"Poems of Love and Spirit"

Chapter 1
Begin right

By gudbjorg

Look to His Word in the morning hour,
before you get up and take your shower.
For in it is an unlimited power,
That will make you bloom like a summer flower.

Just for fun--before the day's begun.
Start it right before you have to run.
Then you'll be bathed in the light of the Son
And you'll end your day with a job well done.

Author Notes As I said, it's just for fun but with that precious little lesson built in!

Chapter 2
Kindness sprinkled with love

By gudbjorg

      Keys of kindness sprinkled with love
      coming down from heaven above.
      Hope and peace that will fill your life,
      pleasantness, not anger and strife.


Author Notes These words came to me in a picture and I didn't fully understand their depth of meaning. 'Sprinkled' has many meanings but the point is that it spread around for the benefit of all in its proximity.

Chapter 3
Wild Wind of Love

By gudbjorg

I'm in love with the wild wind
that blows so wide and free.
It takes me to worlds I've never seen
And shows them all to me.

I'm in love with the wild wind
that sets my spirit free
No more a captive to this world,
I feel it part of me.

I'm in love with the wild wind.
You can share it with me.
Let's dance together in a whirlwind of love;
Our joy for all to see.

Author Notes I've always been fascinated by the wind. Living in the countryside, I could see its effects; I could feel its breath but I could never see where it came from or went to. Just like the Spirit of God, all around us but unseen.

Chapter 4
Poems to Share

By gudbjorg

What can I say of these poems of mine?
They are but a piece of my heart to thine.
They come out of the blue, pure and strong
an emblem of peace, a dove and a song.

They lift up my heart in times of need,
they fly like a bird with golden seeds.
They come on the wind and fly away,
the whispers of God when I stop to pray.

Their spirit of love is woven in prayer,
a touch divine to those who care.
Listen to their music's tender tone,
their magical spirit will guide you home.

They'll take you to a heavenly place,
filling your heart with love and grace.
No more worries and no more wars,
no more injuries, pain or sores.

Sorry, but so often true,
Many, their whole lives through,
miss golden words without guile,
treasures of love that makes them smile.

I hope these words are a blessing for you
And you think of friends who'd like them, too.
Little is much if God is there
So I hope you'll take the time to share.

Author Notes I started writing words, as they formed themselves into poems in my mind. They are words that encouraged my heart. Before I knew it, they came so quickly that I didn't have time to write them all down and I lost many of them. However, when I read what I had recorded, I thought they might encourage others as they did me and started to share them.

Chapter 5
Grasping the Spirit's Mystery

By gudbjorg

Just like the flower of the field
you must all your spirit yield
to your Lord to do His will
which creates an awesome thrill.
Will you be My piece of chess
to choose to do not any less
than to follow My gentle lead
to only live kind, loving deeds?

When Your spirit moves in me
I can only glory see
in those I live with all day long.
What a mystery is this song
coming straight from Heaven above
teaching me the Law of Love.
Mysterious in this truth of Thine
hidden in Thy beloved chimes.

When I want My heart to share,
you must show Me that you care
by your little deeds so fine,
and your singing spirit sublime.
Will you be as an open book?
Transparency is for what I look
to be as loving as I would be
in the spirit, wild and free.

Author Notes This poem is very special to me as it came to me in the spirit fully formed. All I had to do was write it down.

Chapter 6
Have a Good Day

By gudbjorg

Have a good day.
Regard what you say.
Forget not to pray.
And do not delay,
Or you'll leave the day
In disarray.

My request
Is that you do your best.
Endure the test.
Make the better best.
Let this be your quest.
Then I'll give you rest.

Author Notes When thinking about the day ahead, it can be daunting. Beginning it with positive thoughts, meditating in prayer and looking at all the good things, while refusing negativity these rhymes came to my mind and I wrote them down. Thoughts are real things and they can either make or break the day.

Chapter 7
Power of Faith

By gudbjorg

Step out by faith My warrior band,
Boldly and bravely claiming the land.
Your faith is alive, so strong and grand,
A powerful force that helps you stand.

This is a story woven in prayer,
A chapter in history, you must share.
Don't you worry, I'll always be there,
You're a vessel of grace, love and care.

Chapter 8
Act on Your Faith

By gudbjorg

Step out by faith My warrior band,
Boldly and bravely claiming the land.
Your faith is alive, strong and grand,
A powerful agent that helps you stand.

This is a story woven in prayer,
A chapter in history, you must share.
Do not worry, I will always be there,
Your Source of grace, love and care.

Chapter 9
Don't Let the Shadows Scare You

By gudbjorg

Don't let the shadows scare you,
for there's nothing there to fear.
For Our Lord is strong and mighty,
so lovely and so dear.
Lift your heart to heaven,
and let your spirit fly.
Fill it with happy thinking,
through My Word to Me draw nigh.

Author Notes This little poem describes the inner battles many of us must fight but the Lord is strong and mighty and He'll pull us through.

Chapter 10
Beyond the Call of Duty

By gudbjorg

I never found such sweet, great love,
Which was sent to us from Him above.
"He's in love with us, our Great Big King!"
Don't you hear all nature sing?
The birds are flying in the air,
The flowers grow, the ground they share.
What a loving sample they fulfil
Teaching us His greater will
To follow Him with all our hearts
As from the world our life departs
To see in depth His loving beauty
To serve Him beyond the call of duty
All around us in work and play
This happens to us every day.

Author Notes Like to send this poem I wrote a while ago as I embraced a new day with all it had in store for me. I've edited it to clarify it.

Chapter 11
The White Fairy

By gudbjorg

There is a fairy, white as snow
she fills your life with heaven's glow.
She makes you smile in spite of pain,
knowing that she'll only gain
many souls for the Kingdom to come,
where sorrow will be forever gone.

Author Notes This poem was given to me by inspiration for an encouragement to one of my dearest friends. Thank you avmurray for your beautiful artwork.

Chapter 12
Up in the Mountains

By gudbjorg

Up in the mountains, the sun is so bright,
lifting my spirit to heavenly heights.
The flowers in bloom, their life giving flow
the spirit of Heaven, marvelous glow.
Ethereal voices speak to me there,
of all the beauty that nature can share.
Heavenly beings sent down from above
who give their strength to the people of love,
these faithful few fought, determined to win,
setting us free from the shackles of sin.
The warrior band so bold and so brave
in full surrender their lives freely gave
to their Saviour, our loving King of kings,
divine Creator of all living things.

Author Notes I got this poem after talking with a friend, who lives on a mountain in Switzerland.

Chapter 13
Love is Such a Mysterious Thing

By gudbjorg

Love is such a mysterious thing,
it comes and goes, but always is.
Like a blooming flower in the spring
it waits, it dances and it sings.

Sometimes it faces sorrow and pain
like a living substance in the rain.
With divine power it delights to live
in the hearts of those who long to give.

Author Notes Love is like a fragrance of glory that shines, a live giving flow from Heaven.

Chapter 14
Heavenly Peace

By gudbjorg

Fill me with Your Words divine,
Make of me a loving shrine.
Giving peace within my soul,
Heavenly peace that makes me whole.

Author Notes This poem is a little sample of my morning prayers, given to me by an inspiration by the Lord

Chapter 15
Mary once was filled with light

By gudbjorg

Mary once was filled with light,
with heavenly love shining bright.
Embedded deeply within her soul
became the Man Who makes you whole!

This happened in the midst of night,
when all was quiet, sleeping tight.
Mary woke and said, "All is well"
and greeted the angel Gabriel.

This was the hour of her destiny
that ever sparkles through eternity.
Seek Him deeply within your heart
the force by which all sin departs.

In the beginning was the Word
made human flesh as you've heard.
There's nothing more than that to say
just loving others and always pray.

To add one line I like to do,
Mary, Gabriel and to Gudbjorg too.
The gift of love so simple and true,
He'll always be in love with you.

Author Notes Got this message in a poem by a vision few years ago and now feel its time to put it out just before Christmas. The last stanza is written by a friend of mine.
Special thanks to the beautiful Artwork by eileen 0204

Chapter 16
The Flow of God's Love

By gudbjorg

God's love sparkles like a dime,
is present with us all the time.
It flows all around you and kisses your cheek,
and teaches us how to be humble and meek.

Author Notes Just wrote this short quatrain in the quiet of the early morning just before sunrise.

Chapter 17
The Golden Treasure

By gudbjorg

The glory of Love and inner peace,
give your heart a sweet release.
Where fears are gone, and love is bold,
here is a story that must be told.

Lying hidden in a shadowed love,
golden treasure from above,
Lives a life in a worldly sense,
looks to the stars, and makes amends.

Life is not just a fantasy land,
a playground on a golden strand.
For wherever we go, we leave a trend,
that follows us to the very end!

Be faithful now My dearest love,
to the heavenly sunshine from above.
Treasure your faith above all else,
in your heart God's Love still dwells.

We must all the shadows try,
the world of madness where sin is nigh.
But greater is He that dwells in you
the King of glory, lovely and true.

Author Notes Artwork - A Grand Entrance by Angelheart- Thank you!

Chapter 18
The Battle Grim

By gudbjorg

Looking out over lands and seas,
Wielding the power of the keys,
Transporting you to the golden shore,
Where love and peace reign evermore.

There's a warrior band ready to fight,
With all their faith and awesome might.
Defeating the enemy's force forever,
That's their great and crowning endeavour.

Call on the keys; use their power,
Boldly and bravely, every hour,
Freeing the lost from the enemy's jaws,
Giving your life to a worthy cause.

Then you will be My shining lights
All the way through the darkest nights;
Braving the wild and raging storm,
Reaching the destiny to which you were born.

Winning the mighty battle grim,
Strengthened by heavenly courage within.
You'll overcome evil's powers
Dwelling forever in heavenly bowers.

Author Notes The spiritual battles are real, and in order to withstand them we must rise above them with faith. This poem came about as a result of some intense battles with the effects of sickness on both myself and those around me.

Chapter 19

By gudbjorg

Giving is like a loving duty,
Fragranced in her humble beauty.
Always there in every place,
Waiting to serve and fill a space.

So let us give to win a friend
Who will dwell with us till the end.
The Lord is loving, He is so fair,
He showed me how to give and share.

As you embrace His awesome ways,
They will lead you to the end of days
Your life will capture Heaven's glory
And the world will read of our love story.

Author Notes Embracing giving plays a fundamental part in having a happy life.

Chapter 20
Our Bundle of Love

By gudbjorg

Morning dawns and the sun rises up,
Clouds are low'ring in the sky above.
A hushed silence, hardly a bird doth sing!
Life goes on, to Thee I cling,
My Savior and my Lord.

I ask no questions, my heart is torn,
I come to Thee in Heaven's court.
I lay at Your feet my bundle of love,
My lovely child You sent from above,
My Savior and my Lord.

There in Heaven is brightness untold,
Songs of praise, joy ever more.
This tiny babe unites you anew,
With courage, My dear ones, so faithful to
Your Savior and your Lord.

Your bundle of love is waiting above,
Standing at Heaven's throne,
Interceding and pleading for you,
Praying that you will stay strong and true to
Your Savior and your Lord.

Author Notes The faith to trust in God in spite of very testing circumstances.

Chapter 21
My Husband, My Hubby

By gudbjorg

My husband is a marvellous man,
gladly gives me a helping hand.
Whenever I need support and care,
my loving hubby is always there.

Love is tranquil and love is kind,
the purest form we seldom find.
Just like the light, it shines so bright.
In darkness it's the best of guides.

Author Notes I'eve been fighting Parkinson's Disease for a decade but couldn't have done it without the support of a loving husband who is willing to help at all hours of day or night.

Chapter 22
Sweet, Great Love

By gudbjorg

I never found such sweet, great love,
Sent to us from our dear God above.
He's in love with us, our wonderful King.
Don't you hear the nature sing?

Birds are flying in the air,
Flowers grow, the Earth they share.
A sample of love they fulfill,
That teaches us His greater will.

Following Him with all our heart,
His loving beauty's a work of art.
That's all around us in work and play,
Filling our lives every day.

Author Notes This poem came to me when I was working with and teaching children in South-East Asia. It was an inspiring time that I have treasured in my heart ever since.

Chapter 23

By gudbjorg

He was born on Christmas day
So lovely to be found.
In a manger laid in hay
And angels all around.

A star was shining in the sky,
And shepherds on the hill.
He came to earth to live and die
To help us do God's will.


Author Notes This little poem came to me in 1970 and I always kept it safe, so here it is.

Chapter 24
The Power of Faith

By gudbjorg

Faith is divine, It builds up our life,
It teaches us vigour, not pain nor strife,
It makes us much more than ever before,
Facing the future to reach Heaven's shore.

When we feel downcast, get up instead,
Look up to the heavens, not to the bed.
Faith will take us and cause us to stand
Strong is this warrior at your right hand.

So when you falter, He'll always be there,
Standing beside you, ever so near,
Faith is a substance mingled with love,
Created for His children by God up above.

Author Notes This is the first of a series of poems on Faith. There is so much to learn about it that I couldn't put it all in one poem.

Chapter 25
Listen to the Voice

By gudbjorg

Listen to the voice
That leads you to do right,
Leave the past behind you
And let it be your guide.

See the inner beauty
That dwells within your heart,
This is the hidden secret
Of who thou really art.

Living in the present
Is the way to live your life,
Remember that the past is gone;
There is no glory in strife.

Don't let sadness rule your life,
But rather forge ahead.
For this is all that matters,
What more could there be said?

Written 26th October 2012

Author Notes There are times in our lives when we feel like everything is going bad for us and we wallow in these negative thoughts, going back and forth over and over again. What they lead to is unhappiness and darkness. This poem was written as a guide and a light to help us guard our thoughts, look on the positive side and value them as one of our greatest treasures. Writing things down makes our minds stronger and makes it easier to switch over to the positive side.

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