Seven Deadly Writers

There are only seven spots in this contest - filled on a first-come, first-served basis - only one writer for each of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Write a scene (between 500-750 words) that shows your character in a story scene performing a deadly sin from the table below.

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Writing Rules:
- Write a scene only - beginning, middle, and end are NOT required.
- Do NOT use the word in your entry, i.e., no noun "greed" or adjective "greedy."
- Your title must match the title of your sin - one word, i.e., Gluttony.
- The scene must show a character in the act of his or her sin.
- No prologues or scene setups. No scene related verbiage in author notes.
- Use simple black font on default background (grey).
- No art or sound allowed.
- Entries must be fiction.
- No poetry.
- Warn your readers of violence, language, sex, etc.
- Judges will be asked to vote on the merits of "showing" and not "telling."
- The contest designer will not enter unless a spot is open on due date minus five days.
- Write your FS word count in the author's notes.
- Your entry can be from any category - horror, romance, humor, satire. It is your sin.

This is a first-come, first-served contest. Once a sin is taken, another author cannot use it in this contest.

Steps to enter this contest:
Step 1: Look at the message threads on the bottom to see which sins are reserved.
Step 2: Decide which of the remaining seven sins to use in your scene.
Step 3: Reserve a contest entry spot (this is a requirement to claim your sin).
Note: Choose wisely, you are spending 10 deadly member dollars.
Note: You can create a story and set Preview to Yes. Release before the deadline.
Step 4: Create a New Thread (at the bottom) with your chosen sin as the title.
Note: The date and time on the thread will be used to break ties.
Step 5: Write your scene. Your entry must be a one-word title - the name of your sin.
Note: No art. No audio. Entries are judged on the merits of the writing.

Big note: You are not entered in the contest until you reserve a spot and are the first to have named it (claimed it) in the threads at the bottom of this page.

Minimum length 500 words. Maximum Length 750 words.

The contest winner will win the full prize pool. This is a winner take all contest. In this contest at least 2 submissions must be made for the vote to begin.

Deadline: Contest Is Closed.

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Created by Dan Diego
Monitored by the Contest Entry Compliance Committee. This contest has ended. But there are over 50 other contests that you can enter. Click here to view our contest listing. Please click here to view the results of this contest.

All contest entries will be reviewed by the Contest Entry Compliance Committee. The committee will read all entries to ensure that the contest rules are being followed. If your entry is disqualified you will not be refunded the entry fees. The committee will review the entries when the deadline is reached. The voting will begin after the committee determines that all entries qualify and disqualify those that do not. This contest is open to all members. Past contest winners can join the contest. A voting booth will be created shortly after the deadline is reached. At that time all participants will be contacted so they can vote.

The voting booth will include this summary of the contest:

    Is the scene between 500 and 750 words and listed in the author notes?
    Does the writer "show" the character sinning as opposed to "telling" about it?
    Can you imagine this scene as part of a larger story?
    Could you have identified the sin without the benefit of the title?

This contest is full. There are no reserved spots remaining. There are a limited number of entries. A vote by writers will determine the winner. The decision is final. All members that submit a work are encouraged to vote. One entry per person. New entries to the site only. If you already posted a work on that work is not eligible for a contest.

Click the link above to submit your entry. Members with reservations can use the link provided in their contest profile. Members may not request votes, mention contest entries, or notify potential voters of the vote by private message or other means as specified in the contest terms. The site automatically checks for this form of communication. A break in the contest terms will result in the cancellation of the account. This contest is full.

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Contest Entries

Author Name Submission Status
beizanten Position Reserved
Neonewman Position Reserved
humpwhistle Entered Sloth
rockinm76233 Entered Greed
F. Wehr3 Entered Pride
Sharon Meda Entered Envy
Ulla Position Reserved