Chapter 1
Lay in a Coffin


Blow to head it directly taken down pound hurt, tormenting pain sinks woe read on my face a cut thread, in a heaven quietness sits all alone.

Darkness surrounding my former body lay in a laid trap grip, sunk in a hole a blanket covering, just a cold stillness of willingness ended a life.

Body lowered put in a trough as the slop sent a hell sewer, through a dark door took a rough road appeasing it a sin, low in soil sleep dead.

Man descents to slide stripped of pride, bend cruel reality its pending either to side, touch of discrimination the path held a victim of Reaper.

Spirit leaves the burial out of walls hears cries, from graves voiced an anger their calls in dark halls, screamed horror smells of a stinky toilet.

Yell all had acts of my told past remembering, in a coffin lay my shell lifeless, think thoughts always I that things are not that well here being.

Author Notes Jesus' given fact stated in the Holy Text "if, you believed all that I have said you will never see death", considering it self acclaimed believer.

Chapter 2
A Little Rain


I'm suffering body pain, hurt therein aching no joy at all, discontented I'm sick by a kick, can't do one more dawn day ponders I pick my nose.

Hours working to earn daily bread for a family, pulling long thread off a tattered shirt's sleeve, paced steps back and forth not learnt to read.

Pockets never money always is below empty, obtaining my earnings for desired necessities slow, tossed concepts seeing this hollow man.

House having holes in its walls gaps exposing, depositing taps woe it coming of winter, caps events posted alarm to strengthen a whole fort.

Wife struck crossing a road a racing car death, pacing needing funds I'm deleting other stuff, facing the set worries sits crying alone to self.

Sadness shelling over it to lend its fang in me it's becoming my friend, closes bad gift to stab it to end me no relief to defend any aim to help.

Just havoc a little rain.

Author Notes Encounters with issues and concerns, tripping sad sent effort planned to destroy, put clear its conflicts intent to hate its perspectives always.

Chapter 3
The Ladder


You are to climb up far from the despair, try to cut fair, not to fear the day bad, to win it or to lose endurance of acts cast in bonds as a pair.

Cellar of hell escaping from dark pits, caught in hate's cage low cold safe from things below, removing you from its hollow delusions steps.

You're seen befuddled a captive, found active in its hell evil, knowing fact you're obligated to do good, said it of God truth protective Human.

Sightless seated there sent a witness, serving eternal time did the act in youth fitness victims, restoration brightness illustrated a life reproof.

Goodness beyond the soil had state, passing a Satanic trap put freed fate destiny wiser, end given hate it to kill lives foretold our will always.

The portal it's midway above in the firmament, releasing them worthy souls of hell pain freed from prison leaving it a way, in deep ends stay.

Morn known sent light and the evening a dark, seen reborn of Angel's heaven returning hosts, horn of this Day and a Night principles by God.

One upper step a gain from a hell hurting grip out of up a ladder tried, again those up efforts had no pain escaping it, flee its absorbing dark.

Author Notes Rising from a hell each of us, towards heaven has its climb to escape the world grips of flesh suffering: at attempts your given tasks a step.

Chapter 4


Reality being restricted the belief being limited life given confinements, living short it certainty, paging of all life rarity none aware put destiny.

We dwell the life there inside a dome, laying it upside down in host all a big bowl turn, seen a ground curve aside sky above, hear ears notes.

We are surrounded by elements factors it laid there with us, growing us upon the top of land said on it, actively acts a maid to refresh home.

High sky independent it from our low grounds, not seeing any dent in its firm blue viewpoints, sent out of clouds the rain talks to each other.

Shapes yielding these dimensions laws ruling, hidden by drapes in a bottle shelter here lives, watchful are the apes manners former minds.

Truth not an imagined fable, known it always an actuality by humans existence, indifference do not question men or guide a living presence.

Author Notes Life's answer us to find searching facts known, blinding view all given not breaks its amnesia confusion, stopping of the memories true past.

Chapter 5
Child of God


Eyes awaiting both see your glorious exposure, put bright light to pour out of On High this tour, empowered just rights to all an enlightenment.

God's strength yielded it action activities good, said voice statements to feed me served food, settling righteousness covers its mood things.

Jesus' pain proposed to me of right, did task my at a noble just daily fight conquers over life, fixed song in the heart its tight pulsation veins.

Your honesty never to alter remains the same, held my past to frame historical descendants, claiming them always that came life put facts.

Activities of our world stating tales told about a tragic known lie, roar His thunder heard rage it to tie, feeling wind to its fierceness did to die.

Your stormy weathers saw its gentle kindness, giving a safe sureness winked one eye to blink, welcoming Him souls that come in greatness.

I'm therein blind views enjoying joys I in grace, aiding You patiently to help others face all bad, selected endeavor I to surface treasure in You.

Your love to lay inside tone sounding, reveals in statement His name it not heard may to me, said not this say given to all other told so high.

Author Notes Respects to my brother, who is my Lord, said a tale of family conflict, put tricks by members to belittle, done it all in the closet this worship.

Chapter 6
Given a Little Luck


The events yet to occur a time foretold facts to happen, told its details of victory the conquest, set by a law proclaims this coming bold future.

People roaming in the land promised freedom, finding folks kindness and not to the eye sand, seeking them to plant by hand mire aid farms.

People walking street encounter one another, talking friendships not plunged the knife other, balking at the meat to eat the vegetable grew.

Hearts releasing from laughter out the mouth, escaping the sadness of this after effects, on His set plan daughter a fresh new dawning day.

Adam no more crying, living souls never dies trying, grin always this happiness shielding no had regrets it forgotten drying former past sins.

Man to end stumbling said memories passing, destroys it completely evil notions to send joy hoped, bet got life won put a trend to little luck.

Author Notes Game of life played, is rolling your chances of fate by dice, rewarding gifts uplifting to help or demeaning their follies punishing hard players.

Chapter 10


Extremes occurs dread happen dens this event, found actively activity endurance caught hens, weighed victims pens priced all for exchange.

Men concepts stated this deformed insanity,
inspiring thought of not helpful times to pity,
in cold sly city dark faker, by slick word took fruit.

Rule it taught here for you that yield its values, running bell heard the train it a must get there,
enjoying 'all abroad' a mere set read fact now.

A small 'magic stone' to heal settling this ride rock, ignore shakes as a vessel departed dock, got sure a lock 'simply' relaxing a say you ah!

Bong heard goes a bad memory goodbye, free a journey paid 'a song' glad 'the path' a resort, set 'downfall' a peace serene to aid no wrong.

Tiny a back tap before return old self timeout,
inside dark looking sap viewed 'haunted house', 'silence' of the mind deep sleep quietly nap.

Tour of endurance get 'hungry' given thirst for poetry, serving a sour and sweet delights for all,
as you eat pour you glass wine a say good!

Poems about struggles to face a life endeavor, presented fact scented endure a threat or love, express of views none repented just to please.

Author Notes Always to promote an interests, show action fully endured, segments of put life tastefully conveyed a true fact in poem.

Chapter 11
Long Time Friend


Painter gigantic shown artwork sways of brush, rush flames colouring crossing the sky flaring, changes to push lines lost art spreads in time.

Sun its guidance gave sparkling dawn, winks night eyes not of faces by high rising, abroad I a sight there rip breaks light hidden unknowns.

Eyes they see opening a new day started early, summons sun ray all sent alert to obey, said the say echoing noises it awareness creatures.

I fully in freedom feels desires loose to prance, traveling I no concrete dance to kick dried soil, rat being in a trance in the rich seen meadows.

Heart beats its a song wisdom elder rejoined,
stroll about pleasures dot freed worry, strong ponderances long glow its youth a tot radiance.

I don't have no choice of direction had matter, mutter words must to return footsteps I back there, vanish love long lost of home my butter.

Back returning alas to my garden called Eden, a stranger held a pack hopes laid low a stack to visit him Africa, lost back to one son to live.

Soul escapes his past woe arriving to reclaim, comforts in my home to lack cast all restored, at last taught freedom no notions to roam me.

Author Notes Always desires for home, pumps heart its place it to return. Never been to Africa hope to, show you how to shake a butt.

Chapter 12
Who am I?


Soul work traveller jobs seen a circus clown, a Joker out from his box, fighting a teen Riddler threat stopping his evil, keen set life concepts.

Spiderman that battle rising crime confronted large cities, serve time criminals by Superman, GODS' laws defender told the prime guardian.

You're the phantom in the shadows a Batman, cloaked the seer eyes sighted a hero seen no beer Hawkman, by law wanted to peer at night.

Your boom hit thumps rippling the land a Hulk, pulses room in a heart squirts blood loved life, loom that vibrates the Internet fasts Kid Flash.

High lord Thor to soar is He to cast Zeus' bolt, instructing efforts aim full an awakening truth, voiced song of a past joy dwelling a say man.

His cure war combats Venom he being in hell, angel pure to torment kills decay One chosen, sure govern Him Crypt.

Wonder He able to fly not a miracle, imply of Him given not to being a woman, mentioned a fact sly not a Beast but also very shied man He.

Friend entitled Christ I trust a companion laid duties, at a challenger must Savior evil to me, stop all days to end in the dirt's dust my Lord.

Author Notes Always the Holy Text conveyances puzzle given us, capturing the Lord statements, tells them I am that I am, I am sent me.... A view said a super.

Chapter 15
Depth Within


A living fact recalls it of two detailed sides, one resides solely a mirror's reflections, deeds did tides both in spots everywhere.

Families at tables apart eating meal, ordeal by them co-existing with other, segregated from the other seal this reality.

Bedroom secrets by both had known, events of their zoom therein tiny spaces,
until lights is turned back on the gloom.

No privacy to debate concerns had either, bad a good seeing it taken of each other, their in life sad to joy ventures filled times.

Bathroom together unseen both to cry, efforts watching to try both to clean self, frown the dry stool had before the flush.

Families to play at times in front other, mirror say reflection you yield the image, both independent it their way of other.

Both having beliefs had of them as real, dual an existing zeal they in relief to live, actualities limited by its deal to see other.

Images both are in a mirror's reflection, in cages each a cut host being a factual, time stages crossed each show their face.

Author Notes The life of probabilities inside the state of a mirror: ideal of image living being there reflecting its shadow- a memory wherever of us.

Chapter 17
Hip-pity Hop-pity


A nice fresh carrot pleases your tongue, jaws to eat slide to each side it to dice, mice had bites as said Peter the Rabbit.

You hop all around just like a rabbit low, one ear top long up and down the other,
jet to stop its yank to throw a predator.

I love at Bugs a thug not for Roger Rabbit,
his fight tug at duck I see them amusing,
their had witty mug antics it does thrill.

All fluffy brown fur a look appears gentle,
a smile took two big teeth its hey in front, acts a rabbit's cook their own fun thing.

Feet too long rare to wear shoes either,
no wrong upon their uncaring guilty face,
not song joy spread creating the laughter.

Common species it to speak no English,
nor act them other than push to a teak,
don't mix well with to peak us our lives.

Heroic lad each in pressed endeavors, their pad preferred maybe under earth, happiness it to turn views of sad by us.

Love I special action done by one rabbit,
dove joys eggs laid in brilliant colors, gift wove pleasure by Easter's wabbit.

Author Notes Celebrations people gathering, know each other: reborn to each other. Best wishes for upcoming events.

Chapter 19


Faith it in God is my day set inspiration,
my breath say of to guide my blindness, evil combats dark by using His' x-ray eyes.

Hey given it to me to hold eternal fates, by Hand molded to unfold form as a key,
air oy-vey a gust to behold I am like Him.

Royal image I am of Himself in birth,
temple in mist cage mirth in this earth, to bear His rightness its girth set I in bliss.

I am to grow up to learn of good ways, Spirit's origin said it to glow the situation,
its to me joy prior to show got torment.

Soul is told him to test to self prove, by willingness best in the task of the fears with its cut to infest and sad tribulations.

God molded me by His strong put hand, dust I exist off the sand having me life,
wand given told me in image I'm as Him.

Self likeness I self in His image to be,
end my death in the hell's fort kindness, did set fullness my body in the ground.

Where is that breath?

Author Notes God formed a shell, a body to restrict and place us into it prisoners. My bag book was upside down.

Chapter 20
My Car


Your love to gleam out shine bright sun spots, pour flammable into an engine applying a hose, calm conduct never a sour choking days cold.

Lover to rock my body cradling factor mother, protecting safety home sanity vanishing world sad to bother, helping soother you're a dream.

Times joined freedom reserve men a fortress, given its small den go therein I to escape hurt, driving to Kyawha Yen favorite Chinese's food.

Hands motion I to rub up and down your back, massaging each hub I check under laid hoods,
climbing up cub upon you connecting bodies.

Companion true that fun done thing together, toured us a low region leaving us behind sites, desired pals never the legion, saw just us two.

Moments sit together us endurance my thorn, sound your horn clear ring tingles on my body, plays a radio of love in yellow corn lay in a car.

Author Notes Always having it room us for an imagined pal, sharing it times caring, joining together of pals fell moment changes facing those difficulties.

Chapter 21


Our Lord in a cage is a fate an inspiration, king willing to allow death sown at rage, he's to claim those not lost loved a sage.

You are Cupid had arrow's poison tare a jewel rare You as the Father, exploding a glare at heart's veins protecting the family.

The high King You to aid shortcomings, there mid times of held felt weakness,
fortress's lid on the wall it of hard stone.

Child growth years you have watched, tears sorrow that I didn't anticipate act, slow not put in fears push call from death.

Infant took I was fed the truth, you to guide my journey to look, hook to catch me us there to my end well at the throne.

Your seed that was planted is all I am, your love sown need action to call as me life growth its deed sprung from thorn.

You're hopes of joy the sight to aim me, bow me to you in the name of those right, also serve Father's throne in my delight.

My final to come laid in memories, not I'm known or a maid for to see me, said etched out "Because" on grave.

Author Notes All said and done: silence.

Chapter 22
Diamonds: Hades' Delight


You beheld are an astonishing beauty,
vanishing treasure rare few to see, in a room you banishing eyes forms on walls.

A look told of life with a lock glance, a hook of a fish sent into dark grasp by a cook, sunken down below in the ground.

You sparkle in no motion, variations colors a gasp breath potion, spectrum in action to twinkle it is precious gem stone.

Soul absent there within from feelings,
denied any consent view of the matter, present state that is known as do reality.

Stillness in a gleam is your set elegance, precisely a beam boomeranged back, posted each on wall a team promenade.

No need of to speak about already said, you decorate this palace a peak bright, you make this leak structuring a home.

Art a framed picture holding a memory, past it's a negative of a molding image, folding constantly of a will aim to be mine.

Destiny angel fallen from out the heaven, his haven it is the Underworld, death given delight given men as diamonds.

Author Notes Hades stated to lust after gems, the ideal him holding souls, it makes me wonder: was those jewels men. His win a conquest to show superiority. I see in this perspective gravestone as trophies.

Chapter 25


My fearful undertaken in loneliness,
nights in sleeplessness awoke,
steps had ponders less in life.

A pit of sorrow I to endure,
unknown placement sure my end,
its seat to sit upon a pure throne.

Pain serge to drag inside of me,
rags as best clothes about me,
set as being in this life my bag.

Harmful lie perceptions about stuff,
sinful trolls vain puff below God,
huffs shouted to sadden to harm all.

An empty bottle that could be filled,
our views flourished bounty of things,
fields plenty provisions to yield growth.

Sad events actions to be took,
resourceful eyes justice in looks,
their in hook trolls bad intentions.

Careful measures will stop it all,
a truth cop to end its false matter,
rightful work top, great is life no evil.

Wonderful is Heaven to God.

Author Notes How things would be, all places loving in peace, us in cooperating: other than evil. Maybe all realms will come to this reality.

Chapter 26
God World


The Angels' dawn of unhappiness, origin had lawn of birth given titles,
its hosts' pawn views by set names.

A tree planted of bad and good,
lies or a truth about sad set worms,
mad imagined as common sane.

In the beginning sown by Superiors,
a to down philosophy of what exists,
host as clowns disclosed as fact.

Introduce to earth host as time,
inferior soil of normality prime,
start death its angel slime of the law.

It aroused the tar of GOD,
angel was split them to war,
them to come far know our world.

Fallen instructed earth host in pain,
they implant sorrows to stain family,
certain to open up portals to hell.

God the Son pain is our cry said,
our long years had try shouts,
our dry aims in our will to live.

The Son (God) of GOD, son of Adam,
son of Abraham, he to Isaac,
as David, and to Mary: a common man.

Author Notes The beginning of the Holy Scriptures with the earth creation. Jesus had fun with this element, per GOD's anointment was his duties. "I have always been with you" , he said.

Chapter 27
The Gambler


Chance, its lone odds against you,
money a lost tone by an investment,
a solid bone gones down the drain.

Players as foes to get together, strangers toes point to be in game,
touching woe with aim feel of kill.

Snake coming to a victim to curls,
self ready confident in its hurls,
teddy hope in whirls before strike.

Worm to face mongoose thinking rat,
drop of hat-trap to see an opponent, becoming prey the hunter who sat.

A spade meets a diamond to play,
words points in distraction to way,
their crossed say intents in card-flip.

Killer awaits an appropriate moment,
its fated chance by viewed given bait,
waits eel a blow an unblinking eye.

Mongoose spike to hop in a twist,
each to strike hits not harming other,
much had -the snake stop.

Mongoose wins bouts fake a victim,
watching a sin creature leave,
he to fade into a pin out of sight.

Author Notes We all have taken risks, a flip of a card decision made, this way or the other: at a crossroads us in our lives. Struggles to gain.

Chapter 28
I Said


I said there is a say in the thunder,
a mere word God to angel's heart,
a sad tear here to share to man.

I said by my views a strong warning,
a bong to your noggin with hurt,
its song that combats evil intents.

I said there is life within the wind,
elders duties paid as watchers,
its raid pulsating on the earth.

I said they are guardians and kin,
kind bin protectors to us -brethren,
their had to win to govern our lives.

I said there is a call out for battle,
an innocent man unjust in a cell,
man guilty by a yell held under law.

I said may its worth to be by us,
say not for us to die -but to us live,
we're in Gods' services to way facts.

I said my had prayers unto the hosts,
testing defeats that I've sad fallen,
with joy glad times confessed views.

I said time to be laid silent for a reply,
adventuring I not aid had matter,
then, winked watching a maid.

Author Notes The values of immortality and those who abide and oppose faith. Jesus states, "if you believe the things I say: you will never see death".

Chapter 30


A football event among in this game,
what's my part in its design frame,
my to be lame in its whole state.

What's my part it exact to be,
my heart function to be to play,
fart as there to be in set day?

Am I a howling fan seated high,
tan figure to cheer in waves,
in vision a spotted man in a crowd.

Or I an owner viewpoint of front line, manager of one side playing mine,
or am on the pine I to be seated?

A role a Center to bow to field,
a Quarterback to do play how,
or am me in its show to be an End?

Life's game has protectors existing,
we all have our concerning factors,
performing us to be actors in life.

I hope GOD, as God, exists in real,
watching good as game officials,
in played roles all us being as gods.

They ready to aid my hurt with me,
did a had to slip need of some help,
said my healers broken.

Author Notes Once we see ourselves as performers, our as upon a stage being watched, we will know the whole game played, also our placement of it.

Chapter 31
My Hero


A hero tale strip clothes to be "him",
an average male a newspaper man,
post hollow of self a writer job sale.

Images of a giant and a meek loved,
one bent iron as a geek typed words,
dual creek of a common man.

Neither to drink liquor or smoke,
curse, no drugs, took a stroke,
just to poke lives brave and true.

Hey save people aim their truths,
about tasks given they do no claim,
fighters had acclaim chasers set fear.

At work no one suspected a giant,
hid behind specs his eyes defiant,
seen pleasant mild manner stuff.

Other side to leap tall buildings,
swift to call passing trains to fly,
beyond aircraft to yell in space.

If, you seek a hero strong to relate,
suggest me a song that was meek,
to peep recall Kent secret bong.

Kent like us has a dual existence,
no mere mortal - a perfect pal,
loyal both in justice a Superman.

Author Notes One proud figure of a man. I guess its the thought of what one might become. What one should do? Not mortal but loyal. A Superman.

Chapter 32
My Fair Lady


I'm found trapped held in my sin, I to listen to adults,
visiting in town its rural sound of there,
around upon sidewalk of a city I with grandma.

She was talking about my flight not be asleep, dummy I'm stumbling the night a deep in pits,
peeped by her to spin swinging my limbs wild.

Her alarm given at me it touching a hot heater, I'm drunk path circling it objects able to harm, I
foolishly the whirl it of an arm seen act crazily.

My set plan to see me rising up from this bed, not asleep fed to walk sleepwalker dark blind, revealing a true fact as a scheme this led route.

First time I'm alone in shadow unknown night, put fright a child's fear never doubts by myself,
pass time my bedtime not sight going to nine.

Sandman a final blast a good assault, in this dark thickness cast to submit resting to retire,
drifting at last to hear clearly me a soft voice.

I awaken out a void by soft call feel form, an eyeball staring it at me then to no more games, she through solid wall coming to sudden face.

Her trance I recall my date charm held on me,
prance in these swirls both hands joining two,
enjoying the late night two a romantic dance.

Author Notes Always enduring us a magical moment awoke or not, had desires answered by acts performed, by a kind unseen visitor.

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