"Unknown Gates"

Chapter 1
Lord Dredd


He's unlike the majority that dwell upon ground, living opposite of total say norms can we chat, rushes him just before the dawn to sleep a bat.

His home is like most people in house rooms, see bedrooms holding beds all untouched, it's not a strange thing, go low zooms in his coffin.

Person walking to you viewed image of a man, seeing a hairless face never shaves to reason, does acts to kill blood won a served breakfast.

The sun rises at home totally emptied in looks, flash tally live shadow the evening dally to see, changing into the dark in forms exploring land.

Into pits blend unseen dresses black, hunting each bend for red drink, trend sucking of blood, biting into teeth firmly goods stopping hunger.

No, soul is not as any other person you know, killing life to show foul deeds thirsting blood it, acts not buried low an unknown gate vampire.

Author Notes Figures them disclosed as shadows to venture that are seen, viewing life throughout time recorded set man existence, lives beings among us.

Chapter 2
A Boiler


Edibles eating I stuffing bites inside of a hollow hole by rips, entering a cave set wall goes side circumference, turning items starting their ride.

Food delights to travel a slide sent into a tube, swirling inside a cube gilded with circling oils, tossed in a toxic wave of oozes there in a lube.

Particles go into a gel, entering components in the stomach, broiled chucks its gas ascents, sit with older features, to percents that's new.

Food flushed inside a body of evolving fusion, cut tiny elements to a concoction dissolving to gas, revolving items that's good for this bad.

Pressure controlled is balancing all deposited, digesting substances measure laid remnants, transforming pleasure set by force to gauges.

Yet, when overstuffed all bodies erupt, tell its bits this path to corrupt a swallowed treat, not disrupt this boiler burp freed or unknown gate.

Author Notes The study researching the facts of the human body, mystifying views set unions of universes called atoms, ability all free to harness energy.

Chapter 3
Spider on a Wall


You are waiting to leap many eyeballs sitting a creature of hate, voice fault of not a protector, seated a predator you a harsh fate others rate.

Never a warm thought to encourage or to help anyone, inject to harm downing its cruel reply school's cage, storage fool of put anger wrong.

Friendless you sit this spot to rot, abusing all others to bad said acts to stew your pot, doing hatefully showing what the teachers did to you.

Your pride didn't want that savage demeaning, downing comment to decide vicious wording, slide this written from out your inner belly bad.

You're hiding this built embarrassing laid guilt of a woven event, aim for revenge that ripped your quilt, put aside in life a frown had abuses.

I can't see you in there hiding said in darkness, nested inside laid web feeling strings it to raid, awaits an insect there a spider unknown gate.

Author Notes Victim of circumstance venturing self in alone to believe probabilities, considering never the peering numerous eyes, watching nearer you.

Chapter 4


A hell put attack on me sent an assassin, chill to fear, that yell taunts a joke punishment, on the bathroom floor bell projects clear an image.

I am heating in a seat enduring pains to lower, mounts it to sick facts, low moment at defeat, dancing conga line of at strikes all to beat me.

Pain it inside its grips my body to bow curling me, drifting slow head fallen low my waist line, circled legs with arms ends my shaking knees.

I'm found in this daze the kick inflicted on me, climbing illnesses laid a maze, ends a mind's consciousness huffs in this haze delusion pain.

My sweat dripping off drops my top forehead, forming a lake to stop a big stream high flows, by shape tear it to hop not from any given eye.

I open eyes and see a form design it nearer a toe, drawing it another drop seen twin brother of me, heard not them there their mark it's me.

Eyes viewing it clearly sees a bust of a grown man, shoulders a head forming its dust image, projecting soul in pain illustrating its must say.

I'm sick seated in this bathroom howling, see growling an image peer man loud cry taunts hit me, prowling this gate sent from its unknown.

Author Notes The ideal given of all of us being hell's play toy, suffering many attacks caused by the demons, warning Satan is God granting due torments.

Chapter 5


Life entities within this world we're yet to meet, by acts did infidelities set activities fact done, left in mud indignities marks printed by steps.

Lover fights this hater, put full total BS maker, picked time man freed dwelling spirit a shaker, vigorously at tumbling leaves works is a raker.

Melon shaped is head given not a point round, sowing this bent bead no port circle, babbles of a fool go downward in a fall lead into a trap.

Innocent of situations, its wanderer lost soul, viewing life memories lived a story put to post, paying a cost all debts tolls it endured a smile.

Family to the other to not talk never, stand to walk the unknown gate as a certainty, scribe it by chalk marks that are of brethren a war apart.

Black turning color to be a white, changing it to a rainbow red shines, smell His pines scent it to purify things, they in night mines to touch.

Companions place in a life ace to be in living, surviving of lives their shared space separate, watch over other back know it not other name.

Lies of independence each to project a cloud of hate, seeing a death of another fate, facing that's a mate we to see travel come a stranger.

Author Notes Life this imaginary line which produces ill wills set against another not them believing the God, relating His viewpoint stated we all are family.

Chapter 6
Behind Close Doors


Behind the doors of the mind, tells reals,
touching feelings, yells firm emotions,
encountered sells of precise to your core.

Mind its chamber saves twelve doors,
storage in shelves, one might to convey,
presented in rooms personalities elves.

A special key allows one inside entrance,
opened and entered, given self to reside,
see one particular side, that is of you.

Door of anger, down others a delight treat,
seek him conflicts, to him all a stranger,
enraged banger, at someone break neck.

Cross the hall door of love, seductive,
countering the anger, protective of you,
active aggression, soothing had peace.

Each door a side of you, there to reflect,
portray themselves, guaranteed perfect,
wonder the sect pick, opening you today.

Author Notes Unknown gate given encounters with our various personalities, reveals ones secret depth told of reality, exactly who you are.

Chapter 7


Daily given practice moments prior sleep,
peep I at trees tops to see the Orion Belt,
in deep dark above looking at the stars.

Timely occurrences by house side I'm in,
above trees stars to glide lined in inches,
glittering three in a tide in a joined flow.

Visitor to throw out normal night course,
departing my might I to retain a lost gap,
paused to peep the light those trio stars.

Mind reacting slow to a factual meaning,
look I out a window something strange,
touching stars tops of trees seen so low.

Realize time a what is it I am looking at,
knowing a dime fact seeing what it is not,
back to house is to chime the Orion Belt.

I think in the mind of the Phoenix light,
watch a doubt these twinkle bright spots,
suddenly after vision sight I see now four.

I felt violated by an awareness sensing,
viewing through my eyes their unfairness,
took out fear I of a world completeness.

In this revision four stars hung in a loop,
likened cars lights to vanish it from vision,
disappears one by one in division night.

Author Notes Unknown gate it of an actual event that happened, mystery to boggle the logic of mind, seen truth viewed close by you.

Chapter 8


My soul trapped put in a nature of silence, confounded mature an adult raining tear,
along a stream lost cast in time pasture.

Mind is bewildered its late facts to feel,
flawed fate revealed sad sown actualities,
toss a helplessness views to relate soul.

Feet steps go along it expanding sorrow,
throbbing at bong of pain walking course,
inside its woe song my aged body frame.

Valley's peace seen tempting before me,
pacing I set steadily to core efforts to go, concluding my lore buried in the ground.

Tears dropped not fallen from me soak,
about my had fears truth things a known,
listening to it never I comprehend years.

Traveller he cut no to preset destination,
placed bet him not to ring a winning bell,
out of thrill that fall to get the most man.

I have traveled long this road constantly,
sounds like a toad upset in entrapment,
struggling an ant I with a load up a hill.

Singing to self along sadden had to tour,
having an elf praise thrown out view God,
placement always in doubt shelf alone.

Author Notes Unknown gate lonely avenues there seen finding ourselves in, with its unexpected hid delights, items governs our destiny.

Chapter 9
Perhaps/ Maybe


Perhaps, given life's superstitions on me,
driven fears to lurk in a consciousness,
insecure need safety it I from craven eyes.

I am seeing faces it here watches at me,
paused cut of a shot to see traces of lives,
erasing tries paces not power me a view.

Perhaps figment of a mind's imagination,
aims them for any pleading salvation,
preparation repeal I at surging assaults.

My daydream seen awoke sleepwalking,
crossing a stream had childish beliefs,
laughs them viewing ray's beam out eyes.

I am still shaking at notion possibilities,
probabilities factors it of a scientific fact,
acknowledging put realities lower head.

It's just grease it off a cooking pot thrust,
stains a crust done on plain white paper,
find no trust maybe I in it a gory picture.

Author Notes Unknown gate taken feeling something it there unseen is with you, watching eyes not you able to see knowing them there.

Chapter 11
A String


A string can bind tie a tap shoe,
wrap a box hiding its present too,
trap into another from two to be one.

A string can patch a hole in cloth,
digging a mole stretching in waves,
as a pole, but, not an item hard solid.

A string can be a tighten loop rope,
twist grip to dangle a hanging dope, stripping their had hope of no sin.

A string can stitch a bad wound,
found to be plenty in many rooms,
around to travel outside in walks.

A string can emerge forth birth,
ring out a new life to live in world,
make us each a family now sings.

A string firmly applied can trip a foe,
rip deep into an exposed throat,
as victim to choke slayer take a sip.

A string held can be used to recall,
by a sight had call about a finger, then, shall I do it becomes the thing.

A string can hang a large picture,
a warm thought captured sentiment, broken it in any place only a fracture.

Author Notes A vital element in our enduring existence, a simple thread that can bind, strong enough although small to survive.

Chapter 12
I'm a


I'm a serious candidate to play hoops,
did a drop out loop to fight society,
slip to fall whoops to fly in the air.

I'm a dedicated lover, a father, changing a mover of complexities, mostly a lone groover by myself.

I'm a to be best destined driver,
quick reflexes able to test curves, hidden pest to pedestrians in street.

I'm a to start a business saving,
my part will collect the money,
tasks apart from an active manager.

I'm a crack shot shooter,
given tooter to passing women,
absolute boot-er, cards played wrong.

I'm a light to bring the sun to rise,
fun glances of opening eyes,
thought without, they won't survive.

I'm a very fast runner,
having time to hold my banner,
don't mind a tan-ner before beach.

All I'm a, stated ever to be,
never a completed tried dream,
captured in my fever - not to be.

Author Notes Person with a thousands things they can do, statements rendering never fold to reality.

Chapter 13
Pain of the heart


A hard belt hit, just a bad memory,
as Oz witch to melt a thought,
felt its drag resistance.

Tip of a spear blade to perch me,
to hear my trying grasp for air,
its near threatening my conclusion.

Words spoken from a hater,
dark hidden being, lurks a faker,
a maker of a deal not deep.

My trust in a said pledge to me,
union no aid to assist my wants,
paid off full, surely placed in a hole.

A demonic held spirit, not fleshly,
soul being captured, he sits in it,
perhaps it merits an opposite view.

A creature able to align others,
constitutional, pure disregards, theme to feature malice hate.

Specters living inside humans,
not a fan giving anguish to mortals,
striving endlessly, can to harm us.

They are fallen brethren to join us,
children that are descended,
to burn giving tears in hells' barren.

Author Notes Taxes paid without representation, federal look the other way to State,
payee always found at fault.

Chapter 14
One Silent Night


One silent night, comes a stranger,
invade your home put it to waste,
carry away in plume your delights.

You'll not hear him enter premises,
doors and window no alarm to ear,
entrance clear is through the walls.

Entity seen in the shade swift moves,
in made seconds to terrorize there,
fade from shelter, as he came.

Dark figure viewed a passing blur,
head to neck place arm measures,
of his pleasures had he will do.

What's to believe of him to call,
all on the planet under attack,
your safety at home a final wall?

Can you withstand the judgement,
given its had settlement of lives,
sad be sentiment sincere suddenly?

Shall the morn see your face,
will you become reborn another fate,
torn with the left remains?

Will you sing out a relief tone,
words flourishing of heart still,
by a thrill of perhaps escape?

One silent night.

Author Notes Thoughts of the forth coming rapture.

Chapter 20


Stories told of you a alligator or a whale,
breaks metal spears like sticks myth tale,
neither stated male known to snap iron.

I deny those spoken facts thoughts held,
reacts showing me mentioned identity,
lined its truth in the Holy Text told acts.

You are under a lock earth held put there,
inside the ground in its muck you will live,
cry alone you safe a sock from all away.

Image a beast God punished put it in jail,
you did not hear the curse a death's cage,
yet the ones in rage chained to it survive.

High Lord bells this gigantic eel to praise,
before a death time as world's laws feel,
curls hisses a snake blow to head a heel.

Eve asked this to be what had God stated,
growing big to see then now behemoth,
not to run or her to flee eaten by a giant.

Body stretched is a tour blocking a river,
witty firm language his opinion it to pour,
actions era man to sour over dry ground.

You play its former land ruler flash fast,
before man his vast size is over the trees,
cast remembrance he awaits Leviathan.

Author Notes Unknown gate a love it had of another by desires, cursed soul put loneliness' dust by yourself, thinks a superior taunt views.

Chapter 28


Time it before death will there curse land,
ring fear fright out a grip to kill anyone,
thirsted lust to kill a thing He called man.

We dwelt in peace over an entire planet,
ruling it fair to love animals a living race,
retrace memories it of a gone past time.

Our history it yielded no high air pollution,
extraction grew big herbs and big fruits,
reflection of no evil nothing on the earth.

God made decision alters the tranquility,
removal of animals to rights put a reality,
said purity it claims a creature His image.

God formed out of clay ground a figure,
granted authority he to rule around world,
left on a mound to build him a kingdom.

He claimed himself high self made god,
proclaimed his self independent of God, reclaimed interests him owning low soil.

Author Notes Unknown Gate told of animals prior to the creation of man, dwell them in peace with acceptance of the existence things.

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