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Premier Shield

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Easily save your writing here on FanStory to your computer. This is an add-on to your Premier Membership that does not have an expiration date.

Save To Your Computer. Your upgrade includes back up service for your posted writing. Take anything you wrote on FanStory and save it to your computer where you can edit it. It will be formatted on your computer as you have it posted here on FanStory including images and formatting. A single post or an entire book can be downloaded with one click. This button (that only you can see) will be added to your portfolio and writing.

Always Available. This feature does not expire. Your writing will always be available and backed up here at FanStory. If a payment is missed your writing will remain available to you. If your account is unpaid, the ability to post will no longer be active, but your writing will be available to you. In addition, your registered copyright will remain intact.

One Time Fee There isn't a monthly or yearly charge. It's a one time charge so you don't have to worry about missing a payment and losing your writing. If your computer crashes five to ten years from now your writing on FanStory will still be available to you.

Eternal Flame. BONUS! We are including our Eternal Flame upgrade! If FanStory is contacted by a family member we will "light" the Eternal Flame for the account. This special status shows that the author is no longer with us but the writing will continue be available to be read. Example.

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A book by our Michael Hogan

Sebastian and the Invisible Island tells the tale of a young boy stranded on a mysterious island where his only hope for rescue lies in feuding extraterrestrials who also yearn for home.

“This is a great book to enjoy between parent and preteens or younger. It drew us with its intriguing tropical island setting, heroics and strange goings on.” -Sally

“Excellent reading material for the age group. A breath of fresh air for young people in an area that is growing darker.” –Robert

Available in Kindle ($2.99) and paperback ($9.97).

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