"Acrostic, Nonet, ABCs & ABCedarians"

Chapter 1

By BeasPeas

Umbrellas are used for sun and for rain
Modestly canvassed and wall-flowery plain
Bursting with beauty or comically fringed
Rufflingly playful or gaudily trimmed
Elegantly strolling the Easter Parade
Leaning over sidewalks in cafe's cascade
Leisurely lounging on seashores and decks
A protective shield for lovers' quick pecks
Splendidly humble whether opened or closed

Marilyn D. F. Boire ~ February 15, 2013


Author Notes Do you love and appreciate your umbrella? An acrostic poem. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Image: "Father Charles' Umbrellas" by Marilyn D.F. Boire, Idyllwild, CA

Chapter 2
Beating Drums and Death

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostic Poems' ~ #2-28-B-C

Beating drums corrode my soul
Echoing through my shattered brain
Anteaters dine on termite hills
Twittering monkeys taunt with glee
I scratch and claw to forge my way
Nesting parrots squawk at me
God forsaken jungle kills

Drenched in suffocating humidity
Raindrops swell into a deluge
Underneath the stifling canopy
Mamba lurks in subterfuge
So I stumble toward eternity

Ankles raw with insects feasting
Nails ragged and fingers bleeding
Death stalks those such as me

Dreams of safety invade my thoughts
Even though that's not a choice
Alone in fear my chapped lips tremble
Tropical labyrinth steals my voice
Hell is now while heaven waits

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ Repost 01/08/17

Author Notes This poem was entered in an acrostic prompt contest in 2014. Didn't win, but it's one of my favorites anyway. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Image: mrwallpaper

Chapter 3

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostic Poems'

Shameful shades of a darker self
Hide where prying eyes would delve
A trait that most are loathe to own
Defending where those seeds are sown
One's choice to expose them will define
Willingness to illumine in the sunshine
Secrets that reside where shadows abide

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ January 16, 2015
'Acrostic Poems'

Author Notes An acrostic poem. The first letter of each line spells the title vertically. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Image: Thank you flicker.

Chapter 4

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostic Poems' ~ #4-28-B-C

Electric spark spontaneously ignites
Luring new love to perilous plights
Emotion smolders while desire invites
Clandestine trysts and fanciful flights
Tantalizing promise of white hot nights
Resolve increases as heat incites
Invoking Eros to partake in delights
Combustion flares into blinding lights
Intoxicating senses with primal rites
Temptation soars to tortuous heights
Yielding as aching passion unites

Marilyn D. F. Boire ~ March 15, 2015
'Acrostic Poems'

Author Notes An acrostic love poem. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Chapter 5
Climate Change

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostic Poems' ~ #5-28-B

C - Climate change controversy is front and center
L - Leading us to doubt, ask more questions, seek answers
I - Is planet Earth trending to warming or cooling?
M - Money and agenda drive forward the fooling
A - Antagonists connive one way or the other
T - To spin the result pitting brother on brother
E - Each point of view causes heated debacle

C - Climate may be circling its natural cycle
H - Hard-held arguments pushing, attempting to sway
A - Antarctic ice is still growing, scientists say
N - "No it is melting," environmentalists bray
G - Global warming vs cooling, plays havoc with folks
E - Each side is desperate our opinion to coax

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ November 21, 2015
'Acrostic Poems'


Author Notes Climate change is a huge issue. Is Earth warming, cooling, or going through natural cycles of both? There is evidence for all three. Each POV is eager to hop onto the gravy train to glean the billions of dollars to promote its agenda, whether true or false. And each one is just as eager to silence any opposing views.

Chapter 6
Valuing Your Love

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostic Poems'

V - Valentines once received
A - Always remain in the heart
L - Let yesterday's memories flow
U - Undeterred by time apart
I - Imagine, dear one, today
N - No matter where we may be
G - Grateful that love came our way

Y - You have given yourself to me
O - Over the span of our years
U - Undaunted by chance to be free
R - Returning despite my fears

L - Leaving disagreements behind
O - Once again commitment shines
V - Valentine affirms you are mine
E - Enduring the storms of time

February 13, 2016 ~ Marilyn D.F. Boire
'Acrostic Poems'


Author Notes For Robert.
Image: Valentine from my son, Billy, circa second grade.
Thank you for reading my poetry.

Chapter 7
Easy Does It

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostic Poems' ~ #7-28-B-C


Each day is the only one you have
Always be grateful for what you get
Savor the good things, stay on course
Yesterday is gone, no use to fret

Dreams are good, but action's better
Own your life by doing your best
Every day has something to offer
Start off with a smile, give God the rest

If in doubt, put cares on a shelf
omorrow will take care of itself

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ January 1, 2017
'Acrostic Poems'


Author Notes Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: bing

Chapter 8
Across The Miles

By BeasPeas

Author Note:Acrostics & ABCedarians ~ #8-28-B-C

Across the miles to her he came,
crossing mountains, deserts, plains.
Riding trusty yellow steed,
over hills and feeling freed.
Selling everything he owned,
sending kisses, coming home.

These two peas in single pod,
had placed their bets; beat the odds,
enticed by love gods' fickle nods.

'Make each day count, they'd said,
in remembrance made when wed.
Let this chance become your last,
embrace it now; die is cast.'

So from then on ~ past was past.


Marilyn D.F. Boire - March 31, 2018
'Acrostics & ABCedarians'


Author Notes This is an acrostic poem about one of our many reconciliations. Robert sold everything and moved from Tennessee to California to live with me. He kept the yellow Corvette, his pride and joy, and drove it across country. Then we moved to Wisconsin where we lived together until January 16th when he passed.

Thanks for reading.

Chapter 9

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostics, ABC's & ABCedarians' ~ #10-28-B-C

Gazing longingly toward sink,
   houseplants hoping for a drink,   
imagine water by the scoop,
just as leaves begin to droop,
to quench a parching thirst.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ September 3, 2018
'Acrostics, ABC's & ABCedarians'


Author Notes Please water your houseplants.
Image: Bing

Chapter 11

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostics, Nonets, ABC's & ABCedarians' ~ #11-28-B-C

Psst! Did cute cat get your attention?


Your inner glow shines through each smile,
so brush those pearls, show some tooth.
Bathe each day, powder, shave.


Discover your truth,
flex mind, be kind.
Save your youth,
have fun,


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ January 17, 2019
'Acrostics, Nonets, ABC & ABCedarians'


Author Notes This Nonet is about people, not kitties, but I couldn't resist the image. For those who may misinterpret the poem (and how I hate to have to explain) it's a commentary on taking care of ourselves, especially if prone to depression. Get out of bed, take a shower, brush your teeth, be good to yourself. Physical exercise is most important to getting endorphins to kick in.
Thank you for reading.
Image: favim/bing

Chapter 12
Where's Me Too!

By BeasPeas

Author Note:Acrostic, Nonet, ABC & ABCedarian #12-28-B-C

Where's Me Too? Obvious absence gives pause...
Helping hapless sisters? Until it doesn't suit the cause?
Expressing outrage toward randy men?
Reveling to condemn those acts, labeled sexual sin?
Ere-longing to tear bastards limb from limb?
Shouting to disparage with no evidence being in?

May we choose to no longer play that game.
Each incident judged on facts, not vigilante inflamed.

Treat everyone the same, even acts committed by your own.
Obscure the truth and it only casts seeds of doubt be sown
On fanatical partisans with decadence full blown.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ February 8, 2019
'Acrostics, Nonets, ABC & ABCedarians'


Author Notes Before throwing rocks at me ~ I support the women's movement and the Me Too Movement ~ after all, I'm a woman myself. It bothers me greatly, though, that this, and other women's groups play favorites. They opt to go to bat for liberal women, but not conservatives. Political persuasion of victims shouldn't matter, but it does. Sometimes they won't even support a woman of their own political persuasion if the stakes are high enough. Please read below.

Democrats are calling for the resignation of Virginia's current governor, Ralph Northam, because of racial impropriety. The problem is that Vanessa Tyson has accused the second in line, Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, of forcing her to perform sexual acts on him. Democrats are loathe to toss Fairfax out of the equation because the third person in line is Mark Herring, also racially improper. That leaves the fourth in line, Kirk Cox, Virginia Speaker of the House, a republican.

Democrats may opt to protect Fairfax in the sexual brouhaha and ignore Ms. Tyson's allegations rather than allow a republican to assume the governorship of Virginia. Women of all political bents should be outraged by this. Are you? As of this moment, NO women's group is supporting Ms. Tyson. Today, a second woman has also come forward with similar allegations against Fairfax.

Here's the lineup and what each scandal involves:

Current Governor: Ralph Northam (democrat) ~ accused of racism by wearing blackface.

Next in line of Succession: Justin Fairfax (democrat), Lt. Governor ~ accused of sexual misconduct.

3nd in line of Succession: Mark Herring (democrat), Attorney General, ~ also accused of racism by wearing blackface.

4th in line of Succession: Kirk Cox (republican) House Speaker of Virginia.

Will the democrat party install Fairfax as governor rather than have the office go to a republican? At this point, no women's group has come forward to support Ms. Tyson.

Thank you for reading.

Chapter 13
Raw Wounds

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Acrostics, Nonets, ABC and ABCedarians' ~ #13-28-B-C

Deign to choose whose hand to hold when all alone,
except my own to wring and cling.
For only I fully understand my pain,
grappling to soothe raw wounds,
clumsily bandaging so no one sees.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ March 9, 2020
'Acrostics, Nonets, ABC and ABCedarians'


Author Notes This beautiful embossed copper image, entitled "Despair," was created by Italian artist Lily Unelli. That's the only information I can find on this artist. Thank you for reading my ABC poem.

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