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This contest is only open to those who have never won a contest on FanStory. Write a minute poem stating why you should be awarded a free seat in the Introduction to Metre Class starting on November 15th. The poem does not need to be metrical. The winner will win the cash prize and will also be awarded a free seat in the class. Second and third places will be treated as 'reserves' in case the winner is not able to accept the class seat (but the winner will still get the cash prize).

Here is an example of a minute poem that takes no account of metre.

An Unmetered Minute by Pantygynt

Is this compliant for this contest?
Its rhyme passed test,
rhyme scheme on view,
syllables too.

Eight, four, four, four!
Count up the score,
then check each line
for couplet rhyme.

Do not worry over metre.
To complete her,
class will cater
for that later.

This is a Winless contest. Only authors that have never won first place may enter.

The winner takes away a $100 cash prize. All writers will receive feedback for their submission.

Deadline: Contest is closed. Deadline was Thursday, November 10, 2022.

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