"Act of Endurance"

Introduction: Act of Endurance


We are participants planted unaware of our fate, sufferers taught life realities endeavors to ponder in each mind views, what values is right a factors certainties never had truth kids. Victims no parole by ideals restricted approval contained, cut unfair principles told to them to trust with beliefs faithful held values illusion, wrapped in thoughts bad entrapping them. Souls stated views a bond true actuality told a declaration by others, instructing it interests had factual departing from fact reality confinement limitations, thinking no it all teach them. Entities to stumble under plan guidance, aspects of snakes shedding of skins them transforming, renewals placement new features known in former to trust to them truer say old. Lies told to flourish that cast them in its uncertainties of the realities of perhaps, lords placing their marketing interests budgeting, plotted their state for them to dwell existence. Their agreement by accepting of others purpose precept has sentenced them, now lost souls in a state of confusion, yielding without any doubt their approval on set conceptions. Victims living aims to twinkle befallen sufferings dramatic confrontations, see out of the fog eyes peer view a realistic illusion of a fantasy, factors of good as given bad revelation.

Vessels we're lost water rages found in deceit imaginations, believers issue cast adjustment not self known to do needs, taking in others on a ship say assurances sinking in a voyage. Survivors afloat in livelihood combative in aimed situations, confronting sorrow as truth surely come in their set life span, their wish the mind hopes of balancing acts given to them. They are mindless figures in realms is the actual of what make believes, their paved prints in mud by trials they faced, those compromising acts a resolution of views they to grow. Their state dwelling bound by a fact told, says they to hold as the unquestionable actual to prevail over their life, with given illusion of set living to end hate lies by revealed held reality. Convicts in borders disclosed all behind bars entanglements, balance challenges its realistic factual , yielding resolutions fresh new revisions set assumed beliefs they thought as true. Fantasies held they shall encounter with life, discern fiction from the non-fiction detailed before them, as kids once again to select their best choice its direction in this puzzled life. Souls in pitted fields in eternal confusion, walking a pathway blinded enduring its hidden facts, being them cast in danger threat now interest tumbling all in the acts of endurance.

Author Notes Opening stage to " Acts of Endurance " had fates, detailing views of its upcoming voyage to endeavors, life challenged facts: all about living struggles had that exist.

Chapter 1
All Aboard


Treats efforts done labor beats seen on a big farm, fresh sweet sugary eats emerging meats its buds, in cups asleep is cocoa the bits coned ice cream.

River is not muddy dark chocolate spurts it's late, relate out of low fizzling the soda bubbles its fate, pop up boats Milk Duds boxed stories arrival soil.

Train a Hershey Kiss on down slope brake placed to cope, clang bell drops jelly beans raining closer scope, rope lightning its liquid a deposited cream.

Passengers seen inside each car view thin sticks, sways of lollipops react the swingers fight whips, grip of hangers handrail it two feet none bangers.

Cherries go around in a liquid found in this syrup, all in baked flat cookies wheels on a track pretzel, marshmallow the squirt this sound formed round.

Track a bend is cracked it hurls items, curve cars Reeses a boy's pack flips to send hit rolls aisle tips its slide to end, at candy bar cars blow blend wind.

Path the two rails hub a hoot spraying M&M ears its toot, thrusting a hand to open it at Dots as loot, waiting him in one boot stating loud a conductor.

Call it for all that's to go aboard on this train yells male, arriving there then to the mall at Don Port a fuel station, waving kids its small hands next ride.

Author Notes Perhaps it's dreams that push all good created by imagination, exposed to an act of endurance that wishes it being the truth. A great ideal set reality.

Chapter 2


Voyagers a risk on top of ocean wave action, tour on deep water journeyed to reach end position, by rocking motion to notion none any fear to a threat.

Men going beside skids with their kids and wives, at the desks check gold jewels this secure in pen, inner body of huge craft den all seen therein core.

This ship built totally of solid iron metal, it is not a rental stated invincible, tour this petal got a free trip visitors opening eyes, view it shine slot dental.

Guests in the tour sight a low hollow along a hall, trailing a slow crewman passing its quarters dark, cheering its passengers in joy no tear it is mellow.

Deck a sailor appearing shouts a bell, alert folks warning all of it a danger it's by a yell fleeing a cell it to depart lifeboats: tell not full details its reason.

Ship the top hit stopped by this bang, bop brakes realize it riders bent fate, afterwards pop to down big ship its crack to stop therein it the water folks.

Raft heavy it parts filled water flooded not a duck, rushing muck wets rugs no luck, going in a spiral a whirlpool downward at tuck lost ark gone a ship.

Craft to waft no claims as eternal not really that, ended a raft everlasting not invincible is a vessel created by man all being it's constructed daft ship.

Author Notes An event tragic it horrors swimming hostile freeze water efforts occurs the act of endurance at soul effort fleeing lives death survival it hopes all them.

Chapter 3


Pals to rest snores crest on a porch flipping quick, sleep both recalls facts minds it of a pest hunted, patrolling steps on farm vision of them best buds.

Hunters it goods to find provisions it add, served neither her fact any food edible table by hunt, age friends to wither them to no youth to power either.

A dream cast therein is a memory of teammates recalls then shown facts the times it of a past did, its factors lived dreams laid outcast running fast.

Bold reality told actions it years occurred, seen it dreaming period foretold being it, views of former teens recounts then now old mouth sound noises.

Predators a sun peered anew seen there in night, roam this forest hidden trackers hears haven fun, run under it tree foliage it pals this one has a gun.

Old crime relives time a flashback a gone history repeats of, there's slime seen living forms aching buddies, playing a prime times it is remembrance.

Bodies fixed still before the abort turned altering, in high chair fort sort of it one flat see other floor, abducted in sleeps port in mouths decayed teeth.

A clock this one seated arm downward lock limp, arched close is another nearby a chair lay dock a friend, sound of the rock twirling it's dog and man.

Author Notes Entities placed in a close up the factor sharing act of endurance, confronts it said sour togetherness being or the said sweets, facing it the differences.

Chapter 4
Night in Woods


My travel hid uncertainty in blinding dark rain chill, pacing each step in fear ripping ordeals the tears again, thoughts a notion set in the brain stain pits.

My home an effort bent that it's done on foot tips, rips in this forest deeps not a flashlight took sips, cuts dips put not just in these trees but in leaves.

Dope seen slope slowly bent to drop down safely, unseen a root rope trips eyes lock lows stretches, leaning I am afraid acts not to slip I cope this hill.

Nightmare the thrill in a pit took the hush silence any vision, out this bush limb to reach it crush me grab quick flush, horrors I am alone trees thought.

I zoned outward it by an ear tilt at any input given to, listening hear close it loud bangs alerting near, sights shadows anxiety let tear out expectations.

Chest well lacks air dim eyes, breathing it rapidly react my shell pressures hell site, fell befuddled a child there caught fright vision sights fully vacant.

Beast peering at a jump seen out of nowhere cop at lunch, lifting eyes my mop airless stop, pause large bear hungry attack it hit hop at threat to me.

Wolf stated out its howl this owl one eye to blink, hide in the bush animal growl nearby, it my blind side swift there's a ghost it to prowl BOO my zoom.

Author Notes Haunt it among the trees lone house sight life act of endurance, sighting a to ghost and to monster, enduring you nights all in the silent woods alone.

Chapter 5
Mary Christine


Mary Christine has home weeds to clean said task, long hours strong hits it she suffered life's wrong, cries tears sorrow song remembering a lost lover.

Dress is black totally to roll it a mower cut, stroll eyes to recognize others a doll faceless it as blurs, unroll a list facts to not a pal or any guests alone.

Dawn's ray cuts the day out of large home safety breaking, cross of tasks no hey heard Mary's may no end, plan the set way it is lawns bought items.

Statue her in this form a clock silent, view hands both in this lock its sight mock gigantic rock it not vision another, nodding quietly there black stone.

She periods in high hot sun it to tend come dark bend vanish, quit labors to end day, returns back inner home safe in being a daily trend into the fort.

Later, upstairs she is in the pit to batter it herself, recalled hater drop tear water it is eyes watching, sits by a close window it's in darkness her stare.

Actress fact a bold torn bent cold a love absence, shown hers' life a black white told performances, refuse a gold heart loss awaited love back return.

It is days came to years strike sister Mary it hurts drag shame set to blame, midnight rise of it dawn, in a frame performs act peers rocking the widow.

Author Notes Union set it by pair broke cause given it is deletion, after the lost task one it be fate act of endurance. A single returning again, unexpected facts alone.

Chapter 6
His Sabbath Prayer


Newborn is to plead for any gift that cuts man's needs, forgives the evil done deeds person not a fair it depleted wrong, ask God for the seeds.

Darkness it's near this wall covering he took a walk, rejecting to sleep into God's hall crawling its faith's route tours as an innocent small child.

Baby fumed vapor out assumed smells to test, unscented delight You to fade clearing destiny, presumed a fact not a fault solely this himself.

Kid asking God to halt the world lacks poverty, feed all given it top hill food pop of life, blocks winter cold its stop not allowing to chill bodies.

Raindrops' pins down from heavens soar that dropping, soaking sent rain its land damp soils wetting havens, shows Spring babies to ravens.

Souls fully willingness believing view it of God, living noble in its ideal of Greatness, shown is thoughts by all wanting peace it righteousness.

Joyful cheer put toast to the family submitted, smiling faces no gaffs of doubts a roast under, wiping tears the boast to cut death threat fear.

Child burps disclosure to sum up at the arrival, rise near golden gates heard hum a youngster, in Divine City property be not bum stand man.

His Sabbath Prayer.

Author Notes Belief in others' views as a God rule or either science law statement, detailed their fact of it known doubt as an act of endurance self truth.

Chapter 7
The Thought of I


Truly blessed in means for living needs storing, facing man put malice threat by gotten weeds, deemed thoughts bad ruled wanted the deeds.

Soul to await this man sight to appear at killer, destroyer aims to hurt me posted I'm it alright, searched out I to fight hunter a perceived prey.

A loner to depart from this inimical Order said, resisted pins nail road walked journeys no aid laid to help, emerged a nightmare foretold fate.

Vermin gasp took him from out a cut hole flee, with benign Order trap yet woe threat I a wasp, beneath in caves dark await curled as the asp.

I journeyed dark voids to cross for the answer, begged alone the toss luck put to skies at call, visited rock mansions boss actions of any life.

Man desires its target freed from this pain pit, defying the hot sparks wave of river surged hit, crushes a bit at a devil finishing his known lies.

Fates horror I know by an act of endurance, in lives flow error touches terror to show threaten, unfolding its definition its happened held truth.

Personal story stating the tale truth fact given its rate, merited reality being told as its impact dated, folded compact had life no more than I.

Author Notes Trail of lies given terms the act of endurance to consider fates existing with the harsh choices. Now, bend this reality bottom line laid to it all.

Chapter 8


Dawn of days held plan notion clocking into job, done act for our ration duties by hours worked, tried efforts aiding the nation said services ills.

People under views of a brat's owner ideal not like us critters, sighted by a cat's eye skinny all bodies lined, striking a bone the sun bat's skin.

Time rules day burden hours performing labor, measuring a way each act at job, brings dawn it to sway up higher the hot sun strikes all of us.

Men sweating it aside an enormous structure, for cash faces danger stride at forces to cope, pushes all aim to slide this item just a little bit.

Land travel in the dust shoving us hard granite, by hand grip big loads, gasp its temperament, pitted sand bands pity I destinies beings there.

Hearts facing it labors this event's occurrence, twirled darts sightless owner's law confronted, told worth replaceable given tallies used parts.

We recall working this fit to settle a big mount, placing not a ball high a boulder team actions, lifting up gigantic rock to balance equal a wall.

Stone block trip harsh landscapes settled in a pit by power, ascent to lock big stones heights one up level ruler, pays for cut rock on pyramid.

Author Notes Holy Text, knowing us its act of endurance as a worker only a child is allowed entrances into heaven, pondering it of first God: then the jobs.

Chapter 9


I'm up flying in a dream, twirling up to flip body the tops white cloud tip, sun is burning this dip vanishing, drifter sighs to find in endless mists.

Like a dart arrow sent out of a cloud open sky free, my dip gliding fall pleasing vision insights apart, ripening food its start as adults its smell.

Rows curling view red jewels above it the land, births of fresh buds in bed sparkles it's asleep, fed views taking items just one from this farm.

Creek travels near this house, fogs felt uplifts to seek a nose touched aromas, for a leek foul crime it is intention low misbehaving the wrong.

Upon home's road soil is seen plants wonders, reacted tastes senses delicious keen delights, inhaling all the snacks beholding a young teen.

My heart knowing this ideal put crime stealing, revealing this devil the hell I to do it, declining right the tumble to bad it prevailing temptation.

A man bent to steal is torn into mouth grapes, from fruit burst nectar taste rich juices to heal, absorbs tongue nicely believing it is real meat.

Dream rolling spheres to think it reality twirled, beneath lids spin eyes out of lips it's a stream, go aside my mouth to beam there lust's water.

Author Notes View you hold the ideal belief asleep that's you are still awake, feeling realistic items touching an act of endurance hit senses as a real carpet.

Chapter 10
Purr Fact Day


Tin bell crisp bang sent outward heard shatters, awaits a fang its sight out darkness big glitter sparks, asleep rising a corpse tang in the ears.

Joker walking it being playful to me, bent will to fill intents, ruled law by this bill wants me in freedom, caged I am a captive slave fated fool.

Lioness laid approach stark those rapid steps had to me, flips swiftly feet top city's concrete lark hop, progress tips hit mark capturing prey.

Mind project the wrap put ideal thinking views on a map, nearer dawn spring a sunlight bright catch, figure displayed an eye in night in a trap.

Sun's rays reach down it to alter plan laughing, see after sight sinister peer it stopping, clicks had sun up a snapshot of your two round balls.

My valued beliefs said fate seal compromised, sinking in jealousy it's not a good appeal, got a slap sent hit the head to ponder action a deal.

Liberty rules its unjust laws a muff it enforced, stopping the soft fluff soul the legal judgment to halt, seeking a morn stuff cat to mock a dog.

Author Notes Others confront face to face beliefs, flow their spoken different tones tongues, encountering the act of endurance to know separated worlds.

Chapter 11
Rest In Peace


Grabbers zipped hands grabbing things spaces, sought steel products races did in taps paces the feet, seeking for to live items helped shield.

Lads battle others say rage assembled upon a field, rattle flags stop a put nation rule, placing victory by war a reward by killing of male cattle.

Host clever plan plots to kill living its scheme, witted it players pitted soulless angered teens, cross-knitted it of kind facing harm to kill ends.

Warriors other enemy sided each hitting blow, ripping this blade cuts zips tiger's claw, strike flesh low hurt flow bled skins red it draining life.

Draftees cold land fell war men dead, hearing a scream breaking pain crackling afar of bones, disappeared youths in muds tar hid body tone.

Lads lay loss dreadful harsh horror indecency, joining parties loved a Boss restoring, stating His judgements to toss merits put them heroes.

Life gave fates by God a deed known pleasing, men reschedule dates deceased at feast food, applauded virtues told a good it by high mates.

God save every player regenerated life factors, presenting all rewards slain protectors, heard actions known glorious actors justified soldiers.

Author Notes The leader you gave an act of endurance all he could carry to claim as the serving placed king. It's sad these aspects said a war ending evils.

Chapter 12
I Do


Stories told adventures had harks of conveying, inked barks telling sad life by marks, dangling true reality known fault: of fallen brown leaves.

My workshop projects concepts to win written, projecting thought I've aimed to top fall below, read reviews to stop it crushes ambition: bad.

River the top glittering to flow gifts by my tree, rippling waves to glow crystals to teach intent, row bold views of this exciting news fresh job.

Night job finding ideal thinks visuals view late, design each viewpoint assisting it's protection a right thing, set target a knight at wickedness.

Leaf each effort affair human guard each toot, sounded a horn's hoot shoot to strike injustice, hitting corrupting evils good stopping it a goal.

I work on held trunk to test I'm fertilizing outer borders, trimming it hit branches my best seed thought, in this soil got blooms build huge nest.

Leaf wise note tingles a gift for others brother, view conceptions they off the limbs no bother, reshape the decisions reviving Mother Nature.

Wind up forms cloud's face peer back its reply, releasing mouth word to imply airs its lips out this to me, falling error to comply came Spring.

Author Notes Woe put presence is an act of endurance, sent madness told in chaos, had effort challenging your ascent out of into the calm a peaceful life.

Chapter 13
Mr. Sun


Mister Sun flight falling light creating the today, crossing rays the land to defeat blinding night, illuminates soil paving a visual pathway ahead.

Beams to reach heard bark it is bringing dawn, vanishing a cave night wiping off its dark spot the walls, heat attacks drain dew in park away.

Wood house rays beat its heating sting warms, flicked sparks through glass low a ping, shine brightly to sing crystals shout beneath a shade.

Fires slices did search looks about to seek me, by the bed seen paces snores faker I'm asleep, dices intending a flare I target strikes the face.

Mr. Sun lighting up my room wall the surfaces, struck rays push a ball suddenly it hits my bed, teasing game acts out the call a hello playfully.

High air midway spins its sparkle in the mirror, falls back a beam this tip touches flames hair, comes fair to the neck it to blink near my head.

Crystal its dot a zoom forth quick stop, upper shoulder it tip one high on top roams, slides to dip straight in got eyes this chip shot hits blast.

Mr. Sun pulled me out of total dark hell gloom, creeping funny to joke about by bell glad good morning, hoping to yell that's warming to cheer.

Author Notes Sun up bright unfold an act of endurance stride you confront in this life daily given task efforts in a plan ahead for you. Day it to choke you up.

Chapter 14
A Bill


Geese like honks heard it the steps of buildings, conveying rules of law spoken by monks halls of Congress, its bonks by folk wills wordsmith.

Vulture obtains a seat by voter roles as father, targets wolves to woe troubling nations, beat poor world place limits lives to live slime meat.

Issues of law debated with written hand in ink, vote became care law health's value it to stink put wink snake eye yes did act to name the bill.

Votes gave to fulfill its rip system, designed a form rectangular that's scaled will final, stated upon dollar "In God we trust" it is written a bill.

People elected to talk state the lips view said public, thrust it victims flips obey improper act laws, life it gifts in sips by it active declared bill.

Wealth they do obtain by tax trading usage of notes, regains of totes it back on laid principle loans, confirmed votes taking it of bills a crime.

Criminals wealth a yo-yo's string twists action, unearned thing an act it on paper stolen cash, swing dollars stole its eagle's claw Judge rule.

Trick stated this quick thought a warming yes, thinking a delight thrill considering I want and will, for a bill to joy I'm right delighted in heart.

Author Notes Legal ruling hurt an act of endurance put under, rewarding heaven and its counter to fuel hell's fires. Law's cash paths laid covering this world.

Chapter 15
Downward Fall


Ace view examines his life's pit sitting dazzled, working a daily fact to its end face, isn't great a did for me retirement, push in uncertain race.

Fate weaving this trap to bust a man it to sink, pinned by evil it thrust to taunt voiding justice, tumbles fear shearing rust in once able bones.

Date man's treasure in a huge storm sunk ship, hidden it is there ax at slices wait to rip a neck a chamber, rise a wave to dip a sentenced fate.

Brainless not real fact consciousness, leased it's dark no tangle filthy wet prison, lay it's final a wrangle fated destiny a mangle death corpse.

Life this truth foretold its wisdom, had a dent displaying destiny, into hell fool sent got not to lie shown is living total bent facts seen full age.

Infant birth told horror rebirth to elder, sealed coffin no repair for him below a ground eternal palace fair: yet despair forever home the grave.

Autumn its flaw factor your revealed song told, foretold had real it tell coming yell flesh aging, summed total this fall close cage a hard shell.

We're the bright tones stars twinkling, blink in zones therein wrinkling told time, crackling no renewals the bones life vanishing as memories.

Rays a glow swim had downward a row active, drifting it's slow down descending cut destiny: unfortunate imminent activities a fall set time.

Author Notes Act of endurance views peers of oneself above others to rule as higher. Knowing to fate is not by newly emerged born but ruled by the eternal.

Chapter 16
Living In A Shadow


A child shivering in this dark self question hark, pondering soul having uncertainty a doubt his being, sit talking alone a bark less speechless.

Youth inside therein is unseen beneath this lid, displayed by mid adult is not exactly the same, grown chance either a bid not an act cast fate.

Kids bake do pretense a makeover, views had his voice sounded sake by others heard echoes, fumbled stutter words this being a fake clown.

Shadow it's firm stand gigantic this fort hiding, accepts wobbling kids to flee therein the abort responsibilities they go, escape any real resort.

Chamber soft cries of noise earrings low note, calls a fly sounds oh-h warning tries alerting it, whispered worries low hum touches both ears.

Quickly, replying back to it at fear it heals woe, aware actions this got carer set to protect one big toe, summoned aid by out cry fear by a doe.

Savior bone like rocks gives strong protection, as home lone shadow life inside walls of dark, enforced love pictured all alone efforts justice.

He's the one both love each day, a way shield souls set between legs kids both to find safety, nearby say those eyes comforted by their Dad.

Author Notes Beliefs admired an act of endurance holds no faults you of it, grows times trusted then had change alter comforts your facts surprisingly.

Chapter 17


I beheld this teeter pick evil arrogant cause rain, plant woe to the world threat its put fears pain, say men pure practice red to stain law's robes.

God a counter to stop its presentation terrors, amount losses totters twists save not manors, downward storm gust smash the torn horrors.

Thugs unfair activities deprive bugs, enduring dimness hid dark none in the sunlight dwelling, rip mugs this slitter to the law wrong cruelties.

I envisioned contrasts by its totter raging pins, crushing it made sites by tornadoes, laid sins equalized spins of host to even fast life's board.

Warmongers' millions pledged their war plans, assured its pain factor idiots it is a reddish bar, far from cares actions it ideals goodness God.

I proclaim it's indeed I am not a witty Einstein whose view I need, not sure cruel mean this to reason, nor soul to wit wisest seed in the field.

My observations at rip evil to reflect the teeter, reaping its hit to harm land diversified nations,
put reservations earth to totter it's God justice.

When will we become of nature set acts clear, understand this shield dome which is upon us, knowing us of its truth to teach it of our home?

Author Notes A war act of endurance back up evils engulfing the land, finding us the throne of God, and lost idiots that state there's no God ends made lies.

Chapter 18
A Song


Beaks sing out needful thought ends problems, inform one wing aims point stating spread up, relating a factor heard sting sense it's wisdom.

Ideal sent earth seeds below mind on the wall covering, think to glow view wetting put plants, refreshing tone hoped love to blow on sprouts.

Companions top toes done performance tips, twirl the flashing color seen clowns back flips, endure feats by action achieving twisting hips.

Feet leap high hop joy note thunder land hard, does team this family downs sound loud pop, joining mates in cheer seeding bop happiness.

Zircons to inspire grip view, dive it's all falling laughing, deliver it hive a nest life twitch in egg factor alive, gathers all in its joyous birth a fact.

Rules followed guides sure I've not got sorrow, regenerating the spirit helps progress marrow, refurbished obedience: smiles I am a sparrow.

Heart beat heard loud its thumped crisp bong, directing notes a truth in strikes gong bubbles, surged hot ointment a Kong wars enthusiasm.

Friends home being in a tall fortress I am safe, in my visions progress of healthy views shines painless, goes distress and my worry harmony.

Author Notes Song giving needed joy by loud happy shouting, conveyed is this act of endurance telling fright walking you in this hell. I see animals, playful.

Chapter 19


Angels flight protecting shepherds battle a bad, by might put conquest saving this war the lost sheep, awaits soldiers ruled by Heaven's Light.

Lads by a struck drum note beat to attack laid evils a feat, confronted the hatred ungodliness at wicked, vanquishing the cities threat worlds.

Armies factors to slay will it's sick acts to rule, facing off given unjust wickedness a cold chill, expelling evils its thrill salutes action services.

Hearts spiritualized in the guards rush for war, hush heroes doing not pleasant works pals it's for Grace, banished all it bad push Holy dream.

Brethren souls all wait silent tall stone statues, heard hark the waiters by a call held weaponry, pausing Holy servants found boulders in a hall.

Storm attacking hits it rages best pain threats, bring its peace to rest by this final destruction, destroying the protest assurances a truth won.

Love given helps goal its successful ripeness, doing guards said rule defended right fairness, struggling on each act new fate niceness man.

Guards all heart agree each in dock to sparkle, place stock the elders restoring good work all, destroying all for Rock enforcers God's justice.

Author Notes Life circumstances, an act of endurance faced, fight a harsh front line all alone against bad to survive protecting right it did a glorious victory.

Chapter 20
The Rapids


Tiny lions all fearlessly flying sounded roar out soar brethren, drip rain thundered to hear it out skies, in it open air this oar path independently.

Cloud's tear to tap soil wetting ground, surges cap no fear a mountain twitches rays twinkling, plummets a drip down to slap falling splashes.

Drops altering shapes joining one whole glow, curls this bend swiftly wild set course to mow, passing did cruise low cutting land from earth.

Storm towering forest a downpour its plunder, actions wonder happy kids it hits pounds land, smell tall pines scents trips it under the leaves.

Jewels jump off limbs to sink the glitter lights, blinking live beings all slitter tops of branches, thinking crystals blues to flutter mate to pinks.

Spark it grace without a breeze gust rush flow, going family laughs at life set in fun to rumble, grouping form stream race to pace soil water.

Droplet a big downfall a slope to find a puddle, project manners rarely discourteous say never unfriendly, acts playful a dope it hit to lope soil.

Creatures in trees find living in them delighted, enchanted by features voiced song sing group, assemble mixtures go swimming in the rapids.

Author Notes Encounters the change act of endurance faced, horrifying it failings of, tripped breath coughs down rainfall to project struggles its obstacles.

Chapter 21
The Path


Life treasure given task any downed feature set fund to replace, uplifts cash stored save in the bank, obtaining wealth its pleasure leaving job.

My duty is at the slow minors, losing items to drain that steals, stops the faults it reveals pits and boasts a max: end fear to retire seals goal.

Goal hit refuge issues disclosing its mistakes I tire, higher gain never a weaker desire sinking, replacing assets flaws did task bashes out fire.

Efforts predestined to a dream site may route, choosing paved lanes directing way to dream course, cutting aims to sway retiring set peace.

My selection picked it plummeted low to sack, deleted void the down stop lack, whole stack lifted total investments earned the job all years.

Job to leave foretold I another side rest living, reside the final stop of it stride sought finance, terminating friendship completes the scheme.

Money piled in a bank earns by laboring again he is a child wanting to play, bids route cutting worries finding joy mild, falls tear got I am wild.

Plan removal of faults increasing funds come short, making no error abort losing gain costs I end work, welcoming job retirement in resort.

Author Notes Things that are wanted work deeds you to earn delights, took struggle an act of endurance for those items to buy said not obtained pleasures.

Chapter 22


Teen acts of love newly born cradles, enduring alone not any mate aid a dove hurts in solitude, rushes to a job to then move buy at store item.

Kid's arm secured he's held safe, shielding lad from its life's bad harm dangers, said out at an alarm given of a safety step back to her threat.

God the living to strive faith aim holiness, see come its rises up dawn son will survive a belief sunrise, trust in morals live it aiding this nation.

A kid tours early teens in popular Holy spaces, seated in its churches the two faces, running paces going to or from high legal law buildings.

Kid lied this tale to tell spoken of mouths, act to stop a man punch to blow a hit to harm hurt: fated destiny this low eighteen he's now man.

Years in the future tell position her conditions, living it with strangers the start story situation, put in room action like a child hiding in silence.

Her privacy it's vacant, struck by an unknown wit, near a window curl there sit two eyes blind, punished soul home's pit had life cries a baby.

Dear son this thought a cold word not to care, saving God Ray ruling Heaven's Judge to bare, shouting her suffering its flare saw not by law.

Author Notes Safety, it for an elderly act of endurance, aged souls waiting as sitting ducks founded aims at theft, suffering neglect and at abuses not right.

Chapter 23
Spider and the Fly


"Watch me", flow over a purple flower flies up spec held in low winds, in high upper gusts of swirling, befriending a spider below talks a fly.

"We-e", spin body its blacked frame spinning, flapping his tiny wings rapidly to beat up in the air at the same time as twins, playing its game.

Hunter in this open pit hovering its pun a reply, "I can't fly, position in the air dawn facing sun I'm motionless, seated my fun with you wishes".

Killer in a nest spoke, "show wonder to me", thinking a blunder this show off an exact kind, replies with no ponder a fly a view back to him.

Fly bold words, "I will enhance modifying the tricks smooth hooks, I will dance soar uppers" assumed him a friend, glance at to lock eyes.

Upward this dark spot open air slowly twirling, near to raise an insect hair does super speeds, judged by actions this feat a fair performance.

Fly to turn roundabout hider viewed a fly sight crawler, flying to move not wider in mind ideal to doubt, sensing food top hairs this lone rider.

Fly stopped it trapped by web it's stuck sticky string grip, motionless therein embarrassed to sing, sling legs its spin: slurp the spider friend.

Author Notes A boastful heart act of endurance, urging of a folly its self assurance, entered interest fallen harm might not escape realness of adventures.

Chapter 24
My Magic Stone


Treatment an illness to find a cure aches in the body, under your cover days swallows pills aid ointment its times sick, other the appointment.

Hours feeling low woe to limit hits cold illness, chills over areas body amounts set weakness, inside the house days sniffing noses wetness.

Savior to cut held pain it is here, strike it there item combats adhering to worry, wish reasons heal a soldier it assists war mere strife a friend.

Pill put trick it's a tuck this friend the miseries, fights bad colds muck slay this inner hurt pain, end the act pluck grief laid its victory combats.

Rock swallowed place to heal solely seeks the flaws, crush it anguish beating pains to dock it, ticks sooth it to detain all discomforts a clock.

Crime law role picked an evil doing to provide a pusher, make a mole, take experiment idiots, and vanish into a hole the body to rush the pill.

Product priced is sold gathering many dollars, flips mobster's collars it built for us tiny items, filled up it laid hollows cash purchasing pillars.

Mind it comforting us the warrior armed fight, be known to the world taking many pills told it might, liken the reason our wind flight no brain.

Author Notes Act of endurance views the belief Father is this Creator God, promised to wipe the death tears. Man put a patch heals a theory set by science.

Chapter 25


Dots first up it appears born morn sparkle rays, beams flickering them mirroring brightness of a sun dark torn, seeing towers reflecting lights.

Each fort it was made of stone laid ascending, placing variety therein products a sort fresher, near port provision by float worthy sea vessel.

Big stones piled firmly provided stores serving needs, by activities the feeds that accountable did deeds, adding jobs fulfilling nations profits.

Rivet laid inside beam heat melts to seal hook frames, raid all folks at tag items departments, upper levels maid legs up away further ground.

Rich ores purchase of its walk venture buyers, sales fast food delight laid mixture tradesmen, roamed floors visitors finals no lights a fixture.

Wanderers in a hollow shell hear commerce in ear sounds of registers dings sells, exchanged sold items it traded got gain achieving per year.

Shopper feet pace the mall security screening, come the guests there from departure its race, obtaining bank's trade the plan purpose space.

Man served pie slices paradise cut, selling of goods financial towers by their greed provides, rolled economic dices two constructed pieces.

Author Notes Us sown evolving as a "biological speculation" act of endurance, fact living all to vibrate our reasons, America Eats its Young: Fuckadelics.

Chapter 26


Child hidden state dark lonely an unknown brat, heard no sounds from rush therein a rat plays, purring told this cat is lurking darkness depth.

He therein speechless its whisper any echoed, sight viewer new birth watching ponder death, home dark his temper not a whimper put ears.

Loner eyes true vision hoping it's better future to ponder life cuts view precisely, heat of stars a wonder to everlasting plunder, not any sound.

He is given the task to study this life watching actualities, with you at casualties face frowns fallacies, breaks bread not said any say known.

Planet gasses hots he it fears pauses to listen, in a moist den the drip sound to hear crackling, turns its soil grave dirt to then poise there still.

Silence a journey he is to store a good its sour intent knowledge, acts firm pausing not totally silent, deep heart tears the harsh factual event.

I'm crying "Awake the fortress strict set quiet, will dock due freedom key to unlock us action, making infinitely finals hurt ticking clock pain".

A remark never voiced hearing response back, deposited any answer telling thoughts to tack, whisper said no tones any sack sound silence.

Author Notes This all seeing eye you are under sight viewed as an act of endurance with silence. Beholder of times put its canopy on life watching it lives.

Chapter 27
Hold Death's Hand


When sad events befall its ills to you tomorrow, deeming sores placed perhaps plague sorrow, denying needful loved cash funds and borrow.

Soul in a corner pitted combats an enemy evil, howls at hateful rages stages sent repeatedly, doubt unfolded cages mistreatment this dark.

Help not its laid factor revealed no sight might, by chain links to collar not beloved, confronts harsh treatment others no right tormented soul.

Heaven its gold doors are locked to you close, found no moment free refresh to take in Coors, empty in pockets jobs mopping all tiled floors.

You'll gladly believe to sing high set total relief, here our defeat a brief extreme thing harsh its fate, commit soul best ruling guesses as chief.

Life peach to swallow to poison you, face evil teach woe the infliction no doubt, reach higher success a Reaper miss hit to hold death's hand.

Author Notes A fact fated from one's birth to death an act of endurance, grips it of a death's hand. Life in its uncertainties having no hopes freed this hell pit.

Chapter 28


Arms directing it points the way daily informing, proclaims day actions sway it did movements, address labors events not to speak endeavors.

Cop steers the course constructing a pathway, turning hand in waves the dry sand grains tick, arriving at job to band in areas given pastures.

Hands spun rips curls unfolded reality circling, swirling forward chips timed needed deposits, receiving a work wage by working flips efforts.

Specialist declaring of a transaction its record, replies no word stated not ignoring its thought, walked a straightaway ford gave route to treat.

Days events of friends rays together, works of workers earning money ways a family weekend, prior announcement it no said doing activities.

Complimentary slices of bread pacing of toes, stopping it give a start majestic fated wisdom, does befriending foes face round fixed heads.

Years existing never it a frown seen to curses, touch evilness to hate fears it not complained, fell in soil not to drops of tears having no eyes.

Billions of you control by clicks science scale, related your say notes positioning millions on planet, did trick tames lions by its commands.

Arms swing extended thin limbs goes around, directing a metal thing not eye or leg just face, instructing a full globe to point one ring circus.

Sounds to follow loud another note out heard, watching can see now moves rush flash quick, beloved to flick a click: going a period of time.

Author Notes Ends got chaos answer stopping holder the act of endurance achieving of this dream hoping to seek wisdom its issues watches time watchers.

Chapter 29
The Throne


Waves ripples on grass, rolls set tips darkness, float in the water a log its swamps bog voices fog viewed shot figures walks smoke vapor life.

Steps hear creeping it beside the flowing river, aside the bath sounds traveling path splashes, behind flapping leaves there reside bright eyes.

Locust trouncing taps must at stumble forest, rushing all in a trail zip its wrinkles gust things, running slow then fast turns there low in night.

Mirages desperately a mound zip up put curls this mountain, seeking a fountain its gleaming high, crying pain loudly leaving or walk up a hill.

Folk lives enclosed its tide tells men torments, rippled a dreadful ride disclosing sad tortures, saw souls lowest fear dooms a slide the liars.

Lightning rays surging from skies laid thunder, warning care crackles sound its sharp flashes, tone pruning darkness it defy hate illumination.

Throne targeted those to flee a right justice as guilty, hid not the mice it to nest for rest, exist nice none among them paid its price hurt fears.

God's say Mount laws ruling to state this way, to stay His facts know Lord's justice folk truth, defy any evil watch He a King of Kings forever.

Author Notes A picture drawn act of endurance with fingers as brushes fluorescent paints, under light see features coming to life, looking people at you.

Chapter 30
Play God


Another hot day stun it ending slowly to come, tingling time sun with top large trees this fun soon, tell men to drag I see tired farm workers.

Shadows out the dark forming heads shapes, ascending tops to high arch shoulders up rises, sided their hops seen on old rags I view bops.

Their acts wobbling to rock through weeds, at cry close loud demand to heeds, yelled deeds by this voice angry aim at my mother a gesture.

A bully furiously he to yell shouting threats to, raging to tell thoughts felt in the wind echoed, told insane sharp hate whip held cracks a bell.

Whip it no strap sight but sound of pop heard, swirled with again line top the snap popping a stop, vanish its cap in a thick unknown silent.

Voice spoke out more view to see mother fall, seeing this whip strike afar above her air core, deny a woman plea is big lore it of the master.

My shame limits to tip endured defeat, inside framed up fire fiery fury to rip at me, wet a drip fallen there out to drop watching slowly a tear.

Heart perceives lack it by others by evil deeds, depart rather far from it using as answer pain, serve part truth a trust in love put compassion.

Author Notes King upon a hill the act of endurance reasons, put confidence in pride to fall, perceived being over others no thought had of sharing equality.

Chapter 31
Something Special


God to stop something special to evil to install in me, gave hate factor final ended wickedness its fall, allowed a small gift factor man powers.

Eyes bright searching the lighthouse a target, cutting its beam night perhaps for this demon, monitored eyesight its actions deed righteous.

Realistic measures to combat foul ill mad sin, opposing defeats with an equal balancing win, formed a coat of tin to aid made block arrows.

Your steady divine oar to soar no war missiles, comforting a host not a kill death by this roar, readiness to this fight set armed put a hunter.

Arm strength the bulk all built to endure tasks, loving heart friendship it thumps warm bonds, advancing mind views not to harm them good.

Property You reserved this large ark area land, pointed mark of posts helping visitors guards no food, permitted it to guests to come to park.

Soul warm heart loud beats virtuous this tick, stopping a crook said harm trick wickedness, mentioning a believer a brick to assist a Rock.

God stating a word to ring the truth both ears, need of fact revealing it to me the element to swing Your to wisdom Bing, put a declaration.

Author Notes Injustices presented an act of endurance living, at war horrors freed in law righteousness this unto facing a sent bad. God see, Happy Day?

Chapter 32
Light and Darkness


A story before creation forming an earth origin, begin a home of souls in sin below, told a tale proclaiming it of others within this ground dark.

Thought of upper light put a suggestion made, stated vanity delusion superior sight, reflects alright a higher host all blessed alive real folks.

Darkness has a secret dim unknowns covered, post blind view all lies declaring a belief a yes, by sides recalls a host of truth finds lost proof.

The light known it's all seen about real things, uncertainty of a dark it stings opposite reason, told a trail rings words axed a fake fact reality.

Deceivers a final sale to seal the dark matter, creating said woe tale no vision a hell's story, stating others in to live all below Pure Ale light.

New dark forms there it's obvious statements, sounded opinion hark the first contact by God, claims host existence a remark stating theory.

Dark mound formed a liar named seen reality, theorized a hole found its pit endless, despair fright sound in it of the dead they entitled deep.

Lad's hand to reveal it bottomless as not right, in the dark spot bright beams about sparkling, equaling the darkness there's a light in this pit.

Author Notes The everlasting waters act of endurance given times held the dwelling, known eternal ground and sky a plan for man: origin it Day and Night.

Chapter 33


Hero halting this threat is needed now, cutting measures at pressures, bunk cruel unfairness targeting those wicked, give treasures reward.

Years' goal to protect pups unfolded wisdom, heard cries of tears by a monitor smile at kids beholding lives, hug to end put fears comforts.

Man to help sufferers better bed sick treating, utter thought that's of a just perfect advocate, by words details a real not to mutter fact truth.

Golden key branded in his heart set faith rarity, glow bright prosperity by High Light, debates a soul its clarity of God trusted in Him a soldier.

Lord supplies a ranch gain by faith rewarding, receive also by deeds seeds into soil to plant, grow crops to shrink it needs in the Earth food.

Words rip to strike the arrows it voice this evil, targeting the shadows picked shot him to trap hell said a yell of Jesus, at bad hollows palace.

Man formation tripled a way mind very strong, achieving ray God say brightness shows good, delivered eternity rays to glow refreshing birth.

Fingers blurred swaps aiming divisions fading, viewing capabilities the decisions simply being, writing my newer lines revisions ends this itch.

Author Notes Personal suggestive as attributes, defining the just or its unjust act of endurance, self picked your say the selections. Your best aids others.

Chapter 34
The Jungle


Sun this flare saw drop , sinks its fall finals rest, sounded out a scream hidden in hollows burst call shouts, came dark proclaiming news to all.

Statement a cry to life it issued voice warning, creeping a dreary fear fright to near it coming, surviving dark danger to try effort of animals.

Grounds I tour high air over the disarray below, above from the leaves this green view density low, cruise moment to bow thin upper heights.

Creatures seen trying beds in the deep south, settled a timid doe lay test rest by large claws closer, out of it the low bushes a pest sits prey.

Jungle traveling to pit its blind foliage covers going, inside hell cage layers trembles looking, unseen ferocious view of peering savage eyes.

Life's chill facts to live realities to kill, clicking close teeth on a dinner cutting jaws slice a will death, escaping all the to horror unfriendly you.

We are there surviving given hate threat horror here, uttering a bloody yell late o-oh, bleeding victims by a mere claw cuts fates ripping flesh.

Nature rules their pick acts to cure murdering, slays a weaker action that touches pure bites, taste it lure emotions done in rage by hunger.

Author Notes State of illusions there act of endurance being outside a known reality, trapped in your mind's imagination to endure a jungle it home's hell.

Chapter 35


Statement by an Orator disclosing fear to harm ponder, coming bad to define threat picking of words fact still wonder, not blunder this to say.

Danger its harm to be stated to all by alerting, hoped care over world fighting back this issue, spoke a dare say loud read bare Text told God.

Soul seeking thoughts role disclosing of a hell to question said words, serving a sole fact will act to save, searches a mole this clear method.

Nations to see hurting lacked meals problems, souls depleted rations harmful a danger event close in its destruction, needful actions safety.

Governments taking a stand seriously serving, emerged to harm stop fear loud proclamation voiced out to the world: hear a shear the blade.

Judgement Day views people to suffer unjust measure, at pressures a 666 hurt spark plug a bloody treasure, stops hits this Reaper a Pure.

News to tell of danger helps others by alerting, by a deal mixes ideals, seal conveyance I say it, pick words detailing a to threat ends all zeal.

Author Notes Issue act of endurance intents aid others said method fact to ponder correctly do the factors. What picked thoughts timed to speak say you?

Chapter 37


Heart total fact crystal had exchanged verdict, start life joys or a stop death performing fates, behold viewer no part of per say tied a player.

He precisely good cut or shear at fear claims, revealing through Him the servant tear sorrow of, reward won cheers equalizing bad balance.

Man to snare in a trap just life doomed, pulls the Contractor puppet's strings to move, in the rear shadows attractor God factor convictions.

An innocent phantom awaits concerns sitting, thinking your interests ideals recent listens to, siding one percent of any thought his opinion.

Half will Jesus to bad life harsh Satan horrors, by victim questions to Dealer utilizing a poser, serving a treat or chill no wish laid a thrill self.

His light shine crystal listening to statements, displays in mind sight justified rights fairness, by an act might Bless motion or a blow Curse.

Author Notes Work act of endurance it to face brethren on a throne never wanted to sit and rule, also doing to learn the proper way it earned by trial errors.

Chapter 38


Poetry a voice to stand set convicted emotions, pitch it an aware word that land delivers arrow desires, armed my war wand and defense bow.

Love active intentions steady aim targets red, by a slow pull on string effort low hum flow out, with back stretch had it calm at wind breezes.

Archer a sight paused direct line picture view, capture evils bad zone protection loved things, place self cares in the soul combating rapture.

Weapons in readiness to mark assurance trap my objective, pulling it tight release its strikes observing it to slap my target, stop evil to cap.

Truth summoning call touching words surges my at dreams, fulfilling to slice to ring out from an arrow I to install aim, conquering wall there.

Poetry giving comfort a fort there around me, defending me standing there put time, baffled a line site precisely I to abort tried missed I cry.

Poetry given an arrow I began to talk to chalk a thought, direct ideal to tingle view get ready times, awaiting I walk doubted consideration.

Her love wants a right to hear senses touch a tear, shredded to bonk destiny success, strike a spot clear statement sings a yearning heart.

Author Notes Pals act of endurance joined as two. Life's dilemma of someone else. Good, bad and ugly behind such trust. A desire for a friend.

Chapter 39
The Reaper


Your cold freezing chill denotes put will horror, closing form unknown dread an ill figure killer, shrinking abilities into dark depth plays game.

Scythe ripping attacks prey the swing tripping, cut sharp tong thirsts soul hunts blood slayer, sipping abuse to flesh sent hell another reality.

Specter doing a tragic evil scheme put to slay, endures us this theme wishing death certainty, creeping to you Thing asleep extreme horrors.

His fate slaughtering souls in groaning rages, cutting victims a hater in the shadows stages, gives ill pain to others, creating seen mirages.

Rodent to stop breath final to living his deeds, slicing into flesh parts, opened somebody led quickly bled shines red finds miseries a corpse.

Destroyer his dart kills a weasel not at a word, utter heart not a warm action bloodied its tolls unhappiness, dragging a cart the slain victims.

His reason given to a blow the head attacker hit, tear stranger fright sent spooky death taps, splitting a pole person this season food grave.

Pawns a foe no power against ancient mystic evils, shower it gloom they to breath in the air, place all towering life or a swap mower blade!

Author Notes Life's bringer of death act of endurance with the living dead, and to see angels the reapers. God allows or doesn't, check out Job's story.

Chapter 40
A Tear


Words voiced from box clear grip heart, strikes notes stated silent pox, appearing in right eye mud fox heard thought frightening views news.

Dot the shape swirling becomes a larger drop, flickers to rape horror thrills wobbling to rock, escape built anger not all watered this mound.

I'm indeed a maker of a tear not a full creator, hurt a rat this scheme sunk I found by a baker, dripped a faker hatred twink a side of a cheek.

Actuality is a tear real it's constructed in fact, fragments victims pain given impact, realizing actions to come served my set fate the contact.

Enough fun had a tear off a cheek side big fall, dive fast twirled leaps to hear nothing, depart this gem from near my chin there falling to dot.

Crown self worn to an unrighteousness, falls down a teardrop lining it my body, came splat grown to splash cut by a deed mention theory.

Floor broke a tiny drip to doom pieces, zoom back into the air travels distances, hit its boom this leak splatters into many countless beads.

A ball exposed free to do stopped it by none, dropping it ventures by call leaves its pit, from hid hall tear to answer sent sorrow given rage.

Author Notes A tear seen honesty to its an act of endurance, broken one by the wet ball rooted to the heart. Soul is ripped in pain, coming its water a tear.

Chapter 41
Haunted House


I am excited returning home enjoying reunion, grips and hugs finally ending to union us two, with my cousin a time to relate apart a vision.

Lips smack walking to travel the closest store, coming both to an old shack aside a tar road, recall a pack of people then in the small house.

Low room completely reaching top very filled, slowing upon aspects seen gloom we to talk, used as a barn storing this home being doom.

Glass shows new hay inside all stored therein, blocking windows the bails lay piled all to top, routed this pathway to a door cut to move one.

This store to leave us in a pitch dark pal seen, cleaving in the night it lark unseen cores there, remembering the gore had laughs hark at a pit.

House abrupt pop up appearance we to stop, shine out of windows bright beams, plays in pounds sound it of hop music it an active party.

Cousin picks up stone given immediate action, in palm a rock fraction, hurling this small part a factor sent out to get any feedback reaction.

Pebble into the dark pit striking the top tin roof, struck this stone hard bangs heard hit ringing, pounds a bit stopping the house given events.

Author Notes Ghosts or aliens act of endurance occurrence not certain, maybe you to face angels in a true account, encouraging soul enters their space.

Chapter 42


A happy serene dream set full vision of myself, leap legs up in a team strikes earth stumbling, tingle a sunbeam I am kicking fierce this dust.

Rays blinding my eyes burn hot wave skin pits, sought warmth steam hits shredding to harm, descending heat pins forth its out from high.

The forest's edge quiet this hush set tempting, through tall bush going effort seek comforting, push a sucker had for safety my wish its dark.

Sight it's noticing this mark on me these eyes, lark this form close to a tree trunk in its shade, in its dark stand figure it felt there motionless.

Belief a man is hidden not seen doubts exists, out peers there a form black unseen is inside, given perception I of its formation a teen Ninja.

The dark moving from the trunk to a limb see, leaped mist off the tree seemingly descending, feeling slightly strange a bee touches not land.

Ball of smoke bubbles reaching arms it whips, changing by call built to a man shaped body, fall his sudden hits like that seen a solid figure.

Test flesh torn rips by elongated iron fingers, horrified not to rest I've cut on my back, with a threat pest seen dream during my night's sleep.

My life given true Elm Street a told nightmare.

Author Notes True act of endurance told you could not in your sleep get harmed, wishing it was fantasy, having physical proof something did happen.

Chapter 43


Within a stern set stare drawn seams of views, absorbs thought of the mind I bare out peering, gaze nearby a window to less care glows eyes.

The curtain that hung it up rose here looking, whipping pop snap in front my nose missing, feeling at breeze open hose heard utterances.

I know I sighted misty form its movement, in the ear sounds of oh-h echoed place tone low, flow at chill dead cold to go passing my body.

I set turns backwards the occurrences fright, having by me no vision any precise sight, slam might a door in my pad concealing the intruder.

In home's wall owned found safety shaking a tot, wooing a noise set word this fact I will not deny, traced I'm dazed to sit programmed bot.

Guest it spoke to me the words proving test, understanding not any spoken told to wowing, heard best this friend proclaimed statements.

Sin shapes it sound to tell beyond a fall, post of life my pin set about spooky things, blowing in the wind I'm hearing a trumpeting tin noise.

Author Notes An unknown given act of endurance seeing a specter or a dark black shadow person, in the Holy Text view our out of flesh returning soul.

Chapter 44


He upcoming sun there to tell stories, stun ear priestly words it by him doings, aging this soul beloved voice talks fun tale the morn is Simon.

Simon places a lure to get paid folks offerings, pointing kids a raid to him seen with laughter, said a clever tale told it's solely sided by him.

Humor he portrays in violent travels, out his lips the glowing rays a secret mystic, defining hard effort says his put self agony of the event.

His conflicts told it to stop given a chill heard, trap goers not it will of all walkers told affairs, pausing some people a thrill receiving its facts.

Hearer feels pain with its immediate reaction, attracting statements holding eyes a fraction, relating a fact imaged revealing a conception.

His blood story told to portray him a dead kill, sway I'm thinking of in my mind asking depths: is my stay its thirst for those tales spoken lies?

His adventures had it stirred the folk passing, jerking tears from the eye sock to mock him, put action I doubt it of Simon this lock version.

All coming to the pure word facts he spoke of, said his reality its acts happen to occur to him, told impacts by Simon tale it in say of himself.

Author Notes View act of endurance sharing a heart writer, relating told stories of with its filled emotions, find soul a storyteller performing as Simon.

Chapter 45
Down On My Knee


Law purposely put flaw trust in a system victim, slices wrong decaying deceits it bust services, fantasized its fairness the innocent must face.

Courtroom the hidden laid traps its preset got lost verdict, weakening bone no stone to strike lips tight press, sitting alone facing endeavors.

Whispers hear laughs being a lower poor tear, heard in ears ignorant ideal of its threat fears, flipped colleagues law its spear done injustice.

Fool a legal might bad tax payment aim not to protect, declared good light beams hate to live, by eyesight it evil cast judgements guilty man.

I still do trust in a pure law blooming rightness, filled pleasures hoped to aid sure life, release its cure where I go just actions at hate throats.

Best I to die exposing presently either wicked opposite good, endure it a protest denying my justice this test, down on my knee rights less.

Author Notes Entering the dragon act of endurance protested its liar to acknowledge him the seriousness of truth. Man facing odds at wrongs by challenge.

Chapter 46


In deep mind logic not understanding to know, got sand placed upon to band me the attacks, plotted evil lies threat the sick intent that land.

Statement faithful not to question said words, folding this innocence pull a string web cords, displays decree lords cursing you given hate.

Workman dollars low made a buy trade blow, ruling by invisible law a hollow, got below of the hand that writes its stated thought by a bill.

I am back-stabbed by its held bin corruptions, by the Ripper rip harm grin draining red blood, given killer name isn't gin not solely it is Sam.

I do love you my baby not to live without you, said this dove to mate agreed this union only, above her there to say me a second husband.

Dream as successful it all seen a lie, in a glass I'm shiny to merely die, scattered left no hope haven not a slice of pie pondering its why view.

Rights all for services I to fight sided this war, combat it not by them by law structured a bar, wonder how far I have not yet to be fully free?

Promise this fact being high it potential, react God ends all promises upon us, given a truth pact it's resurrection of ground everlasting hell.

Author Notes Moments to be a part wait act of endurance, but simply left out due the trusted statement, unfolded never a fact. A pal states a promise.

Chapter 47
Eye of Sparrow


"Run", cries a sparrow in green tree heights of, warning people to see said tweets had to fear, command care to flee responds none of them.

"Men coming", put a hop; turn a hop again "there", playing it not to stop people why won't you, in near dark harm seen atop all had fright.

Happy event enjoying it fun happening, with laughter unions people here joys run everyone of us, holding to belief by a sunk sun to party.

Men from land bushes slowly come to venture, throwing the old down raging pushes, rushes their faces to level the flatness of the ground.

Sparrow tilted the head fight ending settled, by might the beads and of the bracelets removed, chained people joined bagging without sight.

Lonely singles that did hark them lined as well, beneath the open sky a brief hut hidden park, in thick dark gathered mumbling inside a hole.

On a big ship boarded rising top its water rips, dips side to craft legs moonlight a trip, going a vessel bird seen a tip sinking it into the night.

Best to thee said fair! All to thee a haven well! Sparrow this view of a host's story to tell, in a cell removed from here their rightful birthright.

Author Notes Family recording time act of endurance place, displays a division by self taught illusion of a separation: in a hollow shell being meat heads.

Chapter 48
The Journey


Journey got snares unseen a trap cage, acts not seen did in cloak uncertainty, pits between in the world all in it to play.

A trip to venturing doors that's locked, ruling of floors cruel its injustice clocked, guest docked there in the maze to pray.

Choice of a path is trusts in God's barn, His wisdom to seek merits to earn good, warn all being aware of His granted grace.

Voyage of shadows a strike hits by fools, in dungeons wits to unveil divine tools,
passing caverns fits ghoul's minds ideals.

Together we shine His beam laughter, us caring for others being divine a team, entwined we steam friendly as brothers.

Rejoice to proclaim world is conquered, reclaiming us from our given fallen hell, factor claim held on the Heaven reigns.

(Upside Down)

Rejoice to proclaim world is conquered, reclaiming us from our given fallen hell, factor claim held on the Heaven reigns.

Together we shine His beam laughter, us caring for others being divine a team,
entwined we steam friendly brothers.

Voyage of shadows a strike hits by fools, in dungeons wits to unveil divine tools,
passing caverns fits ghoul's minds ideals.

Choice of a path is trusts in God's barn, His wisdom to seek merits to earn good, warn all being aware of His granted grace.

A trip to venturing doors that's locked, ruling of floors cruel its injustice clocked, guest docked there in the maze to pray.

Journey got snares unseen a trap cage, acts not seen did in cloak uncertainty, pits between in the world all in it to play.

Author Notes Endurance looking ahead doing the opposite walking backward, given acts outside the path desired to go.

Chapter 49
They I Love


Fright pit wipe away sadness my anger, a new fit way to rise movement I in heart, you afraid shadow no more to sit in fear.

I sugar you with my love vowed forever, everlasting fire your dove who desires, joys unsung clove in many hopes for us.

Acres by acres it of green got meadows, flavors scents there seen fresh flowers,
pleasing in its plenty fruit and herb teen.

Rainbow led steps to touch better time, unheard below blue sky sad we're well, carefree ride low in the rainbow's lanes.

Under clear skies I ask forgetfulness, actions hostile had tear by hateful acts, times habitual to rip I say you to bear it.

My heart you know its aims is sincere, living you in rays of mere abundance,
laughter view there in had its utmost fun.

We all joined us to play always smiling, having no tears at to you stay hide obey, heart hoped interest comforting a bay all.

We must be aware feeling compassion, beware of pain given to a friend felt harm,
climbing us to the Golden Door by fare.

Author Notes Endurance regrets ills done to ones you love, fallen fates of harshness, cover concern by abusing those near to you.

Chapter 50


A gun is not a big deal to me crossing, teasing fun a child I had two snap toys, teen rising sun given BB my time to hunt.

I moved to the big city from the farm, my shocking alarm of the violence there, feeling calm again relieved warm home.

Gun pushed in gut opening door space, woman from purse drew put to my face, elderly race him to point shaking a colt.

At airport child my basket to drop a gun, abort this woman of her kid stopping, illegally found her to transport the drugs.

I've seen it all heard it swear to protect, been their lust there intent to draw blood,
run foolish fright they're afraid a teen.

Is it right ten cops shot to kill a man, into his body tops twelve had bullets', say no one nothing Supreme bops bad.

God loves you souls told hell to hate you, harmony them to be together as doves, moves apart given in differed set opinion.

A gun present force without fight strikes, consent each to own most not to carry it,
intent solely to end the life of something.

Author Notes Endurance shot at to see your death, escape unlikely, finding yourself cornered facing the bullet.

Chapter 51


Plenty good laughs among caring eyes, bounty of all that is there rooms within, yet still empty want to leave its comfort.

Love it full desire for from all directions,
not you know next fire hurt to descend,
other than in mire at need of some aid.

Complacent views taunt come at you,
bee in a dome with parents in the honey,
times of doubts set you'll be safe home.

Ideals emerged is to be self-independent, mature purged you at being self serving,
submerged free of ones safe enclosure.

You rush stumbles to leave cave safety,
in quick quiet hush of where you going, yourself to push out any way for the door.

Life theme facts by happening realities,
trials a given creme its woe attacks you,
times now extreme should stay content.

Prisoner found in struggles you to live,
realist in drop dive tricked by betrayal, hive its aims target to threaten it to kill.

Captive found firm in a wrap held by web, fly in a trap viewing life's snare as real,
seeing on-coming a tap you of a spider.

Author Notes Endurance views of a greener life can't wait, current times not perfect enjoy. You'll get your wish or wish a nightmare.

Chapter 52
Writer's Corner


I like to consider myself a researcher, finding studies of investigative interests mostly prevailed on theology. This book records my search to identify what I was writing periodically outside that projected choice to endeavor. Short story features pertaining my tiny descriptive notes scribbled about events during the course of intended investigation. They were brief written conveyances containing delightful viewpoints I found captivating to my appetite giving a break in studies. Finally, efforts a desire for them coming to a need to know these messages true potentials. I held this new endeavor putting aside my intended research, captured by those given efforts done in short presentation, my aim defining these notations chances poetic. Efforts result illustrating my short-comings of the art of poetry as my improper written expressed English grammar. Conclusion of works given a flexing feedback ranging their views of them, consisting of low or high rates by responding readers stated comments reviews. Their remarks testing my word expression or complimenting unique aspects of the same poem. These comments prompting my fight to combat those low rates of those poems I had written. Most my notes lacking vital grammar form, defined by my readers of them an absence of coherency. Yet, those write despite such ills, meriting exceptional and excellent marks I had to attribute to interest. The experience drove me to do countless revisions, shaping a better view of my expression of the English language. Hopefully, understanding my endurance proper aspects better, prompting efforts to give a more comprehensive conveyance in my work. This book intention bringing forth components about life, defining items in aspects of endeavors, things we can face in set existence. The poems listed covering obsessions, befallen struggles that exist, formed natural to us exchanges had in life. I wish to thank those who gave their reviews of poor, to exceptional, realizing my flaws in grammar are still relevant, hoping to better their written view on future readers.

Author Notes My attempt at a completed work, quite an endeavor with its highs and lows of contained items, a countless path of endless flaws by reviews. As Adam's Family Gomez Adam would state: "I'm feeling better, now."

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