"Christine's Poems"

Winter's Garden

By Chrissy710

This winter's day, I write to say, was time to go outside
to look around, and what I found, neglect was far and wide.
It's been too cold, this icy hold, has kept me in instead
while wind has blown, no love I've shown, to my poor garden bed.

So I did toil, and turned the soil, for sins I must repay
my pruning shears, old growth it clears, dead branches chopped away.
My fingers green, in mud was seen, as I pulled out the weeds
the start of spring, will surely bring, some brand new planted seeds.

The sun will glow, to help them grow, new shoots will then peek through
their blooms appear, when spring is here, as garden beds renew.
With colours grand, across the land, brings feelings of success
and grass that's grown, will then be mown, all part of springs process.

From winters blues, we'll see the hues, so pleasing to the eye
the blossom sprig, and wattle's twig, lets perfume waft on by.
I'll breathe it in, you'll see me grin, I'll give a little skip
my heart will sing, when it is spring, and winter loses grip.

I've made a start, but must depart, back to my warming fire
I feel the chill, also a thrill, that gardening does inspire.
Can hardly wait, it will be great, to feel the sun's warm rays
upon this earth, then see rebirth, that come with season's change.


Author Notes Today was the first day of this winter that was quite warm and I could get out into my garden and begin the 'tidy up' . Weeding, pruning, digging and cleaning up was the start I had before it became cool and I went inside. Thinking about my day inspired me to write this poem and I look forward to the next sunny day.
This year In Ballarat, Victoria / Australia we have had a cold wet winter and many gardens have been neglected mine included. Although there is some evidence of the forthcoming
Spring (3 weeks to go) as new bulbs have come through and some daffodils are out.

Wattle : An Australian native plant, many varities, yellow in colour with a strong perfume.

Thanks to artbysandy for the image Been Gardening

Thank you for reading my poem, keep warm Cheers Christine

Chapter 1

By Chrissy710

I look upon this lovely scene, reflections mirrored in the stream
A sanctuary of calm delight where all is safe; peaceful and bright.
I yearn to lay upon the hill with arms outstretched and stay real still,
To fix my gaze upon the sky and watch the white clouds pass me by.

I'd drift into a perfect dream as I surround myself in green,
With eyes now closed and for a while let tranquil beauty me bequile.
No thoughts disturb my peaceful time this new found freedom now be mine
My cares and worries drift away my soul's replenished as I lay.

My body with the earth as one, a new beginning has begun
I'll cast aside my outer shell and build my inner strength as well.
Just like a butterfly I'll change, a metamorphic re-arrange
The rebirth of myself I will, emerge renewed to feel the thrill.

Arise refreshed and with a smile; I'd sit and ponder for a while
About this place that I have found it's solitude without a sound.
No greater gift I could not find as captured memory in my mind
A glimpse of heaven I have seen, while lying on the hill of green.


Author Notes This is my poem for this lovely image from Eric1 for the current picture challenge.
Thank you for reading this and please read all the other entries.

Cheers Christine

Chapter 2
Young love

By Chrissy710

arms entwine
you are
forever mine

Chapter 3
True Love

By Chrissy710

True Love
held in their eyes;

Author Notes My Niece's wedding, last week , So happy and in love

Thanks for reading

Chapter 4
Worth more than gold

By Chrissy710

Stored memories are mine to keep
I'll let you peep you see.
No charge to you I'll show quite cheap
real deep inside of me.
When as a child with not a care,
with friends good fun did often share
my memories that are so rare;
they are still there for free.

And of the time when I have grown
real love I've known so well.
How have the years so quickly flown?
alone I'm not; I tell
With him my heart will never stray
he brightens up my every day,
can hold me close within his gaze
with him I'll stay; to dwell.

Move forward now I am quite old
memories sold to view.
They are to me much more than gold
behold I'm telling you,
I wouldn't change a single thing
the pleasure that my life does bring,
friends family, everything
all make me sing; it's true.

Author Notes This is my first attempt at this style I hope I have it right
based on my true feeling of my life

Chapter 5
Nine Lives

By Chrissy710

Nine Lives

I wonder if our feline friend's
an alley or a stray?
Just slinking round and looking for
a mate with whom to play.
For mischiefs make and boundaries push
plays havoc with the world,
She'll spring right up and with a hiss
unleash her claws uncurled.

Or is she just a Cheshire cat
who keeps us in a spin?
While lapping up the lovely cream
she'll wear a secret grin.
Her oval eyes will glisten bright
when e're a foe is found,
And with her pen she steals your mind
with words that are profound.

I don't think she's a ragdoll breed
that lays about and dreams,
Instead she's always on the go
a busy mind it seems.
Her life is often in turmoil
so much she's had to face,
But her nine lives are never lost
She'll win each uphill race.

I rather fancy she's Siamese
a pedigree of course;
Quite lithe and graceful, sleek and clean
But vocally has force.
She'll say her piece, just meow it out
Then sit back for a pat
Or stretch right out and purr away,
She's such a clever cat.

A Tabby puss or tortoiseshell
of many colours see,
With stripes and swirls and magic too
entice both you and me.
Her varied ways, creative styles
delightful just to read,
No other cat can match her charm
She is a 'one-off' breed.

Author Notes Thank to avmurray for the great image One Cat Repeated

Thanks for reading

Chapter 6
Haiku: Nescafe Special blend

By Chrissy710

flowers on display
in coffee jar arrangement
Nescafe gold blend

Author Notes An image from my daughter in laws mother, who had put flowers from her daughters garden in a coffee jar and I just thought you don't need a fine crystal vase as the flowers look just as nice in a plain coffee jar ( label included) This made me smile for the simplicity of the image.

Thank for reading

Chapter 7
'Outside the Square'

By Chrissy710

Have fun
Think up words
Challenge yourself
Can you really write a Tetractys ?

Author Notes Maybe something different, just having fun

Thanks to Rusti181 for the image Square Links

Thanks for reading

Chapter 8

By Chrissy710

Sky winds fly
feel the breeezy air
rushing by

Author Notes thank you to pennedup for the image Blowing in

Chapter 9

By Chrissy710

Friendship is based on trust
Trusting each others word
Words given with respect
Respecting trust is friendship.

Author Notes Thank for reading

Chapter 10
The Day I turned into a PORN Star

By Chrissy710

Originally my member name was Chrissyxxx. One day while showing my sister this site I didn't put FanStory in front and just googled Chrissyxxx. Yes! up came a PORN site, with pictures, nearly died. Shock, horror, I quickly had it changed. Kids still laughing, husband frowning, me still here. LOL

Author Notes Thank for reading and Thanks to Jaybone for the image Alarm!

Chapter 11
I am a Nannie

By Chrissy710

Yes I am a Nannie
Four grandaughters fine
They all call me Grannie
So glad they are mine

Author Notes This is a photo of my gorgeous daughter and my four beautiful granddaughters. originally written for the Naani contest, but somehow missed getting it in the right category so have updated my authors notes

Thanks for Reading

Cheers Christine

Chapter 12
Sweet Dreams

By Chrissy710

Sweet Dreams

Shall I wake him? No let him sleep
The giraffe said to the dog,
Do not disturb his peaceful rest
Let dreams keep him agog.

Another world where there's no harm
No beating will he get,
Where he can really feel so safe
His hurtful day forget.

Let's take him on a journey now
His dreams we will invade,
Just lift him gently in his mind
Let all his worries fade.

To be a boy just wild and free
To run and shout out loud,
This life is full of fun and joy
With dreams of love allowed.

Where people smile and never frown
Good deeds are done with love,
And boys can feel quite safe and sound
Away from push and shove.

So let this night be just for him
Keep stardust in his eyes,
Where he can dream of happiness
Before he then must rise.

Where waking hours bring him no hope
But filled with raw despair,
And is no fun for such a boy
Who has no-one to care.

Instead they beat him for his wrongs
And say he's never right,
For him it seems there's no escape
Except in sleep at night

Sweet dreams allow him to be free
Amongst the purple skies
His friends a dog and a giraffe
With them he never cries.

So let him sleep; don't wake him now
His dreams must be his own
And we'll protect and comfort him
So he is not alone.

Christine 9/5/16

Author Notes Not sure where this came from but just happened as I stared at the image.

agog : In a state of desire or imagination, heated with the notion of some enjoyment and fun

Thanks Marilyn (BeasPeas) for the inspirational image

Please read all the other of the same image

Thank you for reading mine

Cheers Christine

Chapter 13

By Chrissy710

Am I
Riddled with an
Overbearing pride? Surely not, but
Given my superior
Analytical view of almost every subject, I believe that
No-one could accuse me of being
Condescending or exhibiting an
Egotistical assumption of MY own Self Importance. Could they?

Author Notes HaHaHa

Thank to SCHATZLING for the image The Statue Head

Chapter 14
The 'Top Ten' FS Poets 2016 So Far

By Chrissy710

The Top Ten
I won't make number one, too late for me to run
Cause Cat's got that, this space she's at
And ain't she havin fun.
I'll not be number two, there's just too much to do
As Dean is there, he has this chair
Watch out he's scary too.
I could be number three, I'm sure that would suit me
But Roy is blessed and passed the test
He holds this place you see.
I'll try for number four, it's worth now aiming for
If Doug would go, but then I know
Has Limericks for sure.
If I were number five, I'd keep myself alive
Still Robyn's style will stay awhile
And I would not survive.
If I steal number six, I should be in the mix
Yet DonandVicki is so tricky
My ranking cannot fix.
Oh for number seven, wouldn't that be heaven
But Joy has got this little spot
And doesn't want eleven.
I should make number eight, I really could create
Like Gloria who's come so far
With poems that are great.
To me this number nine, I think that would be fine
No Barb won't move she's in the groove
To charm you with her rhyme.
I do want number ten, I would be happy then
But FoxAngie's a busy bee
I'd have to start again.

These poets do delight, their poems so excite
I'll stay in touch and thank you much
For reading what I write.

Christine 3/5/2015

Author Notes Hi everyone, I have been on FanStory for 12 months now and having a ball and so much fun, sharing my poems and writings with you all.

I thought I would do a little 'anniversary' piece to acknowledge these Top ten FS poets, whose work I so admire and have learn't so much from

Also to everyone else (too many to mention) who have supported my work and have encouraged me to try new styles and have helped me grow as a poet. My sincerest thanks to you all.

I think this is a wonderful site and allows one to become involved and be able to share ones thoughts and encourages expression from many sources.

I have so much enjoyed reading and reviewing the many poems and stories and have nothing but admiration to the wonderful authors who have found their way here.

I hope you will allow me to have a little fun with this tribute to the Top Ten and thank you so much for reading my work

I would also like to Thank the wonderful FanStory artists who allow our use of their great images to compliment ones poetry or stories. So thank you to VMarguarite for your apt image The Power Of Ten for my poem today.

And I would like to Thank Tom for running this site

As always Many Cheers and hugs to all

Christine 3/5/2015

Top Ten as from today : Well Done

1: I am Cat
2: Dean Kuch
3: royowen
4 :Douglas Paul
5: DonandVicki
6: Robyn Corum
7: Joy Graham
8: gloria
9: Barb Hensiongispsaca

Chapter 15

By Chrissy710

Can be hard
To find enough words
That sound right

Author Notes Having a little fun

Thanks for reading my words

Thank you to Life is but a dream's : Five Hens

Chapter 16
Burn for You

By Chrissy710

Burn For You

Oh yes my love I hear your call
Come lay with me and feel my all,
I'll warm your body from the cold
Caress your skin and gently hold.

I know you'll come when e're I say
I'm here again for you to lay,
Stretched out and naked on your bed
Just like two lovers newly wed.

For years I've been your one desire
To warm your heart with burning fire,
To touch your soul is now my quest
And when you smile I've passed the test,

We touch and mingle and entwine
For I am yours and you are mine.
Connected by a want and need
Just come again I hear you plead.

Now that I'm here I'll shine for you
To heat your body through and through,
And then I'll whisper in your ear
I will be back so never fear.

I'll not abandon you at will
But many days I must be still,
I'll not come out for days on end
But then appear, a call I'll send.

And so upon this autumn day
My rays are warm in which you lay
I hear you say "thanks lovely one"
The pleasure's mine; your loving SUN

Christine 24/4/2016

Author Notes A beautiful hot Autumn day today and I could not resist having a sunbake.
This is one of my most favourite pastimes laying in the sun, just soaking up the warm rays.
We are having an extraordinary Autumn this year in Victoria, Australia with lovely warm days and I like to get our and enjoy these before Winter sets in

I have personified the Sun in this poem I hope you will forgive my indulgence

Thank you to VMarguarite for the image 'Shine The Light'

Thanks for reading my poem

Cheers Christine

Chapter 17
Our Grains of Sand

By Chrissy710

Our Grains of Sand

Our sands of time are given to
us on the day of birth,
Just what we do with them each day
is measure of our worth.

Some build their castles high and grand
adorned with finest jewels,
While others let sand drift away
And live their life as fools.

But just one grain if kept real safe
and treasured through one's life,
Can make a difference every day
and keep us out of strife.

Some sands are course and rough to hold
and some are fine and pure,
It's how we treat our grains of sand
is what we get for sure.

When I look back upon my sand
I've kept it pretty well,
Shared it around and reaped rewards
My grains would never sell.

My sand is mixed with other too
my friends and family,
Who share the beach I lay upon
their sands so close to me.

And on the day my sand runs out
And I am buried deep,
I'll give them all just one last speck
of my last sand to keep.

So hold your sands and treasure them
take care with every grain,
And you will reap the benefits
well kept you've much to gain.

Christine 25/4/2016

Author Notes A little philosophical, but this what I think about when I see the saying 'Sands of Time'

Thank you to pattipac for the inspiring image,'Sands of Time' and please read all the other posts with the same picture

Thank you for reading my poem for this challenge

Cheers Christine

Chapter 18
A smile is free

By Chrissy710

costs nothing
but means

Author Notes Just a thought

Thank you to pattigirl for her image Happy

Thanks for reading

Chapter 19
Death's Call

By Chrissy710

Alone she sat down in her chair
for weariness had overcome her on that day.
To close her eyes for just a while
refresh her tired eyes, replenish her soul
But little did she know;
So when she settled back into her chair for comfort gain
she would hear the call
her life would end, her beating heart would still;
For death reached out to take her hand
and lead her through the door of life
into the unknown sanctuary of death.
A peaceful shell she left behind
no frown upon her face, just calm embrace.
They found her that afternoon
no indication that anything was wrong,
Mum's asleep; we'll let her rest
but then they knew, in quiet recognition she had gone
from her earthy existence.
Transformed from life to death, so easily, peacefully and final.
Goodbye our dearest Mum;
they cried.

Author Notes This was written today in memory of a lovely lady who died 2 days ago. My sister's mother-in- law 'Claire' who died pescefully at home and was found by her children who thought she was asleep until they realized she had passed away.

Thank you to angelheart for the lovely image 'The Call' I think this fits perfectly

Thanks for reading my poem

Chapter 20
The Sands of Time

By Chrissy710

The Sands of Time

Five years have passed, so quickly gone
Now from our lives, but with each night
We see the Eastern star so bright;
And know each one you look upon.
Protector of our earthly shell
You keep us safe and free from harm
Your spirit's strong we feel you Barn
And in our hearts you'll always dwell.
We think of you with fond recall
Of times we spent when you were here,
These cherished memories held dear
Before that day you heard the call.
And so today we will unite
And think of you and your big smile,
Remember you and for a while
Feel you so close and hold you tight.

Christine 14/4/2016

Author Notes It is the14th April today in Australia and it is this day 5 years ago that my Dad , Barney suddenly passed away. So every year I put a memorium piece in our local paper to remember him. and this is the one I wrote for this year.

Usually I put one of Dads poem in the paper as he was a beautiful poet and wrote some stunning pieces, of which I have them all typed up and in a book.

But this year I thought I would write one for him so Thanks for reading and thank you to click3333 for the image 'Rock of Ages 'as Dad was my rock


Chapter 21

By Chrissy710

I walk along a lonely road
In solitude; my own.
Upon my back a heavy load
This burden I have grown.

From deeds and thoughts I so regret
For these, must pay the rising debt
The price though high has now been set.

If only I had known

Author Notes My first attempt at this style

Thanks to Liilia for the great image 'Regret'
Thanks for reading

Chapter 22
BEWARE the witch's spell

By Chrissy710

"Hey look there Jim", the young girl said
"What is this old gate up ahead"?
Do you think we should go through?
I am game if you will too.

We'll have to clear these sticks away
and find the latch, "What's that you say?
you don't think we should touch the gate
what lies beyond might not be great.

Oh come on Jim, don't be a woose
all it needs is one big push.
Then once we're through we'll walk the road
it's just your mind in overload.

And as they heaved the gate it fell
releasing then the witch's spell.
A spell held bound until the day
this gate was opened by it's prey.

But these two children did not see
what dangers lurked when innocently,
without a care stepped through the gate
and with this action sealed their fate.

At first they heard a rumbling sound
and swirling winds whipped all around,
they both were lifted up so high
and drawn so quickly through the sky.

And with a thud they were set down
inside a castle dark and brown.
Both trembling, cold, and full of fear
just what had happened? now we're here.

A voice they heard, a cackle low
the witch appeared to let them know,
they'd live with her forever more
no going back, to life before.

Your days will now be those of toil
you'll cook and scrub, the cauldron boil.
Oh how I've waited for this day
for foolish kids to come my way.

The girl said "Jim I should have heard
the warning in your spoken word,
"don't touch that gate", just let it be
I wish I'd listened to your plea.

A tear rolled down her cheek, then fell
upon the witch and broke her spell,
for witches cannot deal with tears
If splashed with one, their spell it clears.

And with a woosh away they went
back to the place were quickly sent,
behind that gate and set on ground
they both stood up and looked around.

"Where have we been" ? I can't recall
but know that gate must never fall,
so quickly Jim we must away
I'll not go through it; on this day.

So if you see a gate ahead
be careful now when through it tread.
Take care with life and gates you fell
don't end up in the witches spell.

Christine 11/4/2016

Author Notes This is what saw when I looked at this gate, and so created my story
Perhaps some gates are best left shut, sometimes going through may be at one peril.

This is an image I found and thought it may create some interesting poems.

Please read all the poem with this image from the growing number of participants in these picture challenges

woose : being afraid to do something

Thank you for reading mine

Cheers Christine

Chapter 23
I wish I Could

By Chrissy710

I wish I could, a life create
with peace and joy; no signs of hate.
Where only kindness would be found
and we could all live safe and sound.
Just start again clean off the slate.

A happiness would radiate
across the earth; each man elate.
Fill every heart with love abound.
I wish I could

Or have I left my run too late
and must I leave man to his fate.
My simple dream would be profound
a better life for all around.
I wish I could.

Author Notes My first attempt at a Rondeau, thanks to Robyn Corums post 'This Sunny Child '( please read) and her invitation from Joy Graham : Rondeau marathon challenge this weekend

Cheers Robyn and Joy

I thought I would give it a try so feedback would be appreciated

Thanks to Stephen Wigmore for the lovely image Peace

Thanks for reading my work
Cheers Christine

Chapter 24
Rhythm of life

By Chrissy710

The essence of me
my true love
our hearts beat in time

Author Notes Thanks to Angelheart for the lovely image You and Me 2gether

Thanks for reading my poem

Chapter 25

By Chrissy710

To be a child again, care-free
free to wander down the streets
streets with fences made of wood
wooden stick to make a noise
noisy clatter as I stroll
strolling down the streets, care-free.


Author Notes This image immediately brought to mind how carefree and innocent children are. Could you see an adult just aimlessly walking along dragging a stick along the fence? I don't think so but children do it without reservation.

Thanks for the lovely image to provoke our thoughts.

Thanks for reading my take on this image and please read all the others of the same image.


Chapter 26
Haiku Suite : (nature dictates time)

By Chrissy710

nature dictates time
as autumn sheds summer beds
seasonal downfall

winter waits in line
lurking beneath icy hands
autumns extinction

winter loses grip
when blossom buds congregate
spring revival time

Chapter 27
For Whom The Bell Tolls

By Chrissy710

Hear the bell, Cardinal Pell, the time is nigh and you must tell
Don't be slow, go on show, and do reveal all that you know.
There's no excuse for child abuse, they need to know this awful truth
Have your say, don't hide away, and face them now upon this day.

Faith is lost, count the cost, to Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
Dressed in white, what a sight, but this will never make it right.
Wear the black, upon your back, until these demons you attackj
Heal the hurt, don't be curt, or cover up this ugly dirt.

Truth abound, can be found, release it from your holy ground,
Do not shroud, face the crowd, and look at all the 'fences loud',
The message here, is very clear, support for them is most sincere
Mend the rift, spirits lift, to show compassion is a gift.

Stop the tears, of many years, in silence hiding awful fears
Hear their plea, set them free, release the truth just turn the key
Let justice win, abuse is sin, see healing from this day begin
Hear the bell, Cardinal Pell, for you to speak up we compel.


Please read my Authors notes

Author Notes I have written this as a show of my support for all the victims of child abuse over the many years in my town of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

There is currently a 'Royal Commission' being held in Ballarat and Melbourne into the high number of child abuse cases that have happened within the Catholic Church system particularly in Ballarat over many decades.

At the moment in Rome the commission is hearing testimony from Cardinal George Pell who was a Catholic priest in Ballarat and Melbourne during these times and is now being asked what he knew about these many incidents.

Over the years, there were many 'cover ups 'and moving of priests around different dioceses in Victoria and still abuse was rife in many areas, so it has now come a time for serious investigation into this.

The victims are now asking that Cardinal Pell, tell the truth of what happened and ask that he be forthcoming with the actual true events
The creation of the 'Loud Fence' by a Ballarat woman where people tie a ribbon onto a fence to show support for the victims has now become a world wide phenomenon, and as Cardinal Pell was 'unable' to return to Melbourne to face the Royal Commission in late February citing 'heart problems', a group of abuse victims and their close supporters have flown to Rome to face Pell. There was around $150.000 dollars raised from the Ballarat community for them to be able to go.

I have written my poem as a plea for the truth from the Church and to lend my support for these and any other victims of child abuse.

I have also seen the current Academy Award winning movie 'Spotlight' and highly recommend a viewing as I was blown away by the many similarities of the Boston child abuse and 'cover up' and what has happened here within the Catholic Church'.

I would also like to acknowledge that child abuse happens in many other non-Catholic institutions, but at the moment it seems that the Church is under the 'Spotlight', and because this has happened so widely in my town and surrounding communities, the people just want the truth and justice to prevail.

I do apologise if my poem causes any personal upset, but this issue needs to be addressed and I find poetry the medium for me to do so

I thank you for reading this work and welcome any feedback.

Also thank you to Renate Bertodi for the image Abused Children draw

Cheers Christine

Chapter 28
Handy Man

By Chrissy710

Yes I have one who's rather handy
When in a fix is fine and dandy.
He has machines and lots of gear
In his man-cave, you'll find him here

Just out the back now in his shed
Amongst his toys all carefully spread
Around his workshop he will toil
From dawn to dusk, sometimes gets roil.

Then I will hear him curse and swear
When out of plumb, or not quite square
He'll throw a mighty 'hissy fit'
And he will say "oh bugger it'

Upon the shelves, there's tools all round
And up the walls, some more are found
In drawers screws and many nails
He's even got a set of scales.

And if he thinks he needs some more
He'll go down to his favourite store.
Soon then return to try it out
"Come look at this " I'll hear him shout.

So I will smile and say "that's nice"
And leave him play with his device
He'll potter round in sawdust too
And if not nails, use sticky glue.

His woodwork, welding, all on show
Around the house but this I know
For any job that needs a plan
I'll go to my dear handy man


Author Notes Couldn't resist taking up the challenge set by Robyn Corum this morning ( or is it night) when she posted he own poem 'Whatcha building Lemme help' so please do read this too

roil: To upset someone or something to become very disturbed

The image is one I took in my husbands shed

Having so much fun

Thanks for reading my work
Cheers Christine

Chapter 29

By Chrissy710

Sometimes I find this site quite vicious
Read posts and poems quite malicious
They really are at times pernicious
And leave me feeling then seditious.

Our aim should be to stay ambitious
Preserve goodwill, remain judicious
And always try to be auspicious
Presenting words quite propitious

But if you need to stay capricious
Ensure your work's not deleterious
And if you keep your words fictitious
You'll then be viewed as quite prodigious.

Author Notes Just an observation
Impropitious: unfavourable
Vicious: deliberately or violent
Melicoius: intending to do harm
Pernicious: having a harmful effect in a gradual or subtle way
Seditious: arousing action or rebellion
Ambitious: showing a strong desire to succeed
Judicious:showing or done with good judgement or sense
Auspicious: conducive to success, favourable
Propitious: a good chance of success
Capricious: given to sudden mood or unacountable change
Deleterious: causing harm or damage
Fictitious: not real or true,imaginary
Prodigious: remarkable or impressive

Thanks to samathasena for the image 'frighten'

Thanks for reading


Chapter 30
Raining in my Heart

By Chrissy710

I see you walking in the clouds above
Umbrella overhead, sweet music plays
Reminding me of all that we have shared
Before you left me on that fateful day.

Our life was one of harmony and love
Our family grown, it was now time for us
To roam the world and see what life would bring
We made our plans, no worries did we have.

You kissed my cheek and then before you went
Did promise me that you would not be long
You took your brolly just in case it rained
I never dreamed that this would be the end.

The time ticked by, I thought you would be back
The rain it drizzled down the window pane
I waited patiently for your return
And then I heard that knock upon the door.

A look of horror must have crossed my face
Their uniforms and sadness told it all,
I'm sorry Ma'am, but we have some bad news
An accident has claimed your husband's life.

I stared at them in quiet disbelief
He's on his way, he shouldn't be too long
And then I saw the pity in their eyes
We're sorry Ma'am, I have to tell you this.

It happened while he crossed the road at lights
A driver came, the red light he did run
Your husband really never stood a chance
He suffered not; we're sorry for your loss.

My heart was torn away that tragic day
I close my eyes, still see you in my mind
You are with me with every breath I take
My tears run free like rivers down my face.

I know that if you could, you would return
And take me in your arms and hold me tight,
I stand outside and wait for you my love
And when I raise my eyes a vision comes

I see you walking in the clouds above
Umbrella overhead, sweet music plays
Please come for me, I'll go with no regret
And be with you in love's sweet melody.


Author Notes A free verse poem based on the image from Leineco

Something a little different perhaps (This is not at true just my imagination)

Thanks for reading my poem and please read the other challenge poems of the same image

Cheers Christine

Chapter 31
Valentine Blues

By Chrissy710

Oh Valentine still in my heart, please don't tear our love apart
I feel your yearning to be free and hope that you will stay with me.
I love you more and more each day, but fear you'll take your love away
I've tried to right this awful wrong because with me you do belong.

You've never seen my silent tears, which I have shed for many years
And I can see you want to go to be with her; yes that I know.
But for your love I'll surely fight, and if you stay I'll make it right
Please don't break my heart in two I never would get over you.

With me I wonder why you stay, perhaps it's guilt because you stray
And you must think I'm so naive when out you go and me deceive.
But stand by you no matter what, just take a look at what you've got
A heart and soul that loves you dear and oh so thankful when you're near.

We were so happy and in love, the day we wed gave thanks above
But o'er the years your roving eyes, have caused me pain now with your lies.
Each Valentine you give a kiss but I know who you truly miss
And so although you're torn in two, I'm glad it's me that you turn to.

I know at times you try real hard, to make it right stop this facade
And in those times I cherish you, and pray that you will love me true.
Your indiscretions I'll forgive for if you left I couldn't live
And maybe soon you'll realize, your Valentine's before your eyes.


Author Notes Definitely not biographical ( have been married 41 years and yes I received red roses for this valentine's day)
Just a thought for those who are in this type of relationship. Something different from the normal !
Thanks to Sweet Linda for' Blue heart'

Chapter 32
I am my soul

By Chrissy710

The soul is the very essence of who we are. It sets the ground rules, guides our behaviour and creates our inner being. Our soul rules our head, heart and emotions, and is unique to the individual. It directs our personality and enables the connection we have to each other. The soul can keep us under a tight rein, be confined by negativity and oppression, remaining so unless we release it. Or the soul can remain a free spirit, embracing all the goodness and beauty within our surroundings. Only we can choose. The soul is our teacher, lover, guiding light and does not need permission from any religious, political, economic or any other outside force to be able to function in its highest form. Our soul forgives, loves and continues to guide us through our unique existence. Upon death our soul is then released into infinity.
I am my soul.

Author Notes I believe the soul is our very existence. inherent in all we do good or bad and has nothing to do with the retoric of religion, politics etc . Our soul is who we are, a unique individual.

Thanks to cleo85 for her lovely image Alcatraz.

Thank you for reading my work.

Chapter 33
Haiku: man against man

By Chrissy710

slaughter of our own
makes mankind our greatest threat
extinction looming

Author Notes I will never understand how man can kill man, it is so pointless

Thank you to Angelheart for the image Why do they?

Chapter 34
Flight reflections

By Chrissy710

At the airport, waiting for the plane, I happen to look up,
Laptops open, Apps displaying, checking data shown.
People sitting, concentrating, fingers flying fast,
Phone flipped open, screens so brightly, conversation naught.

No discussion, silently watching, no hello or goodbye,
Facebook posting, message sending, emails answered too.
Chips are crunching, gum is popping, eyes all looking down.
Ear phones hanging, noiseless watching, I look up and smile.

Unknown people, business minding, waiting patiently,
Silent sitting, some just staring, no expression shown.
Books are open, pages turning, another chapter gone,
I am writing, while observing, time is ticking by.

Arms are crossing, legs now stretching, others pacing around,
Anxiously waiting, standing, sitting, lined up for the call.
Delay in boarding, steward calling, apologies announced,
People wriggling, children whining, boredom rising fast.

Glitch in system, technology failing, repairs still underway,
Times a ticking, people sighing, hoping not too long.
Board now happening, bags are gathered, priority passengers called,
Gates have opened, people moving, steward checking pass.

Seats now filling, belts are fastened, purring engine heard.
People chatting, lights are shining, doors now being closed.
Announcement broadcast, safety demo, wheels start rolling down,
Captain speaking, welcome given, lift off happening now.

Sit relaxing, we are flying, finally HOMEWARD bound.

Author Notes I wrote this at the airport 3 weeks ago when waiting for a flight home and we had a delay as the boarding pass system had broken down and we had to wait to have this fixed.
I quietly observed people and nearly everyone had either a phone or laptop open and concentrating on these. This poem came into my head
Thanks to Chuck Waxman for the image 'I'm leaving on a jet plane'

Thanks for reading my free verse poem

Chapter 35
Cinnabar Stripes

By Chrissy710

There once was a Zebra quite bright
His stripes were Vermillion and white;
The herd Pernickety
Xenophobic and finicky
His look Neo-Classical not right.

This Zebra stood out in the pack
With red pigment colour; not black
His classical style
Could be from the phyle
A first of his kind, a throw-back.

This caused a great fear to the herd
His colour was really absurd,
Not Zebra; of course
He must be a horse,
Cause his stripes were really quite blurred.

His mother said "stop all this fuss"!
Accept he is different, not suss
Not from Jurrasic
Nor Neo-Classic
He really is just one of us.

Author Notes This is my entry for the this interesting, but challenging contest

The 5 words I had to incorporate into this poem were
Pernickety : Fussy. particular, sharp and picky attention to detail
Neo Classical: 17th & 18th Century, Western movememt in decorative arts from the culture of ancient Greece and Rome
Xenophobic : Fear of that perceived to be foreign or strange
Vermillion: A red pigment colour from the reaction of mercury and sulphur. Grinding the mineral Cinnabar produces a bright red powder known as Vermillion
Zebra: An African Equina( horse family) black and white stripes each unique to each individual animal.

Also used the words
Phyle : A tribe in ancient athenians (Greek)

I used a limerick style format as this seemed to fit my thoughts and 'creative style' LOL

Thanks to z by surjartwork I was thrilled to have found this image AFTER I had written this poem. I couldn't believe it when I came across this.

Thank for reading this

Chapter 36
Blocked Out

By Chrissy710

Oh rickety snickety snake
this challenge I now will uptake,
to find the right word
for me is absurd,
I think I have made a mistake.

Author Notes Just another one. Can't help myself LOL

Thanksto Liila for the image 'Blurred'

Thanks for reading my work

Chapter 37
Two Times

By Chrissy710

It seems
not hard
but one
must try
to find
great words
that sound
just right
when read
must flow
real smooth
does not
need rhyme
free verse
so here
this is
my first
so thank
you for
your time
to read

Author Notes A bit of fun to whyle away the afternoon.
Thanks to Helvi2 for the image ' What Rhymes with Cat'?

Chapter 38
Greatest Love

By Chrissy710

At last a chance to write to you and tell you how I feel
Beside you every day I stand, my love I now reveal.
Cradled in your arms at night, with you content to lie
Devilish good looks you have, delicious on the eye.
Endless days of ecstasy, entice me with your charm
Forever in my heart you'll stay, my never ending calm.
Gentle, kind and generous, my girlish hopes fulfill
Happy with you by my side, you are my hero still.
In love with you I've always been, I want no other man
Jealousy I've never had, I am your greatest fan.
Knowing that you keep me safe, protector of my soul
Loving you eternally will always be my goal.
Marry you I couldn't wait to hear those words 'I do'
No other man would ever be quite as good as you.
Obsessed, you hold me in your spell, my object of desire
Passionately you kiss my lips, you set my heart on fire.
Quarrels few, no grudges held, get over them real fast
Respect each others difference, and let the past be past.
Surprise me with your little gifts, send roses every week
Trust in your great wisdom too, for this I'll always seek.
Understanding of my needs, into your arms enfold
Vulnerable I never feel, cause you keep out the cold.
Walking hand in hand with you, great comfort you provide
X-ray of my soul would find, your imprint stamped inside.
You are my everlasting love, my treasured caring king
Zero do I want or need, you are my everything.

Author Notes A love poem to my husband of 41 years

Many thanks to VMarguarite for the lovely image 'Together' I felt it was the one for this poem.

Chapter 39
Local Snakes

By Chrissy710

Local Snakes! The sign it read, while walking with the dogs
So then I kept my eyes peeled out, for any moving logs.
I don't like snakes, give me the creeps
Avoid them at all cost,
So briskly I just walked along, no time would now be lost.

I scanned the bush and undergrowth, my eyes did dart around
A little nervous if I saw, some movement on the ground.
I reined the dogs in tightly
They never went ahead,
Coz I don't trust their wanderings, can stay with me instead.

We have a wide variety, some fast with good eyesight
Just lurking on my path at times, they give me such a fright.
Eastern Brown and Tiger snakes
These ones quite common here,
If seen I'll stop to let them pass, and still my rising fear.

What 's that now? One dog has stopped, she peered out at the scrub
My heart sped up and palms did sweat, something is near that shrub.
But then I saw it slowly move
Quick breath I did intake,
It's only an Echidna boys, and not a bloody snake.

Christine 8/1/2016

Author Notes Yesterday out walking my dogs I saw a new sign on the path way that said ' Local Snakes' and I thought there must be a few about to warrant this warning.
I have seen some in the past along this walking track so I always keep my eyes peeled for any sign of them
So yesterday on the way home bit still in the bush my Huskie stopped short and just stared so I had a look and to my great relief no snake, but to my delight it was a big fat Echidna ( commonly known as a Spiny Anteater due to their long nose. They are also covered in long spines so one does not try to pick them up and the dogs know not to go too close too.

Australia has many of the worlds most poisionous snakes and we have several around our area. Namely the Eastern Brown and Tiger as well as Red Belly Black snake.

Not fond of snakes and they give me a scare whenever I see one

The image is of this very sign
Thank for reading my poem
Cheers Christine 9/1/2016

Chapter 40
What is a poem?

By Chrissy710

What is a poem?
Creative words by writers
Written through their heart and soul

Author Notes Poetry takes many shapes and forms, styles and stories and It is really what that particular writer constructs from their personal thoughts and can be based on fact or fiction therefore is a very individual event.
There are many 'rules and regulations' that dictate how a poem 'should' be written but sometimes these can often take away the simple and heartfelt story or message conveyed by that writer.
So my belief is poetry in its many forms is truly in the eyes of the beholder

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and also for reading my poem


Chapter 41
Flood and Fire

By Chrissy710

Once again I set my pen to write of flood and fire,
Events from different states I tell, with consequences dire.
A flood was first, some days ago, from torrential rain,
The Hunter Valley's river raised, its bank put under strain.

This fast and rushing water took all within its wake,
Left many people stranded too, when the banks did break.
The water rose and flowed along, overland would it surround,
With houses flooded, children cried, pets and live-stock drowned.

The wettest year, reporters told as we all watched the news,
With pictures shown of heartbreak hell, and flood affected roo's.
But people will rise up again and rebuild what is lost,
And we'll all help with what we can, no matter what the cost.

Today I heard about a town, that's just been razed by fire,
With nothing left of stores and homes, but like a scorching pyre.
Historic buildings all are lost, the school and hospital
Grape vine and Olive groves are ash, the church no obstacle.

No letter will go out this week, the post office it did scoop
Some people missing not yet found, are from this town Yarloop.
The fire balls came not one, but many soon thereafter
This lovely milling town all burnt by firery disaster.

And as I sit and type away, to tell you of these tales
My thoughts and prayers go to Yarloop and those in New South Wales.
But our Aussie spirit's so alive, will come now to the fore
And help soon give, best wishes send, for these we'll not ignore.

Christine 7/1/2016

Author Notes Today I have heard the news on the radio telling us about a fire that has swept through a little milling town called Yarloop in Western Australia ( not far from the capital city Perth WA)
It was reported that at least 95 houses are lost along with the towns school, hospital, Post Office and their church. No lives lost to date but several missing and quite a few injured.

Four days ago in the state of New South Wales there was a devestating flood, the worst in the Hunter Valley region for 150 years. Many homes, farms, shops etc have been ruined by this flood and so once again we watch as helpless victims can do nothing but stand by and watch the water go by.
One news picture had a mob of Kangaroo's jumping through a flooded plain hence the reference to the roo's

Australia is a vast and beautiful country and I have been lucky enough to have been all around. Each state is so different from the other and it's hard to believe when travelling around it is all one country .
From lush green rainforests, vast beaches in Queensland, to dry arid terrains and large Ant Hills in Western Australia and The Northern Territory. Lovely Australian bush land and farming area in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Also Tasmania ( not on mainland and across the Tasman Sea but still Australia ( it is similar to Victoria)
Unfortunately fires and floods are all too often felt in many parts of Australia and it is ironic that in one week we have both in different states

The image is of a fire in Australia not long ago and I did write a poem for that called. The Day Christmas burned ( its in my portfolio) and now I find myself writing another one. Thank you for reading this one too

Cheers Christine

Chapter 42
Trinet: Summer Delights

By Chrissy710

Sun shining
Skin warming
Put an end to winter strife
My soul just comes to life
Bones mending
Blood thinning
Mind clearing

Having fun
Enjoying sun
At the beach jump some waves
I will sunbake catch some rays
Children laughing
Castle making
Playing games

Barbie smoking
Eskies opening
Do love this time of year
With my friends and family near
Hot nights
Stars bright
Summer delights

Author Notes I happened to chance along to this Trinet type poetry style and thought I would give it ago

Barbie: is a Barbeque
Eskie: to keep cold drinks in

Thank you to corrinas creation for the great image Summers A Coming

Chapter 43
'People Watch'

By Chrissy710

I love to sit and 'people watch' just to see them come and go,
And wonder where they all come from? I would really like to know.
Or maybe they are off somewhere, destination being theirs
I secretly survey them through, my intense and pondered stares.

Some walk along their head down low, with eyes fixed upon the ground
While others stare just straight ahead, no expression I have found.
And then there's those with happy smiles and conversation flowing
While chatting with a friend or two, with faces all just glowing.

Observe their dress, some really smart, Armani suits impressive
Or tailored skirts and high heel shoes, I know who is obsessive.
Or maybe just an casual look, with shorts, a T, and runners
And kids with caps on back-to-front, this look is for the gunners.

And when it gets real busy too, with people everywhere
My eyes begin to dart about, at so many to compare.
I will sometimes make up stories' try to work out what they do
Enjoy their presence as they near, I have fun I'm telling you

I never make a judgment when, I can see those down and out
But think about their lot in life, and do hope there's help about.
Or if I see a grisly child, having tantrums on the run
I try to always keep in mind, what it's like to be a mum.

Sometimes they'll look towards my way, I smile and then say Hi
But I will bet they have no clue, of my thoughts as they go by.
For this pastime is my secret, and it's one I do not share
But wonder it there's others too, who 'people watch out there.

Christine 3/1/2016

Author Notes Hi all, just a little thought or two on the art of people watching when one is sitting in one place for a long time .i.e. airports, train stations, or just down the street. I find I can't help but watch the people go by and wonder all about them. ( Come on I know I am not the only one LOL)

Thanks to Liila for the use of her lovely image 'A pleasant Thought' to go with this

aT, refers to a Tee Shirt
runners, are running shoes
gunners, an Australian term for people who are 'going to do' = gunners

I hope you enjoy and I Thank every one who reads this.
A BIG Cheers to you Christine

Chapter 44
Piano Man

By Chrissy710

That old piano still stands
Stored with memories
Of that music hall
Filled with melodies,
We were all so young
Way back long ago
When that music hall piano man
Played his piano.

He knew every tune by heart
Never missed a key
Every night he came
Always played for free,
Just to see our smiles
Music from above
When that music hall piano man
Played for us with love.

How we sang and clapped our hands
Dancing many hours
In our music hall
Happiness was ours,
Sometimes we just would
Listen while he played
When the music hall piano man
All did serenade.

How the people loved him so
Every night they came
Just to hear him play,
They all knew his name
Shouted it out more
When that music hall piano man
Played them an encore.

But now this hall is empty
No music to find
But I still hear him
Playing in my mind,
Eyes closed I can see
Great times to applaud
When this music hall piano man
Played on his keyboard.

Christine 4/1/2016

Author Notes This is my first attempt at the LyriCat style (developed by I am Cat in 2015) So I hope I have done it justice.
I enjoy these picture challenges and always enjoy trying new writing styles so then l thank Cat for the inspiration and many Thanks to Justafan/Missy for the supplying this great image to work from.
Please do read all the other picture challenge posts for this lovely picture. I am so pleased to be in this group of esteemed writers

Thank you for reading my poem
Cheers Christine

Chapter 45
The Ranking Race

By Chrissy710

There was movement at FanStory, for the word had passed around
That poet 's ranking's open to contest
All the tried and tested writers soon will come from near and far,
And they will put their writing to the test.
For they'll surely be a winner, when this year has come to pass
And we will praise the prowess of the best.

Their styles will be quite different, from the free to rhyming verse
With syllables all making up the beat.
Perhaps we'll have a Kyrielle with refrain in each fourth line,
Or better still a Haiku would be neat.
The Kiko is a season one, of a moment caught in time
To get it right now really is a feat.

I'd rather like a Minute poem, in strict 'Iambic meter'
That shows the 8, 4, 4, 4 rhyming scheme.
Still how about a Limerick, or Tongue Twister poetry
To make us laugh that would be quite supreme.
A Sonnet would inspire us, of lost love hard to find
And Odes are something with a central theme.

They could be all shapes and sizes, different fonts for us to see
But please don't use the ones too hard to read.
And keep the writing simple too; place it on a nice background
So words stand out for this is all we need.
Some graphics are required now there are many on FanArt
When doing this each poet will succeed.

Yes time is ticking as I write, and I'll have to post this soon
If I am also to be in this race.
For some are really early birds, on the first day posted theirs
And so to catch them I must pick up pace.
But when it's really said and done, all just write what comes to mind
Win, lose or draw, just play the game with grace.

Christine 3/1/2016

Author Notes Hi allo I have written this with a little 'tongue in cheek', as a bit of fun for my first post for 2016 ( only 5 to go to secure a ranking, they are still in my head LOL)

I have again loosly used the beat from Banjo Paterson' style of poetry ( He is a very well known Australian bush balladere and his writing is quite distinct. I am a bit prone to using this rhythm to create a poem or two.

The image is one taken of me late in Nov 2015 when I attended my 35th Midwifery training reunion. ( I have been Nursing now for 46 years on 26th Jan this year) I am still a practicing Nurse and work as a Nurse Educator./ Clinical teacher with undergraduate nursing student in our local hospital. A fairly big regional hospital in Victoria.

I have really enjoyed all the support and friendships I have made and are making on this site and look forward to reading and writing posts over this year. On a serious note I wish everyone all the best for their hard won rankings and am just happy to be wherever I end up.

Thank you for reading my poem

Cheers Christine

Chapter 46
The Day When Christmas Burned

By Chrissy710

The Day When Christmas Burned

There was movement here across our land, as candles burned real bright
With Christmas Carols sung on Christmas Eve,
But little did we then suspect upon this sacred night,
That lightning would appear with no reprieve.
A single bolt it did strike down and lit up undergrowth
In bushlands tinder ready now to burn,
It would release its fury fast wreak havoc was its oath,
The after-mast disaster we'd soon learn.

It started out along the coast, in a little seaside town
A lovely spot to soak up all the sun,
Where tourists flock straight to this place, and so many did come down,
But we would see their future on the run.
The fire sirens soon rang out it warned of pending doom
Do leave your homes this fire's got control,
Forget your earthly souvenirs for them you have no room,
Just save yourselves do not become its toll.

The fire licked and danced about, hot breath would not be quenched
It raced along the hills of coastal scene,
Destroying all within its path, that water had not drenched,
The black- end earth would show where it had been.
The red hot embers flew about criscrossed above the trees,
The sparks they crackled as they did ignite,
This mighty hound brought houses down fanned by a hot north breeze
Hell had no justice on this dreadful night.

Would not let up smoke grew real thick, angry fire razed through the town
And down the ocean road it had its way,
It melted cars strong winds prevailed those flames would not back down,
So t'would be quite fool-hardy then to stay.
Evacuate, get children out these cries to stay alive
Time was against these tired weary folk,
But safety was within their reach they managed to survive,
Their faces black with teary eyes they spoke.

The heat was more than man could stand, and it forced them to retreat
But they came back with strength they'd found that day,
We'll take you on you mangy beast for we will not be beat,
And so on bended knees began to pray.
The fire-fighters did their best brave efforts we'll revere
For not one human life was lost that night,
But birds and wildlife suffered loss when this monster did appear,
And took their lives with fast and furious might.

Now blackened hillsides do remain, silhouettes the turquoise surf
Like skeletons against the sea so blue,
The children's toys all black and scorched lie strewn upon the earth
No houses left for Santa to come to,
And memories of a life time gone how quickly did erase
This fires wrath no thoughts did it restrain,
But they'll rebuild and strength will find new challenges will face,
And Christmas Carol they will sing again.

Christine 28/12/2015

Author Notes On Christmas Eve this year in a small coastal town in the state of Victoria in Australia a terrible bush fire broke out as as result of a lightning strike. It took hold and the fire swept across five towns and over Christmas day had burnt 116 houses to the ground.
The temperature was around 35 degree with hot strong winds making it near impossible to save anything in its wake. Fire crews and emergency services worked tirelessly to contain the fires and rescue residents and tourists within these towns and not one person perished thanks to the brave efforts to all concerned.
Traditionally in Australia many people like my husband and I choose to sit at home listeneing and enjoying the 'Carols by Candelight' broadcast on TV each year. But this year many folk along this coastal track were not so priviledged and lost everything and I have written this poem to acknowledge their plight with a saddened heart.

I have 'borrowed' the meter for this poem from one of my favourite Australian poets Banjo Patteson whose poem 'The Man From Snowy River ' I used as my inspiration so I hope he wouldn't mind. (This meter has limited internal punctuation as it is to be read quickly to get the rhythm I hope you find this an interesting style)
Victoria is notorious for raging bushfires in the Hot Australian Summer, and being aware that they can take hold anywhere we never take our hot windy conditions for granted as we have seen so many fires rage and destroy lives and property over many years and this is now another one not to forget.
I hope you enjoy my tribute to this latest fire and hope that the victims of this tragedy can rebuild and enjoy their Christmas Carols next year in safety
The image is one taken of this bushfire

Thank you to all who read this

Cheers Christine

Chapter 47
The Girl in Red

By Chrissy710

I wonder what you thought about when painting this Lightink
What gave you inspiration such, and how this made you think.
With canvas blank you started out, t'was once so clean and white
But finished with this work of art, so beautiful and bright.

Your dedicated brush strokes do, bring life into this girl
Her form continues to set free, an everlasting swirl.
Like Chakras colours branching wide, enclosing all around
Her pensive look does capture us, she's really quite profound.

The curves and curls they all connect, her inner soul you've seen
Now bring this woman to us all, our thoughts for you to glean.
Just what we see and what we write, to make her come alive
Will be our quest this very day, what will our thoughts derive.

I see her reaching up so high, to hold a branch quite still
A bird who sits upon this branch, is mesmerized at will.
Her gentle stare just keeps him safe, he knows she'll do no harm
He is like us just so engrossed, and captured by her charm.

So with those thoughts that are just mine, I hope I've seen the light
Now place her in this challenge field, upon this very night.
Her image now will always be, engraved inside my head
And of what stories we will write, about this girl in red


Author Notes This is my Picture Challenge for BirdWoman by Lightink. What a lovely painting and I hope I have done her Justice. I encourage you all to read all the other challenge poems with this same image and Thank everyone most sincerely for reading mine

As this probably be my last post until the Christmas Festivities are over. May I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of the FanStory writers
a Very Merry Xmas and have a Safe and Happy New Year and Thank you everyone for making me so welcome to Fan Story and for all your encouragement and support
Cheers to you all Christine

Chapter 48
Still Smokin Hot

By Chrissy710

Lust, Love, Laughter
That's what I'm after
With you no disaster
You are my Master.

Author Notes 40 years married Hmmmmmmm

Thank you to AngelHeart for the lovely image Passion Dance

Chapter 49
'Winter Ecstasy'

By Chrissy710

My Icy fingers on your skin
At last I'm here so let's begin
To take the warmth now from your soul
And make it cold with Winter's toll.

Send tingles up your lovely spine
What pleasures now will be divine
I'll strip you bare to lie with me
And feel your inner ecstasy

I'll curl your toes with freezing sin
And make you want me then within
You'll beg for more, I'll feel your thrill
Your racing heart will not be still.

To see you melt beneath my touch
For me will almost be too much
I'll take my time to make you cold
Ensure you'll shiver from my hold.

And when you've reached your climax time
I'll know that's when you will be mine
You'll never want a 'warmer' bed
When you can have me now instead.

But just before the Spring appears
I'll leave your side, but have no fears
For I'll return one Winter's night
Reclaim your soul and hold you tight


Author Notes Not sure what to write, but hope you enjoy my Wintery effort for this quest

Thank you to Loyd C Taylor Sr for or a lend of his lovely icy image Snowy Fingers

Chapter 50
5-7-5 : My Native Garden

By Chrissy710

Wonders all around
Nature never disappoints
Beauty does surround

Author Notes We have created an Australian Native garden over the past few 2 years and I love to see each plant flourish and provide a haven for our Native birds also

Chapter 51
Clock Tower secrets

By Chrissy710

When I look upon your face, what secrets do you hold
For many years you've stood in place, what stories could be told.
You show the time for all to see, you sweep your hands around
For those who look there is no fee, they know where you are found

Perhaps small children in their play, have stopped to gaze at you
Don't know just what your big hands say, or really what you do.
Instead they run around your base, with joyful laughter play
Cause' time for them is not a race, it's just another day.

Or could two lovers chance along, and stop to tell the time
Their two hearts beating now one song, in melody and rhyme.
With hand in hand their love on show, for time has now stopped still
Each tender kiss for them they know, to be in love's a thrill.

But maybe just a business man, who's never really late
Will run on by he has a plan, this time a business date.
To seal the deal must be on time, he glances once your way
At 1pm this clock will chime, and he will have his say.

Then two old ladies stand by you, their time a precious thing
Their secrets shared but if they knew, what tales of them you bring
For they have stood there right beside, your face they've seen before
Their idle gossip you must hide, in silence must you store.

The passers by each day they see, your hands of time display
The time for them where they must be, on any given day.
To be correct that is your quest, let everybody know
Reliable when at your best, you'll always be on show

Oh yes what stories you must hold, the tears the love the plans
Of many years could be retold, all held now in your hands.
But you will keep them safe and sound, a key will not unlock
Your silent watch that's seen and heard, all stored within your clock.


Author Notes This is my challenge piece for the 'tower clock' pictture and thanks to Linda Engel for the lovely inspirations image. I hope you enjoy my effort and thanks so much for reading this

Please read all the other wonderful post on this image. we really are developing a great group of writers who all see something different. I feel privileged to be in their company
Christine 24/11/2015

Chapter 52
Haiku: sitting in stillness

By Chrissy710

sitting in stillness
creates quiet reflection
mindfulness wisdom

Author Notes

Thank you to VMarguarite for the lovely image Peaceful Existence

Chapter 53
'Frankies' Adventure

By Chrissy710

Son-in-law recently took three year old daughter shopping. Emme took her suitcase with her. In and out of shops, the car etc for 2 hours then home. Emme placed the suitcase on the floor. Suddenly the case 'moved'. Luke frowned, looked at Emme, opened the case. Out sprang their big fluffy white ragdoll cat, Emme had packed for the trip.

Author Notes True story, will be a good one to tell at Emme's 21st. Not sure if Frankie saw the funny side though.

Thank you to cleo85 for her image what do you mean? This cat is an exact replica of Frankie.

Chapter 54
5-7-5: All you need is love

By Chrissy710

Hate keeps everyone
LOST in a sea of despair
But LOVE will prevail

Author Notes Time to unite the world

Thanks to angelina onofrio for the image 'heal the world'

Chapter 55
In Over-Drive

By Chrissy710

In Overdrive Again

Author Notes Last minute entry from a tired brain lol

Chapter 56
A Painted Smile

By Chrissy710

A Painted Smile

What lies behind your haunted mask, with eyes of blackened coal
Reveal these questions that I ask, torments within your soul.
This painted smile that looks so cold, your secrets none shall see
I wonder what your thoughts do hold, that never set you free.

These colours bright but a facade, your outward face does show
An inner picture a charade of turmoil that you know.
The chains around your heart like lead, where secrets all reside
Of fears and doubts inside your head, for you these all must hide.

Those demons! grip you in embrace, gain strength with every day
Your spirit now they do displace, for wrongs they make you pay.
For years they've kept you in this state, securely bound up tight
But now you must determine fate, stand up it's time to fight.

Unmask yourself, release those woes, your inner strength reveal
Shed now this gown, undo those bows, time for your wounds to heal.
Unwind these braids so tightly drawn, take out the pins of doubt
Let now there be a brand new dawn, with hope, so just reach out.

Shake off these mantles causing strife, cast out and set them free
Breathe in elixir of new life, take charge and you will see
A world of beauty to embrace, where you can find some peace
And never more a painted face, but fresh from it's release.


Author Notes This is what I saw when I looked at this image so hence the title A Painted Face

Thanks to Gypsy Blue Rose for supplying this great challenging image ( Apologies for my not so good copy of the original had some difficulty copying so excuse my inability with technology)

Thank you for reading my effort for this challenge and please read all the others as well

Cheers Christine

Chapter 57
Old Man Brown's Hat

By Chrissy710

Old man Brown, he wore a frown
His hat turned upside down.
He looked a sight, gave a fright
To kids who lived in town.
They didn't play, ran away
When they could see his crown
He gave a grin, scratched his chin
And pulled his hat brim down.

Author Notes Having a bit of fun with my first Nursey Rhyme based on the nursery Rhyme contest prompt Old Man Brown
Thanks for reading it

Thanks to RRusk for the great image seen it all

Chapter 58
The Burning Torch

By Chrissy710

The Burning Torch

My darling I am coming home, for you just wait and see
I didn't drown that fateful day, into the deepest sea.
I hear you call me every night, you sit upon the porch
And wait for me now to return, I see your burning torch.

It started out like any day, the sea so calm, just right
Blue cloudless sky, a gentle breeze blew on the mast so tight.
Good fishing had, now time to go, set sail for homeward bound
No worries had, for our return would be safe and sound.

Some clouds rolled in to blot the blue, the sea began to foam
We'd gone out miles to catch the best, before we turned for home.
The sailors all went to their place, dark clouds began to form
They knew the signs were ominous a brewing of a storm.

The nets reeled in, a thunder clap, then lightning sent a flare
With expert hand upon the deck, to panic would be rare.
The Captain spoke " now listen men, this storm puts us to test
It seemed to come from no-where lads, just do your very best."

The clouds grew dark, the waves lashed out, the ship it bobbed about
With lightening flashing all around, loud thunder clapped, no doubt.
Our footing hard to keep on deck, all soaked from rain that poured
I did not see the big wave come, next we were overboard.

We thrashed about the raging sea, we watched the ship go down
Could this be really happening, I knew then I would drown.
My mind though strong, my body weak, t'was then I heard you shout
"Come back to me" but was too late, this angry sea won out.

And just as I was going down, again I heard your voice
Come back my love I need you here, don't leave you have a choice.
I chose to stay right by your side and be your guiding light,
From where I lie on ocean's bed I see you every night.

So yes my love I heard your call, upon that fateful day
And though you're saddened by my loss. I have now this to say
"Do not be sad my dearest one, do wipe away your tears
For I was with you in the past, will stay throughout your years."

Now as you sit upon the porch and gaze out to the sea
Keep searching for my ship's return, one day you will see me.
You'll see me smile,I'll take your hand together we will go
To where life's journey does return, and only we will know.


Author Notes It is 1120am on the 26th October in Victoria Australia so I though I would post my poem for this challenge based on the image by pantygynt . ( Thanks Gynt for this inspiring image, when I saw this sea picture this is my poem that poem was created and I hope it does justice to this quest.
I hope I havent jumped the gun but it is Monday 26th here and I do look forward to reading all the other challenge poets post for this image. so please read these also

Thanks for reading mine Cheers Christine

Chapter 59
'Trick or Treat'

By Chrissy710

Halloween prowls Tricking Treating teens
Wolverine howls Wreaking Piercing screams

Author Notes Although I do not celebrate Halloween I thought I would treat myself to my first attempt at this genre. Hope it meets the Tyburn requirements.

Image by Wolverine- Portrait giveaway by corrinas creations ( thank you)

Chapter 60
( Limerick) Fickle love

By Chrissy710

There was a young laddie named Bill
In love with a lassie called Jill
But Jill she loved Ben
And Ben he loved Jen
While Jen was in love with young Bill

Then Bill he found out about Jen
Who loved him instead of young Ben
From Bill, Ben stole Jill
This gave her a thrill
Cause not Bill she loved but her Ben

Author Notes Just having some fun with the limerick genre'

Artwork by Danigirl021 Thank you

Chapter 61
Swirling Colours

By Chrissy710

The swirling colours in my head, these hues of yellow gold
A picture painted red and green, a story to be told.
Of new beginnings, tiny seeds were planted long ago
By loving hands so carefully that placed them in a row.
And so with time their little shoots, then sprung up from the ground
Survived the seasons' early years their roots are now earth bound.
Each year have grown until at last, their canopy embrace
With branches strong, all reaching out, each other they do face.
This wondrous spectrum now is seen, as Autumn draws a close
No artists brush can er'e compete with nature's simple prose.
From long ago when earth was bare, to now a colour spread
This is the picture of this scene now swirling in my head.
I do not know just where this is, have never walked the road
But in my mind I see this place the beauty that it showed
So if a story I can tell, this image that I see
The challenge met, the PICTURE THIS, is one to you from me.

Christine 13/10/2105

Author Notes This poem was inspired from the beautiful image posted on FS for the PICTURE THIS challenge and I have enjoyed having a go to write a poem to compliment this I hope I have done it justice.

Thank for reading my poem and please read all the other wonderful poem from this challenge group . (all using the same Picture ) Cheers Christine.

Chapter 62
(Tanka) Awakening

By Chrissy710

Sleeping peacefully
Nestled in your loving arms
Consciousness returns
I awaken to your touch
Passion rises, our lips meet

Author Notes I hope this meets the Tanka challenge
Thanks to Linda Bikston for the image Touch

Chapter 63
5-7-5 : My Birthday 2015

By Chrissy710

Another birthday
On this day turn 'sixty three'
Celebrate with me

Author Notes Today is my 63rd Birthday looking forward to celebrating this milestone ( not millstone lol) No life is good and worth celebrating and the card from my dear husband said ' Age is just a case of mind over matter,if you don' mind it doesn't matter' too true. Also one of my favourite quotes Is that 'Don't look at getting older as being a problem rather look at it as a privilege that many don't get to have' So with that I am off to enjoy my day with family and friends Cheers Christine
I hope you dont mind my indulgence in this 5-7-5 just seemed appropriate for this occasion . Image taken this year Never to old ha ha
Thanks for reading it

Chapter 64
Sue's Journey

By Chrissy710

Sue's Journey

Sue had a mammogram recall, so went with trepidation
Then I received her sad phone call, and to her side did hasten.
Wet tears I saw flowed down her cheek, "a breast lump they have found"
'Twas hard to find when they did seek, but it showed on ultrasound.

Biopsy next then they performed, she dreaded diagnosis
Some cells have gone and now reformed, what will be her prognosis.
"I'm sorry Sue, you have CA, metastases in breast"
These words I heard her GP say now put us all to test.

With sadness in our hearts we went to tell our dear old Mum
Her tears welled up and soon were spent, a mothers dread succumb.
But Sue was strong and won't be beat, "be dammed, I'll let it win"
She set about it to defeat, and wore a steely grin.

And so her journey then began, appointments every day
The Doctors all had made a plan to rid her of CA.
Oncology this was the first, let Chemo take a hold
To shrink this tumour she'd been cursed, did work we all were told.

But she did pay, her hair fell out, so down to buy a wig
She wore it well, without a doubt, no-one would ever twig.
Her body now in ravished state, her will remained real strong
With more to come she had to face, with her I came along.

Next came the knife, her breast removed, mastectomy complete
The Surgeons skills to us were proved, no other could compete.
More Chemo then for my dear Sue, to mop up cells still there
Then rounds of radiation was, almost too much to bear.

It's been a long and daunting road, uncertainty not timed
But strength and courage she has shown, with every step she's climbed
Sue's gone through all the treatment well, combatted all her fear
But really, only time will tell if she'll be in the clear.

Next on the list a breast recon, prosthesis then wont need
To make up for the cancer's rob, be whole again succeed.
I look at her with glowing pride, for all she has been through
Each step has conquered in her stride, my dearest sister Sue.

Yes now my sister's joined the rink, she now is a subscriber
Sue wears with pride the colour pink, a 'Cancer Free Survivor'
And so dear Lord now hear my prayer, please keep her safe and sound
My sister is so dear to me. Let no more lumps be found.

Christine 4/10/2015

Author Notes This poem is about my Sister Sue who at 54 was diagnoses with metastatic breast cancer. ( a difficult one to diagnose on mammogram and it was picked up on ultrasound)
this type was called Ductus Cancer in situ as it was right under the nipple and difficult to see however it was confirmed by biopsy and on further investigation had also spread to two lymph nodes. Sue has regular mammograms and the last one was clear so she wondered how long it had been there. The oncologist told her that due to it's size it had probably been there for up to 18 months and had now metastasised to the lymph node.

I remember the afternoon getting the phone call from her telling me Sissy they have found a breast lump and so hurried to the hospital to be with her and her husband. I have been Sue's support for all the journey( being the older sister and the Nurse I think she felt safe with me around to interpret Doctors jargan etc and help make decisions of who to go to etc. Being in the Health sector I was able to suggest a great Surgeon and Oncologist who have been superb.

After the first round of Chemo Sue lost her hair and I took her to a wig specialist who shaved her head and provided a great wig. ( That was a sad day very emotional for us all, but her wig did look nice. Her hair did grow back and now she keeps it short and let it grow out grey but it suits her)
So it has been a big learning curve for all the family and I guess we are very blessed to have such a great family all round and this has just proved how much we all love each other and although quite big we see each other often and have all shared in Sue's journey.

Sue has completed all the treatment and is now waiting for her Reconstruction in November this year. so fingers crossed that will be a success too.

I felt compelled to write and share my story ( Sue's story really) with the FS site and thank Jax Franklin for this opportunity to do so. and believe the Pink is such a wonderful tribute to all Breast Cancer ( female and Male) survivors and also to all other who have gone through this dreadful disease. and to those families of loved ones who haven't been as luck as we have my hearfelt sympathy to you.

Thank you for reading my poem Christine 4/10/2015

Chapter 65
Forests Gump's lump

By Chrissy710

Forest Gump creates
severe lump in throat as one
chokes on chocolate

Author Notes Life's not always like a box of chocolates lol

Chapter 66
Haiku: best in bloom

By Chrissy710

best in bloom
displays Spring flowers in contest
colour competition

Chapter 67
'Double Figures'

By Chrissy710

Double Figures

You've reached 'double figure' now you are ten
An old man he once said to me
And so now to you I say these same words
May our bond always share Amali.

The years have gone by, since you were a babe
I remember the day you were born
Your Pa, he and I Iooked down on your face
With tears in our eyes, full of joy.

A dear little girl, grandaughter of ours
We have watched you grow with the years
Pleasures you bring to our lives every day
So it's my turn to send you 10 cheers.

The first is for love, you'll always have that
The second for fun that we share
The third is for laughter at jokes that we say
The fourth is to tell you we care.
The fifth is for happiness, may you always have much
The sixth is for wisdom of mind
The seventh for beauty, may it always be yours
The eighth is for strength that you find.
The ninth is for friendship of family and friends
The tenth that your wishes come true
And so dear Amali, these cheers I do send
With a big 'Happy Birthday' to you.

Christine 13/1/2015

Author Notes I wrote this poem for my lovely grandaughter Amali for her 10th Birthday and the title Double Figures has a special meaning to us both as I often tell Amali stories of my childhood and the one she loves is this one. The day I turned 10 I was given a new bike and rode passed an old neighbour who was the local Bootmaker (Mr Gosh). I stopped to have a chat and told him it was my 10th birthday to which he said to me " you have reached Double Figures" and I have never forgotten that one moment. So I told Amali that when she turned 10 I would say that to her, which I did and also wrote this poem for her, which I framed and Amali loved it and it sits on her bed side table. I hope you enjoy it and Thank You for reading it Cheers Christine

Chapter 68
Forget to remember

By Chrissy710

My memory is my biggest flaw
It goes on walkabout,
Forgetting where I've put my keys
Makes me then runabout.
Until they're found I cannot drive
To where I need to be,
So search the house from head to toe
When found I smile with glee.

I put my glasses down a while
Then wonder where they are,
For cannot read and get quite mad
They couldn't be too far.
It wasn't really long ago
I took them off my head,
Just where I put them? who would know
Be careful where I tread.

And sometimes have a dinner date
With friends I love to see,
But I've been known to stand them up
Forgotten where to be.
And if I do remember then
I'll hurry into town,
To tell then sorry, "please forgive"
My memory just broke down.

I'll drive down to the grocery store
And park my car to shop,
But when I've got what I came for
Can't find where I did stop.
And so I'll walk around ,around
A frown upon my face,
Until I come across it parked
Right in that carpark space.

I lose my 'sunnies' all the time
Forgot my kids at school,
Did promise that I'd pick them up
How could I be so cruel.
And for those misdemeanor's now
They'll not let me forget,
Remind me of the grief they felt
Expect me to regret.

And so I have a diary now
To write the time and date,
But I'll forget to read that too
And so I'll still be late.
I am not sure If I'll improve
On any given day,
Bad memory is my flaw in life
I've always been this way.

Author Notes I have always had a bad memory even when I was a kid I would ride my bike to school and then walk home forgetting that I rode. Have stood up friends for lunch dates, put my keys or glasses down and then spend some time trying to remember where I have put them. Forget where I park the car at the supermarket etc etc. My friends and family know me very well and acknowledge this as just me being me. I can laugh about it but at times it cause me grief lol. so this is my flaw in this contest I 'm not perfect so hope you enjoy it. Cheers Christine

Thank you to Liilia for the image Past Still Among Us

Chapter 69
Haikui: seasons splendor

By Chrissy710

seasons beckon nature
with summer rains and autumn leaves
colour twist

Author Notes The splendor of seasonal changes are forever mystical and beautiful, never dissapointed

Thank you to suenethery for the lovely image 'My Two Favourite Seasons'

Chapter 70
My 'Statue of David'

By Chrissy710

My 'statue of David' is my favourite thing
He is solid marble, much joy does he bring.
I bought him in Florence a long time ago
My kids never touched him this rule they did know

For if he gets broken, you'd better now run
Return at your peril, to this angry Mum
So he's lasted 3 children and 4 grandies too
I know they all 'love' him, so sure that they do..

But when I've departed, have gone to my grave
Who now will just get him, They'll have to be brave.
'Cause if he's not cherished and takes 'pride of place'
I'll haunt them forever and show them my face.

So while I still have him, he stands in my hall
To greet all the people and show them his all.
Sometimes I hear giggles, when they walk on by
His nakedness shocks them, they cover their eye.

But to me he's quite georgous a real work of art
Michaelangelo' s a legend his genius impart
And so that is my thing' I can write about
My 'statue of David' so check him right out

Author Notes My statue of David is my favourite thing I bought him in Florence in 1977 while on a 6 months travel around Europe holiday with my husband and friends. We had a CamperVan and had a ball going 'everywhere', great memories. I loved David and I purchased this one in a little souviner shop about 100 yards from where the real Statue is housed and have treasured him ever since. My kids all grew up with the threat of never to return if they broke it. So he has survived but now they all want him when I do go ( hopefully not for a long time yet) so I think I will have to do a blind draw for the winner or custodian lol. Hope you enjoy my little poem

Chapter 71
Anything goes

By Chrissy710

I should get out of bed you know, I have so much to do
But I am warm and comfortable, a little sleepy too.
And so I lie here all curled up, my IPad in renew
Just reading all the lovely rhymes and giving them review.

I've checked out all the contest now, to find the one I need
Then think about the rhyming words and just how they will read.
I'll not give too much thought about, the day I should now lead
Until I finish writing this and hope I do suceed.

You ask me can I write about the subject 'anything'
The pressure's on now for my muse, and words for her to bring.
The choice is mine for me to make, perhaps about a fling
Or of the true love of my life, or how I love to sing.

My time is up I'll have to stop, the hours now have passed
And I'm still lying her real snug, The ink's run out at last.
I must get up and start afresh, for I have met the task
I hope it meets requirement set, is that not what you asked?

Author Notes A little tongue in cheek poem re the set requirement about anything, I hope it makes you smile

Image is one I took in Bali on holiday the staff do a towel art every day and I thought it may do well with this lol
Ha Ha this was supposed to be a contest entry ' Are you a poet' prompt today but somehow I managed to put into general poetry so missed the boat hope you enjoy anyway

Chapter 72
The gardening bug

By Chrissy710

Now in my garden I will toil,
through fingers potter with the soil,
I love to plant a brand new shrub
to dig a hole, the roots I'll rub
with care then put it in its place
and with my hands the dirt replace.

I love a plant with flowers bright
an instant garden's my delight,
I'm not too good with bulbs or seed
they take to long to do their deed,
but I have some I'll have you know
and when they flower what a show.

In Spring I see their tiny shoots
come through the earth up from their roots,
like daffodils in yellow bloom
and jonquills with their sweet perfume.
But I do like a pansy's face
in coloured rows my garden grace,
they make me smile when I walk past
because I know some months they'll last.

Carnations too are out in flood
and I can see my roses bud,
the daphne now has also sprung
a sweet scent wafts now Spring's begun.
Polyanthus too now in the ground
with their bright colours all around,
Petunias pretty pink and red
fill the gaps in my garden bed.

Lilac spreads with a purple hue
and violets do come up on cue,
these are all planted by my hand
to make my garden oh so grand.
May even pull a weed or two
they don't belong and spoil my view,
I'll help my plants and fertilize
to make them grow and maximize.

So I will potter with a smile
then in my garden sit a while,
admire all that I have done
for me my garden is such fun.


Author Notes Spring time at the moment in Australia and I spent all day in my garden planting out new plants and tidying up after the winter, pulling weeds and generally just enjoying the fun my garden brings me. I am the gardener in my family my husband is the handy man, a good combination lol. I wrote this today while gardening ( my mind is constantly writing poetry so had to put it into print before I forget it,) hope you enjoy and a big Cheers to anyone who reads this.
Image one small section of my garden

Chapter 73
Haiku: sunset delight

By Chrissy710

sunset delight see's
love captured in golden orb
it's a time moment

Chapter 74
Senryu: aMUSing me

By Chrissy710

Brain in overdrive
Keeping family amused
Glad to be their MUSE

Author Notes I have alway had a light hearted look on life, love a good joke and find funny things in many places, have a weird sense of humour at times but my friends and family find me amusing. hope you enjoy my little 'me joke'

thank to Loyd C Taylor Sr ( once again) for his great image Inspiration.

Chapter 75
Cardboard Cutout Husband 2

By Chrissy710

My husband he came home this week
Thrilled I was to see him
But then I had the other one
Cardboard cut out fill in.

I had to take him out the back
And fold him up you see
Cause my dear husband's home again
His heart belongs to me.

"But dear" he says "I'll not be long
With you before I go
Return I must, the job's not done
I thought you ought to know"

And so out back I went to see
My cardboard cut out man
It won't be long, you'll rise again
For I do have a plan.

The days went by and life was good
My real one was about
He wined and dined me every night
He really went all out.

But now today he's gone again
We kissed before we parted
And who knows when I'll see him next
My plan now must be started.

I'll take the suit off cut out man
And dress him up like hubby
In work clothes iridescent bright
I'll give to him a stubby.

I'll sit him in the real one's chair
Just like he's never left
This cardboard cut out substitute
Will not leave me bereft.

I'll take him down to our mates' place
Each Friday night at five
We'll chat about our weekly work
Then back home I will drive.

I'll take him down to 'Bunnings' too
To buy some tools and wood
Then in the shed he'll supervise
Just like my real one would.

I think I might just like this one
To fill my awful void
Until my real one comes back home
From where he's now deployed.

But while he's gone, I'll have some fun
With cardboard cut out man
Who'll have no say, just go along
With all that I may plan.

Author Notes This is version two about my 'cardboard cut out husband' who I made a few months ago to take to a dinner party as a joke because my real one was away working interstate and couldn't be home for the occasion. So I made a cardboard cut out version and dressed him in a suit etc and took him. My family and friends thought it quite funny and I got quite a bit of mileage form this. Lol

However my husband did come home for 10 days and informed me that he was going away again for 2 months., which he did. SO I took the suit off my original cardboard version and dressed him in my husbands work clothes and took him down our mates place for our Friday night drinks and get together. Once again this version proved quite funny and we 'raise a glass and say Hi to him when we do Friday's.

My real husband did return home and he could see the funny side of my prank and even 'had a drink 'with the cardboard one.
But wait he has just told me he will be going away again soon so I shall think of something else to do with my cardboard version
I couldn't resist writing a poem about this and this one is the second one I have posted

The original one is still in my portfolio on Fanstory but no photo attached as I didn't know how to add images when I posted that one called My Cardboard Cutout Husband so if you want to read that feel free to access this on my portfolio( it may help understand this version and reference to the suit etc.

Anyway thank you for reading this version and I hope you embrace my weird sense of humour. My kids often think I have ' gone mad' but I can't help myself sometimes I love life and find fun it lots of things.

Stubby is a small bottle of beer
Bunnings is a hardwear store in Australia for the handyman, and tradesman. (My husband gets withdrawal symptoms I'd he can't ' go to Bunning's at least once a week!!)

Chapter 76
He bounds along

By Chrissy710

Aussie Roo
bounding along,
covering vast
distances, and
ever alert
for sounds of
'Gunfire' With your
hearing acute
instinct makes you
jump away,
Kangaroo buck.
Leading your
majestic mob,
Northward, you
ordain doe to
pouch their Joey's
quickly, then all
run to the
safety of
thick bush
waiting, thirsty,
you are, but
zealously free.

57 words

Author Notes I have now made some major changes to my original poem as it did not meet the contest requirements so having another go. Once again I may be totally off the contest requirement again with this one so just have to wait and see.

Apologies to my original reviewers and thank you for your great support. And to anyone else who reads and reviews this new version I thank you.

Roo a colloquial name for a Kangaroo
Buck name given to a male kangaroo
Doe name given to a female kangaroo
Joey name given to a baby kangaroo
Aussie colloquial names for Australians
The young are carried in a pouch
The kangaroo moves by hopping on its powerful legs and it uses its tail to balance its body while jumping
Xeric: refers to be dry and lacking water

Chapter 77
5-7-5 Nature's gift

By Chrissy710

New born baby cries
Mum and Dad cry tears of joy
Nature's greatest gift

Author Notes Tears of happiness when a new born baby arrives.

Thank you to Loyd C Taylor for the lovely image Welcome to Earth

Chapter 78
Worth Waiting For

By Chrissy710

As I gaze at you, our
Beautiful sleeping baby boy, I
Celebrate with your father this
Day of your birth.
Fibre of my being is so
Grateful to have a
Infant. Our first born child who brings
Joy and happiness to our family unit.
Knowing that you are finally here, I will always
Love you unconditionally, a
Mother's promise to you.
No-one can ever feel the way I do on this
Occasion of your birth, because
Parents we have finally become. After so many
Quests to have a child, disappointments along the way,
Resulting in many
Sad tears. Therefore to carry you to
Term, and deliver you safely into this world is an
Unbelievable thrill. And I want to raise my
Voice high and let the
World know, how excited we are to have you,
'Xavier Francis' named after your grandfathers.
You have made our life complete
"Zip a dee doo dah, Zip a dee ay
My, oh my what a wonderful day!"

Author Notes This free verse Alphabet Challenge poem is dedicated to all the Mums and Dads out there who for some reason or another have tried for years to have a baby and then to finally succeed . One of my friends daughter went through this heart ache and then managed to have a healthy baby who is the delight of their lives. (His name is Xavier so I was able to meet the this Alphabet challenge requirement)
But I dedicate this poem to all the 'Xaviers' out there who have made his/her family complete.

Thanks to Barb Baker for her lovely image And Baby Makes Three
And I also acknowledge the old Song of the South for the last two lines of this poem.

Chapter 79
'Head Talk'

By Chrissy710

Head talk, Head talk, please just go away
You come in uninvited and chat to me all day.
Sometimes I want to listen, but other times I don't
But you just take no notice, ignore you know I won't.

You keep your idle chatter up, distracting I do find
You even interrupt my sleep with thoughts that come to mind.
Your never ending conversation can become a bore,
But if I stop to have a pause, you always just want more.

There are the times I listen to a wise word you may speak,
The good advice I'm searching for, from you at times I seek.
And then I'll smile and think of you with fondness this one time,
Cause I can then rely on you, be glad that you are mine.

But when you get too busy and rush around my head,
My temper flares and starts to rise, ignore what you have said.
I know I'll never stop this talk, at times it's almost quiet
But then some days I wonder if, you've started up a riot.

My thoughts can get real scrambled, no sense at times they make
Confusion reigns then in my mind, just what words can I take.
So sorting out the good from bad, it then becomes my quest
To find out what you're really like and put you to the test.

Ha Ha you say, the game is on as if you haven't heard
I'll challenge you, and then we'll see, who will have the last word.
I know I shouldn't fight with you, my friend you'll always be
Cause I can never get away, because you're really me.

I wonder if some others have, a mind that's never still
That chats away all day long, their brain with Head Talk fill.
Perhaps I'm really not alone, there might be others too
That I can ask for some advice, to tell me what to do.

I've heard that meditation, can calm a busy mind
If practiced daily benefits, of stillness I will find.
But time is of the essence, I always run the clock
"Slow down" you say, I know I must, these thoughts will try to block.

And so I'll always have a chat, it's just a fact of life
But sometimes when you overtake is when you'll get in strife.
Then I will say just stop a while, give me a little time
And thank the Lord you've found a word, to end this little rhyme.


Author Notes I have lots of 'Head Talk' most of the day, and it is interesting when you stop to listen to the different random sometime bizzare thoughts that come into your mind. So I thought I would write a piece on how I find this 'Head Talk' and see how many others have it too. Lol

Thank you to Liilia for the image 'Twisted Images'

Chapter 80
Haiku: Bali Magic

By Chrissy710

sun kisses the sea
a dazzling Bali sunset
day and night embrace

Author Notes This photo was taken this week at Tanalot in Bali during the sunset. It was beautiful to see and just moved me to try and write a Haiku.

Holiday end today back to cold wet weather, hope my suntans last lol

Chapter 81

By Chrissy710

Always try to put your best foot forward
Be mindful of your behaviour
Consider the feelings of others
Direct your energy to positive thoughts
Evil deeds are harmful
Flourish and grow like the tallest tree
Gain a healthy respect for life
Hinder not your neighbour
Injustice has no place in this society
Join together to unite our world
Kindness is the key to success
Love one another like there's no tomorrow
Make a friendship daily
Nourish the children of the earth
Open the gates to embrace differences
Peace and tranquility will be your reward
Question the wise and learn
Resolve your family differences if any
Smile at a stranger when you pass by
Take the time to say hello
United we can make our world a better place
Valuable lessons can be learn't daily
Waste not a precious day on harmful activities
Xenogenic we are not. We all belong
You and I are both the same
Zonal human beings so stand as one

Author Notes If only

Thanks to suenethery for Imagine Peace

Xenogenic: pertaining to cells of a different species

Zonal: being in one Zone

Chapter 82
Senryu: Trumped Up

By Chrissy710

Have FEAR he may win
Could he really come up TRUMPS
Should he COMB over

Author Notes I couldn't help myself with this one ,and apologies if this offends anyone, but from my Aussie window you have some ' interesting Candidates' I think he probably needs a good hairdresser more than a PA lol
Couldn't find an image of Donald Trump on FanStory art site so I thought this image of the little bird looked a bit like him it's the Trump expression !
So thanks to MKFlood for No feed no Tweet

Thanks to

Chapter 83
Alliterisen Altercation

By Chrissy710

Bubbling brain bursting with thought
Wrestling words wisely now sought
Searching some senses to find
Clever clues coming to mind
Feeling faze fizzling some how
Making mind muddled right now
Visioned verse voided still nought.

Author Notes my fist attempt at an alliteration ,totally unsure how this will go but here it is anyway lol

Image of me face painted, day out with grandkids I'll get my face painted if you will Nana well bring it on ha ha. it scanned upside down so thought it appropriate for this anyway

Chapter 84
Children's laughter

By Chrissy710

Children's laughter is great
Chasing after their mate

Author Notes another first time for an 'Essence' style poem.

Thanks to Dick Lee Shia for his lovely image Changing Gear

Chapter 85
Night stalker

By Chrissy710

Late at night, lying on the bed in a hot Caravan another new place. The window's open but no breeze, uncovered, reading my book before I turn in. A rustle outside. I stop, listen, nothing but my imagination working overtime. I continue to read, there it is again rustle, rustle, I feel the panic rise who's there outside I'm alone. My throat dries, dare I look out the window, rustle, rustle. I know someone's there, cold sweat beads on my forehead, my heart racing I hold by breath, then I hear his low deep voice
"I know you're there alone"

Author Notes My first attempt at a scary write

Thanks to Loyd C Taylor Sr for the image Ghost

Chapter 86
Storms give me Palpitations

By Chrissy710

I hate storms, they give me palpitations
I pull the blinds, and block my ears and hide
A thunder ripple makes me run real fast
I never watch the lightening strike creations.

Just where this fear comes from, I hear you ask
It stems from one day when as a little girl
My grandpa took me out to see a storm
And told me of the dangers they unmask.

He said, now see that lightening sheet up high?
That flashes brightly, followed by that noise
Do not concern your safety with that one
But if those 'fork' ones strike you'll surely die.

My Nan was scared also and pulled the blind
We'd sit by candle-light until they passed.
Under the table, I felt safe and stayed
My dreaded fear of 'fork' now in my mind.

I know my Grandpa didn't mean to scare
But I still can't abide to watch, though old
And if in bed I pull the covers high
I never face the window wouldn't dare.

And if I ever drive and see a flash
I quickly push the pedal to the floor,
My fears arise and I can feel my stress
And from my car, inside the door I dash.

I know I should be calmer, but you see
No matter how I try I cannot watch,
So block my ears when thunder bolts are heard
This over-whelming fear takes over me.

I know there's lots that really love the show
And dash outside when storms begin to roll,
They talk about the spectacle they see
But I'm not one, and so for me it's NO.

I've tried to rationalise this awful fear
It's been too long, and change I cannot make
And only if inside do I feel safe
And pray pass quickly, please don't come too near.

So that is why I do not like a storm
Still cringe when thunder's heard up in the sky,
And I will hide away until it's gone
My fears arises so quickly when they form.

Author Notes This is a true story I was about 5 when my grandfather took me outside on the verander to watch a storm and told me to alway be careful of the 'fork lightening' it will kill ha he said and I cant get over those words and still have an awful fear of storms. My kids and husband think it quite hilarious " quick Mum it's coming they say as I pull the curtains and block it out. so this was a good opportunity to tell my story even thinking about a storm and thunder and lightening makes me sweat and I still count the difference between the two to calculate how close it gets. I know it's a bit irrational but that me at times . Thanks for reading of my fear

Thanks to suenethery for the image Storm

Chapter 87
A syllable dilemma

By Chrissy710

I hope
That I have the correct syllable count
This time

Author Notes Couldn't resist this one. I seem to be having trouble with getting my syllables right. But practice makes perfect and I sure need to practice. Ha Ha . Enjoying the challenge

Thank to Renate-Bertodi for the great image wise owl series.

Chapter 88
Tableau: Universal LAW

By Chrissy710

Wisdom Happiness
Love and Harmony
For man to abide
And practiced daily
SURVIVAL complete

Author Notes My first attempt at a Tableau!

Thank you to avmurray forthe lovely image To Priceless to loose

Chapter 89
Nonet: My Favourite Animal

By Chrissy710

I think my favourite is a cat
But then it could be a big rat
On the other hand a dog
Or should it be a hog
Maybe it's a sow
A Moo Moo cow
Ram or Ewe
Big Gnu

Author Notes trying to get the syllables right was challenging but here it is hope it meets requirement. Always fun to have a go

Thank you to MKFlood for the great image Another Dogs Day

Chapter 90
(Limerick) Caitlyn's Change

By Chrissy710

There once was a Jenner named Bruce
Who thought it was time for a spruce
He once was a him
But now is Caitlyn
To be her some parts did reduce

Author Notes Couldn't help myself. a bit of fun

Thanks to MKFlood for the great image A mans dream ( very appropriate)

Chapter 91
The love within

By Chrissy710

My life is oh so wonderful
So beautiful
Gifts from above
All sent with love

Friends and family I adore
Could not want more
I am content
With what you've sent.

These precious gifts I cannot buy
No wonder why
Joy does surround
When love is found.

Author Notes My first Minute poem, great subject to write about though. I am very lucky.

Thanks to Liilia for the lovely image Suburbanite

Chapter 92
Haiku: caterpillar change

By Chrissy710

caterpillar change
transforms into butterfly

Author Notes That's to cleo85 for the image The new Dress

Chapter 93
Jude's Lament

By Chrissy710

Judy's Lament

The chips they sizzled on the camp fire red
And the tea was cooking, when Judy said,
"It's baked beans, French bread, chips tonight
So no-one argue and you'll be right.

We've all had fun a great day spent
On the houseboat, round the bend we went
But now I'm tired, and the suns gone down
So wait a while for the chips to brown.

It's time to dish, but this handles hot
Oh shit, now look I've lost the lot,
The bloody pan it tipped and spilled
I should have known, not fried but grilled

Well now, it is just bread and beans
My cooking' doomed tonight it seems.
What's that Stu? Oh for Gods sake try
Just eat what's there, and please don't cry.

What now ? Oh no, put out the flame
The French breads gone, so don't complain.
Now listen Mick, don't push your luck
Just sit down, shut up and eat the muck.

I'll make some more, the French have won
Just get an egg and I'll be done,
Oh stuff and hell I've dropped the pot
I'll scoop it from the table top.

I can't believe this nights so wrong
From bad to worse should be my song.
Tomorrow night away I'll take
But for tonight, just burn the plate.


Author Notes This was written a few years ago while camping with friends and out kids and Judy cooked but everything that could go wrong did and we ended up with a tribe of hungry disgruntled husbands and kids. It was actually funny too and we could laugh about it and still do

Judy my friend
Stu one of Judy's sons
Mick, Judy's husband

Hope you enjoy it

Thanks to Jean A Cormier for the image Fried Eggs

Chapter 94
5-7-5 : Baa Baa rainbow sheep

By Chrissy710

Baa Baa rainbow sheep
Would confuse Little Bo Peep
Colour blind to find

Author Notes Baa Baa rainbow sheep instead of Baa Baa Black sheep REALLY! Have you ever seen one? Confusing for children and Bo Peep. Ha ha . Just a bit of fun and fits in my satirical brain
Thanks to Curly Girly for the image After the Makeover. Couldn't find a rainbow sheep image 'surprise surprise ' but thought this fitted nicely anyway .

Chapter 95
( 2-4-2) Wine 'O' Time

By Chrissy710

Work done
Wine glass now filled
"Here's Cheers"

Author Notes a nice glass of wine after a busy days work
I thought this fitted the 'self improvement' category ?

Thanks to Sam S for image Glass of wine

Chapter 96
Haiku (daffodils stand tall

By Chrissy710

daffodils stand tall
bright and yellow in spring time
seasons changing now

Author Notes Thank you to Loyd C Taylor for the image Golden Daffodils

Chapter 97
My world's eyes are crying

By Chrissy710

My world's eyes are crying
Wet tears roll down its face.
It cries for what it sees each day
And for the human race.

My world's voice is calling
Shouts loudly everyday.
It calls out STOP and listen please
To what I have to say.

My world's heart is breaking
Its love has turned to hate
So breaks and shatters everywhere
Just what now is its fate.

My world's arms are reaching
Stretching far and wide.
It reaches out to hold man close
Embrace each man inside.

My world's legs are walking
With strides now long and fast.
It walks away so we all must
Now ponder on our past.

Please don't go away dear world
We need you to survive.
How can we right this awful wrong
PLEASE help us stay alive.

And just when all was getting dark
I've seen a tiny light
I think our world is turning back
To help us in our plight.

You MUST obey the golden rule
Bring LOVE to everyone
STOP all the ugly hate and war
Your ONE chance has begun.

Yes dear world I hear your words
I PROMISE we will try.
For never do I want to see
More sad tears from your eyes.

Author Notes This world is in trouble and needs help let's all help to create the silver lining

Thank you to angelina onofrio for the lovely image Heal the World

Chapter 98
Too Late

By Chrissy710

Too late

I can recall good times I've had
And moments I did share.
With friends and family through my life
Who are no longer there.

Those memories now are old but strong
Yet I remember still.
When they were made, the time and place
Now in my heart they fill.

The threads of life are finely spun
But woven very tight.
Each strand a memory we must hold
A tiny golden light.

Our busy lives we have each day
We often do too much.
And when we meet, intentions good
Catch up we say we must.

And then we part and never do
Meet up another day.
But next time it may be too late
No words for us to say.

And then we're left with memories of
Those people who have been.
No time for us to tell them how
They touched our hearts unseen.

So stop a while and take a breath
And never shut the gate.
Just make a day to share good times
Before it is too late.


Author Notes I wrote this on the day my friend died, she had cancer and by the time I knew she was in hospital dying, I didn't get the chance to see her to tell her how much she meant to me. I was thinking about her and wrote this poem at 8am in the morning and little did I know that she died at that time. Her daughter told me that afternoon. We would see each other over the years and always say we must have a catch up coffee , but somehow we never got around to doing this, and I think that is often the case with running into people "Oh we must catch up." But often never do . So the last time I 'caught up' was at my friends funeral and All I could say to her was goodbye my dear friend.

I now try to make the time to catch up with friends.

Thank To MKFlood for the image Friends

Chapter 99
Another Go

By Chrissy710

I think I woke up dead today, my brain it will not function
Did write for you a contest verse, but then I had malfunction.
I followed all the contest rules, and pressed the submit icon
But when I went to find it then, this contest it was not on.

So now I write another one, forgive my self indulgence
I hope you will forgive my wrong, nor find me now a nuisance.
I'll try to recreate my verse, to set the scene for you
And how next day I woke up dead, I swear it is all true.

It started off a lovely day, my grand kids did I mind
Four gorgeous girls, I took them out to see what we could find.
The Tangled Maze it was a treat, got lost a little bit
And Lazer Force and mini golf, then skating did permit.

A great day out we had a ball and then I went to bed
To rest my weary bones refresh, but then I woke up dead.
But if you want to find out more, I'll leave that up to you
It's in my other poem now, and that's the only clue.

But I'm not 'not Goin Anywhere' I'll stay around to write
And enter all the contests now I'm staying up all night.
Coz I'm afraid to close my eyes, in case I wake up dead
So with my trusty pen in hand, I' ll use my brain instead.

Author Notes just having a bit of fun, mistakes I make a few but it's all a learning curve, hope you will indulge my at times Dittsy brain lol

Tangled Maze is an amusement park in Victoria Australia

Thank you to Liilia for her image confusion ( fits me nicely ha ha)

Chapter 100
Not 'Goin' Anywhere

By Chrissy710

Now I have had a busy time, I baby sat all day
My grandkids, four, all girls you see came over for a play.
And we went to the Tangled Maze, got lost and just had fun
Played Mini Golf and Lazer Force, ice skated on the run.

Then back we came to draw and paint a board game for us too
They never stopped their smiles all day, we had so much to do.
I love the kids to come around, they fill my heart with joy
I spoil them all with lot's of love, and buy them each a toy.

And then they had to go back home, I kissed them all goodbye
Do come again and make it soon, we will was their reply.
The house a mess I cleaned it up, a smile upon my face
I'm glad they like to be with me, their love I can't replace.

And so that night when I lay down, to rest my weary head
I didn't think my time was up, next morn I woke up dead.
Dead they say how can that be, I wonder what went wrong
I saw them all with teary eyes, "Hey wait I won't be long"

I'm not dead it's just a dream, this nightmare now must stop
Don't take me please I will not go, don't give to me the chop.
They gathered round to take a look, my lifeless body still
But I'm not going anywhere, deaths just not in my will.

And then I saw their crying eyes, my heart it gave a thump
My little girls will save me now, come on my heart just pump.
I worked real hard, to them return, and then I took a breath
"A miracle" they all called out, that day I cheated death.

Oh Nan you're back with us again, we knew you would not leave
What's all this fuss your talk about, you're all to young to grieve.
And that is how my day turned out, for such a tangled maze
To wake up dead that's not for me, it's now just all a haze.

Author Notes How I would react If I woke up dead, not for me. I have to much living to do and hopefully many many more years to watch my family and grandkids grow.

Thanks to V Margaurite for the image Sunset Jumpers

The Tangled Maze is an amusement park in Victoria Australia

Chapter 101
A World in Mourning

By Chrissy710

Lives taken by the MAD

Author Notes A tribute to those lost to terrorism and hate. lost for words

Thanks to suenethery for your image Don't Hurt Me

Couldn't find a category to place this under none suitable?

Chapter 102
a wintery mist

By Chrissy710

a wintery mist
creates mystery unseen
just what lies ahead

Author Notes Thank you to angelina onofrio for the image ice queen

Chapter 103
Differences make the Difference

By Chrissy710

I love a nice red wine, you just drink white
I love to have romance, you need to fight.
I love black coffee strong, you drink white tea
I love a big red rose, you grow sweet pea.
I love the movies, you just read books
I love the black swans, you tend the chooks.
I love the country life, you are city bred
I love our great big house, you love your shed.
I love our pussy cat, you walk the dog
I love to laze around, you run or jog.
I love a sunny day, you pray for rain
I love to take the bus, you catch the train.

I love our different ways, opposites attract
I know that you love me, and that is a fact.

We're like a hand in glove, a fit that's exact.

Author Notes A bit of fun with this brief

Thank you to Ozzy art for the image Spiritual journey

Chapter 104
Light and Dark

By Chrissy710

Our world has light time
Sun then Moon
Our world has night time

Author Notes my view of our days and night

Thank you to corrinas creations for the lovely image

Chapter 105
The power of LOVE

By Chrissy710

ruins men
LOVE must prevail
saving mankind from hell and damnation

Author Notes Our world needs a lot of LOVE

Thank you to Angelheart for the image All You Need

Chapter 106
A sunny day ( haiku)

By Chrissy710

The sun is brightly shining today, I am smiling now.

Chapter 107
Politically Incorrect

By Chrissy710

Now come and join my party, that's politically incorrect
And get back to the basics, that we all do respect.
Let's call a black man black, that's the colour of his skin
It's neither black nor white that counts, instead what lies within.

And while I'm on the coloured theme, no rainbow sheep for me
Sing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" loudly, coz that is what we see.
And Golliwogs should not offend, a toy for every child
The soldiers gave them out to kids, no prejudice in mind.

And I still love the Noddy books, Big Ears and Mr Plod
I don't care who shares a bed, and neither did our Nod.
And Humphrey doesn't need pants on, to be respectable
Just let the kids all watch his show, without this load of bull.

And bring back all the great big slides, the whizzy roundabout
For God's sake let the kids have fun, go run about and shout.
And if they fall and skin their knee, just rub and kiss it right
They will survive, return for more, let them own their fight.

The sun comes out for all to see, it's warmth for all to take
Forget the factor 50 now, just let them all sunbake.
And if they do forget their hat, it's not a national crime
Just let them all enjoy our world, they really will be fine.

And when our Christmas season comes, let's all shout Ho Ho Ho
Coz that is what our Santa says and he's the one to know.
Say Merry Christmas one and all, not Happy Holiday
And let the kids give Xmas cards, our traditions they must stay.

We live in this great country of ours, quite multicultural too
But if you can't accept our rules, you know what you can do?
Just let us live the life we want, don't try to change our rules
We don't need more, we've got enough, of silly bloody tools.

Don't change our National Anthem line, we are all 'girt' by sea
And leave Australia Day as is, that is our history .
Leave well alone our monarchy, a republic's not for us
I like Queen Lizzy and her clan, and all their family fuss.

The fairy penguins at the Isle, come out on show each day
We have to call them small instead, I've heard some people say.
Coz if we call them 'fairies' now, some classes we offend
It's crap like this that makes me weep, and sends me round the bend.

I can't believe from where it comes, this nonsense that I hear
Each day a new one to digest, for the future I do fear.
So if you want to stop this rot, here's what I do propose
Join my party 'Incorrect' and shove it up their nose.

And if you want to rant and rave just do your very best
Don't be afraid to speak your piece, despite who may protest.
And don't believe now all you hear, or see on written word
Stay true to what you know is right, stand up to the absurd.

And on that note before I go, I just have one more plea
Now do join up and have your say, the membership is free
And if you hear some silly line, or change that seems not right
Give me a call, to set them straight, I'll make them see the light.

Author Notes I wrote this as a protest to all the suggestions or the never ending 'Politically Incorrect,' things we are now not supposed to say or do. Sometimes I wonder what is going on and who comes up with these things. My all time favourite is in some schools and kindergartens the children are not allowed to say Baa Baa Black Sheep, as we are 'not to call animals or people Black any more' . When have you ever seen a 'rainbow' sheep. For Gods sake kids are not stupid

It just keeps getting more ridiculous , no wonder our cultures and life styles keep changing and we are losing our history etc

I'm sure when Enid Blighton wrote her Noddy books the last thing she thought of was that it was 'politically incorrect for Noddy and Big Ears to share a bed, and even Mr Plod is now changed to Mr Policemen pleassssssssssssse!

I could go on but I'm sure you have got my drift. Anyway I hope I don't offend any one as that is certainly not my intention

Humphrey is an Australian TV bear that was around for many years, but he didn't wear pants only a vest ( Oh deary me) Kids loved the show my kids grew up with Humphrey Bear

In many schools now kids are not allowed to give each other Christmas cards or sing Xmas carols incase they offend non Christian children !!!! Or we are not supposed to say Ho Ho Ho as I believe that refers to prostitutes ?

'Fairy penguins' are a tourist attraction at Phillip Island in Victoria, but 'fairy' is now banned in case they offend the Gay society. My Gay friend think this is pathetic.

'Girt' means surround and Australia is surrounded by sea . Girt is an old word

A 'tool' is also known as a stupid man

I hope the reader can see the point I'm trying to get across with this poem and I apologise if I have offended anyone.

Thanks to Curly Girly for the Image 'I told you so' I thought it fitted this poem nicely

Chapter 108
A great one liner

By Chrissy710

Now ain't that a great one liner!

Author Notes what else do I say It's apparently too short to be posted so I'm adding a line or two

Thank you to pattygirl for the image Hilarious

Chapter 109
Tranquility on the Murray

By Chrissy710

Ar, Ar, Ar, the cockies call while flying overhead
to interrupt my quiet peaceful rest.
Lying in the dry leafy bed,
the Murray River flows down below,
its gentle rippling waters green
continue on it's quiet destiny.
I lay and bask exposed to sun
high up in cloudless sky of blue
that surrounds those green gum trees
that sway to gentle puffs of breeze.

The colours on the branches above,
stark white with greys and browns
never ending symmetry created in natures dreams.
Dry twigs that fall and lay upon the ground
that crackles when you walk this carpet earth.
I gaze above my eyes do squint, oppressed by sunny skies,
its warmth on skin,
my soul refills with liquid from its rays.

The twitter of the little birds,
their song, a melody, an operatic bushland sound
no man could recreate.
The cawing of a crow is heard,
arr, arr, arr, arr, arr, its mate responds the same,
their conversation mystery will remain.
The gentle river flows along
and caught by sunlight rays,
its ripples sparkle like a starry night.
The midges scurry all about in shallows,
beneath the trees, they dart a frenzied hurry up
in search their quest unknown.
An ant just quickly passes by,
his destiny only he knows, he has a plan.
Through leaves and twigs he roams from left to right,
then forward marches, unseen now lost to undergrowth.

Some ducks upon the river now,
like bobbing corks they swim from one side to the other
and up upon the bank they shake their tails,
their flapping wings release the water caught beneath.
They watch with eyes of sharpness sight
for that which passes by,
then fly into the murky water,
swoop or duck beneath the shallows too.
They waddle past,
oblivious to my observing eyes,
these lovely birds their freedom unopposed.

A ripple now disturbs the glass
this river does reflect the many circles quickly do appear,
just what upset it tranquil peace?
An insect or a fish it's mirror interrupts.
A fishing boat motors by, a slow and steady pace,
rods poised with bated hooks below.
"I've got him" cries the man in red,
quickly kills the motor here
and reels a yellow belly in with joy.
This fish's fate is now revealed,
he'll end up on a plate
and never will again with others swim on by.
But below this murky stream
these fish their senses now alert,
evade this menace up above called man.

The laughter of the kids downstream
their splashes can be heard,
they swim around and shriek with cold
until their heated bodies meld with river water cool,
they frolic in the shallows, having fun.
The breeze picks up a welcome feel
it cools my body warm,
the rustle of the leaves it fans in flight.
Those pesky little bush flies swoop
with cushioned feet they walk across my thigh,
my sweat they seek, like nectar joyous drink.
Until I wave my arm a warning go,
but they return they do not fear,
I feel their tickle up and down my skin.

My sun has shifted in the sky above,
the shadows now surround my sunny spot.
I lay here still enjoy the peaceful day,
my company is nature's wonderful things.
The tree, the sky, and river flows, the breeze,
the flies, the birds, small insects,
sounds of rustling leaves,
as memories of today are mine to take.
This glimpse of heaven keep.

Then fading light begins to frame the river run,
yet soft white clouds still sit high in the sky.
The campfire flickers bright with colours red and yellow,
hot coals appear radiating warmth to end of day.
The roast in oven cooks amongst the coals,
these smells do permeate the air.
it's time for me to go.

Author Notes I wrote this poem in 2009 while spending the day lying on the banks of the Murray River, in sun baking and enjoying the peace. I actually looked at all the wonderful things in and out of the river and this is how I saw this day. My memories still take me back to that wonderful experience. A camping holiday.

Murray River a very popular camping and fishing spot in Victoria Australia
Cockies are Cocatoo birds, very noisy
Midges are small insects that dart around rivers.
Crow a black bird with a distinct call
Yellow belly a fish caught in the Murray

The image is one of my many photos of the Murray River

Chapter 110
My Sons

By Chrissy710

have some, good fun, great chums

Author Notes My two sons are fantastic, beautiful boys, now both lovely men and they make me laugh.

Thank you to VMarguarite for the image brothers

Chapter 111
How I wish that I could sing

By Chrissy710

How I wish that I could sing

Or yodel like the cowgirls can

Or whistle loud and make a ding

How I wish that I could sing

My echo through the mountains ring

To thrill you all would be my plan

How I wish that I could sing

Or yodel like the cowgirls can

Author Notes I love to sing but some would dispute my actual ability ( just ask my kids) Also I grew up with my Dad and aunties who could yodel and that has always been one thing I wish I could do I have tried and tried but sound like a strangled chook ( I know showing my age ) I can whistle but not very good either so this is my little bit of fun

Thank you to pattigirl for the image The Soloist

Chapter 112
Going up / Going down

By Chrissy710

I'll try
To make this brief
And write all the right words
So now I have to think up more
To make this poem reach syllable score
But I am now on my way down
Can I complete this task
Before the end
I'll try

Author Notes My first ' Rictameter' ever written

Thank to Liila for her beautiful image In Thought

Chapter 113
farmer's plea for help

By Chrissy710

farmer's plea for help
Please send water from above
heavens open up

Chapter 114
Do you remember Jim

By Chrissy710

I can't believe you're 60 Jim, those years now in our past,
Still memories made, will never fade but last.
I remember when we were kids, out on the farm with Dad,
Both young and free, a lot so see we had.

Our Collie dog his name was Bob, we loved to play with him,
His coat so lush we'd pat and brush. Do you remember Jim?
It must be said up in the shed, that old green door we'd read,
Those words all pencilled, sketches stencilled, history now indeed.

And how we fed those poddy calves, and pigs all in their sty,
I recollect the eggs we'd get, then make the chickens fly.
The mushies out we'd scream and shout, and run fast down the hill,
To pick the lot for nana's pot, so we could eat our fill.

And in the spring at harvest time, we'd watch as dad bailed hay,
That green band tight, those bails took flight, he'd stack them up all day.
Then back we'd go coz we would know, our nan would have a spread,
A good cook she we'd have our tea, before we went to bed.

At times upon our grandpa's knee, we'd sit while he did sing
The songs he'd know, like 'Old Black Joe', forgetting not a thing.
When blackie's grew we picked a few, our billy's overflowed,
Then juicy pie for you and I, our bellies overload.

The visitors they came and went, our family, friends we had,
But one named Ray, just couldn't say, his words he stuttered bad.
I remember we would grin with glee, while hiding out of sight,
We laughed at him, yes guilty Jim, not sorry for his plight.

We'd roam the paddocks far and wide, the dam we'd have a swim,
Picked daffodils oh what thrills, for you and I dear Jim.
There is much more for I am sure, those memories bring me back,
To another time when yours and mine, good times we did not lack.

I still can hear that chainsaw roar, when dad he'd cut the wood,
The splinters flew, the sawdust grew, we thought it really good.
But at the well to us did tell, away or you'll fall in,
We never dared just stood and stared, so this was not a sin.

Remember when a storm would come, and make our nana frown,
With lightening blue, and thunder too, she'd pull the old blinds down.
Then by firelight and lamps at night, that old green wireless on,
'Blue Hill' brought sobs, not 'Mrs Obbs', those old shows now are gone.

And sometimes we would walk a mile, or two across the land,
Down to the creek twas gold we'd seek, just panning with our hand.
Or down the cave or to the grave, 'Black Death' her awful fate,
But not alone we had no phone, just Bob our faithful mate.

What about in winter time, the muddy roads were fun
With gumboots on we'd skid along, behind the tractor run.
Those old stone walls at times had falls, but over we would go.
Adventures ours while herding cows, do you remember so.

How quickly do the years go by, we're both now middle aged,
With families too for me and you, so much we have engaged.
Another one for you will come, a grandpa, soon you'll be,
No greater joy, a girl or boy, a great aunt that makes me.

This next milestone now in your life, today a special one,
Blow candles out, dance and shout, eat cake have lots of fun.
I'll finish now but do allow, me to send you this,
Hip, Hip, Hooray, Happy 60th birthday, much love your sister Chris

Christine 14/3/2015

Author Notes I wrote this poem for my brothers 60th birthday this year, looking back to when we were little kids out on my grandfathers farm, where my Dad,Jim and me lived ( my mum died when I was 3, she was only 29) despite her loss I remember a very happy childhood out on this beautiful dairy farm called Elevated Plains, in Victoria near Mount Franklin. We had the run of the place and has a beautiful collie dog called Bob who would look after us also.
mushies are Mushrooms
Blackies are blackberries ( nothing better than a blackie pie and cream fresh from the cow)
Blue Hills and Mrs Obbs were shows broadcast over the wireless in the 50s
In the shed was an old green door that had lots of writing, poems, and drawings put on by my father and his sibling when they were kids and we along with my cousins loved reading it.
A spread is a meal, often a feast
Down near the cave in the bush was a grave ( reported to be of a young woman who die of the Plague ' black death' and we would sometimes go and see it alway a bit scared though.

Thank you to VMarguarite for her lovel image. I thought it complemented this poem nicely

Chapter 115
In the moment

By Chrissy710

The mighty Murray River flows, its water deep and fast
Its tranquil peace and beauty seen, forever it will last.
A place to come, relax a while, your worries set adrift
Enjoy the wonders that it gives, your spirit will uplift.

The warming rays of sun beat down, soak it through your skin
The cockerels of your heart light up, shows happiness within.
For just a moment let it rest, upon your furrowed brow
Release the tensions in your life, enjoy the here and now.

Take in the sounds of nature's call, ask for nothing less
And feel the gentle breeze pass by, upon your face caress.
Breathe in the smells of bush perfume, a pure unaltered scent
These gifts I take, accept with grace, but know they're only lent.

The circles in the river made, as insects dart around
And skim the surface as they swim, in quest of the unfound.
But as I sit and take it in, a smile upon my face
I wouldn't swap this time for quids, nor be any other place.


Author Notes Written at Easter time this year, 2015 while sitting on the banks of our beautiful Murray River ( in Victoria Australia) my family and friends go camping every year. I love to just sit and watch the river and gives me time to think and ponder. I find the Murray very inspirational and I enjoy the quiet times it offers.

Quids refers to money

I hope you enjoy this poem

Chapter 116
Did I Do I

By Chrissy710

I loved my body once did I
When youth was on my side
I'd gladly show it off did I
No reason then to hide.

My long black hair no dye did I
Have signs of going grey.
Would style it up or down did I
Look nice I'd hear them say.

My face was smooth no lines did I
Feel pretty and quite sweet.
Could turn a head of men did I
While walking down the street.

My figure trim I swayed did I
Swung hips from side to side.
With high heels on receive did I
Wolf whistles with my stride.

Then one day when I looked did I
Into the mirror see
The awful truth must face do I
Accept that she is me.

My black hair grey yes dye do I
To keep from looking old.
My style now short I wear do I
Coz long won't suit I'm told.

My face is lined I cry do I
Then put my makeup on.
No longer stares from men do I
Get now my looks are gone.

My waist has middle spread do I
No longer sway my hips.
And I now never hear do I
The whistle from men's lips.

My body that I loved did I
Has quickly changed with time
But yes this new one have do I
Still like because she's mine.

Author Notes Just a little reflective piece on how I have watched the changes in my body, and now have to accept my youthful looks have been replaced with an older ( perhaps more wiser) version. I hope this meets the brief.

Thank you to Liilia for the image 'Aging Gracefully'

Chapter 117
Lilac from the wind

By Chrissy710

Can you see the fir trees bend,
While yielding to the roaring wind?
So flexible they dipper low.
To where the fragrant lilac grow.
The air now filled with perfume grand,
It moves across this spacious land.
And wafts right through my open door,
I catch the fragrance this wind bore.
And stop to smell this gorgeous scent,
From nature's gift to me present.

Author Notes A challenge to use the words presented in this brief. They were flexible, present, air, dipper, lilac, fir, door, & spacious. I hope I have met the task . Having a go anyway

Chapter 118
A kiss like no other

By Chrissy710

Sitting in the pub, having drinks with my girlfriends. I look up and there he is, tall, dark, handsome, my heart quickens. He turns, I see his piercing blue eyes locked onto mine, we gaze, transfixed to each other. It was like nothing else mattered, he signals me to go outside, like a flash I was there. His silhouette shadowed by the darkness in the night, and like a moth drawn to a candle we were together. Without a word he pulls me into his strong arms, inviting lips onto mine. With his kiss I melt. The night then exploded.

Author Notes How exciting to just do this. No strings attached

Thank you to jaguar XFR for his beautiful photo Heat of the Moment

Chapter 119
My Childhood Days and Dad

By Chrissy710

The night is dark
The moon is high
A cool breeze on my face I feel
As I lie here wide awake,
For sleep won't come, my thoughts do stray
Back to when I was a child,
Out on the farm I loved so well
And with my younger brother Jim
I'd run and play all day with him.

We'd roam the paddocks and the hills
To look for mushies or daffodils,
And when the blackie season came,
We'd take our billies or tin cans
Then down the hill, how we would run.
To be a child it was such fun
And maybe for a while we'd sit
To watch the rabbits in their play,
Or sing a song that we had heard
Our father sing while milking cows.

Or to the creek perhaps we'd go
To search for gold or caves to see,
But always by our side would be
Our collie dog, we loved so well
His name was Bob, a pedigree,
Without a doubt the best you'd find
For our welfare he'd always mind.

But best of all our place to go
Was 'Dead Horse Corner' where the wattles grow,
Down by the dam and up a tree
In search of gum, we'd eat our fill
Then as a rule I'd get stuck
And so back home Jim would run,
To fetch our Dad, who'd always come,
He'd get me down and with a grin
He'd take my hand and home we'd go
To have out tea and go to bed,
And I would listen as Dad read
By candlelight, of a duck who was a swan,
Or about a chimney sweep called Tom.

And when my eyes began to close
So would the book, and Dad would go
He'd brush my cheek with a kiss,
But now it's time for me to sleep,
Thank you Dad, goodnight, God bless
I close with love,
Your daughter Chris.

Author Notes I wrote this poem in 1976 or night in Darwin and unable to sleep I was thinking of my childhood days out on our beautiful farm in Victoria and my days spent with my brother and Dad. I was quite young when I wrote this and probably a bit home sick but loved Darwin also and am glad that I went there. my Dad was a dairy farmer and his farm was called 'Elevated Plains' and I loved it.
Thank to Kitikatlyn for the picture of a farm

Chapter 120
High Society

By Chrissy710

Now I have been to many Do's that's put me to the test,

And I have drunk both beer and wine, sipped champagne with the best.

But this weekend I'll now recall, right here in Melbourne town,

It takes the cake as functions go, an experience to put down.

We all arrived at the motel booked, two months or more ahead,

To our surprise a double meant, you shared two single beds.

Worry not Fiona spoke, she knows what she's about,

Just come with me, we'll front the desk, I'll have this sorted out.

We called for Chinese takeaway, before the taxi call,

An evening with the footy crew, at the Moony Ponds Town Hall,

With suitcase open, donned the garb, although the theme was school,

We dressed up in our finery, so not to look the fool.

Then stamped and issued with a glass, we stood around to chat,

When mothers legs got tired, she then sat down the back.

But little did she think just then, a show she'd not forget,

With the crowd in gathered circles, we have the stage now set.

Some folks were in a happy mood, let's party was the go,

And to the back this blonde now went, the crowd she had to show.

Then lifting up her tunic high, she showed the boys her bum,

But her tattooed rear to impress them now, really shocked my mum.

Next to the main hall, music blared, we had a feed of beef,

No tables free, the floor we sat, with plates upon our knee.

Next up to dance, the music loud, a disco atmosphere,

But Mum and Dad this noise did stop, with paper in each ear.

Now Barn was getting anxious too, his poem he must read,

The D.J. Got him up on stage, we hope he would succeed.

But the crowd was not receptive, let fly with stale old buns,

So better luck next time dear Dad, you can't compete with bums.

Then Greg thought he would fix it up, get Billy over here,

To meet our Dad and make things right, create a little cheer.

But some how on the way Greg found, a Duckworth hard to shove,

And we all though a fight was on, when the push got rather rough.

However all must come to pass, the evening drew a close,

We ventured back, a cup of tea, for some a little doze.

For others stomachs did not hold, the bowl became a friend,

As you can see our big night out, came to a fitting end.

So if you want excitement lads, good cheer, strip shows, and fights,

It's all down there in Melbourne town, at the Essendon Footy nights.

I'm sure the Dons would welcome you, and now when all is said.

I'll charge my glass, raise my hand, and salute the black and red.

Author Notes This was written after attending an Essendon (Australian Rules Football (A.F.L.) team) a few years ago when my brother who played for this team invited the family to come down to a function.
My father who wrote poetry wanted to recite one during the night he had written about the team, and with much trepidation was allowed to. This was not received very well by the crowd who was pretty drunk and poetry was the last thing they wanted to hear. My brother continued with his football career with Essendon (the Dons) and played for 3 years.
People in the poem
Fiona my sister in law
Greg my husband
Billy Duckworth an Essendon football player ( who didn't like Dads poem)
My Mum and Dad(Barn)
A "Do" refers to a function in Aussie strine
Donned ( put on) and garb( clothes)
D.J. Disc Jockey who controls the music
I just sat back and watched the night unfold, we often have a laugh about it now

Chapter 121

By Chrissy710

Born in
Naturally talented
Judged by young and
Old to be a
Patriotic writer of
Australian bush poetry
Telling stories of
Every day events especially in
Rural and outback
Noted poet

Author Notes One of my favourite poets. His work dances off the pages, who doesn't know The Man From Snowy River.?

Chapter 122
My new obsession

By Chrissy710

Must get out of bed
This obsession must stop now
Close down your I pad

Author Notes First Haiku (unaware there was such a poetry style until I found FanStory) Learning heaps and have read quite a few lately, and thought I might try one. Feeling like I can't escape, I know this will settle down but having so fun at the moment Cheers Christine

Chapter 123

By Chrissy710

Fearing for my life now
Adjusting to this site,
Now can't do another thing
Sit down and write all night.
Though I may write in any style
Or just a rhyming verse,
Remember I have things to do
Your will is like a curse.
Addicted to this little place
Didn't think my life brand new,
Don't now have any other task
Instead spend time with you.
Can't stop this roll I'm fading fast
To all poets here today,
I've now joined up keep me alive
On what great words you say.
Now that's my very end.

Christine 18/5/2015

Author Notes This is my first Acrostic poem. And as I have spent a lot of time on this site after discovering it a few days ago I thought it might be a fitting title. Christine

Chapter 124
My cardboard cut out husband

By Chrissy710

I have a brand new husband,
My real one does not know,
I cut him out of cardboard,
And have him now for show.

My husband left me months ago,
Has gone now interstate,
His work they came a begging,
And took away my mate.

I've seen him only rarely,
It's been 6 months or more,
So when his work is finished,
I'll greet him that's for sure.

But meanwhile I've been lonely,
And it started out a joke,
Yet now my cardboard cut out man,
Is really a good bloke.

I took him to a party,
I dressed him in a suit,
My friends thought that was funny,
But told me he was cute.

He sat up at the table,
Took his place amongst us all,
And never ate or drank too much
We danced and had a ball.

I sat him in the front seat,
To chat while driving on,
He never made a comment,
Or told me I was wrong.

At home he does not make a mess,
Or belch or let off wind,
His clothes they never need a wash,
My real one may rescind.

I go out now and spend up big,
I know he'll never cry,
Instead he sits there quietly
While I go out to buy.

My kids they said to me "dear Mum
What have you done to Dad",
But they can see the funny side,
Just think that I've gone mad.

So if my husband stays away,
And never to return,
When I get sick of cut out man,
On the fire he will burn.

Then I will make another one,
Create a different style,
No permanent arrangement now,
Just keep him for a while.

So to you ladies all out there,
Still single or forlorn,
Just make a cardboard cut out,
A new man now reborn

Christine. 18/5/15

Author Notes My husband of 41years went interstate for his work and we haven't seen much of each other since January this year . He keeps telling me he'll be home soon and when he didn't make it home last weekend for a long standing dinner party I made a cardboard cut out and took him instead. The only down side was I had to drive lol

Chapter 125
What am I?

By Chrissy710

No matter how a man may run,
He'll never win the race from me.
Throughout his life I am the one,
Who'll rule his world and destiny.

I am the thing that conquers all,
Despite the way man plays the game.
I'll help him rise, then watch him fall,
But I will always stay the same.

I share my wealth with every man,
Who'll take my goods without return.
But some reach out a greedy hand
And take much more, than they do earn.

I do exist in every place,
I lay the road where man must go.
My work is done without a trace
Without my help, no life would grow.

My door is closed there's no escape,
Though man may search to find the key.
But in the end his life I'll take,
No man may ever run from me.

I am the only one who'll last,
No one can ever take what's mine.
I am the future, present, past,
You know my name, for I am TIME.


Author Notes Just reflecting about time and how it rules our existence .
Thank you cleo85 for great graphic

Chapter 126
I cry for you

By Chrissy710

My Mum is so heartbroken, my Dad he suddenly died,
He left us in a hurry, and there was no goodbye.
Now sadness does surround her, no longer she's his wife,
For he has gone forever, the true love of her life.

And I do feel so helpless, no words to her I say,
Can ease for her this burden, or brighten up her day.
I watch her as the tears do flow, she asks me for him back,
But I cannot help her now, this great gift I do lack.

I remember all the good times, the years with him I had,
Happy memories of my childhood, the days I spent with Dad.
For he was with me always, to guide me right along,
He'd laugh then at my antics, or sing to me a song.

And as I grew up older, I knew I could depend,
Upon his words of wisdom, any hurt for me he'd mend.
His smile it was a wide one, his hair was thick and grey,
Our tower of strength for us he was, until that awful day.

I really miss him also, and silently do I cry,
When gazing at the new bright star, up in the nightly sky.
But life for us it must go on, each other we must love,
I feel his arms around me, from way there up above.

We've lost him now forever, and my Mum's so alone,
With only lovely memories, that really are her own.
Yes my Mum's heart is broken, she's lonely and so sad,
Her days are now so empty, without you my dear Dad.

The emptiness surrounds her, the house is now so cold,
Her warming ray of sunshine, never more for her to hold.
My tears flow free for you dear Mum, I wish that I could do,
Just one more little miracle, and bring him back to you.

But all I really now can do, is help to share your pain,
Be right here when you need me, come sunshine or in rain
I'll wipe off all your tears dear Mum, I'll hug you really tight,
But I am never able to, make it ever right.

So when you're feeling sadness, be lonely or be blue,
Please lean down on my shoulder, I'm always here for you.
And we will then remember, the great man we both had,
He was your darling husband, and for me my dearest Dad.

Christine August 2011

Author Notes My Dad died suddenly he was mowing the lawn and collapsed,with no warning he was gone. He was my Mums whole life and I know she misses him ever day as do we all. Although we all now look after her , I see the sadness in her eyes as she goes on without him. Our star now in the East

Chapter 127
A Real Blokes Shed

By Chrissy710

Have you ever wondered, what's in a real blokes shed?
I bet you thought them full of junk, but I'm telling you instead.
I've had the privilege to peruse, such a shed one night,
It's owned by mate Kenny, who opened up my eyes.

There was carpet on the floor, compressors by the door,
Nuts and bolts, fishing rods, and Fosters cans galore.
And if you wanted any oil, like sewing, sump or mower,
Just look around you'll find it stored, an ice-cream tub's the gower.

A pair of boots a little tight, he'll fix for future toil,
As Kenny's way to make them fit is dip the toes in oil.
And when I asked " what's that you've got" hidden under wraps?
A photocopy machine he said, and next I'll need a fax.

Oh what delights this shed has brought, all useful stuff in here,
There's even shinny rolls of foil, that holds your can of beer.
I looked around and then I spied, a cot upon the wall,
In storage now, he'll pass it on, to elder son named Paul.

A yellow bird cage for the day, a bird he may pick up,
But have no fear, Jeanette my dear, the feathered kinds enough.
Next to the cage, a machine to sew, a little worse for wear,
But Ken still keeps it just in case, his overalls might tear.

Equipment plus and flashing stuff, in draws quite neatly stored,
And tucked away a paper too, in case you're ever bored.
Although it's news has come and gone, of what, why, when and how,
This 97 edition's rare, a collectors item now.

However in this shed don't smoke, no ashtray can be found,
It's tucked away, so if you must, just butt upon the ground.
And for those dark and dismal days, a torch you may require,
Ken has several he would lend, if ever you enquire.

When talking old but useful parts, yes most still have a spare,
In case of breakdown of the first, of course that would be rare.
Kens shed has lots of shi........ny gear, some new quite fit to hock,
But parting with equipment here, for Ken would bring on shock.

So hear now folks and listen well, a real blokes shed has all,
It's contents stored on bench or floor and even up the wall.
And if you ever need a bit, of this, or even that,
Go to a real blokes shed you'll find every bit of crap.


Author Notes I know several blokes with sheds like this including my husband who I often refer to as Steptoe as he collects items but never gives anything away but Kenny has the best one.
Thanks Willie for the graphic

Chapter 128
Mums Favourites

By Chrissy710

I have three favourite children, how lucky can I be,
I need to tell each one of them, how much they mean to me.
For I am blessed each day I know, they think of me with love,
No greater gift I shall not want, I thank you from above.

To my favourite daughter dear, your beauty shines real bright,
Your loving heart and thoughtful ways, will always be your light.
At times I see a bit of me, in what you say and do,
And smile in silent secrecy, because I'm that part of you.

I've watched you grow to who you are,no prouder Mum than I,
My heart so filled with love for you, no wealth could ever buy.
And when we stroll down memory lane, or share the good and bad
I hope you'll smile and think of me, and all that we have had.

And so dear girl this truth I say, you are my favourite one,
As daughters go you are the best, I'm glad that I'm your mum.
And I will always treasure this, our bond so true and strong,
For where you go I'll always be, beside you right along.

Now to my favourite first born son, I have so much to say,
I look at you and burst with pride, especially on this day.
Your will is strong just like mine, I give you this for free,
And every time you use it so, you'll feel the love from me.

I see into your heart and find, a true and loyal friend,
A strong determined mind you have, these strengths you truly blend,
You make me laugh you're not afraid, to show just who you are,
Don't ever change your inner self, for this will take you far.

I hope you know what joy you bring, as a favourite son of mine,
I'll always hold you dear to me, I'm glad that you are mine.
And through the path you choose to go, I'll be there by your side,
Be not afraid to take a leap, explore the far and wide.

And next my favourite second boy, my son I've watched you grow,
Into a loving gentle man, a kindness you do show.
A quiet nature deep and true, a calmness you possess,
And yet your humerous funny ways, my laughter can't suppress.

You work real hard in all you do, take pride in what you make,
Don't ask for much just some respect, give more than you do take.
A country boy you are at heart, this part you got from me,
So never lose and wisely use, to shape your destiny.

How proud am I to call you son, a favourite like no other,
I could not ask for any more, when you do call me mother.
And I will always answer you, and smile each time we meet,
And kiss your cheek and hug you tight, for this will be my greet.

And so my favourite children three, this rhyme I now do end,
And hope that when you read my words, you'll see the love I send.
For me there are no other ones, I'd ever want to choose,
You are my shining lights of love, I never want to lose.

Christine 10/5/2015

Author Notes I have three wonderful children who make me laugh and are so unique in everything they do, and I was so spoiled this Mother's Day that I wanted to let them know how much they mean to me.

Thank you to V Margaurite for the lovely graphic

Chapter 129
Sunburnt Country

By Chrissy710

Sunburnt Country

I love a sunburnt Aussie bloke, with great big muscled arms,
His rugged well built shoulders, and face with all it's charms.
I love his thongs and singlet too, and stubbie shorts you see,
His beer gut proudly hanging out, he is the one for me.
I love his Aussie greeting way, "G,day mate " when we meet,
His laugh that's loud, make no mistake, you'll know him in the street.

I love the Aussie sheila too; she's really trim and taut,
Long legs, tight skirt, big bust, great smile, a real good looking sort.
I love her when she's on the beach, bikini clad, real brown,
Or when she meets her friends for lunch, all dressed up for the town.
I love her friendly ways she says, "G,day mate " when we meet
Her laughs that's loud, make no mistake, you'll know her in the street.

I love an Aussie BBQ, with chops and snags and steak,
And 'Big Red' sauce, a loaf of bread, some salads we do make.
I love the Aussie breakfast time, with Vegemite on toast,
Or Sunday lunch no better than, the dinkum Aussie roast.
I love our wine and spirits too, but best is Aussie beer,
It's Fosters, Gold, or Tooheys Blue; you won't find soft drink here.

I love our sport, we watch a lot, of course we are the best,
We're always fair, we understand, just better than the rest.
I love the Aussie rules we play, that's football, not ping pong,
And how the crowds call out real loud, if the umpie gets it wrong.
I love the summer tennis too, it's watched by young and old,
Or a cricket match, the Aussie way, dressed in green and gold.

I love our patriotic style, the anthem that is sung,
'Advance Australia Fair' I think, don't know the words, just hum.
I love our multi cultural race, from lands quite near or far,
As a nation proud, we do stand, because that is who we are.
I love the freedom that we have, our wide brown land to roam,
This place we call Australia, this place we call our home.


Author Notes Based on the very famous Australian poem 'My Country' by Dorothea McKella . I hope she wouldn't mind my spin on her version.

My original version was posted in 2014 and I have updated a couple of lines for my Australia day poem 26/1/2017

Thank you to refman for the lovely image of Simpsons Gap

Bloke = Aussie man
Sheila =Aussie woman
Thongs Summer foot wear (worn by most Aussie in Summer)
Snags = sausages
Vegemite= An Aussie icon spread made from yeast products and vegetable extract a black coloured spread in every Australian pantry Commonly eaten on toast for breakfast
Big Red = tomato sauce
Advance Australia Fair =Australian National Anthem

Thank you for reading my work

To all my Aussie Fan-storians "HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY"

CHEERS Christine

Chapter 130
Good Intentions

By Chrissy710

This is a story I 'd like to tell
Of how disaster struck,
And how my good intentions,
Turned quickly into muck.
It happened on one Friday night,
While acting as the chef,
Thought I would cook a real nice treat,
But it ended up a mess.

A can of salmon I opened first
Chopped onion for some flavour,
Then the creamed corn for the taste,
Mashed potato one would savour.
A patty was my aim to make,
But this mixture was real thin
So a bit of flour and one weetbix,
To thicken next went in.

I place these patties in the pan
And hoped they wouldn't burn,
But things got worse no matter what,
I tried they would not turn.
And seated round the table were,
My father, Kate and Brent,
All hungry waiting patiently,
For a hard days work was spent.

So finally I served them up
But the truth I think I knew,
When father he just raised his eyes,
And said they were like glue.
But there was one my friend indeed,
He didn't seem to mind,
He ate them all the taste he liked,
Old Drum the shaggy kind.

Now out again I come this week
To be once more the cook,
But I'll be sure this time and bring,
My trusted cookery book.
And you will have to be content,
With a chop or perhaps a snag,
For never more I"ll cook that fish,
Just to end up clag.

And that is how my story ends
A failure that one night,
No matter what I tried to do,
I couldn't get it right.
So to the fisherman on the bay,
I offer up this prayer,
Bring me a cod,a flake, or brim,
But leave the salmon there.


Author Notes This was written after I attempted to make Salmon patties for tea one night using a wood stove that I didn't get hot enough and things just went from bad to worse and the dog got lucky !
My dad never let me forget this effort and never wanted Salmon patties again

Chapter 131

By Chrissy710

The time has passed so quickly, regrets I have a few,
I'd change some aspects of my life and some I'd start anew.
I'd go out in the rain to walk, with no umbrella overhead,
With arms stretched out I'd let the rain soak me through instead.

I'd smile and say hello to, strangers in the street,
Instead of staring straight ahead it could be you I'd greet.
And if I pass the flower bed, I'd stop to smell the rose,
And let its lovely perfume waft right up my nose.

I'd let the dog off the lead, no doo would I pick up,
And throw the ball far in the air and yell go fetch it pup.
I'd sing out loud and wouldn't care, what I sounded like,
In karaoke bars line up and overtake the mike.

I'd sing Baa Baa black sheep, not rainbow red or blue,
Read Noddy to the children Mr Plod and Big Ears too.
I'd dress up just like Santa, and call out Ho,Ho,Ho,
Pinch Xmas trees from the bush sing carols that I know.

I'd slurp my drink and chew my food, my mouth kept open wide,
So if you don't approve of that then please don't sit beside.
At the movies I would rattle bags, no I don't think I'd do that,
There are some things I wouldn't change no matter where I'm at.

I wouldn't sweep the floors sometimes, nor would I make the bed,
But laze around just reading books and watch TV instead.
I'd wear my clothes un-ironed, not polish up my shoes,
Eat several blocks of chocolate and never watch the news.

Place my elbows on the table, put my feet up on the couch,
And if you said "do take them off" I'd say don't be a grouch.
I'd scratch the soup bowl with my spoon, I'd lick the butter off.
And if I had a tickly throat uncovered I would cough.

I'd wear short skirts at sixty, high heels that make a noise,
Forget the men with greying hair I'd oagle all the boys.
I'd turn the music up real loud, and drown the neighbours out,
Instead of being nice and quiet I'd often scream and shout.

I'd pierce my nose and get some tats, and show them off with style,
I'd let my hair go really grey and wear a toothless smile.
I'd hang out with a bikie gang, now wouldn't that be fun,
But I would run and hide away if they brought a gun.

I'd say what I was thinking, I wouldn't hold things back,
This political correctness now, is all a load of crap.
We have to watch our P's and Q's, well I have had enough,
And if offend you with my words then bad luck my dear chap.

I'd let the grandkids make a mess, and wouldn't bat an eye,
I'd welcome them with open arms not whinge or growl or cry.
And everytime they came to stay, we'd stay up late at night,
To watch the scary movies and squeal or howl in fright.

You see the years go quickly by, not long before you're old,
What is the mark that you have left or stories that you've told.
So if you have a bucket list, now do them one by one,
Don't worry what the others think go out and just have fun.

Christine. June 2011

Chapter 132
The looking glass

By Chrissy710

As I gaze into the mirror, who's reflection do I see
A face with lines and greying hair, how could that now be me.
Where is that pretty little girl with cheeks of rosy red,
And big brown eyes and ringlet curls, with bows tied on her head.

I see her face of innocence, her childish laughter gay
I see her running wildly round, her squeals in fun and play.
The fresh face of this child I yearn, the sparkle in her eyes
Instead I see the tired lines, this mirror tells no lies.

I look again and there she is, this time a bit more grown
This teenage girl with hair now bobbed, and style that is her own.
I want her back those years reclaim, her face of no regret
The freshness of her youth be mine, the clock now do reset.

A few years on a woman now, with youth still on her face
With long dark hair and ruby lips, has elegance and grace.
The stress of life has not begun to mask her pretty looks
Perhaps it's her that I should seek, before I close the books.

Each day the mirror tells it's tale, the years have quickly passed
Although I try I cannot stop my youth from fading fast.
Some days into this looking glass, I hardly recognise
That woman me with saggy jaw, and crows feet round my eyes.

I wonder when the time may come, that girl I'll never see
And only in my mind will I still know that she is me.
For one thing that is certain, we cannot stop our age
Our lives are always written down, our face is just a page

Christine. 16/8/2009.

Author Notes I wrote then when I was 56 reflecting on the ageing process a bit sad at my fading youth
Thank you to photobeat for the image " the true image"

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