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Writing Classes

Education is an important part of a writer's career. That is why FanStory.com offers classes for adult writers of all skill levels. Take a class online from your computer. Participate while in the comfort of your home or office. Click on the title of the class below to find out more about the class. Four week classes are only $99.00.


Writing Backstory

Many stories bog down in the characters' pasts and spend more time in the past than moving the current story forward. On the other hand, sometimes not enough backstory is included, and the reader know little about how the characters got to where they are. In this class, learn what elements of backstory, those details of the main characters' past related to the current story, are relevant and important to include and what to leave out. Other topics discussed are at what point in time to begin the story, where and how much backstory should be included, and strategies for writing backstory. Each week will be centered on model readings, writing assignments, and live chats related to both the reading and writing.
Starts: In 6 Days
Seats Left: 6 seats.

Advanced Blank Verse 401

This class is designed for students who have completed the beginning blank verse classes--BV 101 or BV 102 or who have a proficiency in writing in iambic pentameter and blank verse. The class will focus on 1) advanced blank verse techniques utilizing metrical variations, 2) effectively dealing with proximate rhyme, and 3) incorporating 'rubato' in writing.
Starts: April 12th
Seats Left: 5 seats.

Children's Poetry

Ask people to identify their favorite poems and many will name poetry they fell in love with as children.
Whether you want to write for your own children and grandchildren or break into the children's market, this course will allow you to explore how to instill in children a love for poetry.
Starts: April 13th
Seats Left: 7 seats.

Story Poems

In this class we will read a variety of famous story poems, from The Highwayman to The Charge of the Light Brigade to Casey at the Bat. While reading these classics, we will analyze what makes a good, memorable, entertaining story in poetic form as students each work on writing their own story poem. By the end of the class you will have composed at least one story poem you would be pleased to share with others.
Starts: April 13th
Seats Left: 7 seats.

Poetry Tutorial

This is your chance to explore whatever poetic forms you have a desire to learn about and experiment with. You can sign up as an individual for a directed study, or you can find a couple of friends to sign up with you as a study group. If you want to study syllable count forms like the nonet or if you want to work with more advanced poetic forms like the rondeau redouble, you name it and we'll work on it together. What I don't know I will research.
Starts: April 14th
Seats Left: 6 seats.

Grammar Tips (SPAG)

This is your chance to conquer the dreaded comma, unlock the mysteries of the apostrophe and figure out once and for all when to use "lie" instead of "lay." Every discussion will feature easy-to-follow examples, and assignments will provide a chance to practice and receive individual feedback.
Starts: April 14th
Seats Left: 6 seats.

Sonnets and Other Forms

This course is for students who have taken the basic meter and rhyme course or those who feel comfortable enough with meter and rhyme to explore
specific forms, such as the sonnet, quatern, pantoum and rondeau.
Starts: April 14th
Seats Left: 7 seats.

Our classes provide an excellent way to further develop your skills.

  • Small Classes. Our classes are small and designed to give you one on one instruction while you complete assignments on your own time and work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

  • Online Classrooms. All of the courses operate in our unique online classrooms. Your classroom offers you a location to meet with your instructor, read and enter assignments, and ask questions.

  • Expert Review. Experienced instructors offer private review and detailed help. In addition, classes give you the ability to share your work with your classroom peers as well as the entire FanStory.com writing community.

  • Great Value. Four week classes are only $99.00. Compare and you will find that classes online elsewhere are hundreds more and do not offer the small classroom size, personal attention, and benefits provided by being a school that is part of FanStory.com.
    Free Writer Membership. Provided with your class is a free two month membership to the FanStory.com writing community. This bonus gives you the ability to share share your writing with the community while participating in your classroom. Get feedback for everything you write, join free writing contests, and get motivated. Details on your free membership for writers.

FanStory.com writing courses provide adults with an opportunity to take classes online with experienced instructors.

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