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Showing vs. Telling

Instructor: Stacia Ann (Stacia Ann)

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Start Date: Monday, November 7th, 2016
Duration: Four Weeks
Class Size: 7 Students
Seats Left: 5

Course Goals
1. Defining what is meant by "show" and "tell"
2. Examining differences between showing and telling thorough model, award-winning short stories.
3. Writing assignments with practice showing and telling that culminate in the completion of one short story
4. Class real-time chats with the instructor and other students to enhance understanding of course content
Important Notes:
1. The instructor will provide links to all (free, online) course materials for the students. No extra costs will be incurred by students.
2. Assignment due dates are "suggested" rather than "required." Getting assignments in as close to the due dates as possible will probably result in the best class experience, but students may complete work at their own pace, and the instructor typically carries the course on beyond the official end date as necessary.
3. All class assignments are accessible online twenty-four hours a day.
4. Classroom chats are in "real time," during which class members meet at a prescheduled time. Participation is heavily encouraged, and the instructor makes every effort to accommodate everyone's schedule. Transcripts of every chat are posted. In addition, discussion threads are also posted for students to read and leave comments on as an alternate.

Course Schedule:
Week 1
Course overview and introductions
Define "show" and "tell"
Reading: Story 1. Analyze for examples of "showing" and "telling."
Writing: beginning and/or outline of your story. Consider where to show and where to tell.
Chats to discuss assignments.

Week 2
Objectives: Focus on telling through a strong narrative voice, backstory, and narrator observations.
Reading: Story 2. Identify how the writer uses "telling," successfully or unsuccessfully.
Writing: continued writing of your story. Focus on "telling."
Chats to discuss assignments.

Week 3
Objectives: Focus on "showing" through plot complications as well as character dialogue and actions.
Reading: Story 3. Identify where the author has used showing, how successful it is, and if it might be better told. Note strategies of showing.
Writing: Continued work on your own story. Identify places where you have told, and if it might be better shown. Work on showing the reader your characters and action.
Chats to discuss assignments.

Week 4
Final analysis of showing and telling. Finishing and revising work.
Reading: Story 4. Analyze use of show and tell and how the story might be improved, if at all.
Writing: Continued progress on/completion of story.
Chats to discuss assignments.
I continue the course beyond the deadline according to student need. I have an open invitation for past students to email me their work for extensive critique at and in general seek mentorship such that I can offer.

Instructor: Stacia Ann

About The Instructor: Stacia Ann is an Linguistics Lecturer and Writing Instructor at the University of California. She has a doctorate of Education, Master's of Art in English/TESOL. This instructor has taught writing classes for over ten years. She also teaches academic writing and English as a Second Language at the University of the Pacific. A published author including works of short fiction and academic nonfiction including contest winning stories.

Only $99.00
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