" What's up world"

Chapter 63
I felt His presence

By misscookie

Like weeds in a garden
They appeared in my life
I saw no way out of,
my world of strife

Feeling my lost soul
into the cold ground
I cried out loud
"My Lord I need you now

Help me before I fall into
eternal fire
A life with sinful souls
in the devil's house
filled with nothing but
Brimstones and fire

Yet through those turmoil times
I sense you would
lift me up in a nick of time

Beaming down from heaven above
Feeling sunshine of your gentle love

You kept your word
"You would never leave me
or forsake me."

My heavenly Father I must confess
your goodness,
your mercy and Holy spirit
lifted me up and changed my life.

Flowers will forever bloom in my heart
Thank you Lord for a brand new start

Author Notes My life is unfolding in a orderly ways.

Chapter 64
Bam means . By- All Means

By misscookie

Beautiful and spacious skies
And hearts that beat so free
May Gods blessing keep shining down on me

Author Notes He is no genuis. Who ignores his creator
The letter B- A- M means by all means

Chapter 65
I'm a child of the king.

By misscookie

Jesus died for our sins
That we carry no sorrow within.
One night I saw Him at the foot of my bed
All sort of things ran through my head

Was He going to tell me something good or bad
I think I made Him kinda mad
That was in my youth you see
Now I know He meant no harm to me.

I became a lost soul
If my life story was told
He didn't give His life
For me to live in pain or stripe.

One day I understood His message, I was saved
I proudly proclaim in Jesus name.
My heart is filled with love not hate
No matter how people relate.

When asked what made me change?
I smile and shout His Holy name.
I once was lost but, now I'm found
I got my feet planted on solid ground.

I have no ill feeling for anyone
No longer will I worry
when my time comes
Because I'm saved by the blood of His son.

Author Notes And He touched be

Chapter 66
You had to start sooner or later

By misscookie

He has given you a new birth
Your writing is on a new level
If you can't think it
How can you say it or write
He knows the things that puzzle you.
You will stay focused
You will stay in faith
It's time to
Trust what He has blessed you with.
It's time to
Trust what you will in His name.

Author Notes If you shot for nothing, you will surly hit it.
A sucessful person is always goal oriented.

Chapter 67
If He knows everything

By misscookie

If God knows everything .
Why must we have to remind him when we want or,
need something Through prayers?
God doesn't move in regards to your faith.
Yes, He is all powerful. Yes, He is an all knowing person.
God said "Remind him".

Author Notes He is please when we just talk to him and ask for nothing.

Chapter 68
He's a liar!

By misscookie

The devil said."We have to look down,
because we are not worthy to look up to God."
The devil is a liar.

Author Notes Your choice is your responsibility

Chapter 69

By misscookie

A new day has arrived
Yesterday is gone.
And tomorrow is yet to come!

Today, when the clouds
Get dark and gray,
The Lord, I will obey.

Today, when trials and
Tribulations come, on my knees,
The victory is already won.

Today God's mercy is from
Generation to generation,
His word is from everlasting
To everlasting.

Today, from the rising to
The setting of the sun.
God's will, will be done!

Today, yes today,
I will pray.

Author Notes You speak, He listens any time and anywhere.

Chapter 70
I thank you Lord

By misscookie

I give praises To the Father son and, the Holy Spirit
I'm thankful to be able to see this beautiful day.
I'm blessed to be able to talk to you another day.

Thanking you for the desire to-learn more about you.
Blessing me to pass my daily thoughts and your word
To many people around the world.

This is not only the day that You have made.
This is the day I listen to what my heart doctorhad to said.
He's concern about my heart.
"Your much to young to have to depart."

"I'm just a mere man, only He knows the time or place.
You have to be more concern about yourself
What your motto "Your to blessed to be stressed"

"I know,you won't fail when God is in your presence.
Your such a pleasant lady and I love having you around."
I smile. Doc I'm not ready to leave this crazy town."

" I have two physicalin my life. One in heaven the other is you."
I will do my best
My heavenly physician will do the rest.

I want to thank the Lord in advance
For His light shinnying through me all these years
For being there when no one else seemed care.

More importantly I want Him to know
I love Him first then my mother and my children.
I may be the foundation but they are the building.

He will forever be in my life.

I tried my best to live my life in truth to please Him.
May He continue to reveal His will to me.
I raise my hand to the sky praising thee
Oh my heavenly father give me the power of discernment
In advance may I say. "I'm honored to wish Your Son Jesus' Christ
A Happy Birthday."
Thank you
Love your daughter Cookie

Author Notes Dear Lord please put another holiday between
Christmas and Easter, there is nothing good in there now.

Chapter 71
A Bright Star

By misscookie

Please read Authors notes.

The lights upon my Christmas tree
Shine so clear and so bright;
I love to sit and gaze at them
In the darkness' of the night.

They remind me of a Star that shone
Long ago, on Christmas Night
and led the shepherds and the kings
To see a glorious sight.

A child was born upon that night
Laid in a manger bare,
As Wise Men came and worshipped
his mother held him there.

And now upon each Christmas Eve
We should all kneel; and pray
To thank our God who gave His Son
To us on Christmas Day.

Author Notes God became a man.
Season Greeting to everyone....From Ms. Cookkie

Chapter 72
It's time to pray

By misscookie

Did you wake today feeling well?
Did you seem to be free of care?
That was our Father lifting you-
Offer up a prayer.

Did all your burdens seem light?
Was each one easy to bear?
That was our Father carrying you--
Offer up a prayer.

Were you surrounded by loved ones?
Was there happiness to share?
That was our Father touching you-
Offer up a prayer.

As you lay your head on your pillow,
Could you feel God's presence there?
He never left you once today-
Offer up a prayer.

Author Notes Never underestimate the power of prayer

Chapter 73

By misscookie

It is a confessional of faith
You can pray anytime or anywhere
It's never out of date
It's never out of style
God will hear your call
It builds your faith
There's no hope

Author Notes I say yes to the blessing of God.

Chapter 74
An important power

By misscookie

My meaning of the word glory comes from God's words, written in the Holy Bible scriptures.

When you open your heart then the King of glory will come in.

If you're wise you will receive glory. But shame will come to the foolish.

God said all He has is yours, and all you have is His. And His glory is shown through you.

God wants us to share in His glory forever.

Where the grace of God is embraced, forgiveness will flourish.

The more we immerse ourselves in grace, the more likely we are to give grace.

Word count- 100

Author Notes The weakness of man sets the stage of the display of Gods strength

Chapter 75
Does He Hear Me?

By misscookie

Ernestine my oldest sister and I were raised.To always excel in reaching our goal in life
Remembering my mother's golden rule.
Never uses the word I can't or,I don’t believe.
Especially when doing our homework and on our knees.
Sunday morning rain or shine we went to church to give Him the praises.
Thanking God for His grace and mercy for the wrong we did during the week.
I wondered as a child each day. Does He really see and hear everything we say?.
Now that I'm older I know the answer.
Everyone's life will change once they obey His words. 

Author Notes I wrote this in memory of my sister Ernestine who went to be with the Lord 2006 due to a claspes lung

Chapter 76
2012 May the Creator bless us all.

By misscookie

From miss Cookie to you and yours.
As we begin another New Year in 2012, may the Creator bless us all.

This holiday season is a time to look back at what has happened to us over the past few months, my Dear members and friends.
It is also a time when we approach a New Year full of hope for blessing that may come.
The Bible tells us in Numbers 624..."The Lord Bless thee and keep thee."
It is true His blessing wash over us like a soft rain, clearing our minds and opening our hearts.
With His guidance, the path ahead becomes clear.
We know what we must do to reach our goals because the Creator will show us how.
We only need to ask Him.
Remember, The Creator's blessings come to those who seek them out and have faith in His ability to deliver them.
He will never fail you or any of His children.
Even if we aren't paying attention to Him. He is watching and hears our prayers and our faith will help us hear His answers to our questions.
In that way, He showers us with his blessing.
So let's start fixing the problems in ,our life, with the Creator's help.
How many of these things concerning you?
!. Are you looking for work?
2. Do you hope for Blessed health and healing?
3. Would you like to retire in peace and plenty?
4. Do you wish a sick pet will recover?
5. Do you seek the Blessing of greater wisdom?
6. Do you want a better relationship with your family and friends?
7. Do you want your loved ones to get off drugs.Before it's too late.?
8. Are you asking not to lose your home, or asking to find one soon for yourself or love ones?
9. Are asking to have enough money to pay your rent,bill, medication and food?
This list can go on and on. Talk to the Creator. for answers and help

I wish you and yours."Peace love, and joy, until next time."
Miss Cookie

Author Notes "The best thing about the future it comes one day at a time."

Chapter 77
Take time to give Him thanks

By misscookie

Thank you Lord,
For saving my soul,
Thank you Lord,
For making me whole.

Thank you Lord,
For giving to me
All life and joy,
So full and free.

Author Notes "God is the God of new beginings."

Chapter 78
With Him I founded love andPeace.

By misscookie

Know and love yourself first
I had put my trust in The creator and not all in every man.
I tried to live a life alone, this way no one would hurt me.
I even told who ever I met.
"Don't like me, don't love me ,don't even be fond of me. This was my defensive way of never being hurt.
The lord said " Your ways are not my ways and my ways are not your ways. "
I became miserable not only lonely.
Thousands of evil things went rushing in my head.
Needless to say my ways were hurting me more then people.
Praise God they didn't last long.
For that I give Him thanks for His wisdom, mercy patience love and His grace.
At that moment I stomped the devil and his demons out. Once I found what a true relationship with Him was about. Everything in my life changed.
Now I get nourishment from my inner Christ nature, I accept love and give it back in return.
Through Him I learned To know and love myself first.
By forgiving myself and others, I realize now everything I do or not do comes from the image of myself

Chapter 79
Put a bridle on it

By misscookie

Put a bridle on it

Oh. God I'm so thankfull for
the relationship I have with You.

Because today the devil tried his best
to test me.
Everything he tried failed.
Because I
have control

And when I feel myself slipping
I pretend to lock my lips
with an invisible key
then throw the key away.

This works for only a minute.
The devil with all his might
Wanted me to rant, shout and curse
Saying thing that later I will regret.

That's when I asked God Please
To but a bridle on my mouth

Author Notes Hope you like my free sytle verse

Chapter 80
We need you now Lord

By misscookie

God you are the God of all God,s
You're the leader of all leaders
Please take up resident in my home
or my families house,
for we need you now Lord.

Author Notes The comfort of Gods presence fills me with gladness and hope.

Chapter 81
Hello God, how come?

By misscookie

"God if You never went to school Tell me where did You get your knowledge ?"

God: "I know all things old and new, good and bad because I am who I am."
Boy: "God You don't wear a watch, so how do You know what we need, and when?"

God: "From My hands. You will receive Timely help,"
Boy: "What is timely help, God?"

God: "My child it means Not too soon, not too late. Just in time."

Boy: "God sometimes I want to just give up. When failure is too great for grace.. What shall I do?"

God: "Remember these three words my child. Don't give up.
"Is the road long? Don't give up. Is the night black? Don't Quit. Don't quit for if you do you may miss the answer to your prayers."
Boy: "God do You really think about me?"

God: "My child you may go days without thinking about me, but there's never a moment when I not thinking of you."
Boy: "God, there are times I get so confused I wonder who I am."

God "Let me tell you who you are. In fact, let me proclaim who you are.
You are the heir of God and a co-heir with Christ.
You are a holy priest, a treasured possession.
You are eternal, like an angel.
You have a crown that will last forever.
But most than any of the above- more significant than any title or position- is the simple fact that you are God's child
As a result, if something is important to you.It's important to Me."

Boy: "God what is faith?"

God: " Faith is believing that I'm real and that I'm good.
Faith is the belief that I will do what is right. That the more hopeless your circumstances, the most likely, your salvation.
The greater you care, the more genuine your prayers.
The darker the room, the greater the need for light.
My help is near and always available, but it is only given to those who seek it."

"There are so many question I want to ask You?" "God, you could have given us a shack you gave us a mansion. You made birds to sing. Give mountain peaks. Zebras' stripes and camels humps. Why did You go through so much trouble to give us so many gifts.? "Did You do it so the hearts will stop.? Did You do it so jaws will drop in disbelief, why did You do these things and more for us?"

God: " My child next time a sunrise steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leave you speechless.
Say nothing and listen as heaven whispers.
Because I love all my children That's why I give them theses gifts?
" Child read the Bible, understand my words. All the answers are there.
The truth shall set you free.".

Word count 500.

Chapter 83
The Bible is your armor

By misscookie

You can't please God without faith
Great faith is willing to wait
If you don't believe
Let the bible be your armor
Some times devil will try to pull you down.

Author Notes The bible may be old but it's truths are always new.

Chapter 84
Stay focused

By misscookie

Stay focused

When you trust in God
You believe even though you don't have much
Because your faith in certain areas are done in advance
Things are happening before you ask for it
It's called perfect faith all you have to say is.
Thank you God.

Author Notes "God makes every day a blessing for those who believe in Him."

Chapter 85
No faith no hope. No hope no faith

By misscookie

There are burdens we must carry
And sorrows we must bear,
and sometimes we're disappointed
By answers to our prayers.

There are times our faith is tested
And doubts and fears creep in,
But testing makes one stronger
Where there's a will to win.

When we pray that God will heal us,
Sometimes the answer's "No."
And it's hard to understand
Why we must suffer so.

Sometimes sorrows beget blessings
In ways we do not know;
When we truly learn to trust Him
And faith begins to grow.

Sometimes we fail to recognize
God's footprints in the sand
In times that He has carried us
And we didn't understand.

We should never be discouraged
By burdens we must bear
For when the fog has lifted,
We see Him standing there!

Chapter 86
Stages of faith

By misscookie

Stages of faith.

Faith starts as child.
It's part of your life and mine
Faith can be what our life might be
When you ask God for something.
Your faith will open your destiny.

Author Notes Sucess lies in only one direction; straight ahead

Chapter 87
Obstacles of faith

By misscookie

Obstacles of faith

Human reasons
Living by sight( if you don't see, you don't believe)
Surrendering to feeling( Don't feel like you can't do it.)
Negative counseling( don't ask other's opinion)
Feeling guilt( stop looking back on your past
Focus on the now.

Author Notes Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowning that something is real even if we do not see it.

Chapter 88

By misscookie


Can't believe when you are in sin
Continuing in sin -
These are Satan's tactics
Neglecting God's word
He wants us to not believe God
to believe in him.

Author Notes Who's report do you believe?

Chapter 89
Ask and it shall be given.

By misscookie

Before we ask God for anything
We should ask Him to forgive us

Author Notes I will live forgiven. I will forgive so that I may live.

Chapter 90
The best Author known

By misscookie

The best Author known

God is the best Author known
He has the number one seller
All over the world.
When the Creator wrote our story
He didn't put it all in the first chapter.
The last chapter lets us understand
Everything He has written before.

Author Notes Gods first and only book is still on the best sellers list.

Chapter 91
Father,Son,and Holy Spirit

By misscookie

To dishonor Jesus
Is dishonoring God.

Author Notes "Blessed are they that keep My ways"

Chapter 92
It is finished

By misscookie

It is finished

Jesus died on the cross for our sins
He said.
"It is finished."
So you can't add more sins to it.

Author Notes Jesus did this for us, what have we done for Him?

Chapter 93
What must we do?

By misscookie

May you see clearer.
And walk a little surer
To the Lord with love.

Author Notes May your heart be full of gladness

Chapter 94
I bet you hear Him now

By misscookie

I know God is a good listener and he is standing by, waiting our voice to call out and ask His counsel.
And too many don't go to Him at all,or when they do don't obey His word.
He has spoke to us so many way but we refuse to listen and do things our way.

When He speaks to us again, so many of us will run or hide,
which makes no sense.
If God knows how many strands of hair we have.
If He know what you're going to do before you do.
Fools don't you know you can't hide from him.

Now you must listen when He speaks again.
Some will feel fear, pain sorrow and shame
and others will rejoice shouting thank you Jesus Amen!

Author Notes "If you are not as close to God as you used to be, guess who moved.?'
Inspired by Adewpearl..."Stewardship"

Chapter 95
He has spoken

By misscookie

I once fear death in my youth and my early teens than I said, "Self, If God before you who or what can be against you."
My faith tested while I was in I C U
Of course this I didn't know
When I saw my pastor come in the room, I said in a low voice," Oh Lord this must be bad.
There he stood smiling with his open Bible in his hand.
He said a few word I couldn't understand I guess he was saying a prayer.

After he left.I pointed to the ceiling asking her what did she see.
She hesiated for a moment then sad, "Mommy I see the face of Jesus smiling down on us."

"Dainn, If God is telling me it's my time to leave this crazy world .
To my surprise a peaceful feeling came over me.
Smiling I said, "I'm ready".
Just then a swift refreshing odor filled the room that I never inhale before.
Diann said, "Mama, Maybe God is talking to me."
Two years later He took her home.

Author Notes inspired by Rightforyou Poen' Death"

Chapter 96
Even death has a system

By misscookie

Even death has a system

Once your warm body turns cold
Automatically warm blood ceases to flow
May the Lord have mercy on your soul.

Yes people see your body
in that beautiful casket
All they see is a shell

No more tears not a sound
As they laid you into the cold ground
Slowly that shell turns to dry bones.

From a bone we are born
to bones we depart
Yes, even death has a system

One thing death couldn't take
It's your spirit
Praise God your spirit has eternal
life in His system.

Author Notes "The Lord shall be my everlasting light."

Chapter 97
There is no right way to do a wrong

By misscookie

The best time and the worst time
can be the same time.

I'm not perfect
I don't pray above you
I don't pray with you
for I too am struggling
and need prayer too.
God said, He will do a new thing in my life.

Author Notes Renew me Sweet Jesus

Chapter 98
Let us pray

By misscookie

A prayer for a friend in the hosptial

Please heavenly Father hear this oprayer,
Lord a F/S friend is in the hosptial and needs Your blessing.
Please calm the worries of my dear one and guide the doctors and nurses to do their best for my F/S friend, and any others F/S friends or members going through a storm.
Let her rest in the hosptial without fear, strengthened in body and soul.
Thank You for watching over her Lord!..Amen

Author Notes To Shirely. B from everyone not just me

Chapter 99
We all go through storms

By misscookie

People think you're better than them
because you didn't go through
what they are going through.

But sooner or later something
will hurt you and
you will holler for help
Because you think you don't have
time for long prayers.
God can hear you with one word
as well as many.

Author Notes If He can move a mountain what can't he do for you?

Chapter 100
One more chance

By misscookie

God Created you with a will,so this trip He going to let you decide.
Have no fear for He said,"I will never leave or forsake you."
You may be driving on wrong side of the road
heading in the wrong direction.
Are you heading for confusion filled with pain?
God said, "This is your last chance before the promised land.
It's up to you now, you got to get it right this time.
Come, on my child. Get on the right path of a new life."

Author Notes God can finsh what He started and in due season it will come to pass

Chapter 101

By misscookie


When life comes in like a bullet
and tries to Kill you
Trust in God,not yourself
When you lack trust
you will become agitated.

Author Notes "When you feel like your over the hill,God will help you climb higher.

Chapter 102
God will vs. the Devil

By misscookie

God's will vs. the Devil

His message works for everyone
even unbelievers
If you go against the word
It's not God's will.

the devil says,
'I will have control one day"

No matter what he does
No matter what he says
He doesn't have the power
In the present or the future

The devil is a liar
He doesn't realize
He has to have love within his soul
Not lust hate and greed
His deception increases fire for his power.

That's why heaven is high and hell is low
God gave you a will, it's all up to you
Always remember, God will never give up His will

Author Notes You can accomplish more in one hour with God than in a lifetime without Him.

Chapter 103
His name is Jesus Christ

By misscookie

His name is Jesus

He never wrote a book.
He never held a public office.
He never had a family.
He never went to college.
He had no credentials but Himself.
Still as a young man, the public opinion turned against Him and his friends ran away.
All the armies that have marched.
And all the kings that have reigned
Have not made as big an impression on the world as this young man name Jesus Christ.
We must remember Him and the effect He had upon us at Easter time,a day when Jesus rose and was reborn.
Easter will forever be a time of renewal for our faith and our spiritual life. All because of this man name is Jesus.

Author Notes Happy Easter to everyone
Do not fear or be dismayed....For the Lord is with you.

Chapter 104
He called them by their number

By misscookie

He calls them by their name and number

We all wish to remove the pain
our love ones have to endure.
Some never had a sick day in their life
Some are young , some are old
Some lives had just begun
We cry, we pray and ask the reason why?
Then we say, "Be not to your own understanding."
God said "It's time to be with Him "
So he called them by their name
and number
All their pain and sickness has disappeared.

Author Notes Those who walk with the creator always reach their destination.

Your Angel... inspired by Bryana

Chapter 105
He paid the price

By misscookie

He paid the price

To accomplish Gods' delight
Jesus' death was a must.
God is a just and faithful God
Who forgives us all of our sins
Yet sin has to be penalized
The son of man
Must be lifted up
God gave His only Son
To pay the price for our sins
When Jesus died on the cross
He said,
"It is finished."

Author Notes He paid your debts in full

Chapter 106
You can only serve one Master

By misscookie

Have you ever been so confused
didn't know what to do?
should you listen to your spirit
serve God.

Or do what your flesh says
serve the devil
God is on side of the fence
and the devil is on the other.

To put your confusion to rest
remember you can only serve one master.

Author Notes Free style
When you carry the Bible the devil has a headache, and when you open it he collapees.

Chapter 107
Because He lives

By misscookie

if you were the only person
in the world
Jesus would died
on the cross for you.

It started at the cross
and It end at the cross

Author Notes God gave His only Son

Chapter 108
The creator knows your worth

By misscookie

The creator knows your worth

When people try to put you down
Saying you have no worth.

Always remember

Who died on the cross for you and their sins.

Jesus Christ His only son
Obey His Father and paid the price.

That's how much
He thought you were worth.

Author Notes God put His spirit in Jesus-Jesus believe in the Father- so He could put His spirit in us

Chapter 109
Call unto Me, and I will answer

By misscookie

His message works for everyone
Even unbelievers
Even through hard times
That seems to never end

Jesus is there with you to the end
You got to get to
that place in your heart
To tell Him what you need

To give you strength
Not to fall again
Help me sweet Jesus Please

He said,
"You went through this for a season and reason
"Because you love and trust me once again.
Now my faithfull child
I will bring it to a end."

Author Notes We fall down but we get back up again.

Chapter 110
Oh my sweet Jesus

By misscookie

Oh my sweet Jesus

Many people are in denial.
I too have fallen from His grace .
Yet He always forgives me
and wipes the tears from my face

Removing the pain from
my body mind and soul.
I thank you sweet Jesus
for once again making me whole

Author Notes Inspired by Angel Debbie
A Flickering candle

Chapter 111
You need more than power

By misscookie

We can get power for our weakness
We can get happiness with mercy.
Just because you have the power
doesn't mean you don't show mercy
love and patience

Author Notes You just can't take love and mercy you must give both in return

Chapter 112
Giving thanks to Him

By misscookie

When you pray
And confess your sins
Asking for forgiveness
Then the healing begins

The devil wants you to
keep your hands down
not raise your hands
Turn your smile into a frown

When you're praying to the Father
You're completely cleansed
by the blood of Jesus
Satan can't touch you
For any reason.

Author Notes Be thankfull unto Him.

Chapter 113
Make up your mind

By misscookie

Make up your mind

Have you ever been in a situation?
People telling you it's better there than here
You can't decide which way to go
Some people are comfortable everywhere.

God said,."You can be where it's hot or cold.
You have the will to choose where you rather be
With the Devil where it's always hot
Or a cool comfortable place with me."

Author Notes How you live on earth is how you will live later.

Chapter 114
God Loves to redecorate

By misscookie

Please read Authors notes first. Thank you

God loves to redecorate
This house will soon be a home of love
Portraits are replaced by landscapes of grace
Touch by the one above

Portraits are replaced
by landscapes of grace
Every nail and screw put in with love
Every thing in it correct place

Walls of anger demolished and
shaky foundation restored
He will make old things new
He will do those things and much more

God will complete He's restoration
God wants you to have a beautiful dwelling place.
He won't stop until He is finished
Then He'll bless this house with His mercy and grace.

Author Notes You see a house but God considers your body a home also.
Every good, every perfect gift comes from God.

Chapter 115
A new start in life

By misscookie

It's time to start anew.
When your mind, body and soul are cleansed.
And you let the correct thoughts,words,and deeds enter.
The Creator will say,"Well done, my child."

Author Notes Sometmes lifes purpose is more about the journery than the destination

Chapter 116
Love's a winner

By misscookie

Love is a winner

Love has a tough job to face
each and every day
With people all over the world.
Yet love says, "Come on, make my day."

Love will never lose
Through His grace and mercy each day
God is love and a winner
He planned it that way

Author Notes The The Many Faces of Love # 125 I was Inspried by New York Poet.

Lord is good His love endures forever.

Chapter 117
He took away the pain

By misscookie

He took away the pain
I remember writing this poem to her called two physicians.

There are two physicians
One is in heaven
One is on earth
The heavenly physician watched the earthly physician intensely
When the earthly physician could do no more.
The heavenly physician intervened
His healing hands gently touched her
He gave her eternal life.

It seems as if it was only yesterday.
My daughter Diann who went to be with her Father February 6, 2006
Due to a brain tumor the x-ray didn't show it to be that big or deep.
That's goes to show how much you can trust technology in some cases.
I keep telling myself only God knows, and how long she was in pain that's when He said my child enough is enough.
Diann you may won the battle and the war. Yes you have the victory it's time for you to come home and sit by my side.

Author Notes "My Insane Pain Shadorma" I was inspired by missy98writer
Come near to God and He will come near to you.

Chapter 118
He has many names

By misscookie

He has many names

.Advocate- Land of God-The resurrection& The Life
Shepherd & Bishop Of Soul-
Lord Of Lords- Man of Sorrows
Head Of The Church - Kings Of The Jews
Shiloh Savior -Immanuel -Jesus Christ
He has many names
-----------But He wants you to call Him Father.

Author Notes Th Father has loved us so much that we are called children of God and we really are His children

Chapter 119

By misscookie

God's word
God's grace
And God's grace
God's embrace

We don't why He does what He does
Or when He's going to do them
But we know He does it well.

Author Notes We have seeds of greatness

Chapter 120
Without it I would be lost

By misscookie

Oh, how my heart ached from weariness
slowly my tears began to flow
Just how much more I can take
I had walked so many miles
still no rest I know
I found my strength
For a prayer
I won't

Chapter 121
God has a sense of humor

By misscookie

God have a sense of humor

God laughs when he hears you say, "I thought of this or that. And the many times He heard you say this belongs to me and I work hard to buy this or that."
God shakes his head when he hears you say "If it was not for me, you would not have shoes on your feet or clothes on your back."
How easy we forget that He made the birds and bees.
He made the sun,, moon stars and trees.
God is such an awesome God. He created everything.Come to think about it,
He made the air you breathe.
He made snow, heavy hail, thunder lightning with rain.
Dust storms, wind storms, hurricanes tornados. Don't forget those rough high ocean and sea storms.
Yet He made the sunshine,and once in awhile a rainbow to appear
Yet, He brings much joy laughter into our lives.
Sometime we think there's too much hardship for us in one month or one year.
Just remember He knows just how much we can for take my dear.
In due time He takes it all away.
He does things for a reason and a season for us to endure, every heartache and pain gives us strength for a new day.
Why I can't explain It is written in proverb3:-5.
Lean not unto your own understanding.
He made the food we eat the water we drink. Oh yes, God has a sense of humor because He made you and me.

Author Notes Man makes plans and God laugh.

Chapter 122

By misscookie


One day those material things will vanish
Enjoy, sharing with others don't be mad or sad
It's not about having what we want
We should be grateful for what we have.

Don't give because you feel guity, give because you care.
When you leave this world
Will people remember the way you live
or what you gave?

Life is like hotel
You check in you checkout
Some find joy when they check in
Others find joy when they check out

Author Notes God has to keep you alive or He dies.

Chapter 123
Take time for me

By misscookie

ease  my precious parents make time for me
Always remember to God and you I  give  my trust
emember you are my beacon of light
Encourage me to do what's right
ever give up on me, I pray
rust the things I do or say.Please don't chase me away.

Chapter 124
He did it for us

By misscookie

Jesus didn' want to die
He knew his Father could turn things around
And when he didn't
he cried out
Father why have you forsaking me
He obeyed His Father command
Some people got it all twisted
Jesus did not die so we could have religion
He died for our sins.

Author Notes And behold the light of the lord came upound Him

Chapter 125
Theres healing in the rain

By misscookie

There's a healing,a cleansing in the rain.
Lord, wash my body, mind, and soul make me whole.
Remove the sorrow, dirt, and pain.
There's is a healing,a cleansing in the rain.
Let it remove every stain.
Make me worthy to praise your name .
There's a healing,a cleansing in the rain.
Lord, wash my body, mind, and soul make me whole.

Chapter 126
AN E- Mail to God

By misscookie

Hi Lord,
It's me.
We are getting older and things are getting bad here.
Gas prices are too high, no jobs, food and heating costs too high.
I know some have taken you out of our schools, government and even Christmas, but Lord I'm asking you to come back and re-bless America.
We really need you!
There are more of us who want you than those who don't! Thank You Lord, I Love you.
"Life without You is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point."
If you care not to answer this E-mail just delete it no one will know just you and I.

Chapter 127
What do you see?

By misscookie

What do you see?

I don't see a naked cross
I see His head
He wore the crown not of silver or gold
His crown was made of sharp throns
Crushing His skull.

I see His hands
There He is hanging on the cross
By soldiers who were ordered to do this to the king
By a fearful, jealous man.
Long thick nails hammered through His hands.

I see His sides
Where the spikes entered His flesh
Stretched in pain
Calling out His Fathers' name

In my heart I shout "My sweet Jesus
Did you die in vain?"

I see the sweat

Sweat of blood washing away our sins
So we can have no more sorrow
Today or tomorrow

I see His back
No mercy shown just
deep cuts and welts on His back
He was stoneed, cursed, beaten
even spat at as He carried the cross

I don't see a naked cross

I see His feet
Yes they too were nailed to the cross
Yet, when I look at them
I want to walk in the way He walked.

I don't see a naked cross.

Author Notes He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sickness. His love endures forever.

Chapter 128
Speak for yourself

By misscookie

Speak for your self

At night it's hard to get on my knees
Giving thanks to His holy name.
Since I had my knee implant.
At first I felt shame.

Now I say my prayers in bed.
God understands my
Heart, soul and feels my pain.
He is a forgiving, merciful God.

He doesn't care what position I pray.
as long as I remember Him.
At 73 years young I give God the glory.
At midnight or early in the morning.
I'm still on this earth praising Him.

People ask me to pray for them.
If I prayed for all those people.
I would be up till dawn.
I do the best that I can

He doesn't like that, he say,
They say stuff.
It would please He more hear you lovely voice.
God gave you a voice
So open your heart , open your mouth
speak for yourself

Author Notes Medicate on Gods word.

Chapter 129
Don't miss yours

By misscookie

God is a God of opportunity
are you taking advance of it now.

Author Notes Gods trying to tell you something.

Chapter 130
Good versus Evil

By misscookie

We should give thanks for a Mighty Merciful and forgiving sGod.
People should take time to think before they do anything.
Think about the husband who refuses to be kind to his wife.
The employee who places personal ambition over personal integrity.
The wife who withholds sex both to punish and persuade.
It might be the taking of someones's life, or it might be the taking of someone'sturn.....
It all spells power and all have the same goal."I will get what I want at your expense.
When you reach to the top-the only way to go is down. And the descent is often
Remember He will take away our burdens, he"ll even take away our blessings. If there is a thousand steps between us and Him, He will take all but one, But he will leave the final one for us. The choice is ours.

Chapter 131
A Father's Day Prayer

By misscookie

Dear God,
We thank you for the Father's
who have taken on the impossible task of following in Your footsteps.
We thank you for their courage and strength.

We pray that You would Father them,
and teach them how to be good fathers
no matter how old or young their children are.

Give them hearts like your heart.
May they be filled with compassion, tenderness, and mercy.
May they live lives full of love and grace.

May they lead their families with great wisdom and gentleness.
Anoint them to be warriors in Your Kingdom,
waging war for their families in prayer.

Lord please help them to be defenders and guardians
of all that is good and true.

We ask that You would blessed them this Father's Day
and keep them in Your Care.
In Jesus Name

Chapter 132
He's not going to win this one

By misscookie

He's not going to win this one

We all needed a swift kick in the you know what, now and then.
But that did not work or bring you to your senses.
You have been to all types of specialists. I don't know who's fooling who?
Our love, our faith is stronger than the devil treats. We will have the victory, you just wait and see.
The devil took control of your body mind and soul, he took away your feeling.
If The devil pushes an umbrella up your, you know what.
You'll wait until it's open before you say ouch!
The devil can cause so much pain you don't feel it any more.
"We tried all the rest
It's time to try the best.
There's only one person who can straighten you out
Yes it's the Creator, He is ready to get you back on the right path in life.

Author Notes God will bring to light His childrens pure and impure actions, thoughts and motives.

Chapter 133
Gods grace and Love

By misscookie

God's grace and Love

The evidence of boundless love
Streams from God's glory up above
A testament of grace divine
Where joy and peace are intertwined.

Author Notes Either you become like the people you're with or, they become like you.

Chapter 134
Don't take anything for granted

By misscookie

Don't take anything for granted

People can shop all day
Until their feet hurt.
Live in a lovely home, with plenty of food to eat
While others live on the streets, eating food mixed with dirt.

No caring about abused children or animals
After all they have feelings too.
Enjoying those a far away trips
On those luxury cruises.

Yet they can't get down on their knees
To give thanks with prayer.
If it wasn't for Him.
You would not live to see another day

Thank Him for all blessings given
They should bow their heads in shame.
Shout praises to His Holy name.

The tables can turn...Amen

Inspired by
Move Me by anabellapongasi

Author Notes
By the grace of God there go I.
Don't take anything for granted.

Inspired by
"Move Me." by anabellapongasi

Chapter 135
It's up to you

By misscookie

It's up to you

That what free will is all about
People can take it either way
That what free will is all about
God gives it to you every day.

It's about the do's, the don'ts
it all up to you.
Be it good, be it bad.
God already knows which one you will choose
He is with you all the way.

Author Notes
Inspired from "Free Will" by Gert Sherwood

Chapter 136
Amen, amen

By misscookie

Amen, Amen

God is still in control of our life
Life has mishaps and tragedies
.Through trials and tribulation
His grace shall set us free
We are your servant
Praising your name
Today and

Author Notes Go to an hidden place to be with the Creator.

Chapter 137
I asked God why?

By misscookie

I did ask God "why?"
God said."If I told you why
you look different
Or explain the moon ,and stars
You still will not understand

Chapter 138
Peaceful prayer

By misscookie

Praises be to His name
Embrace Him day and night
Allow Him to lead the way
Cause only He knows the correct path
Encourage me to seek His grace
Father in your name I pray
Unlease the evil thoughts from my mind
Let love and forgiveness enter my body, mind and soul.


Author Notes God energizes our efforts

Chapter 139
Wealth is all around you

By misscookie

You're rich

You're the richest person in the world
even if you don't have a cent
God blessed you to see another day
You should thank Him for giving you some sense.

He gave you wings of health and strength
Even to those who passed too soon
They're using those wings
To fly up to the upper room.

Put away your umbrella
Enjoy those brief showers
They last less than a hour
So what if you get a little wet
You won't melt away like a teaspoom of sugar.

Your blessed to see flowers blooming
Hear the birds singing high in green leafy trees
See the sun peeking through branches
Saying can see or feel me?

Rich to watch your family tree grow
Even though sometimes
You don't understand what they say.
Remember your parents felt the same way.

You even love our granddaughter's puppy
Who loves chewing on your brand new tennis balls
And poops in different places on the floor.
He's like a baby without a diaper.
Still you love him more.

God treasures
Are all around you
He gives every night and day
Just take time and you will see

"You're not blessed because your rich
Your rich because your blessed.

Author Notes "Open My Eyes To Treasures" I was inspired by pnkglo
"When we have nothing left but God, we find that God is enough!"

Chapter 140
Change your atmosphere

By misscookie

Change your atmosphere

No devil will change your home
No devil will change your children
Because when God is in your home
He changes the atmosphere.

You may have to change your style
To please mankind
Remember God
Accepts you just as you are.

Author Notes I thank David S W for his wondefrful artwork

Chapter 141
Rejoice to Him

By misscookie

Rejoice In Him

You must focus on being joyful
No matter what you're going through
Joy is the light after darkness
Joy is the creator for He is the light.

You may find it hard to do
When you're behind on your rent or mortgage
Children need clothes,shoes for school
Doctor tells you the X-ray shows bad news

That when you test your faith
Are you a true believer?
He is a healing God
Whose report do you believe?

If that's not bad enough
You got terminated from your job
Tow truck is jacking up your car
Rejoice now it seems hard to do.

Rejoice the Lord God it with you
Sometimes He puts you in the valley
To test your faith and strength
You keep on climbing and never look back.

Then slowly you are renewed
Your faith, hope, kept you strong
Your hands are cut,your body in pain
Yes, you made it. Praise His holy name.

Don't forget who help you get back on top
Give thanks and glory to the king of most high
You would not have made it
Without Him by your side.

Chapter 142
There is only one

By misscookie

There is only one

Amen, amen!
I believe so many people think
another master means another God's
Like years ago or even now.

They worship statues of a golden calf,
Goats, birds even fishes
Let's not forget Kings and Queens
Today people worship more materialist things.

Jewelry, money cars Home and clothes.
Yes, kings and kingdom will all fade away
But there nothing can take the place of our savior.
There is but one true master
It's our creator our heavenly Father.

Author Notes Hope you enjoy my free style poem.

Chapter 143
d-plus evil = devil

By misscookie

D plus evil = devil
Here is a message many might believe.
They say it start from the parents seed
That was a hard pill to take.

Yet in the bible It is written
Adam and Eve
Committed the first sin
And the sins of the parents passes on to their children.

Old folks say. "There something
In the air."
Other say.
"It come from the water."

Do you realize you praises him
Whenever you say "The devil told me to do it."
Evil comes from your own free will
God gave you a choice to pick wrong or right.

Author Notes If you want something different, You have to do something different.

Chapter 144
A Change is coming soon

By misscookie

A change is going to come

Sometimes when I read in between the lines
It brings tears to my eyes
It's not what I want to read
So early in the morn.

Yet I respect your inner feeling
Trying to understand what
You're been going through.
For I have walked in your shoes

Your poems or stories sounds as though
There Is no more fight
within your body or soul.
Please don't let the devil take control.

God is really on your side
Hang on just a little while longer
I know a change is coming soon
I believe in my heart and soul

Faith heals a weary heart
Gives a person a clean start
Faith is like a summer breeze
It puts your trouble heart at ease

Faith is a blessing
That shows you light
When you felt no one was in sight
Faith puts out the inner flame

That removes all the sorrow and pain
Jesus is keeping you in His prayers
A Change is coming

Author Notes His message is always greater than the messager
This is deciated to all my special friends. Stay on praying grounds.

Chapter 145
two belivers

By misscookie

Yes it's hard at times for me to pen
I know what I want to say
I either misspell a word or they're
not in their proper place

I call myself a writer
Sometimes I'm shame filled with disgrace
Even looking in the dictionary
makes things worse

I can't remember my nouns and verbs
Or any of those-: -or when or where
To put those quotations mark and commas
O Lord why can't I remember ?

Tell me why when I write a sentence?
Muse is always forward
My mind works in reverse
Deep inside I know it's not a curse

Praise God I know two people who give me
encouragement and uncondtional love
No matter how hard my task may be
My God, my daughter in heaven who said.
"We would write a best seller together"

I don't want any ones pity
There are people who have no hands or feet
Who write great novels
Paint master pieces,with a brush between their teeth.

God lets things happen for a reason
I shall not take anything for granted
It's not yet my season for
Great "thing" to happen to me
I know it's not a curse

Author Notes In all things give thanks to God
I'm blessed with many believers and helper on earth. And to them I appreciate all you do for me.

Chapter 146
Whose fault is it?

By misscookie

Whose fault is it?

He instilled the truth in our
Heart, mind, and soul
Still refusing to listen to His words
Not believing what was told

Feeling we know a better way
Blaming Him when things in
Our life go astray.
People, it's not His fault.
If you really want to know who's at fault
Just look in the mirror
You're the one who made the wrong choice
Praise God
There's still time to listen to His voice.

Author Notes Reach up as far as you can God will reach down and take your hand

Chapter 147
What faith can do for you.

By misscookie

Calms your thoughts when you are worried.
Directs your steps.
Erases your fears.
Faith is the foundation for all things.
It Teaches us to love life and fully experience it as we enjoy the blessing it brings.

Author Notes Faith is confidence of God

Chapter 148

By misscookie


Not after we get in trouble
It shows before the situation
It's having the word of God
Discernment is an art from God
For He is our helper.

You never have to make a decision on your own
God will help you make a wise decision
Having the word of God
We will make the right decisions.

God wants you to do your best
Why are you contented to be good
Get out of that safety zone
Get into a spiritual discernment.

Author Notes We must first believe He is.

Chapter 149
Tick- tock, tick tock

By misscookie

Time to God is timeless
He alone can change the univerese
Any way, any time He pleases
Your time means nothing to Him

When you set your clock back
It's still the same time
Some place else.
Why must we set the time back?

Why must we turn it forward?
Life is like the hands on a clock
that keeps moving
Until the battery runs out

Author Notes Are you like the hands on a clock getting no place fast?

Chapter 150
Are you listening to Him?

By misscookie

Are you listening to Him?

When God speaks
do you bend and turn on a deaf ear
Do you know how to listen to Him
Are you listening to His words?

When you walk that crooked path
Instead of the straight
Stop thinking that you're alone or grown
Stop trying to do things on your own.

Your destiny will be all right
Because He already knows
The outcome of your life.

Author Notes No matter what comes our way, we can face it with a glad heart and with God's help.

Chapter 151
Climb that mountain

By misscookie

Climb that mountain

Have faith in tomorrow
Accomplishing your hopes and dreams
Stop wallowing in your sorrow
Keep up yourself a esteem.

Have faith listen to your heart
Your situation is not hopeless
Break big problems into smaller parts
They will be easier to address.

May you beam like the silver moon
May your goals reach the sky
He will clear a path in front of you
As you climb the mountain high.

Author Notes It's easier to climb a "mountain" with help from your spiritual Friend, the Lord!

Chapter 152
A new start

By misscookie

Please read autors notes before you read. Thank you.

A new start

My Father denied me the day I was born
My mother's love she shunned from me
I was too young to mourn
"Lord, why did they treat me so mean?"

It's hard to love and hate someone at the same time.

That's why my heart is like a locked door
Only I have the key
This way I won't get hurt any more
My emotions are sealed inside of me.

I keep a shield over my heart
And did what I must, to stay alive
To stop the pain before it starts
No one cares if I live or die.

My motto is, "Whatever comes together, soon will part."

The city is a jungle only the strong survive
Someone's got to live and someone has to die
I'll do my best to stay alive
My life seems like wasted time.

That's why I feel all alone
There is no time for me to pretend
I have no place to call home
My life is wild and crazy on the week end.

Jesus is my only friend
I trust Him night and day
I love Him to the end
Each night to Him I pray

Be careful who you call your friends
He gives me strength to start over again
I've learned true love,friendships never ends
All I can say is amen, amen.

Author Notes This is not about me. It about a friend I took time to listen to his cry. Praise God.
I was inspired by "Raining Memories" by oNray

Chapter 153
Dates I'll always remember

By misscookie

Dates I'll always remember

Today Jesus Christ was born
The phone rang my clock stopped
I knew something was wrong
This moment I will forget not.

A voice on the phone said,
"Is this Miss Cookie?"
At that moment I already knew
my son Larry is gone.

Till this day I refuse to mourn
I shed no tear of sorrow.
Some might think it was wrong,
Larry had accepted Christ back in his life.

To me Christmas is a double celebration:
Jesus Christ was born and my
soul was filled with rejuvenation,
my son was reborn.

February 2006 was a very emotional day,
my daughter Diann had brain surgery.
Oh Lord how we all prayed
" No mama please stay home."

February 6, 2006 the phone rang
I looked at the clock it had stopped
I knew what they were going to say
my stomach felt like a knot.

We prayed the night before
Diann said,
"Mama be strong,
it's all in God's hands."

To this day I wonder did she know?
Her thoughts were on me and her family
It was her nature not to be blue
She told her sister,"Correct your family tree,
put God back in their life."
It may sound weird but I believe

Jesus Christ and their death made me strong.
I think of all the happiness we shared,
that's the reason I can't mourn

It's strange how dates bring out certain emotions.

She told her friends:
"Take care of my mother
look after Miss Cookie."

The next week I found a
Valentines card on my dresser
With her signature saying these words,
"Peaceful journey,
thank you for being my mother
love you always."
Button Nose.
Then she signed her name Diann.

Her concern was not about herself,
her thoughts were on me and the family
It may sound weird but I believe
Jesus Christ and her death made me strong
It's strange how dates bring out certain emotions.

Author Notes With in three months of 2006 I lost my Daugthr, My sister from a collaspe lung, Larry's son got shot eleven times. Diann's best friend from a brain tumor just like her, and a year later my beloved mother passedat the age of 92 of old age.
I'm trying my best not to write such sad poems but my children are on my mind. This too shall pass in due time.
Thank you for being understanding.

Chapter 154
Walk through the dark to see light

By misscookie

Walk through the dark to see the light

You enter a different place
when you stop believing in God,
yet He keeps you in His grace
Where is the joy riding in fast stolen cars?

Seeing your friends killed thinking you had it made.
Tell me where's the thrill
by living in at fast lane?
Where did you get those big bills?

You live through pain before your time,
you have lied, cheated even stole.
You did many crimes
Many of your experiences untold.

He makes everything easy for you to obtain,
he enjoys watching you playing those foolish games.
Not caring who is feeling the pain
be it your mama, papa what's in a name.

You played into the devil's hand,
it was just a matter of time.
Thinking you could outsmart the man,
before your homey drop a dime.

Your mama refused to pay your bail
now you are marching in a line.
Welcome to your new  address jail
Being told what to do all the time.

When you got out of hard rock college.
"Lord hear my cry, help me change my life
I want to inhale only your knowledge."
Praise God he didn't have to think twice.

He said: " My ears were never closed ,
I waited patiently to welcome my child back home."

Author Notes You tried the rest now try the best.
Homey is a friend...Drop a dime is giving police imnformation about you.

Chapter 155
What can you do without?

By misscookie

What can you do without?

Without Prayers there would be no Faith
Without Faith there is no Hope
Without Hope there woud be no Love

Without love there is no Grace
Without Grace there would be no Mercy
Without Mercy there would be no God
Without God there is nothing.

Author Notes free style poem.

Chapter 156
This bitter earth

By misscookie

This bitter earth

So many times we have cried out
"We can't take no more,
just take us home sweet Lord."

knowing that He's a healer
and forgiving God
Yet, we beg for He's mercy
"Please forgive us, yet again."

Has our sins been that great
Is that why we have so much pain?
If not today let tomorrow
be a bright sunny day
Don't send down more rain.

Take away our angry heartaches, and shame
We're Praying for more strength
to enjoy the peace ,and beauty of
this bitter earth just a little longer
This we ask in Your name.

Author Notes free style poem

Chapter 157
Have Faith and no doubt

By misscookie

Have faith and no doubt

We all been through strong winds, heavy storms
He's presence's is always with us
With strong belief and lots of faith
He will help us through them all.

Fill your tank with faith
And see how fast God will deliver.
Faith is conference in God
you Must never doubt Him

Everyone needs a Must person In their life
Faith will help us make the right choice
and guarantee a better life
God has that Must power, to rid all addiction.

Yes we all have it
In thoughts words and deeds
at our jobs homes, schools and
people we see on the street.

Once God does his part, the rest is up to us
Praise God, and have faith without doubt.
With faith in God our life will change
We will become winner again.

The devil tries to attack our spirit but can't
When we're wearing God's armor of faith
Remember Love is hope, hope is faith
When we have faith there is no room for doubt.

Author Notes I put a capital in the letter M intentionally

Chapter 158
The magic of one candle

By misscookie

The magic of one candle

In the cold still darkness of the night
Your candle flicks glowing light
forming strange reflections on the wall
So many things race through your mind.

Sending messages only you can read or see
Fear not because the electricity went out
This storm like others shall soon pass,
darkness sometimes helps one to see the light.

Fear not this was God's plan
Sometimes it takes the darkness to see the light.

To bring on darkness for you and,
your family to realize
what is lacking at home.

Togetherness, love, communication,
was slowly slipping away.
That one flicking candle,
to restore what they didn't see.

Author Notes free style poetry
I was inspired by The candle Poem by Mrs. God's Writer:

Chapter 159
You're always on my mind

By misscookie

You're always on my mind

The first thing I do when I open my eyes
I give thanks to my heavenly Father
for giving me another day
Then I praise His holy name in prayer.

Next I sing to Him, even if
I can't remember every word
I know I'm off key but,
I think it makes Him laugh.

I can imagine Him saying
"She's such an obedient child
I did tell her to make a joyful noise.

Author Notes I was inspired from How do we pray? by 9999pool

Chapter 160
Strength Within Me

By misscookie

Strength Within Me

My words might have a powerful sound.
It keeps my feet on ground.

Many tried to keep me down
I pray for them any how.

Their words can't keep me down
He walks with me bearing His protective crown
I'm surrounded by His mercy and grace
Because of my strength and faith
Nothing on earth can take His place.

Chapter 161
What will it take?

By misscookie

What will it take?

Another meaningful message again
I wonder If mankind will ever learn.
Humans knew nothing about sin there was no right from wrong.
It started with Adam and Eve.
They thought God would never know who bit the apple or why.
They ran to hide behind a bush with shame, not wanting God to see them without clothes. That's when sin and lies began.
Mankind still tries to out smart God by disobeying His rules.
No wonder we are called fools.

Chapter 162
A Special Pray For My friend

By misscookie

A Special Pray for my friend

Dear Lord I pray you will bless my friend.
until her cancer treatments end.-
chemo is not her friend
I pray for her amen.
give her strength I pray
with peace, today-
her life is
in your

Chapter 163
Reservations to the pearly gates

By misscookie

Reservations to the pearly gates

You want to make reservations
Because you have places to go and things to do
People are the same all over the nation
your bucket list has to be filled too

Seeing all your children finish school
Can't miss their graduation,or wedding day
That's an unwritten rule.
Seeing your first grandchild You pray.

May God bless you with two or three
Spoiling each one that's what granny's do
Twins run in your family tree
But that's up to Him not you.

It seems your list never ends
Then you got the nerve to tell God
God is a strong branch that can't be bent
Giving Him your pitiful look
With a wink and a nod
"Please put your name on the last page of His book."

It's so funny
Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

Author Notes I was inspired from "Date with Fate." writer unknown this was a contest

Chapter 164
You're always on my mind.

By misscookie

You're always on my mind

The first thing I do
when I open my eyes
I'll give my heavenly Father
thanks for giving me another day.

Then I praise His holy name in prayer
Maybe today I'll just hum
It's been so long since I sung Him a song
Hope I can remember the words.

I know I'm a little off key
Maybe it will make Him laugh
I can imagine Him saying.
"She's such an obedient child."

I did say. "Make a joyful noise."

Author Notes Free style poem
I was inspired from How do we pray? by 9999pool

Chapter 165
My Comfort Comes From My Father

By misscookie

My Comfort comes From My Father

"Due to a brain tumor, Diann was one of those blessed and caring people who went to be with the Lord."
Her sister Melinda next to her, I was on the other the other side of the bed. We laughed and talked about many things especially her return home after surgery.
Diann insisted on me giving up my apartment to move in with her, not knowing this would be our last time together.
With deep emotions and concern she said. "Melinda you and, your family needed to renew their relationship with the lord.
When they do, there would be least stress in her household and a great change in everyone's life."
Melinda said with tears in her eyes."How came you be concern about us?"
"I should be comforting you?"
She replied. "There is no need, she has all the comfort she needs in Gods loving arms.

Author Notes This is a true story.
inspiration from" Nancy Louise Stevens" by Experiencing Liphe

Chapter 166
You Got The Victory!

By misscookie

You Got The Victory!

Now listen gal you got a lot of people in your corner praying for you.
And I know you been doing a lot of praying to.
Now we all done our part, for our faith is strong
You have the victory this you must believe.
It's in God and the doctors hands now my dear.
With Him at your side you can not fail.

Until next time my friend.

Author Notes
AS my grandma use to say "Child you got to pray for yourself. Because some people may not what you to have the victory .
I got my inspiration from "Trip by car" by Robina

Chapter 167
His line is never busy

By misscookie

This is something I do every day except Saturday and Sundays
For those who request it.

From: Miss Cookie
Date: Apr 14, 2014 6:37:54 AM
Subject: W/T... Praises to the Father and sweet Jesus

You can control your life with God's help.

W- The preparations of the heart of many and, the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.. Amen

T- Action begins with prayers.

Stay on praying ground.

He's line is never busy

Last night my two play daughter's took me to the annual fund raising dance. Yes, I did my little two steps with them.
I went to the rest room to take my medication for some strange reason this pill I forgot to chew got large in my throat.
My only thought at this time was "Oh Lord, I need you now. Please don't let me die in this bathroom."
No matter how I tried to pass it or, bring it up it wouldn't move.
This is not good, I'm garbing to bring it up to no avail.
Then I drank water hoping to flush in down again, the pill would not move.
I remember seeing this on TV if this happen and I'm home alone what to do.
( I was not alone for God and Jesus was with me as always) to push my upper area hard on the back of a chair, which I did praise God it popped out.
Thinking my nose was filled with liquid,blowing my nose to my surprise my tissues were filled the bright red blood.
I never heard of anyone having a nose filled with blood at my age seventy-five, I better check this out to see If I should come in even though I felt fine.
On the wall in the bathroom was the word hospital, next to it was a number.
I pray this was not a joke.
Would you believe they had me on hold so long I hung up and, called back they did it again.
That's when I gave to Doctor Jesus and, the chief physician Dr. God.
It's all clear now, my throat a little raw, It's in God and His son hands now and to them I give all the glory. I didn't tell the gals did not want to upset them.
When we arrived home we had prayer thanking God for taking us to and from the dance safely and may His protective arms take them home safe.

Heaven is not ready for me
The devil don't want me
So you are stuck with me a little longer

Author Notes Part of this is a true story April 4, 2014
I call them my Play daughter's because they are Diann
s best friends and they promise her they would take care
of her mother when she is gone. I love them as if they were my very own children.
word count 601

Chapter 168
Fear not The Lord gives us power.

By misscookie

The Lord's power has no boundaries.
He strengthens our faith and gives us confidence that we can accomplish what we set out to do
God will bless you because you're bold enough to want it.

Author Notes This is miss cookie and her boyfriend(the cane) coming from church ,Mothers day 2014

Chapter 169
He was there!

By misscookie

In my youth I wanted to be a nun
tried my best to live by the golden rules
Causing me not to have any friends in school
while tucked in my bed I saw a glow
Jesus was standing at the foot of my bed
His mouth was moving I couldn't hear a word
Silly me being frightened I hid under the covers
fearing the man who gave His life for me
slowly removing the covers hoping to hear his word
My sweet Jesus was gone and I cried why?
I know sweet Jesus, one day we will meet
At troubled and confused times I hear a voice
loud and clear saying "Fear not, neither be discouraged"
Remember these words Jesus can turn water into wine.
But He can't turn your silly whining into anything."

Author Notes Write a 10-15 line free verse poem about a phobia you may have. We all have something that very much frightens us.

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