"Odds and Ends"

Chapter 1
Sunken Surreal

By reconciled

floating surreal photo: floating girl 2hnt15fry6-1.gif

do I sound hollow...
ocean embryo
sunken answers echo

barnacled to shipwrecks of rocked boats
Michael rowed home before
shore was so much...furthermore

your here to forever solo...
cold as water frozen
paradise found gravity warms elsewhere

heaven forbid begs to pardon Jesus
as if consequence had providence
and weren't the Trinity of someday

to be guesthouse
in this mansion of white noise and wonder
do I sound hollow now...

sunken answers echo
ocean embryo

Chapter 2

By reconciled

death photo: death Untitled-1-1.gif
come around...
permanent to carrion
poltergeist not a sound

enters in tonight-
frightening windswept
as end to found

forever considers not consequence
unholy alliance anticipates
all the what for that waits

fleeting promise pours out empty
less substance settles with whispers
chill of which sends shiver to knees

author unfinished but for...
last acts final chapter
autographed closes each books alter

knuckle tapping chosen shoulder
knocking doors answer...
this time its over

permanent to carrion
poltergeist not a sound
come around

Chapter 3
Nurse Ratchet Wears Thongs

By reconciled

spinning birds photo: birds birds.gif

jack nicholson in one flew over the cuckoo's nest photo: cuckoos nest amused tumblr_lzkrjnNkHM1qm80h0o1_500.gif

a flock of birds...
scattered by buckshot
flew faster than possible crash considered

cause' madness has no reason
some people should be labeled warning

crazy just diagnosed insane hard to explain
step right up held ransom
you see easy is understood-

when the mind has outgrown the real world
woe as it were small
medication has new name not working well at all

PHD for short
enter in serene and utter bliss
where analysis is show business

profound as taxidermists to empty nest's

a single bird...flipped
flew away graceful as truth
grateful for the few feathers left

cuckoos nest amused tumblr_lzkrjnNkHM1qm80h0o1_500.gif"/>

Author Notes

Chapter 4

By reconciled

woman dressed like a man photo: Woman beating man with mallet - animation Womanbeatingmanwithmallet-animation.gif

Lola dont know her
Gauguin's inner demon does
appetite gargantuan for don't go there-

canvas trousers sworn to
no belt held up by hips and absolute control
mid-air suspended intense

nevertheless cumbersome be my guest
she swings crotchless
crushing pressure heavyweight champion

drill sergeant positioned mean
prisoner wigged pain in the bent over ass
cellmate uncomfortable confidant at last

paradise played out partnered to extreme
team scream can you hear me now
Lola don't know her!

Gauguin's inner demon does
appetite gargantuan
don't go there-

arm pumping the air photo: pelvic thrust. 453bc5f_th.gif

Chapter 5
Pockets full of Bugs

By reconciled

eye blink moon photo: eye blink eyeblink.gif

crazy diversifies-
I spy sliced up apple pie
hmm smell that welcome...

schmorgesborg of steroids sit down and eat some
lies are Disneyland's paradise
makes a wish make believe

let us pray...
something's safe to trust
train wrecks regular basis consistently

crash is marketed stock certainty
television exploded into reality years ago
addicted fixation seems to be-

normalcy is an ad campaign
Jesus Christ a bank account
tithe a toll roads guarantee

heaven's stairway is bought and sold commodity
absolutely free...
from redolent care conditioning

fresh airs live in resident
refuses placement middle finger mean it
up here in this treehouse me

bugs photo: bug 05bb94d10e540cff9ccffab589edd17e.gif

Chapter 6
The Hell

By reconciled

black background art photo:  7_large.jpg

evil photo: DROWNING skulls.gif

shadows cast recompense
round every corner...sunsets a conjured spell

your sin has found you-
cold as hell waits just outside view
ghost walks the whisper...

hear the wind chime consequence
labyrinthine sense experience
this pretense calm

while gale-forces inevitable
paranoia will pursue borrowers curse
well inside boils over into poison

until every breath taken

shadows cast recompense
round every corner...sunsets a conjured spell

smoke trails photo: smoke smokeWisp.gif

Chapter 7
Happy as I can be

By reconciled

bel esprit absentee
felt the empathy of all the poetry
that ever was or will be

escorted by Calliope's idiosyncrasy
heart desire quilled sensual ocean depths
carved initials in every first loves family tree

recited Greek mythology in muse of Socrates
saddled Pegasus on any given Sunday to sight see abstruse
perfected the psalms of David in everyday plea

shared Cupid's secrets of the deeper mystery
learned to turn wishes into truths
even maybe to jubilee

but nobody told me she was artsy

bel esprit absentee
felt the empathy of all the poetry
that ever was or ever will be

Chapter 8
working on it

By reconciled

stupid people photo: Stupid people tumblr_m5o72glCHX1qdq5u6_zps3b42ebbf.gif

noise inexplicable
poetic just is...

everyday people

sunday go to meeting
tuesday hard on time...
jimmy cracking corn . com

jive shucking the ha ha
eww ah sha sha
fa la la me oh my alive lives well

more than room to spare
c'mon in here and give a hug a home
its a fair play square foot perspective...

black and white human right to colorful choice
crazy ordinary special each and everyone of us
life singing in off key voices

beautiful noise inexplicable
eww ah sha sha
poetic justice...

everyday people

Author Notes I'm done now....-smile-
and to show my appreciation to my George Foreman family of fans
today I plan to autograph each and every review it's you...
you're welcome...-headnod- thank you thank

Chapter 9
Tracing Echo's

By reconciled

black christmas photo: Christmas 1-3.gif

man sunk tiny tim
pretty sure Christmas was dependent upon them
he'd forgotten him-

paralysed in scrutinized
trim carpenter measured precise
perfect fit everything nice

prescription filled reads the doctored voice
just fine is this foreign land we've placed you in safe
relax never found again-

two tons of sun burst set upon
as a forest of gumption gets up and runs
tracing echo's of memories relived in origin

following a comforting known before
he walked in...
and she smiled enough light to last the rest of life

he'd forgotten...
it had always been him

Chapter 10
Uniquely Human

By reconciled

sacrifice's knife cuts soul widow
rent veil divides into good and evil
there goes the Rome around

sunrise slow roles out future
raised shade new day history made
Jesus break my heart...

momma I'm afraid of my monster
hurt like hell slaying the animal
kamasutra hate making me old

spinning wind whiplash ushered in
last will and testaments hurricane inheritance
just sand hurried from an hourglass

empty well blood thirsty quenched overkill
gimmie gluttony starves to death
men living on bread alone

rent veil divided in two
good and evil...
Jesus break my stone

Chapter 11
Break Rhyme

By reconciled

poetry surreal photo: Surreal ma12-39.gif

now I lay me down
sound of mine found
Hobson's choice undressed

nonplussed impulsive
pillow soft boisterous
sea's long drawn out

empty oceans known
no peace until appeased
release wanderlust must

rush the wind gust
dying to surf the experience
easy never perishing

this religion afterlife
Hobson's choice undressed
sound of mine found

now I lay me down

Chapter 12
Too Much

By reconciled

sexy tiger photo: Tiger 1348093358720991_animate_zps125f14ec.gif

startled starts this night
red engine fire revved up
struts stunning like she finished it

Garbo gobbled up good and plenty
tastes exquisite explained
addiction to sugar toothaches her name

tiger reign hungry
heartbeats all consumed
edge of fall dances unafraid

confidence made in dangerous shade
growls ready or not
to much too soon wrestles within destiny's handcuffs

huffing and puffing full moon crazy
greedy forever more

startled starts this night
red engine fire revved up
struts stunning like she finished it

Chapter 13

By reconciled

carnival photo: carnival Swings-2.gif

ferris wheel a fortune
zoom lens fast forward
never close open soon

or later than expected gets lost
where a carnival atmosphere
explores unknowns vastness

counting a space invaders cost
sure of only next breaths trust
in a God Who gambles naught

aught not reward be found worthy
faith takes a silver that can't be traded
for a gold that cant be bought

a child sold to the right side
honey and locust orphaned
resides in the lion remaining wild

ferris wheel a fortune
zoom lens fast forward
never close open soon

Chapter 14
Poetic License

By reconciled

sweet smells orange peeled
calm as chamomiles taste feels discrete
wakes up this mornings contemplate

sometime kept permanent
private I conclude right now's mine
quiet as a secret

moonshine sips the set down a spell
mercy had home spun
pardons breathing's gentle persuasion

oxygenating every next generations gap
books are written from birth bowlegged limping
unique chapter in freed verse

blessed and cursed ballads bought and sold
from slave merchants of a paradise lost
where a billion heartbeats surround all alone

watch the poet dance...
in the steal away of a Palestine existence
within the shadow of serenity's imposing challenge

champion his purpose

Chapter 15

By reconciled

kings against dumb blonds
makes a meal MacDonald's fast
food for thought starves

chest beating mean it
telepaths your stands chance
sit back down stares audience

audacious as eyes fearless of sun's strength
her gathering rises in brightest solace
stone unsure except must moves mountains

giant costumed mustered seed
grows into her clothes
when under stood...

silent prayer said Saint Teresa have mercy on souls
captured in Spiritual Echo's
baptism into mankind's world

kings against dumb blonds
makes a meal McDonald's fast
food for thought once...before

Author Notes dedicated to all women...and one specific Spiritual Echo...

Chapter 16
American Rhymes

By reconciled

american flag photo: The American Flag TheAmericanFlag.gif

unusual find Shroud of Turin...
special is a pioneer of first explorers
straight ahead waves exceptions bountiful spread

unique as liberty's bell tolls for you and I
Old Glory swings...still
proud as the praise of God come alive

high as sunshine she beckons birth rite
humble as every man's equal in every hour divine
American rhymes...for one reason

freedom...for all
honored in United state of brotherhood
one Country colorful

Lazarus born again
life resurrected better than
men before Old Glory's vision

unusual to find Shroud of Turin
special is a pioneer of first explorers
straight ahead waves exceptions bountiful spread

Author Notes hi all...-smile- ...Brooke ( Adewpearl) is recovering from some health issues. Some from her second family Fan story are putting together an offering for her and if anyone wishes to participate please contact Michaelcahill (Mikey) as he prefers to be called...-smile- thanks so much.

Chapter 17
Porgy and Bess

By reconciled

gunpowder and acetylene
torch patience...
angst it a slow train-

chaperoned cold explosion...
human against anvil heats steel evil
blue flame frozen

zero below caught fire quicker than confessed sin
coughs up bloody murder
trigger pull imprisoned

horrible as Judas sold short change of treasured waste
fecal matter of fact
pearls swindled by swine sleep lost in shiny worth...

less then dead men walking
wide eyed surprised
justice sets the sun in motion at last

hell bent hurrah
sings a chorus of thirst quench
blood let gluttonous for fed

cup runneth over steadied hand of revenge
gunpowder and acetylene torch patient...
angst it a slow train-

Chapter 18

By reconciled

bird swarm drawn
intellect succumbs to instinct
sudden raptures interest

Saint Jude heads to rush
lost in thought

choreographed wings my soul
eye-witness departure
ritual one breathes...

catch and release perfect life
surrounds wind cousins
uniformed chaos calls the wild wife

betrothed since inception first experienced
Saint Jude's blessing
forehead kissed heartbeat freed

indeed drawn to bird swarms breast...
instinctual thought processed
choreographed wings my soul

Chapter 19

By reconciled

chaff separates
broken strung violin
soulful heart waves to wanders sound

daylight shadows black on backs
war songs sung sad as mother Russia's birth
painful as life and death's lack of choice

the music's heard loud and clear
poems write themselves Shakespeare
history played sold out

mysteries of God's truth or false providence
human suffers all...
delicious beauty forbidden fools gold

consequences consumed in wilful excitement
excrement rubbed clean or soiled by brainwashing
found in each setting and rising of every father's son

chaff separates
broken strung violin
soulful heart waves to wanders sound

Author Notes thank you God....I trust you...forgive me my doubt. Michael

Chapter 20
Dreaming Born

By reconciled

rock a bye baby
sometimes cradles drop
weight overbearing dream crushing

care repairs fledgling wings
broken in flight falls
down to human handling

God forbidden mysteries just right
coaxing trampled flowers back to beautiful
is given life...

rife with sacrifice secures second chances
solemn is holy held up
time expensive created

heals over wounds making moment worth more...
and more...adorns trust priceless
with love

rock a bye baby
sometimes cradles drop
weight overbearing dream crushing

Chapter 21

By reconciled

in twilight's gleam
gleaned history extreme
headaches unsure...

May flowers breathe in season's breeze
Easter resurrected from March on
June wedding forever

wisdom ages wine perfected
truth changed in time
twisted into lying tongue

who convinces quicksand its foundation
scattered as dandelion seed
alive is the weed dying to survive

destiny leads first and last dance
control is balance perceived
was it all really just chance...

in twilight's gleam
gleaned history extreme
headaches unsure

Chapter 22

By reconciled

crime seen...
circumference found the same
circling game insane

wilderness made tame
any sense of reasonable dignity
naturally rhymes after all

piped pipers come and go
history swallowed black hole
remembered only for last call

so we muster march on
searching the following...
for truths in rings of healing

circumference found the same
irrefutable evidence trained
human being quite insane

Chapter 23

By reconciled

easy feels lite heavy let down
numb to mercy just before dumb
paper airplanes explain elephants in rooms

human found empty...
moves purposed as who cares
wallows where every winners come and gone

stale booze hung around
God forbidden caramelized
sure as every details watchful eyes witness

blues play yellows distinct memory left alive
sun setting everyday darker than the last wooden stake wished for
some other blood sucked unrighteous burned to death acceptance

zeros equivalence except radiance blinds
all wise in an instance pass by oh my life shines
she said listening...

risk changing everything
moistened lips smiling a whispers scream
love says you're worthy

easy feels lite heavy let down
numb to mercy just before dumb
paper airplanes explained elephants in rooms

Chapter 24
The Stallions Release

By reconciled

sunken shipwrecks
Captain's log...gone
save hope no one

eulogy moans poetry of ghosts
lost sailors swallowed whole the sea
lonesome for shore

orchestras song long sound echo
oboe solo so merciless oceans surround
only miles of too many more encore

tomorrow disappears
the horizon beyond redemption's arm
slow age is each waves crash

against Murphy's law
karma catches us all off day take...
Edmond Fitzgerald's Great Lake last mistake

come recompense trade wind
North Western unexpected
Captain's log...

Chapter 25

By reconciled

take gives in mistake
following the leader
parades heartache

all that shit they can't teach you in art school
just looks at you and marvels
genie bottled promise

rubbed extra gentle
tomorrow might not end in nightfall
careful blows candles quick

because what's thrown up went down wrong
sick fights against

who swallows not her cure...?
stranger fruits servant
saunters by selling bad goods cheap

profiting from thirst for waters edge
deep well wedged between need and dreams

gives in mistake
following leaders
parade of heartache

the preacher practiced sermons
to backseat of a patrol cars audience
shackles put upon for peeping Tom

under God dammed arrest

Chapter 26
Here I Stand

By reconciled

Image result for throwing knives gif

stone me no count good for nothing
good grief adulterers of the best of intentions
always sacrifice Stephens for no good reasons

what's worse needy from birth sentences to addiction
hunters of loves nurse enable curse to breathe
forgive me please but the bulls eye still beating

even after treason mends its broken knuckles
worn through attrition won crashing against confidence
Goliath size of Psalm 121 Cornerstone strong

come provision of the King's ransom stand the sons of Gods Promise
bullet proven loyalty isn't lukewarmth's blame
reign hail or holy water -nothing...changes my name

so stone me Christian...
no count good grief adulterers of the best of intentions
always sacrifice Stephens for no good reasons

Chapter 27
No Secret's Keep

By reconciled

Related image

ageless search for angels on earth
mountains scale
climber of course dust returns to rest

cliffs and abyss just miss wings
perched on shoulders of this time so short
for richer or poorer

first loves intimacy and almost adores her
chest bared scarred tissue exposed
I'm Yours

experience crested nothing beholds more honesty
cherished blessing come hurricane and through...
You only strengthen us

victorious is sand under the triumphant stand
and no leviathan larger than Life everlasting can
be loyalty won

Author Notes

Chapter 28
Cinderella Stories

By reconciled

Related imageimpugner of cant be possible
crooner of everything is
sings to Cinderella humor

auditoriums full of emptiness
sound so hollow its rumor
whispers carry conversations

prairie schooner driven a long ways
goes the promise land sojourner
heading for homes eventual

insult to injury salt so much earth
its more than most can take
buried beneath grave mistakes

where flowers and candy fake forever
sooner the later journey finds divine
praying these days not so pretty bloom

beautiful as a country songs ending rhyme
groundskeeper busy he keeping room to grow
toiling soil from desert poor

impugner of cant be possible
crooner of everything is
sings to Cinderella humor

Chapter 29
No letting Go

By reconciled

Image result for rose images
come alive some time ago
gobsmacked in the middle of me

so long born into instant here and now
everlasting seems especially made first
ever so slow...

calypso the small of your back
palm gently pressed living breathing
against everything...

I ever felt aglow
died to dance in love just once
tableau turned substantial rainbow

presto magnifico
crumbled down the walls of Jericho
spin...deep in does the marrow keep

tempo in temple to worship without
reserve so plentiful
doubt be buried better off

come alive some time ago
gobsmacked in the middle of me...

Chapter 30
Loyal Tongue

By reconciled

Image result for dancing surreal

I am...

wherever you are
church to worship
deliberate sin

voice sworn by heart
true north paranormal
spoken before tongue began

shadow dancers do soul close
faith finds itself intertwined
twin sibling to intimate

completely free to trust
next moves in tandem
two by one weightless touch

Adam and Eve in detail
orchestrate life taken grateful
cursed and blessed

church to worship
deliberate sin
wherever you are...

there I am

Chapter 31
Little Birdy

By reconciled

Image result for beautiful surreal

seldom sees her...
though incandescence restored cant be missed
first kissed she is afterward

lost city rediscovered brilliance
precious treasure buried soul and marrow
deep as God's whisper feels like falling...

through windows full of virgin snow
kneeling in never known before
worship reigns at heavens beckon

beautiful is every breath
arms wide gifted blessed

surreal seems almost home
manna sweet footprints my feet closer to...
seldom sees her

Chapter 32
Given Wings

By reconciled

Image result for through the fire surreal lion

without love
even Steven
stands against Goliath in loss

tossed goes ancient wisdom
boyhood scattered about
mind wander tastes the pages

turned into mysterious
years wasted walk worn out sole

deciphering meaning from misunderstood
through the fire
for the taming of the lion


hunger hunt forever for inheritence
substance obese knows no orphaned plate
at last is never too late

no casual observer changes course
wind caught in a moments notice chimes
sounds like music mine

Chapter 33
Let's give it wing

By reconciled

without love even Steven... stands alone against Goliath in loss boyhood scattered about goes ancient wisdom tosst mind wander tastes the pages turned into mysterious wasted years walk worn out soles desiphering meaning from misunderstood through the fire for the taming of the lions requires forevermore obese eats inheritance full hunger hunts no longer for sustenance knows no orphaned fate casual observance changes course wind chime caught in a moments notice sounds like music listen closely to the taste of heaven manna sweet let them eat life startling suddenly love

Chapter 34
Right of Passage

By reconciled

Image result for american flag gif

set fire to our collective color will you
mock US your enemies guest
then box in a bought and sold out history yours next

imprison this Land of the free guilty
for feeding your hungry dreams nutrient rich reality
make the blessing an orphaned porridge too weak to eat

if good measure pressed down and shaken together
is not Christ's witness in an honoring son
and daughter to racism's best man come any weddings honest hand

the gestation of common men
examine the author of defined friend
and discover the American in them

hope eternal's turned page of promise remains ever veteran
because every birth-rite among the forest of unwritten leafs
sees the truth through the treason

Chapter 35

By reconciled

Image result for flight from the city

Momma is that you...?
fool is the finders fee

false witness rules the shore
beyond your embryonic sea
ocean or more

removed my esprit
sails aimlessly
searching for soul latchkey

human unlocking larger
than life's equivalency
supposing something might be

universe next to mother earth
Jesus Christ heal the slit wrists of plagiarists
who anchor their orphanages listing

I'm right here precious...
heart in me intimacy
chosen love beats mortality-

Author Notes for Judi Marie and her Mother.

Chapter 36
Time Changes

By reconciled

Image result for becoming a man gif

twenty something below
freezing degrees it was
that December of every mans weather

when winter's a long way from over
foutrh of July becomes a quiet battle cry
burning alive held inside fire

wars with rather die purified
fear of unknown is measured less sooner than expects
wide is every boy's first step giant size

journals daily are revised
right before our eyes
new looks take time by surprise

change occupies trust disguised
tethered to compromised image lived in together
bond to yesterday still alive

zero below crystallized weather
comes that December of every mans winter
when twenty something lives realized

Chapter 37
Alpha and

By reconciled

Image result for milky way gif

gifted life blessed
raptures epic echo
epoch chiseled in magnificence

siren song swept away so long sojourn
charismatic love declared
known world more than wrong

yesterday's mistakes wrought by choice
watched Peter's faith walk on water
defeat washed by Jesus clean as childike truth

still treasure hunters seek already won
procuring sweet butter and coming sun
sets in Solomon's acknowledged Cornerstone

go run through mans wheat fields if you've time
empty wealth honors snows melt and nothing left
assuring wisdom's baptism soon reborn

where human harps make theremin music worships flute
soul weightless are waves spilled over oceans spiritual
vast as God said

epoch chiseled in magnificence
raptures epic echos on
gifted life blessed

Chapter 38

By reconciled

Image result for sunrise gif

horizon breaking
seeing is believing

Majesty's heart is all feeling
omni serendipity
indefinitely confesses love

slowly surrounds melancholy
encompassing awesome everything
about you suddenly

hears a soul bellow out your name
so loudly
it shakes a temple crumble down

one knee finds this morning
bowed hostage to so beautiful
it can't stand

grasping for every last breath
before evening lets space
distance us again

from warmth of receding lights song
come from the suns sinking
thinking music gone

seeing is believing
horizon stealing

Chapter 39

By reconciled

Related image

soaking wet alone
weeps like Jesus
for a wedding went missing

freshwater God size
cries a river of moan for
that time encapsulated us

entombed in Lazarus last prayer
went silent sound like You died
denying the sunrise life

feels like Mary's despair
somewhere i'm supposed to know her joy
aren't I...

way past faith's windblown kiss
won't You resurrect sleeping beauty next
once more gift love treasured to chest

weep with me Jesus
for a wedding went missing
downpour Noah known

Chapter 40

By reconciled


in depth just came back
still born curled up next to innocence
whenever season brings you...spring

known for sure augments feelings of all natural ingredients
cornbread cooked like simple life is content
come from cast iron love

expedience salivates for a more God perfect advent
and delicious delivers count on one finger anyone left
isn't nutritious enough to feed this ancient wait

cleft in rock ambivalent tries to keep from dying to wear your weather
once more yearning to rotate earth by force for your presence mine
mundane without the warmth that embodies the essence of sunshine

but alas it is a quiet sower that gathers time

still born curled up next to innocence in depth
whenever season brings you...spring
just came back

Author Notes Jack and Jill never lived here..,

Chapter 41

By reconciled

Image result for gif images of love in garden

satisfying music follows
where God strolls in gardens delight
whispering secret things made special

she speaks in love poems
lives a language David owned
persuading hearer come home

delicate dance rhymes romance
intoxicating quill given chance turns to listen twice
her tongue that pleasing to taste

enticing dream state to stay awhile at least
let us breathe there a little longer
where Beulah land defines Paradise

side by side with Divine
strolling in gardens delightful
whispering secret things made satisfied

Author Notes for a friend to many and lover of God.

Chapter 42

By reconciled

 windy billy wilder gloria swanson sunset boulevard sunset blvd GIF

sunrise flirting with born again
considering midnight's bereavement of oxygen
certain life lives in wind's song

somewhere billows curtains white linen long
bidding sweet melody come on home
comfortable as southern climate coos welcome

tender where remembers us dances slow
blithesome in loves mother tongue
bisque porcelain careful for...ever

and ever circle heavens open window
for the splendor of her
crescendo's every other memory

considering midnight's bereavement
i'm certain life lives in wind's song
breathing while sunrise flirts with dawn

Chapter 43
One Too Many

By reconciled

Related image

comfortable as shoes off free
be gentle with forgiveness
sunsets on every confessions jubilee

peaceful seasons surrender time
divine is the good grapes wine
hallowed be thine memories home

sweet home calls family back for supper
nourishment forever makes room for no man's island
hollowed out soul fill yourself full

echo kept precious
cleanliness meadowed in remembrance
answers back every morn

be gentle with forgiveness
sunsets on every confessions jubilee
comfortable as shoes off free

Author Notes quick definition of "thine"
a form of the possessive case of the pronoun, thou, now superseded by common discourse, by your the possessive of ...-fingerpoint- -smile-
BUT maintaining a place in solemn discourse in POETRY ...and in the usual language of the friends of the Quakers. so...10-4 that someplace safe and see if I care. Big love rules the world.

Chapter 44
Mozart's Hum

By reconciled

Image result for old love

soul long eternity
our poetry knows personally
old love sung

intimacy sees through everything
no garden variety paradise
passes for...

life charged as guilty
corporal punishment enforce
blessing remain the most

treasured beauty known
by far and wide worth
more than earth owns to barter for

resplendent heart warmth
consistent in might
out shine the brightest star's birth

armored by every night
wearing rescued princess kisses
and dead resurrected

moon glow across flowers grown
blanketed seed forever green
protected from cherished on

soul long eternity
old poetry knows personally
our love sung

Chapter 45
Big if's

By reconciled

Image result for kids with angel wings

if...through trial and error
wings of angels grew larger
than this life expects

uneasy as innocents first kiss
prepares for next
most important not to be missed

if...bold in whites purity hides impossible
is it that purposed sin dulls its painful revenge
can only hope fly high above its past wreckage

righteous into forgiveness
if...angels wings grew through trial and error
larger than us

Chapter 46
The Promise

By reconciled

Thomas...touch this
where never feels innermost of me
and you tempestuous sea and all is fare

fun and games our truth in dare
spare none from love and war
ageless in flesh dies and is born

forever so beautiful in its gore
more intimate than freckled skin
first kissed everlasting sworn

closer than spiritual frees
faith in super human
life eternal's next of kin

Jesus Christ want to be more than
mortal beginning and end
touch this Thomas...if you can

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Chapter 47
Human and

By reconciled

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where angels sing heaven song
human soul lusts commune
whole body thrust from... at last

captured lyrics heard rapture
poetic just like Jesus said
next life phenomenal

brother and sister no longer distant
more intimate than prayer
this music incomparable dies to rise again

in love with one and the same image
never apparent at first taste
acquired...tried, perfected here on earth

polished gold held spiritual
fortunate forever blessed
treasured as every child's second breath

human soul lusts commune
whole body thrust from
where angels sing heaven song

Chapter 48
Alice's Mythology

By reconciled

mirror sureal photo: Alice alicia.gif

ageless Dorian grey's
foretelling faces in mirrored centuries

spiritual warfare's where uncertainty dances
with faith anyways
nowhere love hides human

patina cover up the trying
Bathsheba and David's patient wait
salt the earth Venus de Milo

unique sounds individual
but melodies play tunes to borrowed times messiah
turned pages compose our rhymes together

wrong or right music life
leftover lyrics legacy
Calypso captured in Siren songs

foretelling faces in mirrored centuries
Ageless Dorian grey's..

Chapter 49
Wonder is...

By reconciled

ocean and sky seem the same photo: Edited Sunrise, for fun contestbay.jpg

ocean is sky
equipoised golden turquoise
off balance surprised

lost horizon you
and I...
a finger tips trace

to place a thousand kisses to rest
nestled tenderly tickling skin moist
satin covered up in scented sheets of blissfulness

gently teasing strawberry and creams craving
champagnes expression us
savoring taste of human being

twice blessed come from her lips
my name...prince
when promises confess more or less

faith births truth
sooner than later is...
worth the same paradise

equipoised golden turquoise
off balance surprised
ocean is sky

Chapter 50
Photo Album

By reconciled

broken brights photo:  annieprofile.jpg

once the stars were ours
just broken bits of brightness
come from us light

times treasure precious
oysters the whole world pearl
youth universe invincible

boy meets girl worship
two twirl into one life's unfurl
nirvana passing the missing as memories sugar

something old somehow never ending new
something borrowed
now somehow

just broken bits of brightness
come from us light
once the stars were ours

Chapter 51

By reconciled

from whence it began
dust to dust ash to I AM
the Magi of men

losses and less wins
add up in end deficient
needing Christian

Savior Christ Jesus
makes up insufficiency
loves definition

Albert's last Eisenstein
honest honors confession
all else vanity

Solomon's lesson
orchestrated God blessing
neon symphony

the magi of man
dust to dust ash to I AM
from whence it began

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