"The Amazing Heist"

Chapter 1
The Amazing Heist

By aryr

Chapter One

Henry really hated these meetings. Although he could understand and rationalize the need for them, he still hated them.

Perhaps it was a deep seated trait in the pool of his life; or the fact that until now he had never ever worked with a woman. Now he was teamed up with two of them and three other men. Regardless of his hatred he did have to admit that their jobs had indeed been successful and rather bountiful. It just stuck in his craw that it was a woman in charge, even though she was definitely smart and a good team leader. No one was left behind nor deprived of what was their equal share.

The meeting was about to start, so after a long swig of his black coffee, he raised his cup and asked, "Anyone want some while I am pouring?" There were no takers.

Annabelle was only twenty-three but wise beyond her years. For the past two of them, she had set up the work load. She accepted the responsibility of screening for safety, the tools needed and the various assignments. Her ideas were indeed original and very well organized. And she was seven to fifteen years younger than the rest of the team.

William or Billy was as skinny as a rack pole but had strength that was phenomenal for a man his size. He was six foot two inches and could when needed move like greased lightning. He was seven years Annabelle's senior.

Fred who preferred to be called Freddie was shorter in stature at five foot eight inches and weighed in at 190 pounds. He was physically fit and like Paul and Sally was nine years Annabelle's senior.

Paul was of Italian decent, a volume of dark hair was his trade mark and a hint of an accent. He was similar in size to Freddie.

Sally was a dainty little thing like Annabelle was. Both were only five foot three inches and neither carried any extra fat cells. Sally was a mousy brown with brown eyes and Annabelle was jet black with the most intriguing deep green eyes. It was said that she had Irish background.

And then there was Henry, the senior citizen of the team at thirty-eight. If any of the team could be considered a rebel it would be Henry.

The meetings were structured but not in a fashion that was found in a corporate office, just good old fashioned round table talking.

Annabelle, whom everyone called Abby was the only one who documented. Her sense of anything was in a short hand technique that only she understood and could decipher. This was a safety stipulation.

It should be noted that both Paul and Freddie were married. Freddie even had a young daughter of four. Neither of their wives interfered with their jobs, nor in fact knew what their jobs entailed. Sally had recently started dating Billy. Everyone was content with their lives. Henry was a widower, his wife had died from cancer about five years before.

The meeting was called and they all sat around the table. Anxious to learn about the new job. It had been three weeks since they last worked together.

Author Notes A special thanks for the artwork picture-Police Line.

Chapter 2
The Plan

By aryr

Chapter Two

"Okay people, I thought we would try something a little different this time." Abby announced.

The others raised their heads and looked at her with an anticipated look of surprise. Abby was well known for sticking with the tried and true methods regarding assignments.

"Instead of the small banks, the jewellery stores, we are going big. Really, big! We are going to take out an armored truck after its last pick up for the day. Are you game?" She sat back and waited for her announcement to sink in.

Originally when they had become a team of sorts about two and a half years ago, no one was a leader. Each of them came up with a different idea and then they would decide which idea was the best at that time. Some ideas were offered more than once and eventually came to fruitation. Then Abby, who was quick minded and could think on the go became their leader. They each continued to contribute ideas and she would weed them out. The past two years had been successful. They all had money in the bank; they had mutually agreed never ever to hit a member's bank. They had their investments. They were living a comfortable life.

Henry of course, was the first to respond. "Abby, you do realize that those trucks tougher and more secure now. And they did have that string of robberies a couple of years ago. Mind you nobody got away with much."

"I have that figured out, but first I wanted to know if everyone was interested or if we go to a plan B." Abby commented.

As they went around the table, everyone declared an 'aye'. They were all in.

"Well the way I see it, we will all come out with six figure . That spells retirement to me. We have done well but all good things do have to come to an end. This will involve a two or three month prep time. That will be the focus of our meetings. I will talk about assignments tomorrow. But for now, I want everyone to go home, think on this and let's see if we all feel the same when we meet tomorrow. Say ten o'clock. Okay?"

Heads nodded around the table, chairs slid silently back from the table. Jackets and coats were grabbed from the coat rack by the door as everyone departed from Abby's apartment.

It was large, it was quiet, it was secure. She had purchased it a year ago. It was, in reality, the top floor of an old brick warehouse. The downstairs was her studio and shop combined. She enjoyed painting to calm her. The concept of having a shop area adjacent to the studio was a brilliant idea. She was able to place her paintings there for sale and also have consignment crafts available. She enjoyed the thrill of organizing the robberies but her heart had become devoted to her business.

She had hired a young man named Andrew to oversee it. A salary and a small commission on everything sold was his income source. She let him rent a small area of her studio to work on his wire sculpture. He has a great deal of talent. Some of his works are of his inspiration and other pieces are specific orders he receives.

She truly was a good business woman. Her paintings sold well and she made enough from the consignment crafts to pay his wages and buy her art supplies. By selling just two paintings a year she had her building taxes covered. She was ready to retire to her business career.

She sometimes felt she was really an old woman in a young woman's body. Her mind was constantly working, constantly creating.

Chapter 3
The Team

By aryr

Chapter Three

Henry had gone home after a brief stop at the local grocery store. He had married when he was twenty-four and his wife Nina had swiftly insisted that they dine at home except when business required them to dine out. She also insisted that he learn how to cook. She believed it was an excellent way to share time and their life. He had always enjoyed being in the kitchen but he blossomed under her skills and guidance.

Even after she had died, he maintained the practice of eating at home and preparing his meals. Today he needed some white wine for the chicken alfredo he was planning. His neighbor, Frank was going to join him, since his wife had gone out of town for family for a couple of days. Frank had no clue when it came to cooking and he would rather eat with Henry than go out.

While at the grocery store, Henry decided that the mushrooms were just too tempting not to get, so he added a couple of pounds to his cart. His palate had a decadent moment as he eyed the strawberries. His mind's eye saw them covered in chocolate for dessert. So, they too found a new home. When he reached the check out, he saw a display of small African Violet plants; they had been Nina's favorite. It became time for him to live once more and accept his memories.

Meanwhile Sally and Billy had ventured to a movie matinee. It was a goofy pet show that they both wanted to see. So, armed with a bucket of buttered popcorn and two large drinks they settled in for laughter and the squeals of delight from the children with their parents.

Freddie had decided to go shopping with his wife and daughter. The little one needed some new clothing and a couple of pair of shoes. One for everyday play wear and one for family outings. Although he was reasonably well off he chose not to be plush with his money. He had a savings account and two checking accounts. One of which he shared with his wife and although it had a comfortable balance, it was basically used to cover needs. He was thinking that they both deserved a treat. Perhaps they could do a movie after shopping and then dinner out.

Paul went home, knowing his wife was at work. It would be a great time to have a beer, watch some sports or even have a nap. It was their weekly pizza night, so he didn't have to think about what they would have for supper.

Abby sat in her apartment drinking a glass of red wine as she stared out the window at the corner of the building across the road and out over the water of the large lake on the north side of the city. The lake was part of the water way that flowed in from the ocean many miles away. Soft music provided a noise distraction in the background.

They would all think about the pending plan before day break. They would all then vote. The team would be a team once again.

Abby smiled as she recalled that even during their down times between assignments they all stayed in touch. They knew what each other were doing. They had their own grapevine.

They had successfully taken care of two small banks. But banks were boring and predictable so they ventured to five jewelry stores. A couple of them were over five hundred miles away. The last few jobs had been stores, there was less security involved and when hit at the right time, which was just before the truck pick up, it was indeed profitable. But it was time to stop, it was time for one last job. A big job that would go down in history.

Chapter 4
The Vote

By aryr

Chapter Four

Abby was up at five am, too anxious to stay in bed. She was showered and dressed by five forty-five. Breakfast was done by six fifteen. Without delay or hesitation, she had toast, juice and an egg every morning. Breakfast was definitely, the most important meal of the day. On Sundays, she treated herself to breakfast out at either Waffle House or IHOP, where she enjoyed pancakes and bacon. Hot tea was her normal morning drink. Today she prepped the coffee maker as well as the tea maker. There were sodas in the fridge. At seven she had the brain storm to make either cookies or homemade donuts. She finally decided on both. It would be her treat.

Abby knew of Henry's little quirk about women as well as his thing for homemade food, so she never served store bought. She had never told anyone, but other than her Sunday treat she too preferred to prepare and eat at home.

At nine forty-five Henry rang the buzzer and she pressed the entrance code to unlock the downstairs door. Before he shut the door Paul, Billy and Sally followed him in. They all chatted and laughed as they climbed the two flights of stairs. Abby greeted everyone with a hug. Within five minutes Freddie the straggler was there.

They all knew the routine of self-serving for the drinks and Abby brought the plates stacked with cookies and donuts to the table.

"Homemade treats for everyone and there are baggies in the kitchen so you all can take some home. Please take some home." She laughed.

"So how does everyone feel about the idea? We will go around the table and you can each say 'yay' or 'nay' and if you don't mind, please share what you like or don't like about the idea. Freddie how about you go first?" She smiled.

"I like the idea of retirement. As I get older I do worry about getting caught and about what will happen to Lucy and Matilda. But I honestly do have my doubts that we can pull this off."

Henry was next, "Well, being the oldest here, I can certainly say that like Freddie I get worried about being caught. I know each of us are well set for life. However, knowing how Abby is for details, I do think we can do it or she would not have suggested it." He smiled at Abby who had a surprised look.

Billy sat between Henry and Sally, "I agree with what Henry said, all of it, so I vote yes."

Sally smiled as she rested her hand on Billy's arm, "I vote yes as well, where my man goes then I go. But in all sincerity, Billy and I have talked about settling down. You know kids and all that stuff. So being done with this life style would be a great idea."

Paul was the last to vote, "Well never let it be said that I tried to be different. I like everyone else, think it is a great idea to retire and an even better idea to go out big. If Abby feels we can do this then let's do it. Besides, I have to tell you all that Saturday's dinner is at our house. Belinda wants to celebrate. We're pregnant! Sorry Abby, but I couldn't wait any longer."

Shouts of congratulations and raised mugs presided the meeting for several minutes. It was a joyful time for all.

When things had settled down, Abby took over the meeting once again.

"Well it looks like we have one more job to plan. First though I want to tell everyone that we have been a fantastic team and just because we will officially be retiring we will remain family. Family is forever, right? "She smiled as they all nodded.

"I remember meeting Sally at the college, she was fighting with the vending machine. Or rather I thought she was fighting with it, she was really ripping it off. She was ranting about the cost of tuition and then to add insult the prices they charged in the machines."

Billy was poking Sally's shoulder and shaking his finger while the others laughed.

"I took pity on her and bought her a granola bar. It was about a week later that I saw her doing the same thing again. This time I couldn't resist asking her what she was doing wrong? The machines always worked for me. And she looked at me with such innocence and told me that of course they worked for me because I was stupid enough to put money in."

Sally just shrugged her shoulders and said, "So I was into petty crime, I was damn hungry too. Annabelle was my savior. She showed me what real crime was." And she laughed.

"Now in my defense I worked hard during college, but everything I made went to the school or my dingy apartment. There was nothing left over for the nice things now and then. So, I developed the idea that I too should have my share. Sally will tell you that we were a great pair at getting our clothing and jewelry." Abby claimed.

Paul leaned forward, "Then I showed up. For two months, I watched these two lift clothing, jewelry and make up. What they didn't need they sold at flea markets. Finally, I confronted them. I wanted to be a part of it. I was tired of working at the grocery store and feeling like I was getting nowhere. So, I continued to work but learned from the girls on the side. Belinda never had a clue and still doesn't. She thinks I have been promoted and invested well."

Henry was leaning back in his chair, "Billy, Freddie and I were doing odd jobs for whatever came up. One day this guy asked us if we wanted to rob his store. He was getting tired of it and figured if we would rob it then he would collect the insurance and have a new life. He had everything worked out, so we agreed. It didn't make us rich but it was a new adventure."

Abby picked up the conversation again, "I remember when we met you three. You had just robbed a convenience store and were trying to get away. It was hilarious that Freddie's car stalled and the store owner was screaming bloody murder. I couldn't leave you standing there, so I gave you the bumper push which worked. And we became a team, a family."

Chapter 5
The Assignments

By aryr

Chapter Five

"Okay, so we are going to do this job. Let's get to work. The basic rule still stands, fifty to a hundred miles away and if that doesn't seem possible we will go five hundred. Billy, Sally, I want you two to check out some truck routes. Your deadline is two weeks. I need you to determine which one will be the most profitable. It may be one that does just banks, or just jewellery stores or a mixmash. Zero in on no more than 5 trucks."

"Henry I need you to check out the computer systems of armored trucks; there is probably one standard type, so learn everything you can about it."

"Freddie, you will find us a super charged get-away vehicle. Big enough for all of us and the money we lift. If we go for the five hundred, then several of us will fly so a smaller one will do. We can confirm in a few days."

"Paul, I have a special assignment for you, so I need you to stay a bit. I think that takes care of things for a couple of weeks. As time passes I will provide everyone with more details. Is everyone okay with that? I am still working out some kinks."

The group changed its attitude from business to fun in a blink of an eye. Each knew their assignment and would complete it to perfection. For now, they zeroed in on the pending dinner, which was really interpreted as party time. Belinda was making a pasta and meatball dish. Freddie announced that he and Lucy would bring a fruit casserole and a cheese and cracker plate. Sally and Billy decided on a veggie tray and salad. Abby offered homemade rolls and garlic bread, as well as the red wine. Henry provided the surprise when he said he would bring homemade chocolate swirl cheesecake and would help with the wine. Their party was arranged. Paul reassured Freddie that Matilda would be there without a question.

Of course, the two girls then had their own discussion about what to wear. It was simple for the men since their wardrobe consisted of jeans and shirts. The girls decided it would be best to get in touch with the two wives. The men just rolled their eyes and smiled.

It was almost one pm when the talking started to dwindle. Abby at that point announced that there was roast beef in the fridge for sandwiches and two whole loaves of fresh bread in the box, if anyone was interested in food. Five hands reached for the sky.

It actually became an assembly line. Henry cut and buttered the bread, Abby sliced the roast beef, Billy assembled the sandwich, Paul added lettuce and pickles as requested, Freddie decorated with whatever condiments that people wanted and Sally cut, plated and added chips. Lunch was ready.

Silence prevailed around the table as the food was devoured. By three pm people were drifting out except for Paul. His curiosity was peaked. He wondered what exactly Abby was up to.

Chapter 6
A Shocking Discovery

By aryr

Chapter Six.

"Okay Paul, for now you will be the only one who knows the basics of the job. We are going to shock the truck. I guess the better word would be electrocute the damn thing, which will ultimately stun the driver and shotgun rider. Your job will be our protection."

"We are going to electrocute the truck? That is the dumbest, most ingenious idea I have ever heard. I can't decide if you are insane or insanely creative Abby."

Abby sat back and smiled. She was letting Paul absorb the concept. Patiently waiting to see if he came up with the protection thoughts that she had.

"How in the hell did you come up with this? Shit, it is pure genius. I knew from the day I saw you and Sally that you had brains. Even I could not have thought up something like this."

"I was watching a movie about a month ago. It was about bank robbers who got foiled because the money was transferred to the armor truck just minutes before the robbers' arrival at the bank. They couldn't break into the truck. It got me thinking that there had to be a way to break into that truck or any truck."

"I saw that earlier this year. How come it didn't inspire any thoughts in me?" Paul chuckled.

"You just don't have an inquisitive mind. I ruled out fire because it would take too long for it to burn enough to cancel out the computer so the doors would open. Water would be useless because it would flood it but do nothing to the computer. Brute force would be a joke. So by sheer deduction it would have to be either having one of you on the inside, which would take forever or electricity."

"That means we have to have something to protect us from electricity. Hey, how are we going to have power to do this? It would need a pretty awesome generator, if we don't have a power source." Paul stammered. He did have a tendency to stutter and stammer when excited.

"That is one of the kinks I am working on, I have a couple of ideas but I want to see what Billy and Sally come up with first. Now, about protection, do you have any ideas?"

"Good God, girl. You have really picked a tough one with this. A definite challenge! I really have to activate the old thinking cap." He looked at Abby who was smiling. "Damn it you have that part figured out, don't you? Come on, spill the beans."

"No, this is way too much fun watching you struggle through it. If you haven't come up with something in a couple of days I will tell you my thoughts and you can decide if it will work or not."

Paul just sat staring at her, occasionally shaking his head.

"Time for you to go home. We don't need Belinda worrying over nothing. We will all be together again on Saturday. Goodness, Paul you are going to be a daddy. A great one at that."

Paul grabbed his coat and looked one more time at Abby. Smiling he opened the door and descended the stairs.

Chapter 7
Sally and Billy

By aryr

Chapter Seven

The young couple started out by checking the cities that were located in a hundred mile radius. They sipped diet sodas and munched on chips and pretzels. Neither had wanted anything more than juice and a coffee for breakfast. They were contemplating a lunch break but pressed on.

The choices were rather slim. Bakersville was forty-five miles away and Dundan was a little over sixty. All of the rest, according to the yellow pages had a single bank and a few stores.

Bakersville had three banks, a couple of small jewelery stores and several store front businesses. Dundan was almost three times the size of Bakersville and had several banks and stores. It even had a loan company.

Billy called Ace Loans pretending to be interested in applying for a sizeable loan. His conversation included enough information that opened several doors. He asked how long he would have to wait for the money. He also checked on security with questions like how much was in the building over night? When the armored trucks made a pick up.

During his friendly chat, he discovered that there was actually a pick-up route. He was surprised to learn that the truck start was about twenty miles from their home. Most communities had their previous day intakes picked up along the route. This meant that at the end of the day all the towns and cities were picked up and deposited in Dundan.

It was time for lunch, time to take a deep breath before they started the next phase of their search. Chicken noodle soup and toast appeased their appetites. They both felt that they would have the required information for Abby in a total of five days, instead of the assigned two weeks. They were rather proud of themselves.

Starting with the closest town they planned to leap frog through the communities. They established profiles on each business. It was easy to determine if the business was part of the route or if they did a local bank deposit.

Sally was a financial geek and knew just where to check for monthly incomes. She had been in her last class when she met Abby. She had shown Billy the shortcuts and loop holes, so they were able to work independently.

At four pm of their second day they shut down. This was the time for a much needed break. They had covered a little under half of the list. Thus far the numbers were amazing. Who would ever guess that the business they checked were so profitable.

They went out for dinner. It was a simple meal at their favorite burger joint. Although it was considered a hole in the wall, it was home to the best bacon cheese burger. The meal was rounded out with fries and shakes. Normally they would take it home, but tonight they splurged and ate at the restaurant.

Sally enjoyed simple cooking and Billy was assigned clean up, since he was rather useless at the stove. For intense meal planning she called Henry who was willing to guide her through her adventure. Billy still cleaned up.

When they got home they cuddled and watched a movie, it had been a long day and they were indeed brain tired. Tomorrow was another day.

"I think I just figured it out, babe. The highway runs through all these places. A lot of the business we checked today are tourist traps. So we will be like Robin Hood," he laughed "We will rob the robbers."

Sally was so tired she simply smiled and commented 'Yes, dear."

Chapter 8

By aryr

Chapter Eight

Henry was busy in his own world, he had always enjoyed computers. He had completed three different courses regarding computers. He could program anything he wanted. He was a whiz at fixing what some thought to be irrepairable. And he knew computers better than the back of his hand.

He had the equipment that was powerful enough to do so. Henry had at one point in his life thought about working in the computer field. He quickly learned that even with talent, the profits were made by the corporations, not the little guy. He would be damned before he would make someone else rich. He built his own computer to his specifications. It was comparable to the equipment used by NASA.

Henry was not surprised that Abby had assigned him the computer task. There was a little disappointment in the depth of the challenge. It had taken only three hours to determine that all the armored truck companies did use the same program. This was sold under two different names but were the really the same thing.

He was now figuring out a way to hack into the system. Regardless of the program, there was always a back door that someone could sneak into. If there was hacking to do, then by George he would do it.

He stretched for a moment to loosen up his shoulders, stood up and went to the fridge for a beer. Henry was grateful he had remembered that he needed some when he was shopping. He was even happier that Frank had decided to bring over a suitcase last night. His fridge was well stocked. A long sip created a sigh as the coldness trickled down his throat.

Henry's habit of talking to himself while working on the computer was parching. He grabbed a second bottle then headed back to his desk. He would work for another couple of hours today.

Frank had suggested pizza today and agreed to pick it up on his way home. That was three hours away.

Gazing at the four monitors, it was evident that the answer was there and he would find it. Tipping the bottle back, as he looked downward over the neck of the bottle he spotted the small blinking icon. He slammed the beer down, spilling some on the front of the shirt. He clicked the icon.

"Well, I'll be damned. I'll be a monkey's uncle. There is no friggin security. How about that? Armored trucks doing security service pick-ups and there is no security. Damn that is so stupid. No, it is down right ridiculous. Abby will be floored."

Henry just knew it would be easy to access. Easy to hack and bug. It would be easy pickings. God it felt good. He saved his information. He was done for the day. Tomorrow would be the day to get into the system and monitor things. Tonight he would enjoy the pizza and Frank's company.

He thought about calling Abby, but decided to wait until there was access and some result. He would be able to plot out the vehicles route once Billy and Sandy knew which direction they would be using.

A big swallow finished off the first beer. It was time to change the shirt. He could put his feet up and enjoy the second one. He could put his head back and relax.

'Take your time, Frank. It's going to be a great evening.' He thought.

Chapter 9

By aryr

Chapter Nine

The next day was fruitful for everyone. They had all awakened, feeling recharged and raring to go.Henry was up bright and early. With breakfast completed and the dishes done, he was eager to get to task after he did a quick email check.

He opened the four screens in anticipation of needing to use them. On the master screen he pulled up the icon that had triggered his success yesterday. With expert ease, he slipped into the site. It was as if belonging there and had been there for forever.

Henry quickly noticed that there were three routes listed for the hundred mile radius. It was surprising and yet not, that by clicking on one of the routes gain access to the computer records regarding each stop. This was way too easy, it was not secured and so very stupid. Another click enabled him to open the information for a specific stop. He had access to the business name, the address, the phone number and the actual amount of cash picked up.

This was information overload, so much was available. He established folders for each business and downloaded the specifics.

A few cups of coffee and several hours later, it was time for a late lunch and a well deserved break. He had completed one of the three routes and would take on the challenge of another one tomorrow. There was plenty of time.

After he practically devoured his sandwich, he called Abby. This was too good to not report in. She answered on the fourth ring.

"Hi Henry, what do you need? Or should I say what do you want to tell me?"

"Abby you will not believe what I have discovered. The computers are the same ones for all the companies across the USA. One of two programs are used, but basically they are the same program. Now here is the surprise. They are not secured. None of them are. If you know how to, and any third year programmer could do this, you can gain access."

"My God, Henry you have just made my day. You are great, no you are fabulous."

"Wait, there is more. Not only can you gain access to the system but to the routing information as well. It tells you what business, where it is and how much they took aboard in the pick-up."

"No shit. Hey I am going to call Billy and have them touch base with you. I am sure what you have found will be helpful to them. I have to think about this. What are the chances that you can meet with Paul and me tomorrow? Early morning would be best, like nine am."

"Sure. No problem. Can I pick up anything? Does Paul need a ride?"

"Call Paul and tell him about the meeting and see if he needs a ride. I made a fruit loaf today so we are good to go. I'll call Billy now. Later and thank you."

Chapter 10

By aryr

Chapter Ten

"Sally, it's Abby. Glad I caught you. Listen, can you and Billy give Henry a call? He has made a discovery that could make your assignment so much easier. It is best if he explains it, and answer any of your questions."

"Sure, that's not a problem. We are all working together. We are family."

Abby hung up and settled back to think. The information that Henry had shared was significant indeed. She, like Henry, thought it was rather careless of the business. Sure, it was assumed that the computer companies would make their programs secure. She smiled as she remembered what one of her professors had drilled into the students. 'Never, ever assume because it could and probably would come back to you'.

In this case, it was a definite application of such advice. Both the companies and the security vehicles would be accountable for their actions and their errors. Computers had been around for some time. Changing from the super large machines that needed a whole floor at least to house the equipment to the current day laptops and tablets.

Computer programming degrees were being given out by colleges, universities and tech schools like candy at a Halloween party. Equipment was becoming high level and could do the most amazing things. But through it all, security was being missed or rather misrepresented.

When the team carried out the heist, the computer world would stand at attention and never again would they assume.

Ironically it was with this flow of information rambling around her brain, did she figure out the answers to the one problem that was bothering her. She had her answers and thus her plan.

Tomorrow she would see what Henry and Paul had to contribute. Then she would share the secret to 'the how to'.

Chapter 11
Pieces Fall in Place

By aryr

Sally punched in Henry's number and waited for him to pick up. When he said 'hello' she quickly told him she planned to put him on speaker phone so Billy could be included in the call. Salutations were exchanged among the three of them.

"So, Henry, old man, what do you have for us? Abby sounded so excited. Excite me!" Billy asked as he laughed.

"Well guys, it appears that the programs are not as secure as maybe the businesses are led to believe. I have gotten in and linked into one of the routes. It provides information for the entire trip, the times involved, the amounts of each pick up and the unload destination. Abby thought that this information would be of help to you both. And for the record, do not call me old man again."

Sally snickered as she watched Billy blush. Billy was really a good person but he sometimes forgot his manners. In fact, any time he had to deal with someone more than two years older he managed to mess things up.

"Sorry, Henry. Can we get access to this information? If we can check out which route will be the most beneficial, we can tell Abby and the planning will start." Billy sounded humbled.

"Not a problem. I will send an email with the necessary link and the password."

With the call completed, the young couple were once more hunched over their laptops. The quest had definitely become a lot easier. Within two hours they had the other two routes investigated. Information was compiled and printed. They were in business.

Meanwhile, Henry in the process of making sure he not only had access to the vehicle computers but would be able to slip into a control mode and maintain such. He knew that this would be an important aspect for the job. There had to be a way.

Three hours later Henry planted a bug. He was in. God bless determination.

Everything, well almost everything was falling into place, things were all coming together. Paul had to still think as hard as he could; but nothing sparked. With a few more details he felt confident that his normally active brain would kick in. Where would they get a power source? How much juice would they need? What would happen to the guys in the truck? Would anyone die? Would they really succeed? Would they retire? All of these questions, but where were the answers?

Freddie's had a rather productive search for his assignment. After four failed follow ups, he had finally located a sturdy van. Not a cargo van but one designed for multiple people with an enormous storage area. Since not all the team would be present at the scene, it was more than adequate for those involved. It had a souped up V8 engine which provided giddy up and go. It would blend in very well because there were several others in the area. Remembering his uncle's phrase from his youth --'it was meant to rumble.'

A fake driver license made him the proud owner. This had been his assignment so many times that it had become easy to determine what was needed and then just a matter of searching to find what would be perfect. Once again, success flattered him.

Chapter 12
A Reason To Celebrate

By aryr

The group met once more before the dinner. Paul was truly excited because he had finally figured out what he was meant to do.

The outfits would be similar to a wet suit, totally rubber, including the goggles and gloves. No skin would be showing. No fingerprints to worry about. The body would be 100% encased in rubber. It was brilliant and fool proof.

Abby would be delighted to learn this information. Paul had out done himself with this one.

The meeting of the minds, so to speak was scheduled for Friday afternoon at 1:00 pm. Laptops were allowed, providing that stored information was secured and safe. Printing at Abby's was arranged so that each of them would have a copy of the item involved. These would then be safely saved.

When Abby, Henry, Sally, Paul, Billy and Freddie met that Friday they would indeed have everything needed for the heist - at least all the ideas.

Then they could expand their ideas and make the task concrete.

Henry, Sally and Billy provided the information that Henry had discovered quite by accident. Sally and Billy showed them the potential routes. Freddie had pictures of the vehicle of which he was immensely proud. Paul stepped up to present the rubber suit and Abby was indeed impressed by the work everyone had completed.

They were almost ready...

Now it was definitely a 'party time'. Tomorrow would be a day of celebration, in more ways than one.

Drinks were once again offered and happily accepted.

Author Notes The team members included Abby (Annabelle), Henry, Sally, Paul, Billy and Freddie. They plan to pull an amazing heist.

Chapter 13
Dinner and a Surprise.

By aryr

Everyone was well rested for Saturday and greatly appreciated the down time. Belinda and Paul threw a great get together. It was definitely a time to eat, drink and be merry and merrier.

Sally and Billy brought a cheese, cracker and veggie tray. Henry showed up with several bottles of red and white wine and a few bottles of beer. Abby made sure that there were enough rolls for everyone and even had time to make a fruit salad without melon because Lucy had an allergy to it. Freddie and Lucy decided to bring two large salads with the thought that were enough for everyone. Meanwhile Belinda and Paul showed up with enough potatoes for everyone. Each person was to bring their favorite steaks or pork chop. It was definitely a great thing that nobody was vegan.

They all chatted for about three hours. Of course, there was the usual baby talk among the women and the men folk talked about fast cars and even faster boats. These two groups had their obsession about these things.

After heads were bowed for grace and Abby leading the prayer, they made sure to bless their activity for the pending success. By the time they finished grace, they were ready to eat.

The salads which started in large bowls were divided into individual bowls. Freddie and Lucy made sure there were enough dressings for every taste palate. There was also salad left over so people could help themselves.

The wine was greatly appreciated. The rolls were amazing. The steaks and chops had little flags designating their cooked temps so everyone could get to choose just the right piece.
Everything was all set.

Thankfully, the table was large enough to seat the whole group. Now everyone was being secretive about the fact that it was also a surprise baby shower. The gifts were in their cars. Abby had organized this and was super pleased with her efforts, since they had been a repeat of another baby shower.

Chapter 14
A Surprise

By aryr

When the dinner was over, Abby chose to announce the baby shower and gave everyone a few minutes to get their gifts. As they returned and as everyone gathered around the happy couple, they were all able to remember their humble beginning. They were blessed to get to know each other and made a soulful swearing that they would never ever forget their blessings.

They had sworn, that this would be about the happy couple who were blessed with a coming baby. Everything was intended for a boy or a girl, things were neutral in nature.

The items included a complete set of linens, towels, diapers, onezies, nightshirts and sweaters and bonnets. There was a two-seater stroller, just in case. A couple of animal carrousels, with plenty of stuffed animals.

There were even a couple of gift certificates, which included cribs and dressers. One of the couples provided the option of bottle fed infant. There was a lot of creativity going around.
There was even a cake made out to Paul and Belinda and Baby.

At this point, Paul and Belinda smiled. They had planned to leave it for a little while. They grinned to each other, then they announced that they were having twins, one of each. A baby boy and a baby girl. All of the gifts were a total blessing, especially the stroller built for two, they couldn't have planned it better.

What a great party and a fantastic surprise.

There was no mention of work during this time, Paul and Belinda were of course number one.

Abby (Annabelle) the Head of the Team-great as an organizer,
Henry a computer whiz when it comes to finding things,
Sally and Billy the route experts, they planned and devised the routes, and Freddie.
Paul (and Belinda) the expert of how things would work,
Freddie (and Lucy with a little one-Matilda) the finder of all things possible, in this case - the van.

Chapter 15
Almost Time.

By aryr

Being that it was a Sunday and Paul, Belinda and Henry expressed great wishes to attend church, unless they were involved in a case, so be it.

They would review things on Monday morning and catch everyone up to speed. Monday morning arrived all too soon.

The team reviewed what they had found. Henry discussed the fact that all the systems were the same, there was no security whatsoever. Sally and Billy talked about the best and most profitable route. They picked one that showed the best. Freddie had found the perfect van as well as a back-up car, which he just added for old times sake. Paul was up next with his brilliant idea of head-to-toe coverage was talked about. The plan was simple, those participating would be dressed in rubber. This would involve the inclusion of googles. So no, electronics would be used.

Abby decided that the event, the amazing heist would take place in two weeks on a Friday. One because they didn't want to push it too far out that it impaired what they planned. Secondly, because they wanted to be fresh with everything. And thirdly, they just wanted this to be done and over.

Henry would take care of the computer stuff as well as Sally and Billy's stuff. He would basically become more of a computer nerd. Sally, Billy, Paul, Abby and of course, Freddie would be the active members. Both vehicles would be used with Abby driving the second one.

It was time to get this done.

The wetsuit idea was indeed amazing. All of the situation was brilliant.

Sally, Billy and Henry were in total control of the computer side of it. Freddie had the vehicles covered. And Paul was totally fabulous. The wetsuits had arrived, and all of the team was eager to try them on. Wear them for a couple of hours each day, so they built up a tolerance to them. It was imperative that Abby and Freddie that they become covered because they would be the get-away drivers. As well, as Abby being part of the crew.

They all tried on the suits. A little time would be necessary to adjust them to it. The googles were a difficulty but they were all persistent. The ladies wore either a two piece or one piece under the suits, while the men would decide on their choice of swimsuits. They had to have two bathing suits, one of them were for washing and the other for wearing. Clothing change would be available. Thank goodness it was the peak of summer.

It was a daily grind, but they tolerated it. Everyone wore the wetsuit, except Henry. Not a centimeter of skin was exposed. Each person adjusted to the wearing of the suit well. Over the almost two weeks, they each lost between five to ten pounds but none of them lost their commitment to the heist.

Tomorrow was the big day!!!

Chapter 16
The Heist...

By aryr

At last, the day was here!

About 3:00 pm everyone but Henry loaded in the vehicles. Sally chose to ride with Abby so they could have some girl-talk but really she wanted to get away from the men.

The ladies talked quietly about silly stuff and definitely not about the job on hand. The men were actually silent, nobody spoke. Both groups had their bathing suits under their regular clothing. All of the wetsuits were stored in the back of the van.

They had all agreed that they would strike after the last bank would secure its deposit. In less than an hour they would be rich, richer than anyone could imagine.

The whole idea would be that they would use the van as a change site. A few blocks after the last bank made the regular deposit they would strike. A site had been determined as the strike zone. There were only warehouses on the three- block area. The driver and the guard on the security truck usually pulled over for one last coffee to celebrate the last pickup for the week. They did precisely that.

The car pulled-in front of the truck, the ladies were indeed gutsy and walked back to the van. They had on wide brimmed hats that covered most of their faces. The two guys in the truck smiled, nodded at them and also checked them out. They never noticed the van behind them.

The men changed quickly into the wetsuits and goggles, checking each other for exposed skin. They were good to go. The generator was all set and primed. "They were ready to fry this baby, toast up the day." The juice that flowed was enough to stop a Mack truck. The ladies were even quicker than the men changing and efficiently checked each other for any exposure.

The driver and the guard never knew what hit them, one minute they were drinking coffee and thinking about the babes. The next they were unconscious in their seats. Unconscious because of the electricity that affected their brain but not their hearts.

With the voltage that went through the truck they were lucky that they didn't have heart attacks. For right now they were blessed that nothing went wrong.

The concept of wetsuits was actually brilliant. With no exposed skin, they were covered head-to-toe in rubber. Because the locks on the truck were disabled, it was easy picking.

First the ladies checked out the guards, no response but there was a steady heartbeat on each of them. The truck was a toasted piece of crap. The two guards would wake up eventually with an excruciating headache. Both ladies waved at the men to tell them to go ahead.

These guys did all the work or heavy lifting while the ladies monitored the guards. They cautiously opened the back door, usually there was a third guard in the back. They were correct in thinking that. He was slumped over in his seat. A quick check showed him to be as unconscious as his two buddies in the front. Nothing cracked or buzzed.

They money bags which contained bills and a small amount of coinage were stacked on the sidewalk quickly. This was to allow the coinage to disperse to the ground any electricity.
When the truck was empty, the ladies quickly changed in the van, then went to the car and away they drove.

The men loaded the van, changed and they were on their way.

Abby's apartment was the stopping point and they all stopped there to divide the loot.

Author Notes Now read further to find out how this affected their lives.

Chapter 17

By aryr

Abby or rather Annabelle took the rest of the men and Sally to her place to divide the loot.

They did just that. They were due to divide up equally, Abby insisted.

With her share she decided she would open a small business. She loved paintings and would like to open a studio, an art gallery. She definitely had the space to do so.

The amount came to just under $3,000,000.00 each. That's right, just under three million each. With that amount she could convert the ground floor to what ever she wished it to be. She could be independently wealthy. She could do what ever she wanted to. She had converted the bottom floor into a studio which she could move upstairs, thus leaving Andrew to continue his wire sculpture and watch as he sold her paintings and crafts.

She didn't have any preconceived idea about how she had conceived it. They all had insurance, they were insured.

She had the blueprints set out before her. She could do anything she wanted. The blueprints told the story of her new design.

Her plans were to move her apartment upstairs, leaving the ground floor to house her paintings, her crafts. She had plans to leave Andrew in charge of every thing should he decide not to but if he did there would be no hard feelings, what so ever. By leaving Andrew in charge she would be eliminating a second or third party. If Andrew chose not to remain, she would have no choice but his interest would be harmed. She would definitely shut him down.

Next we will investigate Sally and Billy.

Author Notes Now read further to find out how this affected their lives.

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