"Dear Life"

Chapter 1
Dear Smile


Dear Smile   

Have I told you lately how much I miss you?  
I know you have been neglected;
I have almost forgotten about your existence. 
You told me before,  how jealous you become 
when  I can't explain all the reasons why I let your 
enemies come to me. Grief, doubt, anger, sickness 
and much more, they are always unwelcome, 
but love to visit too often. My dear, sometimes I can't help it, 
please don't cry as usual, you know it's a matter of time, 
then I will surely invite you to come back. 
Is it my mistake that I can't turn them away? But
I can never say no, is this weakness? 
I promise to do my best as of now not to let them in. 
I cannot survive without you. People see me and look away, 
cause you're not by my side. Dear smile, please come back.

                   Sincerely yours,

Author Notes Thank you Ladymaggic for your wonderful artwork.
This is a feeling I have had for some time and quickly wrote it down right now.

Chapter 2
Dear Love


Dear Love, 

I always foolishly fall in love with you, 
believing that you are real and true,
never ask myself when blindly overwhelmed 
with my intense feelings, if you are returned.

The need to have you in my life is strong.
If  absent, I'd invent you, though I know it's wrong
I'd dig into my memories, would dream and make-believe
forgetting it's only in my head and how this can deceive.

I know I have a mind , but in that very special case
My longing heartbeats race, leaving hardly any space
For any sense or reason, and yes it is misleading
Yet I could never function, with my emotions pleading,

yearning to give and proudly show, they never ever hide;
always certain of your loyalty, at least from my own side.
Where can I pour you into? I have an overflow.
I need a heart that's big enough, to fill it up so sweet and slow,

with you my sense of being, with you my all, my awe.


Chapter 3
Dear Wall


Dear Wall,

I often wonder about your existence, and how much 
we need you to protect us and grant us privacy.

But I see you with different eyes when I look at the 
buildings around me and peep into some windows.

I find a dim light beside an old lady rocking her chair. 
An endless gaze, while an open album with all those 
pictures, her life, her memories simply rests on her lap.

Then a widower sitting in front of his TV, looking never 
watching, grieving, tears running down his face, hoping
that one of his sons would just pass by for a short visit. 

I look at you standing between them, hate you, wishing 
you were invisible, to give those lonely people a chance 
to talk, tell stories, listen, share, care, love and be loved.

Author Notes Thanks gray horse on for your excellent artwork.
I live in an appartment on my own, my neightbor as well. Sometimes we make fun of ourselves about that wall between us. I imagine him sitting watching TV, while he knows that I am usually sitting at my laptop.

Chapter 4
Dear FanStory


Dear Fanstory,
I just thought of dropping you a  quick line, to explain what you've done to this life of mine.
You've  managed to change my night into day, because of the time difference of friends far away.
I am blamed to have become unsocial because, I prefer staying at home to write poems and prose.
My friends around here don't love you that much, it's because  of you that I got out of touch.
And also my family I heard them complain, 'even when she's with us, far away is her brain.'
Nobody wants to understand my addiction, I feel glued to my computer to read stories and fiction.
I know I have obligations and things to do, but what I like most is just being with you.

Author Notes Thanks a million for the artwork 'typewriter' by ackwiatkowski on
What I have stated here is so true. I keep skipping social events and give any stupid excuse, to stay at home. Any suggestions? Any medicine for my symptoms?

Chapter 5
Dear 'Liking'


Author Note:Can't trust love anymore

Dear "Liking",

If I had a choice, I would prefer to choose you, honestly I would, because I find you more genuine than love. Of course love is very important, what I mean to say is that whenever you are around, you can turn into love. But if I fall in love with someone, this doesn't necessarily mean that you will show up. Imagine if I love someone without liking him, wouldn't that be a disaster?

Knowing the person is not suitable for me, I will still want him. I will stay because of that wonderful thing called love, I cannot let go of the passion, the desire, no matter what. In such a relationship, you will be missing. Closing my eyes tightly, I will try to convince myself that what I can't see will not be there. Or maybe hope that negative will miraculously turn into positive one day, or simply go away, just like that... 

Do I ever question, where on earth it would go? Am I not certain that one day I will have to open my eyes? Till this happens, my heart will already be broken.


For all those reasons, I beg you to be there, if and when I fall in love again.




Author Notes Thanks for the beautiful artwork 'Starting the Journey' by GRAYdrawings from

Chapter 6
Dear Hug


Author Note:How Important is Hugging?

Dear Hug,    

Imagine if you're not around, when... 

two lovers fall madly in love and  kiss,
a brother at an airport meeting his sis, 
children run towards granny with stretched arms
a man is seduced and cannot resist her charms?
the bride and groom are dancing at their wedding,
trying to calm down a baby when tears are shedding,
a soldier comes home at last to reunite with his wife,
trying to comfort a mother when her son loses his life.

So as you can see, only you...

can melt a frozen heart into sweet emotion,
make love grow and flow, filling a whole ocean,
let two souls touch in just one tight embrace,
send rays of  vibrant warmth  to lighten up a face,
manage to give, express and talk without words,
making hearts fly, sing and flutter like birds,
help make a frightened child feel secure,
and for a broken heart you might even find a cure.

Dear hug, don't underestimate yourself, you're a treasure,
a miracle, a wonder, always giving us so much pleasure.


Author Notes A very special thanks to Adriano Batti on for his very beautiful and romantic artwork "Kiss on the Bridge".

Chapter 7
Dear Year


Dear “Year”

 I am trying so hard to figure out, what you were really all about.

Though January seems so far away, December is here and will not stay.

Were you the one that speeded so, or is it me who’s getting too slow?

Whatever it is, you’re now the past, you come and go, you cannot last.

Goodbye my dear, it’s been a pleasure, go rest in peace, no need to measure

How you have been, it will take too long, to deal with what was right or wrong.

Why lose the little energy I need, I’ll better use it to plant a new seed

For a new one arriving, yes you to replace, I guess this you will have to face.

That’s life you see, you should have known, right from the start that you can’t own

The whole world forever and ever, time comes and goes, you can’t beat that, never.                                                                



Chapter 8
Dear Moon


Author Note:Moon, I'm waiting

Dear Moon,
Shining beauty, silver touch, magic that can change so much
to those loving hearts that gaze, you capture them and amaze
so many lovers who long to hear, your silent whispers in their ears,
keeping secrets that you know,  always helping romance  grow.

Moon, dear Moon, 
I am writing to you today, to ask if you have anything to say,
to my empty, lonely heart, you see, I wouldn't dare to start
and ask you for a new romance, and really, really one last chance,
unless I'm absolutely sure, that you’re my last and only cure.

Oh my Moon, 
The power of your silver shine, let it touch me one more time;
whisper all those words that sound, like a miracle so profound. 
I know your kind heart never misses, a wish like mine, sent with kisses.
For your response I'll wait right here, not too long I hope, my dear.


Author Notes Thank you MinoYasue on for this most beautiful artwork.

Chapter 9
Dear Reader


Author Note:Just wondering..Thank you MissGdRnch on the very suitable artwork

Dear Reader,

I never try to write my words with caution
Or else they'd be forced, not my true emotions.

But I'm concerned about how well my words  I can construe.
You see, while I express myself, I sometimes think of you. 

I wonder if I convey exactly what I mean to say  
And if you receive it like that, or in another way.

Each and every one of you is so yourself, so unique, 
You must be also different inside as in physique.

My dearest Reader, 

Maybe I can provoke your dreams and imagination
No need for me to worry, that part is your creation.

But how, dear Reader, do you perceive my word?
It seems I'll never know, so this question seems absurd.

Because no matter how much I think and ponder
There is no way to get into your mind , so I wonder,

If I should forget about you ,dear Reader of mine?
Excuse me , I hear my heart pumping a new line.


Chapter 10
Dear Romance


Author Note:Thanks Carolisa on for your very romantic artwork

Dear Romance,

Long time ago, you were number one on the love list.
Today much fewer hearts even care if you exist.
The only glimpse we get of you, sadly as it seems,
is only in the written word, sometimes in our dreams.

You are misplaced in such a materialistic world,
which lost your delicate touch, your rays of love unfurled.
Amidst those drums so loud, attracting greed, wars and harm,
nobody can hear your heartbeats, or see all your charm.

But some of us still yearn for your light to shine within,
your enchanting way, your bliss, the dream we can live in.
So come romance and dance with our hearts that long for you,
and tell us of your heaven and fairy-tales anew.

We promise if you try, they will get weak in their knees.
Don't give up, try again, come back and forgive us please.


Chapter 11
Dear Mr.Valentine


Author Note:Minimal punctuation.

Dear Mr. Valentine,

We are celebrating Love, and it's thanks to you that

lovers start acting as if they were sick
getting symptoms without knowing the cause
They hallucinate about their feelings
pour them out in poetic rhyme and prose

many minds and eyes are shut completely 
only receptive hearts are open wide
and sanity totally disappears 
as well as wisdom that chooses to hide

heartbeats and sighs can be heard everywhere 
some feel the pain and their tears keep them blind
they lose sense of responsibility 
but excuses they always manage to find

sweet dreams sway to the sound of violins
the gardens are full of blossoming love
magic creates a chain of emotions
beauty around seems like heaven above

Oh, I could go on and on, but I know how you're very busy my dear Valentine
But if you by chance meet a lost and lonely lover, send him to me, let him be mine


Chapter 12
Dear Love Letter


Author Note:Carolisa, I am most thankful for your suitable artwork/ Little punctuation

Dear Love Letter,


I still remember you well; you have shared a large part of my life

My most romantic, magical years, my teens, before knowing strife

I never let you go; you stayed in the green old box, your very own home

Which I often love to visit, then with memories and thoughts I roam


Oh, I still remember the excitement and anticipation , waiting for the postman

Anxiously looking out my window, whenever I heard the sound of the van

I was lucky to receive you dear friend, the whole world smiled at me

I gazed at the stamp as if a masterpiece as well as the handwriting I so longed to see

Can you recall how I opened and unfolded you very carefully though in haste?

And the familiar scent of his cologne took me to a time that couldn't be replaced

I knew, dear letter, how you felt my hand tremble and heard my heart beat
All my secrets were revealed to only you, thank God you were always discreet

I don't want to even think of comparing you with today’s so called 'email' 
As soon as I end this letter, I'll find my green box and in my dreams I'll sail




Chapter 13
Dear 'Memory'


Author Note:No syllable count or meter, only rhyme.

Dear Memory,

We have always been good friends, you and I,
but lately you haven't been true to me, I don't know why.
You come for short visits and even don't like to stay,
I can’t seem to remember having offended you in any way. 

So often you put me in  an embarrassing situation,
like last week while with a friend having a conversation.
I asked if his mother was well, though her funeral I had attended,
why didn't you rescue me, when on you I have always depended?

I scribble notes all day long, just in case,
but you don't bother to tell me where I put them in the first place.
The reminders I write so carefully before a doctor's appointment,
choose to stay home, your mistake but my disappointment.
You are behaving badly, never come on time to help things get done,
forgetting birthdays, anniversaries amongst others is no fun.

I have reached a point where I feel the fear within me growing,
so I am herewith giving you a last chance, yes a final warning.
If you don't start behaving again before, let's say, end of September,
I will unfortunately have to fire you, that is, if I will remember!

                                                                Sincerely yours


Author Notes Thank you wolf6249107 on for this artwork, it too me a while to find something suitable.

I know some of you will relate to my letter! I hope not too many.
What I wrote here, even about my friend's mother, is all true! An MRI showed my brain has not started to shrink, not yet thank God.

Chapter 14
Dear Heart


Author Note:No rhyme or meter, this is a prose poem.

Dear Heart

I had promised you, dear heart of mine,
that the wall I've built carefully around you
would keep you safe
from any new invaders, pain or sorrow.
Haven’t we been through it all and had
enough of it, you and I?

Often I heard you cry, you felt lonely and isolated, 
but at least you were calm. Yes, I know you were empty, 
but I thought after seeing you broken so many times
that you were happier that way.

Suddenly you heard his familiar voice. At once, you knew

he was not an invader, no, he was an owner.
It took you only one heartbeat to push that strong wall aside,

it totally vanished in a second

And there I stood bare in front of him, no wall or weapon,

defenseless. After all these years, I gave in so easily!

Only when he approached slowly did I realize where your

sudden strength came from.
Part of him had never left in the first place, was all along

inside of you, deep, deep within. It waited patiently so many

years for the rest of him to come back.   

Thank you dear, precious friend, because you knew better this time.

I was wrong; I almost locked him outside, when I built this wall.

                                                                       Sincerely yours,



Author Notes Thanks Diamondeyes on for your lovely artwork 'The Heart within'.

Chapter 15
Dear Expectations


Author Note:Very little punctuation. Please read author notes.

Dear Expectations,

You have always played a big role in my life
Rarely caused happiness, but mostly strife

I know it depended where I put you in the first place

You were always unreachable, became a difficult case

Because almost no one could rise as high as you
Too often I was left disappointed, and feeling blue

I used the last step of the ladder, too high, so I fell

No dreams came true, I got hurt and angry like hell


I know it was my fault all those years, I do confess
Now I will try to protect myself from more distress 

Today I face an important decision and I am stressed

I am tired of unmet desires, I really need some rest

It is not giving up on you, now don't get me wrong
I just feel more sensitive, so fragile and not strong

So please don't get angry when I drag you down

Try to understand...oh no, I already see you frown

                                                    Sincerely yours,

Author Notes I realized lately that usually my expectations are too high, so I thought maybe that was a mistake. My new theory (at the moment)is not to expect too much, so that I don't get disappointed and hurt, it is a kind of protective measurement! I hope it works.
Please note, I am not lowering my expectations for good! At the moment I just feel like I don't want to expect anything, so that I can maintain my peace.
Thanks for reading my work.

Chapter 16
Dear Forgiveness


Author Note:Thanks Rafaela King on for this beautiful artwork.

Dear Forgiveness,

You are one of the most difficult friends I have ever known. 
Many steps have to be taken, until I can reach your throne.

At times, I think I have succeeded, but only to discover
I hadn't let go of anger from which I first have to recover.

Without you, all those dreadful feelings will stay the same.
Nothing will cure sore wounds if I still complain and blame.

Through experience, I know you will need patience and time.
I have to be careful not to miss steps, while the ladder I climb.

With you it's all or nothing, you never accept any in-between.
My heart and soul have to be ready, healed, white and clean.

Finally, when I reach you I feel softer, as I learn to let go.
What a relief, oh how I wish I had forgiven long time ago.
I feel I'm reborn and at last released I fly free out of my cage.
There's an empty spot in my heart where I hid anger and rage,
now ready to be filled with blessings I have started to gain.

Forgiveness, please stay, so that my life with love you may reign.


                                                                                            Sincerely yours

Chapter 17
Dear Melancholy,


Author Note:inner rhyme... Thank you Clyde B. on FanArtReview for your excellent artwork

Dear Melancholy, 

nto my dreams you seem to creep, as the moment I wake up from my sleep,
I already sense you within my sphere, haunting me, wishing to stay right here.
How will I get you out of my way, dragging a bag filled with a heavy day?

You love to be on top of my list, making sure all my 'to do' chores are missed.
The only one you let me tick, is blank, says nothing, as you make me feel sick.
I postpone most of the things I can, while you let nothing go according to plan.

I choose green as I usually do, you insist to paint with your favorite color blue.
I look at the ringing phone with dismay, TV shows nothing new, all seems grey.
Why does the melody of that song, seem different today, almost sounds wrong?

Time is crawling, you make the day endless, everything I start doing seems senseless.
I am so bored of that stretched afternoon. Has the sun set yet? Will you leave soon?

I gaze at the rain counting drop by drop; I keep looking at my watch, why did it stop?

As of today, I will find a way, to fight visitors like you and keep them away. Your game I'll refuse to play.


                                                                                   Sincerely yours.

Author Notes "Dear Melancholy" doesn't sound right!! But it is the theme of my book, always starting with "Dear...", in the form of a letter.

Chapter 18
Dear Lord


Author Note:God, I still have some questions...


Dear Lord, 

Remember fifteen years ago on this very same day
when You suddenly decided to take my husband away?
He was only fifty-one then, our kids both in their teens; 
I asked You why now, why him, and, what that means?

Did You choose him, so he can later on meet our son?
Dividing our family equally in two, so that 
no one
is left on his own, 'till one day maybe we re-unite?
Many questions in mind including 'maybe' and 'might'.
Only You knew the future and what it held for me.
Were You preparing me to look at life differently?
Your plan has succeeded, because I have changed.
My priorities in life have all been rearranged.

It took me years to open up my heart, for You to pour 
the warm flow of peace I never knew existed before.
To my questions, I find comforting answers, placed
within Your blessings, helping all doubts to be erased.

                                                    Thank You Lord                 
                                                     Sincerely yours,


Author Notes Thank you Skittratt for the beautiful artwork.
These are some of the many questions that came to my mind, after losing my husband and then 2 years later my son. I couldn't help but connect both losses together, trying to understand if that was a message and what it was telling me, what did He mean by all what had happened. Only when I came closer to God did I start to find some of the answers and getting to terms with my tragedies. But I still sometimes have questions and will wait for the answers patiently.
I thank God for having a daughter and three beautiful grandchildren.

Chapter 19
Dear Willpower,


Author Note:Thanks Vision of my own for the great atrwork called

Dear Willpower,


I have always admired you, but never got to know you well enough;

trying to befriend you failed, I found it almost impossible, quite tough.


Your name came up during a conversation with my daughter the other day;

we tried to find a quick and easy way to find you and convince you to stay.


But I know, without an effort on my part, I will never reach my aim;

I have to be willing and have the power, well, isn’t that your name?


Please don’t let my weakness drive you away and do give me a chance;

And I promise I will get stronger, can’t stay where I am, I have to advance.


Important decisions are to be taken, no doubt I need your assistance;

so dear friend don’t keep distant, I can’t manage without your existence.


Willpower, do forgive me, I have neglected you for such a long time;

Don't take too long, come to give me strength so I can reach my prime.

                                                          Sincerely yours,


Author Notes Haven't written a chapter/letter in my book for a long time. Hope you like it and thanks for reading. Pupa

Chapter 20
Dear Indifference


Author Note:Thank you Mino Yasue

Dear Indifference

The day I wake up and find you lying beside me, smiling with glee,
I hope and pray you set me free, but you never hear my plea.
The moment you appear, enthusiasm disappears out of fear;
you persevere and make it clear, how much you relax in my sphere.

Life is neither white nor black, days hate me, and turn their back; 
interest is gone without track, on my face I feel melancholy's smack.
The sun is playing hide and seek, clouds make daylight dark and bleak;
nothing is ever special or unique, my willpower always gets weak.

It doesn't matter if it's day or night, or if something is wrong or right;
as hope is always out of sight, no need to make an effort or fight.
I choose following instead of leading; my mind refuses any reasoning,
the salt and pepper are receding, as slow hours lack their seasoning.

My heart and body feel dead, I don't use the knowledge inside my head;
No interest to hear whatever is said, and nothing for me to look ahead.

Indifference, no more will you dare to grin, as you won't be allowed in; 
I will learn to be strong from within, and never give you a chance to win.

                                                                               Sincerely yours,

Chapter 21
Dear Soul


Author Note:Thank you channeled, for the artwork

Dear Soul,

I never thought I would write to you one day, I must admit,

for I knew not much about you, in fact just a tiny little bit,

until one day my heart read his poem and got tenderly hit. 

I felt his words taking a journey through my body passionately,
first my mind then waking all my wits and senses rapidly, 

stopping at my heart, resting there a while, ever so soothingly.

I was surprised the journey continued, sinking deeper by the word,
declaring a new zone has been explored when suddenly stirred;

that zone was you, dear Soul, a place of which I’ve only heard.

Only now I realize, how together, love, body and you, my soul
with God's blessings can lead me with harmony to the right goal,

I'm glad I've found you friend, for at last you made me whole.


Chapter 22
(Dear) Embarrassment


(Dear) Embarrassment,

The other day, you showed up and got me in trouble, you were so mean;
I caught you standing right beside me ,enjoying the whole embarrassing scene.

About to leave, I borrowed a pen from my brother, and then followed him

to his car, as I stretched my hand to return the pen, you filled me to the brim.

I wanted to slip the pen right back into the upper pocket of his striped shirt,
that’s when I heard your wicked giggles, Embarrassment, and it surely hurt.

Shocked, I found no upper pocket, no striped shirt, in fact not even my brother ,

I wished I could vanish somehow, as your trick was worse than any other.


There I was, staring into a total stranger’s eyes, standing so close, too close;
my stretched hand froze in place, undoubtedly one you maliciously chose.
He stared at me with a question mark on this face, needing an explanation,

at least I knew the whole story, but how could he figure out the situation?


I felt you dancing around me, while I was explaining to him my silly act;

I felt how I was blushing, you kept singing, having absolutely no shame or tact.

I crossed the road to the identical car, this time it was my brother’s;

he tried hard to hide his smile, I looked around to find, so did all the others.


                                                                                       Most furiously


Author Notes This is unfortunately one of the most embarrassing moments I got myself into last summer.
Thank you desiluvs for your artwork.

Chapter 23
Dear Storm


Dear Storm,


After I’ve managed

to collect shattered pieces of my heart,

like a puzzle, return them in place;

sew all the loose ends of my nerves together,

put my foot on the first steps and chase

my so long desired path to inner peace,

my dear unwelcome storm, do you really think

you can simply blow and show your face?


I won’t let you manage

to be in charge, for I will not bend my head,

or hide and wait until you finally pass by.

You see, I am back on my own two feet again,

so have the courage to look me right into the eye.

I worked skillfully to reach comfort and good shape;

you bluster but can’t destroy what I have re-built;

now I will stand up to you, smile, and wave goodbye.


                                                     Sincerely yours,




Author Notes The storm is a metaphor for my ex-husband. He lives in the US, never showed up for more than 4 years, until he did this month!! He still wants to consider himself my husband.
It is a long story, so please accept this part of it until further notice! LOL

Thank you belgrano for your "Stormy Day" artwork.

Chapter 24
Dear Forever


Dear Forever,


When I was young, I blindly believed you existed.

Marriage asked us to stay ‘until death do us part’.

But even shortly before my husband’s sudden death,

Things went wrong, love already had died in my heart.


Oooh, that undying love of my second marriage,

I saw you dancing around with sweet promises.

Dear Forever, how I had hopes and believed in you,

until there were no more hugs and no more kisses.


Show me now, vanishing friend, how I should trust

words of a man , promising me love and security.

Should I ignore doubt with a heart filled with fear,

when the man I love swears by your fidelity?


My heart believes him, and though you have failed me until today,

I’m on my knees, for heaven’s sake, I’m begging you this time to stay.


                                                           Sincerely yours,


Author Notes It is always difficult to learn how to trust again, after experiencing failing marriages and relationships. Doubt and fear seem to increase with age...we should get wiser, even in matters of the heart, or should I say 'especially' when it comes to matters of the heart?

Thank you Janrique, for that special picture.

Chapter 25
Dear Faith


Dear Faith,

When I was still young at age, I thought, that for you,

attending Sunday church was all I had to do.

Little did I know about that inner struggle,

when the tricky devil played his game of juggle.

Defenselessly tempted, it was easy to fall,

drowning in sin, I never heard your rescue call.

It took me time to realize we were apart;

when I did, you  hurried that combat to its start.

While I was viciously fighting the enemy,

it was so much harder than I thought it would be.

But the seed of that weapon granted from above,

was  born with me, it is that miracle called Love.

While watering it for me, my dear, sincere  Friend,

enlightenment within gave me strength to defend.

Perspectives, priorities and my whole world changed,

when I won that beastly war, a new life I’ve gained.

I thank you, dear Faith, to you I owe those feelings

of contentment, gratitude, patience in dealings

I appreciate all I have, give and forgive,

peace surrounds me, ever since it’s with you I live .

       Sincerely yours,



Author Notes 12 syllable count
aabb rhyme

Thank you Harleycowgirl for your artwork 'Angel of Faith'.

Chapter 26
Dear Son


Dear Son,


So proudly, I looked at you that day, a tall and handsome young man;

beside you the girl of your dreams, everything went according to plan.


Then in my mind’s eye I could glimpse further, giving way to my imagination;

I held your cute baby in my arms, and felt that closeness, oh, what an elation.

My dream was abruptly interrupted, when a gentle hand on my shoulder 

grabbed me back to that gloomy truth, I shivered, suddenly I felt colder.


It just felt like a dream come true, so I am not writing because we're apart;

I thought I’d share that moment with you, forever you’ll live on inside my heart.


You would’ve been thirty-three today, but too soon, your new life had begun;

I am still imprisoned while you are free; rest in peace my sweet beloved son.


                                                                                        Your loving Mom



Author Notes Ten days ago, I attended the wedding of my son's cousin. For a few moments, I truly imagined what I have written above.
Today is Shaheer's birthday; he died at the age of 19.

Chapter 27
Dear Self


Dear Self,


I wonder where you have been lately,

all I know is that I am missing you greatly.

Sending you away, letting you go to others,

trying to help too many sisters and brothers,
it was a mistake, to forget where you belong,

I was foolish, so sorry, I have done you wrong.


But listen, today I have good news,

there will be no more confusion or abuse.

At last I’ve decided to travel on my own,

choosing deliberately a brand new zone.

Searching for you will not be easy or effortless, 
once I find you, I promise you love and finesse.


Never again will you feel ignored or shoddy,

you see, without you I’m simply nobody.

I will pamper you, no more will you cry,

we will stay together forever, me, you and I.




Author Notes I am really going on vacation end of this month. The feeling of looking for "Myself" keeps haunting me, as if I am going on a mission to find her.

'Me, You and I' should have been 'Me, Myself and I' but this cannot workd here, as I am writing to Myself!!LOL

Thank you Mino Yasue for the use of one of your unique artworks

Chapter 28
Dear Mood


Dear Mood,


With my first sip of coffee, I find you sitting beside me, insisting to stay,

thinking deviously in which direction you would like to push me today.

You decide to make it either delightful, bright or rather rainy and grey;

I try to take hold of you, to dominate, and for a change have my say,

sadly I find myself weak, helpless, so I bow to you and foolishly obey.


At times, your temper swings me violently between tears and joy,

I totally lose control, when you play and kick me around, as if I was your toy.


I have to admit, you are sometimes kind enough to cheer me up, let me reach the sky,

but the moment you reveal your nasty face, you get me so depressed, I start to cry,

you pull me into the deepest depth and make me so miserable, ‘til I sometimes wish to die.


I have to stop your shameless, negative visits and your strength that pulls me down,

positive thinking and working on my willpower is what can kick you out of my town.


You see, it is I who should always have power over you; from now on I will wear the crown.

                                                                          Sincerely yours,

Author Notes Thank you Katy for this very expressive artwork.

Chapter 29
Dear Chains


Dear Chains, 


I stop to look, find nothing around my feet,

 still feel your dreadful sensation.

Are you of my own mind’s creation?


To take a few steps is becoming arduous

when I drag you, heavy chains,

along with the rest of my pains.


Oh, how I wish I could get rid of you all,

take off your loads of deep blues.

as I do with agonizing shoes.


If I caused you to be, my strength of mind

will manage to craft a brand new key,

to unlock and set my feet free.


Then bare foot I will leap and run again,

to proclaim my control tower

and regain my lost willpower.


                      Sincerely yours,



Author Notes We do it to ourselves... much too often.
I am trying to remind myself to look closely and find out, if I am the one causing myself trouble and what I can do about it. Not easy, but having reached sixty, what is the use of getting older without getting wiser?? LOL!

Thank you MoonWillow, for the use of your charming artwork.

Chapter 30
Dear God


Dear God,


I am only human, You see;

So let me cry out my heart again;

Unwilling to surrender, I fall on my knee.


One bright and sunny day

You blessed me with a precious gift;

Nineteen years later, You took him away.


Is it a test I am going through?

Or maybe a punishment for my sins?

Why can’t I understand your point of view?


It is when I accept Your will


That I sense peace and can surrender;

But on days when my faith needs a refill,


I cry out:


                               Sincerely Yours,




Author Notes A silent scream out of a mother's heart.
My son was born on the 16th of August 1976.

Chapter 31
Dear beloved Egypt


 Dear beloved Egypt,
Words hurting deep down, scratching my very core,

too heavy to surface and be written, better to ignore;
cruel, frightening, vicious, unexplainable,
how I wish they would vanish or be erasable.

Other words are filled with cautious hopes and dreams,
trying hard to keep them sheltered from brutal regimes.
Forgive me, beloved Country, hidden inside my restess soul,
you have got to wait until I regain my spirit and self-control.
By then my pen will dig deep down to find each verb and noun,
bind them together to reward you with a brand new crown.
Let's both pray for peace to fill the air,
don't worry dear Egypt, it's hard  but we're almost there.
                                            Sincerely yours,

Author Notes As I haven't been capable of writing lately, in fact this year!, I re-posted two of my previous writings about Egypt yesterday morning. Reading through them made me feel how much I have missed my pen.

I realized I haven't thanked my fellow writers who kindly reviewed my work at the end of last year! Please forgive me and THANK YOU...better late than never.

Thank you CrazyPhotoChick for the use of your lovely picture.

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