Contest Vote For Erotic Poem (Clean)

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

8 votes Remember That Night by kiwigirl2821
8 votes Again! by susanjohn
6 votes Forbidden Love by Chrissy710
3 votes Passion by Boogienights
2 votes Be With Me by HarryT
2 votes Liquid Color by TAB_that's me

Comments For Remember That Night by kiwigirl2821

This poem, that picture, drew me into it and I became that gorgeous woman, surprised by the notice of the man I was noticing too. I know this sensation. It is that love at first sight that happened when I met the man of my life, my husband and just like the poem says, "a lifetime could never be enough.

Interesting contest. An erotic poetry contest, sans erotica.

Erotic, Sensual and Commendably written.

Sensual and mysterious and the expectation of so much more!

Comments For Again! by susanjohn

With vitality and beauty this poem flows smooth as silk on a warm summer day into the reader's senses ? simply a gorgeous piece of sensual poetry.

Comments For Passion by Boogienights

Great photo and hot lines.

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