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8 votes I adore you, God by robina1978
6 votes Lonely and Forgotten by Ogden
6 votes Friendship by June Sargent
5 votes Ode to the Sun by HarryT
4 votes Fade Away by IndigoLady
4 votes Ode to Truth by zanya
2 votes Ode to Fall by
1 Vote Lovely lovers by rjuselius

Comments For I adore you, God by robina1978

"I Adore You, God," is a poem showing great faith and reverence.

Comments For Friendship by June Sargent

Evokes a sense of warmth and comfort

So nicely put and inviting!

Comments For Ode to the Sun by HarryT


Comments For Ode to Truth by zanya

No truer words have ever been penned. Excellent.

Wise words x

A book by our own MissMerri.

“Songs Before Dawn is one of the most aesthetically pleasing poetry books I have read in decades.” writes Ray Griffin, poet and teacher.

“To read these remarkable works with perception is to enter a wonderland of provocative and inspirational insight.” ~ Dr. James L. Bond, former PLNU President

“Reflecting the heart of a true poet, Adonna Gipe has a masterful ability to weave words and phrases into beautiful, emotionally connected fabrics.” ~ Garrett Cooper, Taylor University faculty member

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