays

and with each passing morning

what departs... remains with us

Author Notes Thanks to Browncat for use of the photo.

Chapter 82
What Awaits

By Bill Schott

As the erosion
of our foundation comes near
we consider that
what we've blissfully enjoyed
is worth what awaits us next

Author Notes Nearing my second retirement and considering my options

Chapter 83
We'll Play Again

By Bill Schott

My friends wait for me

they keep childhood safe and fun

we'll soon play again

Author Notes Thanks to corrinascreations for use of the art

Chapter 84
Water Waltz

By Bill Schott

Saguaro cacti

like to dance in the desert

or seem like they do

in the thirsty, fevered mind

they will lead the water waltz

Author Notes Thanks to cleo85 for use of the image

Chapter 85
Tweak His Meds

By Bill Schott

Bill Schott Productions'

The Attack of the Coneheads

conceptual art

attributed to dodgement

dedicated to no one


Author Notes Thanks to dodgement for use of the art

The term Coneheads was originally a reference to KKK members in their robes. It was literally adopted by SNL Not-ready-for-primetime-players as an alien pre-invasion family that were somehow undetectable to people around them. It all seemed funny once.

Chapter 86
Turtle Theater

By Bill Schott

There were three turtles

sitting on a floating log

one was a killer

there were soon only two left

neither knew who would be next

Author Notes Thanks to marlak25 for use of the shot

Chapter 87
Starry Night

By Bill Schott

The darkened sky which

his nose illuminated

was split asunder

shepherds feared the beacon's glow

Rudolph flew to Bethlehem

Chapter 88
Wed Inc.

By Bill Schott

Persons pairing now

do so with a wedding vow

we have shown them how

in the future though, no show

just legal forms ... stop and go

Chapter 89
The Lathe of Heaven

By Bill Schott

Haber's Augmenter
George Orr's effective dreaming
Change reality

Author Notes Photo from web site

Chapter 90
Someone's Daughter

By Bill Schott

Nothing will be very fancy
Dinner's chancey
No one' looking
Grabbin' a pear

One bite was by someone taken
Stomach's achin'
Some more 'hooking'
Here and there

Up will pull his sleek Cadillac
She'll get some 'smack'
Then she'll not have
A single care.

Author Notes Dinner from the garbage can, because her pimp only takes.

Chapter 91
There once was a man from Livonia

By Bill Schott

There once was a man from Livonia
Talked too long on a cellular phonia
He chatted three hours
During freezing rain showers
Until he came down with pneumonia.

Author Notes Thanks to carolcalkins for the use of the photo

Chapter 92
First Nod to Mortality

By Bill Schott

His name, like all things, had passed with the age,
and a remnant of his line is here with him now.
The room is far larger than any he had lived in before,
but smaller - much smaller,
than those I had lived in with him.

The shrinking of a life never seemed so real;
this deathbed vigil is providing ample evidence that
our kingdoms are towers that lose foundation
and sink with us into the muck that we,
in our prime, had risen above.

He seems so small now, so weak. Who would fear this man?
A man whose cutting voice was the terror of timid youth,
now "requests", "would like", says "please".
This is a foreign tongue learned in retirement;
reserved for guests, which, I guess I am.

The kingdom has shrunk to this bed, and his company, to me.
He must live, as we all fear we will, at the mercy of another,
who may take advantage of this moment
or bare a soul, which all should hope
remains cloaked in the benefit of a doubt.

What seemed so long now seems too brief - not enough.
He stares, as I lift his lids, then again push closed the eyes
that want to continue to see, all that continues to be outside of the tower.
The tower that has passed below the plane,
to join the past, that has itself been buried.

Author Notes I sat with my father through his final days.

Chapter 93

By Bill Schott

what you once knew
about the birds and bees
we now must reevaluate

Chapter 94

By Bill Schott

Ennead of gamblers assembled
Octagon held the two fighters
"It's even, we're placin' odds"
Half a dozen wagers
Fifes were playing then
Before the bout
Three punches
Too bad

Author Notes Ennead is a group of 9, octagon has 8 sides, ...

Chapter 95
Ann Tonnim

By Bill Schott

She mends
my heart and breaks
my concentration.

I'm loose
and clinging now
to what was then.

Once a piece
but soon my whole

leads from her
and falls with him.

Ann Tonnim
a synonym
for angel.

That a devil
is too blind
to see.

Author Notes The end words on each pair of lines are somewhat of an antonym to each other. (mend - break)
Thanks to Bruceiorio for the cool graphic.

Chapter 96
Waiting Still

By Bill Schott

They are still waiting

to be a maiden or gent

to grow and prosper

their dreams of life still frozen

captured anticipation

Author Notes Thanks to CammyCards for use of the photo

Chapter 97
A Brain yada yada yada to Waste

By Bill Schott

Picking a person to love
Can come with some costs
Payments too minor to hurt
Like cerebral x-ray spots

Selecting a type of phone
All come with such costs
Forgetting those microwaves
Toasting tumors in the brain

Call girls come when they are called
Their cost is well known
Lawyers in limousines laugh
this is your brain on trial

Author Notes This is a mix of 'random' 'phones' and 'the brain'
Thanks to Bertodi for the great graphic

Chapter 98
's permanent

By Bill Schott

Sperm unit drilling

fulfilling its one function

ova and ova

Author Notes photo from Google

Chapter 99
A Clockwork Orange

By Bill Schott

Alex, and three droogs
"Viddy well, little brother."

Chapter 100
Weave the Wizard Awone

By Bill Schott

Gelatinous eye goo on your cheek,
with the other you are winking;
Perhaps a vent of your frontal lobe
would help clear up your blinking.

Remove your tongue, remove the shriek;
this bleach sure helped the stinking;
soon I'll commence a cranial probe,
to see just what you're thinking.

Is this not the thrill you seek,
with your backstreet slinking?
To catch me in my wizard robe,
with potions mixed for drinking.

Yet here you lie, both tense and meek,
I sense your hope is shrinking;
Tomorrow I will cross the globe,
while in my swamp you're sinking.

Author Notes I thought the punctuation necessary. It may be annoying.

Chapter 101
Trump Grabs U.S. By Their P____y

By Bill Schott

A final finger

to the year that has lingered

and now ends too late

Donald Trump "wins" the White House

and the country's now for sale


Author Notes Thanks to avmurray for use of the photo

Chapter 102

By Bill Schott


comes back to haunt

us all.


Author Notes Image from Google. Getty Images

Chapter 103

By Bill Schott


on my vehicle

perform a huge 'roll'

in making moving more bearable.


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Chapter 104
This Guy Needs a Wife

By Bill Schott

C'mon, Frankenstein!

You need to make a maid, Dude.

Just look at this mess!



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Chapter 105

By Bill Schott

exists only as a concept
until vision bursts onto the scene
like an unannounced inspector
examining, presuming
exhuming dusk's deaths
aligning bones to count and recount

as imploding lungs
intake and make the new day
detoxifying the poisoned psyche
tortured by dream demons
now nullified
by new air

 feral figure on a first day
new chances
like a deer crossing
from fallow fields to fine flora
rutting, wasting, warring
the dark forest left behind


Author Notes Thanks to Renate-Bertodi for use of the art

Chapter 106
Then Dean...

By Bill Schott

The scary season came around again,
which did invoke macabre poetry,
so I submitted verse to equal sin
and win a contest for its quality.

Then Dean entered the said contest as well,
and all my chance of winning went to hell.

My grossest scenes were like a bandaged toe
compared to Mr. Kuch's augmented gore;
where I tried to create the fright and woe,
his images oozed out from ev'ry pore.

Then Dean doubled down on guts and blood,
as I attempted phrases to cause tremors;
in impact, mine would compare as a dud,
fall beneath the feet of judging members.

So now I lay like roadkill on the road,
as Kuch collects the winnings he is owed.

Author Notes Image from Google

a psawnut = a pentameter ABAB quatrain+rhyming couplet+two more pentameter ABAB quatrains+final rhyming couplet

Chapter 107

By Bill Schott

Friday rears its head

the ugly face of yard work

rises from the lawn

Author Notes Thank to Disciple 1974 for use of the pic

Chapter 108
We're in the Handbasket

By Bill Schott

Our next president

Political hack... Biden

or the Antichrist

Chapter 109

By Bill Schott


Water seeks its own level

Perhaps to quench thirst

Perhaps to drown the idle

Or to irrigate new seed

Chapter 110
My Brother Robert

By Bill Schott

My brother Robert,

fourth of six and full of tricks;

gone, but never forgotten.


Author Notes Thanks to VMarguarite for use of the artwork.

Chapter 111
Family Values

By Bill Schott

Family values...

a conservative issue

liberally shared


Author Notes Thanks to Renate-Bertodi for use of the artwork.

Chapter 112
All the Time I Spend

By Bill Schott

I think of all the time I spend
reading/writing -- to what end?
No one will ever publish this,
I'll print it out and wrap some fish.

I've read a lot of poetry,
sonnets, haiku, potpourri;
sestinas, pantoums, villanelles,
and one writTEN without no Ls.

Some stories have been nicely writ,
with punctuation all through it,
and words spelled close as they will get
and plots--well, we're not quite there yet.

One day I'll be a famous author
like Dr. Seuss or Jeffy Chaucer
like Patterson in ev'ry genre
Aussies will say "Hey, Good on ya!"

Until then I will labor on
reading/writing dusk to dawn,
building up my powers of pen
and starting books on chapter ten.


Chapter 113
The Breakfast Trap

By Bill Schott

My wife cooked breakfast this morning;

it was delightful and tasty.

Scrambled eggs and ham in a pan,

with toast that was closer to pastry.

Completely absorbed in this feasting,

I finished and hinted for more.

She told me I could eat at the diner,

after taking her out to the stores.


Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 114
Katie's Bears

By Bill Schott

"Please find a tub for Katie's bears,"
asked my wife as I hung garland.
"They've got a house, and the bears are theirs."
"No argument here, Darlin'"

Each tub I found had things inside,
none empty for the bruins;
a thought occurred like a spirit guide,
now I knew what I'd be doin'.

An empty box which once had stored
a side by side fridge/freezer,
could hold all of the stuffed toy horde,
and make my life much eas'er.

I grabbed and tossed them all inside,
until her room was bare;
the reefer box filled, but I spied
more rooms with bears in there.


Chapter 115
Haiku (summer tsunami)

By Bill Schott

Summer tsunami

hand that slaps the land

into submission


Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 116

By Bill Schott

There was a man who always said,

"The best in life is mostly dead."

I wonder what he meant by that?

Why did he turn into a bat?

I know it seems so rudely said,

"The beast in life is grossly dead."

No secret to what's meant by this,

when that man is a walking fish.

The world, seems it has gone to bed;

our lease on life is ghostly -- shed.

As we shall lay us down to sleep,

counting werewolves chasing sheep.


Author Notes Image from Google. Tumbler.

Chapter 117

By Bill Schott

Wenge to fulvous skin
upon glaucous waves arrives
eburnean clouds
witness beauty from the sea
broach the falu xanadu

Author Notes wenge = brown
fulvous = brownish yellow
glaucous = blue
eburnean = ivory
falu = copper
xanadu = green

Chapter 118
Falling Sorry Apple

By Bill Schott

I wrote a poem by the poet-tree

when an apple toppled down on me,

it landed on my head, you see,

on its way down to the ground.

On its way down to the grassy ground,

an apple tapped my curly crown,

but I just could not wear a frown

for the fruit apple-o-gized.


Author Notes Thanks to MoonWillow for use of the image.

Chapter 119
Lim rick

By Bill Schott

I'm writing a poem called a lim'rick,

with a beat and a rhyme as its gimmick;

tells a story that's bawdy,

sort of funny and naughty,

both of which this poem does neither.


Author Notes Misspelling is on purpose.

The last word doesnt rhyme on purpose. Funny, huh.

Chapter 120
Dim Dick

By Bill Schott

I am writing a po-em called Dim Dick,

which may sound a bit like a limerick;

it's all 'bout Ricardo,

whose friends called him Lardo,

but lately announce him as Slim Rick.


Author Notes Bariatric stomach surgery is where intestines are removed to accelerate weight loss.

Chapter 121
Leaving the City

By Bill Schott

Leaving the city

is like being born again

escaping hell's grasp


Author Notes Thanks to pfemd for use of the picture

Chapter 122
Cleaving the Kitty

By Bill Schott

Farmer's wife dices

sightless mice's tender tails

then looks for the cat

Author Notes Thanks to jgrace for use of the shot

Chapter 123
Banana Theed

By Bill Schott

Took a banana from the bunch,

wanting a potassium punch;

on second bite I heard a crunch;

didn't know 'nanners' had seeds.

Hurt a bit and I chipped a tooth;

spat out syllables -- quite uncouth;

checked and found another tooth looth,

with thum evidenth that it bleedth.


Chapter 124

By Bill Schott


I suspect my Lab

eats the grandkids' food and toys,

but has a stone face.


Author Notes gif from Google

Chapter 125

By Bill Schott

Let us remember

on this day in December--

dear Pam ...Gungalo


Author Notes She passed away in 2014 and was a shining star here.

Chapter 126
Old Year

By Bill Schott

Now it's December and close to the end

of all that we know to trust and defend;

babies were born and others passed on;

new friends were found while some are now gone.

Time's Up for harassment and Toys-R-Us;

Democrats win some congressional trust;

Me Too movement moves men out,

as women receive some closure and clout.

Next year my smart phone can give me a zap,

if I am having a big heart attack;

my car will drive me for medical care

and teach me a language before we get there.

Journalist murdered, dismembered, and dumped,

which is all fine with Pretends-a-dent Trump;

"Show me the money, Mr. MBS!"

"Trump Tower in Moscow? Yes, Putin. Yes!"

Everyone is racist, whatever they say,

whoever they are, whatever the day;

our friends 'round the globe all think we stink;

so this year ends with the world on the brink.


Author Notes Why so serious? Just a little poem. Happy Old Year!

Chapter 127
Not Needed

By Bill Schott

No one needs these words,

whether read or somehow heard,

but my goals are blurred.

Chapter 128
Kindergarten Womb

By Bill Schott

It's the third trimester

so soon you will deliver,

but is your baby qualified,

for we are all aquiver.

Did you tap out mathematics

on your tummy time to time?

Play Bach and Stravinski

for her creative clime?

When baby gets evicted

from your prenatal womb,

will she be a starter in

the one-and-under room?

This is not 'starting early',

rather picking up a pace,

'cause the baby with the head start

will be ready for the race.


Author Notes Thanks to Renate-Bertodi for use of the art.

Chapter 129

By Bill Schott


Melissa's thumb print,

found around his throttled throat,

was hard to deny.


Author Notes This lady has a huge thumb. (tee hee)

Chapter 130
Meter Response

By Bill Schott

You're doing great with any rate
that your meter travels;
perhaps you'll find within your mind
content soon unravels.

If I were you, I'd say what's true,
and what we all should know;
then if some meter must be met--

do what you want.

Author Notes Response to nancy e davis' poem "I Need to Met-er"

Chapter 131

By Bill Schott



with the earth right here;

we walk on its back today,

but can't run away.


Chapter 132
Puppy in the Title

By Bill Schott


Flowers, Kittens, love;

this is what we read about.

5 - Heaven - 5  too.

Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 133
Dick and Adgy Tator

By Bill Schott

Sofa potatoes

get smashed and fried on the couch

davenport duo


Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 134
Yesterday We Read The Tomes

By Bill Schott

Presuming there is someone who will read
these words, which I have summoned for that cause;
I pen this post to toast that dying breed,
who earn their lit'racy and my applause.

It seems like yesterday we read the tomes,
of which we drained such stories from their words;
one instance where some hobbits left their homes,
another where a town was cursed with birds.

But now, there is seldom lone perusal,
so few are entertained by written text;
items to be read meet with refusal --
a shallow generation is what's next.

So if you have some children, make them whole,
let reading build her brain, his heart, their soul.

Author Notes Image from

I will work on massaging the trochaic feet out by the time the contest rolls around.

Chapter 135
Her Presence is a Coat ...

By Bill Schott

Her presence is a coat in wintry breeze,
she breaks the wind --

She passes gas?

Oh please!
This is a love poem to my darling bride.

So when she farts, do you just go outside?

She doesn't do that, nor, my friend, do I.

So, no one ever toots or lets one fly?

Now may I please continue with my ode?

Yes, of course, but please use the commode.

An ode, you oaf, is a verse to present
a person, place, location, or event,
which has made an impression on one's mind,
just as my dear, sweet lover has in kind.

So she has never expressed flatulence?

No she has not, nor will she ever hence.
Should she, someday, be cursed with that wind,
I will capture its perfume and smell again.


Chapter 136
Permanent Residence

By Bill Schott

I tried to sell it

but the ghosts offered me more

to stay forever

Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 137
Babies and Kittens

By Bill Schott

Babies and kittens;

both require our attention,

but one demands it.


Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 138
New Vokes

By Bill Schott

No one read your piece?

TL;DR should appear,

but't's 2 much 2 rite.

Author Notes Vokes = vocabulary

As readers (old term used to denote people who would actually read things longer than this parenthetical inset) get lazier, or are distracted more easily, the likelihood of anyone reading an item past the size of a tanka become less likely.

TLDR = too long; didnt read (I would put an apostrophe in didnt, but it becomes crap)

butts = but it is (my addition to the stupidity). (Apostrophes impossible here as well)

Misspellings W intentional

Chapter 139
New Years Eve Party

By Bill Schott

New Year's Eve party
acquaintances forgotten

auld lang syne, my dear

Author Notes Thanks to jgrace for use of the art.

Chapter 140
I Cant Believe Itâ??s Not Better

By Bill Schott

This poetic piece

will be how I end the year;

I wish it were better.


Author Notes The title section apparently does not allow apostrophes. Here neither.

Thanks to cleo85 for use of the art.

Chapter 141
A Poem

By Bill Schott

Back again to right;

hope i spell all the words write.

Pol’jize in advance.

Chapter 142
Fear of Xying

By Bill Schott

Don't let your xylophonophobia
block you from enjoying your


Author Notes Image from

Chapter 143

By Bill Schott

Freely Formed Friendships Forge Firm Fraternity.

Chapter 144

By Bill Schott

Crazy vacation

radical retirement

don't want to go back

Author Notes Thanks to VMargarite

Chapter 145
Iron Man

By Bill Schott

Iron Man.
Iron Man,
does whatever an iron can.
Could he hang from a thread?
No, he drops, just like lead.
Hey there!
There goes your Iron Man.

Iron Man.
Iron Man,
he'll be there when it hits the fan.
Presses shirts, any size;
pleats your skirts, not your ties.
No one
flattens like Iron Man.

On the strike of noon
at the scene of a crime,
like a big buffoon,
he arrives half-past nine.

He's been wrong
many times;
when writing rhymes.
Can he run to Cocomo?
In your dreams, answer's no.
No way
not that kind of Iron Man.

To him, life is a clothing crinkle,
wherever there's a wrinkle,
you'll find the Iron Man.


Author Notes Original lyrics

Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spider-Man.

Is he strong?
Listen bud,
He's got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead
Hey, there
There goes the Spider-Man.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
Wealth and fame
He's ignored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Wherever there's a hang up
You'll find the Spider-Man.


Chapter 146

By Bill Schott

I came upon a word today --


This defines a certain way

we RElate the rhetorical.

Our efforts help us to display

the past, a backward oracle;

what doesn't pass the smell test

becomes phantasmagorical.


Author Notes Mythistorical = A history kept as part mythology.
rhetorical = how something is written or explained to promote a point of view
phantasmagorical = fantasy imaging

Chapter 147

By Bill Schott

A walk to Fancyville
to catch up on the town,
and the people who are there.

Remember Jack and Jill,
and the way that they fell down?
There is water now in bottles in the square.

I guess I never will
understand what they had found,
floating freely in the morning's misty air.

Townspeople are there still,
laying lifeless on the ground,
with water that no one will ever share.

Author Notes Thanks to Renate Bertodi for use of the artwork

Chapter 148

By Bill Schott

The Christmas cups are still hung up
and might remain forever;
no one makes the cocoa now,
no joy found whatsoever.

Years have passed but nothing fades,
her scent, her voice remain;
she visits me and brings me tea,
since I've gone insane.


Author Notes Some poems just go south.

Chapter 149

By Bill Schott

An errant ort of mouth-missed macaroni,

awash with sauce once lost from island coney;

with spattered mustard droplets all about...

better get a bib, dude.  No doubt.


Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 150

By Bill Schott

The cockroach killers,

dressed for successful stomping,

when bugs are cornered.


Author Notes Thanks to cleo85 for use of the image

Chapter 151
From the Air

By Bill Schott

Paris from the air

is easily mistaken

for Marseille or Nice.


Author Notes Thanks to supergold for use of the great shot.

Chapter 152
haiku - from the sea

By Bill Schott

rising from the sea

the centaur of attention

we see horse and man


Author Notes Thanks to jgrace for use of the art shot

Chapter 153
Babysitting Song

By Bill Schott


is the greatest ever baby girl


is the greatest ever baby girl


is the greatest ever baby girl

the greatest ever
baby girl alive

Author Notes From my smart phone

Chapter 154

By Bill Schott


filled with surprises

revive and extend our lives


Chapter 155
Love and Anticipation

By Bill Schott

Love seems to slip by,

becoming a brief gust of wind which whisks past us.

It leaves youth, innocence, and anticipation

in an old house by the woods.

We could visit that rustic home,

where bare closets and tiny chairs

provide hiding places and comfort for memories,

but we cannot stay.

There are new structures to inhabit,

with closets to fill and chairs to arrange.

Youth and innocence can live here,

as anticipation whistles through the eaves.


Author Notes Thanks to Alaskapat for use of the art

Chapter 156

By Bill Schott

Paddling for the shore

day burns in horizon flames

land breezes challenge rowing


Author Notes Thanks to Photowhisper for use of the image

Chapter 157
Lonely Coast

By Bill Schott

The paradise fades

as I sink into my drink

without my lifeguard


Author Notes Thanks to Dick Lee Shia for use of the image

Chapter 158
A Garden Too Far

By Bill Schott

The sense of success

with a beautiful garden

weakens by August


Author Notes Thanks to jgrace for use of the image

Chapter 159
Wake and Celebrate

By Bill Schott

Wake and celebrate, for we've survived a horrid fate.

Author Notes Image from giphy.

Chapter 160
A Scary Thought

By Bill Schott

It's a scary thought,

Fanstory without Dean Kuch;

today it begins,

but tomorrow we need to

honor his horror and wit.


Author Notes Image from Pinterest

I hope it is not too soon. I just don't think Dean would want us wringing our hands. As a fellow jarhead he shared the acerbic humor that dulls the edge on realitys horror.

Chapter 161
Shape of What's to Come

By Bill Schott

Varied fits for us

form in the fashioning days;

find us anew.


Author Notes Thanks to Anne for use of the graphic.

Chapter 162
Be Forgot

By Bill Schott

An old acquaintance

blooming in my mind today

never forgotten

Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 163
Springdom Come

By Bill Schott

Winter, trees asleep,

with their dreams of springdom come;

wooden it be nice?



Author Notes Thanks to VMarguarite for use of the image.

Misspelling on purpose; honest.

Chapter 164
Black Hole

By Bill Schott

Black Hole




Author Notes Image from

Chapter 165
Egg World 4 Lying to Owls

By Bill Schott


Bluto Bird asks me,
"Have you seen my barn owl eggs?"
I lie and say, "No."


Author Notes Thanks to suzannethompson2 for use of the image.

Chapter 166
Choke Point

By Bill Schott

hoosing to leave
                    Home and pursue her
                    Own goals in life,
                    Keeps her
                    Ego in check with her
                    Pride and prejudice parked.
                    Only complications result
                    In efforts to
                    Terms with herself.


Author Notes Image from Google shutterstock

Chapter 167
Wise Eyes

By Bill Schott

i n e s t i m a b l e power lies

in a lady's soul-piercing eyes;

no truth-loving man denies

the service she supplies.

So it's no surprise

r e a l i z e,

no disguise,

she's wise


Author Notes Image from Google

The Uni-rhymed nonet has been dubbed a mononet by Phyllis Stewart.

Chapter 168
Year of Jubilee

By Bill Schott

You can only owe so long,
Eternal debt is always wrong;
A year to end all debts and sin,
Return the servant to his kin.

Oppressive debt that has no end,
Fifty years some families fend;

Justice calls for freedom’s chance,
Unshackled legs return to dance.
Born again some say to grow,
Illumination leads from woe;
Let us build a better world,
Espy the freedom flag unfurled;
Expect the Year of Jubilee.


Author Notes The Year of Jubilee was a tradition of the Israelites to forgive debts and return indentured servants to their families. Nowadays some view it as a synonym for freedom from sin and a new beginning.

Chapter 169
With the Tide

By Bill Schott


He lies in the sand,

becomes one with the water

as the surf slides in.

The ebbing eddies

swirl him to dissolution;

leaving with the tide.

Author Notes Thanks to UVS7 prime for use of the image.

Chapter 170
When Reasons Run Out

By Bill Schott

When reasons run out

to wake and face a new day,

rise and seek the Lord;

for there is a new season

and a greater purpose there.


Author Notes Thanks to supergold for use of the image.

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