"Once upon the heart.."

You are Mine.

By Susanjohn

Beauty ...
comes when I rest,
the moment
I close my eyes.

Each breath taken,
softly releasing ...
sweet whispers
of a sigh.

While pleasing visions
meander through the
flowing meadows
of your love,
I lie upon
a billowed bed,
warmed by mem'ries
of your touch.

Anticipation soars
into flight,
longings lend
to desire ...
like dreamers
wishing beneath stars,
your passions
fuel my fire.

in this moment,
rises such beauty,
when you float across
my mind;

sweet whispers
of a sigh,
knowing ...

You are mine!


Chapter 1
Still Loving you

By Susanjohn


Beneath a honey-crested sky,
spark rays of hip-swayed light ...
amidst a secret garden sigh,
hope's visions soon delight.

Your gentleness rains over me;
thus, quenched, this weary soul ...
love's heeded longing's urgent plea,
with potter's hands; formed whole.

Of kindness showered in reprise,
sent burdens far away...
hence, forging trust when sadness dies,
behest; forever stay.

Such happenstance remains unknown,
how midnight dreams come true
Life's mys'tries often ne'er be shown,
yet, here I am with you."

Oh, lovelier than lyrics sung,
sweet gilded sentiments!
Love's ceaseless etchings have begun ...
beloved testaments.

You've shouldered many darkest fears,
stood firmly by my side,
erased away all fallen tears...
a beacon light to guide.

Once silenced voice, can now declare
(the Heaven's so attest),
forevermore our lifetimes' share ...
a oneness unsuppressed.

Alas! Dusk beckons petals close,
bid gardens sweet adieu ...
much needed slumber, I suppose;
but I'm still loving you!


Chapter 2
Dandelion Wishes

By Susanjohn


In moon- kissed fields, winsomely yields
to flowering delights --
in bloom of youth, one speaks the truth,
while dreaming of hot nights.

In nature's gleam, warm flowing stream,
a heavenly duvet.
Bluebells abreast, I simply rest,
as thoughts of you gain sway.

There'll be no doubt, a love devout,
uniquely rarefied,
brings untold bliss, I'd surely miss,
should this heart be denied.

So from the ground where blooms abound
I'll pluck those wish-makers...
Pressed to my lips, first seedling slips
along perfumed acres.

They bare my dreams, this love it seems
was truly meant to be --
our passion’s seed has found its need,
now sprouts in you and me.

With gratitude, shall now conclude
my life's forever changed --
it's only you, pulling me through,
souls perfectly arranged.


Chapter 3
Missing you

By Susanjohn

I'm missing you,
heart's all askew ...
what magic spell you've cast?
On bated breath,
until my death,
pure longings grow, steadfast.

Gold, sunclipsed skies,
stars mesmerize ...
vanishing out of sight.
Where miles befell,
splendors dispel,
your absence dims the light.

My aching heart,
when we're apart,
erodes with every beat.
Fiery blue eyes,
set fire my thighs ...
smoldering trick's a treat.

Sweet gentle ways,
entice my days,
come back where you belong.
Soothe endless fears,
pat wishful tears,
knowing now, right from wrong.

I'm missing you,
heart's all askew,
hurry back to my side.
Life's incomplete,
heart thrums offbeat ...
loves myst'ries, justified.


Chapter 4
Love's Lullaby

By Susanjohn

Warm hands bestead, come lay your head
I'll softly sing a lullaby....
When longings wed, our dreams embed
where every breath's a tender sigh.

Peacefully rest upon my breast;
Steady heartbeats thrum, till we sleep.
Be always blessed along life's quest
and never far from Angels keep.

May every day bring love's bouquet
as petals cushion traveled road...

bleak yesterday, now locked away
beneath tomorrows' joys foretold.

Sleep well my dear, I'm always near
to comfort now, and keep you warm....
Shall nether fear cause single tear,
love's harbor shelters from the storm.

Chapter 5
Ocean of Dreams

By Susanjohn

We waltz upon waves
where no one else braves,
silver moon-drops ease dueling fears.
Sojourn distant shores,
wind urging implores
our two souls entwine through the years.

Our magical craft
adrift in love's draft,
ocean secrets casting their spell ...
in fantasies' realm,
pure pleasure must whelm,
where unhindered, sweet desires dwell.

Moon's midnight burlesque,
exquisite finesse
becomes sensual, sheer delight.
Two fervent hands grasp,
foam whitecaps thrash,
merging lovertines 'neath starlight.

Kaleidoscope eyes,
elated soul cries,
stirring wanton, warm rising tide.
Suspended in time,
sweet mem'ries sublime
let our swelling hot waves subside.

Seafaring due course,
forgotten remorse,
from cosmos to Neptune's abyss.
Escaping tight bind,
enthralling hearts find
two lovers relaxed, reminisce.


Author Notes act or instance of flowing or heaping up abundantly; a surge. beat or move wildly

Chapter 6
If only I could...

By Susanjohn

If only I could,
sweet lover, I would
be-shine your life with heaven's gleam...
grant each deep-pined wish
with a tender kiss,
beneath the sun's soft golden beam.

Frosted mountain tops,
evergreen backdrops,
a mosaic snowflake ballet ...
warm aqua raindrops,
mistletoe treetops ...
sheer blissfulness with every day.

Majestic rainbow,
captured gold; below,
each morn' a marvelous surprise ...
taking hand in flight
through darkest of night ...
then, wishing on stars till sunrise.

Travel oceans deep,
where mermaids at sleep
explore the mystical unknown.
Fantasies ... enjoy,
midnight dreams ... deploy;
my soul is no longer alone.

Dear know, in my heart
this is just the start ...
there's nothing I won't do for you.
if only I could,

sweet lover, I would ...
for loving me the way you do.

If only I could


Chapter 7
Midnight Flight

By Susanjohn

Should fate require you dwell amidst my dreams
Then blissfuly, I'll drift to where you are
Enchant my visions duly, every night
Beg, wake me never ~ from my midnight flight.

While life's design now keeping us apart
Has left me dangling with a bleeding heart
Your nightly visits welcomed in my sight
Beg, wake me never ~ from my midnight flight.

Reversing realms; Wherein no longer far...
And forever remaining, where you are
Where fantasy finally comes to light
Beg, wake me never ~ from my midnight flight.

Should fate require you dwell amidst my dreams
Beg, wake me never ~  from my midnight flight.


Chapter 8
True Spirit's Might

By Susanjohn

Once, where lonely thoughts prevailed,
dense shrouds covered inner lights.
Aching taunts, despair lay veiled,
'neath chained hopes and fretful nights.

Each pursuing due set course,
till fate shattered false belief.
True spirit's might -- bridging force,
uncloaked hardened layers' grief.

Gently, fervent tender words
soon unleashed once captive heart.
Morrow's dream holds fast, begirds;
love embossed begs, ''Never part!''

One soul found me worth his love,
Now, unbound wings soar above.


Author Notes Ameri-Sonnet. A form created by Richard W. Jenkins,14 feb,2008.
Composition: Forteen lines of seven syllables each. Align left or center, author's choice. Rhyme Scheme abab/cdcd/efef/gg

Chapter 9
Lush Sultry Night

By Susanjohn


Cool breeze, soft touch, lush sultry night,
rest memories 'neath moon-kissed lips.
Hot, growing passions take to flight;
desires embraced whilst warm dew ~ drips.

Rest memories 'neath moon-kissed lips,
sweet essence lingers -- restless sighs.
Desires embraced, whilst warm dew ~ drips.
Eternal love bears no disguise.

Sweet essence lingers -- restless sighs ...
gentle fingertips trace my spine.
Eternal love bears no disguise;
slight shivers quicken ~ so divine!

Gentle fingertips trace my spine,
shall not resist such boyish charms.
Slight shivers quicken ~ so divine,
wrapped tightly in my lover's arms.

Then, joining bodies, hearts 'n souls ...
hot, growing passions take to flight.
Held breath exhaled, pure bliss extols ...
cool breeze, soft touch, lush sultry night.


Author Notes Special thanks to Richard W. Jenkins for introducing me to this form :-)

Chapter 10
Midnight Love's Foray

By Susanjohn

Come love, take my hand tonight;
hold me now 'till morn's first light
soothes our weary day ~ love's fragrant bouquet.

Mated lips quench growing thirst,
interludes sweetly immersed...
joined rhythmic ballet ~ stroking cares away.

Sheer oneness in utter bliss,
we can't join closer than this...
whispered breaths portray, sighs urge thighs asplay.

Heavenly union ~ we're one;
in comparing us, there's none.
Shun all gainsay... true love's ne'er passe'.

Velvet touch, traced hinder-most,
each lush sensation's engrossed...
warm passions gain sway ~ midnight love's foray.


Author Notes Ricalai (Rik-uh-lay) An original form created by Richard W. Jenkins.

Chapter 11

By Susanjohn

What is this spell
you've cast
upon me?

This mystical appetite;
love's passionate game,
igniting in flames?

My body burns
pure desire.

Velvet touch of your lips ...
resistance descends
with approaching

On bated breath,
your pressing caress ...
a stronghold
'gainst quivering

Sweet melody,
moans ...
starlit heavnes
now shown.

slickened impetus,
hot, flowing
my body screams ...
in expectancy.

Cresting high
between breathless gasps,
you're my apotheosis ~
of satiation
to when ...
free-falling sensations
finally surcease.

Ohhh ...
hold me close;
let me love you ~


Chapter 12
Love's Flames

By Susanjohn

When love's flames dance,
each stolen glance
blossoms blushed cheeks of rose.
As quivers still
sheer pleasures thrill ...
her surrendered heart knows.

Pure happenstance,
kismet by chance ...
with wisdom long foreknown.
Divine, unplanned,
caressing hand ...
love's weary quest ~ now flown.

At peaceful rest,
two Souls professed
their lives to wholly share.
Known from the start
they'd never part,
such love's beyond compare.

Come closer still,
our yearnings fill
'neath passion's fiery skies.
Each craving kiss,
sheer utter bliss ...
blessed in each other's eyes.


Chapter 13
Love's Ceaseless Spirit

By Susanjohn

Naught shimm'ring moon
nor stars in tune,
miss nightfall's rendezvous;
together meld,
nothing's withheld,
'tis Heaven's grand review.

Blue oceans know
hearts must bestow,
lest lovers risk demise ...
dare not ignore
kissing their shore
with welcoming reprise.

Can sun drenched blooms
of sweet perfumes
refuse morning's allure?
Petals outstretch
lovingly etch ...
sunrise memories ensure.

At last, they've known
what Nature's shown ...
true harmony and peace.
Lovers seed plots--
that ne'er their Spirits cease.


Chapter 14
Moonlight Dancers

By Susanjohn

'Twas serendipity that fateful night,
when fate and providence danced on two hearts.
Love harnessed, two souls cradled 'neath moonlight.

Between wondrous celestial magnetite,
and genuinely fearless lion hearts ...
'twas serendipity that fateful night.

Mischievous eyes wander in delight,
be-wetted tender kisses soon imparts ...
love harnessed, two souls cradled 'neath moonlight.

Kept fantasies beg passions to ignite;
hot, sizzling fever ravenously darts ...
'twas serendipity that fateful night.

Resisting never, strong arms holding tight,
we're joy's kaleidoscope, with fading lyarts ...
love harnessed, two souls cradled 'neath moonlight.

True bonded dovetails under heaven's sight ...
gone, empty yesterdays; now, living starts.
'Twas serendipity that fateful night;
love harnessed, two souls cradled 'neath moonlight.


Author Notes Lyart...A grayish streak.

Chapter 15
Midnight Chime

By Susanjohn

Shall I seize back time
before midnight's chime,
changing the course of history ...
hurdle through the years,
release bitter tears
and capture yearning's mystery?

Lone fork in the road,
painful truths forebode ...
choosing life's duet at my side.
Cradle aching heart,
vowing never part ...
knowing joy, now sorely denied.

But alas, daydreams'
reality screams,
fate deciding for you and me ...
now chimes at midnight,
cast visions a'flight ...
as our wondrous love is set free.


Chapter 16
Only you...

By Susanjohn

Maybe, it's always been you
where heavenly myst'ries unfold;
where shadows collide ... in you reside
such beacons of love, my daydreams foretold.

Align my heart once again,
and hold my head above water.
Where darkness has been ... breathe life within,
flushed by our glow, becoming much hotter.

So, let the world spin on by,
we're no longer going their ways.
Shined on by a star ... brighter memoir;
dark loneliness lives in our yesterdays.


Chapter 17
Gentle Whispers..

By Susanjohn

A gentle whisper spoken from my lips,
the tender coaxing of your fingertips
anticipate a wondrous starry flight …
as soothing dreams embark throughout the night.

A welcomed respite from relentless grief;
now, destiny released from heartless thief.
My longings have returned within my sight …
as soothing dreams embark throughout the night.

While tender visions gratify my heart,
we soar together ... nevermore to part ,
ignore reality’s dark, saddened plight …
as soothing dreams embark throughout the night.

A gentle whisper spoken from my lips …
as soothing dreams embark throughout the night.

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