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Writing Classes

Education is an important part of a writer's career. That is why offers classes for adult writers of all skill levels. Take a class online from your computer. Participate while in the comfort of your home or office. Click on the title of the class below to find out more about the class. Four week classes are only $99.00.


Showing vs. Telling

Writers are often told "Show, don't tell." But what exactly does that mean? When you are writing a story, aren't you in fact "telling" thorough a narrator?

All stories contain a balance of showing and telling. The trick is in what to show and what to tell. In this class, taught by award-winning fiction writer Stacia Levy, we'll learn what to show and what to tell.

We'll accomplish this overarching course goal of learning what to show and what to tell through the four main course goals.
Starts: November 7th
Seats Left: 5 seats.

Haiku 101

Writing haiku is an art and it's more intricate than some people may think; however, it's not hard to learn and it's fun!

In this class, you will learn the basic rules of writing haiku and, hopefully, develop an appreciation for its beauty. Haiku is one of the older types of poetry. It was created in the 17th century.

The class will be interactive with students participating in classroom discussions as well as reading and reviewing each other's homework. It is through this process that students learn best. I will be available to all my students via fanstory private messages and my private email.
Starts: November 27th
Seats Left: 6 seats.

Our classes provide an excellent way to further develop your skills.

  • Small Classes. Our classes are small and designed to give you one on one instruction while you complete assignments on your own time and work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

  • Online Classrooms. All of the courses operate in our unique online classrooms. Your classroom offers you a location to meet with your instructor, read and enter assignments, and ask questions.

  • Expert Review. Experienced instructors offer private review and detailed help. In addition, classes give you the ability to share your work with your classroom peers as well as the entire writing community.

  • Great Value. Four week classes are only $99.00. Compare and you will find that classes online elsewhere are hundreds more and do not offer the small classroom size, personal attention, and benefits provided by being a school that is part of
    Free Writer Membership. Provided with your class is a free two month membership to the writing community. This bonus gives you the ability to share share your writing with the community while participating in your classroom. Get feedback for everything you write, join free writing contests, and get motivated. Details on your free membership for writers. writing courses provide adults with an opportunity to take classes online with experienced instructors.

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