"Me and You 40+ years of Poems "


By QC Poet

My name is George Martinez,
I grew up in Pacoima, California, in the late 1960"s.
I've always had a love for Creative Writing, Poems of Life, Love, Spirituality, Native American and Mexican Indian Tales and music.

Growing up I was given a couple of nicknames by relatives and friends.
The first was "Chochee", from an elder cousin who preferred to call me that over "Georgie".
The second nickname I was given by friends was "Little Crow", as a result of my Eldest brother sharing the following tale told by our father;
"When you hear a crow cawing, look to see what direction it is facing for you will be receiving news / word, either good or bad coming from that direction". This we found true more often than not.

This is a collection of Love, Life, and Hope Poems I have written dating back from 1975 to the present day (2019).
After a thirty five year plus aerospace career, I am now permanently disabled and attempting to complete a book of life's stories and poems.

I am extremely Grateful to all of those who taught me to Pray, Love, Live my Life, and Follow the Teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and to ask for Guidance, Forgiveness, and Protection in our Life's journey.

It is with my Hope and Prayers that to the Readers of this collection of Poems it will bring Smiles, Gladness, Hope, Compassion and Joy to the Reader.

This collection of Poems are Dedicated to my wife Angela, and to my Mother, whom I promised to create and complete a book.

Author Notes Note,
Some characters appearing in this work maybe fictitious.
Some names have been changed to protect their privacy.
Any resemblance to real persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Copyright 2019 George Martinez

Chapter 1
Like a Rose

By QC Poet

Like a rose you can be beautiful with petals so sensual and sweet, enough to make me want to kiss you from your head to your feet.
Like a rose you can be dangerous with your tongue as sharp as a thorn, yet it's you who has always been there - seems like since the day I was born.
So like a rose I'll handle you with caution and try not to get on your last nerve,
and I'll always try to love you - the way you rightfully deserve.

This poem is dedicated to my wife Angela, May God continue to Bless me with your love.

George Martinez

Author Notes A semi poetic journal through a Mexican American couples Life's, Love, Struggles, and Challenges from over a forty plus year period.(1974 to 2019).

Chapter 2
Just Beyond

By QC Poet

Just Beyond

Just beyond the tree,
was something I could not see.
Just beyond the shore,
I fought till I could no more.
Just beyond the haze,
I learned and was amazed.
Just beyond the light,
was the answer to my plight.
Just beyond the breeze,
was a moment in life to seize.
Just beyond the moss,
was the ground I thought I loss.

In Memory of Robert Martinez 4/15/65 to 5/4/05

Copyright2002 George Martinez
Originally conceived and written by George Martinez in 1996.

Author Notes Copyright 2007

Me and You 40yrs of Poetry and Short Stories by George Martinez

Chapter 3
Heal your Soul

By QC Poet

Heal your Soul

Troubled man, what are you thinking?
You can't solve problems drugging & drinking.
He knows that you're hurting, he knows you worry,
he knows you are tired, why die in a hurry?
Heal your soul, and let your troubles go.
Heal your soul, then you will know,
no matter what you did, or what you do,
the Lord's the only one, that can heal you.
Let him fix your life, let him end the pain,
let him care for you, so much for you to gain.
There is no problem he can't break, you have a choice to make.
You have to take a stand, come on grab his hand.
The problems in your head, the answer in your heart.
Do you want to end up dead? Or do you want to make a new start?
Heal your soul, a better life you'll know.

Author Notes Commentary poem on addiction,
Prayers for Healing all addictions.

Coppyright 2006 George Martinez

Chapter 4
My Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions

By QC Poet

My Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions

My mind only seems to run in high gear,
my body is weary like the end is near.
My spirit has had many demons to slay,
my emotions keep changing from day to day.
My mind thinks it knows all there is to know,
my body not telling my mind where not to go.
My spirit cried out beware of this trip,
my emotions too confused to get a good grip.
My mind and spirit in such a great fight,
my body and emotions beholding this sight.
In the end my spirit has won,
my mind, body, emotions, and spirit are done.
The battle moves on to fight the good fight,
with Gods loving hand - to make all things right.

Author Notes Battling personal Demons,
and Life's Challenges.
Poems of Prayer and Hope by George Martinez

Chapter 5
To Whom Do I Turn

By QC Poet

To Whom Do I Turn?

Changing events in my life make my stomach churn,
Like a bitterness in my soul, I'm feeling it burn.
My mind asking constantly what still have I to learn?
With material & stature what else is out there to earn?
At the top of my game, something more I still yearn.
With more questions than answers, whom did I spurn?
To find true happiness, it is to God's will I must turn.

Author Notes Poems of Life, Love, Pain, Regret, and Struggles written over a Forty plus year period. (1975 to 2019)

Copyright 2006 George Martinez

Chapter 6
The Lonely Boy

By QC Poet

The lonely boy sat and stared,
far into space his eyes had glared.
Nobody bothers, nobody cares,
nobody gives, nobody shares.
Nobody listens, nobody tries,
nobody talks, nobody cries.
When will I find somebody like me?
someone to love, and help set me free!
Until then I'll just have to say,
I'll drop to my knees and continue to Pray!

Author Notes One of the first poems I wrote while in Jr. High School
Copyright 2006 George Martinez
Revised 12/21/18 George Martinez

Chapter 7
My Prayer

By QC Poet

My Prayer

Thank you Jesus, the Lord of my life,
for blessing me with a wonderful wife.
Through rich and poor she's always been there,
with love for two men and four grandchildren to spare.
Thank you for making my boys good men,
for making my grandkids the best of my friends.
Still struggling to reach our hopes & dreams,
worrying about money never enough it seems.
I give you all the Thanks and Praise,
for in your name this family is raised.

I've no need to worry cause there's not doubt,
in you I have a friend with clout.
Daily problems are washed away,
did I thank you Lord,
for this beautiful day?

Author Notes Poems of Prayer and Hope,
Original Copyright 8/3/11 written by George Martinez, Revised 2019 to Include all grand kids and fact my boys are now men.

Chapter 8
The Look In Your Eyes

By QC Poet

The Look In Your Eyes

The look in your eyes,
Caught me by surprise,
Cause I didn't realize,
The damage that would arise,
The faith that can demise,
A pain too big to size,
Now I try to rationalize,
till I think I can hyponotize,
my feelings that I did disguise,
because I thought myself as wise,
Now I sit here and try to surmise,
And ask forgiveness to the skies,
For the look in your eyes.

Author Notes Poems of Pain, Suffering, Regret, Sorrow, and Pleadings for Forgiveness.
Copyright 2006 George Martinez

Chapter 9
Scar Tissue

By QC Poet

Scar Tissue

Like an old wound we don't let heal right,
All of our conversations soon turn into some fight.
What did I say that you view as a slight?
Why is it my tongue we both have to bite?
All of my flaws have been in plain sight.
Is nothing left in me to shine in your light?
Slain so many of my demons with help of God's might.
Less the pain I've caused you to wish me this plight.
Be comforted knowing as you begin to re-ignite,
My wounds still bleed when I hold them tight.

Author Notes Copyright 2006 George Martinez
Poems of Love, Life, Pain, Suffering, Regrets, and Redemption.

Chapter 10
I've Done All I Can Do

By QC Poet

I've Done All I Can do

I've done all I can do,
to erase the pain I've caused you.
I've done all I can do,
to make you smile cause you're blue.
I've done all I can do,
to restore the faith you had in me.
I've done all I can do,
to show you the love I have for thee.
I've done all I can do, but now it's going to be up to you,
to forgive me the things I've done.
And to decide if we are still one.
I've done all I can do,
to continue my life with you.

Author Notes Copyright 2006 George Martinez
Poems of Life, Love, Pain, Suffering, Regrets, Healing, and Redemption.

Chapter 11
Psalm of Peace

By QC Poet

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.

I remember when I was young,
The music was wild but, the words were strong.
Now we hear the music has changed, words unclear and the lyrics are strange.
Songs of violence and hate increase,
but Who will sing a Psalm of Peace?
Life can be hell but no excuse,
for our hate and drug abuse.
Everyday a Soul is lost,
no shots fired, what is the cost?
The War's within and it must cease,
but Who will sing a Psalm of Peace?

Don't get caught in the earthly grind,
take some time to clear your mind.
We start out partying but then don't know,
what else it takes to rock and roll.
Taste of the fruits but don't get drunk,
Know your limits then your problem has shrunk.
And as your taste for highs decrease,
you will sing a Psalm of Peace.

Copyright2003 George Martinez
Revised 2006

Author Notes Our Lord is Truly a Forgiving Lord,
There is no Mountain to Big for Him to level, no problem to Big for Him to solve.
Believe and Trust with all your Heart, Mind, and Soul.

Chapter 12
To Live is to Sleep to Die is to Awake

By QC Poet

To Live is to Sleep to Die is to Awake,
How else would we know what is real and what is fake?
Death has always been a part of life,
A means to an end of our earthly strife.
Time moves on while life stays seemingly still,
What ever happened to that thing we called Will?
Is it a Will to live or is it a fear of Death?
Of not knowing what happens after our last breath.
Our Ancestors believed there was something to come,
A belief still shared not by all but by some.
Some try to postpone what will surely come someday,
Others try to jump in front of Death's way.
No need to worry or be in a hurry for the clock has been set -
So, Live, Laugh, and Love without any regret.

Author Notes A Spiritual Awakening?
Soul searching poet seeks Life's answers.

Chapter 13
For Those Who Care

By QC Poet

For those who care,
Who with Love give and share.
For those who try,
Whose cuts are deep and yet get by,
Life is sweet it's a special treat,
To know you are there,
Some Love we will share.

For those who care,
Who with Love give and share,
There is no greed we fullfill each need,
Because you are the one,
We have such fun,
And if we fight, no one was right,
Our love is so deep,
A bond we will keep,
For those who care,
We will always be there.

Copyright1984 George Martinez

Author Notes Written in 1984 inspired by my wife Angela.
I met her in 1974 we started datng in 1975 and got married in 1979.
Me and You
Is a song by Brenton Wood, it talks about a couple getting away from it all and having a ball.
Silkscreen shirt I made for her in the ninth grade in print shop 1975

Chapter 14
My Dedication

By QC Poet

Dedicated to my Wife Angela;

Last December 8th, 2018, we together completed over forty three years of Love, Life, and as a Family.
By the end of last February we thought it was something I might not get to see.

The dialysis therapy sessions pain the weekend before had taken most of the fight I thought I had left in me.
As I cried emotionally on the floor that night in my mind I prayed to the Lord, to Please set me Free?

Then I finally told you I believed I was through,
you looked and said to me; "our Children will have to hear that from you"!
I started contemplating the things to them I could say,
yet I still wanted my words to come out the right way,
then this time my mouth decided not to play.

Providence then leaps out of the fro,
Destiny will yet get to have her woe,
Chance still had a Blessing to bestow,
Faith with its power of prayer to show,
Fate then decides It's still not my time to go.

So I'll try again with your Love,
because we really fit like a glove,
and thanks to the help of new Family and Friends,
I'll continue to Pray and to make my amends.

With Love.

Author Notes Dedication to My Wife Angela
Poem written in my unique format at times using photos, metaphorical language and phrasing in my poetry.

Chapter 15
My Dedication to Angela

By QC Poet

Dedicated to my Wife Angela;

You are our God's gift of Love to me,
Without you in my world I wouldn't exist to be.
I was young, wild, out of control, a sight for one to see,
With many demons to slay yet you still didn't flee.
The compassion and bravery you show, still is heavenly,
Because of your Love, I've learned the true meaning of living in glee.
My spirit has calmed yet my emotions at times still will tend to get free,
New struggles you've faced and yet, we still are we.

Our family has grown and we've aged like the redwood tree,
Deeply rooted in Faith you've help end my spree.
The good fruits we have sown have branched out with positive activity.
The saplings shine bright and filled with God's proclivities.

I Thank God everyday with the best of what's left of my abilities,
Thank you, with a kiss and a hug, or maybe a shrug, wrapping my arms around you despite my disabilities.

With Love.

Author Notes Forty Three plus years of Love, Life, Struggles, Challenges, Blessings, and Messages from Me to my Wife Angela.
Some additional poems and observations thrown in poetic form.

Any resemblance to real persons living or dead are purely coincidental,

Names, Characters, Places maybe fictitious or changed to protect their privacy.

Chapter 16
I Want To Change

By QC Poet

Something is happening to me,
I'm beginning to feel quite strange,
I'm thinking there is more in life to see,
I Want To Change!

I read about a Man who leads people like sheep,
some people thought he was strange,
I heard his words and works are good to keep,
I Want To Change!

They say he could work Miracles to make the deaf hear and mute to talk,
They say he healed them in crowded cities and out in the open range,
he did this to the dead, possesed, sick, and to those who couldn't walk,
I Want To Change!

Those in power and wealth also sought his works to analize, transpose, and retort,
so whether in mind, soul, or heart you've also drifted apart or become just a little estrange,
I have some good news and I am here to report;
Let Jesus into your heart believing then yell to our Lord; I Want To Change!

Author Notes 1 Timothy 4:10
That is why we labor and strive, because we put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially those who believe.

Chapter 17
Ghosts of Life

By QC Poet

Ghosts of Life,
Help to create our Screams!
Often confuse our Remembrance,
Stir up Doubts and Fears!
To make you forget Jesus;

By; George Martinez

Author Notes Ghosts of life,
A Remembrance
Ghost contest entry.

Photo selection Day of the Dead Heritage Remembrance Picture.


Chapter 18
Rain In The Sky?

By QC Poet

Walked out my house I thought and then Looked Towards the Sky,
then looked at my feet to not trip on to my spinning head!,
Thunderous Clouds of every color hidden behind sun Light did also Testify!,
The Dark clouds in the shadows of Truth's Righteousness still aren't really Dead!,
New Storms of various themes and colors will again flyby!
As for me I'm still asking for Forgiveness for Sins that I Do Till I Die!

So I today walk and talk thinking face to the sky!,
Saying Prayers of Forgivenes, Remembrances and Hope for our Families,
If anyone of you have brainy glasses you may also know why!
Lightning flashes of like weather and timeless memories when we've been not quite at ease?
Thoughts of life's tried light and Dark cloudy solutions soon go past flying, Bye!,
You Think, Think, Think then Feel it Again, Oh My God Your Will Please!

You quickly rid thoughts from Mind with Their Catastrophic Scenes,
Cloudy Hues of purples, blues, reds, yellows, and even greens, Indigo!
What does our weather's cloud watering Changes from the greenest pastures to the driest Ranges Truely Mean?
See the Sun through the Mist you've long resisted and then we can know,
Memories formed from Timeless Emotional Clouds prepare in Coloring the Storm it Brings.
Thunder and Lightning then strikes leaving its Marks on your Soul!

So Clap your hands with a Thunderous Boldness!
Let your Face show some of that Lightning!
It will Break any developing Storms Coldness!
And the People's Lives You Are Brightening!
With Hearts shining with Goldness!
The World then would be a lot Less Frightening!

Author Notes By;

Every capitalized word Across and Down, Creates Rain In The Sky 2;

Rain In The Sky 2
Walked Looked Toward Sky
Thunderous Clouds Light Testify
The Darks Truth's Righteousness Dead
New Storms As I'm Forgiveness Sins
I Do Till I Die

So I Saying Prayers
Forgiveness Remembrance Hope Families
If Lightning Thoughts Dark Bye
You Think Think Think Feel Again
Oh My God Your Will Please

You Mind Their Catastrophic Scenes
Cloudy Hues Indigo
What Changes Ranges Truly Means
See Sun Mist Memories
Timeless Emotional Clouds Coloring
Storm Brings
Thunder Lightening Marks Soul

So Clap Thunderous Boldness
Let Face Lightening
It Break Storms Coldness
And People's Lives You Are Brightening
With Hearts Goldness
The World Less Frightening

A 2 for Tuesday Contest Idea.

Chapter 19
My Life, My Love

By QC Poet

As a partying preteen I had this dream,
As to what my girl might be like,
Will she be wild, will she like to scream?
Will she like taking the bus or like to go hike?
Growing up quickly would our Love last?
Would we be running on a mental bike?

We aged, Loved, Fought and Lived many of life's issues,
I've added all of my own,
Have our Crys and sets of Tissues,
But we Both Feel Pains down To the Bone!
With all its bells and whistles,
I couldn't make it, You really did, God's Love Shown.
The day you told Me You had a Family Not Grown.
Still stumbling through the thistles!

With Gods Good Scoops also Born,
Each add to our Love of Family Life,
Sunny days in between Life's Storms,
We're Just a tiny piece called Humanity,
Not always part of Life's Norms?
And I'm Guessing that Sounds a lot like - InSanity?
Then You're the Space in Between My In - Sanity, But Not by a Cause, Not by a Reason, Not by My Vanity,
But My Reason To Live Through This Humanity!

Happy Belated Valelintines Day? missed it again Doa!

Author Notes I know we went to eat in there somewhere, and I'm sticking to that.

By, George Martinez
Contest Entry submission

Chapter 19
Surgery Survey Results

By QC Poet

When 9 out of 10 Surgeons say a Monostich technique wouldn't quite work!

Author Notes Photo Credit to; Free Internet Download: Stitches

That time I Had to have intestinal surgery and had to ask if it leaves a giant scar.

By; George Martinez
Surgery Survey Results
A Monostich poem entry

Chapter 20
My Love My Wife

By QC Poet

Everyday of my life,
Finding you here by my side,
Gives me the Will to face its strife,
Happily, to go on any obstacle ride,
Angela my Love and my wife.

I don't know where I'd be today,
Just to still have you by my side,
Keeps me here with my grandkids to play,
Love definitely has its challenging stride,
Angela, the proof of God's Love sent my way!

Author Notes A Name is included due to No Apparent Notice of it being A Blind Contest Submission requirement.

The first ABC above is the original concept entry for the contest submission, the additional (second) ABC was created and added after I noticed that it was Allowed in the contests Rules when the contest was posted.

My Love My Wife
ABC poetry Contest Entry Submission
By; George Martinez

Chapter 21
Nutty Squirrel Club

By QC Poet

Nutty Squirrel Club 
Underestimated brains
Saving provisions



Author Notes Witty Animal 5-7-5
Contest Entry Submission
Nutty Squirrel Club
By; George Martinez

Picture Credit;
Free download, with authors adds.

Squirrels are small and considered clever animals. Several research studies report their Intelligence is very focused on one thing, gathering food. When storing provisions their minds are uniquely adapted to include a ridiculous memory to remember where they stored it Some dispute these findings.

Squirrels were number 4, On the 20 most Intelligent and Clever animals on earth, according to a 3/06/14 article.

Dedicated to;
My Nephew;
Roy Jr,
aka Junebug
8/26/80 to 9/02/10
Demented Squirrel Clan

Chapter 22
Queens Time

By QC Poet

Not required No revolt,
Kingdom is remediable,
A switch. 



Author Notes Queens Time

I've been struggling a bit giving up my stubborn Leader ways (as a Manager/Supervisor), the last fifteen years, Directing crews it's been hard giving up my director ways even at home, now that I'm permanently disabled (double amputee with a recent Kidney transplant).

Cinquain Poetry Contest Entry
5 lines, with line scheme of 2,4,6,8,2 syllable count(s), on any subject

Photo Credits;
Pinterest and Twitter
Downloads with a little of authors touch-up

A. Dethroned: 2 syllables
1. remove from power (a ruler, especially a monarch)
2. remove from a position of authority or dominance.
B. Insurgency: 4 syllables an active revolt or uprising.
C. Required: 2 syllables compulsory, essential, indispensable, desired, needed.
D. Revolt: 2 syllables rise in rebellion, riot, mutiny.
E. Kingdom: 2 syllables country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen. Realm, domain, land.
F. Remediable: 5 syllables possible of being cured, treatable, remedied or rectifiable.
G. Switch: 1 syllable
1. A device for making and breaking the connection in an electric circuit.
2. An act of adopting one policy or way of life, in place of another; a change, especially a radical one.

Chapter 23
Life's Bridges

By QC Poet

A bridge to new frontiers constructed and true,
or a path to Damnation built sinfully by rue?
Near by trees whispering wisdom especially for you,
leaves drop like warnings that'll make all of us blue!

Seasonal waters run bringing refreshing new life,
where we built a bridge to overcome it's rife.
a downhill life pathway t'was cut by God's knife,
rocky flowing obstructions shaped by its strife.

The path below climbing stone trails set by time,
lush green vegetation soon again will entwine,
many floating troubling issues clouding our mind,
while mysterious chills are traveling up our spine.

Life continues in cycles in this earthly grind,
bringing new solutions for people to find,
on complex quandaries that's why we shine,
and trust in the Lord that all will be fine.

Author Notes Life's Bridges
Bridge Photo Free Verse Poem

Rue: Bitter regret (something one has done or allowed to happen)
Rife: Especially of something undesirable or harmful of common occurrence; widespread
Quandaries: a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.

Chapter 24
Remnants of Yesterday

By QC Poet

Remnants of yesterday still intrigue my mind today,
Bits and pieces of my memories gently fading float away.

At times it seems those tattered dreams have spread across the floor,
as the room light slowly dims through this homes now darken door.


Alone I stand arms crossed thinking upon what I've done,
Peering through an arched window only to find no-one!
Yet though we're through I still Love you hoping that you'll one day forgive me,
My heart is full of barren shelves probably as it should be.

My battered soul is broken though I still pray you'll come back to me someday,
Still thinking of the things I realize I could not force myself to say. 
Until that day it's here I'll stay and find a way to mend the rift between us.
Lost in space and time I'm stuck on Mars while you're over on Venus.

Hope will help rebuild these ragged floors that now separate our walks,
Faith in believing that it's Forgiveness that God to us both talks.
Love is the only way we can make it through this empty lonely stay.
Praying our tomorrow's will not be filled with any further dismay. 
Peace for both of us to move forward without destroying our souls integrity.


Author Notes Remnants of Yesterday
Pix Challenge Photo Contest Entry submission

Chapter 25

By QC Poet

Life's Heartbeat Pulsing,
Rhythmical Palpitations.


Author Notes Love
1-5-7 syllable 3 line
Contest Entry Submission;

Notes / Definitions
Goggle search results and,
1. Heartbeat: the pulsation of the heart.
* a single pulsation of the heart
* an animating or vital unifying force.
2. Pulsing: throb rhythmically pulsate.
* modulate (a wave or beam).
* apply a pulsed signal to (a device).
3. Rhythmical: periodic as motion, or a drumbeat.
* having a flowing rhythm.
* of or relating to a rhythm.
4. Palpitations: A noticeably rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat due to agitation, exertion, or illness.

When Two Hearts Beat As One;
For the trials and tribulations faced in Life!

Chapter 26

By QC Poet

  Unshakeable Strength,
Visible Hopefulness Made,
Of Unflinching Faith! 


Author Notes Faithfulness
Faith 5-7-5 Contest Entry Submission.

Chapter 27
The Gold In Them Hills

By QC Poet

There's Gold in these Hills!,
where the billowy white clouds blend into blue sky's,
winds of today gave all flower varieties some chills, 
wrapped tightly seemingly decidedly let out their sighs.

Visitors were not dissuaded and walked through sandy cut paths,
disappearing like small ants climbing upon a golden mound,
though the winds howled at times none felt it's occasional wraths,
sounds of laughter and amazement echoing all around.

People speaking in their native tongues visiting this country added to this happy mix,
Race's harmonious laughter matching what these miles of smiles represent,
A few set-up professional cameras to capture these blooming flowers in their pics,
One day here will re-energize your Soul and remove any perceived resentment.

Here golden poppies dominate white tipped owl's clover and grape soda lupines,
and bright yellow goldfields hide from the winds ocassional gusts,
it had no obvious affect on the flowers or people's joyful happiness,
Visits to see this year's Super Blooms become a highly recommended must!


Author Notes The Gold In Them Hills!
A Nature Stroll Contest Entry Submission
Photo Credit;
My family's recent 4/02/2019 visit to the California Poppy Reserve, Fairmont California.

Many people with their families were speaking Japanese or Chinese, Swedish or German, Spanish and English smiling and co-existing with care or worry,
This is America's Greatness!

Chapter 28
Cloud Angel's

By QC Poet

 I Confess I Believe in God's Unlimited Power,
that it Reaches Beyond Man's Imagination,
Angel Clouds he Forms are Visible Signs of his towering Abilities to Scour,
Illuminated by God's Light for Everyone in Any Difficult Situation! 

Here to Remind Man to Humbly ask for Forgiveness,
and Hear His Word from A Point Not Made Of Man's Interpretation, 
One with a Pure Heart and Soul filled with Holiness,
as he sends his Angel Clouds to Float Over all of God's Nations. 

For He Is the Creator of All Things in this Universe,
He can Send his Love from the Deepest parts of Space,
and I Will Believe That Until they Take My Body to Bury in a Hearse,
From the Creation of Adam to the End of the Human Race.


Author Notes Cloud Angel's
Belief's Contest Entry Submission
Photo Credit; Author's Photo's and Additional tracing

All writings and references contained herein Are My Own Interuputations, No Offense is Intended to Anyone's Religion or Belief's
and Do Not Consist of My Complete Belief Set.

References: Merriam-Webster dictionary
1. Scour; intransitive verb meaning;
To move about quickly especially in a search
transitive verb meaning;
: to go through or range over in or as if in a search
2a. Holiness; adjective,
: emphasizing the doctrine of the second blessing
(2 b.) Second blessing;
: sanctification as a second gift of the Holy Spirit that follows an initial experience of conversion

Biblical references;

Colossians 3:2 KJV
Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth,

Psalms 69:34 KJV
Let the heaven and earth praise him, and everything that moveth therein.

Psalms 113:6 KJV
Who humbled himself to behold the things that are in heaven, an in the earth!

Acts 17:24 KJV
God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;

Mark 9:7 KJV
And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.

Chapter 29

By QC Poet


What is Space but Distance between two Separate Discernable Things?
Even molecules are known to have Quantum Space between their nucleus and electrons!
Of more Importance is What that Time and Space to each of us Brings,
will enough Space be provided to Allow us to come together after Reflecting on all of our Wrongs?

The Space Between Minds and Hearts go on the wildest swings,
Human Beings happily use their Mental Space Capacity to Change another's Mind,
He or She will spend Millions of Dollars to get one another to Believe in all of their "Things",
Only to ultimately become Disillusioned by the results they will come to Find.

Space has been partially conquered yet more space to conquer still Exists,
the Most Difficult Space to Bridge is that space Between People's Minds and Hearts,
The Final Space to Master will be to make a Man's preoccupation with Selfishness cease and desist,
this Statement will Only be True if Man's Infatuation with Self Never Restarts.

I don't Know if Love's Space can ever be Grasped but, we can Never Stop Trying,
Human's Know if we Don't Cross this Bridge Humanity will Become another Loss,
For if We Can Not Succeed in this We All End up Dying,
I for one Do Believe this is the Reason Jesus Christ (Son of God), was Sent to Give Himself up on that Cross.


Author Notes Space,
By; George Martinez
Free Verse, Write about Space Contest Entry Submission - This time let's write about space, it could be something about the universe, your special place, personal space, ect..
Be sure to sign in with your title.

Photo Credit; Pixabay Free Download

Chapter 30
It's Time Daddy-o!

By QC Poet

Time to Tune in Daddy-o and Focus Your Audio!,
To What's Buzzin' Cuzzin, Now Can the Lip!,
While I Rattle your Cage and Blow your Jets!,
To Clue you In to Some Illuminations!,
So - Cut the Gas and Cast an Eye Ball - Clyde!,
This Old Fogey is Lighting Up the Tilt Sign!

He's Crusin' for A Bruzin' you Dig?, Like Mad!,
Creepy Cube is Cherry Treeing Everyone Like they're Punks!,
The Phony Ankle Biter of an Actor, Ain't That a Bit?,
This Bad News Angel, this Nada Ville Murgatriod,
Believes he's the Cat's Pajamas!

A Closet Case, it's Time for him to Cop a Breeze!

Don't be a Drag, Don't Drown in his Nosebleed Excuses!,
This Pale One, Wants You To Play Dead!,
Like A Pound Up Poor Boy.

He wants You to Put an Egg in Your Shoes and Beat It!
This Should Razz your Berries!,
Saint Beatnik Ain't Gonna Help Us!

Your Soco is Spazing, Like A Square!,
That Cat's Not Straight, Unborn, Unreal, and Swings in Squareville!,
Wet Rag's got Everyone Wigged Out!,
Like A Zonk on the Head,
Put on your X-ray Eyes and Tell your Tail Nightingale!,
Turn On and Get Your Galaxy Hip!


Author Notes It's Time Daddy-o!
By; George Martinez
BEATNIK Pix Challenge

Words Used meaning Translations available by reading;
Beatnik Dictionary posted 3/14/2019 at;

About Beatnik Culture;

Please Visit Websites Noted For Clarification of (Beatnik) Words Used for Word Context Translations.
Thank you!

Chapter 31
Sidewalks and Pathways

By QC Poet


A sidewalk is a semi-permanent Route built to be Pedestrian Traveled,
it is Made to Guide and Ease the Perceived amount of this pathways Traffic,
to be Accurate about the Volume of this route One may need to be Telepathic,
for if the Estimate of this Paths use is Incorrect this Guess becomes Unraveled.

Are you looking to follow Other's Traveling on a Similar pre-established Journey?
Or are You willing to Lead other's into previously Undiscovered Routes?
Will you Be Willing then Able to Set and Stay on Course Without any Doubts?
When Considering all of the Consequences will you Faint and Need a Gurney? 

Sidewalks much like the Pathways we Choose in Life are Temporary and Retraceable,
Many exist that We all can Follow, Ignore, even Make of Our own Construction,
And if We are Not Careful with our Decisions it can Lead us to Self-Destruction,
Obstacles and Cracks on Pathways and Sidewalks in Life May Not all be Replaceable!

We'll all Make Foundations in Life and like Sidewalks, One may Use it and try to Follow,
Our Future Children will then Decide to Make, Re-use, or Renew,
Old Sidewalks and Pathways Not Used they May Change or Even Undo,
We Must Raise our Children With Faith so this Worry Becomes much Easier to Swallow! 


Author Notes Sidewalks and Pathways
By; George Martinez
Write a free verse poem about sidewalks.

Assessment Projects
City of Los Angeles

I Apologize for the Additional Capitalized Words,
I tend to Capitalize Certain Words as I Write - This is to Emphasize those Words, I also Read the End Result of the Capitalized Words to Find Additional Insight to the Poems Meaning or Sometimes it ends up being Just - Yoda-ish Babble!

Chapter 32
Summer Breezes

By QC Poet

Blistering Hot Heat's,
Cooling Reciprocation,
Are Summer Breezes!


Author Notes Summer Breezes
A 5-7-5 Poem Contest Entry
Photo Credit to; Internet Download from
Search word; free summer breeze under images


A Feeling Summertime's Heat beginning here in Lancaster, California - heat's inspiration.

1. An act or instance of reciprocating.
2. a returning, usually for something given.
3. a mutual giving and receiving.
4. the state of being reciprocal or corresponding.

A Senryu 5-7-5 is primarily concerned with human nature, a Haiku 5-7-5 is primarily concerned with physical nature.

Seals & Crofts sang a song called Summer Breeze released in 1972.

Chapter 33
Fifty-one Forty-nine, 51-49?

By QC Poet

 Fifty-one Forty-nine to upset the balance of Life?
Is Faith's Balance in Here from Belief into Doubt,
Two thirds is greater numerically Is it So in Strife?
Do we Require More Time to Work the Mathematics Out?

It's Not a Math problem it's more a Spiritual One!
When Belief is Stronger than Doubts in Mind,
The Most Important Balance to Not Let Get Undone!
A Sense of Peace and Harmony in Life you'll Find!

Fifty-one Forty-nine as an Answer May Not be Sol
Faith is Highly Vulnerable This you Must Know?
Over the Line How Much Are We Willing to Go?
Where's the Tipping Point, Where Does it Show?

If We Increase our Faith by One Percentage Point,
Maybe to Put Salve On Old Wounds of Hate?
Over Doubts We Have on Wrecking Life's Joint,
Then We Can Help All Humanity Avoid Hell's Gate!

Author Notes Fifty-One Forty-nine, 5149?
Faith Topic Poetry Contest Entry Submission

Photo Credit; 51-49
Free Internet Download 5149 search plus Author Modifications / Editing.

Chapter 34
Mother's Strength

By QC Poet

Mother's Strength is Love,
Protection, Direction, Faith,
Affection, Correction, Hope!



Author Notes Mother's Strenght
A Loved One 5-7-7

Write a 5-7-5 or 5-7-7 poem
Addressing a Loved one.

Chapter 35
When Passion Becomes Love

By QC Poet

Passion and Love are like fingers of a glove,
Learning and Accepting our Passion's Ways grows Into Love,
A Passionate urge for You arrived thru Me in a Powerful Surge!
With Time Compatibility Showed that there was No Need for Any Purge!

As Two Fingers on Our Hand We Learned how to Understand!
We can Love and Live through Hardships Together,
By getting Emotionally Stretched just as if we were a Rubber Band!
Life threw Things at Us Both much like the Seasons in this Worlds Weather!

We Now Have Learned how to Accept Each Others Quirks!
And the Stormy Weather Life throws into these Works,
Through the Difficult Issues of Love and Not Just the Perks!
Those Times We were thinking the Other is Acting as if we are some Jerks! 

As Love Continues to Grow We Will Learn more About Each Other!
How to Properly Give to Each Other more Space So as Not to Smother,
That Loving Flame that In Our Life Came to Grow!
And With Time Love's Deeds in Our Lives Will Also Show!

New Storms We Will in Our Lives Continue to Face,
We Now have Two Hearts Beating in Unison for them to try to Defeat!
With the Strength of Our Love and Help of God's Holy Grace!
The Evils in Our World Shall See God's Light and Must Retreat! 

The Passion and Love We Share Together is Blessed and has Grown,
A quick Look at the Family Tree has Obviously Shown,
Our Boys and Eldest Grandson are Now Grown into Good Men!
With Three more Younger Grand children and Family Members with Friends to Share our Love Again.

For All These things I Pray and Thank Our Heavenly Father Above!
And For All the Things He Will Continue to Bless Our Life With,
For Watching over All of Us and Helping With His Direction, Passion and Love!
As For Myself Personally - You Will Continue to be His Greatest Gift!

Passion and Love are Needed for Everyone to Thrive!
Still Praying You Will ride along with Me for this Life Long Drive!


Author Notes Passion and Love
Write a Rhyming Poem Contest Entry
Rhyme Scheme as follows;
aabb, abab, aabb, aabb, abab, aabb, abab, aa.

Dedicated to My Wife Angela,
On August 8th, 1975
(44 years ago today)
We started Dating,
This December we will be Married for 44 yrs.
Praise Be to You Lord Jesus Christ!

Chapter 36
Birthday Wishes!

By QC Poet


Wishes Consumed,
Lovingly Reflected,
Returning Appreciated,


Author Notes Birthday Wishes!
Share A Cinquain Poem

A cinquain is a short usually unrhymed poem.
But writer can use a rhyme scheme if desired.
Poem can be written about any subject, you decide, rhyme scheme (if any) and meter - but; Must follow the syllable rules as specified.

Each line has a specific number of syllables,
Line 1 = 2 syllables,
Line 2 = 4 syllables,
Line 3 = 6 syllables,
Line 4 = 8 syllables
Line 5 = 2 syllables

My family is Celebrating many Birthday's This Month (August) Including Mine!
This is the inspiration for this poem.
Photos Top Left to Right and Down in Order of Celebrations!

Chapter 37
A Colorful Couple!

By QC Poet

A Colorful Couple without a Doubt!
When Love's at Play this is What It's About!
Our Differences Become Extremely Clear!
May Cause one Ocassionally to Shed a Tear!

When I am Blue You make me Normal!
Doesn't Matter no Pretension all Is Formal!
Your Beauty Lies deep Within Your Soul!
When Two Hearts become One Accomplished Goal!

For If I am King you are The Queen For Me!
Our Differences Fade Away for All To See!
Compatible Souls will Always longer Out Last!
Things the World Throws in Our Future as In Our Past!

Royal Love always Flows Within our Veins!
No Matter our Losses For Much it Still Gains!
If Our Love is Outlawed throw me In a Penitentiary!
So It Becomes the Greatest Love in This Century!

Author Notes A Colorful Couple
By; George Martinez
Pix This Challenge Photo Submission

Write a poem of your choice based on the image shown(blue alien/flower girl), post no sooner than 8/26/2019, Please review post of other members in the club.

Chapter 38
Diamond's In the Rough!

By QC Poet

Sparkling quartz Crystals Catch their Eyes!
When out On Walks it's What We like to Do,
Running they Come to Bring me A Surprise!
"Pappa, the Shiny Diamonds are For You"!

Smiling we Examine Them then will Safely Store,
As They run Off to go Look for Some More!
If I Drop While we are Walking Along This Path,
A Little Balance to Avoid Mother Earth's Wrath!

These Precious Stones laying In our Plain View!
Showing Morals to Grandkids is Not too Tough!
Watching and Learning What we Will Imbue!
Children are the Real Diamonds in This Rough!

Pressures in Time They Will come to Face!
It's like Us Floating Alone in Outer Space!
Morals are Learned As the Young Grow Old!
Will Come to Serve Them Better than Any Dug up Gold!

These are the Stones that Really Rock!
Built and Raised In Faith to Out Last any Coming Strife!
Daily they're Worth More than Any Type of Paper Stock!
Ready to Carry On through The Future's Life!

Author Notes Diamond's In the Rough!
Gneiss is Nice, or Rocks Rock
Poetry Contest

Four (4) lines of rhymed or unrhymed poetry describing or narrating something related to rocks, minerals, or fossils.

1. This poem Relates Grandkids Valued Morals, to the Future, Minerals, Stones, Fossils and Music.

Chapter 39

By QC Poet

Laughing is Diversely Universal!

Author Notes Laughing
Write a One Line Poem

A One Line Poem Contest Entry Submission.
Photo Credit to Free Internet Download123RF .com plus Author Add-ons.

Chapter 40
As Autumn Arrives

By QC Poet

When drying dying yellow and blood red tree leaves begin falling down,
Those very hot dry long summer days and evenings shorten quickly without a frown!
There's also an occasional whistling hint of a cool breeze's returning sound!
Revealing spooky finger tipped branches reaching out over a leaf covered ground.

Autumn's arriving colorful schemes can be seen with a quick look around.
Behold  all brisk cool seasonal changes in the bushes which are easily found.
Still releasing hallowed oxygen while turning into fall shades of yellows, reds and browns,
The warmer season's sunny green growth has certainly made its rounds!

Could this be Nature's way of showing us in visual coloful transformations,
How to leave behind previous seasons unflorished expectations,
The Sun still shines behind this tree's wind twisted branches,
As fall continues aging dark green leaves get lighter, as if it blanches!

Leaving time to ponder the joys and sorrows that this year has not yet spent! 
With plenty of Autumn days left to make up with those whom we may solve some type of dissent!
Before a Thanksgiving dinner so by Christmas there's no need to repent! 
It's just one thing colorful Autumn seasonal changes may come to represent? 


Author Notes As Autumn Arrives
By; George Martinez
A Free Verse Poem Submission

Northern Meteorological Seasons,
Spring runs from March 1 to May 31; Summer runs from June 1 to August 31
Fall (autumn) runs from September 1 to November 30;
Winter runs from December 1 to February 28 (February 29 in a leap year).

Chapter 41
Uneasy Feeling

By QC Poet

Today on our daily walk I felt a bit queasy!
We continued on forward still feeling a little uneasy, 
Thought we were being watched so I took a quick look around,
Only to see a passing car for nothing else could be found!

We're now just behind East Lancaster High School!
Where we walk on a stony dirt path for a bit of exercise,
The slight October breeze is fresh and feels very cool,
Still feeling I'm being watched which is a big surprise!

Strolling often along this empty field our shadows became local fixtures,
Teens walking between classes wave yelling "Hello" sometimes add to the daily noise mixtures!
But, it's silent right now yet I still feel observed, so I snapped a few quick pictures,
Much like those I take of the clouds to add on Daily Scriptures!

When we came back home I checked my phone's camera roll,
Anxious to see what it had caught on today's daily stroll!
Our shadows in the sand were most definitely there,
And following us, circling high overhead was the cause of that stare!    


Author Notes Uneasy Feeling
Take A Walk Poetry Submission

1. Photo taken Friday 2:53 pm in East Lancaster, California- 10/11/2019
Take A Walk Poetry; Go out for a walk and take a camera, smartphone or tablet with you. Snap a picture of something interesting and write a poem about it when you get home. Post the photo along with the poem.

2. The photographed Turkey Vulture's maybe a bit behind schedule according to the attached article;

3. YouVersion Verse of the Day with My Cloud photos are available for printing on my Facebook page.

Chapter 42
When Neglect Was Detected

By QC Poet

The Hours I worked Were always too Long,
She felt Neglected alone there smoking Thinking something is Wrong,
When she Detected a Dark Shadow within me,
A Misconception began Eating at her fragile Glee!

With Stressful long Hours and more Trips Abroad,
It Helped fuel the Thoughts that I Was a Fraud,
More accusing Arguments soon Came Rapidly,
The Cheating suspicions she Felt were There Unfortunately!

It wasn't Helpful that she Knew I Had my Flaws,
With my drinking and Partying then Ignoring her Calls,
To Avoid dealing with the Question "Where are you" ? Once I began dating her,
Managing a crew now She would Understand I Felt so Sure.

With many Hours away her Wondering soon Brought Accusations of infidelity,
Distracted and Insistent Bickering of this Situation had Overtaken my Vanity,
She then Threw Me out For a Cause deserved ever Justly!
When leaving She threw a Jarring item at my Head shooting the glass Of Eternity.

Without her there was no Peace is In this Mortality!
Missing her and Family returned me to My Sanity,
This hired Gun has been Facing our Humanity,
And is In The Shadows always Lurking in Perpetually!

Author Notes When Neglect Was Detected
By; George Martinez
Pix This Prompt;
A Detective Story,
Compose a poem interpreting the image.

A Friendly Reminder !
The capitalization is Purposeful to my poetry, For emphasis on certain words to be Read line by line again making Another message in Most Cases.

Chapter 43
My Mind's Star

By QC Poet

You're the Star in My Hearts Mind!
Thinking about how You are All the Time,
My Leaf Green hairs Curl upward in a Smile,
If you Can't See it Quickly, Take a Little While!

Yellow Shiny Tears Flow from Eyes To Cheeks,
Till I'm Blue in my Eye's Lashes for Weeks!
My Heart Nose is a sign You'll Be Fine,
Sparkling as the Emerald Diamond's Shine!

This mask's Cheeks has my Rainbow Colors,
Cause, Your Big white Smile is Like No Others! 
To Take any Redness from Around our Eyes.
Every Happy Birthday can make A New Year Rise! 


Author Notes My Mind's Star!
Dedicated to Veronica Para Con Amor from and,
By; (Nino & Tio)
George Martinez
A Mask Inspiration Poem;
As my Mind See's my Niece's Birthday this year.

This is a Dual Meaning Poem,
Please Read again from Top to Bottom from Left across to the Right and Down For a Second Similar Poem interpretation.

Chapter 44
This Mad, Old, Upset Man

By QC Poet

This Mad, upset, old man, sat stretching out his right arm's in hand umbrella!
Puffed on his pipe in the rain on this bench as grandma sat arms crossed deeply thinking,
This grumpy "Thinker" poses fending off the rain dropping on to his grandkids Beloved "Abuela" ;)
She's deep in mind on "Got to Do's" when finally it hits her, "has this old crazy man been lying and drinking"? 

Why insist they go grab a bite in the middle of bad, cloudy, windy, rainy, weather?
Once reminded he moved away from her muttering "Who'd make a crazy plan to go out right now together?
His memory has some gaps held up as high as his pants with those red suspenders,
Though they often disagree she remains his toughest and most staunchest of defenders!

Even when going out in this horrible weather because he suddenly had a whim!
It's another testament to the strong Love bond she's shown all these years for him.
Her brain now questions is she too losing her mind, for coming along on his craziest plan?
The warmth of God's Light and Love they'll feel from above and go home happier holding hands for as long as they can! 


Author Notes This Mad, Old, Upset Man
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A.) George Martinez -
Pix This Photo Challenge Submission for; Park Bench Drama

A Chapter 47 addition portion to my in progress bookt; The Two of Me,
(see by information)

1. Mad; as used in this poem's context is meant to describe a person that does "Weird" things at "Strange" times.
2. "Abuela" refers to a fairly common Spanish word meaning; "Grand Mother" or "Grandma" in Hispanic cultures.
4. At a few Court Ordered Alcoholics Anonymous meetings I attended years ago - the Term "Stinking Thinking" could be referenced as "Not Thinking Clearly" due to the way alcoholism affected drinkers brains.

Here's the image for this round of Picture This poems. Write a poem of any style based on how you interpret what's going on here. Post anytime.
Try to read each others work. Have fun. No deadline.

Chapter 45
The Gift of a Monkey Mug

By QC Poet

Please See Original post in the Notes,
Revised 11/24/2019 to Meet Format's 8 Syllable Requirement.

I received gifted monkey mug!
Outspoken as child a bit smug.
"Georgie Porgie" kids sang to bug! 
Gift memories from monkey mug.

"Curious George" thoughts back today!
Monkey mug memories did play,
"Never curious" I'd Not Say! 
George has "reasons" he's back today?

Born darker skinned hair cut short.
Brothers joke of "CG" last tort,
We fought angerily for the sport?
As little monkey hair cut short!

"George of the Jungle" called as teen!
I'm in good shape hair's long but mean
Angela, Not Ursella's queen!
Pacoima's "Urban Jungle" teen?

Angela helped to change my Life!
Still stood beside me through my strife,
We grew Love through hurt's cuts like knife!
One she corrects becoming my Life!

Though legal troubled teen's bit thug,
Directs chimp's Joe drink's Chug-a-lug!


Author Notes The Gift of a Monkey Mug
By; George Martinez
A Roger's Refrain Poem Submission

Revised 11/24/2019 to Meet 8 syllable requirement;
For Roger's Refrain Poem information Please See; Potlatch Poetry Rules / Information.
Original post attached below.

1. This poem incorporates 3 of the George themed cartoons / nursey rhymes I heard and was teased with (until hearing it a million times and objected the references)
2. Pacoima, California, is in the San Fernando Valley.
3. The Acronym (Q.A.E.M.) is an abbreviated designation for a Quality Aerospace Engineering Manager.

The Gift of a Monkey Mug

I once received the gift of a Monkey Mug!
As a child I was outspoken and a bit smug,
Kids called me "Georgie Porgie" just to bug!
A memory that had returned due to the gift of a Monkey Mug!

"Curious George" also came back in my mind today!
Another monkey mug memory for me to play,
I've never been curious is Not something that I'd say!
Has this George any reason he came back in my mind today?

Born darker skinned and with my hair cut short!
My elder brothers called me "CG" as a joke of some sort,
Till it made me angrily fight them just for the sport?
Because I looked like a little monkey with my hair cut short?

Then "George of the Jungle", I was called as a teen!
Though I was in good shape and had longer hair I was pretty mean,
Instead of Ursella, Angela was the name of my queen!
Pacoima was the "urban jungle" I played in and what it was called as a teen.

Angela began to change me and help me avoid that involvement in my life,
And still stood beside me as I dealt with its associated strife.
We then grew in Love together through Life's cuts and bruises that hurt like a knife,
She was the one for me and helped correct my part in that involvement in my life!

Though I did get into legal types of troubles in my teen years because I was a bit of a thug,
I ended up an Ex-Aerospace / Q.A.E.M., monkey mug coffee drinker doing a chug-a-lug

Chapter 46
My Faith

By QC Poet

What is unseen now,
is hidden to us,
Revelation's waiting on God's time!


Author Notes My Faith
By; George Martinez
A 4 Line 1,5,5,9 (20) Syllable Poem on What Faith means to me.

Photo Credit to; search word faith on my YouVerse bible app., this is a Verse of the Day, with Authors cropping and frame.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
Hebrews 11:1 KJV

Chapter 47
Aging Sage

By QC Poet

Young Sage's are in a scamper,
Please don't hamper! 
With Love impress,
Needs to address!

Middle Ages misrepresent,
What this Time sent! 
Life's Balancing,
And Challenging!

Aging Sage shares Life's Consequence,
Fate's Concurrence!
Steps found Hollow,
Don't you Follow!  


Author Notes An Aging Sage
By; George Martinez
In A Minute Poem Format
Photo Credit to Free Internet Wisdom Download Qoutes Search.

If I am ever to be Venerated for Possession of Wisdom, Judgement and Experience ~ This is What would I'd relay to our World.

The Minute Poem is a poem that follows an 8,4,4,4 syllable count structure. It usually has 3 stanzas that are exactly the same. So: 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4 syllables.

A traditional Minute Poem has 12 lines total. It has 60 syllables. It is written in a strict iambic meter. The rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb, ccdd, eeff.

Definition; Sage (noun);
1. a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom.
2. someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment, and experience.
3. (adjective), sag√?¬∑er, sag√?¬∑est.
wise, judicious, or prudent:sage advice.

Chapter 48
Light As A Candle

By QC Poet

Light as a candle, 
 Lite we can handle
Brightest Heaven Star,
Shines from on far!
To lighten Souls,
A light glows,
Burns for Faithful to Return!

Author Notes Light As A Candle
By; George Martinez
A Candlelight (Light) Challenge
Potlatch Poetry Club Submission
Photo Credit to; Author's Photo Collection Collection

1. The challenge this week--Candlelight does NOT have to be about candles, light, etc. can be about ANYTHING). Author's choice of topic.
***17 lines ***centered on page ***syllabic as follows: 5-5-5-4-4-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-7 ***Rhyme scheme: aabbccxxxxxxxxxxx (x is UNRHYMED)
No deadline.

This is A poem on my Belief that once one becomes Aware of God's Light and Glory, this internal flame will continue to kindle within you, even in the mists of Any smothering darkness that is around us.

Chapter 49
Don't Hang Up the Phone

By QC Poet

Hey, it's me, Don't Hang Up the Phone!
I called to tell you I made it home,
From walking these streets at night which aren't safe to roam,
Where mysterious dark silhouettes pop out like an evil gnome! 

A passing patrol car did stop me though,
Asking me "where is it you're heading to go?"
I replied "home from my girlfriends she lives a few blocks over!"
"There's no need to delay you and your drug sniffing rover".

The cop replied "my computer says your curfew's at midnight",
"You got ten minutes to make this right",
"Start walking I'll follow, stay in the line of my sight!"
I had to hurry to put an end to this discouraging plight!

Babe, he followed slowly as I quickly walked to my house,
Stalking me halfway he shouted "three minutes left "Violation of probation" threatened this louse.
Foothill Division's way to make arrest numbers look deft.

I beat the clock before he madly drove off,
I waved good bye as he did scoff!
I'm now out of breath and tired too,
Just couldn't sleep tonight till I called and said "good night I Love you!"

Author Notes Don't Hang Up the Phone!
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez
A Pix This Photo Challenge Poem Submission

Hi everyone. What does this image say to you? Tell us in a poem. Thanks to Robyn Corum for submitting it. * Please try to read each other's work.
*No deadline.
1. Louse; (4)Slang. a contemptible person, especially an unethical one.
2. Deft(1)dexterous; nimble; skillful; clever:
3. Scoff; (3) to mock; deride

Chapter 50
Social Distancing

By QC Poet

Distancing is?
An Oxymorons dream!
Being Social ain't Distancing.

Author Notes Social Distancing
By; George Martinez
A Cinquain Poem Contest Entry Submission
Photo Credit to Free Internet Download, plus Author Add-ons (color filter)

If we still Socialize We Are Not Distant!

The term ain't (is not) was used purposely for syllable compliance.

What is Social Distancing?
A = an Oxymoronic idea

Definitions via dictionary. com;
A. Social;
1. relating to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations:a social club.
2. seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; riendly; sociable; gregarious.
3. of, relating to, connected with, or suited to polite or fashionable society:a social event.
4. living or disposed to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation:People are social beings.

B. Distancing;
verb (used with object), dis-tanced, dis-tanc-ing.
1. To leave behind at a distance, as at a race; surpass.
2. To place at a distance.

Chapter 51
A World Not Defeated

By QC Poet

A sudden down turn of our Worldly Events,
Bring important understanding to its Sense!
A unique Challenge brought on by a New presence,
For a historical record via a Poet's own two cents?

This task to be met when it sounded Kinda fun!
A battle's Tale of Now and How it was Won?
Serious subjects are easily soften by a stinging pun!
Oratorical captures of how these days were done.

Plagues of today are quickly turn into Memes,
Regional bounds have gone Global now it seems.
Bigger prizes bring forth Unworldly schemes,
Race and Equality changes remain as pipe Dreams!

Opened Eye's tell you it's a big World Together!
Narrow minds Fear and Doubt, it's their bad Weather,
Show your Faith and Know these Things Will get Better!
Our Difference's will Float Away then as a Feather.

Event's hit in Minutes, as fast as they're created!
Fear, Greed, and Anger just makes you Feel Defeated!
Always Thinking that Everyone Else only Cheated,
Means you've already given up and Retreated.

World Market's sink and soar on Speculation!
When there's been more Global Correlation.
Challenges ripple daily through Every Nation,
So come together, and Not Live in Spiritual Desolation.

Author Notes A World Not Defeated
By: George Martinez
A World Poetry Day Submission

Pray, Love, and Peace!

Held every year on 21 March, World Poetry Day celebrates one of Humanity's most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression and identity.
Practiced throughout history in every culture and on every continent, poetry speaks to our common humanity and our shared values, transforming the simplest of poems into a powerful catalyst for dialogue and peace.

Chapter 52
Armor Your Faith Up?

By QC Poet

Armor your Faith Up at least by a Mile!
Fear Spreads as the Corona Virus fast goes Viral!
Affecting and Effecting Society in a Twitter Spiral?
Pandemic Diseases does Not Help this Boss's Smile?

Time to consider if your Belief's are Real!
Armor the Faith Up that you Say you Feel!
Sing it like it Seals that Big Deal,
Something Sold over that Fat Meal?

You Armor Faith Up - It's Not for Sale!
A Turtle Dude's pace to "Hold the Deal"?
At the Cost of Humanity. Woman and Male!
It sounds like a Tale But, Is it Real?

Ratings Go Down with More Pain and Sorrow?
As Credit Over extends - Eyebrows Furrow!
The "Greatest of Deals" to Pay Some Morrow? 
Show's Over, Time to Go Work for a Better Tomorrow!

More InsiderTrading and Senators Retired?
The "Bear" Disappears then things got Mired,
When Lies and Treachery Invade those Who are Hired! 
Armor your Faith Up and Say - "You Are All Fired!"  

Author Notes Armor the Faith Up!
By: George Martinez
A Corona Virus Poetry Contest Entry Submission

Photo Credit to Free Internet (star wars) Download
Plus Author Color Manipulation.

Knowledge of this Pandemic Kills!
Meanwhile Americans Are Dying;
4 U.S. Senators are Under Investigation foor possible Insider Trading on This Corona Virus?
3 Republican,1 Democrat! ~ SO Far!

Chapter 53
A Fan of Fanstory

By QC Poet

I'm a Big Fan of FanStory!
A Writer's Community of Fright and Glory, 
Thankful for the Feast of Literature Potpourri! 


Author Notes A Fan of Fanstory
By: George Martinez
(A.K.A.) Chochee Medina
Write a 20 Word Poem,
FanStory 20 Years.

Write a 20 Word Poem Topic;
Fan Story's 20 Years!

Written in part for a future Chapter in My Book;
The Two of Me

A Big Thank You and Congratulations to Fanstory's Staff and Members / Contributors!
For the Stories, Poetry, Reviews and Mentoring.
Blessings to All of You and Your Families!

Chapter 54
Diamonds and Jade

By QC Poet

My Wife brings the Diamonds I've brought Only my Jade,
Under Life's Pressures with Time Together Our Pairing was Heavenly Made! 
Made many Unhealthy Life Choices with some of the Games that I've Played,
A Jaded Sarcastic sense of Humor has been My Favored Sharpened Blade!

If Time and Pressure make Diamonds then She's the Top of the Grade!
Facing many of My Life's Demons which weren't very Easily Slayed,
With some Chapter's Written in Low Lights we once Called the Shade,
The Depths I've Gone would leave you Reaching for the Biggest Can of Raid? 

In Search of some Sort of Self Illusion My Heart, Soul, and Mind were Easily Betrayed,
Not Thinking and Hurting Other's then Becoming Easier to Persuade? 
Those Straight Line's once made were Lost and Broken as I finally Strayed.
Living Each Day has its Cause and Effects that Clear Reactions Help us to Evade! 

I Considered Myself Bold and Being Alone turned Out to be a Bad Trade!
We are Forever Interwoven and Making Our Own Life's Braid,
When more Preciously She Sparkled causing My Dreary Darkness to Fade!
Her tiring Nerves were at the Minimum and now still Will Surely get Frayed! 

As Over these Decades our Ages and Hair Colors both have Visibly Grayed, 
We still will tell Our Loving Family and Friends there is No Need to be Afraid!
Believe that Jesus Christ Work's in your Life and Receive His Holy Protective Upgrade!
All of You Are His Most Precious of Diamonds and Richest of Sparkling Jade.

This Declaration is For All of You and Your Families which Now has Finally Been Prayed!


Author Notes Diamonds and Jade
By: George Martinez
(A.K.A.) QC Poet
A Rhyming Poem Entry Submission

Photo Credit to Free Internet Download plus Author Add-on Frame and Coloring.

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