"Keeping the Faith"

Chapter 1
Journey Complete!

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #1-380-B-C

With the moon high over the mountains, I'm alone. The dogs stretch out around me, waiting.  The cats are napping now, but when their ears perk up, eyes opening wide, and the dogs whimper, my visitors will be here.

Since delving within several years ago, I've expanded my personal universe. As a medium, my attunement has become keener. The honor of Facilitator of Transitioning Souls has been bestowed upon me by my peers. I'm one of many chosen for this service, directing newly dead souls, human and animal, toward the Light.

My astrological sign is Capricorn.  An old joke is that Capricorn has one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave. It's good to keep a sense of humor about these things.


The clock softly chimes.  My animals' hyper-vigilance indicates that I'm alone no longer. The atmosphere is stifling and my home feels crowded. In my peripheral vision, I see flitting movement.

In the beginning my guests dropped in at any hour, never asking permission to enter my space. This was disruptive to me and frustrating to them.  In those early years, my skills weren't perfected.  Now I'm more sensitive, attuned to perceive rather than listen. I hear without hearing and see without seeing.  

Souls come to me in quiet times. This moment is very quiet indeed. Clicking keyboard keys is the only sound while I attempt to convey to you the nature of my work.

Candlelight flickers on the hearth, otherwise darkness prevails save for the illuminated computer screen. Transitioning souls don't seek candescent light anyway. The Light they seek at the moment is mine.  Prayers for guidance are my tools, but nothing is as powerful as the crucifix which never leaves my neck.

Not all those who cross over need a medium's intervention. Souls who are prepared, immediately go to The Source. Those who die suddenly or whose families are reluctant to release them, arrive before me confused and agitated. They don't remember passing.  They think they still belong in the three-dimensional world, on Earth. I lovingly tell them they do not. Angry with disbelief and desiring to go home, they want to communicate to their loved ones that they are alright. I reassure them that they have just done so telepathically.

I direct my guests to look down at what once was their body, their arms, their legs. They are astonished to see a shimmering ethereal glow. There is no physical pain, but intense emotional pain.  They grieve for the life and body they no longer possess.  

The veil of darkness slowly lifts. They experience a new lightness of being, which they gratefully and willingly accept, free from earthly bondage.

Finally, I ask them to search the distance for a pinpoint of Light much brighter than the one that attracted them to me. They struggle to see it, but it gradually grows bigger and envelops them. Their vibration is now octaves higher than before, so they are able to perceive the incomparable Light of The Source. Their countenance changes from troubled to blissful.  Instantly they are gone. Journey complete!

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 17, 2012
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes I had to change the image from my own photo to one from bing because image wouldn't show up on FanStory, but it still doesn't show up with this one from bing. Oh well!
Thank you for reading.
Image: bing

Chapter 2
Cherish the Moment

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #2-380-B-C

cherish the moment
with gratitude for each day
while we are living
our lessons are not finished
God calls us home when they're done

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ June 29, 2013
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Living a successful life in grace and gratitude. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Image: completejoy

Chapter 3
Faith and Grace

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #3-380-B-C

Faith cracks the code of deliverance,
giving meaning to my existence

Faith carries me through daily testings,
and grace transforms trials into blessings

Faith in God's plan nourishes my soul,
raising me up and making me whole


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~  January 19, 2014
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes All lines have 9 syllables.
Thank you for the fantastic image.

Chapter 4
My Soul

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #4-380-B-C

My soul continues.
This I know,
I can feel it,

Sometimes it makes me weary,
but every now and then,
a glimpse of bliss
validates my path.

Grateful for those moments,
I'm inspired to endure,
on and on.

The journey will end when
I've experienced all things,
walked in my brother's shoes.

And when I'm through,
I will rest.
Cease to be tested,
having been perfected.
Worthy to see the face of God.
Finally one
with The One.

This I know,
I can feel it.


Repost ~ December 11, 2017
Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 2, 2014
'Keeping the Faith'

Author Notes This is a repost of a poem I wrote a couple of years ago. Meditation opens the spiritual pathway and reincarnation is part of my spiritual belief system. Basically, it espouses that until we've "walked in the shoes of all men, experienced all things, become humble and forgiving, we cannot understand our purpose and see God. Some may agree with this spiritual path, some not. It's all okay. Thank you for reading.

Image: Thank you galleryhip for the beautiful image.

Chapter 5

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #5-380-B-C

My gratitude knows no bounds,
and heart is full to bursting.
God's grace empowers and astounds;
my thanks are everlasting.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 29, 2014
'Keeping The Faith'

Author Notes Image: Thank you to Daniel B. Holeman whose amazing art signifies my heart's gratitude.

Chapter 6
Blessed Ghost

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping the Faith' ~ #6-380-B-C

Though some may not believe in the possibility of ghosts,
wraiths may appear, you see, when they need direction most.

Caught between two realms, the world that they once knew,
now having crossed over and searching ~ hopeful for a clue.
Gender no longer matters; their embodiment a shell, a host,
these wraiths confused and frightened; not scary or grandiose.

With mortal illusion shed and new journey hidden from view,
toward the Light they tend, a welcome portal to go through.


Soon after leaving Earth, those souls may return to share
a poignant message, a tender moment, a warning to beware.
Deep dreams allow visits from those who loved them most,
in Heavenly gift to the living as well as these blessed ghosts.

Marilyn D.F. Boire -  February 28, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'

Author Notes The contest is long over ~ so I have altered the colors.

When loved ones pass, it may take them a while to visit us in dreams. When they do, they usually want to let us know they are alright.

Chapter 7
Soul's Journey

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #7-380-B-C

Our soul defines who we are on the deepest level.
Each incarnation is a chance to achieve goals we have set for ourselves.
We are the total sum of all we have ever been since creation.
These memories are written in the Akashic records.
Instinctively we tap into them,
hunting and pecking our way to find our path.
Each soul travels separately,
and this is why we are lonely.
We seek out those we hope will be compatible journeyers.
If we are fortunate enough to find a similar soul, we can travel together.
If not, we must travel alone.
Each lifetime our challenge is to progress in our lessons to reach the Source.
Sliding back in evolution of our soul cannot be an option;
it will only delay the reward of perfection;
to earn a seat near our God.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ March 18, 2013
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes A formless poem written and posted in 2013. It's my definition of a soul's purpose as requested by the prompt. Thank you for reading.

Image: "Toward The Light" by Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ 2013

Chapter 8
Flying Dreams

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #8-380-B-C

When I dream I'm flying,
weightless, carefree, laughing.
I'm so happy!
You can be too ~ come follow me.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ April 4, 2014
'Keeping The Faith'

Author Notes Do you ever dream you are flying? How happy and free you are? Maybe you're not dreaming. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Syllable count: 24
Image: bing

Chapter 9

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #9-380-B-C

Tripping through life, at times bright and breezy,
can take a downturn, may not seem so easy.
For those who believe their burden as greater,
hold onto your faith, don't blame the Creator.
If the load grows heavy with each path that's tried,
search for your faith, God's right by your side.
He'll guide your footsteps, not let you fall,
for he knows your problems, watches us all.
So if your mood's low, faith ebbs, is slipping,
it may be over your own feet you're tripping.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ February 8, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'

Author Notes This was a contest entry in which the poem had to start and end with the same word. It was great fun to compose. Thank you for reading my poetry.


Chapter 10

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #10-380-B

A disciple ardently seeks
Sits atop peaks
Goes deep within
Commits no sin

A disciple vows submission
to magician
Gives up control
Existence droll

A disciple abandons self
Stores mind on shelf
Sacrifice ends
when soul ascends


A disciple wakes from the dream
with no esteem
Illusions gone
Desolate morn

A disciple finds out too late
terrible fate
At highest cost
self has been lost

A disciple discovers mirth
Enjoys rebirth
Gives lasting praise
for earthbound days


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ March 28, 2018
'Keeping The Faith'

Author Notes As a meditator, I think disciples must use discernment in which "magician" (3 syllables) to follow.

Image: "Disciple," one of several assemblage pieces that will be entered in an art show in April. Assemblage is the technique of constructing art from found objects and stained--the ultimate in recycling.

Chapter 11
In Your Dreams

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #11-380-B

When nighttime falls and shades are drawn
Granting respite till early morn
These are the hours when dreams are born

Gossamer visions filter through
Putting aside the worldly view
Presenting paths open to you

But often times when comes the dawn
Avenues shown become forlorn
And chances proffered then are gone

Give inspiration its just due
Put aside choices once held true
It's in your dreams God speaks to you


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ June 28, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Image: By author - New day dawning, 2015.
All lines contain 8 syllables.

Chapter 12

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #12-380-B

when i am lost, can't find my way
no words to say
i go within
to calm the din

are You listening to me, God?
grant me a nod
show me a sign
for Thee i pine

please make my world alright again
where have You been?
is it my choice
to hear Your voice?


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ July 19, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes A Minute poem. Syllables 8-4-4-4. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Limited use of caps and punctuation is purposeful.
Image: NASA - Eye of God Nebula

Chapter 13
While We Sleep

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #13-380-B

Sleep--where we go to recharge our batteries,
starting off on a journey, we know not where,
our subconscious filled with dreams and vagaries,
tempting us to go places we do not dare.
Quietly permitting insanity while we sleep.

Then come the fearsome monsters we hold at bay,
aswirl in a cloud that engulfs and attacks.
Those creatures who cannot reach us in the day,
but forage our psyche when awareness lacks.
Quietly permitting insanity while we sleep.

Yet, pleasantries manage to infiltrate through.
Problems that may be solved when the mind is free.
Sweet souls we miss, return--our grief to eschew.
Fickle muse grants grace to creativity.
Quietly displacing insanity while we sleep.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ July 18, 2015
'Keeing The Faith'


Author Notes Image: "Orion" - FreeArt

Chapter 14
Agnus Dei - a prayer

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #14-380-B-C

Agnus Dei, Lamb of God,
here am I your humble disciple.
Help me to follow the path you trod
while ensnared in this earthly spiral.
Allow your grace to infuse my soul,
easing the journey that lies ahead.
Inspire me ever toward my goal
as I struggle with prayers unsaid.

Agnus Dei, Lamb of God.
Before I'm laid down in earthly sod,
grant my life end as you have willed
to complete my work yet unfulfilled.
Open my ears to hear your calling
for days are short and shadows falling

Marilyn D. F. Boire ~June 4, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes In Latin, Agnus Dei means (Jesus) Lamb of God. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Chapter 15
Best in Show

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #15-380-B

What can this artwork be?
Perhaps an abstract painting
Creative mystery

See how the colors glow
Blending a vibrant palette
Best in blue ribbon show

Carina Nebula
Deep space dazzling exhibit
Compliments of NASA

Artist:  God


Marilyn D.F. Boire - October 4, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes This morning upon opening Bing, this gorgeous image of the Carina Nebula, taken by NASA, was presented. Wow! It deserves better than my feeble attempt to describe it as a work of art created by God, but I had to share the photo. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Chapter 16
The Comfort of Believing

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #16-380-B

I've heard it said, "to know peace is to know God."
Trusting it's true is a comforting reward.
Not having to bear tribulations alone
or dropped weighted down like a falling stone.

But if my devotion wanes, countless tears spill.
It's surely a sign I'm refuting His will.
Feeling forsaken, I falter and stumble.
Then I recall I forgot to be humble.

Sadness overtakes and I weep for my woes.
Life trends toward weariness as options close.
Roadblocks may grant opportunities to grow,
but it's faith in God's grace that channels the flow.

His loving direction restructures the pace,
assuring the promise of soothing embrace.
He doesn't demand that I never be wrong.
The weak will inherit, dismissing the strong.

With belief in His guidance I sweep away
the pitfalls and problems disrupting my day.
When God's goodness again fills my heart with song,
I veer off from a path where I didn't belong.

Now set right on my road, I'm grateful to find
the lessons I've yearned for provide peace of mind.
My days become easy and pleasantly filled.
The comfort of believing newly instilled.

And when I depart Earth my work will be done.
Spirit will beckon, I'll ascend to the Son.
Realizing I'm saved and without delay,
God will raise me up to celebrate that day.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 19, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes All lines have 11 syllables. Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: "Hand of God Nebula" taken by NASA's Hubble telescope.

Chapter 17
No Patch of Blue

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #17-380-B

My world today is wistful, dreary
like one of those lonesome autumn days
that snuff the joy, that make me weary,
reminiscing for the summer haze.

Above the trees there's no patch of blue,
only a pall of hovering gray.
My face turns to God to steer me through,
praying gloomy clouds be chased away.

He comforts me and directs my thoughts,
keeping at bay all worry and fear.
No matter what bad weather has brought,
the burden is lightened with Him near.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 24, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Comfort is just a prayer away.
All lines have 9 syllables. Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: "Autumn Gray" by Marilyn D.F. Boire

Chapter 18
Month of Gratitude

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #18-380-B

Gratitude is celebrated in the month of November,
giving praise to God for the gifts He bestows.
Friends and families come together, a chance to remember,
Heaven's cornucopia from which grace flows.

And to appreciate the caregivers, those selfless people,
earthly angels whose words lift me up and please,
granting a kindness, a friendly smile, making dark moods cheerful,
like a breath of fresh air wafting on a breeze.

So humbly I pray to be mindful, not just in November,
to gratefully recollect all my blessings.
Each day throughout the year, there is contentment in surrender,
recognizing the Source from which solace springs.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ November 5, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes November reminds us to be grateful for the good things we've got and for those people in our lives who go the extra mile to give of themselves for our benefit--like the caregivers, the grandparents who so freely give of their time, and just those who give a smile or a pat on the back.

Poem has alternating lines of 15-11 syllables. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Image: "Praying Hands," by Albrecht Durer (Nuremberg, Germany, circa 1508, pen and ink). Durer sketched his brother's hands, crippled and broken from working in the mines. Both men, Albert and Albrecht wanted to be artists. In a coin toss, Albrecht won. Therefore, Albert worked to finance Albrecht's art education. A selfless act. "Praying Hands" is one of the most popular works of art created, thanks to Albert's sacrifice.

Chapter 19
The Spring

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #19-380-B

She bathes in the spring
where pure waters flow.
Cascading they sing
and blessings bestow.

Ablution defends
absolving remorse.
Indulgence God sends,
a gift from the Source.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 27, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Image: Artwork by author.

Chapter 20

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #20-380-B

Bridge from Soul to mind,
God grants to mankind.
Synapses entwine,
firing nerves align;
shimmy down the spine,
enliven the line.

Consciousness reboots,
energy transmutes.
It shoots here and there--
travels everywhere.

Root sparks the nexus,
heart, solar plexus,
up to throat and spleen,
cobalt eye is seen,
rises to the crown--
God's bond does astound.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 31, 2015
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes The purpose of chakra meditation is to align the spine from root to crown and connect (nexus) with God.
All lines have five syllables. Thank you for reading my poetry and thank you for the perfect image.

Chapter 21
Morning Sunrise Cross

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #21-380-B

With the world in darkest turmoil,
invoke God's holy name.
Grant deliverance from our toil,
in message pure and plain.

Then from the skies He sent a sign
in morning sunrise frost.
Believe He's with us all the time.
Clouds part to show His cross.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ January 17, 2016
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Mechaele Loraff of Buchanan, Michigan, took this unedited photo on her way to work on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. She posted it on Facebook and it has gone viral. I saw her interview on the news this morning (Sunday). She said she stopped to take a picture of the pretty sunrise. Later when she looked at the photo, she saw the image of the towering golden cross as the clouds parted. It was so special she wanted to share it with everyone. You can Google it and/or find it on Facebook.
Thank you for reading my poetry. 8/6/8/6

Chapter 22
Earthly Things

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #22-380-B

Why worry about earthly things,
when Heaven displays starry bliss?
In awe of the beauty it brings,
cares fade away to the abyss.

The I AM, creator of all,
blazes a star across the sky.
It catches my breath as it falls,
and I praise Him as embers die.

March 8, 2016 ~ Marilyn D. F. Boire
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: Thank you bing.

Chapter 23
Looking Up

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #23-380-B

Tonight, Tuesday evening,
Jupiter will brightly shine,
close to the almost full moon.
Trust to Heaven to align,
since conjunction amplifies.

Penumbral lunar eclipse,
early morn, Wednesday sky.
Look upward just before dawn.
And, in case you wonder why,
it's God's way to give a sign

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ March 22, 2016
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Penumbral ~ subtle
Conjunction ~ nearly occupying the same space
Tonight Jupiter will be very close to a nearly full moon (conjunction). Jupiter is an amplifier in astrology/astronomy making all earthly things more important.
All lines have 7 syllables. Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: Thank you bing.

Chapter 24
He is Risen

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #24-380-B

He is risen, this holy day.
Lord defies the tomb where he lay.
Conquering death, He shines great Light,
blinding our eyes, shimmering bright.
Alleluia; humbly we pray.

Jesus has freed us from the fray.
Sacrificial Lamb leads the way,
paving the path for souls contrite.
He is risen.

With sins absolved, in grace we'll stay.
Take communion with us today.
Dawn has arrived, chasing bleak night.
Sing God's praises, glory unites.
Son saved the world this holy day.
He is risen.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ Easter ~ March 27, 2016
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Thank you Joy Graham for your Rondeau Easter weekend marathon challenge.

Easter is the holiest day in the Christian liturgical calendar. The term, written in the present tense--"He is risen" is correct. Thank you for reading my poetry.
Photo Image: St. Bronislava Chapel stained glass window, Plover, WI taken by author.

Chapter 25

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith'


Spiritual beings perceive without seeing.
Nonjudgment is amazingly freeing.
Yet, earthlings can't grasp that simple concept.
There aren't many who are so adept.

But still they try,
questioning why,
and then they die.


Future humans may find ways to do it better.
Compromise beliefs that divide, fetter.
Willingly share points of view without fear.
Value each other ~ but not now, not here.

Converse with grace,
some other place,
in time and space.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 6, 2016
'Keeping The Faith'

Author Notes I don't believe earthlings are spiritually evolved enough to get along with each other. There is no tolerance for another's point of view. I don't see that changing any time soon. I hope I'm wrong. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Image: in5d ~ 'Spirit Guides'

Chapter 26
Afloat In A Paper Boat

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith ~ #26-380-C-B

My ship tosses free in the seas it sails,
keeping me afloat in a paper boat,
while turbulent wind blows its strongest gales.

Stomach churns with fear; face blanches, pales.
Rushed SOS transmits, then signal fails.
Weeping eyes clamp shut, hurried prayer wails.

But as waves crash over the top deck's rails,
I'm still afloat in my rickety boat.
God calms the seas, rescues me, faith prevails.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 13, 2016
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: Thank you bing/allfreedownload

Chapter 27

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #27-380-B-C

Calm bathes, surrounds, enfolds me in its cloak.
No need to act, to think, nor word be spoke.
My peaceful mind as from a dream awoke.

No harm shall dare befall such State of Grace,
while I rest here within this sacred space.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ January 17, 2017
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes My second attempt at writing a Sonnetino. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Image: NASA, Rosette Nebula.

Chapter 28
Spark of Remembrance

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #28-380-B

Sometimes by chance we meet someone who
sets the spark of remembrance aflare.
It seems these friendships are very few,
as we walk life's path without a care.

Kindred souls are treasures from the past.
I believe you may be one I knew.
Misplaced for a while but at long last
that spark is rekindled here with you.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ January 21, 2017
"Keeping the Faith'

Author Notes I believe kindred souls recognize each other when they meet again, lifetime to lifetime.

Syllables: 9. Thank you for reading my poetry.

This is the artwork of David Kobosa of California, the other half of Frank and David. Thank you David for permission to use your beautiful art.

Chapter 29
The Promise of His Gaze

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #29-380-B-C

Time shows that we are growing older,
final days shorter, closer, bolder.
No need to ask for whys or reasons,
for every life fulfills its season.

Death stalks, tests faith, looms daily nearer,
while God waits to embrace us dearer.
Don't lament the shortness of the days,
revel in the promise of His gaze.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ January 29, 2017
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Second place contest winner. Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: bing/spiritual awakening

Chapter 30
Not a Day More

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #30-380-B

Not a day more, not a day less
to walk upon the earth.
Still we worry, mired in distress,
feel faithless in life's dearth.

When days are done and nighttime falls,
we'll leave for the unknown.
We're all the same when ending calls,
to reap our path alone.

Our souls will rise or fall, descend,
as we pass through the veil.
And which will greet us at the end,
angel or fiend to hail?

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ March 11, 2017
'Keeping the Faith'


Author Notes dearth ~ scarcity, shortage
We worry about things we can do nothing about and it wastes a lot of energy when we could be doing something positive. Today takes care of itself and tomorrow isn't here yet.
Syllables: 8-6-8-6. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Art: 'St. Francis of Assisi and The Birds' (circa 1939) by sculptor Oskar J.W. Hansen (March 9, 1891 -September 1971). He was a Norwegian-born, naturalized American. He is most associated with the design of many of the sculptures on and around the Hoover Dam.

Chapter 31
Find The Chi

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping the Faith' ~ #31-380-B-C

Air in, air out,
in sync with the chi.
There's bliss in just being.
Tune out all but the stillness.
Zen's loudest sound is its absence.
Observe the spark of the higher self.
~ Celebrate oneness with the universe. ~

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ May 13, 2017
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes chi (pronounced chee) ~ energy.
Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: zen computer images

Chapter 32
Come Follow Me

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #32-380-B-C

Believe that we're never alone,
although sometimes we feel we are,
as another walks before us,
one born under Bethlehem's star.

He says, "Come follow me,
and I will set you free."

In times of fear He won't forsake,
providing strength without delay.
He soothes and calms when we're afraid,
and should we doubt, He leads the way.

Refrain ~ Hymn by John Michael Talbot
"Be not afraid
I go before you always.
Come follow me,
and I will give you rest."
Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ August 6, 2017
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes "Be Not Afraid" one of my favorite hymns by John Michael Talbot.
(Verse 2)
"If you pass through raging waters in the sea, you shall not drown.
If you walk amid the burning flames, you shall not be harmed.
If you stand before the pow'r of hell and death is at your side, know that
I am with you through it all."
Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: public domain/copyright free

Chapter 33
A Soothing Balm

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #33-380-B-C

A Soothing Balm 

In my dismay, I kneel to pray.
Problems invade, and I, betrayed,
in pain, distressed, deep down depressed,
question God ~ why ~ begin to cry.
I feel alone and on my own.
What can I do to get me through?

God's hand grips mine, it is a sign.
In surge of calm, a soothing balm,
He answers me, says, "Let it be.
Trials come and go with ebb and flow.
That's life on Earth, it proves your worth.
Just do your best, I'll do the rest."


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ November 12, 2017
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: free Christian art ~ thank you

Chapter 34
Joining The Joyful

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #34-380-B

I, upon a narrow pathway trod,
bound up in doctrine and rigid laws,
born a Catholic, a child of God.

This innocent babe, this clueless wraith,
would risk being tossed headlong to hell,
if not to follow strict rules of faith.

God's accusing finger, wrathful nod,
caused me to waver too many years,
fearing His avenging smiting rod.

Since many like me had strayed and left,
harsh dogma softened to be more kind,
lest the Church be forgotten, bereft.

Vatican altered its dimming sight.
Hearts like mine welcomed a loving Lord,
changing darkness into brightest light.

At Mass today, the first in a while,
I prayed with the faithful, giving thanks,
joining the joyful in long lost smile.

I wish all a Happy Thanksgiving,
for being blessed and with gratitude,
giving praise for the life I'm living.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ November 19, 2017
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes This was my first time at Sunday Mass since my foot operation in September. I have mixed emotions about returning since I have mixed emotions about the Catholic Church. I don't always agree with what it professes and continue to struggle with this aspect of spirituality--that is organized religion across the board. I continue to search for something higher, better, purer, but doubt I'll find it. All religion, in my opinion is flawed because man has bastardized it. Still I hope to find the perfect spirituality. So far, meditation is the closed I've come to Nirvana. Thank you for reading.
Image: public domain

Chapter 35
Consciousness Flows

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #35-380-B-C

Penance, while viewed through a cloudy lens,
escapes clear purpose ~ trials cleanse.
Heaven's earned;  cannot be bought.
Consciousness flows when sought.
It streams; enlightens.
Resolve heightens.
Fire anneals;


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ March 22, 2018
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Artwork: Hatsuhana Doing Penance Under the Waterfall (circa 1842) ~ Artist Kuniyoshi (b. 1798, d. 1861) Japanese print.
Thank you for reading.

Chapter 36
Being Catholic on Palm Sunday

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #36-380-B

Crucified, betrayed,
thirty silver coins paid.
Passion of the Lord,
Jesus Christ, Son of God.

Palm Sunday signifies the beginning of Holy Week, the most solemn time of the year for Christians.  In Catholicism there are ceremonies throughout the week ending on Good Friday.  Holy Saturday is a day of contemplation while we await the resurrection of the Lord on Easter Sunday.

The ritual of the Catholic Mass itself is the perpetual re-enactment of the last supper each time it's performed.  That's why it's so meaningful.  The consecration of the host (the bread) and of the wine is a reverential moment culminating in communion for those who wish to partake in it.

On Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday, palms are blessed and distributed to the congregation.  Palms signify Jesus' welcome into the city of Jerusalem by those who believed his message of peace and love.

The passion of the Lord is read from the altar.  Many times it is performed almost as a play with the priest and others reciting various parts during the narrative.  It takes about fifteen minutes to complete.  Catholics are active people, changing position often in our rituals ~ The Faithful standing, sitting, kneeling, genuflecting, bowing.

The reading tells of the scheming high priests, Judas' betrayal of Jesus, his trial under Pontius Pilate, torture, crucifixion and, finally, burial in the tomb.

Judas attempted to give back the thirty pieces of silver he was paid by the high priests, but they threw it at him.  They refused it because it couldn't be returned to the coffers.  It was considered tainted ~ blood money.  Judas was so distraught he hung himself.  That place became a potter's field, purchased with the silver.  Foreigners were buried there if they died while traveling through the city.  To this day that place is called Field of Blood.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ Palm Sunday 2018
'Keeping The Faith'

Author Notes I have been Catholic all of my life. I've had my moments of complacency over the years. However, now that I'm older I've come full circle with the beauty of it, the ritual and reason behind it. Blessings to all on Palm Sunday. Thank you for reading.
Image: Thank you lifeforce.

Chapter 37
Holy Thursday Catholic Mass

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #37-380-B

The spiritual pageantry of the Holy Thursday Mass leaves me truly awestruck as I attend each year.  Chills prickle my body and I'm overwhelmed with the solemn remembrance of Christ's last night on earth, the culmination of all he set out to do for us.

As Mass begins, all senses are engaged and I'm enthralled by the elegant raiment of the priests and deacons, the sounds of hymns, chants, and bells, and the pungent scent of incense.  To some this may seem over-the-top play acting, but for me growing up Catholic it says 'welcome home.'

Holy oils, called Chrism oils, that have been blessed at an earlier Mass (Chrism Mass) by the bishop of each diocese are distributed to all churches in time for the evening Mass on Holy Thursday.  This is called 'Reception of The Holy Oils.'  These sacred oils will be used throughout the year.  There are three different Chrism oils which are used for specific purposes and sacraments.  Some of these, but not all, are Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination of Priests, and Anointing of the Sick.

(The Chrism Mass, performed earlier in the day on Holy Thursday, signifies the first ordination of the apostles as priests by Jesus Christ himself.  It is attended by as many priests as possible throughout the diocese overseen by each bishop.  Each diocese, everywhere, has a Chrism Mass to bless the oils on Holy Thursday.  It was my honor to be able to go to a Chrism Mass when I lived in California as I volunteered at my church and was given an invitation.)

The whole Mass is sung by the priests and the congregation except for the gospel which is spoken and a reenactment of the last supper.  After the gospel, the priest kneels to wash the feet of twelve parishioners who have been chosen to represent the twelve apostles, just as Christ had washed their feet at the last supper.  It was then that Jesus gave instructions to his first priests, the apostles, to show them how they were to carry out their duties when they went out into the world to establish their own ministries.

Following the washing of the feet, comes the consecration of the host (bread) and wine to be given at communion.

Holy Thursday Mass lasts for an hour and a half, culminating in communion and the final blessing, after which the congregation is asked to leave in silence.  Parishioners may retreat to the chapel to spend one hour in contemplation if they wish.  This is a replication of the apostles waiting for Jesus during his agony in the Garden of Olives before his arrest and crucifixion.

The entire service is somber.  Despite the mood being melancholy and meditative, it seems the church may levitate off the ground with the intensity enveloped within it.  

In the Catholic religion, for the next two days, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, there is no Mass.  These are the only two days of the year there is none.  This is because Christ is absent, having just died and been placed in the tomb.  However, Mass is resumed after sundown on Holy Saturday in anticipation of the joyous celebration of the resurrection of the Lord on Easter Sunday.  This is called the Easter Vigil Mass.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ Holy Thursday 2018
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes This is a meaningful personal and spiritual account for me. Content may not be for everybody. If is is, I'm pleased. If not, please skip over it. Thank you.


Chapter 38
With Souls Ablaze

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #38-380-B-C

With souls ablaze,
sing Easter praise.
Glory to God the Father, Christ is risen.
His passion, way of the cross, purpose driven.
Swing wide Heaven's gate; release us from prison.
Hallelujah, the faithful are forgiven.
These joyful days,
cancel malaise.

In Godly throng,
sing sacred song.
No threatening furies creep, worrying sleep,
no nighttime demons descend; no need to weep.
Good Shepherd stands tireless, His promise to keep;
overcoming dark in rescue of his sheep.
When faith stays strong,
there is no wrong.

And so rejoice,
add song to voice.
Jubilation lasts beyond Easter Sunday.
Renewal continues along the pathway.
We live in the Light, within His palm to stay,
craving His grace to keep the darkness at bay.
We have a choice.
Redemption's voice.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ April 1, 2018
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes This is a poem written for an Easter contest (now completed). The poem is written in the form I created--the Bookend Monorhyme. I strung three of them together since the requirement for the contest was a minimum of 24 lines.

The form consists of two monorhymes:
1) A 4-line poem of 4 syllables per line
2) A 4-line poem of 11 syllables per line.

So: 4,4,11,11,11,11,4,4 syllables.

The two monorhymes should be able to stand alone and yet relate to each other in some way--in this case--the joy of Easter.
Thank you for reading.
Lines: 24
Image: bing/videoblocks

Chapter 39
The Air We Breathe

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #39-380-B-C

We can't see air, but it's there; that's how it is with God ~ breathe deeply.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ September 27, 2018
'Keeping The Faith'


Author Notes Thank you for reading.

Chapter 40
Orderly House, Orderly Mind

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #39-380-B-C

The first rule of meditation,
orderly house, orderly mind.
Within quiet contemplation,
heaven and earth combine, entwine.
Silence calms, brings exultation
in the presence of the Divine.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ July 10, 2018
'Keeping the Faith'

Author Notes Image: Thank you Pixabay

Chapter 41
Solemnity of Good Friday

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Keeping The Faith' ~ #41-380-B

Good Friday ~ what about it is good,
this most solemn day of the year.
We mourn Christ's death on cross of wood.
Some don't even shed a tear.
And yet,
without this sacrifice of Lord our God,
salvation would not be ours to keep.
So follow along the road He trod
and with each step we weep.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ April 19, 2019
"Keeping the Faith"


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