"Wisdom Series"

Chapter 1
The Quest for Wisdom

By Douglas Paul

The quest for wisdom is external at first
largely because
the world will find a way to batter
whatever version of ourselves
we choose to present to it

Eventually most of us are forced
to seek refuge
somewhere inside ourselves
out of the sheer necessity
to avoid the black eyes and the bruises

At this point we have earned the chance
to discover that we
are the primary source
of our own particular version of
the pain we are seeking to escape

The quest begins here
for those with enough courage
to open the door, step inside
and face the pain

Give serious consideration
to the benefits of retreat
The door locks behind you
and you cannot return to some
less enlightened version of a former self

All do not survive the transformation
of the Seeker
but those who do not perish
enter the shadowy world of enlightenment
where truth, faith and the magic of humanity
may be revealed

Author Notes I don't do a lot of free verse, but sometimes I do like to sidestep the need to rhyme everything and just concentrate on the flow of my thoughts. I do always give them some kind of structure, though'

This is the first in yet another series on Wisdom

Chapter 2
The Seeker

By Douglas Paul

If wisdom is the seeker's goal;
to shed some light upon his soul,
then he must willingly endure
the doubt it takes to make him sure
he’s not distracted from the light,
won’t let the shadows dim his sight,
won’t waiver from his chosen path,
and won’t succumb to needless wrath.
It’s only when the eyes are clear
that he can peek beneath his fear;
to find the treasures buried there
and then in kindness learn to share
hIs days with calm and firm resolve,
so as he lets his life evolve,
and he approaches destiny,
it’s only truth that he will see.

Author Notes This is the second poem in my Wisdom Series. I think wisdom is a something most of us value and try to attain as we age. It has always been elusive at best, and often comes at a price that is hard to pay.

Chapter 3
Walk of the Wise

By Douglas Paul

They say the wise have walked alone,
which gave their lives a mystic tone;
a calmness and a peace inside
that's unadorned by fear or pride.

They say the wise survived some pain
but never let their hardships reign,
as undeterred they still proceed,
not undermined by want or need.

They say the wise can hear a voice
that guides them as they make the choice;
to live a simpler life each day
and notice things along the way.

They say the wise accept their fate,
not frightened by that future date,
when they will set their spirits free;
transcending to eternity.

Author Notes This is a poem from my "Wisdom Series"

Chapter 4

By Douglas Paul

Would kindness really cost so much to give?
Would it diminish me in any way?
Would it disrupt this stable life I live?
And what would be the price I'd have to pay?

It's easier if I remain aloof;
stay self-contained and never take the chance.
And, after all, I really have no proof
that kindness is a gift that would enhance.

But should I choose to lend a helping hand;
let down my guard, and finally accede,
would I then gain the chance to understand
a power that can triumph over need?

While kindness seems to be a simple thing,
who knows what comfort such a gift could bring?

Author Notes I think I have finally written my first sonnet LOL. I hope to develop this into a "crown of sonnets" over time. We shall see.

I have long believed that kindness is the first step on the path to wisdom.

Chapter 5
Gift of Compassion

By Douglas Paul

Compassion is a window in the heart;
a gift that changes all that we perceive,
where judgement always plays a lesser part,
protecting us from thoughts that might deceive,

as understanding opens up the eyes,
to circumstance the shadows try to hide,
revealing what may lie beneath disguise,
allowing softer tones to be our guide.

thus, the needless anger does not rise,
as comprehension dominates our view.
Our vision will improve with kinder eyes,
as we distinguish more of what is true.

Compassion is a gift that will begin
to help us understand our fellow man.
With better version of the soul within,
we'll live our lives according to God's plan.

Author Notes This is a poem from my Wisdom series.

Iambic pentameter = da-Dum-da-Dum-da-Dum-da-Dum-da-Dum = 10 syllables per line

Chapter 6
Finding Wisdom

By Douglas Paul

It's not enough to just observe,
for vision will not strike the nerve
that sends the meaning deep within
where understanding may begin.

A flash of insight is required
into this life which we've acquired.
The obvious is not the key
and will not set our spirits free.

It's in the quiet of our mind,
it's in our efforts to be kind,
it's in compassion we may see
a glimmer of eternity.

For those attempting to be wise
must penetrate the truth's disguise,
must question all the things they know
and delve into the doubt below.


Author Notes This is another poem in my Wisdom series.

Chapter 7
Seasons of Our Lives

By Douglas Paul

The seasons of our lives flow unrestrained,
like rivers tumbling down toward the sea.
Sometimes the current frolics in the light,
but there are times when darkness clouds the day.

It's in the sun where life is ever sweet,
but darkness is the place where wisdom's born,
and wisdom will be needed in the end,
to age with grace and dare the setting sun.

We're bound to make mistakes and suffer grief.
There is no way that we remain immune,
but these dark moments are what teach the most,
if only we will contemplate and learn.

As age takes hold the time comes to reflect
on hopes and dreams that may have been achieved.
We've made a lasting mark if we have loved,
and in the end, that's all that will remain.

Author Notes In an effort to expand my horizons, I decided to try the "blank verse contest". This is written in the recommended iambic pentameter meter with no end rhymes or internal rhymes. Though I tend to prefer rhymed poetry, there is a certain freedom in this type of verse that holds some appeal.

Chapter 8

By Douglas Paul

Author Note:Truth

Who knows what wisdom such a gift could bring
when truth, revealed, becomes a guiding star?
If truth, acknowledged, then was given wing,
would it determine everything we are?

How would it change the way that we perceive,
if we allowed the truth to be our guide?
Would it enhance the life we might achieve
by changing feelings that we hold inside?

But if we shun the truth where will we be,
as lies conspire and vision is deceived?
What wonders will we fail to even see?
What higher goals will never be conceived?

If we let truth evade us as we grow,
there may be treasures we will never know.

Chapter 9

By Douglas Paul

Compassion is what plants the seed
We see a need
We can't ignore
Like times before

An action must be taken now
We can't allow
The need to win
We must begin

To help a fellow man endure
One thing is sure
This is the way
To grace this day

Author Notes No Punctuation

Chapter 10
I Saw a Man

By Douglas Paul

I saw a man who seemed so wise.
His kindness shown within his eyes,
but there was just a hint of pain,
as if his life withstood some strain.

I wondered at what things he knew,
what insights he would count as true,
what old beliefs he'd tossed aside,
and thus reduced his need for pride.

How had he learned to reach within
where wisdom surely must begin,
where calm assurance must await
with confidence to meet his fate.

He seemed attuned to his own grace,
he seemed accepting of his place.
I think he knew he'd done his best
and had no need to feel unrest.

Author Notes This is another poem from my "Wisdom Series".

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