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The topic for this poetry contest is: Poem in Gertrude meter.

I first heard this wonderful, rolling rhythm in kiwisteveh's "Grampus Saves the World". I've since learned that the meter is similar to that of Poe's "The Raven". I've written two poems using it, including "Fear" and "Oops!". Since no official name exists for it, I named it Gertrude form, thanks to a suggestion by CrystieCookie999, who didn't know of a name for it, but said she hoped that it was NOT called Gertrude. So, of course, being the rebel I am, I named it Gertrude. :)

The rhythm goes like this, with da being unaccented and DUM being an accented syllable. The letters A, B, C show the rhyme pattern in one stanza.

da da DUM da da da DUM da (A)
da da DUM da da da DUM da (A)
da da DUM da da da DUM da da da DUM (B)
da da DUM da da da DUM da (C)
da da DUM da da da DUM da (C)
da da DUM da da da DUM da da da DUM (B)

The last da blends with the first two da's of the next line to keep the pattern of three da's together to make a total of six groups of da da da in every three lines.

Here is my 3-stanza poem "Fear" that uses this meter.
NOTE: Pronounce "our" as "ow-er", even tho it's technically one syllable.

by Phyllis Stewart

I am having palpitations
'cause of awful expectations,
for I fear that something evil is about.
I am worried and I'm quaking
with considerable shaking;
there is danger lurking near without a doubt.

If I venture from my cover
I'm afraid I may discover
that it's waiting for me somewhere in the dark,
but I'll check with trepidation
for I'm needing confirmation,
so I'm getting myself ready to embark.

If you find that I've gone missing,
just enjoy some reminiscing
on the fun we shared together on this site
and remember with affection
our poetry connection
and the laughter and the love we shared each night.

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Deadline: Contest is closed. Deadline was Wednesday, July 31, 2013.

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Created by Phyllis Stewart
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    Must be in Gertrude form and at least 12 lines long. Meter and rhyme pattern per stanza shown.

    da da DUM da da da DUM da (A)
    da da DUM da da da DUM da (A)
    da da DUM da da da DUM da da da DUM (B)
    da da DUM da da da DUM da (C)
    da da DUM da da da DUM da (C)
    da da DUM da da da DUM da da da DUM (B)

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Deadline: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.

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