"The Starting Point"

Chapter 1
A stranger

By wierdgrace

Thick fog rolled in from the bay, it was a very dark damp night. The moaning of the buoys was the only sound you could hear.

The streets were empty except for the lone figure of a girl leaning against a building, she had her thin coat clutched tightly together in front, as she shivered and waited for a man, any man with money in his pocket to show up.

The girl was a hooker and did not dare go back to the house without a customer. As she stood there in the fog, she heard something and looked up. A bright light like a star showed for a moment and then was gone.

The girl shivered again, no one, just no one is going to show up tonight. She wished now she hadn't overslept in the tiny cubicle that was her room where she lived and took the many men she picked up. All the rest of the hookers had come in with their men and now could stay in.

The man, as they called him, insisted at least one customer a night or don't come in, so here she was, no one on the streets. Only now and then a car passed, crawling along as the visibility was bad.

She was about to give up and go in and face the man and promise a lot of business tomorrow if she could just come in out of the darkness and dampness when she heard the odd noise, like a boom with a whistling noise then the star falling and lost in the fog beyond her out of sight.

The bright ball came down onto the sand, it glowed for a moment like a coal in a fireplace, and then it simmered out.

In its place rose the figure of a man, he was naked; he stood up, stood there a moment, and then headed in the direction where the girl was standing. His steps were unsteady at first but as he went between some old buildings to the street, his pace was steady.

Author Notes This is just the start, draft, more to come, hope you are left with questions, meant too

Chapter 2
Call Girl

By wierdgrace

A car went by; its headlights were dim in the fog as it crawled along.

The man between the buildings could see the man inside the car, the figure stopped the brain inside him working with fine turning, and he dressed pants, shirt and an old coat, no shoes, socks or underwear, just what he could see.

He was here for a purpose; the purpose was the poor uneducated call girl.
She had been a mistake; her mother was also a call girl, so she had just grown up keeping out of the way of her mother and other girls until she was old enough to make a living. The girl was dull, her brain developed to the life she had been in since she was born.

She had no education at all; just what some of the call girls at times for amusement had taught her. She could sign her name, say her alphabet, and that was about it. The man who ran the establishment ruled the girls with an iron hand and did not fail to use it if not enough money came in.

The girl being very cold, again shivered and was about to leave when she saw the figure of a man coming toward her out of the fog, by the time he reached her, her whole personality changed.

A smile on her face, her body with sexy movements went to him. A light from a passing car flicked over his head showing platinum hair that shimmered like silver, he was close to six feet.

The girl was also tall, about five-feet ten. She quickly propositioned him, he nodded yes, "come with me," and she took hold of his hand and led him down the street to the back entrance of the tree story building.

"Is twenty dollars all right?" she asked.

The man's brain picked the picture of money from this girl's brain, he again nodded thinking deep, and a roll of bills was instantly in his pocket. This man had never uttered one word.

The girl could care less; she could go in, get it over, and make money to give the man boss and go to bed for the night, so she almost ran along in her joy, pulling the figure along with her.

She opened the door hidden inside of thick bushes on both sides and they went up rickety steps to the landing above.

She led him down the hall, laughter and low moaning was heard as they went by the many closed doors, then she opened her door and they were inside the tiny room, a double bed, a dresser, a broken mirror and one chair were the furnishings.

She flipped on the one ceiling light, turned toward this stranger, and within moments had removed all of her clothes.

Now she was aware this man hadn't any shoes on, his feet were full of sand. 'I hope he has money,' she thought. He removed his coat, shirt, and pants and stood before her naked that was the last she remembered.
She woke up sometime early in the morning it was still dark outside, the overhead light was off, and the sound of the buoys gave off their moaning sound.

She was still nude and with no cover over her, the man was gone.

She jumped up and switched on the light, 'he has cheated me' she thought using fouled language under her breath but as the light sent its harsh glow over the tiny room; the girl saw a roll of bills on the dresser. Ten's twenty's in all, as she counted, five hundred dollars. She was ecstatic clutching the money to her breast.

Author Notes another draft, enjoy more to come tomorrow

Chapter 3
The Girl Makes $500

By wierdgrace

The next morning about 11 a.m., someone tapped on the door, a man's voice said, "Girl git up, its time," and you could hear him as he went down the hall with loud pounding and his get up orders.

The girl was up and dressed in moments, looking at the money she had, she would be in the man's favor now for sure. None of the other girls ever made a score like that before.

After the excitement died down the man questioned her, "Are you sure you didn't steal this? You know if you did it could get us all in trouble."

The girl told him about the fog of the night before, described the person and about the last thing she remembered, then waking up and the money n the dresser. The man believed her; she was too dumb to lie.

He told her, "You have the day off, you can go to the beach or shopping," and gave her ten dollars, "then tonight you take the stroll and see if this guy comes back."

She was the envy of all the girls, went window-shopping, as ten dollars only bought her a soda. So she went swimming that day.

As he told her, she waited on the streets that night, but the stranger was gone, and never seen again.

Time went on in the old months later, the man told the girl,

"You better go on a diet, you are getting fat, and no one wants a fat prostitute."

Then he forgot it, as he had too many girls to look after without watching this dumb one.

The girl knew she was getting fat and afraid to tell anyone. So she borrowed some of the heavier girls dresses to wear.

"Can I borrow this to wear?" she asked.

"Sure," was the answer, "You can have it, I don't want it anyway."

Five months went by, one of the girls picked up the disease V.D., and so the man had to take all twenty of them in to a doctor to get a clean bill of health.

The girl was scared, as she was heavy in the hips and stomach now.

The doctor called the man in, "Well, you are in trouble, the young one is pregnant, too late to take it, she may be like seven months, and I would say more than one, you better get her out of there and put her in a girl's home, here is an address."

Author Notes More excitement in your first draft, more to come tomorrow I hope.

Chapter 4
Time has come

By wierdgrace

The man was wild,as he was told of her pregnancy, he knocked the girl around. She insisted she did not know and took the pill regularly.

She cowered on the floor, as the man plundered it into her not to say a word.

He took her to the home that took anyone pregnant, selling the babies on the black market.

The mothers of the babies never saw their child and left the place after three days but the doctor was wrong, the girl was there for about three and a half months before she went into labor, she was big with child, or children.

The home was excited, as they figured it to be triplets, they would really make money off these babies. No one told the girl and she did not care, just anxious to get it over and be in good grace with the boss again, just an enormous stomach to get rid of.

She woke up late at night with sharp pains shooting through her back and stomach, nine months to the night the stranger had left his deposit.
They put her in a room to herself the last three weeks.

It had a buzzer she could push to wake the head nurse up if needed.

The girl was rushed to the delivery room, the last thing the girl heard the nurse say to her was, "Well your time has come, three days and you will be home again."

Author Notes next chapter coming, made short for a reason...first draft, hope you have read this from the beginning.

Chapter 5
More than one child

By wierdgrace

The first baby boy made his appearance into the earth planet at 11:35, he was blonde and healthy, a beautiful boy.

Ten minutes later the next arrived, another boy, a duplicate of the first.

Six were born and exactly alike, all boys, not even one mark on them to tell the difference. The girl had carried thirty-pounds of just babies.

The calls went out the next morning to six different parents waiting for a newborn child; none of them knew others had been born.

The girl did not know, she asked the next morning, "What was it?"

"A boy," the nurse answered, that was all.

"When can I go home?"

"Three days sure, you are healthy."

So the man also unknowing about the six births, picked her up, gave her six weeks off, but she earned the rest by waiting on the others.

The magnificent birth of six percent babies being born and all healthy was kept a secret, no one knew, not even the six parents the babies were sold to.

Four went to all parts of the United States, Texas, California, Oregon and Florida, the other two, were sold to England and the last one to France.

All the adopted parents were thrilled when handed the beautiful babies by their attorneys. This was one of the largest black markets on babies in the world and it had been going on for years.

They had their own hospitals in different states and nurses to take these newborn babies by plane to whatever city the attorneys had arranged an adoption.

Author Notes first draft, hope you are reading it all, enjoy

Chapter 6
The Babies Six

By wierdgrace

The number one baby went to a couple in their forties living in the great large state of Texas. The nurse, who thought on the jet, was the mother of this week old baby, going to join her husband who had left to go to his job before the baby arrived. A young man who grabbed her and kissed her, taking his son, met her at the airport.

All who had insisted on helping her thought she was alone. Then the imaginary family was wished away in a car to the attorneys where the new parents were waiting to receive their new son.

The parents, Delpha and Joe Cunningham, had picked out the name Joe after the father. He would be called Joey.

They had long wanted a baby but Delpha, after many miscarriages, had given up.
The husband had been transferred to his new job here in Dallas just two weeks ago, so the Cunningham's were not going to tell anyone their child was adopted.

The attorney in California had let them know about two months ahead of time they would receive a baby. Therefore, Mr. Cunningham and his wife had gone ahead and rented a beautiful home in Dallas. They had it on contract to buy in case all went well and he was located here permanently.

Delpha had worn loose clothing and spread it out to the help she was with child. They had a nursery right next to their bedroom, all redecorated and ready for the new comer. They were all well off, the fifty thousand for the bought baby was no trouble.

The child would have all he desired. Delpha clutched the baby Joey to her breast.

"Look, a beautiful blonde boy."

They loved him on sight and took him to their home with care and love.
The second baby went to Salem, Oregon, to William and Susan Smith and they called him Billy.

They were in their fifties, had a good savings account, and owned an old fashioned home with gardens and trees around the large acres.

The third child went to Hollywood, California to a couple who had a large home and he worked in the studios. They were in their late twenties.

The wife, Helen, was a very flighty person, always wanting something she did not have, so the husband, John Farrell, gave in as usual and adopted the baby for her, as he could care less. They named this baby Johnny.

The fourth baby went to Miami Beach, Florida, where Dan and Marie Taylor were in a large home right on the water. The reason for these adoptions, Dan Taylor's Grandfather had died and they were to come into a large inheritance when their first child (boy) was born.

They were in with the young jet set, parties, and more parties. It was the old man's only grandson and before he had died, he knew that was the only way to have his name carried on, so when Dan and his wife were read the will they sure got a shock. Marie was afraid to have a child, wanting no part of it, but they both wanted this mansion and all the money that came with it, so now had been waiting for a boy.

They had left Miami Beach and traveled around telling all their friends Marie was pregnant, so when the word was sent, a boy had been born. This so-called attorney arranged with a hospital and on its files were, Daniel Matthew Thomas, had been born there, date and year.

The middle name Matthew after the grandfather. The Taylors came to the hospital and met the so-called nurse with the baby, taking it home where a real nurse took care of it and the inheritance was turned over to the Taylors.

The only interest the Taylors had in this little bundle of joy, was to show him off to their group of friends, then after all the compliments and 'oh's and 'ah's' from half high group, it would be rushed upstairs to the large nursery where Danny, as they called him, spent the early years of his life.
The fifth baby was flown to France and the sixth to England, childless couples as all the rest.

The same arrangements, birth certificates faked people in their forties and fifties, well to do. So the last two had the names Tommy Legg in England and Jackie McEngle in France.

The boys, six normal babies, whom would have made history, spread out through the earth plane. All six were healthy, very strong, and very good babies.

Author Notes I rushed this so the story can continue, it will be better soon, so hope you hang in there, first draft.

Chapter 7
New Babies are Happy

By wierdgrace

None of the nurses or parents had any complaints about their newborn sons.

All were solemn children with the deep blue eyes that seemed to be in a world of their own.

They all developed measles and childhood diseases as all children do. They grew in the normal way until they were six years old.

Danny, in Miami Beach, Florida was the first to contact the others, his life had been pleasant, but he seldom saw his so-called mother and father, which were always flying off to somewhere for some large affair.

Danny swam like a fish and had just came out of the water and thrown himself on the white sand to dry off.

The nurse who still watched him was sitting in the large sun room that faced the beach. She would glance up from her book now and then to see if Danny was all right, he was large for his age, a perfect physique as all the rest were.
They looked like twelve year olds, instead of only six.

Danny lay in the sun on his back looking up into the beautiful sky where white clouds drifted across like little puffs of smoke, suddenly there appeared five images exactly like him; they seemed to develop in these cloud formations.

He lay there watching them then they slowly drifted away. He ran up to the house and said, all excited as children will do.

Author Notes I truly hope you all have been enjoying my stories. Each are first drafts, sorry for the errors, I post them first so I can keep writing, while my thoughts are still there, as when I start rereading, some of the stories change, more to come, sorry for being short. Will try and change soon

Chapter 8
Danny is the first to see

By wierdgrace

Danny, now twelve, sees something and is excited.

"I just saw five of me, just like me in the sky."

The nurse laughed and paid no attention. The other five all over had also viewed the other ones and of course all parents and nurses and tutors smiled the same way, --- all a child's imagination, that was the start.

Then Johnny, in Hollywood, California, had a favorite place where he played for hours, large trees surrounded their place.

Johnny had a tree house where he wasn't eating, sleeping, or now studying with the private tutor, who came for a few hours a day. Then Johnny was in his tree house, he pulled himself up the rope, and sat down.

He was looking over the side at the ground below when he heard his name called, he looked around, and there was no one there.

Again, the sound 'Johnny!'

"Here I am," he yelled looking around once more.

"You don't need to yell," the voice, answered.

"I am in your head, just think or answer silently."

Johnny whispered, "Who are you? And where are you?"

"I'm Jackie," was the answer, "and I'm in England."

"You are not in England, that's across the ocean," Johnny said.

"Yes, I am, close your eyes and you will see me."

Author Notes Its late, so two short chapters, the first draft always, more to come soon

Chapter 9
Six become friends

By wierdgrace

Johnny closed his eyes and a figure that looked just like him, appeared in his mind's eyes.

"That's me," Johnny said aloud.

"No, it isn't, it's me," Jackie answered, "I look just like you but I'm not."

They had some children's talk, telling where they lived and whom they played with.

"How are you talking to me if you are way over there?" Johnny finally asked.

"I don't know," Jackie said, "but you know there are six of us and we all look the same."

Into Johnny's mine-eye flashed his other brothers, all laughing and telling where they were. That was the beginning, the starting point, where all six children were aware of each other.

They spent time getting to know each other and love one another, as a family would do when very young.

They all tried to tell the parents or nurses that they had brothers.
Each would tell them they were going outside to play with them, but of course, it was all taken as a joke and a child's imagination.

They were all extra smart having no trouble with school and as they grew older, they were very careful not to tell anyone about their brothers who they had never seen in person but who they all knew just as though they had been raised together.

They were all scholars, reading books by the hundreds, history books, science books, and then every newspaper. They all could read a large book fast and digest all of the most important facts.

The parents of all six of the adopted boys were very proud of them, even the ones who really didn't want a child but had a reason to have one.

They all found out that to talk to their child was all that was needed for the child to mind, then when they were all awakened by a new voice in their heads.

Author Notes First draft, feel free to help out, gone for a day or two for hospital visit, back soon

Chapter 10
The six change

By wierdgrace

"Awake! Awake! It is now time for all of you to meet me. I am your father," and all now had the vision of the blonde man.

"Don't any of you be afraid, I want all of you together so we can talk?"
They could feel themselves leaving their bodies, they looked down, and their body was sleeping peacefully in bed below them.

Then they were all in a room, a large room facing the man who had appeared to them. They looked around and felt together with their brothers seeing them for the first time with their eyes.

The father came and clasp one after another in his arms. He said their name, and told them how proud he was of each one.

That was the beginning of many nights they spent together. It was like a question and answer session. They all now knew that they had been put on this planet called Earth for a purpose. They were all from a planet far advanced from the earth planet.

"The Earth needed knowledge that is more advanced or it would be no more, knowledge in science, invention, food, the energy problem, space knowledge miracle healing of the bodies on Earth," he told each.

"So much and so little time, however," as their father told them, "we will achieve. The Earth will advance with our help. You have one year to stay with your parents, then you all will take over a different appearance, you will be older in the earth years. You are only fifteen years old now. You will all leave your parents in one year, so read, and study all you can."

"Will we all know each other when we change appearance?" they asked.

"Yes, you will never lose your talents; you will be able to talk to each other in your mind's eye. You will be able to meet in person as you won't be a like as peas in a pod as you are now," and he laughed and patted each one.

"We are all the helpers to get each planet in our auxiliary educated in all. They were ageless and had been in many bodies. At age sixteen you will know where you came from and all the past history of the universe and our part in it."

A year went by and then one morning each of them didn't show up for their breakfast. Their rooms were checked, the beds were empty. All their clothes were there, even the ones that had been removed the night before, all just vanished.

Police, detectives were notified, pictures that had been taken of all of them throughout their childhood were missing, they, it seemed, vanished with the missing boys. Therefore, there were no pictures to give the police just their descriptions and descriptions were vague.

So the six were not linked together, just missing teenagers that there are so many of these days.

In the future, on the Earth plane, many inventions will appear. The whole Earth will take on a new appearance of knowledge. Air will once more be clear and clean.

Six notable figures, men in all stations of science, politics, medicine, transplants, and space will appear in the newslines. They, these six, will be joined by others from this far away planet and the earth plane will advance once more.

Author Notes This is only the end for now, more later, as the Earth is changed for the good, enjoy, I am working on the second draft

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