Comments For Hope Above Doubt by Jan26

beautiful presentation with awesome word choices

Comments For Crime in Bits and Pieces by Mrs. KT

Because 8 words to capture the "Long Goodbye" of Alzheimer's so effectively deserves my vote.

Comments For Results! (Long as they Self-Serve) by michaelcahill

Timely, indeed!

The unfortunate state of things today in a nutshell.

Comments For To Pray by Harry Smith

My most favorite becuse prayer is the key and without it we won't succeed in life I love the silhouette and the Bold yellow color background that emphasizes the silhouette

Comments For Foreplay by Michael Steinert


What a twist. I?d suggest you read the notes

A book by our feinerthoughts

The King's Crown Is Upside Down, by Fanstory's Robin Feiner, is a children's picture book for ages 7 and up.

Delightfully told in rhyming verse, this story features a young hero (Sophie) who encourages a self-conscious king to show himself even though he is different. Sensitive and silly, this vibrantly illustrated tale will show readers that when we embrace diversity and difference, we open up a world of friendship and possibilities.

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A book by our own barbara.wilkey.

Paige Swanson inherits her aunt's mansion and moves to Savannah, Georgia. There she meets Cash Wilkins, the architect hired to restore the home to its full glory, and Bradley, the resident ghost - a Confederate soldier killed in the Battle of Chickamauga.

Locals believe Civil War treasure's hidden in the mansion. Paige's new home becomes a target for thieves. Both Cash and Bradley vie to protect her. Who will succeed? Will Paige find an even greater treasure; romance with Cash?

This novel weaves a tale of romance, history, and ghostly mystery that keeps readers enthralled from the first page to the last. Buy It On Amazon
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