Comments For Van Gogh Clouds by lyenochka


Wonderful imagery

Comments For Imbalance of Nature by michaelcahill

The lowliest of creatures treats the earth with reverance, we ravage it. Perfectly depicted.

Powerful and striking imagery.

Comments For The Good Samaritan by Ogden

Looks like a Duck Fun style poem to me. Love the humor


Comments For Desert Flower by magic dragon

simple and sweet

A book by our own Alec Gould.

One man's take on life told thru humorous short stories from his childhood on into his mid-50's; from feeling like an outcast in school to being an adult. His intent: hope. Hope in that you shall see, no matter how rough life can seem -and is- at times, that you may be able to enjoy it. Each story will bring a laugh, a smile, a tear, a lesson.

The 23rd Annual Book Awards said:
"We Really Need To Laugh" shares “memories which will resonate with many readers. Overall a creative presentation of the author’s life given in a rather sing-song poetic story telling style; a pleasant read"

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The Difference Between Us
a thinking one - dedicated to my grandpa