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12 votes First Daffodil by Jan26
9 votes Sheep Follow by michaelcahill
9 votes Told 'Ya by Jannypan (Jan)
7 votes Mousy Mischief by susanjohn
5 votes Fear of loneliness by Blue Hendrix
3 votes Night by HarryT
2 votes Pipe dreams by rjuselius
2 votes The End Is Near by Ogden
1 Vote Shoes by Deb Kincaid
1 Vote No More War by joycetreasures
No Votes Toodles! by Roxanne Barbour

Comments For Sheep Follow by michaelcahill

Hard to believe the truth is so elusive to so many.

Some exceptional entries. I give this the nod for its added depth in so few words.

Comments For Told 'Ya by Jannypan (Jan)


This was just a really fun entry

In one word--'AWESOME'! JF

Comments For Mousy Mischief by susanjohn

Unusual and funny, based on a delightful photo.

Mousy Mischief!
Now, that's creativity, and ohhh so cute in imagery, with a beeeautiful presentation for mind's-eye appeal.

Comments For Fear of loneliness by Blue Hendrix

This one really grabbed at my heart.

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Feline Dream
5-7-5 The cat's meow.