"The Two of Me"

About the Author

By QC Poet

Chochee Medina was born in Los Angeles, California during the early 1960's and is a first generation Chicano, a Mexican-American son born of parents who immigrated from Guanajuato and Jalisco Mexico.

Bearing a distinct Mexican-Indian appearance that can be traced back through his ancestry, with origins to an ancient (pre-Aztec) Chichimecan Indian tribe. Chochee grew up in the San Fernando Valley primarily in the city of Pacoima, hometown of the late 1950's rock and roll pioneer and forefather of the Chicano rock movement, Ritchie Valens.

The forth born son in a family of six boys and two girls. He has two older brothers an older sister, three younger brothers and a younger sister. His parents, two of his older brothers, a younger brother and sister have also since passed away.
For some unexplained and still mysterious reason his father had left his beloved town of Guanajuato, Mexico in the early 1950's around the age of 28 and came to the USA to begin a new life.

Chochee was raised in the often harsh environment of a changing Latino Society, one in which a quickly disappearing "old world" Mexican belief system was constantly clashing with the new American youth culture changes of the mid 1960's thru early 1980's. This includes the changing attitudes on the mixing of races, drugs, music, politics, spiritual and personal identities.
Throughout his growing years Chochee, perhaps by fate or the idea of the six degrees of separation, would come to have encounters with people who had became well known or famous in the arenas of acting, comedy, music and law.

A proud American Citizen of Mexican Decedent, an aging husband and father of two grown men, Chochee also had the opportunity to have been associated with the manufacturing of aerospace components for some of the most famous American experimental Military Aircraft and Space based systems conceived in the Late 1950's to the late 1990's as result of his approximate 15 year aerospace manufacturing career. He then later climbed up the ladder to include Quality Management positions in the Aerospace industry during his 35+ year working history before being overcome with debilitating Disabilities.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Author Notes Thank you for your Support and Prayers as I continue my quest to complete books related to unbelievable life stories and poems.


By QC Poet

Dedicated to

This book is dedicated to all of the souls in this world who may find themselves living a dual life and struggling with that thin line between the good and the bad that this world has to offer, I pray that the one true light will outshine the darkness in your world and that you find peace in your mind, body, and soul.

My never ending Thank You from the deepest part of my heart to all of my family and friends who picked me back up when I thought I could no longer stand on my own two feet.

To my Wife Angela, you are God's gift to me. Without you my world would not exist.

Author Notes It is my Prayer and Hope that nobody will ever have to struggle with the effects of alcohol, drugs, or any addiction(s).
It is also my Hope and Prayer that everyone
only has to Live through the positive or good in life and not the negative or bad things.

Chapter 1
Meet Chochee Medina

By QC Poet

Chochee Medina

Chochee Medina was born in Los Angeles, California during the early 1960's and is a first generation Chicano, a Mexican-American son born of parents who immigrated from Guanajuato and Jalisco Mexico.

Chochee is the nick name an elder cousin gave him when as growing children, he would mis-pronouce Georgie.

Bearing a distinct Mexican-Indian appearance that can be traced back through his ancestry, with origins to an ancient (pre-Aztec) Chichimecan Indian tribe. Chochee grew up in the San Fernando Valley primarily in the city of Pacoima, hometown of the late 1950's rock and roll pioneer and forefather of the Chicano rock movement, Ritchie Valens.

Chochee's father was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, his mother in Jalisco, Mexico and they met through Chochee's uncle, when his father and uncle both worked as grave diggers at Forrester Lawns Cementary.

The fourth born son in a family of six boys and two girls, he has two older brothers an elder sister, three younger brothers and a younger sister.
His parents, two of his elder brothers, a younger brother and sister have also since passed away.

For some unexplained and still mysterious reason his father had left his beloved town of Guanajuato, Mexico in the early 1950's around the age of 28 and came to the USA to begin a new life.

Chochee was raised in an often harsh environment of a changing Latino Society, one in which a quickly disappearing "old world" Mexican belief system was constantly clashing with the new American youth culture changes of the mid 1960's thru early 1980's including changing attitudes on mixing of races, drugs, music, politics, spiritual and personal identity.

Throughout his growing years Chochee, perhaps by fate or the idea of the six degrees of separation, would come have encounters with people who have became well known or famous in the arenas of acting, comedy, music and law.

A proud American Citizen, of Mexican descendents, an aging husband and father of two grown men with their own children, Chochee also had a 15 year opportunity to have been associated with the manufacturing of parts for some of the most famous American experimental Military Aircraft and Space and airplane based systems as part of his 35 +yr. Aerospace career.

This is his tale of living a Dual Life and rising from the street life of Pacoima, including working in an aerospace manufacturing and Quality Management positions while remaining active in Street Life activities. A span covering over fifty years of his life before becoming disabled by the debilitating effects of living the Dualistic nature of his Life choices.

Author Notes All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.
Some names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Chapter 2
To live is to sleep

By QC Poet

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.

In Aztec culture, the worship of death involved the worship of life. Even while the skull was a symbol of death - it also is a promise of resurrection. Before the Aztecs, the indigenous Chichimecan Indians fought to protect their homes and surrounding land from the Spaniards looking to exploit the mineral rich area of Guanajuato, Mexico. Unable to defeat the Chichimecas militarily from 1550 to 1590 the Spaniards finally resorted to offering goods and opportunities to bribe the Chichimecans into making peace.

Similarly, the Native American peoples of North America were demonized for living a way of life that was not understood according to European belief systems. In fact one symbolic portrayal of the Manifest Destiny of the 1840's, featured "Columbia" the great American woman angel floating over the Western Plains, ahead of her is a great darkness with bears, wolves and Indians fleeing her light and in her wake were farms, villages, cities and railroads. The idea was to invoke a mental picture that the Native American culture was animalistic, ignorant and barbaric lacking in spirituality and morality therefore the Indians had to be removed in order to bring prosperity and technological progress to the United States.

The U.S.-Mexican War fought during 1846 and 1848 which resulted in the capture of lands in the Southwest also must have been very difficult for the United States to justify during that period. The rational was that it would bring Anglo-Saxon institutions into an area that was devoid of such enlightenment.
Expansion and Indian removal during this period should have created some problems for the new American nation in terms of its moral character. How could a nation that prided itself upon its democratic institutions, force the Native American people living in these areas westward? How could you rationalize the taking of one's land and the usurpation of others property?

In the end the argument that was used was, "It had to be done to save these Native Indian people. They didn't fit in the East, so they had to move out beyond the frontier where they could do their Indian thing unmolested. This was the best and only possible way to save these poor Native Indians.
The hypocrisy of this must have been pretty obvious because many of the people who were removed were sophisticated and "civilized". The literacy rate of the Cherokee nation back then was higher than that of the white South up through the Civil War, yet the tribe was still moved westward as an uncivilized people, so that their land could be open for the expansion of the United States.
Many of the tribes living in the Southeast already were settled successful farmers or "civilized," yet they were still moved to Oklahoma. In Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana, the Native American people there were already active in trade, were trilingual and entrepreneurs, still they were forced to move into the plains of Kansas and would become Native American pioneers there. They transformed the West because their cultures had already been transformed in the East therefore; they brought many tenants of American "civilization" to the West with them. Many of the tribes indigenous to the region were also forced to move yet further West and South against the Mexican frontier. The U.S.-Mexican War was only one of a series of American expansions that took place. The legacy of this war was the continued expansion during the latter part of the 19th century. By the end of the century, the U.S. had expanded from coast to coast and also expanded into Asia, where the U.S.also took the Philippines in the Spanish-American War.

Not many Americans knew or cared back then about the war between the United States and Mexico, yet it made a profound difference to the shape and future of the United State. Especially in its wealth, with the discovery of gold in California. It also increased the image of the U.S. as an expansionist, transcontinental empire. The war would reshape the area in which many of us live today, from Texas all the way to California. We would likely all be tourists to these regions today were it not for this war.
By the time the war ended there were close to 75,000 Mexicans living in these conquered territories, from California to Texas. Some were given a choice of either going back to Mexico or staying in the United States. For some that stayed, they could choose between a Mexican or U.S. citizenship. If they didn't declare a choice, after a year, they were told they would automatically become citizens of the United States. Many of them soon discovered that they had become second-class citizens in their home land. American laws were not extended equally to them. Justice was delayed and/or denied to them. Many of them lost their rights to their land for reasons that were not that complicated. Mexicans from California to New Mexico lost their properties and began to feel that they had become foreigners in their native land.

Mexican brujos soon developed a saying "to live is to sleep and to die is to awaken."

Perhaps this saying came out of the sense that all of the injustice and suffrage during this life time would be rewarded in the next life to come.

I contend that there still may be something inherited in the DNA of today's Hispanic culture that continues to contribute to the "fight or flight" mentality that is amplified when one is placed in a group setting of like-minded individuals - such as that exhibited by many of the Hispanic gangs of today.
This is not to suggest that other cultures are exempt from similarly inherited DNA traits and defects.

The realization that we are all placed on this world for only a short while should be enough to keep us from craving that which did not belong to us throughout the ages but alas, we are humans and filled with human defects and desires, such as that urge to want to rule and control all that surrounds us.

Author Notes All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 3
Memories of My Pre/School Days

By QC Poet

I've always wondered why I was allowed to attend pre-School late in 1965, and my older and younger siblings did not go to pre-School.
Apparently, it was a newer program and offered in a limited area in the San Fernando Valley where we lived at the time. We were living then in North Hollywood, California. I was four years old and by all accounts a very active child.
I had two elder brothers, an elder sister and by this time two younger brothers and a little sister. I imagine by then I had many interactions with my Elder siblings which helped me understand many things and concepts for my age.

I vaguely remember being somewhat of a teacher's pet as I was eager to help set up and clean up during class assignments. I most likely enjoyed the extra attention due to being from a big family.
I also vaguely remember sitting for the photo of myself (in collage photo), at a beach trip where my teacher also had the class sing "Happy Birthday" to me there.
My inquisitive nature would both help me and lead me to some mischievous deeds later in life. We had many relatives living close to our home and had many family parties and celebrations which included the in-ground roasting of pigs, goats, chickens, and lambs, along with the kegs, alcohol, soda and drinks of every sort to celebrate.

By the following year (1966), we began living in Pacoima, California,
on Haddon and Kelowna by Haddon Elementary School. It was also near two major stores where in the near future some of our elder cousins living near by would show us their "acquiring stuff" techniques.
This mostly consisted of being a distraction to store clerks while they stole bike parts in the store or the stealing of bikes in front of stores.

Our father by then had an established Landscape and Gardening business and would take my two elder brothers and I to rake up leaves, mow lawns to keep us busy and instill a work ethic into us during summertime and weekends. In reality it was probably to keep us out of trouble around Pacoima.
When I was in the third grade (1969), I had an accident while playing tag with friends on the volleyball courts before school started,
I ran into the net while being chased and awoke in the nurses office after being knocked out cold.

By this time frame my life's conflict with "duality" had been instilled with my father's work ethic on one side and our elder cousins "acquire stuff" techniques on the other.
When you live on the lower economic rungs you are more likely to adapt to your surroundings either by lack of (or) nessity, economic deficiencies, available opportunities, and peer pressures combined with free time, and access to things.

During the fifth and sixth grade (1970-71), we lived briefly in San Fernando where my Elder Brothers and I occasionally continued our bike and parts taking sprees at a nearby K-Mart but, we moved back to Pacoima after the 6.6 earthquake in 1971, the reason for the move was not clear to me but in all likely hood it was for a Rent Free four bed Apartment.
My father then became the Head grounds keeper of the Van Nuys Park Apartments in Pacoima. This was during a period of cultural transition changes and racial turbulences between the few Whites, abundant Chicanos, Blacks, and even between Non-English speaking Hispanics.

My Brothers and I, would become familiar with racial fights, gangs, and the drug culture related to the decade of changes in the late 1960's and continuing on through the 1980's.

Storyline to follow in next chapters.

Author Notes Insights into early school years preschool to seventh grade, some highlights remembered but not a complete detailed rendering.

Some characters appearing in this work maybe fictitious,
Some names have been changed to protect their privacy,
Any resemblance to real persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Chapter 5
Growing up fast in Pacas

By QC Poet

Author Note:Notice : Contains Hispanic Slang Terms

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.

Chapter 5

"Growing up fast in Pacas"

It was 1966, I was just five years old and in kinder garden, she lived up the street from me about two houses over to the right of mine. My first crush was a girl named Caroline and I can only remember she was cute but had some bigger brothers that did not seem like me too much.
I guess they were just being protective as elder brothers always are. No worries though, I also had two bigger brothers and a few older cousins that lived a few blocks away if I needed them, I knew even then that they would always be there for me as I was for them. Although being the youngest of this group it seems they did not want me hanging around with them too much.

You had to be fast on your feet to get by living here in Pacoima and I was, too fast for my own good perhaps, as I found out one day while I was in the third grade when I ran into a volleyball net one morning before school while playing freeze tag with some friends and was thrown backwards onto the pavement.
I was knocked out cold and had to be carried into the nurse's office by a teacher, I found that out after I awoke there a short time later.

By the time I was eight years old in 1969, two of my elder cousins "Rojo" and "Crissito" found a way to dare my elder brothers and I to go on some missions to "obtain" bikes and bike parts for the chopper style stingray bikes they were making and selling to the neighborhood boys to get a few bucks to spend. Money was a rare commodity for kids and teens growing up around these parts of Pacoima, California.

For my two elder brothers and I, hanging around with the Homeboys would be secondary to helping our Hefito keep his landscape and gardening business afloat. My Hefe was an old school Mexican to the bone - hard working, hard drinking and did not put up with any bullshit from anybody.

On night after we came home a bit late after watching him drink with some of his compadres, we came across a couple of Nightwalkers hanging around our block and a bit too close to our garage for my father's liking.
As we opened the garage one of the Nightwalkers took a few steps toward us and asked if we had a light for his smoke.
My father a bit tipsy and always cautious, got out of the truck and said "yeah come over and get it", he then pulled out his 4 foot long machete from under the driver's seat and struck it across the sidewalk making a chingo of sparks. The Nightwalking then took off down the street saying "vamos este Viejo esta loco".

This I believe is why I developed a work hard and play harder mentality. It also further exposed me to the duality of life as my father who I knew was a good hard working man, was battling the demons of alcohol.

In 1973 by the age of twelve I had Pacoima 13 tattooed on my left forearm before my thirteenth birthday by "Blanca" an elder Homegirl from the "Flats" after a beer and wine "run" during a ditching party I attended back then. My familia was pretty well known and connected through Elder Cousin's so I did not have to be "jumped in" or do anything crazy to prove myself like some others who joined the Trese.

The neighborhood was growing fast but not yet divided by multiple street gangs like those in Los Angeles, everyone around this area would either be from Pacoima 13, Pacoima Flats, Little Pacoima, belonged to Brown Social Club, the older The Nightwalking or one of the many car clubs here in the San Fernando Valley.
In fact back then the Brown Social Club had members from both Pacoima and San Fernando, this would not last very long as the SF vs. Pacoima rivalry would soon begin blowing up again.

Unlike Los Angeles area gangs back then one could roll across various parts of Pacoima without worrying too much about crossing another gangs territory, some could even party with different Homeboys in the various parts of Pacoima without many issues.
This also would not last very long as the population continued to grow and the gangs here would continue to become more territorial and numerous like those found in the Los Angeles area.

As my brothers and I grew to become well known in the neighborhood, my father would also talk with some of the Homies we hung around with and loosened up a bit about the neighborhood, he would even drop us off at club meetings and parks where we played street football games against other clubs.
I still remember the day he dropped us off at Palmas Park in San Fernando, to play in a football game against some vatos from San Fernando, a Homie "Josh" was injured that day and got paralyzed from the waist down. A street ball game against a rival was serious business back then and played at various neighborhoods.

The old man would always warn us to be careful and not do anything stupid but, as a young teen growing up in the hood you begin to think you know everything there is to know and "don't need any stinking advice", especially from a dad who grew up in Mexico in the 30's and 40's. Dad's basic rule was "under my roof, under my rules".
With that attitude it would not be very long then that I would start to drift away from home and begin hanging out with the wrong older Homies and get into some kind of trouble.

These also were the last days of going "one on one" when any problem broke out between rival groups. Street fights with chains, bottles, bats, or knives were the norm with an occasional shooting rather than constant "drive by's" that would soon become thee way to handle business. Inter-city rivalries were constantly getting deadlier.

By 1976 and in the tenth grade, I would soon quickly have a few scrapes with the law to include stays in Central in L.A. and Los Padrinos in Downey, both juvenile facilities . In fact, about a year earlier my bother Jimbo and I had spent a few days in Central after our father - in order to "teach us a lesson", refused to come get us from LAPD's notorious Foothill Division as a result of some (unrembered) arrest.
I also had an older Homie who liked to "borrow" cars to get from one side of town to the other and one evening after partying a bit, while strolling through Arleta with him he decided to "obtain" a car by pulling a hand gun on a couple making out in front of a house. Not having any advance warning I had to jump in the car also or be left behind. We headed for the Flats and soon the helicopter came with search lights - I got away but a few homeboy hanging out took the ride to Foot Hill Division as a result.

Needless to say a bit later, one day while installing a radio in my brother's car in front of my dad's house, a Black and White pulled up and I was arrested for Grand Theft Auto (GTA).
I spent a month in Juvie bounced between Central and Los Padrinos, while I was going to court for that incident, someone had another Homeboy "speak" to the owner of the car and advised him not to press any charges or show up to court.

My Public Defender, a young woman who years later would become a "celebrity" advocate for women rights, got the case dropped easily.
It turns out she also did me a huge favor back then by having my juvenile arrest records sealed by having me and my Pop's sign a few forms.
This would become a huge break for me a few years down the road when I needed to get a security clearance from an aerospace company.

Back then there also was a few organizations that helped some of us young gang members to stop fighting, learn some useful skills and get some work through some summer jobs and other programs.
That was how I would come to meet an older biker that would later become a well known actor in various movies. As a young impressionable teen, I thought the distinctive Hat Lady" tattoo he had was awesome - so I asked him something one day that would stick with me for years to follow; I asked him - "What did that tattoo cost you to have inked"? He simply replied "Five years".

One of the cool things that I do remember from back then was the "Kegger" parties with live music thrown by some of the Car and Street clubs at that time. Some free concerts were also occasionally thrown at Hanson Dam during the summers back then and you could drop some acid, sneak some smoke and drink in to enjoy there also. There were some fights at these but, the organizing clubs would regulate those parties pretty well back then.

During summers one could also gather some of the Homies and go to the beach or places like Orcas Park, and the Tujunga Wash to party, BBQ and play in the running water. You could also rent a horse to ride in the stream area behind Orcas back then too if you had the dinero.

You did have to watch your back sometimes because a rival club or gang might also be spotted in the area, you always have to watch your back to avoid any pedo.

Author Notes All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 7
The Battling Brothers

By QC Poet

Chapter 7

My elder brother Jimbo (in the above photo) was in the wrong place at wrong time and had been shot in the leg during a drive by shooting sometime in late 1978 while parting in the notorious Pacoima Flats one night.

A year later one hot afternoon my brother Jimbo, my eldest brother Roy who was also known as "Crow'' for sharing with our friends a story told by our father that when you heard a crow caw - this meant there was some good or bad news for the person the crow was cawing at from the direction the cawing crow was facing (oddly enough this was too often a true statement) and myself, went to cool off at a local bar and have a few beers.

Jimbo as well as anyone else, who's had a few, would have a hard time walking a straight line especially if you had the leg problem Jimbo had.
Jimbo while walking back from the restroom, bumped into a guy in the bar near where we were sitting. This guy also somewhat drunk felt offended by this bump and immediately rose off his chair and started mouthing off at my brother.

I was feeling pretty good and buzzed by then and thought what the f*** is wrong with this guy - jumping up on my brother who obviously had a problem with his leg? Naturally I immediately went over and got involved by asking the guy if he was so F'en blind that he could not see Jimbo had a problem with his leg and could not walk perfectly.

My brother Jimbo got upset at me for this and shoved me to the side saying "I don't need you fight my battles for me". The crowd in the bar began to form around the three of us and as I argued with my brother as to which one of us would have the chance to fight the guy in the bar that got bumped. This guy after watching my brother and I argue about who was going to fight him - began to apologize and headed for the nearest door.

Shortly after this the bar tender declared - that's it you and your two brothers are no longer allowed in this bar at the same time - you're all too crazy alone and way too crazy when you're all together.
After that when ever we stopped by we each would be asked who are you with?

My guess is our engrained duality nature (good / bad) intensity rises even more when there was two or more of us brothers anywhere together.

Author Notes The Two of Me
Short Stories by Chochee Medina
Battling with my Brothers

Chapter 8
Brothers in Battle

By QC Poet

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.

Chapter 8
Brothers in Battle

As previously mentioned my elder brother Jimbo was in the wrong place at wrong time and had been shot in the leg during a drive by shooting sometime in mid 1978 while parting in the notorious Pacoima Flats one night. This injury from a 357 magnum bullet almost completely took off the lower half of Jumbo's right leg. When I saw the x-ray it looked like somebody took a bite out of his shin bone.
I came to learn about the random shooting from a homeboy Solo, when on the night of the drive by he kniocked on my mother's door.
I answered and said "what's up Solo"?, He then told me my Elder brother Jimbo was at "La Rue" in the projects and somebody drove by and fired shots at the crowd partying there and he got hit.
I asked him "are you kidding me"?, then he responded "I knew you wouldn't believe me so I brought this with me", then he handed me my Elder Brothers tennis shoe, which I could recognize even though it was soaked in blood with some bone fragments still on it.
For many years Jimbo was wheel chair bound and had to wear a leg brace to hold a six pin contraption together and then use a cane to walk again. Over time pain pills then heroin used to ease the pain and depression, became addicting when finally the years of alcohol and drugs took his health after recovering from addiction to them.

The fact is, shortly prior to the day Jimbo was shot during that drive by shooting going "toe to toe" with a rival was a common way to handle ones business.
Both of my older brothers already had good reputations as knock out street fighters and I learned to hold my own alongside and sparing with them.

In 1974 just prior to buying his house my father moved us into the notorious Van Nuys Park apartments which at that time was primarily a black ghetto.
He very shortly after had taken the job there to clean up the facilities grounds, and the "brothers" living there quickly hated us because we helped our father clean up the area of their "stash" places around the apartments.
This would lead to a few clashes with them from time to time. The first one occurred when my Brothers and I were sitting talking on the stairs in front of our apartment.
As we were talking, a known elder black teenage trouble maker "Thony", kicked my Eldest brother "Crow", in the face (which he mostly blocked), then ran off so we gave chase and he was too fast for us to catch him. Shortly there after my father bought the apartment managers home a couple of blocks over from there.

My parent's house was right on the border of Pacoima and San Fernando in an area and that also was primarily a black neighborhood around 1975.
My father owned two German shepherd dogs that would guard his equipment and home. One day a couple of young black kids walking by thought they would kick the dogs through the fence and got nipped by one of the dogs.
They told their older brother who was a member of the "Worst Side Godbrothers" that our dog jumped up and bit them.

I guess this brother figured he could intimidate us into giving him some money for that nipping, as he stood outside of the gate to my parents' home and began to flag down his partners as they drove by.
My Elder Brothers and I were just a few houses over across the street working on a Homeboy's 64 Impala, when my brother Jimbo noticed a crowd in front of our house and we had to then go over to see what was going on.
This quickly turned into an argument and the "Godbrothers" began to pull bats and bumper jacks out of their cars trunks and threw them at the four of us. This was a big mistake.
They already outnumbered us so, we picked up the bats and bumper jacks and began to swinging them at them and tore up their cars as they ran and left them in front of the house saying "these Mexicans are crazy".
One by one they came back for their cars and drove off making threats to blow up our house.

They would return later that night to try to fire bomb my parent's home but we figured they would try something again that night and we were waiting with a 12 gauge and some pistols, which we fired off at them when we heard the cocktails hit the roof of my parents house around 10:00pm or so.
All that was left in the wake after the fire and police departments came was a bloodied tennis shoe and some drops of blood leading away from my parents house.
We then had to mix it up with the "brothers" around the neighborhood for a bit more after that.

Add to this time frame the clashes with the San Fernando cats, where we had to go to Junior and High School, where the number of Homies from Pacoima was not the majority.
When I began the eighth grade in 1974, I had to defend myself from being jumped by two Vatos from San Fernando during a homeroom class.
Having fought with both my elder brothers at the same time growing up clearly came in handy that day as I was able to get the best of both of these two San Fernando cats.

While in the ninth grade, my two brothers, "Crow", Jimbo, and I would have a three against five or so right on the steps in front of San Fernando Junior High School.
I was able to get word to my brothers earlier that day at S.F. High, after I found out about a club from San Fernando, that planned to jump me for defending a fellow Pacoima Home boy earlier that day.

This turned out to be a pretty fair and quick fight as some of my Varrio Trese Homies from Pacoima also got the word and showed up to make sure it did not get too far out of hand.
It ended when my brother Jimbo broke the nose of one of the San Fernando dudes with a few quick punches while my oldest Brother "Crow", I, and possibly others were throwing blows with some of them on the steps in front of the school.

By the time I completed the ninth grade in 1975, I would have already survived several street and gang fights.

Author Notes All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 9
The Hitch Hiking Musician

By QC Poet

Chapter 9

"The Hitch Hiking Musician"

Times are changing way too fast particularly from the late 1950's to the present day. By the end of the 1950's there was no one around in the role of an elder parent for my father to consult for advice. By then for some unexplained and still mysterious reason my father had left his beloved town of Guanajuato, Mexico around the age of 28 and came to the USA to begin a new life.

As young man my father worked as a grave digger at Forest lawn as did one of my uncles which I am told is how he came to meet my mother in the mid to late 1950's. My father soon after married and started his own landscaping and gardening business. By the mid 1970's, we were living on the border of two cities, between San Fernando and Pacoima, in California.

My father and mother by then were the parents of eight children and had just recently purchased a house. My father at this time was still struggling with his addiction to alcohol and what I presume was the pressures of raising such a big family practically alone.

My father was a functioning alcoholic for much of my youth. Then, when my eldest brother was about 15 years old and I, at about twelve years old witnessed what I could only describe as a spiritual encounter involving my father that helped change his way of life.

After binge drinking for some time during this particular weekend, my father got a call from a compadre of his saying he had a relative that was looking for work and had just crossed the border by San Diego, California. Would he, who was in need of the help at this time, be willing to pick "Luis" up. My father soon after gathered my eldest brother and I to go pick up Luis. As my father was still drinking we both were wary about this trip but really had no choice in the matter.

We had just begun to enter the freeway on ramp by our house when my father spied a young "hippie" looking man at the on ramp with his thumb out "hitch hiking" and directed my brother to pick him up.

My brother and I had a scary similar experience years earlier that ended with my father leaving the poor hitch hiker on the freeway somewhere near Fresno, California in the middle of the night , so my brother and I gave each other a look that read "dear God Please don't let that happen again".

As the young man climbed into the back seat of the Chevy Impala were driving in, my father begin to somewhat sarcastically ask the guy where was he going and what does he do for a living. The young man answered with a strangely calm voice that he was on his way to San Diego to help a friend and that he was a musician. This seemed to irritate my father a bit as the young man obviously had no instrument with him.

"Well then, what kind of instrument and music do you play" my father asked the stranger? He answered "I play a few instruments but mostly the guitar", my father then pressed him about what type of music it was that he played. "I play various types of music but some people are not yet familiar with the lyrics and it is not so easy to classify and some people might not be ready for it" the hitch hiker responded.

My father a man who always had little trust for strangers in general, was already seated with his body turned to look into the eyes of this young man, no doubt to see if he was high or lying to him. He commented "oh come on everyone has their own style but takes something from others" he said a bit agitatedly. The Musician then said something along the lines of "well that's true but doesn't all music come from the same roots". This calmed my Dad down a bit and we continued down the road.

As we made our way to San Diego, time seemed to stand still, I remember that I would try to look over this young man and found it difficult to stare into his face. For some unknown reason my father seemed to be confessing some of his past deeds to this young man, a stranger we just picked up on the side of the freeway. I thought wow; my father must be really drunk.

There were also some odd conversations of what my father did in his past so odd it appeared to me that my father had tears in his eyes by the end of this trip. I remember that when the young man was ready to let us go on our way he mentioned that the exit we were looking for would be the next one coming up and it was. Shortly after dropping the young man off I turned around to see if he was still on the freeway, he seemed to have vanished into thin air. My brother also noted later that he looked for him in the rear view mirror after we dropped him off and could not see him.

Soon after that incident my father already having some health issues had stopped drinking for good and became a Deacon in the neighborhood Catholic Church. I remember my father, Brother and I recalling the trip one day and swearing to each other that the young man was only looking us individually during the road trip as if there was no one else in the car.

For me this has become a real life Highway to Heaven story I will always cherish and feel I have been blessed to have seen and lived it along with my Father and Brother.

Author Notes All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 10
Take Your Medicine

By QC Poet

Chochee rants about taking kidney failure pills;

Growing up we were always told we should not take drugs, drink alcohol and be wary of injecting anything into your system, especially if we didn't know what they were.
Now that I am getting older I need to take pills and injections to help control my blood pressure, to control my diabetes, to control my swelling legs, to help control my kidneys, ect...

As I read the names on the medication labels I now take, I realize I can't pronounce the names of most of them.
Modern medicine brought to us thanks to some drug company that pushes them to our doctors - so we can manage our illness a bit better.

These medications don't heal your sickness - they just help control your current condition, so it can be "manageable".

I suppose it is all part of the price we pay for the sins of our past. From the chemicals we worked with as well as the chemicals we played with.

I am encouraged that many sources are now developing more nature or plant based medications. I remember my father would always have some old "Mexican-Indian" remedy for just about everything you can think of; from rubbing Aloe Vera leaves on a wound to prevent scarring to eating "Nopales" to help lower your sugar level.

I wish I had the sense back then to write down some of those old Mexican-Indian remedies and the connections to market them.
Back in those days our parents were just trying to save the few dollars they earned and also share some of the "tribal knowledge" passed down to them from generation to generation.

How does that old saying go?
If I knew then what I know now......

Author Notes Short Stories and Poems by Chochee Medina.

Chapter 11
The Dark Side of Aerospace Work

By QC Poet

It was July of 1979 and I had just graduated from High school a month earlier. Due to some fortunate circumstances (for me), one of the biggest Aerospace Companies was hiring. With my elder brother's recommendation, I got a call for an interview. In 1979 the starting hourly rate for a production worker was $2.50 an hour but for an aircraft worker it would be six to seven dollars an hour to start. Things were beginning to look up and I was on cloud nine.

I was extremely excited when I went to my interview and everything was going beautifully. As we got to the end of the interview the Human Resources Rep. made me the offer to become a fabrication helper for $6.45 per hour. She asked if this was acceptable to me, I answered her "are you kidding?, I am making two dollars and fifty cents at my current job right now" and began to Thank her for the offer which I immediately accepted. With a child on the way I would have been crazy to turn this offer down.

All that was left was to sign and date the application and the job offer. That is when she said something that struck me like a blow to my stomach, she said "oh no, I can't hire you" after looking over my application, this was due to my current age, I was 17 yrs old. I explained to her that I just graduated from High School, but she told me the company required employees to be at least eighteen years old due to the companies liabilty insurance policy.

The devastation was apparent on my facial expression because she looked at me and asked what was wrong. I then mentioned that I would soon have a child and she told me to give her a few minutes to figure something out. She made a phone call and then returned to me and told me that I could have the job, but I would have to come back after my 18th birthday which was at the end of August, in about 3 weeks. I asked if they would hold the job for me and she said yes.
Since my birthday was at the end of August, I agreed to begin the job the first week of September and I did. Little did I know then that I would soon come face to face with a work culture that operated much like the streets I grew up in so I immediately felt at home.

The social diversity of the employee races there was immediately apparent to me from day 1, but unlike what I saw in the schools I went to, all of the races seem to get along rather well, then again everyone was here to make a living and acted accordingly. The odd thing was that for the most part there were still groups of employees that congregated together, the white bikers largely made up the mechanics that worked on and maintained the heavy equipment and machines, the Hispanics and blacks ran the machines and were more craftsmen and inspectors as well as laborers. The security guards were mostly blacks and whites and some of them also worked in law enforcement.

I came to find that out one day while returning from my lunch hour. As I walked back through a secured gate,I recognized a guy that had pulled me over while cruising the San Fernando Mall with some homies month's earlier. The reason I recognized him was, when he pulled me over, he tried to put me in a choke hold and make me pass out in front a group of his peers. As he failed his buddies yelled at him "what's wrong Strokes? Can't you choke out a beaner"?
As I walked thorough the guard shack gates I asked him "What's up Officer Strokes?" He then called me back and tried to make some conversation about how things are different out in the streets and I told him not to worry, that I understood how things were, we then shook hands and went on our way.

With such a diverse work force the company had it's share of culture and counter culture ideas. We were a hard working bunch. Along with the hard work ethic came some other ethics like parting as hard as we worked. Most of the work force had come to bond with each other over time at near by watering holes, bars, and restaurants. Holiday parties at and around the work location became a way for the different races to bond, and for those that were into partying, this also became a way to make new connections.

You could find every sort of diversion one could think of after all, the work force was youthful and ranged from white bikers, to cholos to blacks, all who lived in the surrounding communities where most already had their own internal sources for wetting any appetites of the illicit nature.

Pot, speed, coke, hash, pills, powder, or anything in between, could be gotten with cash, and everyone here had very good paying jobs. As matter of fact I would come to find out later that the reason I was able to hire in when I did, was because the local police had raided one of the close by watering holes and many employees where caught, then fired during that raid.

Most of this occurres in most "blue world program" areas, and yet the "black project areas" also have its own version of "out of the blue into the black" secrets.

And just like in the neighborhood that I grew up in, when you spend enough time in a certain environment, you come to quickly understand who you can and can't trust.

Author Notes Life and Times of Chochee Medina

Chapter 10

Chapter 12
Chochee Poders Life

By QC Poet

Fifty one and done? - I don't think so!!!
I am done with all of my old bad habits and I am learning how to live a healthier life, or what may be left of it.

I've been fond of drinking beer, and have since the age of about 13 years old. Alcohol was my last demon to slay, and I know I only left that behind due to my failing health. Every man has to have some flaw, no human is perfect, right?

I grew up in the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll era, and boy did I get my share - at least of the last two of those three.
I have always believed in the saying "If you want to play, you gotta pay" but then again, I never thought much of the things that could go wrong, always looking for the good or fun side of things, I guess.

I've also been around some pretty toxic stuff during the majority of my aircraft manufacturing career to the point that I wondered how much of that is contributing to my health issues now. Your Kidneys and Liver filter the toxins in your blood and damage to those organs was one of the claims some of my peers were contending were the result of exposure while working with these materials used in the manufacturing and assembly of secret "stealth" aerospace projects.

I, like my mom's side of the family also have had lots of adult Diabetes related health issues which also can contribute to Kidney problems.

In the end it won't matter or change the outcome of my current situation.
I am not one who likes to dwell in the past. I believe we need to move forward and move on.

So I'll continue to be Thankful and Grateful for the good things I have in my life, ask forgiveness for the bad things I have done, continue to pray for the wisdom to know and recognize the difference between the two, and strive to do the very best I can.
I also share the belief that our spirits are housed in these temporary vessels we call bodies and will transition to other state of "being" one day.

When I look back through the history of man, I find that although much has changed in a technological sense, we have still not mastered the basic chemical elements that make man tick.

Going back to the days when my ancient Chichimecan ancestors wanted to foresee the future they ingested certain plants and fruits to get to an altered state of being. In today's world, a doctor's prescribed medications can have the same effects.

Broken down it still amounts to positive or negative chemical reactions to different organisms within our human bodies and how it effects us in this physical state of being.

What we should remember and what will matter in the end is, what we will carry with us deep in our souls, for that is what will most likely determine what we carry to the next realm.

Author Notes Life and Times of Chochee Medina - Facing Illness

Chapter 17
Gone But Not Forgotten?

By QC Poet

I was gone but, I hope not forgotten,
My health was getting pretty rotten,
Nice to be back and to pick up my slack!
Looking forward to read, write, and review,
Once again as if I were to start a new.

My Dieabetic Kidneys failed and my BP sailed,
Left hand amputated, Right fingers went too,
Leaving me wondering What was I going to Do?

In a coma my Family and Friends Prayed for me,
To our Lord Jesus for a Miracle to be.
By his Grace he again set me Free.
A walking, breathing Miracle for all to see.

Author Notes Gone But Not Forgotten
By; George Martinez

A poem written because I was given a second chance to continue Life with out the pain and misery Dialysis. Thanks to the Kindness of a Family faced with a recent tragedy.

Chapter 18
Fables of Old Retold

By QC Poet

Messages and tales old retold fables?

Author Notes Fables of Old Retold
By; Chochee Medina
(AKA) George Martinez

A Part of my Duality Nature?

John1:3 KJV
Through him all things were made, without him nothing was made that has been made.

Chapter 19
Popo, Izla, Me and You

By QC Poet

This is a Tale of four people and how two can become as one,
first is an ancient tale of true Love,
the second a comparison of similar things they've done,
and of how this power builds mountains of feelings that can fit anyone like a glove.

Popo's deep love for Izla sent him off to fight many battles for her in war,
Me, I've had my own struggles I've never battled before.
It's said Popo won many wars battle challenges and as for Me, I can't even remember the score, these battles can be used to prove one's worth that is known for sure.

All of the four listed above were changed by challenges of Love,
Izla died while sickly awaiting for her beloved other,
who seemingly fit her hand as a glove,
Me, I'm still hobbled by an illness that took my brothers and my mother.

Popo's Love, Belief, and Faith, helped him carry his dead Izla's body up on the frozen mountain to pray as pictured above,
Me, I climbed my peaks and out of my deep valleys, even flown high like a dove,
to get the best out of Life we all have battles we need to fight or issues to put aside with a shove,
You'll have to be willing to make many sacrifices to obtain your one true Love.

You also like my wife, may become others care takers,
with different types of sacrifices in life,
and in the end we all get to meet our makers,
so it's nice to have someone to get through this strife.

It's said the God's took pity and made Popo and Izla two frozen peaks on one mountain because of their Love and rife,
I only pray to my God to make me become one with my Wife.

Author Notes Popo, Izla, Me and You
My latest duality poem.

Popo and Izla,
The God's to pity on them and transformed the tragic couple into the eternal peaks of Popo and Izla. Known today as the Smoking Mountain whom watches over the White Lady sleeping mountain figures laying in loving proximity smothered in snow forever more.

Chapter 20
ReManifesting Destiny?

By QC Poet

This is a tale of War and Story from our past history,
of a proud people whose ways of Life were quickly demonized,
with the same kind of lies now being told to you and to me,
both pertaining to lands vast in size, so US land owners on the Southern border give a listen and be advised.

Said to be devoid of enlightenments,
full of false beliefs, rituals, death, and miseries,
because they chose to roam the land and live in their encampment tents,
said to be stopping the progress of man's possibilities.

Does "Columbia" still represented the Great American Angel floating across the vast lands, is that even realistic?
Lighting up New Western plains,
one with modern buildings, farms, and laying of a new kind of railroad,
while New evil dark Indians, wolves, and bears, still look animalistic,
will they also be removed or forced to flee from these cities by new trains,
Is this the image of the plan now being bought and trying to be sold?

The idea was to invoke a mental picture of Native American Culture as barbaric,
Lacking Spirituality, Morality, and Animalistic,
for living and praying a different way than the European belief system as was done by a cleric?,
That they needed to be removed for prosperity and technological progress was unrealistic.

We never could rationalize the taking of Their land and upsurtion of their property.
In the end the argument used was it "Had to be Done",
with the "Wall" this is a Result of what Can happen to you and to me.
This war is now raging with Deception, Lies, and funny money so this battle can be won.

Even Tablets found of old, say each Family member had his say and a vote,
But the Heavenly Father decided the way for all to go,
So is that an important thing to now note?
Perhaps they also knew what to do to end this show?

The God I Believe,
He does let me choose what to do,
He does not practice to Decieve,
and I'm Sorry but, to Believe it's up to you!

My Sins, I know he did freely receive,
and if we all with our Heart and Soul, will just Pray!
He helped us yesterday to Love, to think and to grieve,
and He will still help us find the way for Today!

Author Notes ReManifesting Destiny
By; Chochee Medina 2/01/2019
(AKA) George Martinez

Another of my Duality Poems
(In meaning)

Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV
The thing that hath been, is that which shall be,
and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Chapter 21
Always Remember

By QC Poet


God Forgives

Acrostic poem entry
By George Martinez

Author Notes Sins of the Past Remembrance so not to Repeat them.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Chapter 22
My Eye Sore?

By QC Poet

I think,
So I ponder,
Or do I ponder because I think?

I hear,
So I listen,
Or do I listen because I hear?

I talk,
So I speak,
Or do I speak because I talk?

I did not know,
So I become aware,
Or do I become aware because I did not know?

I had ambiguities,
So I clarify it,
Or do I clarify it because I had ambiguities?

I hurt,
So I feel pain,
Or do I feel pain because I hurt?

I love,
So I care,
Or do I care because I love?

By George Martinez

Author Notes A Prose, I Suppose. Inside my Mind's Third Eye,
My Eye Sore (I,So,Or) prose

Do we say what we think?
Or think what we say?

Chapter 23
Chochee Remembers the Good Old Days

By QC Poet

Rembering hills to climb from younger "good old days",
of now gone small hills, cow pastors, and of old dirt bikes,
fun things we did with all others still in my memory stays,
one of being chased by a bull and cows while on our hikes.
And climbing up and down them "social" hills,
bets we made with others like the kind now passing time never pays.
Both the bull and like that "hill" in my memory, it still sways.

Kids we'd all together cut through that hilly pastor on the way home from school,
make the cattle charge us by running at them with a yell,!
all races playing, smiling, and joking to act a fool,
we'd all wait impatiently for the school days final bell,
and we all thought it was just oh - soo cool!
If we got caught on that hill by the cattles owner then we'd all say "Oh well"!

Soon after since we didn't look much like them "other kids",
we all children didn't notice but some of the parents would,
Got more scrutiny every where even losing after school lawn mowing bids.
Neighbors don't look anymore like they did, chose separation by putting up walls and fences where they could.

If I could bring back them "good old days",
I'm not sure it's worth living through much of that times "old ways" and strife,
to be able to do that we'd have to change some of our "regained old ways",
for we not learned from the bumps and bruises growing up in our life,
and some of the old wounds we face together today still stays,
will we learn to live through them not so "good old ways" and cut their perceived wounds out like a knife?

Author Notes By; George Martinez
(AKA) Chochee Medina

The "Good Old Days" and Not so Good Old Ways,
Times come and go in cycles, if we can only recycle some of our hurtful and harmful ways
Humanity would benefit All our children.

Chapter 24
Chochee's 5-7-5 Heritage Figure 3L4P

By QC Poet

Chapter 30
Cultural Figure 5-7-5 Quadruple Shot

Concept; 3 Line 4 Poems, 5-7-5;

Slaved to Principles,
I Will Die for Men Not To,
Freedom People Peace.

Slaved to Principles,
Not To Men I Will Die For,
On My Feet Not Knees.

My Feet Not On Knees,
Standing On My Principles,
Peace Justice Freedom.

Land Justice Freedom ,
Principles Standing On Feet,
Government For Peace.


Chochee Medina Creates a Quatro of 5-7-5 Poems on Historical Cultural Figure,

Author Notes 3 Line, 4 Paragraph Heritage Figure Poems

Photo Credit; BewareOfImages. com

Something About Cultural Figure;

Born on August 8, 1879, Anenecuilco, Mexico, Emiliano Zapata was a Mexican revolutionary and advocate of agrarianism who fought in guerrilla actions during the Mexican Revolution. He formed and commanded the Liberation Army of the South, an important revolutionary brigade, and his followers were known as Zapatistas. Zapata died on April 10, 1919.

Attributed Translated Quotes;
1. I Rather Die On My Feet Than Live On My Knees.
2. I Want to die a Slave to Principles not Men.
3. If there is no Justice for the People, let there be no Peace for the Government
4. The Land Belongs to the People that Work it.
5. The Enemies of the Country and of Freedom of the People have Always Denounced as Bandits those who Sacrifice themselves for the Noble Causes of the People.

To be continued.

Chapter 25
Feathered Guidance

By QC Poet

We are birds of a feather,
flocking, soaring, loving, caring, together,
Offering warnings strengthens our visions forever,
Assured confident leading to divine death and destruction hopefully never!

Metaphorically Speaking;
The Dove represent a symbol and Spirit of Peace!
Pigeons are mentioned as Offerings for Divine Message and Appointment.
The Rooster is known for time keeping and Warnings our time has come to cease!
Chicken in reference to a mother's Love and Care, in any predicament,
Eagle has Strength, Power, Vision and can also Destroy.
Hawk soars Assuredly with Confidence,
Raven are hunters, Providers, and Brings us, or Leads us to water.

Author Notes Photo Credit to; Spirit

Bird spirit meaning and metaphoric word mix.
By; George Martinez

Chapter 26
Chochee's Pondering Stone

By QC Poet

Chochee in his walks he never does it alone,
the spirits of ancestors are embedded in his soul,
His mind soars with the eagles circling on life's issues to hone,
thinking with confidence knowing where he set his goal.
A lone wolf roams a prairie seeking for his families immediate future and daily bone,
When you keep Elders wisdom their memories are real diamonds, not formed out of coal!

Just a little further to his pondering stone!,
sits and talks to the Great Spirit while still able to roam,
he then rests from prayers, says thanks for the day's answer that will shortly become known,
as the winds breeze parts what's left of his hair like a comb,
takes a minute to watch the cloud formations God to him on this day wants to be shone.
Now laughing figuring car's passengers may think out there he looks like a gnome!

In times past he got too busy to nurture his soul,
life became confusing and he forgot where to go,
became so ill that on his face deaths reality did show,
sometimes what it takes - is a close deadly blow,
so don't wait for the vultures to circle in slow!
Seek hearts and minds answers so you too can know.

And the moral of the story is;
Today more than in days of past we must remember our Biblical scriptures.

Author Notes Deuteronomy 31:6 KJV
6 Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them; for the Lord thy God,
he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

Chapter of a book

Chochee's Pondering Stone
By; George Martinez
And the moral of the story is;
Contest Entry submission.

Chapter 27
The Witty Crow

By QC Poet

Strong Intelligence,
Life's Magic and Mysteries,
Destiny is Yours!

Author Notes Strong Intelligence
Life's Magic and Mysteries
Destiny is Yours

Combined from the listed below;

Beyonds Harbinger,
Keeper of the Sacred Law,
Guides Souls Afterlife.

Time for second sight,
Life's magic and mysteries,
Leave past behind you.

Strong Intelligence,
With Room For Flexibility,
Destiny Is Yours.

Witty is Defined by on line search a word as;
Showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor

Crow info;
Article Crows Are More Intelligent than you Think
By Anne Marie Helmenstine Ph.D. -
Intelligence a Crow is as Smart as a 7 yr. Old Child

Professor John Marzluff,
University of Washington Aviation Conservation Lab - Performed Experiments where Crows only dive bombed and scolded people wearing different masks that messed with them.
Crow is essential a flying Monkey.

Witty Animal Contest 5-7-5
By; George Martinez

Chapter 28

By QC Poet

Dynamic by constant change and effectiveness,
Divergent by developing dissimilar direction,
Definitely and certainly, unquestionably, purposeful.
Decidedly without doubt undeniably, resolutely,
Determined by adamant decided set firm intent,
Deep sound profound extreme and intense,
Defined explained expounded identified by Love.

Author Notes Photo obtained from Internet Search; Article about Pacoima, California


Previously a suburban city, Pacoima is located in the San Fernando Valley, in California.

Chapter 29

By QC Poet

Grumblings Forebodingly Left,
Avoidance Heeded.

Author Notes Definitions;
Action of rembering something - Remberances
Relating to ancestors - Ancestorial
Murmurs or mumbles - Grumbling
Foretelling glimpse, premonition, or bad feeling - Forebodingly
Past tense of leave - Left
Keeping away, not doing something - Avoidance
Pay attention to, take notice of - Heeded


Chapter 30
Chochee's Spirit of Vision

By QC Poet

Chochee shortly after he began dating, was asked by his Princess to take her to visit a girlfriend of hers for a get together of her friends.
They talked about it and agreed that it was a good idea to meet some of her friends as it was highly likely they would eventually run into them while out and about. The appointed evening arrived and they went, along with some get together party supplies.

After the greetings and introductions were said they walked into the kitchen area (if memories serves correctly), where upon being seated and some more introductions to others already there, Chochee sat with his Princess and began scanning the interior with an unusual feeling begining to tingle at his senses unexpectedly.

Chochee now a couple of years or so into his teenage experimentive substance and drinking years, began to focus on the sensations enveloping his senses. Looking around, he again began examining his surroundings.
After a few more minutes he leaned closer in to his Princess and softly asked her, "have we been here before"? She then silently replied "not that I remember, not with me".

Some more casual conversation continued but, a nagging feeling and some flashing scenes of the distinct checker-board black and white patterned flooring continued to speak to Chochee whispering, "Remember, remember"???

Chochee now a few beers, other party supplies and snacks in, again began examining his surroundings and asked his Princess softly again, "Are you sure we've never been here before"?
She then replied more in her natural voice yet still below companies earshot, "no why do you ask again"?
Chochee now focused on her replied, "I get the weird feeling I've been here before, there's something about this room and color pattern of the floor that seems strangely familiar".

With the arrival of other guests they eventually went outside for air, a stretch, a smoke, or something of that nature and the moment and feeling fled with the winds of time.
As more time passed into the future, Chochee and his Princess would reflect upon that day and continue to ponder this coincidental unusual event, then laughingly reflected on other shared experiences in time.

Today a now aging couple of forty four years, reflected upon that incident once again, as Chochee now has begun writing about some of the intriguing yet unresolved mysteries faced through his life's winding journey.

With a Loving Remembrance and a still yearning Free Spirit, he now hears echoes of his Father, his Ancestors and God;
Laughingly, Smiling above, Shaking their Heads nodding and whispering; Remember!, remember!

Author Notes Foot Note;
To completely understand the end of this story,
See; The Two of Me
Chapter 3 paragraph 4 ONLY,
Little Chochee's Adventures, Memories of My Pre/School Days

My best guess now is we did the gardening there before for a previous owner and I had to use their restroom by passing through that kitchen. If so my Father, Ancestors and God are both correct and direct; Remember!

By; Chochee Medina
aka; George Martinez

Chapter 31
Destiny Hope Reason and Faith

By QC Poet

Destiny always happens if it thrives,
Hope is the yearning that we get there,
Reason is the justification that it strives, 
Faith is confidence it eventually gets here.

Hope our souls and pain will be full of glee,
Reason is what helps us to explain it,
Faith is to believe it's for you and me,
Destiny is the shoehorn that makes us fit in. 

Reason for praying our battle's won,
Faith in believing all things get concluded,
Destiny for more time before any war has begun,
Hope for all hurt and pain to be eluded.

Faith so much and strong that it smothers,
Destiny for mother's prayers to be done,
Hope that we all pray for the needs of others,
Reason is all Faiths good fights need to be won.



Author Notes A First Four Word Rotating Quatrain
Destiny Hope Reason and Faith
Photo Credit; Author's

A First Four Word Rotating Quatrain.

Shoehorn; context is that of a verb;
1. Force into an inadequate space.

Chapter 32
Securities Obscurity

By QC Poet

Those that know don't speak,
those that speak don't know,
the truth becomes something we tweak,
dependant on what we want to show.

For a long time it had seemed,
Life began looking like I had dreamed,
Oh how my smiles and laughter beamed,
Memories of fun flashed and streamed.

Starting at the bottom and going up,
learned to take my time to fill my cup,
they say all old dogs once were pups,
trained to manage for no hiccups.

It's said in managing people all's fair game,
If the game goes wrong you get the blame,
learn which things to hide including your shame,
your souls secrets unknown but not your name.

Charge ahead with time you'll start losing steam,
Life's good lessons may begin losing their gleam,
the works exhilaration ends or starts getting lost,
the keeping of secrets always has its cost.

It maybe for our Nation's security,
even when you're suffering and dying in obscurity,
we keep our secret interests hidden intact,
when projects come into the blue from out of the black.

Any awards and mementos you get,
won't replace lost friends or the health problems you beset,
like the disposal systems that are known,
you've long earned a burn box of your very own.


Author Notes Securities Obscurity
Secrets Of Different Types,
We Take to the Grave -
A Deep Secret Contest Entry

Chapter 33
Monsterous Me

By QC Poet

The monster in me sees a hellish irony,
with the fear of all things unknown,
for this is what we've been shown,
the Monsterous Menace you now see,
Is a Human Creature standing before thee.

A brand spokesman clouded our doubt,
on what Humanity has always been about,
spreading lies to tempt the seeds of fate,
then picking the people you should hate,
but, there is a definite Hellish Irony,
in the Monsterous Menace you don't see!

It comes without doubt for you and me,
so your soul is never again set free,
it will bind you speaking with it's fine whine,
until it dulls your Hearts sunshine,
while the clock is ticking keeping track of time,
we smother in its foolish outlandish slime. 

Then in the mirror there will suddenly be,
Hell's Monsterous Menace looking back at thee,
we'll want to step into our brethrens shoes,
and clean off the political slime and ooze,
If that is what we Feel and so Choose,
the Monster will go find another new muse.

As time has truly shown,
Humanity needs Love to be freely grown,
Hate and Fear are the hampering seeds always sown,
of the many types of divisions that are known,
when Hell's Monsterous Ideologies do get rethroned.


Author Notes Monstrous Me It's Hell's Irony
By; Chochee Medina
AKA - George Martinez
Rhyme Poem Contest Entry

Photo Credit;

Chapter 34
Spring Time Wheel

By QC Poet

  The Great Wheel of Time has turned to Spring,
when insects, birds, and deer leap to sing,
welcoming the great rebirth of everything,
from renewed tall grasslands to a mountain's spring.

Eagles and frogs will soar, croak and shriek,
food for their young they will go seek,
some years are bountiful others are a bit bleak,
time still rolls on in the Great Sun's wheel trek.

This Wise Aging Sun's outlook is very serious,
he's a bit blue always mysterious,
his rays provide warmth or can make us delirious,
able to make all life on earth dangerously precarious.

Today's Wheel of Life continues rolling along,
brings to Mother Earth her heart warming song,
animals and man both singing in a throng,
to dance like wild winds with it's beat so strong.



Author Notes Spring TimeI Wheel
Imagery Contest Entry

I walk as much as I can around the 1.5 acre field behind my home which has a wash in which wild life like geese, ducks, swan, rabbits, squirrels hawk, owls and insect life come and go which are observable inspirations to write about, after sitting, watching life and cloud formations, while praising God and our Lord sitting on my pondering stone on which I rest relecting on my daily visits.

Chapter 35

By QC Poet

With a Loving heart
you always see redemption
In people conversed 


Author Notes Salvation
5-7-5 Haiku

1. Preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.
1. The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
1. Past tense: engaged in conversation.

Chapter 36
No I'm Not Perfect

By QC Poet

No I'm not perfect,
Flaws I do have and they are plenty, Judgemental, Bluntness, Stubbornness, and Bossy,
are amongst the major flaws I'd select,
though I don't believe they exceed too many,
Mine at times sparkle and are glossy!

They seem to pop-off in the strangest moments,
towards those who are closest to me,
I control them for and on my opponents,
if you follow me around you will see,
they are part of my Humanoid's components,
and may seem harsh causing some to flee!

No I'm not perfect,
I know this and Will Pray for Forgiveness,
and for God to Help me with all My Mortal Flaws,
to remove them all down to the tiniest speck,
and to increase my grasp of their Harmfulness, 
So I can Rightfully Stand Before Him when for Me He Calls.

Author Notes No I'm Not Perfect
I am not perfect
Poem Contest Entry.

1 Samuel 15:25 KJV
Now therefore, I pray thee, pardon my sin, and turn again with me, that I may worship the Lord.

Judgemental: adjective;
1. of or concerning the use of judgment.
* having or displaying an aggressively critical point of view.

Bluntness: adjective;
1. having an obtuse, thick, or dull edge or point; not sharp:
2. abrupt in address or manner:
3. slow in perception or understanding: obtuse:

Stubbornness: adjective;
1. unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving:
2. fixed or set in purpose or opinion; resolute:
3. obstinately maintained, as a course of action:
4. difficult to manage or suppress:
5. hard, tough, or stiff, as stone or wood; difficult to shape or work.

Bossy: adjective;
1. given to ordering people about; overly authoritative; domineering.

Humanoid's: adjective;
1. having human characteristics or form; resembling human beings.
2. noun: a human being:

Chapter 37
A Brother's Call

By QC Poet


In a now ancient time of the phone land line,
a brother's concerning call soon became mine, "been drinking a bit in this here bar", 
"no friendlies around - but it's not very far",
"I need you to come for I'm fighting with four ".
hung-up not saying where and I ran out the door!

In a bit of panic but, I knew his home route,
singing Brother where are you? As my shout,
I figured one of four bar's where we hung out,
has to be what the heck he was talking about, 
first place I ran in was empty raising my doubt,
If I'd find him rolling with four others in a bout!

I found him in the next bar drunk on a stool, 
I asked him what happened with the duel?
slurring he told me "don't worry we're all cool, 
just had to take them on back to school",
"they apologized, bought beers and we played pool,
don't worry calm down and don't be cruel!"

I settled down a bit as they supplied the beer,
not totally convinced I did recognize their fear,
praising my brother's skills he'd made clear,
but I'm not as calm or nice and gave a sneer,
Calmed down a bit erased my frown to a smear,
years later we'd laugh about it, now my eyes fill with a tear.


Author Notes A Brother's Call
Family Poem Contest Entry;
Write a rhyme poem, any length, about a member or members of your family, Must rhyme, method left to writer.

Based on a true story.
We were 6 brothers and 2 sisters,
We're now 3 brothers with an Elder sister.

Chapter 38
Ode to Those Days of Old

By QC Poet


Ode to Those Days of Old,
When Stories of Our Past were Often Told,
Pictures were Stored in Man's Memory Banks!
The Old Known Drawn on Tablets made of Stones,
Bold Minds Drew from them with Restless Bones!
Their Wise Long Strong Footprints Bared,
Reverently we Fare Our Electronic Remembrance!
To Honor Them to Show a Time One Dared!

Ode to Those Days of Old,
Days Will be New When We Are Bone,
This We've Been Told and Have Undersold!
Still Paying the Owed and Tolling the More,
As We Been Warned - It's Ours to Re-Hone!
May This Help One in Need to Even the Score,
I Pray So Now in a Long Acient Way,
To God's Only Son because I Find It Carries Sway,
To Believe Is the Acient Remembrance of Today,
As Our Tomorrow's Become our Yesterday's!

Ode to Those Days of Old!
For As Much As We Think of Ourselves as a Must, 
All the First One Requires is We Be One to Another Good!
As Powerfully as We Fill Our Own Strength,
All the First One Requires is We Be Rightously Just!
As Much As We Project our time Length in Hate,
All the First One Requires is We Love Mercy!
As Much As We Feel and Show our Pride,
All the First One Requires is We in Humility Stride!

Ode to Those Days of Old!
To Believe in A Power Beyond our Understanding,
Seek Only to Receive the Power of Standing in Belief!
To Be Humble Seek Only to Learn How to Receive Humbling's Relief!
To Be Strong and Filled with Power,
Seek and Long to Understand Faith's Powerful Strength!
To Be Merciful and Forgivingly Good,
Seek Only to Share Goodness and Mercy as We Should!


Author Notes Ode to Those Days of Old!
By, George Martinez
Irregular Ode
Potlatch Poetry Entry Submission

I Seek Only to Better Believe, Understand, Humbly, with All My Faith Power and Strength,
In Order to Be Good and Merciful.

This Composition is an Intrupertated Heritage and Historical Belief Combination Compilation Only - with No Mal-intent to Offend Others or Their Beliefs.

Composition Notes;
Irregular Ode Potlatch Poetry -
Be metered (Mixed or any or combination of any)
End rhyme but not in a set form - lines may rhyme in succession but not all or in a set pattern
Must have a rhyme within reach line of the body of your poem. Ex- 1line rhyme with line18 if using that many. No set rhyming pattern, every line has a rhyme somewhere.

For Reference Also See;
3 John 11 KJV
1 Peter 3:10-12 KJV
Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14 KJV

Also For Reference;
Hopi and Annanaki information

What Does God Require of Us?

Chapter 39
Life's A Spiral

By QC Poet


 Life is a Spiral,
Winding throughout Creation,
Fate's Double Helix!



Author Notes Life's A Spiral
Photo Credits; Free Internet Downloads Plus Author's Add-ons.
Write a Haiku Poetry Contest

A Senryu is primarily concerned with human nature, a Haiku is primarily concerned with physical nature don't rhyme paints picture.

Chapter 40
I Can

By QC Poet


I can Believe in Jesus Christ for you!
But Only You can make Faith work if you Believe! 
For Faith in Jesus Christ requires Your Soul for Him to Receive,
This is Something beyond a Man's capacity to try to achieve!

I can tell you of His Mighty Works and of His Story,
And what His Grace has Done for Me in my Life,
Of How Much God Loves all of his Children and of His Glory! 
Especially to those who are Seemingly Stuck in Great Strife.

You may think it's interesting but not Listen to what I may say,
I can't even tell if you are ready to Hear His Calling Today! 
What I can Rightfully tell you is What for me He has Done,
Of my battles with my Life's Demons He Helped me Overcome!

I can tell you His Power is Real if you Choose to Believe!
With a Truthful Contrite Heart it Can be Achieved!
It's Not Easy there Is Daily Work that Must be Done!
Letting go of Wants and Resentments is Just but some! 

God's Word Gives us Understanding into His Ways,
Brings the Light of His Great Love All of Our Days!
I can Tell You I'm Desperately Crawling to Stand in His Word!
To Earn each Piece of His Armor and Fight for What His Will Deems as Good! 


Author Notes I Can
Write a poem that begins with the Words "I can"

Notes: Words do not need to be in quotes. Can add words and change capitalization. For Example "I can believe". All poetry types accepted. Any length accepted.

Bible references;
Armor of God; Ephesians 6:10 - 6:18
10 Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God; that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to Stand.
14 Stand therefore, having your loins grit about with truth, and having on the breastplate of rightouness;
15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery parts of the wicked.
17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
18 Praying always with prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance for all saints;

Chapter 41
My Life's Childhood

By QC Poet

My Life as a kid was Good and Bad, 
Many Happy times Amongst the Sad!
But Today I a m Grateful for them Both!
Even Today I'm Working to Keep my Mother's Oath!
My Father died Suddenly, My Mother Fell in Illnesses,
And I am Still Weary about Writing about my personal  Oath's Business!

In Reality I'm Still a Gardeners Son!
Which my Homemaker Mother made extremely Fun!
Raised a Very Old Fashion Way!
Boys Raised to Help Outside, Girls in-House to Help and Stay.
When we became Teenager's more Freedom was Allowed!
My  Sister's were more Restricted to Keep my Father Proud! 

In Elementary school I Participated  in a 4th Grade Computer Pilot program.
My Favorite Lunch was always Anything that would include Ham!
After school I Learned to Steal bike parts through Older Cousins Different Kind of a Dare.
Spring and Summers were Spent after School Working under Dads Watchful Care!
Lots of Moving around the San Fernando Valley,
Thank God for not much Grumbling In or Out of my Belly! 

My Teenage years were Wild as Times Quickly changed! 
But For my Sister's these Changes came in Slower Range.
I Both Worked and Partied outside Fathers Eyes!
The Work wasn't Always Honorable much to his Surprise! 
Since Elementary, After School we Worked with him a few Hours!
Then Hung out with Older Family and Friends after our Daily Showers!

I Worked Hard then Partied a Little Harder was my Motto,
Thank God there were No Cell Phones with Evidence to Photo!
I Learned drinking I'm Guessing by Watching my Dad,
Which in my Culture is Normal and Also Sad!
That Choice like getting in Trouble is Ultimately Mine!
Then in Early "High"school it Did cost me a little Time!

Some of My youthful Acquaintances, Friends and Attorney are Now Famous People.
Dad Finally stopped Drinking and Became a Deacon in a place with a Catholic Steeple!
I'm his First Son to Graduate though "High" on Stage which then was Not So Easy,
As Older Brothers and Friends Dropped Out when Their Girls Continued Feeling Queasy!

At 17  I drove a Forklift for $3.50 an Hour, 
Things to me Began Looking a little bit Dour!
With My First Born on the Way at 18 and Wedding Plans in the Works, 
I Prayed hard but still Had my Quirks.


Author Notes My Life's Childhood
My Life As A Kid
Poetry Contest Entry Submission

Proverbs 22:6 KJV
Train up a child in the way should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Chapter 42
How to Get Back Up?

By QC Poet

How to Get Back Up On your Own two Feet? 
First Pray When you First Open your Three Eyes!
Then you Need to Get From Under your Own Beat!
Be Ready Pray, Each New Day Holds a Unique Surprise!

Life's Issues Continually try to Knock you Out!
You Can Scream, Cry, or Face Them Without any Doubt! 
Don't Get Upset and Harm People by trying to Land One On their Snout!
For Stress Relief; Exercise, Meditate, or Try a Kung Fu Bout! 

As this World Rotates it Does Not Start and Then Stop! 
So if we Fall get Back Up on your Two Feet Again!
Keep On Trying to Move Forward Till we Finally Drop!
Always Remember we Did This First When we Started to Begin!

Life's a Series of Human Challenges to Get Through!
Whether Rich, Poor, White, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black or Blue!
We Finally Won't Find Anybody Else left to Persue!
In the End we All Die the Same Way most People Have and Do!

But How we Live Now That's a Different Story!
Getting Back Up from All Things Big and Small?
Our Brain and Soul Making Up a Third Eye sounds Kinda Gory?
Science Logically Does the Same with Bigger Words that Enthrall! 

God Gave Man a thing Called Free Will to Get Back Up and Decide!
So We Think, Feel, and Choose Which Way We will Go!
That's Why when Knocked Down we Rise Again to Ride!
Sadly, Humanity with These Three believes He Runs the Show!

Author Notes How to Get Back Up?
By; George Martinez
How to (Author's Choice) Poem Challenge (8/03/19)

2. Capitalized Words may Again be Read line by line Making a second Similar Poem.

Chapter 43
Flying The Two of Me!

By QC Poet

The Two Two of Me have Been Flying!
My Brain now Dwells On Things to Remember!
Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying?

Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying? Making Plane Parts of past Decades in September!
The Two of Me Have Been Flying!

The Two of Me Have Been Flying!
Two Personalities always Deep Inside Me?
Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying?

Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying?
Soaring High!, like Birds that Need To Be Free!
The Two of Me Have Been Flying!

The Two of Me Have Been Flying!
On Planes, I Loved sitting by The Window!
Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying?

Flying?  My Works are Crammed into its Flow!
From Military to Commercial Planes they are found!
The Two of Me Have Been Flying,!
Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying?

The Two of Me Have Been Flying! 
Then the Two of Us Sought a Much Higher Power!
Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying? 

Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying?
Free Time now Flys slower Each Living Hour!
The Two of Me Have Been Flying!

Grounded I Came to Take Up a New Tower!
This Cleasing was to Fix my Broken Wings!
The Two of Me Have Been Flying!
Just Not Thinking about one Day Dying!


Author Notes Flying the Two of Me!
By, George Martinez
Write A Villanelle (topic)- Flying,
Plus a shorter version of the concept.

Chapter 44
Untold Memories!

By QC Poet

Untold Memories,
Vanishing Without Details, 
Fading Forever!


Author Notes Untold Memories!
By; George Martinez
Write a 5-7-5 Syllable Poem
Contest Entry Submission.

This 5-7-5 Consist of A Human Nature(Remembering) Physical State over Time (Vanishing).

1. A Senryu 5-7-5 poem is primarily concerned with human nature,
2.A Haiku 5-7-5 poem is primarily concerned with physical nature.

Chapter 45
Irrational Control?

By QC Poet

I'm Always more Reasonable when Patient.
Impatience shows Difficulties with Control?

Allegedly it Makes Happier People? 
Frustrated Minds may Wonder What do We Know?

With Diligence things are Constructively Made.
Maybe our Imagination Took A Stroll? 

Truth's Admitbility is Logical.
Happiness cheerfully Adding To our Glow!

Historically Human's are Not very Calm.
Emotion Distorting Tendencies Still Show?

Irrationally Not very Sensible!
Sometimes upset Human's will React too Slow!

Reactions should Always be Conscientious! 
Perhaps We're Forever Following the Flow? 

Angery hurtful Feeling Make Bad Decisions!
Taking Their Complicated Issues in Tow?  

Author Notes Irrational Control?
By; George Martinez
A Raccontino Poem Entry
Photo Credit to Free Download
Plus Author's Add-ons.

1. Raccontino poem narrative tells a story. Written in any number of couplets (however the lines are presented as one verse). The number of syllables is set by the 1st line.
Whatever number of syllables occurs in the 1st line should continue throughout the poem.
Rhyme Scheme;
Rhymed xa xa xa xa xa xa ect / with x being unrhymed. (More lines may be added)
End words in the unrhymed lines tell a brief story.
Isosyllabic all lines having the same number of syllables, at poet's discretion.

2. This Poem incorporates Eleven Syllables in Each of the sentences.

3. A Friendly Reminder !
The capitalization is Purposeful to my poetry,
For emphasis on certain words to be Read line by line again making Another message in Most Cases.√?¬į???
Thank You!

Chapter 46
A Soul's Glow?

By QC Poet

The Sun's bright Light Rises high Above,
Above It Illuminates all Souls and things Below,
Below Lost Souls Walk in Sin's Vast Darkness!
Darkness Conquered Reveals a Repentant Soul's new Glow! 

Glow and Show your Faith Shines Brightly!
Brightly so that Lost Souls Will want to Know,
Know there is Limited Time to Make Changes,
Changes away from Following the Darkened Flow!

Flow back Towards God's Lit narrow Road, 
Road which Leads to Where You Want To Go! 
Go Forward Without Any more Doubting, 
Doubting Will Not Defeat our Darksome Foe!

Foe To our Progress forward To God's Light,
Light on Salvation's Deeds and Ways!
Ways for A Brighter Outlook for you To Find,
Find Comfort For the Coming Days!


Author Notes A Soul's Glow
A Loop Poem Contest Entry

1. Loop poem example;
Draw a line (a)
Line is in the sand (b)
Sand is on the Beach (c)
Beach is a bit bland (b)

There is a rhyme scheme; a, b, c, b.
There are no restrictions on the number of stanzas, nor on the syllable count for each line.

2. I Apologize for the Amount of Capitalized Words, I tend to Capitalize Certain Words as I Write to Emphasize those Words and if Read Again, Those Words are Attempting to make A Second Similiar poem.

Chapter 47
The Wind's Blue Curls

By QC Poet

The wind's blue curls are always swirling up and down!
These changes blow all around our Earth in howling voices and become profound,
To turn the different cycles spinning in and out of our Lives!
In strong gusty storms to affect our weather and see if our Love survives?

Turn Life's downward swirls up into Sunny Smiles from each of its frowns!
To dance boldly in a musical tribute for newly assured protection in a Written sound?
So Earth's Humanity, Animals, and their Maize can prance on these Sacred Grounds!
A dream of Gold and Turquoise feathered fists joining to wrap their hands around?

Whether you walk on two's on fours, are an eagle flying or slithering down below,
I Pray God's smiling Sun still Wills down much needed rain's Life feeding drops!
May they streak falling down as many blue tipped golden arrows flow, 
To help feed all Life forms and renew these cycles turning so it never stops!


Author Notes The Wind's Blue Curls
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A.) George Martinez
Chapter 48 - The Two of Me
Free Verse Poem Topic - Wind
Poem Submission

Photo Credit to; Free Verse Wind Contest photo with Author Add-ons and FB Membership Downloads; (Mexican Indigenous Truth, Mexica Tribe)
Made As a Collage for my poem;
The Wind's Blue Curls

Write a free verse poem about wind (as in breeze). Can be serious, scientific, funny, etc., but please keep it clean.
No deadline.

1. It maybe helpful to enlarge the photo to better understand this collage interpretation

2. For Maize information;
3. Prance is defined in this poem as; Merriam Webster (3);
to walk or move in a spirited manner.

Chapter 48
A Middle-aged Disability Ballad

By QC Poet

Feeling sick I scheduled Doc's time,
Hopes hang by a sliver!
A no energy listless mood,
Thought it's just a shiver?

My Health Network Doctor ran checks,
Tests Urine and my blood,
Followed up per orders of course,
My suspicions then flood!

My Kidney Doctor called me next,
Sadden to cause me blues?
I need to see you right away!
Not giving many clues.

Albumin tested high in blood,
What am I now to do?
Fifty-one seven years ago!
Never thought I was through.

Now just reaching my middle age?
My Bads were never Good!
Been partying since ten or so,
With Brothers and the hood,

Add in jobs stealthy chemicals,
A stronger toxic mix,
Time moves slowly there's always more,
But way too late to fix?

On wrong track corrections were made,
Imposed or by exposed,
So many years burnt with that crutch,
Don't matter I'm still hosed!

Those old crutches took more than years!
In the end choice was mine!
Often when you don't think things through,
Looking for stars to shine.

With assistance of a great wife,
A strong Faith helps us through,
Believing Jesus guides our way!
Soul still searching I await you.

Leading me to what's next to do?
While abilities remain,
Prayerfully meditated,
To Glorify Your Name!

Author Notes A Middle-aged Disability Ballad
By; George Martinez
(A Non Refrain Ballad)

Notes; definition as used in this poem,
1. Imposed; verb (used with object), im·posed, im·pos·ing.
~ to lay on or set as something to be borne, endured, obeyed, fulfilled, paid, etc.
:to impose taxes.
2. Ballad meter -alternating lines of;
8 syllables / 6 syllables,
(8) syllables=tetrameter
(6) syllables=trimeter
Lines 2 & 4 rhyme

3. Please Note this my first attempt at this format, I'd Greatly Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Chapter 49
Life In Fifteen Syllables

By QC Poet

Life in Fifteen Syllables? 
Challenges, Struggles, Survival!


Author Notes Life In Fifteen Syllables?
A Fifteen Syllable Poem Entry
Photo Credit to; Free Mexica Site Internet Download plus Author's Photo Collection

1. Challenges through Life's Difficulties,
Learning to Navigate through Situations,
Life is Wonderful and Full of Surprises!

2. Los Mexicah No Decimos "Adios"
Decimos "Que tu Camino, Tenga Buen Destino".
The Mexicah Don't Say Goodbye,
We Say; May Your Road Have A Good Destination!

Chapter 50
Blue Colors of My Mind

By QC Poet

Blue colors are fluttering around my mind!
A blind perception of this challenging Time?
The rhyme for a new season tainted blue!
Graying hue clouds begin surrounding you,
I knew the darkening sky's were of my own!
Was shown in Humble Prayers a better way,
To slay any ugly thoughts that drag me down,
A frown fading clears up darkened sky's,
When eye's rain cleared up chaotic world's!


Author Notes Blue Colors of My Mind
By; George Martinez
A Blue ~ Hidden or Blind Rhyme Submission
Photo Credit to Free Internet Download; (Tlaloc)

Tlaloc is the Aztec God of Fertility, Rain, Lighting, and Thunder.

The challenge for week (1-10-2019): Compose as Blind (or Hidden) Rhyme. Details posted under; discussion's; tab at top of inside page.
No deadline.

Blind Rhyme or Hidden Rhyme, is an exercise verse, sometimes used in poetry workshops and classrooms in which the end-word of each line rhymes internally early within the next line. This practice appears to be a loose descendant from 4th century Celtic poet's use of aicill rhyme.

Hidden Rhyme, or Blind Rhyme is:
* suited to light verse. (anything goes!)
* structured at the discretion of the poet.
* best when L1 sets a rhythm and the following lines maintain the same cadence.
* composed with the end-word of each line rhymed internally in the following line.
* often but NOT always, written with the first line rhyming with the last line.

Tlaloc, He Who Makes Things Sprout. Tlaloc is the god of rain, lightning and thunder. He is a fertility god, but also a wrathful deity. He is responsible for both floods and droughts.

Tlaloc is commonly depicted as a goggle-eyed blue being with jaguar fangs. Often he is presented wearing a net of clouds, a crown of heron feather and foam sandals. He carries rattles to make thunder.

Chapter 51
Stormy Nights in the City

By QC Poet

Ain't it a great big pity?
When you've seen the nitty gritty,
Of that darkness that resides in every City? 
Excuse me Please, if I sound kinda witty!

I suddenly Stop, to light up my smoke,
A Stormy self~moment to take in a toke,
As my Shadowy friends stroll by and joke,
About drinks I can't buy because I'm broke!

These faceless figures soon gather around,
The more I'll elaborate to sound profound!
They will buy me the drinks untill I drown,
When spilling Dark tales about this stormy town!

It's Night in the city, let's light up this joint!
Grow a giant crowd to prove our point,
Night friend's chosen for us to anoint,
One's ~ No sane judge to you would appointment?

Come in from windy rain's pouring storm!
Cursing the weather becomes a joking norm,
Have a drink while your thoughts re~form?
After a few, you too will begin to conform!

But, be aware of these very inviting sights!
Late night gatherings often end up in fights!
Arguments degenerate into stupidity spites!
The true Dark drunken test of people's mights?

Please ~ Take Care Not to Lose Your Freedom's Rights!


Author Notes Stormy Nights In The City
By; George Martinez
Night in the City, Pix This Challenge Photo Submission

Hi everyone. IMPORTANT ~ Because of the way the club page displays images, often the pix is distorted in shape. This is a man in a trench coat lighting a cigarette at night.
The challenge is to write a poem of your interpretation of night in the city. * If you have any problem seeing the image PLEASE send me a PM. ~ This is the first post for 2020. What does night in the city say to you? Can you write a poem about it? * Thank you for your participation * Please read other member's work * Have a great day. Marilyn
No deadline.

Added note - you can lighten the picture to better see details.

Chapter 52
Two Dogs

By QC Poet


Two Dogs Fight daily inside of Me,
To decide which one you get to See!
Wisely, Observes intently and Hears,
Chaos, Brings disorder, Danger, and Fears!

Outward, both are Calm, Collected, and Cool,
Inward, they're both Restless, Acting as a Fool!
Trained to Be Victorious both Fight to Rule,
A Battling Lesson not taught in any School.

Wisely,  Studies his Opponent, Waits to Observe,
Chaos, would Bite as You got On his Last Nerve!
Both will play gently then Rapidly Swerve,
Giving Aggressors What They rightly Deserve.

Whether it's Justified we may not Have Time to Think,
Resulting in Decisions that May last forever and Stink,
Some of Life's Issues will Never be of Our Choice!
There's always collateral Damage From using our Voice!

When we have to Fight For What we really Believe!
Through the Smoke and Mirrors of Those that Decieve.
The two dogs of our Spirit will Help as our Guide,
As Long as we have Life, this We can Never Hide!

One Choice is then made ~ Some lead to our Misery,
For Within each Man these Battles can Last For an Infinity!  

Author Notes Two Dogs
By Chochee Medina
(A.K.A.) George Martinez
Photo Credit to Free Internet Download
A 22 Line Author's Choice Poem

Capitalized Words Make Second Similar Poem.

Author's Choice - Poem Submission;
A 22 Line Free Verse Poem,
Rhyme Scheme as follows; a,a,b,b, 4 line end rhyme, 4 line end rhyme, c,c,d,d,e,e,f,f, 2 Line end rhyme.
Topic is the Two Dogs within Me.

Inspired by a Sitting Bull Quote;
Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota leader who led his people during years of resistance to United States government policies. He was killed by Indian agency police on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation during an attempt to arrest him, at a time when authorities feared that he would join the Ghost Dance movement

Chapter 53
The Bird's I Know

By QC Poet

 I live where various birds fly and land, boy do they Squawk, 
Most sound Friendly enough but it's me that they Mock!
Leaving home by my Walkway today a giant Hawk,
This wasn't unusual for me or come as a Shock!

Next admired bird on my list is the Dove,
Paired are great Reminders of two people in Love! 
If you try to hurt these we'll Push back with a Shove,
One's Beautiful baby needs to be Gently Handled in glove!

An Ominous Cawing and Looks has the Crow!
This scavenging hunter bringing News too you Know?
From the Direction it's Facing if it does show!
So many more listed with Not much time left to Go!

In the other Color Spectrum is my Favorite Swan,
He's shown up now four years then Quickly is gone!
Surely migrating still Looking for a Great Big Pond?
No Geese here three years checked whileTrying to Bond!

Flying in also these last four years a Red Wing Black Bird!
Sings the Hippest of songs that I thought I once heard?
Dad's whistling changed calling us in while Not using a Word! 
I listened to his shrill my Heart Strings got Stirred.

Another Bird on my list would probably Ask How?
Flying with Special silent Feathers in then POW!
This of course is that Hooting brown Owl!
With a "hoot, hoot" and go do it - he's my Night Bird Pal.

Diving and Driving in a Wash nearby,  a family of Ducks,
Following their leader in rows on shallow water, Oh Shucks!
They get Upset but then never will Say that It Sucks!
Paying his way and still give him more big Bucks!

When Vulture's Circle in you Will know it's gone Bad,
Thing's are rotting Below it smells bad and Really Sad!
Dancing to Circle in it's not some kind of New Fad?
Don't like them Above but I'll Never go Mad?

Let's not Forget our daily little Chirper a Sparrow!
Who can fly away Faster than any thrown-away Arrow?
Flying through Branched trees both thick and the Narrow,
Carrying his little Twigs as if they were in a big Barrow!

Ravens are simular to Crows from what I have read.
A Difference is they fly in pairs or all Alone Overhead,
No Murder's here withTail Feathers shaped in a different Spread!
They Caw to Scavenge what is left to Ravage with out any Dread!


Author Notes The Bird's I Know
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A.) Chochee Medina
How About Birds ~ Free Verse, A Poetry Challenge.

You Squawking at Me?
My Bird's eye view?
It's all that A few Birds Living by Me Squawk About!

Writen in Mono End Rhymed Sentences.

About these birds ~ Hawk, Dove, Crow, goose-swan, red wing black Bird, owl, duck, vulture, Sparrow, and raven.

How about a bird(s) for this challenge? Use it any way your imagination takes you.

No dead line

Chapter 54
A Mind's Third Eye

By QC Poet

A Mind's Third Eye's Heart Rate is Set by What is Being Pumped through it's Eyes and Ears!


Author Notes A Mind's Third Eye
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A. ~ QC Poet)
A Monostich Poem Contest Entry Submission

1. Photo is a Free Internet Download from FB's Browpride Weblink, Plus Author's Color Filtering.

2. Mexicas are a Nahuatl-speaking indigenous people of the Valley of Mexico who were the rulers of the Aztec Empire.
Prior to arrival of Columbus to the America's.

3. The Term; "Brown Pride" is a Moniker Shared by various Hispanics Sharing their Heritage.

4. Write a Monostich poem that is Only One Line. The Title often plays an important part in the poem since the poem it's self is so Short.
Often used for Humorous Poems.

Chapter 55
Ghost Ant's Jelly

By QC Poet

This small Ant Farm World had just pulled out of a deep food recession Kerplunking,
Worked out it's Hiccups and had began really Humming a tune of Cha-ching!
All Ant types smiled and Chortled as the supplies on their train lines were Choo-chooing!
Triggering a Ding-dong Ghost Ant's envy to ring and begin Boo-hooing!

Fretting "these invading pesky Ants are eating our picnic" in a familiar Life's Gripe!
Grumbling "those Rumbles in your bellies need my brand of political jelly!"
His public Whispers of "They're robbing from the Community stock piles began Fuming smelly! 
Blubbering repeatedly, he Groans "These pie slices are Only for Our type!"

Behind the scenes this Ghost Ant wines, Whines, and Repines to supporters in political Stammers!
Then Blurts out a shame game he wields as more Sniveler's fall to his Scolding!
Moaning as they listen to secret's then use them to swing their own Blinging hammers!
A Grouchy Giggling breaks out as these Squawking Ants hear Protests are unfolding.

His Mumbling Utters of restarting the Colony again queues some Harps!
Fussing he's been chosen to lead this Ghost Colony to greatness he repeatedly Carps!
Elder leader's of the Colony Mutter "It's for Our Self preservation" in Murmur's, lining pockets and retire.
His adlibing plan Stutters and Whimpers forcing All to wonder if the future of the Colony will turn dire? 


Author Notes Ghost Ant's Jelly
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A.) QC Poet
Let's focus on Onomatopoeia;
Free Verse Writing Prompt.

Photo Credit to Free Download plus Author Add-ons.

A Little Ant Farms Political Shows?

Let's focus on Onomatopoeia prompt, the Words used herein; kerplunking, hiccups, humming, cha-ching, chortled, choo-chooing, ding-dong, boo- hooing, fretting, gripe, grumbling, rumbles, whispers, fuming, blubbering, groans, whines, repines, stammers, blurts, sniveler's, scolding, moaning, blinging, grouchy, giggling, squawking, protests, mumbling, utters, harps, fussing, carps, mutter, murmurs, stutters, whimpers.

Writing Prompt; Let's focus on onomatopoeia - a word that actually looks like the sound it makes, and we can almost hear those sounds as we read. Here are some words that are used as examples of onomatopoeia: slam, splash, bam, babble, warble, gurgle, mumble, and belch.
No deadline.

Word Searched Otomatopoeia: at Dictionary. Com
and it's linked examples.

Ant Notes;from the Internet Ghost ants are a tropical species, probably of African or Asian origin. In the United States, ghost ants are found primarily in central and southern Florida and Camarillo.

Chapter 56
Chochee's Spiral Poem

By QC Poet

Time Moves,
Our Life's Change,
We Determine How!
Which Direction Our Spirit Goes,
Informative, Soul Searching, Transformations Stir,
Bringing In Mysterious Mists?
Thoroughly Entwined,
Through Our Lives!
The Future,
And Waits For Us There!
Reinventing It's Curling Storms
Perpetually Infinitely Adjusting Time?
Calming Calamitous Winds Blown,
Into Existence

Author Notes Chochee's Spiral Poem
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina
A Fibonacci Spiral Poem Prompt Entry

Photo Credit to Free Download and Author's Add-ons.

A Fibonacci Spiral Poem;
A syllabic form based on the first 7 numbers of the fibonacci sequence

2 stanzas: 1st stanza 13 lines, 2nd stanza 12 lines.
25 lines altogether (no gap between stanzas.)
13 lines in the first stanza, then you use the last line of your first stanza
as the first line of your second stanza and repeat the syllable count below
to form the spiral.

your syllable counts must be as follows:
stanza 1
1st line ? 1 syllable
2nd line ? 1 syllable
3rd line ? 2 syllables
4th line -3 syllables
5th line -5 syllables
6th line -8 syllables
7th line -13 syllables
8th line -8 syllables
9th line -5 syllables
10th line ? 3 syllables
11th line ? 2 syllables
12th line ? 1 syllable (word must be at least 4 letters)
13th line ? 1 syllable

stanza 2
14th line -1 syllables [same word from L13]
15th line -2 syllables
16th line -3 syllables
17th line -5 syllables
18th line -8 syllables
19th line -13 syllables
20th line -8 syllables
21st line -5 syllables
22nd line ? 3 syllables
23rd line ? 2 syllables
24th line ? 1 syllable
25th line ? 1 syllable

Poem should be Centered. 1/1/2/3/5/8/13/8/5/3/2/1/1 1/2/3/5/8/13/8/5/3/2/1/1
*Fibonacci sequence
The sequence of numbers, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ,
in which each successive number is equal to the sum of the two preceding numbers

Chapter 57
Cyber-Highway Signs?

By QC Poet

Drunken People crossing to me has a funny sound?
For a street sign prompt I became a blood hound!
But, with a Corona Virus Pandemic we cut driving down,
Time dragging to the Internet Highway I turned for what I found!
This one's related to those drink's I did once pound,
A late teen walking drunk and tired I sat on a curb by the ground,
Where I woke the next morning confused wearing a frown,
In a mixed Commercial / Residential area in my home town!

Lately I've been a bit sick and sort of just laying around!
Avoiding poem entry's from piling into a bigger mound,
With a respite I'm now feeling much more profound!
Though not following rules to which I may be bound?
At worse I may end up looking like some sort of clown!
Instead of rising ratings will my trends begin to drown?
A great review is as good as Anyone's Crown.
I Plead Mercy to poem reviewer's as I try to expound!

Author Notes Cyber-Highway Signs?
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Street Sign Writing Prompt Submission

Street Signs: Take note of the words on signs and street names you pass while driving, walking, or riding. (Not necessarily a street sign) Write a poem starting with one of these words you notice. Explain where you saw the sign in your author notes.
No deadline.

I do not drive anymore due to my hand disabilities, and with the Corona Virus Quarantine - my (Wife) and Care Giver/driver has Also been Restricted by our Eldest (EMT) Son From going more than a few blocks in the general area where we live.
I been waiting and watching around my neighborhood for interesting signs beside the normal Caution, Xing, Stop and other signs.
Unsuccessful - I remembered taking a picture of a Speed bump sign that actually read/had Humps written on the ground by it and couldn't find that one anywhere either.
So my Brilliant (or Faulty) mind came up this Cyber search sign from another FB posting.
I'm Hoping for some leniency. This sign was Posted to my FB page on Cinco de Mayo (5/5/20) as a warning for anyone thinking of drinking and/or driving.

Chapter 58
Medicinal ReLeaf?

By QC Poet

Ease Pain,
Opiate Free,
Hemp Plants!


Author Notes Medicinal ReLeaf
By; QC Poet
(A.K.A.) George Martinez / Chochee Medina
A Pain Relief 2-4-2 Poem Contest Entry Submission

Picture Credit to; Author's Collage Design, Med Guys is an Authorized Medicinal Service in my area.

a) 2-4-2 Poetry,
Write a 2-4-2 syllable poem. It has three lines. The first line has 2 syllables, the second line has 4 syllables and the last line 2 syllables. The subject can be anything. Enter for your chance at the cash prize. Deadline in 5 days.

b) I Grew up a Gardner's Son who was weary yet knowledgeable of marijuana's medicinal properties, I smoked pot in my teen years through mid-thirties, my kidneys started failing due to Alcohol, and Toxic Chemicals I worked around into my mid forties I had increasing stomach problems and surgical work increasing the prescribed pain pill dependance usage then when I received a transplant 2 years ago, I also decided to reduce opiate pill intake with now legalized marijuana.
Seems to be working out fine, I take only 1 pain pill about every 2 days now for back disc's degeneration pain.

There's been a growing concern over this last decade concerning opiate pill addiction this 2-4-2 poem summarizes my opinion on an alternate.

c) Resources referenced;

Chapter 59
Gold Coffins

By QC Poet

"Gold and Silver this World does Chase,
Wisdom of Soul's Lost in their Haste!"

What's your Soul Worth?
Valued in mirth?
Freed of all dearth?
Here on this Earth?

People chasing after riches,
Risk snares pitches,
When Soul's leave dirt ditches! 

Author Notes Gold Coffins
By: George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
Witten in a Sapphoric Triad Poetry Format.

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download,
(Bumppy .com) plus Author Add-ons.

"Don't gain the world and lose your Soul, Wisdom is better than Silver and Gold."
~ Bob Marley

Reggae music is not a particular favorite of mine but, I liked Some of Bob Marley's.

A Sapphonic Triad form is as follows;
A two-line quotation (Free verse with a max total of sixteen syllables - must be concise and memorable)
Followed by a quatrain, four lines each of four syllables,
Finally an 8-4-6 syllable envoi that moves us on should have a "satori" feeling.

1) Mirt: (noun) Gaiety or jollity, especially when accompanied by laughter.

2) Dearth: (noun) An inadequate supply; scarcity; lack.

Chapter 60
A Time Freeze Reflection

By QC Poet

A Moral revelation came to me while we were frozen in a Minute of Time!
I revisited our Past to see if it could Reveal a way to a better Future,
I found that Civilization's back to the Naabeehó were related to mine,
Developing and changing until they were fully Mature.

It happened as I tiredly lounged and into a dream I dropped.
Transending to a different Time Zone then suddenly awake I plopped!
Though knowing I was there I did not realize if Time had ever stopped,
A bazaar trip into an earlier history is where I suddenly popped!

The Social Injustices encountered today were prevalent there,
Visible Looting of Lands, Dignity, and Killing of Native Americans were harder to bare!
"Black Gold" is but One of Earth's newer commodities the Greedy won't share,
New generation's of "Soldiers" are still sent for its protection it doesn't matter where!

Does our Mortality Clock tick quietly or does it ring as a loud chime?
Time's hands of Justice don't seem to move any faster than the slowest mime!
When a less than lethal force does not yet seem worth my thin dime?
Death's hands remain unjustly free and claiming  many Lives as the years climb!

I now realize why my ancestors once said "To live is to Sleep and to Die is to Awake".
For Man's chasing after newer false "Gold" is a very hard habit to break!
Hoarding of "materials" of this World while our Spirit's Time we Forsake!
Man's real Treasure is what we do here on Earth not those things after death we can't take.  


Author Notes A Time Freeze Reflection
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez, QC Poet
A Time Freeze Reflection Free Verse Submission

Time Freeze: Imagine wherever you are right now that time stops and everything in the world is frozen in place except you.
No deadline

Belief :(noun) plural,(noun): beliefs
1. An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
"his belief in the value of hard work"
2. Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.
"we're prepared to fight for our beliefs"

1. A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
2. A specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects:the Christian religion; the Buddhist religion.
3. The body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices:a world council of religions.
4. The life or state of a monk, nun, etc.:to enter religion.
5. The practice of religious beliefs; ritual observance of faith.
6. Something One Believes In and Follows Devotedly; A Point or Matter of Ethics or Conscience,
:to make a religion of fighting prejudice.

Scriptures and Links;

1 John 1:9 KJV
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Helpful related links;

Chapter 61

By QC Poet

Simply Healthier!
For you And myself,
Corona Virus Won't Kill Itself!

Author Notes Masked
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet
A Four Line 1-5-5-9 Poem Contest Entry Submission

Which is Your Preferred Mask?
Please Cover Up!

Killer Statistics!;
As of 6/17/2020
United States =
Confirmed = 2,163,290
Deaths = 117,717
Global = 8, 348,249
Deaths = 448,937

Four Line Poem - Write a four line poem that has a specific syllable count.
The first line has 1 syllable,
the second line has 5 syllables,
the third line has 5 syllables,
and the last line 9 syllables.
The subject can be anything.

Chapter 62
Life's Dark Moments

By QC Poet

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light"
~ Aristotle

If our Life is cluttered then distrubed it has already been!
How can one clearly see what is obscured again and again?
If our mind wasn't focused when we were perturbed within!
Place important situations and decisions into a For Later bin!

The Light of Reason that hits in this condition may look so dim!
Full Clarity must illuminate this posture or it's a just a Whim,
It is in our Darkest Moments that our Future looks very grim!
Clear your Mind by saying a prayer or singing a little hymn.

That old proverb or adage can help make our Mind's gears spin!
When those Dark Moments lose their hold ~ they can't ever win!
God's Light dissolves all darkness and any perceived sin!
Let your worried frown turn upside down into a smile as you grin!


Author Notes Life`s Dark Moments
By: George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
Choose an adage/proverb/old saying, and write your interpretation Writing Prompt.

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author Add-ons.

Choose an adage/proverb/old saying, and write your interpretation, or whatever that comes to mind. Be sure to incorporate poetic devices, such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, imagery, etc.
No deadline.

(A proverb): Is a short, traditional, and pithy saying; a concise sentence, typically metaphorical or alliterative in form, stating a general truth or piece of advice; an adage. adage: a proverb or short statement expressing a general truth.

Old Sayings are available in links below:

Chapter 63
Moon Full of Love Transition

By QC Poet

As a Full Moon Transitions these Night Skies,
My Dark moonless Mood Fades From Sight,
Your Soul's Brightness shines In your Eyes!

A Warming In my Cold lost Midnight Soul!
Your Love Changes this Darkness into Light,
Her Hearts Smile quickly Became my Life Goal!

Illuminating a New Direction for My Life,
Until Eternity I Pray with All of My Might!
This Love will Eclipse the Seasons full of Strife!  

Author Notes Moon Full of Love Transition
By; George Martinez
(A,K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Nocturna Potlatch Poem

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author Add-ons Colour shading.

I'm still Working on refining my Nocturna Form. Potlatch Poetry Club - The Nocturna (6-5-20) is A 9 line poetry form based on the nocturne theme containing three, three line lessons recited during the night. The subject must be nocturnal (meaning something that happens at NIGHT) and it consists of three couplets [tercets] linked by the rhyme of the centre line for a total of 3 lines per stanza.;

a. b. a. c. b. c. d. b. d. (see template example in poem Club rules)
METER - Iambic pentameter.

The Capitalized Words in this poem make a Second Similar Poem when read alone again.

Chapter 64
A Quarantine

By QC Poet

A Quarantine hits but What does it Mean?
Religions, Entertainers, losing Green?
Health & Safety Workers are Bravely there,
Republicans disbelieve, they don't care?
History records this Quarantine's scene!

Will any officials lose their fake sheen?
Senate & Congress duck from TV's screen!
President setting precedents some swear,
A Quarantine - effects every single human being!

Happened before Three waves hit in 1918 
One third of the World's people perishing!
Hundreds of thousands in U.S. died here,
Didn't take Politicians to Spread Fear!
Then, Science and time gave us a great vaccine,
Politics have been reset with a zing - A Quarantine!

Author Notes A Quarantine
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Rondeau Poem Offering for 7-10-20

Please see Rondeau poem Rules in the Potlatch Poetry Rules section.

As a Kidney Transplant patient with a compromised immune system - I need to take this pandemic influenza very seriously.

Photos of me masked for additional protection and when I was on a ventilator due to the kidney transplant.
Ears covered Who's Listening?

The Spanish flue hit 3 times, Spring, fall, and winter of 1918. Approximately 500 million people or one-third of the world's population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States. Mortality was high in people younger than 5 years old, 20-40 years old, and 65 years and older. The high mortality in healthy people, including those in the 20-40 year age group, was a unique feature of this pandemic.

Chapter 65
Me and You

By QC Poet

Me and You both raised so differently,
On a family beach trip mingling constantly,
Raised differently yet mingling constantly?

Your sister already dated my brother a year,
Familiar with each other's family we'd hear!
Your sister and my brother familiar family interfere?

I had yet to find the right girl for me,
A thing two match makers might want to see,
A right girl for me was what two match maker's got to see!

Your nature way's I did see clearly that day,
For it seemed to be part of your natural way!
Clearly that day your natural way was on display!

Can Summer Love continue through winter?
With school break over could we all splinter?
A Summer Love of forty-five years break over without any "hinter"?


Author Notes Me and You
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Twisted Rhyme - Submission Entry (for week of 7-17-2020)

We started dating in1975 (45yrs) got Married in 1979 (41yrs).

The Twisted Rhyme;
This is a stanzaic poem consisting of four or five tercet (3 Lines stanzas) stanzas.
*Each stanza has independent monorhyme.
*There is no line-length or meter requirement.
*The defining requirement of the form is that some part of each of the first two lines be "twisted" together in forming the third stanza line which MUST INCLUDE INTERNAL RHYME.

* Other words from HINT; hint-er (noun)

Chapter 66
Tunnels We Dig

By QC Poet

The Tunnels we dig Aren't ever very Deep!
Its Depth may depend On a Promise to Keep?
If swept and Kept will many Lies still Seep?
Dig a little Deeper you'll Hear a small Peep!

Will this Tunnel allow you To cross any Bridge?
If this tunnels Path lays past Truth's Ridge?
Feel deep inside it gets Ice cold like a Fridge,
Tunnel vision Thoughts freeze us Down to a Smidge!

Hidden deep in the Caves of Our own Minds?
Finding safety in our Brain's tunnels it Whines!
Lost to rebuild Later tunnel on More it Binds,
A rising Volcanic tunnel Erupts the First chance it Finds!

Flow in this tunnel Will depend on it's Size!
Movement of a Stream buys Its biggest Prize,
More lies to Lay higher till Death add Plys,
Can't Hide a bad Principle dressed In a New Guise!

Author Notes Tunnels We Dig
By; George Martinez,
The Chochee Medina ~ QC Poet Series,
(Metaphorically Speaking)

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author's Add-on Filtering.

The Capitalized Words of this poem offering Make a Second Similar Poem.

Writing Prompt;
Write a free verse poem about tunnels. So many different ways to go with this.
Let your imagination loose.

What is the difference between a cave and a tunnel?
Caves are naturally formed, and have no "direction" of purpose, and may not have separate entrances a tunnel has an opening and an exit, Sometimes with a passageway to a cave also may be called a "tunnel".

Picture Note ~ The explanation for the picture is this Native American Eagle is flying facing Upward with the Streaming Ribbons Representative of the Tunnels (situation) We are Digging Ourselves Out Of. Blessings!

Chapter 67
A Rolling Stone

By QC Poet

It's said "A rolling stone gathers no moss,"
Keeping its movement without too much loss,
Obstacles break up by the force of it's toss,
Stop being a follower you should be the boss!

A rolling stone needs motion it can't move on its own!
It can skip on through quietly when properly thrown,
Strikes smaller things before it's damage ever is shown,
In small clouds of dust or the bigger one's we have sown!

Once this stone starts rolling where will it go?
Will it gain momentum after taking off slow?
Picking up speed it's moving on its roll,
Hindered by obstacles on a trajectory we know!

To Man, old Mother Nature has nothing to prove!
Don't touch a stone it may still fly or even move,
Man rolls on in Life unsure by what to behoove,
Unless he moves with purpose and in a groove!

Shape the hills and mountains other's will climb!
Varying in dimensions as People are so sublime,
Get out of that hole let's stop wasting time!
Powerful stones roll faster when in their prime!

Author Notes A Rolling Stone
By; George Martinez
The Chochee Medina ~ QC Poet Series (Metaphorically Speaking)
Chapter tbd

Do Comfort Zones turn us into Unmotivated Stones?

Photo Credit; Author's Photo of grandkids Rock Collection a couple with my Grand daughters Rock Art.

Stone; (verb) stoned; stoning; stones (Entry 2 of 7) (transitive verb)
(2);(archaic): to make hard or insensitive to feeling
(3): to face, pave, or fortify with stones

Behoove; (verb) (used with object), be-hooved, be-hoov-ing.
a) To be necessary or proper for, as for moral or ethical considerations; be incumbent on:It behooves the court to weigh evidence impartially.
b) To be worthwhile to, as for personal profit or advantage:It would behoove you to be nicer to those who could help you.

Sublime; (adjective) elevated or lofty in thought, language, etc.:

Chapter 68

By QC Poet

In a Free Society;
 Our Freedom Ends When Our Breath Leaves Our Body!
Words Leaving Our Lips Send them Into a Diverse Society!
We Are But One Member in this Diverse Land of People!

We the People Never Means You By Yourself!
Your Percieved Privilege is your Misperception,
Falsely Concieved and Constructed In Your Own Mind!

A Successful Society Needs To Be Equal and Civil!

Equality Never Shows Any Preference,
Preference Reveals that There Remains a Lack of Equality!
Inequality Reveals a Lack of Equal Justice!
Equal Justice Is Thee Balancer of A Free Society!

Its Pivotal Point Keeps a Society Civil!
Societies Rulers are Charged With Its Imbalance,
And to Ensure it Stays In a Harmonious Balance,
Its Rulers Therefore are Charged with Keeping Its Harmony!

Society is Charged with Producing Fair Caretakers!
What Becomes of A Society that No Longer Can Produce Fair Caretakers?
Its Caretakers Will then Add Weight to Societies Disharmony,
Its Rulers Therein Add Weight to It's Social Collapse!

Society Begins Collapsing as Its People Sleep Soundly!
In Muffled Tears Society Decaying Dies Losing It's Humanity,
Once this Flawed Human Society Disappears Mother Earth Again Heals.
The Human Life Cycle is Free to Thrive Once Again! 


Author Notes Freedom
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
The Chochee Medina ~ QC Poet Series (Chptr?) Freedom's Regeneration

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author Add-ons.

Native American is my Politically Correct Term, for one "To American For Mexico and To Mexican for America", yet Born In Los Angeles, California.

In 2020 Great Imbalances in Equality & Justice, Remain in Our Society.
With the Recent Covid-19 Outbreak, Many Americans Who Have Never Felt What it Is Like to Be Discriminated Against, Are Getting a Small Sense of Having Their Free Society Perceptions Challenged - in a Way Other Minorities Have Felt them For Centuries, Simply by Being Asked to Wear a Mask for the Good and Health Of Humanity as a Whole.

I would recommend copying and paste of the attached link; to listen to Durand Jones and The Indications, Song - Morning In America.

A True Story Contest, Share a memory from your life. Share a moment, an object, a feeling, etc. This does not have to be a profound memory, but should allow readers insight into your feelings, observations and/or thoughts.

Morning In America;

"As Human Civilizations Rise and Fall"

Chapter 69
Blue Waves and Bloody Red Seas

By QC Poet

A big blue wave crashs in as many people sink!
From a bloody red sea lacking any Humanity,
A decisive choice to Help the drowning with No Voice!
As the red waves crashed an grabbed it's own to save!

An illness was reflected in the dead Blue sea it was Detected.
Faced with it's own growing Red wave it's Too Late to Save!
Two waves crash Violently as Blood Blends a deep Purple.
To settle rough seas a calmer Blue or keep raging in Red?

The vast Dead sea swells and Speaks in crashes and Peaks,
The Storm has Begun take a Stand and Don't Run!
Our Skies could again will become Clear very soon this Year,
Brighter Days with Calmer weather so things begin To Get Better!

Author Notes Blue Waves and Bloody Red Seas
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Forgotten Blue Color Free Verse Submittal

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author's Add-ons;
Bioluminesant Waves Clashing.

A review of my completed writing prompts detected this one at an opportune time?

Write a free verse poem about the word/color BLUE. No deadline

Chapter 70
A Land Line

By QC Poet

   It was in a now ancient time of the old "land-line" phone, I'm talking about that kind that would ring on a wall or table perhaps at our parents home or even on an apartment wall. Can you still remember that type?
   It had a long phone cord attached and your connection to the caller was limited by the length of the phone cord. Something like a brother's call could be a very concerning call back then - especially if you got cut off for some unknown reason.
  One day I received such a phone call it very soon became a concern of mine. As I picked up my ringing wall phone in my apartment one day and then heard my elder brother on the other end saying "George I'm drinking in this bar and got in a fight with four dudes here".
  I then heard a click as he had hung-up not telling me where he was. I was in a bit of panic but, I knew his route home from work as we both worked in different buildings for the same company, and we would regularly have a couple of beers after work during the week.

  I figured he must be at one of a few bar's where we hung out on the route to his house not knowing which one it could be. This surely had to be what the heck he was talking about. So I rushed from my apartment and immediately started driving toward the closest one I could think of and parked. I then ran into the bar and found it was empty raising my doubts.
   I thought I'd arrive to find him rolling with the four others in some kind of a bout! I quickly left and drove off to the next closest bar I could think of and found him there drunk sitting on a bar stool alone, so I asked him what happened with that duel? 
  Slurring he then looked and told me "don't worry little brother it was all over and now all is cool, I just had to take these youngsters back to our old school". "After they apologized they bought my beers and we played a little more pool, that's them over there by that pool table, I'll call them over to buy you a beer too!
 Don't worry, calm down, and don't you be so cruel!"

   I settled down a bit more as they soon supplied all the beers we could drink when I was not totally quite convinced but, still I could recognize the fear in their apologies while praising my brother's fighting skills as he'd made them very clear. I've never ever been quite as calm or as nice as my elder brother and I'm sure they saw it when I gave them a sneer.
  Eventually, I calmed down as my frown slowly went back down to then disappear. Even a couple of years later as we'd laugh about it when partying, now - it's been many more years later and since he has past on, my eyes will just fill up with more than a tear.

Author Notes A Land Line
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Land Line - Shared Story

Readers - Do you think this could really happen?

Share Your Story, A memoir gives us the ability to write about our life. But you can write about life with the option to create and fabricate and to make sense of a life, or part of that life. Write a piece of your life!

Chapter 71
A Covid X-mas!

By QC Poet

Christmas is a special time of year,
Sending Time with Family brings us Cheer,
But 2020 is a crazier year it has also brought a bit of fear,
Corona virus Pandemic and death is the Grinch that we hear!

With my kidney transplant I'm immunity suppressed you know?
I've quarantined since spring, way back before sight of any snow!
Thought I'll be safe, no way for me even to catch a common cold,
Made it through December when my my nose begins to flow!

Covid-19 in news around town, soon is reported near here,
A new test of inconclusive damps a bit of our Christmas Cheer,
As a short time later more symptoms are beginning to appear,
Hitting our Family Household distressed us because we Care!

What helped is our Son is a Seasoned E.M.T,
With the medical knowledge to help keep all of us Over worring free,
It's December twenty second and flue like symptoms have gotten to me,
We go to ER to confirm what we kinda already expected to see?

 I received "the Bam" as my nurse called the juice in my arm,
I was already reassured it do more good than any harm!
With my wife feeling sicker, we rushed her to to get some of this charm,
I slept over the next twelve hours and felt better - now that's some good Pharm!

With God at our side and Ahead of All Other's,
We relied on the Love and Prayers of Our Sister's and Brother's!
To Make it Through Daily no natter what attacks us in smothers,
His Power, His Will, Would Always be my choice, if I had any druthers!



Author Notes A Covid X-mas!
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina
A Christmas With Covid

Christmas Poetry, Share a poem about Christmas

Druthers, noun, informal
One's own way, choice, or preference is:
If I had my druthers, I'd dance all night!

Photo is of during my Illness (B4) and After Covid Treatment (Santa Photo)

I fell sick with Coronavirus recently 12/22/2020 went to ER got The Cocktail in Mix, slept 12 hours woke to find my wife sick and had our sons take her to ER where she also Received the The same Presidential Cocktail.
Thank you for your Prayers.

Chapter 72
Dear Friendmily 2021

By QC Poet

You are my Friendmily because you are Real,
We haven't always agreed and often argue but, then soon Heal,
Iron Sharpens Iron is How we both really Feel!
The Holiday's have just finished so here's this New Year's Deal ~ 
Be Blessed, Stay Safe, Cover up, and Stay on your Even Keel!
My Family Prays for Your's with the Lord Jesus Christ's Holy Seal.
You're in our Heart's and Mind's as we Say the Creator will Steer your wheel!

Author Notes Dear Friendmily 2021
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Post / Chochee Medina
New Year's Wishes

Photo Credit; Photo is a Free Downloadable Photo From a Native American Online Website.

Friendmily is a Family friend that we Don't Always See Eye to Eye regarding Life's Issues.

Please Note This free verse form does Contain End Rhymes the Rules State; a Free Verse "Does Not Necessarily Follow any Specific Meter, Patterns, Rhyme, Or Any Other Pattern ".
Free verse, despite its freedom, often still has some elements of form. Most free verse does observe a convention of lines and structure. Free verse poems have no regular meter and rhythm.

This Poem Has No Regular Meter Pattern, or Rhythm - It Does However Contain End Rhymes which Some Judges May Deem A Pattern.
I am of the opinion that this is an Element of this Poem's Form and Happily Differ the Final Determination to the Fanstory Judges.
Thank You.

I'm a bit of an odd duck when it comes to Spirituality and Religion. I Believe in the Christian Tenet that Jesus Came to Help Man improve, But Also Hold Our Earth and a few other Pre- Christian Native American belief's in High Regard. Thanks Again for Your Support.

Chapter 73
Tale of the Cocaine Blues

By QC Poet

Hey there Gente have you Heard the News?
Crow and his Little Brother got the Cocaine Blues,
Started out Sniffing some of that White Powder in rails of Twos,
Got the idea Sniffing n Smoking Coco Puffs, ah ~ just to get Amused?

In a Beaker Weighted Grams of White Powder ~ placed in Boiling Water?
Stirred side to Side rolling'em into Rocks ~ as they were Getting Hotter!
Growing bigger and Bigger depending on Purity ~ its  ah, a great Party Starter!
Smoked in Glass Pipes ah crackling ~  if U Smoked too much, you'd End Up a Street Gang Martyr?

Hey there Gente have you Heard the News?
Crow and his Little Brother got the Cocaine Blues!
He handled the Oz's ~ oh Brother little Crow Elbows of Weed?
Between them Two ~ they'd get Everything your Party Would Ever Need!

Hey there Gente have you Heard the News?
Crow and his Little Brother got the Cocaine Blues,
Started out Sniffing some of that ~ ol' White Powder, in rails of Twos!
Got the idea Sniffing n~ah, Smoking Coco Puffs oh ~ just to Get Amused!

Crow handled the Oz's ~ Brother little Crow, oh da ~ Elbows of Weed, yes Between those Two ~ oh they'd just get Everything your Party Would Ever Need?
Got the idea Sniffing n Smoking Coco Puffs ah Jusss to get Amused!
Their ideas Never ended Nicely Now,  ~ Soo Please Don't ever get Their Story Confused.



Author Notes Tale of the Cocaine Blues
By Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
Street Life in the 1980's
(Chapter in the book The Two of Me)

Photo Credits; to a Free photo download of Tony Montana (a.k.a. Scarface) with Author's Add-on Wording

This poem / story was Originally written in the early 1980's by; George Martinez but Never Published anywhere. Written as a Cocaine Tale using Metaphors (as in a Song by the Eagle's named Hotel California).
Any Resemblance to People or Places, Living or Dead is Strictly Coincidental.

The Capitalized Words are for Song Version Emphasis.

When cocaine powder is mixed with baking soda to form a paste and heated, the substance hardens when stirred into rocks. The end product was given the street name 'crack,' for the crackling sound it makes when smoked.

A. Gente; translates to People in Spanish Cuulture
B. White Powder was a Common 80's reference for Cocaine
C. Coco Puff's a Common 80's ref. for Marijuana sprinkled w/Cocaine
D. Oz's and Elbows were street language for Ounces and Pounds

The Epic Tale in this poem, Lyric/Story is the relationship to something out of someone working for people or characters in a movie version (as in the movie: Scarface).

Chapter 74
Speedy's Way

By QC Poet


Speedy G was fast to run up front and always stayed in the middle,
Working hard to get things quickly done with no time left to fiddle,
Boy when his longest days had come he'd quickly run to wet his whistle!
Drinking it all till Last Call cause Slowpoke's never are served the quicker pistol?

Slowpoke's left behind drink near beer on bar stools sitting by the outer edges,
Never taking many chances and they're slowly last to lose rhythmic focus,
Speedy's drinking Time flys again faster breaking more of his pledges,
Hunting for a Slowpoke's way out hoping he don't need to use hocus pocus!

Both leasurely lounge without fear always fast to fill all of their crazy hedges,
Most times drunker than those bristling in fear who's threats will often piddle,
Speedy and Slowpoke are a metaphorical related pair firing off some spittle,
There's always a bit of truth in there watch out ~ Fake Guns will try to smoke us!

Author Notes Speedy's Way
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / Q.C. Poet
Kids Understand Slight of Hand

Photo Credit to; a Free Facebook Shared Website Cartoon A Do You Remember Photo

Cartoon Time Contest
Write a poem in any style about your favorite childhood cartoon or cartoon character. Ideas, why you loved them, when you watched it, memories, theme tune ect.

This is My Ode Metaphorical Style Cartoon Messaging Free Verse.

What Is the Structure of this Ode Poem?
Like An ode poem is traditionally divided into three sections, or stanzas:
1. The strophe; In modern usage, the term strophe can refer to any group of verses that form a distinct unit within a poem.
2. The antistrophe. The second section of an ode is structured the same way as the strophe, but typically offers a thematic counterbalance.
3. The epode. This section or stanza typically has a distinct meter and length from the strophe and antistrophe, and serves to summarize or conclude the ideas of the ode.

But This One Uses a Free Verse Style in the Combined Metaphorical Messaging.

Cartoon Details;
Cat-Tails for Two (early version)
August 29, 1953

Speedy Gonzales (official version) Released:
September 17, 1955
Run time 6:45 AM
Version about;
Warner Brothers 1955, Merrie Melodies
Animated short,
Directed by: Friz Freleng,
Released on September, 17th, 1955
Starring; Speedy Gonzalez and Sylvester the Cat
Producer: Edward Seller (uncredited)
Story by: Warren Foster
Music by: Carl Stalling
Voice by: Mel Blanc


** Poem lines Referenced Episode Can be Seen By Coping the Link Below and Past to Internet Search or youtube;

Chapter 75
Philly's Fun Fades

By QC Poet

Philly Trys False Pick,
Sunny and Windy Rid Shtick,
No Phil Never Trick!


Author Notes Philly's Fun Fades
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
A 5-7-5 Syllable Poem Entry

Collage Credits to ; Cultural Website FB Postings and Author Adds.

A Mexica Groundhog Collage ~ Accurately Representing 2021 Groundhog Day Results ~ With a photo Collage of Facebook Cultural Website Postings.

The results For February 2nd Morning ~ in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Phil saw his shadow in 2021 ~ Which means we are in for 6 More Weeks of Winter.

Chapter 76
A Frozen Cold Soul

By QC Poet



Cold as ice flowing through my veins when it helps make me feel bold,
Cold cash from a small gold stash brashly sold for lost money doled,
 are those fast dancing answers given when I'm rapidly being polled!
Cold needs a
 warm band-aid to freeze a bleed the lying costs has tolled?

Cold is a blank poker stare without glare on a great hand I won't fold!
 as a broken pledge to boost a bets hedge into some bar type of gold!
 went that freak hot betting streak turning a honey pot into mold!
 was that slight smirk shown throwing dice when Snake Eyes I rolled.

Cold could be a feeling I'm dealing with as a result of being bought and sold?
Cold and gone high standards I pandered as they meandered from my hold!
Cold as I behold the gambled fortune foretold by never doing what I'm told?
Cold as the cockles of my Soul once burning since it froze and I've gotten old?


Author Notes A Frozen Cold Soul
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
An Empathy Slacker

Photo Credit to; Author's photo taken at Binion's on the Las Vegas Strip.

This was the Oldest challenge unfinished left I found on my list.

Write a free verse about 'COLD' in any way you can imagine. It's not limited to weather or illness. Let's see what things we can come up with.
No deadline.

1. Pandered; verb: yield (to); give satisfaction to
2. Meandered; noun: a curve in a stream. (verb): to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course
3. Cockles; the core of one's being usually used in the phrase warm the cockles of the heart.

From = The past tense of toll is tolled.

Chapter 77
My Bro the Crow

By QC Poet

Friends Called Him the Crow!
Shared a Story He Did Know,
A Father's Legend Still Grows!


Author Notes My Bro the Crow
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina /:QC Poet

Tribute to My Elder Brother
(In a 5-7-7 Syllable Poem)

Photo Credit to; a Collage Created with Author's Photo Collection plus Free Native American, Legend Downloadable photos, found on the Internet with Author's Add-on Arrangements and Coloring tints.

Arrangements, Interuptations Intent is Remembrance and Humor.

When my Eldest Brother Told the following story to teen friends of his and earned their given moniker - Crow, as his sidekick they referred to me as Little Crow.
Here is Our Father's Crow Story;

When you hear a Crow Cawing at you,
See What Direction it is Facing - It Means there is some News, Good or Bad Coming from the Direction the Crow is Cawing.

Over the years We've Found this to be True more times than Not.

I Live in the Antelope Valley and find Ravens are bigger, have different tail feather shapes and gather in pairs where Crow's gather in Gangs.
The Humor Intent Extends to Ravens, No Discriminatory Intent Applicable. Roy would have Appreciated my Dark (See My Photos) Humor as this is Intended..
I've passed this Family Legend down to my Son's and Grandkids to include Ravens, Whether they are In Pairs or In Flocks.

3 Line Poetry Contest
Write a poem that has three lines and a syllable count of either 5-7-5 or 5-7-7. The poem must address a loved one. This contest has a cash prize. Deadline√?¬†in 2 day.

Chapter 78
Tending A Garden of Love

By QC Poet

Sowing seeds of Hope,
Vastly increases Life's flow,
Easing your Brain's stress!
Uprooting worries planted,
Peace of Mind growing granted!



Author Notes Tending A Garden of Love
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet

Growing Peace of Mind

Photo Collage is a mixture of a photo from a Free Internet Culture Site Download and the Author's Family Photo Collection arrangement.

Pictured with me (Eldest shown in this picture) are two of my younger brothers. There are 6 boys and 2 Girls in my family, I am the Forth Eldest.

Our Father was Richly Blessed with Talent, among his many skills shared with us kids were; Gardening / Landscaping, Mechanics, Masonry, Plumbing, Painter, and Of Course Parenting and many others.

The Rough Translation for Collage Photo's Saying Is;
It's Time to Forget Everything and Sow the Light in Your Heart!

A Tanka is another poetry type related to the haiku. The first three lines are unrhymed. They have a syllable count of five, seven, five like the haiku. But the last two lines both have seven syllables. So the syllable count is: (5, 7, 5, 7, 7)

A Traditional Japanese haiku requires some reference to nature or the season. The goal of a haiku is to capture a single moment with very few words

See Contest Rules Example for additional construct details.

Chapter 79
Airshow Relief

By QC Poet


Planes, War Planes, and Missiles,
One's screaming Secret burden whistles!




Author Notes Airshow Relief
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet

I was always glad to finally see some of the Military & Aerospace Projects from my career come into the "Blue" from out of the "Black" World. Usually only seen during Military Base Associated Air Shows.

Holding "Don't tell Secrets" May end up giving us stressful
life issues that we then turn to destructive ways to deal with it.

At least I know it's frustrated and keep me from writing about a "Darker Side" of the aerospace component fabrication part of my life's since at least 1999.
This 15 Syllable Poem is Written For Secret's - A future Chapter in my upcoming book "The Two of oMe".

Why Do Military Jets and Missiles Scream?

Aerospace Component Manufacturing Projects may require obtaining a Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret Security Clearance from the Government Procurement Source.

15 Syllable Poem;
For this contest you are to write a short poem. The poem should have exactly 15 syllables. You can structure it anyway you choose and choose the word count. But the total syllable count for the completed poem must have exactly 15 syllables total.

Chapter 80
Planted Thoughts

By QC Poet


Planted in your Mind,
Crying for some attention,
Your Brain's Invention?



Author Notes Planted Thoughts
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
Just My Imagination

Photo Credit to Free Facebook Shared Culture Website Downloadable posting.

Somos esclavos
De nuestro pensamientos;
Rough English translation: We are Slaves to Our Thoughts.

5 line poem;
First line 2 Syllables
Second line 2 Syllables
Third line 5 Syllables
Forth line 7 Syllables
Fifth line 5 Syllables

Chapter 81
A Long Play Record

By QC Poet

Racked up an older Long Play record to listen, to reminisce and to muse,
 a few stacked thirty three and a third albums from which to choose,
 down my old WAR LP seasoned with a slight taste of the Blues,
 by strong vocal lyrics a smoother melody than any shot of booze!

 mingling jingling while conga drums gently key an organ humming,
 sounds gelling lifting up your Soul so you are no longer bumming,
 a ding-a-ling still struggling to find strings on an air guitar strumming!
No commingling lyrics just Deliver the Word as written with a soft drumming.

A smooth flowing
 lyrical master piece treasure as any your Life has heard!
 how to Deliver the Word less going through changes ~ is it absurd?
 a Long Play record can eliminate misery's company if it's preferred,
 by emergencies and urgency cause Prayers have them all deterred!

 listening to your tears give away to a joyous torment as we sway!
 Soulfully and sparkling from the heights and depths that array,
 heartfelt changes needed that are always somehow in play,
 delivered in words by a song's musical lyrics still heard today!



Author Notes A Long Play Record
By; Chochee Medina
(A. K. A) George Martinez / QC Poet
Up Beat Sounds of Life

Photo Credit; Author's Collage Photo,
at WAR Concert in Primm Nevada 07/09.

Drummer Sal Rodriguez (Shown on drums) is also from San Fernando Valley in California.

Rhyming Poetry Contest
Write a poem that has a rhyme scheme, how it rhymes is up to you.

1) Christening; verb (dedicate a vessel, building, ect.) ceremonially.
2) Bristling; verb (used without object), bris-tled, bris-tling.
to stand or rise stiffly, like bristles.

WAR is an American funk and soul band from Long Beach, California, known for several hit songs. Formed in 1969, WAR is a musical crossover band that fuses elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin, rhythm and blues, and reggae.

Chapter 82
My Blood Moon Myth

By QC Poet

Ancient people's all have their own fables of their complex cosmology,
To explain in mystic terms how our world came to be "psychologically",
After the god's set a Sun and Moon to rise in the heavens as our shields,
This made crops and life grow throughout the World filling all its fields.

Just what are two rabbits doing in a fable on how a Blood Moon fuels Life's creation?
Day & Night every Hour rabbits hop star to star pushing the Sun and Moon to it's station,
Without this happening all Life sowing, growing, crawling or flying dies it won't just swoon!
Sadly, all rabbits age and die hence our Creator God decided to put one in the Moon.

When first Lunar rabbit died the Earth absorbed its Blood into a Redish Celestial body,
A special rare celestial moon only seen about twice each year so it's not gaudy,
Creator God well foreknew so many blood red lunar cycles would be too bawdy,
Other rabbits multiplying rapidly move the sun and phased moons they're so naughty!

You hopefully enjoyed my new Mexica Lunar Blood legend or had a great healthy chuckle,
A Prayer to Not Offend anyone rating as it took long placing it on my wall's stucco,
Some links to the original legend are included for the curious to learn more to know,
Again, Sorry for the delay and I wish you Peace, Love, and a Prayer today before I go!



Author Notes My Blood Moon Myth
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet


Blood Moon pix this;
Everyone. A friend sent me the image for this post and I love it. I don't know who the photographer is to give credit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. * Write a poem using the above image.
No deadline.

An unusual set of circumstances will combine in the early hours of Monday morning resulting in a phenomenon called a super blood wolf moon. A total lunar eclipse will give an apparent reddish colour to the lunar surface known as a blood moon.Jan 20, 2019

On rare occasions, the light reaching the moon is exactly the color of blood, but there is no way of predicting this in advance. So there are no grounds to call any particular lunar eclipse a blood moon until it actually shows its color.

The phrase blood moon is relatively new, Dr. Krupp said, a term coined by evangelical ministers. It appears to have originated in 2008 when Mark Biltz, founder of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington State, said he had discovered a pattern among the lunar and solar eclipses that would signal the second coming of Christ.

Psychology; is the scientific study of the mind and behavior, according to the American Psychological Association. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes.

Chapter 83
Chochee's In~Security

By QC Poet

 A Scene from "The Two of Me"

Narrator's Voice - Introduction;

    Inside an Aircraft Company known as Galaxy Aircraft Corporation, Chochee Medina is a current hourly Employee who began working for Galaxy A.C. shortly after the birth of his first son in 1979, Chochee moved up the company ladder from an entry level job known as a fabrication helper removing the sharp edges (burrs) on formed and trimmed metal parts with hand and powered equipment. Chochee also has been promoted for his second time and currently is a Formation Press Operator. It's now 1981and times are changing, as it's widely known throughout the company that a corporate consolidation plan with an eventual complete facility move are quickly thinning out the current work force herd. Galaxy's Corporate strategic plan for the future is to convert or gradually eliminate many of it's Commercial Aircraft product lines. This transition also is impacting it's lower seniority union employees along with many senior union employees who can not obtain their required Government Security Clearance. Chochee has been awaiting final word on his Government Clearance approval with a scheduled lay-off date set for the beginning of the coming month. Unbeknownst at this point in time to Chochee is his wife also has been experiencing morning sickness again since the birth of their first son a little over two years ago.

*Transition of Scenery to an Aircraft Parts Fabrication Plant"

Narrator's Voice;
Chochee's current Department Manager Mr. Lank Freos (elder and also happened to grow up in Pacoima, California - Chochee's home town) it was Lank's job to tell Chochee that he's been scheduled for lay-off at month's end and gave him some additional Security Clearance paperwork to complete, sign, then turn in the next morning. Now it's a week and a half later and there still has not been a word of Chochee's clearance status or mention of it in the usual daily work assignment briefings. Chochee decides to ask his Manager Lank about it today as Lank is making daily status rounds, in order to ease his self-worring and make any other preparations that might be necessary. 
It's mid-week (Wednesday) and Chochee sees Mr. Lank Freos walking towards the Formation Press he's operating and trys to wave him over.

Chochee's voice;
(Said in desperation)
"What's up Lank, is there any good news for me today?"

Mr. Lank Freos character's voice;
(smiling and grinning)
"Come on homeboy, you know if I hear something I'll let you know right away ~ how cold a dude do you think I am homey?"

Chochee's voice;
"Yeah man I know but, my lay-off date is coming up quick and I haven't heard anything or even told my lady yet, you know what I mean?"
(Said with a Nervous smile and hand gestures)

Lank Freos character's voice;
"Don't worry these Clearance things always pop up at the last minute unless you stepped into some deep shit?"
(looks intently at Chochee)
"You don't got to worry about that unless you're hiding something ~ you wanna tell me about it little homie?

Chochee's voice;
"Well, there's that one time..."
( w/thinking gesture,smiles and laughs)
"Nah, my old man got all my juvenile records sealed before I started working here man!"
(making a peace sign)

Lank's character voice;
(nodding his head no)
"You're a big smart ass, Huh?"
(Gives Chochee a more serious look)
I'll check it out and make another call to the Security Clearance guys ~ alright?"

Chochee's voice;
"Yeah, Thanks man, that way my old lady won't leave me!"

Lank character's voice;
(Laughing and nods no again)
"Smart ass, we' will see how funny it is when she leaves you"
(Still laughing takes off) 

Narrator's Voice; 
The next day is (Thursday), Chochee sees Lank walking near his machine area,

Chochee's character;
(w/out voice only uses hand and body for gesturing)
"What's up - Anything?"

Lank's character;
(No voice body movements & paperwork used in gestering replies)
Walking by quickly, looks his way while nodding no.

Narrator's Voice; 
But, Lank comes back later that afternoon and gives Chochee an update.

Lank's character voice;
(said with a serious look)
"You got to go to the Government Security Clearance office and talk to a dude running the Clearance checks ~ go there right now and don't punch out though, here's a paper telling you who to ask for ~ go now Bill will cover while your gone."

Chochee's character voice;
"Is it Bad news?"

"Lank's character voice;
"I don't know they never say but, don't keep them waiting long get there quickly". 

Narrator's Voice; 
(with background scenery changing)
Chochee quickly and quietly walks to his car in a lot nearby, then drives turning off his radio to think and gets to the Security Clearance office, parks his car and starts walking to the designated office, where he asks a receptionist for the name on his paperwork.

Chochee's voice;
"Excuse me Mrs., I'm Chochee Medina, reporting in per my Department Manager".
(half-smile and curious look)

(w/stern look back at him and voice)
"Chochee, Please sit down and he'll be with you in a minute".

Narrator's Voice;
An Elderly Japanese man enters from an adjacent office

(The Elderly Japanese man's voice);
"Mr. Medina?" 

Chochee's voice;
"Yes Sir, that's me"

(The Elderly Japanese man & voice);
(as he's looking at Chochee up & down)
"Please, follow me" 

Narrator's Voice; 
Chochee follows the Gentleman to a nearby office, then stands to wait for the next direction.

(The Elderly Japanese man);
(with a more serious look on face & in his voice)
"My name is Kim Hang"
(extends hand out in a hand shaking gesture)

Chochee's character & voice;
(as he moves closer accepting handshake)
"Nice to meet you Sir"
(receives the handshake)

Mr. Hang;
(w/serious stare & voice)
"Sit down Chochee, I guess you kinda already know what this meeting is about?"

Chochee's character voice;
"Well Sir, I believe it has to do with the Security Clearance I'll be needing to work for the Advance Projects fabrication department?"
(His slight smile fades as there's no response)

Mr. Hang's voice;
"Yes indeed it does, I got a few questions regarding the paperwork you submitted for your Clearance in order to understand it a bit more clearly."
(stated while looking at Chochee for reactions)

Chochee's voice;
(w/body posturing, stated in a serious tone and attentive look)
"Well Sir, if there are any answers missing or needed, I'll do my best to answer them"

Mr. Hang voice;
(Reviews report, with attentive look while speaking)Looking at report and begins some verification questions;
Full name, birth date, place of birth, social security number, Father's full name, place of birth, birth date, Mother's full name, birth day, and place of birth. And how long has each been in the United States?
(while observing reactions to his questions)

Chochee answering;
Chochee Martinez Medina, born on xx/xx/xxxx, in 19xx, Social security number xx/xx/xxxx, grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California.
Father's full name is xxx/ xx/xxx born on xxx, born in xxxx Mexico,
Mother's full name is xxx/xx/xxx, born on xx/xx/xxxx, born in xxx Mexico, and he explains why he doesn't know their social security numbers, and how long they've been in the United States to best of his knowledge.

Mr. Hang voice;
(shifting in his seat indignantly)
"Why didn't your parents ever apply for their citizenship, if they were able to? Personally, I think if you can, you should. My parents weren't able to because of their Japanese heritage until after World War Two. They were not allowed to but did it as soon as it was possible.
(looking at Chochee's reactions to the line of this inquiry)

Chochee's character voice;
"Sir, what I know and remember is my Father saying when he arrived he went to night school to learn english and worked during the day as a Grave digger at Forest Lawn in the 50's. My Mother was already here and working for a company as an assembler, I think.They met through an uncle of mine who Dad befriended and possibly work with.They then got married and my eldest brother was born in 1958, my father started his own Gardening and Landscaping business around 1957. I am the sixth born of eight children so their focus was really on providing for the family and might not have had the resources or time with such big a family.

Mr. Hang's character;
(voicing response in an angry tone)
"I believe anyone eligible who can get their citizenship should do so if eligible as I said, people of Japanese and Asian heritage were restricted till after the War, and many eligible folks are just too plain lazy to do so, or have legal issues preventing them from going and doing so".

Chochee's response;
"With all due Respect Sir, I'm sorry about that but, they may have felt that since they had gotten their green / Naturalization cards it might have been the appropriate thing to do back then".

Mr. Hang voice;
(seems a bit agitated but replies)
"Well many people in this country have the opportunity and don't take advantage of it and that's unfortunate. I'll check into it some more before any notification goes to your Manager prior to our decision. Do you have any questions or comments you want to ask me related to this matter"

Chochee's character voice;
"No Sir, I just wanna say Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions and I'll be available for any other clarifications or questions that may arise."

Mr. Hang voice;
"We will inform your Manager of our decision and if there are any other questions for you. Good Luck and tell your Manager we'll be in touch with him after our decision".
(extending hand again)

Chochee's character voice;
"Thank you Sir".
(Shakes hands again)

Narrator's Voice;
(with scenery changing on the way back to the factory)
Chochee is quietly going over the interview exchange, not sure of the results and is hoping he didn't blow this opportunity as he returns to his building and work area. Mr. Lank Freos sees Chochee coming in as he's getting a status update in a nearby department and decided to inquire about the meeting's results.

Mr.Lank Freos voice;
(walks over by Chochee to feel out the situation)
"Good you made it back, well how did it go?"

Chochee's character voice;
(wondering and still taking in the meeting's possible results)
"I'm not so sure the dude liked Mexicans, he said he'd be in contact with you if he had any other questions for me about the Clearance questions?"

Lank's character voice;
"Well you still got about a week left to get your Security Clearance but time is ticking away Chochee, so be sure to Pray on your knees tonight and you might wanna let your lady know just in case homie ~ in the mean time get back to work homies!"

Narrator's Voice;
As Friday progresses on to Monday and through Wednesday afternoon status meetings pass without Mr. Freos mentioning any word. Chochee's getting anxiously nervous by now and finally decides to ask his Manager to get it over with, after all he's already been told that his lay-off was scheduled for this Friday. All week he's been turning in company tools he had checked them out on loan. Returned while getting ready to be laid-off on Friday. It's gotten so close to the date that Chochee had finally told his wife he'd most likely be laid-off on Friday. Now resigned to be getting laid-off, Chochee figured maybe he'd go home early Thursday afternoon as many of his buddies had done upon being told of their lay-offs by Lank Freos around 3:00 pm. Chochee decides to go and get it over with once and for all and heads to Mr. Freos office only to find him on the phone with a status conversation in progress but, was motioned to sit down and wait. After hanging up the phone Lank starts to pull paperwork out from his desk drawer. 

Chochee's character's voice;
"Lank it's been a fun ride I guess those are any lay-off papers to sign?" He then stretches out his hand in a "Thanks" handshake gesture.

Lank's character voice;
"What you can't wait to get outta here man?" 
"I know it's been rough lately but shit you're eager to get out".
"Well ok (as he exhaled) here eager beaver, sign your transfer paperwork and go home then, I'm tired of the papers sitting in my desk drawer for a month anyways".
(Starts laughing out loud and gets up handing the paperwork to Chochee, and extending his hand saying "Congratulations".

Chochee's reply;
"What?, For real man?, No Shit?" 
Mr. Lank Freos replies;
"No shit homes, I almost gave them to you to sign the other day after your Security Clearance meeting you looked so, so Sad!"
(Laughing making wiping tears gesture)
"SIgn them, you'll be spending most of your day over at Security tomorrow, so you'll be out of here and their problem after that".

As Scene Fades to Black 

Author Notes Chochee's In~Security
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
Aerospace Culture Questions
Write a Script Entry

Word Script Count approximately 2176 words.
57 sentences, 12,542 characters, 153 paragraphs

Any Resemblance to People Alive or Dead are Purely Co-Incidental.

Write A Script
A script can bring a scene alive with just a little direction and words. Now is your chance to write your own.

Chapter 84
Black Hatz & Cigarz

By QC Poet

Black Hatz and Cigarz
Bar Scarz up to Fancy Carz
Long Life's Extra Starz!

Author Notes Black Hatz and Cigarz
Bar Scars up to Fancy Cars
Long Life's Extra Stars!

Black Hatz & Cigarz
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
Life's Gunfights

Photo Credit to; Author's Photo Collage,

Thought I'd write a Senryu to go with a more indepth "Black Hat" story down the dusty road a piece.

Write a senryu with 17 syllables OR LESS, in a short/long/short form, no kigo (season) is needed. A senryu is structurally similar to haiku but about human nature. Example: out of darkness/a new haiku is born/burning midnight oil. Picture is optional. If you have ANY questions, please contact Gypsy Blue Rose.

Chapter 85
A Message Relayed

By QC Poet

Religion was meant to teach us Moral lessons relayed by our Creator!
Stupefying Christ's Ministry may make us into Someone's useful hater.
The Ten Commandments help Humanities lost Soul's to become greater,
Undergoes Human agenda's and gives congregation's a conjuration to cater!
Zeal is Not something I seek to parlay just to relay a message that hits like a freighter!


Author Notes A Message Relayed
By; Chochee Medina
(A. K. A) George Martinez / QC Poet
Not for the Love of Power!
(ABC Poetry Contest Entry)

As for myself I'm Hoping to be More Spiritual than Religious. There's Absolutely No Offense Intended to Anyone.

Sparrow photo taken while my wife and I were enjoying a sub sandwich in San Fernando Valley, California.

Photo Credits to;
Author's Photos w/Free Internet
Down Loads in a Collage format

ABC Poetry Contest
For this contest you are challenged to write a ABC poem. ABC poetry has five lines and often is used to express feelings

Write a one-stanza, five line poem.
The first letter of each of the first four lines follows this order of the alphabet while the last line can be any letter whatsoever. Example:D-E-F-G-A
The lines can be of any Syllable length. Also line length may vary from line to line
The poem may be about any subject or topic
Rhyming and meter are optional

Diffinitions as used in this poem;

Stupefy; verb (used with object) stupefied, stupefying.
1) to put into a state of little or no sensibility; benumb the faculties of; put into a stupor.
2) to stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion.
3) to overwhelm with amazement; astound; astonish.

Undergo; verb (used with object), underwent, undergone, undergoing.
1) to be subjected to; experience; pass through: to undergo surgery.
2) to endure; sustain; suffer:to undergo sustained deprivation.

Congregation; noun;
1. a group of people assembled for religious worship.
2. a gathering or collection of people, animals, or things.

Conjuration; noun;
2 an incantation; magical charm.
3 supernatural accomplishment by invocation or spell.
4 the practice of legerdemain.
5 supplication; solemn entreaty.

Cater; verb:
2) provide what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance

Zeal; noun:
1) fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor;
2) enthusiastic diligence; ardor.

Parlay; verb (used with object)
1) to bet or gamble (an original amount and its winnings) on a subsequent race, contest, etc.
2) Informal; to use (one's money, talent, or other assets) to achieve a desired objective, as spectacular wealth or success:

Chapter 86
Healing Spirit's

By QC Poet

Wild Child,
Spirit's challenged,

Aging broken body,
Strong Faith, Hope and Resolve while still,


Author Notes Healing Spirit's
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet

Cinquain Poetry (1)

I thought the title would capture the essence of this Cinquain's meaning intent of the included Collages.

A future (meaning clarification) with more details of this Cinquain Entry will be explained in a Future Chapter of "The Two of Me".
At the end of this August, I will be 60 years old. Done many Good and Bad Things in my Youth up through 6/2014, when Illness from "Living Wild" caught up to me. I've now spent 7 years (as of 2021) trying to make Atonements. I was Disabled after a 35+ year working in Aircraft and Aerospace Fabrication and Management positions + 5 years of teen family related business work while Partying for 40 years. My irony is the amount of pharmaceutical medication I now need to continue deteriorating as I'm making amends.

Write and Share are Cinquain poem is a five line poem that follows a specific format, this poem is usually unrhymed short poem. But, you can use a rhyme scheme if desired. It can be writen about any subject. You decide the rhyme scheme (if any) and the subject matter. Submitted poems must follow the Syllable count rules.

Line 1 =2 syllables, line 2 =4 syllables, line 3 = 6 syllables, line 4 = 8 syllables, line 5 = 2 syllables.

Chapter 87
An Amputation

By QC Poet

An Amputation?
Won't Change my,


Author Notes An Amputation
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet

Yet Still Confident ~
I'm Determined to Continue through Losses of Left leg & hand also right lower fingers and continued Illness.

Lune Poetry Contest
A Lune poem is a short and fun poetry form 5-3-5 syllable poem with only three lines. Subject open.
View the contest announcement for an example.

Chapter 88
Courage & Will

By QC Poet

It's said we need both Courage and Strong Will,
Bravery helps us move forward when we're in Fear!
Will holds our Faith in place when we're not Still!
Our Hearts & Mind's will then make all decisions crystal clear.

We need Courage to Overcome all of our Tears,
To chase away all those unknowns that maybe in our Minds.
Will helps Stop our thoughts from spinning it's Gears!
Giving us Clarity in the many solutions that it finds.

We draw on Courage & Will as we need to use Both.
Belief then is within each of us Free of taking an Oath!
Strengthening our resolve Helping hold what we call Dear?
It has a way to dismantle all those Obstacles yet to appear!

Yes, the Only One sent to Save us did fit the Bill.
He set aside his Doubts and Answered by Not Sitting Still.
On His Cross he freely carried the Sins of this World!
For Every Believing Human regardless if Boy or Girl.


Author Notes Courage & Will
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet

These Beliefs are not meant to be Dismissive of any Contary Beliefs.

Chapter 89
Pale Blue or Ruby Red

By QC Poet

I'm usually looking Pale Blue to Ruby Red,
Depending on what's going on in my head.
Could be a feeling or something t'was said,
Something I heard or maybe possibly read?

This color grows as more news gets fed!
Flowing through me until I go to hit my bed,
Emotionally charged driven mindfully sped.
Prayer helps Stop transferring the colors to dread.

Thank God colors also soothe as Calm is spread.
Let's try Loving what is taken in instead,
Colored in neutral as Hate has been shed!
Stress will turn us red quick to blue then finally dead.


Author Notes Pale Blue or Ruby Red
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet

Emogies are free internet search downloads.

A Play on Emotional Colors

Write a poem of any format that somehow incorporates the topic.
The poem MUST be specifically about the topic and creative approaches are welcomed. Contest voters will be asked to consider the topic when making a choice for a winner.

Chapter 90
Summer's Heated Days

By QC Poet

Summer's heated days,
In many different ways,
Aren't cooled by moon's rays!


Author Notes Summer's Heated Days
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
A Summer Haiku Club Posting

Photo from downloadable internet cultural free website (Mexica Tribe)

Idea came from A Summer's heat that is felt Day & Night.

If you look closely the photo includes a representation of both the Sun & Moon.

Chapter 91
Rolling River Rocks

By QC Poet

The present flow in the river of Life,
Is compounded by the weight it's strife!
All People will add to it's calm pace,
Until it's balance is out of place.

Our Life presently flows like a river,
In its streams pace we're the giver,
Is yours rushing and contentious?
Or calm & smooth never pretentious.

In a stream of Emotion our world turns,
Present waves flow thru till it burns!
Stay in the calm where Hope and Faith still yearns,
Let any sharp rocks roll & smooth out as it churns.


Author Notes Rolling River Rocks
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet / Chochee Medina

Wrote this early in the year forgot to post and fell behind due to Surgery.

How about we go with the word PRESENT?
It can go many ways. You choose.

No deadline

Chapter 92
Faith and Prayers

By QC Poet

Faith and Prayers go together 
Even when layered!



Author Notes Faith and Prayers
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
I Believe in Answered Prayer Requests

Pray for it, Believe it and Receive it.

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