It's Going To Be Great!

Happy New Year!

The new year is always an exciting time at FanStory! But this year is different. Not only do the 2020 rankings begin, it's also our 20th Anniversary Celebration! That's right it's our 20th year. But first, congratulations to the top ranked writers of 2019! We will be announcing the top finishers soon and will be providing the winning trophies.

Let The Contests Begin!

20 Years! It's hard to believe. Being in a position to host such a great site made up of such terrific people has been such a wonderful experience! Thank you for your creativity, help to your fellow writers and for your support of FanStory. So how are we going to celebrate 20 years? Our goal is to have a record number of writing contests this year with cash prizes! And you can help us with that goal. We are challenging you to create writing contests with a "20" theme. If your contest gets 18 reservations or more we may run it again with a cash prize! The catch is it must somehow have a "20" theme. For example, we created a 20 Word Poem contest, 20 Syllable Poem, 20 Line Poem contests and a Twenty Short Story contest. Create your own unique "20 related" contest! You can see all the contests available so far for 2020 here.

Let The 2020 Rankings Begin!

The rankings have begun! Everyone begins with no rank. The writers that are in first place at the end of the year will win our biggest contest! For the 2020 rankings we will be providing free trophies for the top ten poets. Trophies will also go out to the top five short story writers, novelists and script writers. Good luck!

Let The 2020 All Time Best Rankings Begin!

For the first full year we will be ranking all posts that have reached the All Time Best status. So once you have 26 reviews, and have received the All Time Best status, you can continue to promote your favorite post to see how high in the rankings it will go! And congratulations to the authors with the 2019 All Time best ranked posts. Those posts will now always have that rank. Keep in mind that both rankings will be very "up and down" for the first quarter of the year as new posts and authors join the ranks.

The Committees

A special thanks to the committee members! They are the such an important part of FanStory. They judge the contests, check the eligibility of contest entries, welcome new members, recognize writers and choose the winners each month in the reviewing contest. Their dedication is greatly appreciated.

And, again, thank you! FanStory is here because of you. Your support is appreciated! Have a great 2020! The celebration begins!

Tom Ens

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