"Challenge, Change, and New Life"

Chapter 1



A cry from my heart!


Help, I need somebody
Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone, help!

It is six weeks ago
I fell
Into that space
Fourth time this year
A FanStory black Hole!

Fourth time at a new peak
So thrilled with my exhilarating climb
There was no going back
Indeed, no back to go to
Of now a year ago
Before FanStory catalysed
Me - I now know!

Me stuck in a black hole
So many weeks ago!

Me I now know differently
But that's another story
Not the cry
I wished to be heard

Not by a singular passerby
That accepts my money
Gifts my ride
But passes my cries
`I can't understand you!'
My whole personhood denied!

Maureen Garrett: 9.9.2016

Author Notes It is two months now since I fell into a FanStory black hole. A black hole that has been a powerful wintering space for me.

And, so it is hard to emerge anew, and trust FanStory is the Way of Christ for my destiny. For that is the road I hoped, and mostly believed, could be achieved through my First year's Exhilarating Ride with FanStory. Thank you all.

Thank you! It is still the hope empowering my emergence to my second year. For such inspires my writing, work, and life unfolding. No artist I, no literary education or background, no academic, technical or expertise to gift, or gain outside the wonder of sharing life, its widening perspectives, and integrating depths as I unfold with the love and joy of God's creative Words each day.

Thanks to HUFPOST.COM for the image. Thanks to The Beetles for the song in my heart. And, thanks to that old Egyptian scarab striving forth as the sun arises with hope, enlightening, and empowering the joy of a new day. Maureen Garrett: 17.9.2016

Chapter 2


I must emerge today
It is getting too comfortable to stay
Nestled in my black hole
My time at the crossroads
My time waiting to be heard
To gain the clarification I need
Clarification I see others have sought before
And seemingly given up
Not receiving the answer to their call
Or new light on the road at all!

But I am not the easy giving up kind!
New growth, change, transcendence, I have in mind!
This time!
Emerging from the crossroads to my second FanStory year
Choosing to journey with confidence, clarity, love and cheers
Not fear!
Fear of the next fall!
Fear of my next need to call
Only to be told, I am not understood at all!

Four, five, six times, I have called
Struggled, fought, to cross the void
But then, as uncontrollable as the weather
The clouds have past
With the rain
And miraculously I flower again
Above the pain
No light in the dark
No learning spark
Illuminating a definite way!

Illuminating a definite way!
FanStory's roads are upgraded each day!

What a job!
What a job in our quickening world of opportunity, choice and change!
What a job when increasing numbers strive to extend their own range!
What a job when our world flowers so multi-dimensionally!
And, each co-creative human being adds love's individuality!

Maybe a job not in the original plan
When around our new millennium FanStory began
And yes!
I've been so truly blest
By such expertise, learning, enterprise
Daily sharing, new growth, spring's surprises
Fabulous new flowering and summer exuberance
Autumnal bronzing with philosophical magnificence
And winter's challenges of spiritual significance!

Stuck in the close of my first FanStory year
Though I hoped to be unfurling with my destiny dear
I've grown with the challenges of spiritual significance
Ready to walk again, feel I can make a difference!

And fulfill my purpose in this God gifted life
Walking co-creatively with the love of our Christ!
Christ of our world on Earth at this time
Christ co-creating through each precious lifeline!

For we are the Christ-masses, God's love gifted birth
Embodying the Knowledge Tree of our dear Mother Earth
Transcending life's crosses with love through each day
Making and marking creative change on our Way!

Our Way as humanity in this crucible of time
Past our Golden Harvest, mankind in its prime
Regenerating and nourishing all life here on Earth
We'll realise our potential, God's gift of human birth
The gift of free choice, language and Words
Co-creating as One God Gifted Uni-Verse!

Such are my thoughts as I emerge anew today
Embracing love's blessings on my FanStory Way
Hoping for new light, a clear road map ahead
Raising confidence no traveller will be left ridiculed instead
Of gaining support, expertise, knowledge, and care
Enlightening FanStory's Ways as we lovingly share!
Share wisdom unfurling with the radiance of spring
Regenerating all life with new love in each spring!

Maureen Garrett: 18.9.2016

Author Notes A feature of a black hole is that no light can escape. So, it is said, by those seeking from the outer with a scientific eye! Yet, not only did my cry get out, minus light or understanding, but light poured in - straight into my heart and soul, opening many precious nourishing channels to our God blest whole. And so, as the phoenix from the fire, a miracle of Christ, and a new spring of life, I emerge, blest by the fertility of the rich, deep soil, love, and God gifted zest for co-creativity, transcendence, and flowering of new life and joy through each day on Earth. Thank you all for nourishing such wonder, Maureen 18.9.2016

Chapter 3
Oh! For a New Spring!


Oh! For the spring
To flower anew
For growth to be visible
To FanStorian views

Through winter I've struggled
For new growth inside
Clarifying frustrations
To bloom again with pride

Oh! To be a perennial
Through this lifetime on Earth
Fully living each season
Expanding experience and worth

Expanding experience
Consciousness on Earth
That is the Golden Harvest
God seeded to birth

To be nurtured in family
Through worldly soils and strife
Extending culture and traditions
From Adam and his wife

Circles within circles
As seasons roll by
But one multi-dimensional spiral
Delights my human eyes

Delights my human eyes
As I wake today
Expressing with joy
Spring is on its way!

Oh! To radiate joy
As a new flower in bloom
And look forward to reviews
I hope will come soon!

Reviews to reinforce
The new beauty you see
As I unfold towards summer
The joy of being newly me!

Maureen Garrett: 14.9.2016

Author Notes I just love the new birth of our Victorian spring, so vibrant this year in Melbourne city following later winter rains. And, I love the many metaphor's inspiring my life anew, after isolating winter struggles hidden from view.

Chapter 4
My Garden


Oh! My garden is so pretty
my heart is full of joy
our new spring reinforces
dark winter’s employ!
Oh! My garden is the partner
of intimate work within
the healing and the clearing
making all so neat and trim!
Oh! My garden gifts new decisions
for the spring I wish to see
as I contemplate deep revision
for our world of humanity!
Oh! My garden is a metaphor
my image of God above
working His Earthly Garden
to empower the spring I’ll love!

Oh! My garden is so pretty
my heart is full of joy
our new spring reinforces
dark winter’s employ!
Maureen Garrett: 25.9.2016

Author Notes Thank you to everyone who empowered and nurtured my winter, cheered my holidays, and then helped forward and reinforced the many delights of my new spring. Maureen Garrett: 25.9.2016

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